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maxiesdemon 9:04am on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 
beautiful top class picture at a decent price. Shipping arrangement a little difficult but worth it... FREE Vivid,outstanding, best buy ever Watching more TV these days
mabzerox 10:44am on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 
I have had this tv for 5 months and only been able to use it for 3 of the five, the other two waiting on Panasonic to fox it. After much research, this was my pick. Crisp, clear, razor sharp picture. Controler could be larger, small keys hard to see in dim light.
mrfredrik 8:01pm on Sunday, September 5th, 2010 
Panasonic TH-50PX60B - Excellent Value I have had this Plasma TV for over 2 years. panasonic plasma 37" sleek sexy and great picture...on dvds and most channels although some digital channels look quite pixelated ..
topguytom 6:17pm on Saturday, August 14th, 2010 
The Panasonic 42 is a great value. The picture is so good only much more expensive models can beat it. A good amount of connection options.
cianoz 9:17am on Saturday, July 24th, 2010 
Panasonic TH-50PX60B - Excellent Value I have had this Plasma TV for over 2 years. Panasonic Purple Snakes I have read the reviews about the screen and after owning it for 4 months I have to say I am not altogether happy with it.
GregZeng 7:36pm on Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 
I got this set from Amazon for a very reasonable price. They sent it via white-glove delivery service right into my family room.
marc 12:06pm on Thursday, May 6th, 2010 
0905047928Permalink dddd dddd Overall this is an above average tv that I would recommend to anyone looking to by a 42" plasma tv. It is very thin and easy to set up.
totanec 6:37pm on Saturday, May 1st, 2010 
For a $3000.00 TV, this should have lasted far longer. One day just would not turn on, power indicator flashing 10 times. Great picture for 58 inch which are hard to f...  great picture for 720, nice hd. you need a good hd signal though broke after 3 years. Great TV and a great value. At the time a I ...  Owned the unit for approximately 18 months with not a single issue.

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CD Stereo System

Operating Instructions

The illustrations show SC-AK44.

Model No.



Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read these instructions completely. Please keep this manual for future reference.


Dear customer
Thank you for purchasing this product For ophmum performance and safety, please read these mstruchons carefully These operating instructions are applicable to the folk)wing system

of contents

These operating instructions, however, fundamentally eratmn ol system SC-AK44

explain the op-

--m ISO-AK 12 sc-A* = !SO-AO SO-A
Battery Correct Main und Speakers SA-AK44 SB-AK44 SA-AK33 SB-AK33 SA-AK22 SB-AK22 SA-AK12
Supplied accessories... PRECAUTIONS... Placement of speakers.. Concerning the remote control..
mstallahon.. method of use


Optional Extemal
(for supplred accessones).

6. 7 7


Basic connechons

antenna connections. und connection
The model number and serial number of this product can be found on either the back or the bottom of the unit Please note them =n the space provided below and keep for future reference MODELNUMBER SERIAL NUMBER
Front panel controls.. Turning the demo function off.. Auto-off function.. Setting the time.. Convenient functions..
Listening to radio broadcasts. Presetting radio broadcasts..


Concerning compact discs.. Listening to compact discs.. D=rectaccess play.. Repeat play. Random play.. Program play.. To hsten to special CDs and tracks (CD Manager funchon)..

Listening to tapes..



TO PREVENT ELECTRIC SHOCK MATCH PLUG TO WIDE SLOT, FULLY INSERT. WIDE BLADE OF Please check acttessorles and identify the supplied
Usa numbers intimated in parentheses when asking for replacement parts (Only for U.S.A.) To order accessories corltact 1-800-332-5368 or web site (bttp./,com). AC power supply cord (RJA0065-A) 1 pc
FM indoor antenna (RSAOOO6-J)


Before recording (Deck 2 only).. 20 Tape-to-tape recording.. 21 Recording from radio broadcasts. 22 Recording from compact discs.. 23 To record special CDs and tracks (CD Manager function).. 24
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuent to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, thers is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation, if this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. increase the separation between the equipment and receiver, Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. eConsult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. Any unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment would void the user's authohty to operate this device, This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful intederence, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.


