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arthar7 10:27am on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 
Disappointing performance I got this set as a replacement for a Sony Bravia W4500 which seemed to suffer from a visual colour banding defect caused by... Awsome TV Have been looking for about 2 years and settled on Panasonic Plasma 1080P

this fits the bill, Terestrial Tv is good and clear.
jsoons 2:21pm on Sunday, June 27th, 2010 
excellant piece of kit Brilliant tv .I am extremely impressed,i cannot recommend this panasonic enough.A blu-ray disc looks simply stunning.
iron2000 1:16pm on Sunday, May 30th, 2010 
well the 42-inch Panasonic TH VIERA is really nice for eyes, ears , body & for whole the world i can say. Nice this model of panasonic the Dynamic contrast ratios are up to 1,000,000:1, which is certaily excellent.
Random 11:12am on Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 
Awsome TV Have been looking for about 2 years and settled on Panasonic Plasma 1080P this fits the bill, Terestrial Tv is good and clear.
cdpena 1:22am on Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 
Dead soon after warranty expired... Like several other folks here, our 50" Panasonic PZ850 is D.O.A. just a couple of months out of warranty. A solid choice If you want a reliable flat screen with vibrant color at a reasonable price and are not especially keen on internet options.
random0815 5:03am on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 
Intro Buying a plasma is something I had been dreaming about ever since they hit the market over 10 years ago, and after many years of waiting.
fstrudel 12:22pm on Thursday, March 11th, 2010 
I am real pleased with this purchase. Vibrant colors and great contrast. Multiple In/Out jacks a plus. We have done our research on HDTVs (LCD & plasma) for a long time before making the purchase. Picture perfect None so far I highly recommend this plasma TV. Sleek design, great picture, decent remote Glossy screen reflects light Unbelievable picture. Superb picture on factory settings.

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Panasonic KX-TDA30

Hybrid IP-PBX System

KX-TDA30 Brochure

Panasonic KX-TDA30, KXTDA30, TDA30
Panasonic Telephone Systems

Phone: 877-289-2829


ideas for life
H y b r i KX-TDA30 I P P B S y s t e


The Networked System that Maximises Your Business Performance in an Age of Convergence
Retailers Branch Offices Factories


Creating an Intelligent Communications Environment

Branch Offices Factories

SOHO Retailers
Revolutionary changes are occurring today in both telecommunications and information technologies. Panasonic's Hybrid IP PBX system is a powerful communications tool designed to support businesses in today's Converged Networking age. KX-TDA30 provides advanced telephone and messaging solutions, efficient and flexible communications, Wireless Mobility, Voice-Over-IP, and seamless integration with your PC through plug-n-play USB connection. In line with Panasonic's commitment to user-friendly operation, the Hybrid IP PBX system is easy to use, even if you dont have a lot of IP experience. KX-TDA30 lets you keep pace with leading-edge technology and features that will completely transform the way your company communicates.
Makes Communications Easy
Panasonics digital telephones are stylish, easy to use, and efficient. With their large, easy-to-read LCD and four tilt positions, they make life easier for their users and look great too.

Alphanumeric Display

Visual feedback on this userfriendly display makes it easier to handle calls and perform other tasks. Use it to view a variety of information (see list below) or to access the Hybrid IP PBX system's many features. You can also make calls by simply following the visual prompts shown on the display. Log of incoming and outgoing calls (Call Log) Incoming caller's name and number (ISDN, Caller ID) System/personal speed dialling Extension lists Menu of system features Call duration Message waiting, absent messages, feature settings Calling extension's number and name Time and date
Message/Ringer Lamp (Red/Green)
The large, easy-to-see lamp illuminates to indicate when a call comes in, so you can tell when the telephone is ringing even from a distance. The colour of the lamp indicates the status flashing green for an internal extension line, flashing red for an outside line, and constant red to indicate that a caller has left a message.
Headset Jack for Hands-Free Convenience

KX-T7636 with KX-T7603

- 6-Line Back-lit Display, 24 CO Keys, and a Speakerphone - Optional 12 CO Keys and USB port

Full-duplex Speakerphone

Programmable Keys with Red/Green LED Time-Saving, Easy-to-Use Navigator Key
Multi-language Capability
The Hybrid IP PBX accommodates up to five different languages, for use in areas where more than one language is commonly spoken. The language can be set at the PBX for a specific telephone extension, to meet the needs of the person who uses that extension.
eXtra Device Port (XDP) and Digital XDP
Use the XDP to add an analogue phone, cordless phone, or other single-line device to your system, without the cost of an additional line. This lets you send a fax while talking to a customer. Or, by connecting a modem to the XDP, you can download data from your PC or access the Internet while talking. The Digital XDP allows you to increase the number of digital telephones without additional cards. It lets you put functional digital phones in the hands of more of your staff to boost overall office productivity.

