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WhatBackHand 1:15am on Sunday, September 26th, 2010 
I would not buy a Panasonic KX-TCA60 Headset again. I expect phone headsets to last longer than five months before failing like this one did.
royce 4:33pm on Saturday, September 18th, 2010 
Excellent headset Great sound quality with my Panasonic cordless phone. I had one before but broke it putting it on over my baseball cap. great till it stopped working this thing worked great for about two months then all of a sudden it stopped working. cordless phone headset this is an excellent headset for the price.
Benjer 5:16pm on Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 
Don't take the risk of brain tumors - use a corded headset. 4 ft cord","Clear Reception","Durable","Excellent sound quality". Unfortunately, I have 4 slipped disks in my neck for which the pain radiates down my arm and into my hand. Great for high noise area's Clear Reception","Durable","Easy Controls
duribass 1:41am on Saturday, August 7th, 2010 
I have had very good luck with most Panasonic products (vs SONY, which for me. Great quality and price. Works with all my wireless and wired phones that have a 2.5 mm jack Shipping cost
datajarmarty 9:17am on Sunday, July 4th, 2010 
I purchased 6 of these for my technicians to use. Hands free operation in a noisy environment while they walk, climb ladders and use hand tools. Love this headset! It is super comfortable and makes it so easy to be on the phone while getting other things done...
neon 10:31pm on Thursday, May 27th, 2010 
Great quality ; low price ; comfortable ; Clear sound ; Loud for the person on the other end :D Maybe too loud.. :P
wonko80 12:25am on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 
Just bought 2 more of these. The first broke after 4 years but I like them so much I keep buying. Very clear on both ends. Keeps one ear free. Bought this headset last week. Very happy so far. Clear Reception","Durable
TenPin 2:39am on Sunday, May 16th, 2010 
This is not a PC headset, it works great with my AT&T 2-line desk phone. Slips on easily, ear piece is comfortable.

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Compact Plain Paper Fax with Cordless DECT Phone
Large, Easy-to-Read Colour Display Caller ID Ready*1 All Digital Answering System



Colour Display

Caller ID*1

Digital Answering

Digital Speakerphone

Remote Control

Document Memory*2*3
Ad va nced C om mu n ication S y ste m w ith D E CT Ph on e C on ve nien ce
The DECT phone represents an entirely new wave of communications with the digital performance and style you would expect from Panasonic. Walk and talk in comfort - enjoy a smarter, more convenient communications in your office and home.

DECT Phone

Large, Easy-to-Read Colour Display
The handset's 80 x 102 pixel-display offers a bright, colourful iconbased menu that's easy to see and easy to use. Operation mode and current status are clearly displayed either in waiting mode or in use. The background image is selectable so you can change it to suit your preference.
Caller ID Ready*1 on Base and Handset
The caller's name and phone number can be displayed on the LCD of both the base and handset. So, you can see at a glance who's calling before you answer the phone.
All Digital Answering System
The KX-FC258FX answers all your calls, records messages and receives faxes while you are away. The digital system makes operation virtually silent and instantaneous.

Advanced Features

Digital Speakerphone on Base and Handset
This system features dual digital duplex speakerphones, on the base and cordless handset. You can enjoy clear, natural, two-way conversations on the digital speakerphone.

Other Features

Base Sequential Broadcasting (20 Locations) Delayed Transmission Junk Fax Prohibitor (10 Stations) Error Correction Mode [ECM] Film Near-End Indicator Multi-Copy (20 Pages) Enlarge, Reduce and Collate (Sort) DECT Phone 200-Station Phonebook Lighted LCD and Keypad Conference Call Capability Short Message Service (SMS) (Default:OFF) Light-Up Indicator with Ringer / Message Alert Voice Enhancer Techonology Night Mode Multiple Language Display
System Remote Control from Handset
The unit allows you to activate fax function, switch the receiving modes, and control the answering system from remote location within the range.
28-Page Document Memory*2*3
The system can store up to 25 pages in its built-in memory for transmission. Ideal for broadcasting multi-page documents to multiple locations, and for receiving faxes when out of paper up to 28 pages.
Language LCD Readout Base : English Cordless Handset : English / Others (15)


DECT Phone Frequency Band: Channel Number: Fax (Base Unit) Compatibility: Paper Handling: Scanning Width: Resolution: Halftone: Modem Speed: Transmission Speed: Document Memory: Printing Method: Ink Film: Paper Capacity: Document Feeder: 1.88 - 1.9 GHz 120 Duplex Channels Integrated Telephone System Dial Mode: Tone (DTMF) / Pulse Dialing Memory: 100 24-digit telephone numbers (Base) 1 x 9 One-Touch Dial (Base) 200 24-digit telephone numbers (Handset) Caller ID: FSK / DTMF compatible*1 Power Supply: Dimensions (W x D x H): Base: Cordless Handset: Charger: Weight: Base: Cordless Handset: Charger: AC 220 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz 367 mm x 200 mm x 106 mm 48 mm x 34 mm x 155 mm 87 mm x 95 mm x 61 mm 2.8 kg (Handset Tray included) 140 g 90 g

ITU-T G3 Amm Standard / Fine / Super Fine / Photo 64 levels 9.6 kbps Approx. 12 seconds per page*2 Max. 28 pages*2*3 for reception Max. 25 pages for transfer Thermal transfer on plain paper 30 m (10 m film included) Max. 20 sheets Max. 10 sheets
Consumables KX-FA52E Replacement Film (30 m x 2 rolls) Optional Handset KX-TGA810FX
Digital Answering System (Base) Recording Capacity: Max. 15 minutes in total Incoming Message: 1, 3, GREETING ONLY
Requires subscription to fee-based telephone company service. Based on ITU-T No.1 test chart. *3 Max. 28 pages for out-of-paper reception. Max. 25 pages for memory transmission.
Global Web Sites:
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. 0M0706UA_KX-FC258FXSE-LT



ALL-IN-ONE 96640 Vivicam 2500 Operator SXV 550 TUE-T112P LX-90 Alarms SA2 1232Z UX-T55 XV-315P 159MM Cruze X3350 HMS1000TVE SH-S243D Vluu L730 - 2002 ESF472 DPL907VD-radio Messenger Astro Xl SA3225 UF-140 AX-M9000 LG Migo I2-I3 Red K-X DV-SP800 EP1052 RDM169 Cellini IC-230 Tungsten T2 Impressa E85 42PQ6500 VGP-prtz1 PG-200 U1644NO CTR 1 SDR-H18 260FX Machine W5100 M1800R CJ-755W SGH-A847 Video Call Fieldpac 11836 VGN-AR51J SB-CA21 Splashzooka 65OZ Tefal Baby CP-RX70WF AX-2000 51F510 AR-C260 M ESF63025 J1255AV V140I Aficio 615C Confidence 7463 Scoop 50PB2RR HM320JI-D Ru Review 6 0 MI-sport 500 EY0225 KH1516 Asko 1303 Matrix 2000 Zuma-2003 Flash X2 Of GO GA-MA78gm-s2H CC-3000 Easy Gprs HL-5050 OKI C810 6200A XM-752EQX TXP42G20ES WHR-G300N ZVM640X Bold 9650 M5811 LSN092HE Mouse Treo 500 UX-385 Kitue12JKE TM-1500 CI RSE8kpps CD1401B-22 CDP-XE330 Mcbr360S PL42C430a1


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