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rvojta 3:26am on Saturday, September 11th, 2010 
I purchased 6 of these for my technicians to use. Hands free operation in a noisy environment while they walk, climb ladders and use hand tools. Love this headset! It is super comfortable and makes it so easy to be on the phone while getting other things done...
11010010110 5:26am on Friday, August 20th, 2010 
Excellent headset Great sound quality with my Panasonic cordless phone. I had one before but broke it putting it on over my baseball cap. great till it stopped working this thing worked great for about two months then all of a sudden it stopped working.
seraphimh 2:16pm on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 
Don't take the risk of brain tumors - use a corded headset. 4 ft cord","Clear Reception","Durable","Excellent sound quality". Unfortunately, I have 4 slipped disks in my neck for which the pain radiates down my arm and into my hand.
lucas73 7:43am on Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 
I have had very good luck with most Panasonic products (vs SONY, which for me. Great quality ; low price ; comfortable ; Clear sound ; Loud for the person on the other end :D Maybe too loud.. :P Great quality and price. Works with all my wireless and wired phones that have a 2.5 mm jack Shipping cost
freek 12:21am on Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 
i work from home and this is good but not great. i will be upgrading soon is good to start.
OOoMike 5:22am on Monday, June 28th, 2010 
This is not a PC headset, it works great with my AT&T 2-line desk phone. Slips on easily, ear piece is comfortable.
anhhungcodoc 8:44pm on Friday, June 11th, 2010 
I would not buy a Panasonic KX-TCA60 Headset again. I expect phone headsets to last longer than five months before failing like this one did.
RegisG 12:54am on Sunday, May 16th, 2010 
Just bought 2 more of these. The first broke after 4 years but I like them so much I keep buying. Very clear on both ends. Keeps one ear free.

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Digital Super Hybrid Systems

KX-TD816 / KX-TD1232

16. 16.
At Panasonic We Like to Say Nothing is Impossible Panasonic products are known for their high degree of reliability. That is because Panasonic business telephone systems are manufactured in Japan to the highest possible standards at a factory that has earned ISO9001 certification. Moreover, our Maintenance and Service provides the utmost care so the customer can feel safe. Furthermore, in order to provide a swift, no-nonsense maintenance service, our dealers investigate problems and make changes to system settings quickly. In addition, the Panasonic Dealer Network works to create a comfortable user environment. With our new and emerging digital technologies, Panasonic will continue to be your gateway to the future.
The Ergonomic Design Telephone Makes Deskwork Really Easy


Panasonic Digital Super Hybrid Systems Deploy Digital Communication Solutions to Help Your Company Flourish
A new weapon for your arsenal from Panasonic to you Digital Super Hybrid Systems will bring about a revolutionary improvement in the performance of the telephone systems that serve as the all important link between you and your customers. They deliver the advanced digital functions such as the Small Call Centre and Wireless Solutions, Messaging Solutions, ISDN Compatibility and much more that todays new generation of businesses needs in a fast, world-networking information environment. Intelligent, and built with Panasonic reliability, the KX-TD816/1232 systems provide users with fast, flexible voice and data communication in the Internet age. Panasonic always strives to deliver the very latest in information systems to your company. Now we offer you the following 3 services, always with ease of use and solutions in mind.


Our Versatile Solutions will bring various benefits to your company. Call Centre Management allows for a precisely tailored response; our Wireless equipment allows you to respond by telephone from anywhere in your office; Voice Mail enables you to cut down on energy output and ISDN compatibility will let you respond quickly to your future needs. We will deliver double support aimed at the customer satisfaction aspect and management of your company.


These are models for the future, compatible with a wide range of communications equipment and proprietary telephones. All Super Hybrid extension ports can accommodate both digital and analogue proprietary telephones, as well as fax and answering machines, cordless phones, and other ordinary telephone devices. No additional cards or wiring are required. They are designed to grow as your business grows.


Our PBX systems are being expanded to deliver comprehensive office infrastructure solutions with features such as the eXtra Device Port (XDP) and System Inter Connection (SIC)*. They are designed to be able to respond to any of your companys needs at the lowest cost as your business grows and changes.
*For KX-TD1232 only. Two KX-TD1232 systems can be connected together to form a single system.
PBX Offering the Best Solutions for Making Your Business More Efficient
Call Centre Management Rationalises Telephone Use to Get More Done
Intelligent call management can raise business efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and improve your company's image. The KX-TD816/1232 systems feature a built-in Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) capability, which places incoming calls in a queue and distributes them to agents on availability. When all agents are busy, it plays a message, helping reduce lost calls and avoid missed business opportunities. Panasonic also offers Call Centre Management Software. This lets you connect your telephone system to your PC via a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) interface, giving you advanced call centre functions. For example, calls can be automatically delivered to the extension that has been idle the longest to uniformly distribute workloads among agents. Supervisors can instantly access the status of all agents and control the agent login/out from the console, or change the call treatment table at any time according to call traffic. Your staff can manage calls much more effectively, which means better customer service.

