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Panasonic PT-L701UBattery1inc Projector Lamp ET-LA701 for Panasonic PT-L711U PT-L701U PT-L511U PT-L501U Series
Battery1inc is a Registered Trademark, and it's exclusively sold by Battery1inc only.

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9638172 9:53am on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 
The Sony Blu ray Disc Player is fantastic. I have bought this dvd player so I could watch netflix on my t.v. I have to say that it is amazing.
Phan Hien 2:44am on Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 
Fine while it lasted I had no problems at all with this player for two years. JVC Home XVBP Blu-ray Disc Player Nice looking equipment that works flawlessly.
kc2kth 3:42pm on Saturday, September 25th, 2010 
This product is good value and allows internet viewing through Netflix. [...] I had it set up in less than 20 minutes. Backwards Compatible". Viewing Blue Ray titles and cable television broadcasts in high definition. Excellent Image Quality Storage, ease of use and the ability to see your entire collection sorted on your t.v. screen.
Edward Glodgett 2:18pm on Friday, September 10th, 2010 
This arrived today. I had it plugged into my LCD TV and playing my Pandora station in less than 30 minutes! I bought this device because it was at the top of the list as best blu-ray players.Well it has been a real pain to watch movies from Netflixs.
George W. Tush 12:42am on Sunday, August 29th, 2010 
I bought this player to stream netflix in additional to play blueray discs. For netflix it seems to be dumbed down, i.e.
TodWulff 5:07am on Saturday, August 21st, 2010 
Sony BDP-S350 has an elegant blue and black color, fashion and simple design, light work such as mirror of China and the United States.
Shifty Geezer 4:25am on Saturday, July 31st, 2010 
"I have had my Sony 550 for about 6 months now, the picture and sound on some movies just blow me away. I tried 4 different models in one month. "Im angry that this blue-ray player doesnt have slow motion. My 30 dollar dvd player does. Im going to take it back. "Buy the 550 over the 350. You will get the memory card and all the updates pre-loaded. For me it was worth the hassle.
uli 6:15pm on Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 
1 disc form BD-ROM*, BD-R/-RE(BDMV/BDAV), DVD VIDEO, DVD+R/+RW(+VR), DVD-R/-RW(VR/Video), CD. Each and Every movie lovers have some desire to see a good quality movie print with some great audio effects . My opinions for Sony BDP-S350 are as following: 1.smaller.Although the S350 has already learned that compare to before ,it used thin design.
tmhstw 7:59am on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 
I have a Sony surround sound, a regular Sony DVD player. I just got a newLED tv and a Blue-Ray player by a competitor as a gift.
Mishkin 7:09am on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 
I have has this player since August 2008, has...  Compact Size. Reliable. I have has this player since August 2008, has not failed me since. Compact Size. Reliable.

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L711U PT-L701 U U PT-L501
PTPortable LCD Projectors
One-Touch Auto Setup with digital keystone correction Extra short-throw lens allows display of larger images Quiet fans (28dB*) and 2-mode lamp operation Index Window makes presentations easier to understand Impressive styling, available in three cabinet colours

* in low power mode

Simple Smart Stylish
One-Touch Auto Setup with Keystone Correction

One-Touch Auto Setup

Smar t, Easy-to-Use Projectors
At first glance youll see that Panasonics new projectors look different from all the others. And when you start using one, youll see that appearance isnt the only difference. For example, theres the superior ease of use you get with Panasonics Auto Setup. Just aim the projector at the screen, press a button, and let the projector make all the adjustments. Theres also a large-diameter, extra-short-throw lens that delivers big, bright images even in rooms where space is tight. And Panasonics new projectors offer a host of other functions that make it easy to deliver a great presentation. Smart design, intelligent functions. Thats whats different about Panasonics new projectors.
One-Touch Auto Setup provides automatic adustments, from phasing to dot clocks, and from verical sizing to horizontal blocking. It includes keystone correction and RGB input signal selection. A newly developed built-in gravity sensor detects the projector angle relative to the floor (up to 30 degrees), then corrects for keystone distortion accordingly. A new IC also minimises picture degradation. The user simply presses the Auto Setup button, and the image is automatically tuned and adjusted for optimal viewing.

