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stephenson3745 3:18am on Monday, October 25th, 2010 
Don't take the risk of brain tumors - use a corded headset. 4 ft cord","Clear Reception","Durable","Excellent sound quality". Unfortunately, I have 4 slipped disks in my neck for which the pain radiates down my arm and into my hand.
ehegagoka 5:16am on Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 
Excellent headset Great sound quality with my Panasonic cordless phone. I had one before but broke it putting it on over my baseball cap.
kooladi 2:21pm on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 
I have had very good luck with most Panasonic products (vs SONY, which for me. Great quality ; low price ; comfortable ; Clear sound ; Loud for the person on the other end :D Maybe too loud.. :P Great quality and price. Works with all my wireless and wired phones that have a 2.5 mm jack Shipping cost
kpuka 7:36pm on Monday, September 27th, 2010 
i work from home and this is good but not great. i will be upgrading soon is good to start.
**jt** 11:23am on Friday, September 10th, 2010 
I purchased 6 of these for my technicians to use. Hands free operation in a noisy environment while they walk, climb ladders and use hand tools. Just bought 2 more of these. The first broke after 4 years but I like them so much I keep buying. Very clear on both ends. Keeps one ear free.
M07hM4n 12:54am on Saturday, August 7th, 2010 
I would not buy a Panasonic KX-TCA60 Headset again. I expect phone headsets to last longer than five months before failing like this one did.
jabez54805 5:16pm on Sunday, July 4th, 2010 
This is not a PC headset, it works great with my AT&T 2-line desk phone. Slips on easily, ear piece is comfortable.
Bhikkhu Santi 4:57pm on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 
great till it stopped working this thing worked great for about two months then all of a sudden it stopped working. cordless phone headset this is an excellent headset for the price.
soalle 12:54am on Saturday, June 19th, 2010 
Love this headset! It is super comfortable and makes it so easy to be on the phone while getting other things done... Bought this headset last week. Very happy so far. Clear Reception","Durable

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Small Business Telephone System


Panasonic System Networks Company of America
Home and Business Communications
Enhanced Communications Solutions

The Panasonic KX-TDA50G

The Intelligent, Versatile and Affordable Communications Solution for Small Businesses
As a small business, you thrive by providing hands-on, personalized service to your clients. You simply cant afford to be out of touch, either with customers or colleagues. While the elaborate communications infrastructure of a larger enterprise may be beyond your means, Panasonic has an intelligent, versatile and affordable way to bring anytime, anywhere communication to your business: the TDA50G Business Phone System. The TDA50G is another example of how Panasonic is big on small business. We offer small to mid-size businesses like yours completely customizable and scalable communications solutions that are reliable, affordable and flexible, allowing you to be more responsive to your customers, to stay better connected to remote and mobile colleagues, and to quickly and effectively adapt to changes and challenges in the marketplace. After all, when its your business, theres nothing small about it.

What is the TDA50G?

The TDA50G is a conventional phone system suitable for small businesses. The system can be configured to support up to 48 extensions maximum and has built-in caller ID capability.

Who is the TDA50G for?

This system is ideal for Law Firms, Real Estate Companies, Hotels, Motels, Medical Offices and other small businesses who are looking for an affordable and flexible phone system that will grow as they grow. It provides reliable voice and data communications, voice mail, wireless capability to stay connected to remote and mobile colleagues, and the ability to save money on communication charges with SIP Trunking*.
* SIP Trunking service offered by telephone service providers. Consult Panasonic or your local dealer for compatibility.
Will the TDA50G grow along with my business?
The TDA50G features a modular design so it will expand to accommodate a growing businessif you have multiple locations, or if you open new offices as you grow.
What about our employees who work remotely or travel a great deal?
The TDA50G features state-of-the-art wireless technology, so its easy to stay connected to colleagues who are constantly on the go. Incoming calls to an employees desk phone will automatically ring on their cell phone, while voice mail messages will automatically be sent to their email inbox as an audio file*.
* Requires KX-TVA voice mail
Does Panasonic have applications to support my unique business needs?
Panasonic has a suite of industry-specific applications available for retail, hospitality, call center and many other industries that are tested and available today.
What other capabilities does the TDA50G have?
The TDA system supports centralized voice mail, which services all locations within the extended voice mail network, allowing you to view the status of extensions in other locations*.
* Viewing extension status requires optional network DSS. Both features require optional enhanced SD card.
If my company transitions to IP-based telephony, will I have to replace the TDA50G?
The Panasonic TDA50G can accommodate both traditional analog and digital phones as well as newer IP phones. It also allows you to adopt new technologies like SIP trunking, without replacing the system in favor of new hardware. For more information visit
How flexible is the TDA50G and can it be customized for my business?
The TDA50G is a reliable, affordable communication solution that will allow you to use conventional analog and digital phones, or evolve toward newer technologies like IP handsets and SIP trunking. It also provides stateof-the-art in-building wireless and the ability to seamlessly integrate cell phone extensions into the system. It can even be networked with another unit at a branch office.