DECT Compatibility Delivers Total Mobility
The Panasonic Digital Super Hybrid System creates ideal conditions in jobs where mobility counts. In factories and warehouses, people are never out of touch. In widespread locations like car dealerships, you're always there, ready to receive customer calls and maximise customer satisfaction.

KX-TD7590 KX-TD7580

An Affordable System that Adds Value to Your Business
This may be the e-mail age, but the human voice is still the best way to communicate. Automatic call routing, automated attendant, external message notification and delivery, group distribution and message transfer are just some of the features that the KX-TD816/1232 can use to streamline your office communications. You can even customise your system to meet the needs of different callers. When used with the Panasonic Voice Mail system, you can also get the following great features, available from Panasonic only:

Live Call Screening

Monitor incoming messages and decide whether to answer the phone or let the caller leave a message. It's like having a telephone answering machine right at your desk.

Two-Way Recording

This lets you record a conversation (both the caller's words and your own) in your mailbox. Simply press the Two-Way Record key.


Two-Way Transfer
Record a conversation into another subscribers mailbox. This is especially useful for companies that want their receptionists to personally record messages from callers.


ISDN: Better Call Management on Affordable High-Speed Data Connections
On the information superhighway, ISDN is the junction to low costs and saving time. By displaying incoming telephone numbers, Caller ID (CLIP) delivers both quicker response time and improved service for customers. Direct Dialling In (DDI) assigns a telephone number to each extension that gets your customers directly to the service they want. It all makes business efficiency as easy as answering the phone. An ISDN S0 bus can be connected to your internal LAN. It's just one step from there to easy remote accessing of your office files from home with the high-speed data transmission of ISDN. Each new connection fractures the time barrier and puts information out where people can use it. Other ISDN-compatible devices such as Group 4 fax machines, video telephones, and high-speed modems can connect to ISDN S0 bus as well, to give you a highspeed time saver that runs on low cost fuel.

CTI: Computer Driven Efficiency Keeps You in Closer Touch with Your Customers
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) technology has the ability to increase efficiency by connecting telephone systems to computer systems. The KX-TD816/1232 systems support the Microsoft Windowsbased Telephone Application Programming Interface (TAPI 2), making it compatible with PCs. Before one of your sales staff answers a call, for example, they can instantly access data on the computer screen showing the callers identity, account history, and previous purchases. Or to place an outbound call, simply click on the call log or telephone book. Used in a busy office, call centre, or other operation where communication is key, the KX-TD816/1232 systems are the ideal tools for improving customer satisfaction.
Management toward Saving Money
If your firm uses several carriers or service providers, Automatic Route Selection (ARS) saves money by choosing the most inexpensive calling route according to the day and the time. Toll Restriction helps eliminate unauthorised long distance calls by determining which phones can or cannot be used for calls outside the local area.
Top Reliability and Easy Maintenance
Ease of maintenance is an important factor in a telephone system, because you can lose business opportunities when your system is down for troubleshooting or to customise settings. With the KX-TD816/1232 systems, you can easily undertake customisation yourself through the system telephone. Other customisation and maintenance can be done quickly and efficiently by your dealer using PC.
TELEPHONES User-Friendly Features P

lo l Co

JOG-DIAL for quick operations
The JOG-DIAL on the KX-T7536 and KX-T7533 gives you quick access to the Call Directory (using alphanumeric searching) and to system features (using the display menu). On all models, the JOG-DIAL makes it easy to adjust the speaker, handset, and ringer volumes and contrast.

L eric

Alphanumeric LCD: for information at a glance
Simplifies call handling and other operations. You can view a host of information (list follows), access system features, or call directly via visual prompts.

A record of incoming and outgoing calls (Call Log) The incoming caller's name and number (ISDN, Caller ID) System/personal speed dialling Extension lists Menu of system features Call duration Message waiting, absent messages, feature settings The calling extension's number and name Date and time
vice n most he s alls annot

Network Diagram

Proprietary Telephone Cordless Phone Standard Telephone Facsimile Machine Answering System Credit Card Verifier

ctor n

to can
Doorphone KX-TD1232 Control Unit Amplifier Battery Adaptor Radio
(External Music Source) (Music on Hold)

Speakers Door Opener

(External Paging System)


Voice Mail Integration
Packed in a Stylish Design
eXtra Device Port (XDP)* for expansion flexibility
The XDP lets you add a single-line device (such as an analogue telephone or cordless phone) at no additional cost. You can fax a document while talking on the phone, or converse while transferring data from your PC. You can also connect a modem to the XDP for simultaneous Internet access.