Before auto setup

After auto setup

Extra Short-Throw Lens

Each model is equipped with a largediameter, extra shortthrow lens that shortens the necessary projection distance by 25%. Conventional projectors often have to be positioned in the middle of the meeting table, with considerable distance between the lens and the screen. The shorter projection distance of the new Panasonic models saves space, allowing the


Panasonic projectors provide larger, brighter images than conventional models do at the same projection distance.


1400 ANSI lumens XGA (UXGA max.) resolution Micro Lens Array (MLA)


1000 ANSI lumens XGA (UXGA max.) resolution


1100 ANSI lumens SVGA (SXGA max.) resolution
projector to be placed at the front of the table. This convenient feature allows users to give comfortable presentations with large, easy-tosee images even in small rooms.

attractive blue silver.

DTV-Ready Design
These projectors accommodate all major digital TV formats. The PTL711U and PT-L701U are the first ultra-portable projectors to include a Digital Cinema Reality circuit, which greatly improves viewing quality from video input.
Optional fullfunction remote control ET-RM100 is also available.
Quiet Cooling Fans Only 28 dB
Four new quiet-design cooling fans greatly reduce operating noise to 28 dB* in Low power mode. A rotary air outlet louver lets the user control the direction of exhaust air and aim leakage light away from the audiences eyes.
* Measurement based on ISO7779.

Two RGB Inputs

For greater connection flexibility, two RGB input terminals are provided.

2-Mode Lamp Operation

The user can select from Standard and Low lamp power modes. Designed for use in dark rooms, the Low mode uses a lower lamp power that minimises energy consumption and lengthen the lamp life (2000 hours in Standard mode and 3000 hours in Low mode).
* Brightness is reduced 20% in low mode.
10-Bit Digital Gamma Correction
The gamma correction circuitry featured on the PT-L711U and PTL701U optimises the non-linear imaging characteristics of the LCD panels. Far superior to conventional analogue gamma processing, this circuitry delivers naturally vibrant colors with smooth shading and image gradation.

Supplied cardtype remote

The main unit has the storage space for the supplied card-type remote.

Unique Index Window

Any image in the presentation, RGB or video input, can be frozen, stored in memory, and displayed on the left side of the screen as an Index Window, while display of subsequent images continues on the right. This can make presentations much easier to understand. For example, the outline of a plan can be displayed in the Index Window to the left, while details are displayed to the right. This achieves a multiwindow effect from a single presentation source, with no special preparations necessary.

High Resolution and Intelligent Image Resizing
The PT-L711U and PT-L701U offer native XGA resolution (UXGA max.). The PT-L501 supports native SVGA resolution (SXGA max.). When displaying images of other types, the signals are expanded or compressed through a digital processing system. This assures smooth outlines and outstanding picture definition with all types of images. PAL-N, SECAM Component video signal compatibility: 1080i, 720P, 480P, 480i, 625i S-Video compatibility Full 16.7-million color palette 3-Demensional Y/C separation for NTSC signal RS-232C computer interface Ceiling mount capability (optional) Mute/freeze for video and RGB Selectable 7-language on-screen menu (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese) VGA expansion on/off selectable Video expansion on/off selectable 4:3/16:9 screen aspect ratio selectable RGB input indicator Rear screen projection Universal AC power supply (autovoltage: 100 to 240 V)

Ultrahigh Brightness

The 160-W UHM lamp provides a powerful 1400 ANSI lumens for the PT-L711U, 1000 ANSI lumens for the PT-L701U and 1400 ANSI lumens fot the PT-L711U which features the Micro Lens Array (MLA) for its extra brightness.
Note: Brightness is measured in compliance with Guidelines for LCD Projector Measuring Procedures and Measuring Conditions by Japan Business Machine Makers Association (JBMA). UHM is a trademark of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Index window (freezed image)

Normal window

Attractive Styling
The stylish design helps to enhance Silver the presentation, creating a positive impression the moment the projector is set in place. The Blue silver footprint is a compact A4 size, and the unit weighs only 3.8 kg (8.4 Pearl green* lbs.). The design is practical, too, with a protrusion-free body that makes carrying Dusty rose* easy. The PT-L711U comes in silver cabinet, and the PTL701U and PTL501U are The PT-L701U and PT-L501U avalilable in come in pearl green and dusty
rose with limited availability.