Networking Solutions for Todays Mobile, Decentralized Business Environment
Branch Office Service Provider Network Cellular* SIP Trunking TDA50G




Centralized Voice Mail
* Requires enhanced SD card
TDA50G Integrated Messaging Solutions
Integrated messaging solutions automate your message delivery so your customers can get the responsive, professional support they deserve. The system records messages automatically, keeping you in touch 24 hours a day. And of course, youll love the cost savings. Panasonic messaging combines convenience with cost savings all while producing a more satisfied customer.

VoIP Softphone

Allows a PC to Operate as a system telephone 24 Programmable CO keys with Dual Color Indicators 6-Line Alphanumeric Display with Interactive Soft Keys Easy-to-Use Keyboard or Mouse Operation Message Waiting Indicator for Voice Mail Network Connection Indicator
Email Integration and Voice Mail with Auto Attendant
Add a KX-TVA series voice processing system and easily manage calls using the built-in automated attendant service, voice mail with email integration, and more. With the high level of integration between the TVA and the TDA50G, you can enjoy features like voice mail LCD menus that allow you to access and manage your voice mailbox using the LCD display and soft keys. With so many choices, its easy to custom design a system thats right for you.

Phones for Every Need

The TDA50G gives businesses a choice of the solutions that best suit their unique needs. The system supports analog and digital telephones, DECT wireless phones, and up to 4 IP phones.
For more information visit
Panasonic KX-TDA50G Hybrid IP-PBX System Specifications

Initial Configuration

CO Line Analog CO Line Extensions Digital Hybrid PortIncluded Power Supply Unit with Additional Power Supply Unit 4 Included Power Supply Unit

Maximum Capacity

CO Line Analog CO Line Voice Over IP (H.323) Voice Over IP (SIP)* Extensions Analog Phones (single line device) KX-DT300 series2 phones (Digital Proprietary) KX-T7600 series phones (Digital Proprietary) KX-T7700 series phones (Analog Proprietary) DSS Console IP Proprietary Phones / Softphones

24 24(484) 24(484) 4

Accessory Capacities
Maximum Number of Cell Stations Maximum Number of Wireless Telephone Handsets Maximum Number of Doorphones / Door Openers Maximum to 8 lines with expansion card *expandableVoice Message (Outgoing Message) Channels

1 - Just plug in either Analog phone (single line device), Analog Proprietary phone or Digital Proprietary phone. Maximum Voice Messages (Enhanced Simple Voicemail) Can support up to two KX-series phones plus one Analog phone on each port. 2 - Latest series Maximum Voice Processing Systems 3 - 8 extensions using Digital XDP 4 - 48 extensions using Digital XDP 5 - With additional power supply

4 (85) 28 4/4 1-VPS Unit

Three Panasonic Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094 (201) 348 - 7000
Home and Home andCommunications Business Business Communications
Design and specifications subject to change without notice.



IP Conferencing Phone
Enhanced Communications Solutions


The clear choice for more productive conference calls
In a perfect world, all business meetings would be face-to-face
However, in this imperfect world of tightened travel budgets, busy schedules, deadlines, traffic jams and geographically dispersed offices, telephone conferences are proven time and money savers. Now you can be sure youll get the most out of your conferences with the Panasonic KX-NT700 IP Conference Phone. Its the next best thing to meeting in person.
High definition voice quality
The KX-NT700 uses a wideband speech codec to deliver high definition sound quality. This ensures that multiple users can engage in a conversation without compromising voice quality and delivers crystal clear sound giving your conferences an intimate, face-to-face feeling.

SD card recording

Heres an easy way to record and review completed meetings. The KX-NT700 features an SD card slot so you can easily record your conferences to an SD card and play them back on a PC at your convenience A 2GB SD card will record up to 67 hours of conference time!

Real-time slow-talk

A Panasonic exclusive! This ingenious feature allows you to easily understand a fast talker by slowing down spoken words while shortening the silent intervals between them. Avoids wasted time caused by asking conference participants to repeat themselves.