Superior model with LCD

Programmable keys with Dual Colour LED (Red/Green) for work accuracy
You can set the programmable keys to provide instant, one-touch feature operations. A Busy Lamp Field (BLF) shows which extensions are in use. You can use these keys to improve call handling efficiently, such as by assigning each key a feature like Direct Station Selection (DSS), Day/Night mode, Log-In/Log-Out, or voice mail transfer. Each key has a dual-colour LED to show information such as line status, extension status, or feature on/off.
Easy-to-use model with speakerphone


*Except KX-T7565/T7560
Standard model with monitor


Top-of-the-line model with large LCD

Simple model with LCD

KX-T7536 KX-TCO ADD-on Key Module
Simple model with monitor


DSS Consoles


66 Direct Station Selection/ Busy Lamp Field keys


48 Direct Station Selection/ Busy Lamp Field keys Answer Button Release Button
Digital Proprietary Telephones Specifications
MODEL Alphanumeric Display (Lines x Characters) Function Access Keys for LCD Off Hook Call Announcement (OHCA) Whisper OHCA Programmable Keys with Two-Colour LED Speakerphone / Monitor eXtra Device Port (XDP) KX-Tx Yes Yes 12* Speakerphone Yes KX-Tx Yes 12* Speakerphone Yes KX-T7520 Yes 12* Speakerphone Yes KX-T7550 Yes 12* Monitor Yes KX-T7565 1x16 Yes 8 Speakerphone KX-T7560 Yes 8 Monitor

* The number of the keys can be added up to 24 with an Add-on Key Module (KX-T7545).


Digital Proprietary Telephones for Digital Super Hybrid Systems

English Deutsch

Operating Instructions
KX-T7531 KX-T7533 KX-T7536 Model KX-T7550




KX-T7536 Please read this manual before using the Digital Proprietary Telephone. Bitte lesen Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung, bevor Sie das Systemtelefon benutzen. Veuillez lire ce manuel avant dutiliser le tlphone-systme numrique.
This manual corresponds to the Digital Super Hybrid Systems sold in the countries shaded in the map above. Das vorliegende Handbuch gilt fr Systemapparate von digitalen Teilnehmervermittlungsanlagen die in den auf der Karte aufgefhrten Lndern vertrieben werden. Ce manuel correspond aux autocommutateurs dusagers vendus dans les pays ombrs sur le plan ci-dessus.


Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic Telephone.


When unpacking, check the following items. Handset RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR one Telephone line cord RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR one Handset cordRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR one Overlay (KX-T7531, KX-T7533, KX-T7536 only)RRRRRRRRR one Note: In this manual, the suffix of each model number is omitted.


When using the KX-T7500 series, keep the following conditions in mind. If there is any problem, unplug the extension line and connect a known working phone. If the known working phone operates properly, have the defective phone repaired by a specied Panasonic Factory Service Centre. If the known working phone does not operate properly, check the Digital Super Hybrid System and the internal extension wiring. Keep the unit away from heating appliances and electrical noise generating devices such as uorescent lamps and motors. The unit should be kept free of dust, moisture and vibration, and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Do not use benzine, thinner, or any abrasive powder to clean the cabinet. Wipe it with a soft cloth. Do not use any handset other than a Panasonic handset. WARNING: TO PREVENT FIRE OR SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS PRODUCT TO RAIN OR ANY TYPE OF MOISTURE. This Systemtelephone complies with the EU Standards requirements.
73 / 23 / EEC 89 / 336 / EEC 92 /31 / EEC 93 / 68 / EEC Electric devices for use within specied tension limits. Electromagnetic compatibility (basic standard) Electromagnetic compatibility (amendment) Labelling
The CE mark on this Systemtelephone certies compliance with the above mentioned standards.