Other Important Features

RGB signal input indication Optional wide conversion lens (ET-LEC701) shorten the throw distance by 12% 9x digital zoom Card-type remote control Compatible with six video systems: NTSC, M-NTSC, PAL, PAL-M,

RGB indicator

ET-LEC701 wide conversion lens

Top view

Power supply: 100240 V AC, 50/60 Hz Power consumption: 240 W (standby mode*: 5 W) * with fan stopped. Color system: NTSC/M-NTSC/SECAM/PAL/ PAL-M/PAL-N Scanning frequency: RGB PT-L711U/L701U: fH 1597 kHz fV 50120 Hz PT-L501U: fH 1581 kHz fV 50100 Hz YPBPR: 480i: fH 15.7 kHz, fV 59.9 Hz 625i: fH 15.6 kHz, fV 50.0 Hz 480p: fH 31.5 kHz, fV 59.9 Hz 720p: fH 45 kHz, fV 60.0 Hz 1080i: fH 33.75 kHz, fV 60.0 Hz Video/S-Video: PAL/PAL-N/SECAM: fH 15.6 kHz, fV 50.0 Hz PAL-M/NTSC/M-NTSC: fH 15.7 kHz, fV 59.9 Hz LCD panel: 0.9 (diagonal) polysilicon TFT LCD panels (x 3) Drive method: Active matrix Micro Lens Array (MLA): Featured on the PT-L711U only Pixels: PT-L711U/L701U: 786,432 (1,024 x 768) x 3 PT-L501U: 480,000 (800 x 600) x 3 Pixel configuration: Stripe Screen aspect ratio: 4:3 Lens: Manual zoom/focus lens (1:11:1.3), F 1.82.1, f 28.736.0 mm Lamp: AC 160 W UHM lamp Colors: Full color (16,777,216 colors) Brightness: PT-L711U: 1400 ANSI lumens PT-L701U: 1000 ANIS lumens PT-L501U: 1100 ANIS lumens Contrast ratio: PT-L711U: 300:1 PT-L701U: 350:1 PT-L501U: 200:1 Resolution: PT-L711U/L701U: RGB: Video: PT-L501U: RGB: Video: Screen size: Lens shift: Keystone correction range: Installation: Built-in speaker: Size: Output power: Terminals: RGB1/YPBPR in: RGB2/YPBPR in: S-Video in: Video in: Audio in: Audio out: RS-232C: Security lock: 1024 x 768 pixels 760 TV lines 800 x 600 pixels 600 TV lines 40300 diagonal (aspect ratio: 4:3) 9:1 (fixed) 30 max., vertically Ceiling/desk, front/rear (menu selection) 28 mm (1.1) round type 1 W x 2 (stereo) D-sub HD 15-pin D-sub HD 15-pin Mini DIN 4-pin RCA jack RGB: Stereo mini jack Video: RCA jack (L/R) Stereo mini jack D-sub 9-pin Kensington MicroSaver Security System 233 x 98 x 330 mm (9-3/16 x 3-7/8 x 12-15/16) 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs.)

Compatible Signals

PT-L711U/L701U VGA x 400 VGA x 480 fH fv MXGA 31.5 70.x 864 fH 31.5 37.9 37.5 43.3 fv fH 64.0 71.2 67.5 75.0 76.7 85.0

Mac x 480 SVGA 800 x 600

fv 59.9 fv 72.8 Mac 21 fH 1152 x 870 68.7 75.1 75.0 85.0 SXGA fv fH fv 1280 x 1024 52.4 50.0 fH 35.0 66.7 64.0 60.0 72.3 66.3 fH fv 78.2 72.0 32.1 51.1 80.0 75.0 35.2 56.3 37.9 48.1 46.9 53.7 60.x 1024i 46.4 86.9 72.2 47.6 89.1 fv 75.0 UXGA fH 1600 x 1200 75.0 60.0 85.1 87.5 70.0 fv fH 93.8 75.0 49.7 74.6 fv Video/S-Video fH fv fH PAL/PAL-N/SECAM 48.4 60.0 15.7 50.0 56.5 70.1 NTSC/M-NTSC/PAL-M 60.0 75.0 15.6 59.9 65.5 81.6 68.7 80.0 96.7 35.5 fH 60.2 85.0 YPBPR 480i 100.0 625i 120.0 480p 87.0 fv 720p 74.9 1080i fH 15.7 15.6 31.5 15.0 33.75 fv 59.9 50.0 59.9 60.0 60.0

