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Panasonic NV-GS50 Digital Camcorder & Video Recorder, size: 528 KB
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Alex J. Todd 1:33pm on Saturday, September 18th, 2010 
This little camera is excellent if you just want a toy for messing around. It has lots of extra features, such as blue tooth and a data card.
trinix 10:15am on Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 
This is a great camcorder. the picture quality is excellent and taking videos has never been smoother. This is a great camcorder. the picture quality is excellent and taking videos has never been smoother.
clare822 4:38am on Saturday, May 8th, 2010 
USB, firewall, Mini-dv, digital, huge zoom, small Its fairly expensive, but in few months will be great This little camera is excellent if you just want a toy for messing around. Compact, Good Resolution.

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0307wv21 Panny Camf


5:59 pm

Page 105


DV camcorder


1;8 lens; 1/6in CCD; 27mm filter diameter; 10x optical (500x digital) zoom; electronic image stabiliser; PCM stereo sound (16-bit and 12-bit); auto/manual focus; auto/manual exposure; auto/manual white balance; 5 Program AE modes: 2.5in LCD screen; 0.33in colour viewfinder; digital stills to tape and card (both SD and MMC); 8MB SD card supplied; backlight compensation; digital picture effects; 1.3sec Quick Start; webcam function; USB driver, SD viewer, WEB Camera Drive, DV Studio for USB, Arcsoft Photoimpression Panaramamaker 3, Photomontage 2000 software provided

Solid gold

Panasonics latest DV cam, the NV-GS50, is a solid rather than spectacular sort of beast. But thats just fine with Bob Baxter
Panasonic has been ploughing a particularly fertile furrow with the design of its recent DV camcorders. The company has managed to blend the most successful style of camcorder the palmcorder with the features videomakers looking for shooting flexibility really want. Manual features such as focus, white balance and exposure are well to the fore, while gimmicky touches are kept to a minimum. While the design is rather boxy and no amount of silver/aluminium finish and matt-black plastic can disguise that the camcorder is very comfortable to hold. Its also easy to keep steady. What buttons are on the exterior are straightforward to access and responsive. However, the GS50 is essentially menu-driven. Selections are made with a Menu button on the back of the camcorder and a jog/push dial just above it. Scroll through the myriad camera, playback and setup options available and a quick press of the dial highlights your selection. Another press and youve de-selected the feature simple, yet effective stuff. The GS50 features several cutting-edge features, such as its potential as a webcam, its MPEG mode for short video clips and a digital still image option. Stills can be captured to tape or a storage card. Panasonic has provided an 8MB SD card, but the slot will also accept MultiMedia Cards.


AV-in/out; DV-in/out; S-video in/out; USB jack; external microphone; headphone output


60(w) x 80(h) x 105(d)mm


Image resolution for stills is locked at a rather tawdry 640 x 480, which is fine for use on websites and sending as email attachments, but not great if you need a hard copy. Adding to the cams impressive spec sheet is its range of sockets. Theres pretty much everything a PC-literate videomaker needs to get stills and video onto a computer and once edited, back onto the camcorder again. Analogue and S-video inputs allow users to transfer existing analogue recordings onto DV tape and then to a PC. Firewire (i.Link) in/out allows digital material to be transferred, as does the USB jack. An external microphone socket and headphones jack complete the list of enthusiast-friendly features.


Though the buildup would have you thinking the GS50 is an all conquering camcorder, the nuts and bolts of our test footage prove otherwise. Its not that the GS50 produces bad videos, just that theyre unexceptional. Footage taken outdoors is crisp and clear, the auto systems coping admirably with sudden shifts in focus, exposure and lighting. Head indoors and things start looking a lot more grainy. The low-light performance of this camcorder is not impressive. In fact wed recommended you turn all your
house lights on or invest in an onboard video light. More encouraging is the fact that the GS50 is a quiet camcorder. Motor noise is not intrusive, even in quiet footage, so your silent movie dreams can come true! Handling noise is also absent, largely due to the sensible placement of controls. The jog/push dial used for menu selections and focusing is at the back of the camcorder, while the microphone is below the lens barrel. Even the zoom is silent during operation. On the audio front, the GS50 provides exactly what wed expect from a compact DV camcorder steady, if unspectacular results. A consistent performance sees dialogue clearly picked up, but when it comes to recorded music dont expect to feel any bass rumble there wont be any. This can be improved by using an external microphone, but if your ambitions only stretch to parties and holidays the onboard sound will do just fine. Wrapping things up, the NV-GS50 represents a winning combination of features, sockets and size. Its performance, though unspectacular, is easily sufficient for the occasional user. If youre looking for something more than a point-and-shoot model, the NV-GS50 is just the ticket I
Jitter: 7ns (good) Lines of horizontal resolution S-video: 480 composite video: 450 Dynamic range:good Dot crawl/grain: minimal/noticeable


Range of features; sockets; side-loading tape


Poor instruction manual; pointless digital zoom


Excellent features and sockets plus a steady performance

Boxy but brilliant



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