unit should be situated so that its location or
position does not interfere with its proper ventilation. Allow 10 cm (4") clearance from the roar of the unit. Foreign Material--Care should be taken so that objects do not fall into and liquids are not spilled into the unit. Do not subject this unit to excessive smoke, dust, mechanical vibration, or shock. Magnetism_The unit should be situated away from equipment or devices that generate strong magnetic fields. Stacking--Do not place heavy objects, other than system components, on top of the unit. Surface--Piece the unit on a flat, level surface. Carts and Stands--The unit should be used only with a cart or stand that is recommended by the manufacturer. The unit and cart combination should be moved with care. Quick stops, excessive force, and uneven surfaces may cause the unit and cart combination to overturn.

I Environment

1. Outdoor Antenna Grounding--If an outside antenna is con-
nected to the receiver, be sure the antenna system is grounded so as to provide some protection against voltage surges and built-up static charges. Section 810 of the National Electdcal Cede, ANSJ/NFPA No. 70-1990, provides information with respect to proper grounding of the mast and supporting structure, grounding of the lead-in wire to an antenna discharge unit, size of grounding conductors, location of antenna-diecharge unit, connection to grounding electrodes, and requirements for the grounding electrode. See figure below.
Wall or Ceiling MounUng--Tbe unit should not be mounted to a wall or ceiling, unless specified in this operating instructions.
(See page 30 for details.) Clean the cabinet, panel and controls with a soft cloth lightly moistened with mild detergent solution. Do not use any type of abrasive pad, scouring powder or solvent such as alcohol or benzine.


1. Damage Requiring Service--The qualified service personnel when:
unit should be serviced by
(a) The AC power supply cord or the plug has been damaged; or (b) Objects have fallen or liquid has been spilled into the unit; or (c) The unit has been exposed to rain; or (d)The unit does not appear to operate normally or exhibits a marked change in performance; or (e) The unit has been dropped, or the enclosure damaged. 2. Servicing--The user should not attempt to service the unit beyond that described in the operating instructions. All other servicing should be referred to an authorized service personnel. For the address of an authorized servicenter:

"AUTO OFF" disappears from the display if either tuner or AUX is selected as the source but continues to function normally, "AUTO OFF" remains displayed if CD or tape is selected as the source.


the time
This is a 12-beur display clock. This example in the figure shows how to set the time for 4:25 p.m.

Switch on the power.

] Press [CLOCK/TIMER] to select Every time you press the button: CLOCK-_ L PLAY _ _)REC _


Previous display
(within 7 seconds or so) Press [TUNE/TIME ADJ (V) present time.

or (A)]

to show the
Press [CLOCK/TIMER] to finish setting the time. The display will return to whatever was displayed before you set the time.
To display the time when system is ON Press [CLOCK/TIMER] to select "CLOCK".
To display the time when system is OFF Press [CLOCK/TIMER],
The time will be displayed for about 5 seconds and then the display will return to whatever was previously displayed.

V111RtlI_ !

The clock may lose or gain some time over a period. Readjust if necessary.
convenient functlo. n$._,

[] Switching displays I

Press [-DISPLAY/-DEMO] to select the desired spectrum analyzer. Every timeyou pressthe button: Normal_ Peak hold _Aurora [--(OFF)_ -I

To mute the volume

This feature is convenient when you have a telephone call, etc. Press [MUTING]. Press the button again to cancel. "MUTING" goes out. Muting can also be canceled by lowering way (--dB). When the system is turned automatically canceled. MUTING off, the muting

the volume

all the


--11_.1 I I IqL'l_=

. o._ _

_- ;;V -_ _+,--_,_ _ _,

:" _

B -__ B _
The unit comes on automatically. Every time you press the button: FM <--_ AM Press ress [TUNER, [l, TUNE BAND] MODE] to select to select band. "MANUAL".




"TUNED" is displayed when a radio station is tuned.

n_v_oE %

!i::!!fi! +
. _--,,' , t_3 I it+,<+ J _ U t i'_ L I J _,r._.i
frequency of the required station. played when a stereo FM broadcast is being received. Adjust the volume.