Wall Mountable

PC Phone and PC Console (KX-T7636 and KX-T7633)
Plug-n-play connection via USB terminal to your PC offers an easy CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) solution. Using the PC and telephone together is more efficient and presents a more professional image to callers. PC console allows operators to manage calls more effectively.


Easy-to-Read Back-lit Display


- 3-Line Back-lit Display, 24 CO Keys, and a Speakerphone - Optional 12 CO Keys and USB port


- 3-Line Display, 24 CO Keys, and a Speakerphone


- Speakerphone and 24 CO Keys


- Digital DSS Console (60 DSS)
Digital Telephones Specifications


Display Alphanumeric Display (Lines x Characters) Tilt-Angle Adjustment Display-Contrast Adjustment Back-lit Feature Access Keys for Display Programmable CO Keys with Dual-Colour LED Direct Station Selection (DSS) Keys with Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Navigator Keys Message / Ringer Lamp Speaker-Phone (Monitor) Volume Control Handset Volume Control Ringer Volume Control Off-Hook Call Announcement (OHCA) Whisper OHCA USB Module (KX-T7601) Connectable Digital eXtra Device Port (DXDP) Optional Headset (KX-TCA89) Compatible Station Speed Dial Numbers Wall Mount 6 x Steps 4 Levels

3 x Steps 4 Levels

3 x Steps 4 Levels 4 24

4 Steps 24


4 Steps 12

4 Steps 60
Ergonomically-Designed, 4-Step, Tilt-Angle Adjustment

Keys Audio

12 Levels 4 Levels 4 Levels


* 36 programmable CO Keys are available when the optional 12-CO Key Add-On Module (KX-T7603) is selected. ** Can be assigned to a Programmable CO Key.
More Freedom, Greater Clarity
Todays companies need to keep their employees fully accessible throughout the day. Panasonic Wireless connectivity does exactly that. It also boosts customer loyalty, reduces work time and accelerates response. Wireless communication over an extended range is achieved by using multiple cell stations that boost the flexibility and mobility of your wireless handset. With the Wireless XDP, you can set your wireless telephone to have the same extension as your desk telephone, and then receive calls even when away from the desk. Youre always there, ready to receive your customers' calls, and make the most of every business opportunity that comes along.

Actual Size

- LCD with Back Light - Multiple Languages Display (English/French/Spanish) - Automatic Hand-over for Seamless Connection - Automatic Answer - Optional Headset for Hands-Free Conversation - Incoming Call Indication by Vibration - Customised Caller ID - Illuminated Keypad - 4 Ringer Melodies and 6 Ringers - 100-PS directories - Call Log
KX-TD7690 Compact Business Model

KX-TD7680 Basic Model

Wide Flexibility, Easy Programming
You can use the Panasonic PBX with existing KX series telephones, and easily program it from a handset or from your PC. Software upgrades are easy too, using an SD Memory Card.
Messaging that Adds More Value and Accuracy to Your Business
Panasonic Voice Processing Systems let you to record, send and retrieve messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week world-wide, and help to efficiently handle your telephone system traffic and internal communication needs. If you are short of staff, you can handle calls with the Automated Attendant Service. You can also upgrade to Unified Messaging using CTI technology that combines e-mail, fax and voice mail, giving you multi-media communication capabilities. You can even customise the system to meet the needs of different callers using Multilingual Service and Caller ID Call Routing. By combining this with a Panasonic Voice Mail System, you can get additional features that are available only from Panasonic, such as Live Call Screening, Two-Way Recording, and Two-Way Transfer.
An Affordable System that Improves Efficiency
With its intelligent call-handling functions, the Panasonic Hybrid IP PBX system can serve as the core of an efficient small contact centre for outstanding customer service. Use the Hybrid IP PBX to automatically distribute incoming calls as desired. Calls can be queued while your team is busy on the telephone; pre-recorded messages can be played to reassure callers while they wait for their call to be answered. If there is no reply or if the phones are all busy, music or pre-recorded promotional messages can be played on hold. You can also assign a backup extension as an overflow destination for calls not answered within a specified period of time. The system provides a variety of call distribution patterns. Effective use of the different patterns Uniform Call Distribution (UCD), Priority Hunting, and Simultaneous Ring can help you manage calls more efficiently. Group Features - VIP Call (Priority Answer) - CLIP Distribution - Queuing Table Agent Features - Log-in / Log-out - Ready / Not Ready - Wrap up Supervisor Features - Monitoring group activity in real time, with real-time display view - Historical analysis - Agent management with DSS - Agent status monitor - Remote agent log-in / out by DSS - Autoanswer by headset 6