Location of Controls RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 4 KX-T7531 RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 4 KX-T7533 RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 4 KX-T7536 RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 4 Getting Started RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 6 Connection RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 6 Controlling the volume / adjusting the display contrastRRRRRRRRRR 6 Description of the symbolsRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 7 Making CallsRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 8 Calling RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 8 Speed dialling RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 8 One-touch dialling RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 8 Dialling the last number you dialled (Last Number Redial) RRRRRRRR 8 Receiving Calls RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 9 Receiving calls RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 9 Handsfree answerback RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 9 Picking up a call for someone else (Call Pickup) RRRRRRRRRRRR 9 When the Dialled Extension is Busy/No AnswerRRRRRRRRRRRR 10 Reserving a busy line (Automatic Callback Busy) RRRRRRRRRRR 10 Leaving a call notication (Message Waiting) RRRRRRRRRRRRR 10 Calling Back RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 11 When you receive a notication (Message Waiting) RRRRRRRRRR 11 Calling using the call log (Incoming Call Log) (KX-T7533/KX-T7536 only)R 11 During a Conversation RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 12 Placing a call on hold RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 12 Transferring a call RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 13 Paging RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 13 Paging a person and transferring a call RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 14 Answering an announced page RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 14 Answering a call waiting RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 14 Useful FeaturesRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 15 Forwarding your calls (Call Forwarding) RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 15 Preventing others from disturbing you (Do Not Disturb [DND]) RRRRR 16 Three-party conversation (Conference) RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 17 Ringing tone selection for CO buttons RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 18 Storing numbers for One-touch diallingRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 18 How to Use the Display RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 19 Using the Jog DialRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 19 KX-T7531 RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 20 KX-T7533 RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 21 KX-T7536 RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 23 Storing in Speed Dialling RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 25 Storing names and numbers at your extension for personal use RRRRR 25 Storing names and numbers in the system RRRRRRRRRRRRRR 27 Wall Mounting RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 28 Installing the KX-T7545 RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 29 Features List RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 30

English 3

Location of Controls


LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) SELECT

KX-T 7531

Soft Buttons (S1 through S3)

KX-T 7533

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) SHIFT


FWD/DND (Call Forwarding/Do Not Disturb) PROGRAM INTERCOM CONFERENCE LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Flexible Outside (CO) Line Buttons
Function Buttons (F1 through F10) SHIFT

KX-T 7536



SP-PHONE (Speakerphone)
Jog Dial Microphone AUTO DIAL/STORE


\ The display and Microphone are not available for the KX-T7550.
AUTO ANSWER/MUTE AUTO ANSWER is used to answer an intercom call automatically. MUTE is used to listen to the other party without them hearing you. VOICE CALL/MUTE (KX-T7550 only) VOICE CALL is used to monitor an intercom call automatically. AUTO DIAL/STORE Used for speed dialling in the system or storing program changes. CONFERENCE Used to make a three-party conference. FLASH Used to disconnect the current call and make another call with holding the same outside line.
MESSAGE Used to leave a notication or call back the party who left the notication.
MODE Used to set the display to access a feature.


PAUSE Used to insert a pause in speed dial numbers or in other numbers. PROGRAM Used to enter and exit the programming mode. REDIAL Used to redial.
Flexible Outside (CO) Line Button Used to make or receive an outside call, or access a feature if the button is assigned as a One-touch dialling button. Function Button Used to perform the displayed function or operation. FWD/DND Used to perform Call Forwarding or Do Not Disturb. HOLD Used to place a call on hold. INTERCOM Used to make or receive intercom calls. Jog Dial Used to adjust the volume and the display contrast or select desired items for each functions.
SELECT Used to select the displayed function or to call the displayed phone number. SHIFT Used to alternate the sub function on the display. Soft Button Used to perform the function or operation that appears on the bottom line of the display. SP-PHONE Used for the handsfree operation. MONITOR (KX-T7550 only) Used for handsfree dialling. You can monitor the partys voice handsfree. TRANSFER Used to transfer a call to another party.
For KX-T7533 and KX-T7536 Users
The display can be adjusted. 1 Press the LCD ADJ button. 2 Lift or put down the display.


LCD ADJ button

Getting Started

The telephone line cord (included) Connect to a Digital Super Hybrid System (PABX ). Connect to a standard telephone jack ( ), telephone answering machine, or fax for XDP*1 or parallel connections.

*1 For more details about XDP, consult with your dealer.