Auto tuning

stopping when it[TUNE/TIME ADJ (V) or (A)] for a moment until the Press end hold finds a station. To cancel auto tuning, press when there is excessive auto frequency starts changing rapidly. The unit begins or (A)]tuning, Auto tuning may not function [TUNFJTtME ADJ (V) interference. once again.
If noise is excessive in FM
broadcasts will be heard in monaural.

__ V'<_nME_

Press [ [ I<1</<_ FM MODE/BP] to if receptionthe is weak, but Press t<1<1/41<1 FM sound again to cancel mode. This mode improves MODE/BP]quality display "MONO". "MONO" goes out. MONO is also canceled if the frequency is changed. Turn off "MONO" for normal listening. Stereo and monaural broadcasts are automatically played as they are received.

I FM allomtlon selling

_, _ '_. '
_-"+-:_-_-_ : " F_I
. "_ "_. t __.__
broadcasts allocated in 0.1 MHz steps. By adjusting the allocation, you can enable this tuner to receive FM Press and hold [TUNER, BAND]. After a few seconds, the display will change to a flashing display of the current minimum FM frequency. If you continue to hold the button down, the minimum frequency will change. Releasethebuttonatthisfime. To return to the onginal frequency indication, repeat above.


After changing the "allocation" setting, the frequencies you previously preset in the memory will be cleared. Sound is momentadly interrupted if you load/unload tapes while listening to an AM broadcast.
Presetting. racllo broadCo+its" !
There are two methods of praseffing stations. Automatic presetting : All the stations the tuner can receive are preset. Manual presetting : You can select the stations to preset and the order they are preset in. Up to 12 stations each can be set in the FM and AM bands.

Automatic presetting

Do the following once each for FM and AM. Preparation: Tune to the frequency where presetting is to begin (-_ page 12). Press and hold [MEMORY b,.ll_/Ib.lb4 ]. Release the button when frequency begins to change. The tuner presets all the stations it can receive into the channels in ascending order. When finished, the last station memorized is tuned in.


Presetthe stationsoneat a time.
_) Press [TUNER, BAND] to select the "FM" or "AM". Press [MEMORY I=,4_/b,-I_ ] then press [TUNE/TIME ADJ (V) or (A)] to tune to the required station. _) Press [MEMORY IM_tIH_I ] then press [TUNE/TIME ADJ (V) or (A)] to tune to select a channel Press [MEMORY IH_/IIHH ]. The station occupying a channel is erased if another station is preset in that channel.

Selecting channels

ii_ i i L.II_+lill Ili]
ress [TUNER] to select "FM" The unit comes on automatically. Every time you press the button: FM <->AM

or "AM".



+, +,
ress the numbered To select channel 10 or buttons over Press [_>10]then the two digits.

to select

the channel.


Adjust the volume.

On the main unit

Preset channel I
(_ Press [TUNER, BAND] to select "FM" or "AM". Press [11, TUNE MODE] to select "PRESET". Press [TUNE/TIME ADJ (V) or (^)] to select the preset channel.

,,+ EH ;

Concerning compact discs
With this system, you can only play compact discs having this mark. [] However, do not use irregular shaped COs. CDs of the soft can damage the unit. DIGITAL AUDIO

ow to hold CDs


Handling precautions

If you are taking the disc from a cold to a warm environment, moisture may form on the disc. Wipe this off with a soft, dry, Hint-free cloth before using the disc. Do not write on the label side with a ball-point pen or other writing instrument. Do not use record cleaning sprays, benzine, thinner, static electricity prevention liquids or any other solvent. Do not attach labels or stickers to CDs. (Do not use CDs with exposed adhesive from tape or left over peeled off stickers.) Do not use scratch-proof protectors or covers other than those specified for use with this system. Do not use CDs printed with label printers available on the market.

