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Panasonic NV-DS33b Digital Camcorder & Video Recorder, size: 9.7 MB
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OzGrl 3:29am on Friday, April 16th, 2010 
Great cable for my panasonic cam great allows me to record my edited data from my pc to a mini DV.

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DV-IN Enabler for Camcorders
DV-INabler activates the DV-IN functionality on your camcorder to allow you to export video footage from your computer to your camera. Simply connect DV-INabler to the COM port of your camera, press the button and a few seconds later DV-IN will be enabled on your camera! Now, you will be able to import your video footage to your computer, edit it with a DV application and export it back to your DV camcorder! If you wish to remove the enabler code that DVINabler loads to your camera, simply plug in the device and press the button for 10 seconds. Your camera will be reverted to its original state without any trace of DV-INablers modification. Another feature of DV-INabler is its ability to act as a record and pause button for your camera.

Canon Compatibility

MV-10, MV-20, MV-200

Key Features

Activates DV-IN on your camcorder The DV-IN functionality of most DV camcorders sold in the European Union is disabled. DV-INabler allows you to reactivate this feature Extremely easy to use, requires no computer Simply press the DV-INablers button for a few seconds and your camera will be DV-IN enabled! Simply connect DV-INabler to the COM port of your Camcorder and press the button to perform the enablement process Can act as a Record/Pause button for your camera A useful feature if you use a tripod with your camcorder DV-IN enablement process can be reversed very easily in a few seconds

JVC Compatibility

GR-DVL 20, DVL 30, DVL 40, DVL 150 GR-DVL 257 GR-DVL 9200, DVL 9500 GR-DVX 4, DVX 7

Panasonic Compatibility


Sony Compatibility

DCR-PC1E, PC2E, PC3E, PC4E, PC5E, PC6E TRV5E, TRV6E, TRV7E, TRV8E,TRV10E, TRV11E, TRV15E, TRV17E DCR-TRV890E DCR-VX700E DCR-TR7000E, TR7100E, TR8000E, TR8100E DCR-TRV110E, TRV210E, TRV310E, TRV410E, TRV510E DCR-TRV120E, TRV125E, TRV220E, TRV320E, TRV420E, TRV520E, TRV725E Name DV-INabler DV-INabler DV-INabler DV-INabler Product Code MI-DVINC MI-DVINJ MI-DVINP MI-DVINS For Canon JVC Panasonic Sony
Contacting Miglia Technology
Miglia Technology 1, The Old Silk Mill, Brook Street Tring, HP23 5EF United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)2988, Fax: +44 (0)2989 E-mail: Web:


Note: There are four versions of DV-INabler, one for each supported brand. You can enable DV-IN only on a single camcorder with DV-INabler.
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