Noise reduction

The KX-NT700 employs noise reduction technology which helps reduce ambient noise such as projector fans, ceiling music or nearby traffic so you hear the conversation, not the noise.






USB PORT Connect to PC for Conference Manager Application
AUDIO IN/OUT 3.5mm Audio Input/Output Jack for connection to: a. External audio recording devices b. Personal computers c. Wireless handsets
REAL-TIME SLOW-TALK Slow down rapid speech with the press of a button.
SD CARD SUPPORT Record your conferences for simple playback on a PC.
A co-worker that fits right in
The KX-NT700 works with your existing telephone system, or operates natively on your business or broadband data network. The system includes a Three-Party Conference feature that lets you conference up to three units together, or conference one analog call into a two-party IP conference meeting. Need to further expand your meeting to include other remote parties? The KX-NT700 is designed to work with a variety of existing equipment for maximum flexibility including: IP Compatibility SIP Compatibility Singe-Line Telephone (SLT) Capability Web Conferencing Systems Capatability* Also, the KX-NT700 supports connection to Standard (PSTN) telephone networks so its no problem adding a remote mobile phone to the conference if someones running late and you want to conference them in.
* Future Software Version


Optional External Microphone
The KX-NT700 supports up to 2 external mics (KX-NT701)


Analog Line Interface Ethernet Interface General purpose Interface Microphone Interface I/F connector Dialing I/F connector Transceiver type USB Interface SD slot Audio Line In/Out I/F connector External Loudspeaker Speaker volume Range of frequency Stereo/mono Internal microphone Microphone coverage Range of frequency S/N Ratio LCD Resolution LCD Back light LCD contrast LED Function key Volume (scroll) key Dial key Other key Size Weight AC Adapter (PQLV206) Technical specifications RJ11 x 1 Dial Pulse (DP) 10pps, 20pps Tone (DTMF) Dialing RJ45 x 1 10/100Base-T, Auto MDI/MDX USB2.0 (Low/Full speed) Device Function x 3.5mm mini-jack x 1 RJ9 x Wire (Power, GND, MIC-Mute, MIC-Signal-Input) 1 Adjustable to 85dB at 0.5m 300Hz 7000Hz mono Microphone x 4 corners 3m Radius 300Hz 7000Hz Above 58dB at 1kHz 103 x 48 Full dot Yes (white) Yes (6-level) 4 (dual-colored LED red & blue) F1, F2, F3 UP, DOWN 0- 9,*,# SP-Phone, Flash, Redial/Pause, Mic Noise Cut, Clear, Back, Menu, Enter 2 3/16"H x 10 1/16"W x 10 1/16"D 2.87 lbs. Input 85-276V / max 0.3A Output DC9V 750mA IEEE802.3af compliant Max 6.5W 0C-40C -10C-50C Less than 90% (non-condensing)


Signalling Protocol SIP CODEC PLC Silence suppression CNG VoIP Jitter buffer Packet Header compression QoS TCP/IP, UDP, RTP RTCP Network FTP client DHCP client Caller ID Phonebook Stored Dial Max. Digits Mute Flash Pause Redial History Redial Ringer Patterns Ringer Volume SP-Phone Volume Programmable Tone/Pulse Multi point conferencing All/individual disconnect Recording time period Number of recordings New message playback FF/REV/STOP Skip/Repeat All/individual erase Time stamp

RFC3261 and companion RFCs G.711(A/u), G.729a, G.722(64kbps) Yes (G.711 only) No No Max 500ms (G.729a) No IEEE 802.1 P/Q, Layer 3 TOS, Diffserv Yes Future support Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Off, Low, Middle, High 8 steps Yes 3 points Yes 67 Hours (2GB SD card) Maximum 100 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Audio Interface

Display Status Indicator Keypad


Chassis Power supply PoE Power consumption Environment conditions

Conference Recording

Operating temperature Storage temperature Relative humidity
Single line telephone (SLT) compatible*: KX-TDA50/100/200/600, KX-TDE 100/200/600, KX-NCP500/1000 SIP extension compatible: KX-TDE100/200/600, KX-NCP500/1000
* Caller ID board recommended


Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company Panasonic Corporation of North America Executive Offices: One Panasonic Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094 (201) 348-7000
Panasonic Customer Service 9 am - 9 pm (EST) Mon. through Fri. 10 am - 7 pm (EST) Sat. and Sun. 1-800-211-PANA
Design and specifications subject to change without notice.




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