Storage Do not touch the recorded


Wipe from inside outward.
Be sure to store discs in their cases to protect them from dust, scratches, and warping. Do not place or store discs in the following pieces Locations exposed to direct sunlight Humid or dusty locations Locations directly exposed to a heat vent or heating appliance In the glove compartment or on the rear deck of an automobile

ITo prevent damage

Always observe the following points. [] Load only 1 CD on the tray. [] Load CDs as shown in the figure. The adapter is not needed with 8cm CDs (singles). Set the system on a flat, level surface. Do not set it on top of magazines, inclined surfaces, etc. Do not move the system while tray is opening/closing, loaded. or when
Always unload al! CDs before moving the system. Do not put anything except CD in tray. Do not use cleaning CDs or CDs which are badly warped or cracked Do not disconnect the power cord from the household during disc changing operation. AC outlet

8 cm CD

12 cm CD
istening to compact discs L
This unit can play CD-DA format audio CD-R and CD-RW that have been finalized upon completion of recording. It may not be able to play some CD-R or CD-RW due to the condition of the recording. Finalizing is a process that enables CD-R/CD-RW players to play audio CD-R and CD-RW.
Press [__, OPEN/CLOSE] button. The unitwillcome on automatically and the trayopens. Set CD in the tray. To continue loading CDs in the other trays
Press another {(CD 1) ~ (CD 5)] to select the required tray and press [--_,OPEN/CLOSE] to open the trey. The current tray closes and the selected tray automatically opens. Press [--_, OPEN/CLOSE] to close the trey. Press [(CD 1) - (CD 5)] to play your desired disc. (If the desired CD is indicated on the display panel, the same operation can be accomplished by pressing Ill"].) Play will start from the first track on the disc and will continue until the last track of the final disc is played (see below).
]. i _ _._,'<_1. _ _=_ I=.I_,IHH_'_


i'_'_Tu_r_j^ ITu_r_J^ []


the volume.
[] ______To stop the disc play

Label must face upward

When "_" appears on the display It indicates there are 13 or more tracks on the disc in the playing position.

I LJ-+c

. o_oooooooo] _
Select a radio station. Perform steps [] on page 12. Press [0 REC/STOP] to start recording.

through []

To stop recording Press [11 REC/STOP] again. Recording can also be stopped by pressing [11].

PJ ;I,

To record from a specific point on a tape Before recording, advance the tape to the point from where you want to start recording. To cut an unnecessary part while recording 1. Press [ll REC/STOP] during the unnecessary part+ The cassette deck will go into the stop mode. Press [e REC/STOP] to resume recording again. Recording will continue in the same direction as before.
To start recording on the reverse side Load a tape and change the tapedirection as follows: 1. Press [TAPE, DECK 1/2] and select tape deck 2. 2. Press [4/11] and immediately thereafter [11]. The tape direction will be shown as =<]".
To record on the other side of the tape Tum the tape over and press [e REC/STOP].
When recording an AM broadcast, sound is momentarily interruptad when you start and stop the recording.
Lon_.oUn_; noise while AM recording (Beot proof]
Press [1_1<1/,<1_1, M MODE/BP] while recording. F Each time you press the button, "BPI" and "BP2" will be displayed altemately. Select the position where there is less noise.

g--r"n Keco a,

. discs".


Press [__ DECK 2 OPEN], and insert the tape. Close the holderbyhand.

_ only

Press [REV MODE] to select the reverse mode. Every timeyoupressthe button:

"_ _]),C_D

: One side only records. : Both sides (front _- reverse) record. when [IIIREC/STOP]
C_.]) automatically changes to "_])" is pressed.
Insert CD in the tray. (Performsteps[] ~ [] on page 15). Press [(CD 1) ~ (CD 5)] to select the disc you want. Pressing[I] will stopplayback. Press [e REC/STOP] to start recording. The recording proceedfromthe firsttrack on the selected will
CD and will continue on through the last track of the final disc (page 15). The tape deck stops automatically when the CD is finished.

I_ only

_ , _ 17 I_LI Tt T f- F.LI _l _-_L ,
To stop recording To add a 4 second silent interval before stopping Press [I]. The CD will stop automatically too. To stop reoording without a silent interval Press [e REC/STOP]. The CD will stop automatically too.

ITo record programmed

1. After step I11, program the track you want (perform steps [] on page 17), 2. Press [e REC/STOP] to start recording.
To start recording on the reverae side Load a tape and change the tape direct_n as follows: 1. Press [TAPE, DECK 1/2] and select tape deck 2. 2. Press [<1/11] and immediately will be shown as "<]'. thereafter [I]. The tape direction
To record on the other side of the tape Turn the tape over and press [e REC/STOP].

i.. :-::--:..