< Back view >

Controlling the volume / adjusting the display contrast
Speaker volume 1 Press the SP-PHONE/MONITOR button. 2 Rotate the Jog Dial in the desired direction.*2 Handset/Headset volume 1 Lift the handset. (Press the SP-PHONE button for headset volume.) 2 Rotate the Jog Dial in the desired direction.*2 Ringer volume While idle and on-hook 1 Press the MODE button ve times. Display: Ringer: Rotate the Jog Dial in the desired direction.*2

For KX-T7531 Users

Display contrast While idle and on-hook 1 Press the MODE button six times. Display: Contrast: Rotate the Jog Dial in the desired direction.*2
Display contrast While on-hook or during a conversation 1 Press the CONT (S1) button. Display: Contrast: Rotate the Jog Dial in the desired direction.*2 Ringer volume While idle and on-hook 1 Press the RING (S2) button. Display: Ringer: Rotate the Jog Dial in the desired direction.*2
*2 While rotating the Jog Dial, the display shows the volume or contrast level.

For KX-T7550 Users

Ringer volume 1 Adjust the RINGER volume selector lever to the desired setting.
<Side view of KX-T7550>
Description of the symbols
In this manual, many symbols are used. Some of the symbols are described below. Off-hook Lift the handset. or Press the SP-PHONE button. or Press the MONITOR button. (To start talking, lift the handset.) On-hook Replace the handset. or Press the SP-PHONE button. or Press the MONITOR button. X Y Press the desired number keys on the telephone.
Various tones are heard depending on the operation.
Helpful hints for the handsfree operation If the other partys voice is difficult to hear; Raise the sound level using the speaker volume control. If the other party has difficulty hearing you; Lower the speaker volume. Absorbing echoes; Use this unit in a room which has curtains and/or carpeting. To avoid missing part of the conversation; If you and the other party speak at the same time, parts of your conversation will be lost. To avoid this, speak alternately.

Making Calls


To an extension

extension no.

To an external party

phone no.
Off-hook. Dial the extension number.
Off-hook. Press an idle Dial the phone CO button. number.

Speed dialling

Using a speed dial number stored in your telephone

station speed dial no.

To store numbers, refer to page 25.


Dial 6.
Dial the station speed dial number (0-9).
Using a speed dial number stored in the system

system speed dial no.

Off-hook. Press the AUTO DIAL/STORE button.
Dial the system speed dial number.
To store numbers, refer to page 27.

One-touch dialling

To store numbers, refer to page 18.
Press the One-touch dialling button.
Dialling the last number you dialled (Last Number Redial)

Press the REDIAL button.

Receiving Calls

Receiving calls

If your telephone rings, Lift the handset or press the SP-PHONE/MONITOR button. (Default: The ringing line is selected.) Press the rapid ashing green outside (CO) line button or rapid ashing INTERCOM button.

Handsfree answerback

You can answer an intercom call without lifting the handset. The AUTO ANSWER/MUTE button light shows the current status as follows. On: Set Off: Not set To set / cancel

While on-hook

Press the AUTO ANSWER/MUTE button.
Picking up a call for someone else (Call Pickup)
You can answer an incoming call that is ringing at another extension from your telephone. A call within your extension group can be picked up.

Dial 40.

Confirmation tone
When the Dialled Extension is Busy/No Answer
Reserving a busy line (Automatic Callback Busy)
You can receive a notication when a busy extension becomes free. To answer the notication, lift the handset or press the SP-PHONE/MONITOR button. The called extension starts ringing automatically. To set

When hearing a busy tone

Dial 6 or press the C.BCK (S3) button.* 1 Confirmation tone


To answer and call*2
If you hear call back ringing
The extension is called automatically. Off-hook.
*1 The C.BCK (S3) button is only available for KX-T7533 and KX-T7536 users. *2 If you do not answer after four callback rings, this feature will be cancelled.
Leaving a call notication (Message Waiting)
When the called extension is busy or does not answer, you can leave a notication to have the called extension call you back. To leave a notication

When the called extension is busy or does not answer
Press the MESSAGE button.

To cancel a notication

Dial 700.
Dial the extension number.
Confirmation tone On-hook.

Calling Back

When you receive a notication (Message Waiting)
The MESSAGE button lights to let you know that a call has been received. To check and select the party (display telephone only)
Press the MESSAGE button until the desired message appears. Off-hook. Press the MESSAGE button. Talk.

To call back

To clear all notications

your extension no.

Enter your extension number.
Calling using the call log (Incoming Call Log)
(KX-T7533/KX-T7536 only) If you do not answer a call, your telephone automatically records the incoming outside call information with the CLIP (Calling Line Identication Presentation) service*. You can also record the existing call during a conversation or call back the logged numbers. To conrm or call back using the call log, refer to pages 22 (for KX-T7533) and 24 (for KX-T7536).
* The CLIP service provides you with the callers telephone number. For more details, consult with your dealer.
To record the information of an existing call

During a conversation

Press the LOG (S2) button.