Mac x 624 XGA 1024 x 768

Dimensions (W x H x D): Weight: Operating temperature: 040C (32104F) Operating humidity: 20%80% (no condensation) Supplied accessories: Remote control unit, Batteries for remote control unit, Power cord, RGB cable, AV cable Optional accessories: Replacement lamp unit: ET-LA701 Ceiling mount bracket: ET-PK701 Full function wireless remote control: ET-RM100 Wide conversion lens: ET-LEC701

1024 x 768i Mac x 768

fH : Horizontal frequency (kHz) fV : Vertical frequency (Hz) The display resolution of the PT-L711U and PT-L701U is 1024 x 768 dots. If the display resolution indicated in the above data does not match this resolution, the input signal will be converted to 1024 x 768. PT-L501U VGA x 400 VGA x 480
fH fv Mac 19 31.5 70.x 768 fH 31.5 37.9 37.5 43.3 fv MXGA 59.x 864 72.8 75.0 SXGA 85.x 1024 fv fH 35.0 66.7 Video/S-Video
fv fH 60.2 74.9 fH fv 64.0 71.2 67.5 75.0 fv fH 52.4 50.0 64.0 60.0


Projection setting example
Projection size* 40 inches 80 inches 120 inches 160 inches 200 inches 240 inches 300 inches

* diagonally

with supplied lens cm cm cm cm cm cm cm (3.9 5.0) (8.0 10.1) (12.7 15.3) (16.1 20.4) (20.2 25.6) (24.3 30.7) (30.5 38.5)
with ET-LEC701 (option) cm cm cm cm cm cm cm (3.4 4.3) (7.0 9.0) (10.6 13.5) (14.2 18.0) (17.8 22.6)
1024 x 768i (21.5 27.1) (26.9 34.0)
fv fH fv PAL/PAL-N/SECAM 51.1 15.7 50.0 56.3 NTSC/M-NTSC/PAL-M 60.3 15.6 59.9 72.2 YPBPR fH fv 75.0 480i 15.7 59.9 85.1 625i 15.6 50.0 fv 480p 31.5 59.9 fH 49.7 74.6 720p 15.0 60.0 1080i 33.75 60.0 fv fH 48.4 60.0 56.5 70.1 fH : Horizontal frequency (kHz) 60.0 75.0 65.5 81.6 fV : Vertical frequency (Hz) 68.7 85.0 80.0 100.0 35.5 87.0 fH 32.1 35.2 37.9 48.1 46.9 53.7
The display resolution of the PT-L501U is 800 x 600 dots. If the display resolution indicated in the above data does not match this resolution, the input signal will be converted to 800 x 600.

Panasonic is the brandname of Matsushita Electric.
Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Company Presentation Systems Group (800) 528-8601 (product code 28) Headquarters 3330 Cahuenga Blvd. West Los Angeles, CA 90068 (323) 436-3641 Regional Sales Offices West 11509 Bliss Cochrange Rd. Gig Harbor, WA 98329 (253) 884-7643 Central 4838 Windsor Prairie Rd. DeForest, WI 53532-0382 (608) 846-4778
Weights and dimensions shown are approximate. Specifications subject to change without notice. This product may be subject to export control regulations. UHM is a trademark of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. PS/2, VGA and XGA are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. SVGA is a registered trademark of the Video Electronics Standards Association. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of the various tradmark owners. Projection images simulated.
6095 Dubarry Court Rohnert Park, CA 94928 (707) 584-7189
East 159 Whiteland Hunt Rd. Downingtow, PA 19335 (610) 269-8369
L701U-0006E10M30K Printed in Japan.



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