L_=.;.,:_o:::.: _::_:
This function makes it easier for you to select special CDs end tracks from amongst those loaded in the player
Press [ADECK 2 OPEN] end insert the tape. Wind up the leader tape so recording can begin immediately.

Press [CD].

Press [CD MANAGER] to select the desired mode. Everytimeyou pressthe burton:
1-TRACK -,,- 1-DISC -,.- 1-ALL




(OFF) Only one particular track is recorded. The tracks on only one pan'icular disc are recorded. The same track numbers on each of the CDs are recorded in succession. The odginal disptayis restored in about 3 seconds.)
[(CD 1) ~ (CD 5)] to select the disc you want.
This step is not required if 1-ALL was selected in step Iff.I.
Press [lqbe/<l_l] track.
or [IHI_itIHIH] to select the desired
This step is not required if 1-DISC was selected in step I_I.
Press [e REC/STOP] to start recording.
To stop recording To add a 4 second silent interval before stopping Press [I]. The CD will stop automatically too. To stop recording without a silent interval Press [e REC/STOP]. The CD will stop automatically too.


[] WhUemcording, if a track is cut off in the middte at the end of the front side, it is re-recorded from the beginning,on the reverse side. At the end of the reverse side recording stops and the current track will be interrupted.
ff the tape finishes before the CD The CD continues playing. Press [I] to stop it. (CD Manager function will also be canceled.)

ron, s,doI 1-- -II

The interrupted track is re-recorded in its entirety on the reverse side

Dial [SOUND EO] to select the sound quality or sound field. When it is turned clockwise, the settings are selected in the fallowing sequence. HEAVY (sound quaitty) Select this when playing rock or other kinds of music that sound better with an added punch. CLEAR (sound quality) Select this tot"jazz or other kinds of music for which clarity in the treble range is desired. SOFT (sound quality) Select this when listening to background music. OtSCO (sound f_d) Select this to produce sound with the same kind of lengthy reverberations heard at a disco. UVE (sound field) Select this to make vocals more alive. HALL (sound field) Select this to add an expansiveness to the sound to produce the atmosphere of a great concert hall.

I 'l rl

MANUAL (see page 26)

I:T', Tmee y

AI-EQ (see page 26) The oitginal display Lsrestored on the display panel in about 5 seconds.
To release the equalizer Dial [SOUND EO] to display "FLAT".


When using the remote control to perform the operations described above Press [EQ]. Each itme this button is pressed, the setl_ngis changed in the sequence described above.
All recordings are performed at the fiat setting even if an alternative sound quality/sound field setting has been selected.
This feature enhances the bsss and treble effect of the sound. Press [SUPER SOUND EQ]. Press the button again to cancel. The button light goes out.


Press [S.WOOFER], When listening to the sound through the speakers MID(medium)-MAX(high) -*- Ught off (OFF)
When listening to the sound through the headphones Light on (ON) _ Light off (OFF)
You cannotrecordsuperwoofereffe_,butyou sound.

can useitforpleyback

only ] Dial [SOUND EQ] to display "MANUAl.". When it is turned clockwise, the settings are selected in the following sequence. (_ HEAVY (_) CLEAR



Adjust (_

the sound


<-- --+ direction:
For selecting the range of the sound to be adjusted Characteristics of each sound range Under 100 Hz: Super woofer range Around 330 Hz: Bass to midmnge Around 1 kHz: Midrange Around 3.3 kHz: Midrange to treble Above 10 kHz: Treble
To release the equalizer Dial [SOUND EQ] to display "FLAT".

'31_'I0 NI _

(_) $ T direction: For adjusting the level (7 steps) When the level is in the center, the dot flashes rapidly. Repeat steps (&)and (_) to set the desired sound quality. The odginal display is restored on the dist_ay panel in about 5 seconds.

The sound quality setting is stored automatically. It is recalled when "MANUAL" is next selected. All recordings are performed at the flat setting even if an alternative sound quality setting has been selected.