During a Conversation

Placing a call on hold
The corresponding outside (CO) line button or the INTERCOM button lights show the current status as follows. Flashing green slowly: Your held call Flashing red slowly: Another extensions held call Holding
Press the HOLD button twice.* 1

Dial tone

*1 For KX-TD208 users, press the HOLD button once.
To retrieve a call at the holding extension*2
Press the CO or INTERCOM button.
To retrieve an outside call from another extension*2

Press the CO button.

*2 If a call is not retrieved within a specied time, you will hear an alarm as a reminder.

Transferring a call

Using the TRANSFER button
Press the TRANSFER button.
Enter the extension number.*1


To an external party *2
Press the Enter the phone CO button. number.*1

Announce. On-hook.

*1 To retrieve the held call, press the TRANSFER button, corresponding Outside (CO) line button, or the INTERCOM button. *2 Transferring a call to an external party may be restricted by System Programming.

Through Paging Refer to page 14, Paging a person and transferring a call.


You can make a voice announcement to all people in the office through the telephone speaker and external speaker at the same time.

Dial 63.* 3

*3 For KX-TD208 users, dial 630.
Paging a person and transferring a call

Dial 63.*1

Announce and On-hook. wait for an answer.
*1 For KX-TD208 users, dial 630.
Answering an announced page
Through a telephone speaker

Dial 43.

Through an external speaker*

+ external pager no.

Dial 44 and the external pager number.
*2 This is only available for KX-TD816/1232 users.

Answering a call waiting

During a conversation, a call waiting tone occurs when an outside call is received or another extension is letting you know that another call is waiting. (Default: Cancel) To set / cancel

To set To cancel

To set: Dial 7311. To cancel: Dial 7310.

To talk to the new party

While hearing a tone

Press the HOLD button.*3

Press the CO or INTERCOM button.*4
*3 If you terminate the current call, disregard this step. *4 If both parties are extensions, disregard this step.

Useful Features

Forwarding your calls (Call Forwarding)
You can have your incoming calls forwarded to another extension or external party. All calls All calls are forwarded to another extension.
extension no. Confirmation tone
Press the FWD/DND button.
Dial 2 and the extension number.
Busy All calls are forwarded to another extension when your extension is busy.
Dial 3 and the extension number.
No answer All calls are forwarded to another extension when you do not answer the call.
Dial 4 and the extension number.
Busy/No answer (BSY N/A) All calls are forwarded to another extension when you do not answer or when your extension is busy.
Dial 5 and the extension number.
To an outside (CO) line All calls are forwarded to an external party. Some extensions may be restricted.
Dial 60, the phone number and #.
Follow Me (From) All calls are forwarded to another extension which you set to receive your calls at the receiving extension.
Dial 7 and your extension number.
Cancelling (except Follow Me)

Dial 0.

Cancelling Follow Me

Dial 8 and your extension number.
Preventing others from disturbing you (Do Not Disturb [DND])
During a meeting or when you are busy, you can refuse an incoming call. You can also forward an incoming outside call to another extension or operator. Forwarding to another extension
Dial 1 and the extension number.
Forwarding to an operator

Dial 10.

Refusing all calls

Dial 1.

Three-party conversation (Conference)
You can add another party during a conversation. Adding a third party during a conversation

third partys no.

Press the CONFERENCE button.
Enter the third partys number.*1

Talk to the third party.

*1 To add an external party, press an outside (CO) line button and dial the phone number.
To talk to one party by terminating the other

Leaving a conference

Press the CO or INTERCOM button.*2


*2 This is only available for a combination of one extension and two outside (CO) lines or two extensions and one outside (CO) line. *3 If the other parties are both outside lines, they will be disconnected.
Ringing tone selection for CO buttons
You can select the desired ringer frequency for each outside (CO) line button. To program

tone type no.

Press the PROGRAM button.

Dial 99.

Press the desired CO button twice.
Enter the tone type number (1 through 8).
Press the AUTO DIAL/ STORE button.
Storing numbers for One-touch dialling
The stored number is dialled automatically by pressing an outside (CO) line button which is assigned as a one-touch dialling button. To program

desired number

Press the Dial 2. desired CO button.
Press the Enter the desired Press the PROGRAM number. AUTO DIAL/ STORE button. button.

How to Use the Display

Using the Jog Dial
Using the display message and the Jog Dial, KX-T7531, KX-T7533 and KX-T7536 users can make a call or operate the features without programming the feature numbers. The displays used in this page are a KX-T7531.