Panasonic Helps to Cut Costs
Least Cost Routing (LCR) saves money by choosing the most inexpensive calling route. To prevent unauthorised people from using the telephone, you can set each extension to require a password for outgoing calls. A time limit can also be set on conversations. Using a VoIP gateway, the Hybrid IP PBX converts telephone voice signals into IP packets, making it possible for you to use VoIP technology with your present telephone units. VoIP allows simultaneous voice and data transmission on your existing managed data network.
Higher Productivity, Greater Customer Satisfaction
A built-in USB port makes it easy to connect a Panasonic digital telephone to your personal computer. Using PC Phone and PC Console software, you can integrate your phone system with a database, giving you a powerful support tool for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The caller's ID and other information automatically pop up on your PC's display before you take the call. This makes it easy to give your customers a level of service that reflects well on your company. The easier the operator can transfer the customer to the correct person, the more professional your organisation looks and the more efficient you operate. You can add a doorphone and Network Camera (the Panasonic KX-HCM series) for surveillance. When someone rings the doorbell, the camera will send the visitor's image to your PC display for confirmation.
Company-wide Voice Network
The Hybrid IP PBX can serve as the core of an inexpensive, easy-to-use interoffice networking system. Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is a service provided by the telephone company. It uses an existing line as if it were a private line. The KX-TDA30 supports closed number dialling and digit translation to create your own private digital network. The KX-TDA30 also supports QSIG* protocol, allowing you to interconnect numerous PBX locations into a large, effectively seamless virtual telephone system, and giving you access to more advanced communication functions. As an example, for customers with a Panasonic KX-TDA100 or KX-TDA200 in the head office, QSIG can be used to implement KX-TDA30s in all the branch offices. Using the network numbering plan, you can assign a telephone number to each extension in a branch or head office, reducing communication costs.
* QSIG is an industry-standard digital networking protocol. QSIG Networking is available with PBX systems that support ISDN BRI QSIG.

CTI Integration CTI Integration


IP Communication IP Communication


IP Networks Networks

Hybrid IP PBX

Digital Proprietary Telephone USB

Standard Telephone

Cordless Telephone

Multi Cell Station (CS)

Voice Mail System

System Capacity

Initial Max. Total Port (Extension+Trunk) Max. Trunk Port Analogue Trunk ISDN Trunk Max. IP Gateway Max. Extension Port Analogue Proprietary Telephone Single Line Telephone Digital Proprietary Telephone (except for KX-T7600 series and KX-T7560/7565) Digital Proprietary Telephone (T7600 series) KX-T7560/7565 DSS Console Cell Station Voice Processing System Wireless Telephone PC-Console PC-Phone Door Opener Doorphone or 12-ch 1 (4ch) With Additional AC Adaptor or 12-ch 1 (4ch) 24 24

Portable Station

1 System*2 24*4

System Feature Capacity

KX-TDA30 System
Tenant Class of Service Trunk Group User Group Paging Group Call Pickup Group Incoming Call Distribution Group VM (Digital/Analogue Integration) Group VM (DTMF) Group Queuing Time Table Idle Extension Hunting Group SMDR Absent Message (System/Extension) Message Waiting Number of characters for Display ID Extension Number Digit Call Park Area Conference Verified Code Verified Codes Password Special Carrier Code Host PBX Access Code DDI/DID Table Emergency Call Quick Dialling System Speed Dialling Personal Speed Dialling One-Touch Dialling Hot Line ISDN Service Access Redial Routing Plan Leading Digits Leading Digit Exception ARS Carrier Itemised Billing Code Authorisation Code TIE Routing Table Leading Digits PBX Code Toll Restriction Level Toll Restriction Denied Code Toll Restriction Exception Code Charge Rate Charge Denomination Outgoing Call Log (for PT) (for PS) Incoming Call Log (for PT) (for PS) (for ICD Group) System Password (Administrator) System Password (End User) Manager Password Personal Password 64 (32 extensions/group) 1 unit x 8 ch 2 groups x 24 ch 64 (16 steps/table) 64 (16 extensions / group) 200 calls 8 messages x 16 digits/1 message x 16 digits 1-3x10 - 8xdigits (1000 entries) 10 digits (1000 entries) 16 digits (20 entries) 10 digits (10 entries/ Trunk Group) 32 digits (1000 entries) 32 digits (10 entries) 1-4 digits (80 entries) 32 digits (1000 entries) 32 digits (10 entry/extension) 32 digits 32 digits 32 digits 32 digits digits (1000 entries) 200 entries digits 10 digits 32 entries 3 digits 7 digits digits (100 entries/level) 16 digits (100 entries/level) 8 digits 3 characters 0-100 log/Extension, 5x24 log/system 0-100 log/Extension, 5x28 log/system 0-100 log/Extension, 10x24 log/system 0-100 log/Extension, 10x128 log/system 0-100 log/Group, 10x64 log/system 4-10 digits 4-10 digits 4-10 digits 0-10 digits

*1 A maximum of 4 ports (8 channels) of a single VPS can be connected to the Hybrid IP-PBX. *2 Five licenses are provided on each CD-ROM.

Option List

Model KX-TDA3171 KX-TDA3172 KX-TDA3173 KX-TDA3174 KX-TDA3180 KX-TDA3280 KX-TDA3480 KX-TDA3161 KX-TDA3166 KX-TDA3168 KX-TDA3191 KX-TDA3193 KX-TDA3196 KX-TDA0141 KX-A236 KX-A228 KX-TDA0300 KX-TDA0350 KX-T30865 Description
4-Port Digital Extension Card (DLC4) 8-Port Digital Extension Card (DLC8) 4-Port Single Line Telephone Extension Card (SLC4) 8-Port Single Line Telephone Extension Card (SLC8) 4-Port Analogue Trunk Card (lLCOT4) 2-Port BRI Card (BRI2) 4-Channel VoIP Gateway Card (IP-GW4) 4-Port Doorphone and External Input / Output Card for KX-T30865 (DPH4) 8-Channel Echo Canceller Card (ECHO8) Extension Caller ID Card (EXT-CID) 2-Channel Message Card (MSG2) 4-Port Caller ID Card (CID4) Remote Card (RMT) 2-Channel Cell Station Unit for 2.4GHz Portable Station Optional AC Adaptor and AC Cord Back-up Battery Cable PC Console Software PC Phone Software Doorphone
Maximum Quantity 1 + + + 4


+ Please refer to System Capacity chart.


KX-TDA30 Dialling Switching Power Failure Connections
Trunk Extension Dial Pulse (DP) 10pps, 20pps / Tone (DTMF) Dialling Non-blocking Several hours with optional batteries RJ11 connector RJ11 connector 2-conductor jack (MINI JACK3.5mm diameter) 1 conductor jack 1 (Max. 115.2kbps) 1 Date, Time, Extension Number, CO Line Number, Dialled Number, Call Duration, Charge Fee, Account Code 100V AC to 240V AC, 1.5A, 50Hz / 60Hz 55W UL, CSA, TV-GS, CE 275 x 376 x 117mm 3.5kg Backup Trunk Extension Paging Output External (Music on Hold) output Serial Interface Port RS-232C USB Detail Recording SMDR


Toll Restriction
Charge Management Call Log
Power Source Power Consumption (Average) Safety Certification Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight (full mounted)


Feature List

System Features

- Automatic ISDN Setting (BRI) - Automatic Route Selection (ARS)/ Least Cost Routing (LCR) - Background Music (BGM) - Budget Management - Busy on Busy - CTI - Call Park with Indication - Call Pickup Group - Calling Line Identification Distribution (CLI) - Class of Service (COS) - Data Line Security - Delayed Ringing - Direct In Lines (DIL) - Direct Inward Dialling (DID) - Direct Inward System Access (DISA) - Door-Phone/Door Opener - Echo Cancellation - Extension Lock - Emergency Call - Existing APT/DPT Compatibility - External BGM - Flexible Numbering Plan (4 digits) - Floating Extension - Greeting Message - Host PBX Access Code - Hunting Group - Hurry-Up Transfer - Incoming Group (Hunting Group) - Intercept Routing - Busy/DND - Intercept Routing - No Answer - Intercept to Trunk - Main Processing (MPR), Card/CS Software Download - Manager Functions - Multiple Language Support - Online Diagnostics - Operator Functions - PC Console/PC Phone - PC Programming - Paging Group - Quick Setup - Remote Alarm Notification - Remote Extension Status Control through DISA - Remote Extension Lock - Ring Group - Special Carrier Access - Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) - Tenant Service - Timed Reminder - Time Service (Day/Night/Lunch/Break) - Toll Restriction - Trunk Group - Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) - User Group - VIP-Call - Visual Caller ID Dial Type Selection Digital eXtra Device Port (XDP) Direct One-Touch Answering Do Not Disturb (DND), DND Override DSS Console Executive Busy Override Extension Directory Extension-to-Trunk Call Duration Time External Feature Access Flexible Buttons Full Duplex SP-phone Hands-free Operation Handset/Headset Selection Hot Line Large LCD Features with Back-lit Last Number Redial Log-In/Log-Out Message Waiting Multi-Lingual Display Multiple Hop Call Forwarding (4 steps) Music on Hold Off-Hook Call Announcement (OHCA) Off-Hook Monitor One-Touch Dialling Paging (Deny, Paging Transfer) Paralleled Telephone (APT/DPT+SLT, DPT/SLT+PS) Redial, Last Number Remote Station Control Special Carrier Access Speed Dialling - Personal/System Time and Date Display Tone-Pulse Conversion Trunk Answer from Any Station (TAFAS) Walking COS Whisper OHCA (Off-Hook Call Announcement) Wrap-Up eXtra Device Port (XDP) Automatic Handover Headset Compatibility Incoming & Outgoing Call Log Wireless XDP Parallel Mode Vibrator Ring

<Wireless Features>

ISDN Service Features

Advice of Charge (AOC) Call Hold (HOLD) Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR) Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) Completion of Calls to Busy Subscriber (CCBS) Connected Line Identification Presentation (COLP) Connected Line Identification Restriction (COLR) Direct Dialling Inward (DDI) ISDN Call Forward (CFU/CFNR/CFB) ISDN Call Transfer (CT) ISDN Extension Malicious Call Identification (MCID) Multiple Subscriber Numbers (MSN)
<Voice Mail (VM) Features>
Automatic Configuration - Quick Setup Call Forwarding to VM Caller's Identification Notification to VM Intercept Routing to VM Live Call Screening (LCS) Remote PBX Data Control by VM VM (Digital/DTMF) Integration VM Mail Transfer