Extension Dialling Extension System Speed Dialling System Speed
You can make an intercom call using the directory. You can make a call to a party stored in the system using the directory. You can make a call to a party stored in your telephone using the directory.
Only items which have a name assigned are displayed in alphabetical order.
Station Speed Dialling Station Speed
Items which have a name assigned are displayed by priority in stored order. If a name is not assigned, the number is displayed.
System Feature Access Feature Access
You can access the features which are displayed in alphabetical order.*
* For more details about the accessible features, refer to your Digital Super Hybrid System manual or consult with your dealer.
Operating the feature 1 Press the MODE button repeatedly to set the display to the Jog Dial function (the second to fifth displays).


< Initial Display >

1 Jan 10:10

< Seventh Display >

Contrast: 3

< Sixth Display >

Ringer: 3


< Second Display >

System Speed

< Third Display >

Station Speed

< Fourth Display >


< Fifth Display >

Feature Access

System Speed Dialling

Station Speed Dialling

Extension Dialling

System Feature Access
2 Rotate the Jog Dial until the desired item is at the arrow on the display.
3 Press the SELECT button.

Tom Jones



If a parameter is required, the feature name and parameter will flash.
4 Enter a parameter if required, or follow the procedure for standard operation (for System Feature Access only).
Operating the feature 1 Press the SHIFT button repeatedly to set the display to the third display. 2 Select the desired feature.* Press the STA (S1) button (for Station Speed Dialling). Press the EXT (S2) button (for Extension Dialling). Press the FEAT (S3) button (for System Feature Access).
System Speed Dialling Station Speed Dialling

1 Jan 15:00

3 Rotate the Jog Dial until the desired item is at the arrow on the display. 4 Press the CALL (S3) button (for System Speed Dialling, Station Speed Dialling and Extension Dialling). Press the SEL (S3) button (for System Feature Access).
A n n P a r k e r Alice MENU
B o b J o n e s Carol MENU
5 Enter a parameter if required, or follow the procedure for standard operation (for System Feature Access only).
* Step 2 can be skipped for System Speed Dialling.
Conrming and calling back using the call log 1 Press the SHIFT button to set the display to the second display. 2 Select the desired call log. Press the OLD (S1) button to see the confirmed information. Press the NEW (S2) button to see the unconfirmed information. 3 Press the INFO (S1) button to see the information in detail. Press the NEXT (S3) button to see another callers information.


The sequence number and callers number are displayed.

01 :011111111

Pressing the INFO button provides you with more information. Once: sequence number/callers name Twice: date/time/number of times called Three times: outside line number /outside line name
To see another callers information

4 Off-hook.

5 Press the CALL (S1) button.

05 :011223344

1 Jan 15:00 Extension STA Speed Features SYS Speed Call Log EXT FEAT STA
3 Rotate the Jog Dial until the desired item is at the arrow on the display. 4 Press the CALL (S3) button (for System Speed Dialling, Station Speed Dialling and Extension Dialling). Press the SEL (S3) button (for System Feature Access). Or press the corresponding buttons on the side of the display (Function button).
Ronald Zaydel Adam Alice Ann Parker MENU MENU Ann Parker Beth Bob Jones Carol Chris MENU MENU Absent MSG Off Absent MSG On C.Pickup Group Call Park COS Primary MENU MENU (1-9) (0-9) (ext) SEL NEXT


If a parameter is required, the parameter will flash.
Conrming and calling back using the call log 1 Press the SHIFT button to set the display to the second display. 2 Select the desired call log. Press the Function button (Call Log) to call a number previously dialled (for the outgoing call log). Press the OLD (S1) button to see the confirmed call information you received. Press the NEW (S2) button to see the unconfirmed call information you received. 3 Press the NEXT (S3) button to see another caller's information.*
1 Jan 15:00 Extension STA Speed Features SYS Speed Call Log NEW5 OLD7
To see the confirmed information
To see the unconfirmed information
Outside line number/name Callers telephone number Callers name Date and time Sequence number /number of times called
CO02:AB COMPANY 0102030405 Bob Jones 30 09:03 SeqCalls MENU CLR MENU
Call Log, Outgoing To make a call using the call log (last five outside calls you dialled).
4 Press the corresponding button on the side of the display (for the outgoing call log). Off-hook.

100200300400500 CLR MENU

5 Press the CALL (S1) button.*
CO02:AB COMPANY 0102030405 Bob Jones 30 09:03 SeqCalls CALL
* Step 3 and 5 can be skipped for the outgoing call log.
Storing in Speed Dialling
Storing names and numbers at your extension for personal use

To store a phone number

Dial #. Confirmation tone On-hook.

Dial 60.