Extension Features

Absent Message Account Code Entry (Forced) Automatic Callback Busy Automatic Pause Insertion Automatic Redial Boss - Secretary Caller ID to SLT Call Forwarding (All Calls, Busy, Busy/No Answer, No Answer, Follow Me, From Incoming Group) Call Hold Calling Party Control (CPC) Signal Detection Call Pickup (Directed, Group, DSS, Deny) Call Splitting Call Transfer (Screened, Unscreened, One-Touch Transfer, Transfer Recall) Conference (3-Party Conference, Multi Party Conference, Unattended Conference)

Networking Features

ARS with VoIP Closed Numbering DISA Call to the Network Private Network to Public Network Public Network to Private Network QSIG Network (BRI) Transfer to Network PBX Virtual Private Network (VPN) VolP Network (Built-in IP-GW)
DPT : Digital Proprietary Telephone APT : Analogue Proprietary Telephone SLT : Single Line Telephone
See More Panasonic Manuals
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. -M123KY-TDA30.C



The advanced hybrid IP-PBX solution 8011

Creating the intelligent communications environment
Telephony alone is no longer enough. As the way we do business changes, so the way we communicate with customers and they communicate with us is changing too.

IP enable your business

Nowadays, if your business is to be competitive, it needs an up-to-date business communications system that works seamlessly with IT, and combines voice and data in one low-cost, next-generation, hybrid solution. Built on twenty years experience of developing business communications technology, the new top-of-the-range hybrid IP PBX from Panasonic is the answer. Not only does it make you more efficient, it can save you money too. Using the same wide area network (WAN) for voice and data means you can make considerable cost savings over using separate networks. A sophisticated combination of PBX reliability and IP technology, the IP-enabled KX-TDA cost-effectively bridges the gap between your telecom requirements today, and your demand for future integrated solutions. Just what you would expect from one of the UKs most successful business communication solutions providers.
More handsets. More choice
Panasonic sell more telephone systems in the UK than any other manufacturer. And the KX-TDA range includes three telephone systems and a wide choice of handsets, with sophisticated features for advanced communications and ease of use.
Complete communications solutions
The Panasonic KX-TDA can provide a complete communications solution for businesses of all kinds, helping to improve your productivity, save you money, and integrate your people, your phone system and your IT infrastructure. The KX-TDA can be installed inside a 19 rack and can be integrated with your existing IT network. In addition to your telephone system, there is voice processing, Computer Telephony Integration, a Panasonic PC phone and PC operator console. With DECT we can increase the mobility of your workforce. With PanaStat call management software and call logging we can help you to be more efficient. And we offer software packages for a range of applications, from Messaging on Hold systems to solutions for call management and analysis. So whatever your needs, whatever your business, Panasonic has the answer to bring your office into the digital communications age.
Features that mean business
The Panasonic Digital Proprietary Telephone comes in five stylish variations. With features such as an easy-to-read large LCD and four tilt positions, it not only looks good but makes life easier for users too. The KX-TDA system also makes it easy to accommodate other telephones, fax machines or modems with a unique extension number.
Message lamp Large message/ ringer lamp Multifunction LCD Alpha numeric LCD providing simple key access to: Incoming callers name and number (CLI required) Call log up to 100 incoming and 10 outgoing calls can be recalled and redialled (CLI required) Alpha tagging of exchange lines Call duration Message waiting, absent messages, feature set Calling extension name Large display

Up to 6-line display

Menu screen prompts


speed dials/ user selected functions Extension lists Feature access System guidance Ring tones

20 ring tones and

10 melodies Headset jack

Allows permanent

handsfree for PC or paperwork Handsfree speech/ speakerphone Integrated speaker for handsfree operation Auto dial Maximum of 1000 pre-programmed system speed dial numbers Line keys 24 line keys, with 12 extra (optional) keys available Navigation key Fast and reliable operation Adjust handset, speaker and ringer volume Adjust LCD contrast Search through speed dial Access menu options Flexibility 4-stage angle adjustment for more flexibility of location and use
Other handset features: PC integration Optional USB port makes PC integration simple and seamless Digital extra device port (V1.1 software required)
Connect another digital telephone device with a unique extension number Expand the extension capacity of your telephone system

Wall mountable

Information. The key to successful business
Alphanumeric display By providing visual feedback, the user-friendly display makes it easier to handle calls and perform other tasks. You can use the displays to view a variety of information or access the hybrid IP PBX systems many features. And you can also make calls by following the visual prompts shown on the display. Extra Device Port (XDP) and Digital XDP XDP allows you to add an analogue phone, cordless phone or other standard-line device to your system, without the cost of an additional line so you can send a fax while talking to a customer. Or, by connecting a modem to the XDP, you can download data from your PC or access the Internet while talking. With version 1.1 software, the digital XDP allows you to increase the number of digital telephones without additional cards, so you can provide more multi-functional key phones to more of your staff to boost overall office productivity.




Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) enables telephone system and PC to act as one co-ordinated business tool. Those who use the PC and the telephone together can be more efficient and present a more professional image to callers. A PC Phone is available for KXT7633 and KXT7636 telephones allowing users to receive and make calls directly from their PC screen. Similarly, busy operators will benefit from Panasonics PC Operator Console giving them a view on their PC of activity happening on the telephone system. The screen can be organised to show which extensions are ringing, which are free, and which are on a call or diverted. The screen can also show which lines are ringing, busy or free. With all this information the operator can be fully informed when handling callers and provide a much better service. PC Operator Console Features View extension, line and parked call status Incoming call queue display Drag and drop call transfer Sort by name, extension number or status Call recording to hard disk Graphical interface access to KXTDA features and speed dial list


PC Phone
Integrates with MicroSoft Outlook Call recording to hard disk Graphical interface access to KXTDA features and speed dial list


Easy to use. Hard to choose
The KX-TDA system is available with a full range of digital proprietary handsets and a DSS console. If 24 keys are not enough, a simple 12-key add-on module provides the answer. Suitable for KX-T7636 and KX-T7633. All proprietary handsets in the range (including DSS console, 12-key add-on module and USB port options) are available in black and white. DECT handsets are only available as shown.










Panasonic has a range of headsets to prevent discomfort and fatigue, for use with these handsets (except KX-T7665). And if you already have a Panasonic KX-T, KX-TA or KX-TD telephone system, the KX-TDA will work with your existing handsets - making it an even lower cost solution to upgrading your business communications system.


KX-T7636 LCD Line Keys Speakerphone Headset Jack Back Light LCD D-XDP (V1.1) USB Interface 12 key add on module NAVI Key Dual Colour LEDs 6 Line 24 Full Duplex Yes Yes Yes Option Option Yes Yes KX-TLine 24 Full Duplex Yes Yes Yes Option Option Yes Yes KX-TLine 24 Full Duplex Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes KX-T7625 None 24 Full Duplex Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes KX-TLine 8 Full Duplex No* No Yes No No No Yes * No headset working KX-TCALine 0 Full Duplex Yes Yes No No No Yes No KX-TCALine 0 Full Duplex Yes Yes No No No Yes No
Keeping business moving with DECT cordless telephones
Integrating DECT cordless telephones with KX-TDA means the benefits of the system are not left behind when you leave your desk. Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony allows voice and data transmission via radio waves, within range of strategically placed base stations. A low cost and highly flexible solution, DECT keeps people in contact whether they are on the factory floor, in the warehouse, on the forecourt, in the showroom in fact anywhere on site when they are not at their desk.

Deal with urgent calls as and when they are received and
save money by not having to return missed calls
Compatible with ISDN (where connected) allowing DDI calls
to go directly to their chosen extension Multiple DECT handsets can be connected to one system Secure, high quality speech reproduction and excellent reliability Access to 1000 system and 200 personal speed dial numbers Speakerphone/handsfree speech

Site survey

See whos calling before you take the call

Headset compatibility

Enjoy handsfree operation
Vibrator ring (KX-TCA255)
Essential in noisy industrial environments Silent alert to be discreet

Shop floor

Medical centre
KX-TCA155 130g 143x48x32mm 10 hours talktime 120 hours standby KX-TCA255 112g, 120x45x22mm 17 hours talktime, 270 hours standby
System Speed Dial Search by name (up to 1000 can be stored)
Improve efficiency across the board with voice processing
Panasonic voice processing systems allow you to record, send and retrieve messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week world-wide, and help to efficiently handle your telephone system traffic and internal communication needs. The voice processing systems can improve the efficiency of your business, whether it be in sales, customer service, marketing or human resources. Field sales representatives can call in their sales reports at any time of the day Customer lines can publicise sales, special promotions and general information Orders can be placed 24 hours a day Product or service information is available 24 hours a day Database information can be easily gathered Calls may be screened prior to connection to an extension without overloading a busy operator Conversations can be recorded and transcribed later (KX-TDA/KX-TD/KX-TA only) Flexible PBX integration The systems can interface with most PBX systems that have a single-line telephone port capable of transmitting DTMF signals. The units have an RS-232C interface for PC connection used for programming, showing reports, usage etc. and system maintenance. Quick set-up This feature provides a quick way of setting up parameters that must be established with a host PBX. Using a computer terminal connected to the RS-232C port, you can easily edit programming items on the guidance screen. Holiday setting capability The systems can be programmed to handle calls differently (e.g. auto-attendant vs. voice mail) on official holidays, thereby providing suitable help to callers who call in during off-peak periods or holidays. Automatic fax transfer When you receive a fax call the system will automatically send the call to the designated fax extension this eliminates the need to have a dedicated line for your fax. You can designate a second fax extension to handle overflow traffic from the first one. Multilingual service The systems can support up to three different languages. Callers may choose the language of their preference when they call in. Enhanced integration When integrating Panasonic voice processing systems to our KX-TDA or KX-TD/KX-TA telephone systems there are enhanced facilities available. 1. Auto configuration When setting-up you dont have to type the extension number of each mailbox. The system will automatically forward all extension information to the voice mail, making installation a very simple procedure. 2. Live call screening When this mode is activated, you can monitor incoming messages and decide whether or not to take the call. 3. Two-way recording This feature allows an extension user to record a conversation in his or her mailbox by simply pressing the two-way record function key. A variation of this feature is two-way transfer which permits the extension user to record a conversation in another persons mailbox. 4. Intercom paging This facility allows the voice processing system to make a paging announcement through the proprietary telephones to alert an extension user that there is a call for them. 5. Caller ID intelligence The KX-TVP50 and KX-TVP200 offer unique intelligent functionality caller ID Routing will route callers by telephone number to specified extensions or services. Caller ID Call Screening will announce callers by name (max 30) or number. Both require Caller ID from the PBX. 6. Remote access The owner of a mailbox can access the system remotely (when out of the office) to record new greetings, listen to messages and divert calls to voicemail (or elsewhere).