Enter the station speed dial number (0-9).
Enter the phone number.*1
*1 * and PAUSE can be also stored as digits.
For KX-T7531 and KX-T7533 users *2

To continue

desired no.
Press the PROGRAM button and dial 99.
Dial and enter the station speed dial number (0-9).
Enter the desired number (16 digits max.).*3
Press the AUTO DIAL /STORE button.

For KX-T7536 users

Press the desired function button.
Enter the desired number Press the AUTO DIAL/STORE (16 digits max.).* 3 button.
*2 This is only available for KX-TD816/1232 users. *3 *, #, FLASH, SECRET (INTERCOM) ,-(CONF) and PAUSE can be also stored.

To store a name

For KX-T7531 and KX-T7533 users *1

To continue name

Press the MODE or NEXT (S3) button.
Enter the desired name (10 characters max.).*2
Press the AUTO DIAL/STORE button.

To continue NEXT name

Press the PROGRAM Press the button and dial 99. desired function button.
Press the NEXT (S3) button Press the and enter the desired name AUTO DIAL/STORE button. (10 characters max.).*2

*1 This is only available for KX-TD816/1232 users. *2 To enter characters, press 2 and rotate the Jog Dial to select the character. You can continue entering characters by pressing 2 and using the jog dial repeatedly. To correct a wrong entry, press the TRANSFER button and enter the new one.
Example: To enter Mike Press 2, rotate the Jog Dial to enter M. Press 2, rotate the Jog Dial to enter i. Press 2, rotate the Jog Dial to enter k. Press 2, rotate the Jog Dial to enter e.
Storing names and numbers in the system
As the stored numbers can be used by all of the users in the system, conrm the stored entries with other users. To store a phone number

User Password

Enter the user password.

Dial 001.

Press the NEXT (S3) button.

speed dial no.

Enter the speed dial number (000-499).*1
Enter the desired number.

Confirmation tone*2

Press the HOLD button.
Press the Dial PROGRAM button.

Dial 002.

desired name

Enter the desired name.

*speed dial numbers (00-99) can be stored in the KX-TD208. *2 You can continue entering the number/name by pressing the NEXT (S3) or SP-PHONE button after the conrmation tone.

Wall Mounting

Remove the handset hook by pulling it up. Turn it around and re-insert it.
Insert the stand in the centre slots.
Remove the attached stand.
Mount the unit on the wall.
Turn it around 180 degrees.
To temporary place the handset down during a conversation Hook it over the top edge of the phone as shown.
* The illustrations used in this page are a KX-T7536.

Installing the KX-T7545

The KX-T7545 Add-on Key Module can be connected to your telephone. The KX-T7545 has 12 CO buttons. These buttons are used to seize an outside line, make a call using one-touch dialling, or access certain features.


<KX-T7531 with a KX-T7545>

Open the cover.

Close the cover.

A Remove A as shown.

Attach the KX-T7545 to your telephone with a screw. * For wall mounting, pull up B as shown below.
Insert the cable into the connector.

Features List

For the KX-TD816/1232 and KX-TD208

Desired Function

Setting Absent Message Account Code Entry Sending a Call Waiting tone 0


message no.

account code

phone no.
All calls 2 extension no.

Forwarding a call

3 extension no. No answer 4 extension no. Busy / No answer 5 extension no. To an outside line phone no. Follow Me 7 your extension no. Cancel 0
Cancel Follow Me 8 your extension no. Holding
To retrieve a call at the holding extension

Holding a call

To retrieve a call on exclusive hold
Holding a call exclusively Parking a call in the system Picking up a call

parking zone no.

to an extension to an external party
Call Waiting Three-party conference


third partys no. Off-hook


Feature number
1 Do Not Disturb (DND) 1 1
Forwarding to another extension

extension no. 0

Forwarding to an operator Refusing all calls
0 Locking your extension Clearing the setting 7

To cancel a notification

lock code lock code

lock code


To leave a notification

Message Waiting Calling an operator Paging Connecting an SLT in parallel

extension no.

To call back To clear all notifications

your extension no.

All extensions & external speaker Announce.

To store

Calling a pre-programmed party

phone no.

To set / To cancel

To dial

To set
Speed dialling (Station) Speed dialling (System)
0 station speed dial no. phone no. # station speed dial no. system speed dial no.
\ Some operations for the KX-TD208 are different from the KX-TD816/1232. Refer to the next page.

For the KX-TD208

Calling an operator
Holding a call exclusively
For your future reference SERIAL NO. (found on the bottom of the unit) NAME OF DEALER DEALERS ADDRESS DATE OF PURCHASE



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