Voice mail specifications
KX-TVP50E Total recording time Recording time per mailbox Number of ports Number of mailboxes Number of messages (per mailbox) Personal greeting length (programmable) Message retention (programmable) Extension numbering (programmable) Message waiting lamp (programmable) Maximum message length (programmable) Activity reporting Mailbox List, Class of Service List, System Service Report, Call Account Report, Mailbox Usage Report, Memory Usage Report, Fax Call Report, Custom Service Report (not with KX-TVP50E) 2hrs (standard) 4hrs (option) 5-100 mins Max. 2 Max. 32 Max. 100 8-60 secs 1-30 days or unlimited 2-5 digits DTMF sequence 1-6 mins KX-TVP200E 64 hrs 5-100 mins Max. 12 Max. 1024 Max. 100 8-60 secs 1-30 day or unlimited 2-5 digits DTMF sequence 1-6 mins
The Call Centre on your desktop
Call centres are no longer the prerogative of telephone sales companies. And you do not have to be a big business to have one. More and more businesses are making the most of the possibilities of call centres, whether with full-scale telephone sales teams or with advice and support hotlines on a smaller scale.
With the integration of voice and data that KX-TDA makes possible, you can have all the features and functionality of call centre working, built-in, whatever your business and whatever its size. For example: calls can be queued while a call centre team is busy on the telephone; pre-recorded messages can be played to reassure callers while they wait for their call to be answered; messages can be part of uniform call distribution (UCD); if there is no reply or if the phones are all busy, music or pre-recorded promotional messages can be played on hold. The KX-TDA offers call centre functionality for operators and supervisors. Group features VIP call (Priority answer) CLIP distribution Queuing table Agent features Log-in/Log-out Ready/Not ready Wrap up Auto answer by headset Supervisor features
Monitoring group activity in real time, with real
time display viewer Historical analysis Agent management with DSS Agent status monitor Remote agent log-in/out by DSS
Call transfer Calls can be transferred to any other extension in a personal or global directory, selected by name or number.
Multiple sites. One system
If your business is based at a number of locations, the networking capabilities of KX-TDA means you can cut costs and increase efficiency by creating your own network. The network can be local, regional or global. So you and your customers only see the benefits, not the network. Voice over IP Telephone calls can be routed via an IP data network that would otherwise just be used for data, thereby reducing traffic on telephone lines. The cost savings come from achieving greater use of fixed cost infrastructure and less use of variable cost telephone lines. Virtual private networking A lower-cost option than a fixed link, the KX-TDA supports closed number dialling and digit translation to create a digital private network. Connection to primary and basic rate ISDN is available down to the desktop. Automatic route selection Voice calls, video, internet use and data communications can all benefit from automatic route selection. The KX-TDA will automatically use the cheapest route to the public network, by routing through the internal network to the most costefficient pre-configured option or using the cheapest carrier. Q-SIG The Q-SIG protocol is the most flexible platform available for future development. Supported by international standards organisations (ITU-T and ETSI) it ensures that the KX-TDA will connect seamlessly with other vendors systems and non-Panasonic networks.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Linking your database with your telephone system creates a powerful business tool for enhanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM). However, for truly effective CRM, it is essential that even as your organisation grows customer information is kept up to date and accessible, and that it gets to members of staff quickly while theyre on the telephone. Panasonics Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solution and Desktop Telephony Assistant (DTA) make it easy to combine voice and data resources, to manage customer information and to make use of it effectively, providing real CRM benefits. With the KX-TDA and DTA working together PC and telephone work as one device.
Real-time display viewer The whole system, including extension and line status, can be monitored live in real time, to ensure the system and staff are operating at their most efficient at all times. Macros Can be written, edited and associated with a DDI or CLI. For example, a special message can be triggered if a customers calling have exceeded their credit limit.
Empowering more employees The multiple CTI interface of the KX-TDA means that any employee receiving a call from a customer can have the capability of viewing customer details on screen before answering. Combined with the Panasonic DTA, which connects the KX-TDA to your company network. Multiple users can have the information they need from the companys IT infrastructure to deal with telephone calls both more professionally and more efficiently. All resources are controlled by CTI, for complete efficiency and effective organisation. Screen popping Relevant information displayed on screen at the same time as the incoming call. Auto-dial Numbers can be selected by name or number from a personal or global directory and auto-dialled. Auto-dialling can also be carried out directly from Maximizer and other TAPI applications. Call logging All calls made or received on extensions running DTA can be logged.
Better performance monitored
By monitoring and measuring how your telephone system is being used, you can make sure you get maximum performance and efficiency from every element. PanaStat call management software has advanced call management features to give you the information you need, whether for the whole company, by department or by individual extension. Based on the Windows interface, PanaStat is easy to use, and offers clear and simple real time information and daily, weekly, monthly or annual reports. Cutting call costs With the information at your fingertips, you cannot only identify costly and problem areas, but also manage the calls and allocate resources more cost-effectively.
Be our guest for a better hotel solution
A hotel, whatever its size, makes its own specific demands on its telephone system. Our specifically designed Hotel Application Interface offers the flexibility to integrate hotel management packages with the features and functions of our KX-TDA systems. The complete hotel service All the functions you would expect of a hotel system can be integrated, including:

Locate the most expensive calls Monitor incoming and outgoing call levels Check speed of answering Identify misuse or abuse of telephones Identify and implement upgrading opportunities before your business suffers or unnecessary costs are incurred Set up cost centres Manage call centre teams/personnel
Un-bar/bar on check-in/check-out Room monitor Automatic billing Do not disturb Wake-up calls Courtesy phone
Call centre functionality A guests reservation can be located from incoming CLI before the call is answered. Call logging All calls can be logged and reported for accurate billing and analysis. Hotel Application Integration For hotels, a telephone system and our Hotel Application Integration software are just the beginning of a Panasonic solution. For a restaurant, bar or shop, Panasonics EPOS products enable automatic billing to a guests hotel account. Plasma display screens, projectors and electronic white boards are ideal for those hotels providing conference facilities, and our CCTV systems will provide security and peace of mind for owners, staff and guests alike.
Panasonic KXTDA15 - The Panasonic KX-TDA 15 Telephone System is ideal for up to 20 users. Panasonic KXTDA30 - The Panasonic KX-TDA 30 Telephone System is ideal for up to 52 users. Panasonic KXTDA100 - The Panasonic KX-TDA 100 Telephone System is ideal for up to 128 users. Panasonic KXTDA200 - The Panasonic KX-TDA 200 Telephone System is ideal for up to 256 users. Panasonic Voicemail - PanaVox Lite - 2 port Voicemail / Auto Attendant with 48 mail boxes and maximum 5 hours storage (non-upgradeable) Panasonic Voicemail - Panasonic KX-TVM50 (replaces the Panasonic KX-TVP50 / TVP50E) - 2, 4 and 6 port configurations with maximum 64 mail boxes and standard 4 hours recording up-gradeable to 8 hours - e-mail integration - Compatible with the Panasonic KX-TA624, KX-TES824, KX-TD and KX-TDA phone systems. Panasonic Voicemail - Panasonic KX-TVM200 (replaces the Panasonic KX-TVP200 / TVP200E) - 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 port configurations with maximum 1024 mail boxes and maximum 1000 hours recording - e-mail integration - Compatible with the Panasonic KX-TA624, KX-TES824, KX-TD and KX-TDA phone systems. Panasonic Call Recording - Pana-record - Designed to provide fully digital connectivity between a telephone and PC via USB, and easily installed in minutes. Panasonic KX-TDA Gateway Extender System - the Panasonic KX-TDA extender delivers high quality voice over an IP network allowing the use of digital system phones at remote locations to share the main office KX-TDA telephone system. Panasonic Desktop Telephony Assistant (DTA) - Call Centres are no longer only for big business. Panasonic's Desktop telephony Assistant offers complete integration between a PC network and a compatible Panasonic Telephone System offering screen popping, and call dialing from database lists amongst many other features. Pansonic Installation - Westlake Communications can offer a complete installation and training service for our customers, including telephone cabling, Cat5e Structured Cabling, Telephone Lines, IP Network for Voice Over IP and full training and support.

What to Buy for Business

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KX-TDA connection diagram
Application Software Ask for a brochure and/or quotation
PanaStat (Call Management S oftware)
Desktop Telephony Assistant (3rd Party CTI solution)

Integrated Headsets

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