[L_ 1._ only

The AI equalizer uses the SOFT, SHARP, HEAVY and LIGHT sound quality coordinates to achieve subUe sound quality settings with ease.
Press [3D AI] to adjust the surround Every time you press the button: 3DAI1 _ 3DAI2


Adjust the sound quality. (&) <-- --_ direction: SOFT-SHARP setting.L T directk_l: LIGHT-HEAVY setting Repeat steps (_) and _) to set the desired sound quality. The odginal display is restored on the display panel in about 5 seconds.
The sound quality setting is stored automatically. "AI-EQ" is next selected, sound quality setting has been selected.

It is recalled when

All recordings are performed at the fiat seffing even if an alternative
The timer has two functions.
It can be sot to on at a certain time to
wake you up, or it can be set to record the radio or from the aux source. The play timer cannot be used in combination with the record timer.
Turn the unit on and sot the clock (-_ page 11). For the play timer, prepare the music source you want to listen to; tape, CD, radio or aux, and sot the volume. For the record timer, check the cassette's erasure prevention tabs (-i- page 20: m), insert the tape in deck 2, solect the reverse mode (for SC-AK44) (._ page 22) and tune to the radio station (-_ page 12) or select the aux source (.i. page 29). ] Press [CLOCK/TIMER] to select Every time you press the button: CLOCK--PLAY _ _REC

the timer function.

Previous display -._
@PLAY : to set the play timer _REC : to sot the record timer
Setting the start and finish times
_ (Within 8 seconds or so) Press [TUNE/TIME ADJ (V) or (A)] to select the starting time. Press [CLOCK/TIMER].


z LJ'JLJ_ _l_/l*l --I il I'LI_J_


l_) Press [TUNE/TIME ADJ (V) or (A)] to select the finishing time. _) Press [CLOCK/TIMER]. The start and finish times are now set. Tuming the timer on to display the timer indicator. ]

Press [_PLAY/_REC]

L_ (OFF).,,---J _PLAY REC : to turn the play timer on : to turn the record timer on
('The indicator doesn't appear if the start and finish times or the clock haven't been set.)

_so Y n"_ I _



Press [_/I, POWER]for the tlmere to operate. The unit must be off to turn the unit off,
s For play timer The timer play will start at the preset time with volume increasing gradually up to the volume level you preset. For record timer The record timer comes on about 30 seconds eatiier than the sot time.




To cancel the timer Press [_PLAY/_REC] to clear the timer indicators from the display. (The timer comes on at the set time everyday if the timer is on.) To change the settings (when unit is on) To change the play/record times Do steps Ira, B [] and []. To change the source or volume 1. Press [PLAYi_REC] to clear the timer indicator from the cr_splay. 2. Make changes to the source or volume.

3. Dostep_ to[]. _



on next page)


1"o change the timer Press [@PLAY/_)RIEC] to select the des=red hmer Every hme the button =spressed the setting changes as follows PLAY _ REC
(OFF)._ To cheek settings Whtle the und ts on and the '_)PLAY"
(or =_)REC") _ndlcator is on,
press [CLOCK/TIMER] so '_PLAY" (or '_REC") appears on the display Two seconds after "_PLAY _ (or "eREC") appear, the settings are d=splayed in the follow=ng order For play hmer For record timer (_) Play start t=me _ Recording start time Play f=nrsht=rne _ Recordtng ftnlsh hme _p Play source _ Recording source Playback volume You can check the setttngs even when the system _sOFF by pressing [CLOCK/TIMER] twice To enjoy the desired source after the timer setting is completed The volume level (for play hmer) and music source are stored in the ttmer memory and the ttmer will start in these preset conditions However. the Disc numbers and reverse mode (for SC-AK44) do not get stored in the timer memory 1 After step B. start playing the desired source 2 Reset the Dtsc numbers and reverse mode (for SC-AK44) _f you have changed any of them. confirm that a D=sc or cassette is inserted, then press [d)_1.POWER] to put the unit on standby
If you switch the system to the standby mode while the play/record timer is functtonlng, the OFF time sett=ngwill not be activated If AUX is selected as the source, when the timer comes ON, the system witl turn ON and will engage =AUX" as the source If you want to playback or record from a connected component, set the component's hmer to the same hme (See the instruct=onmanual that came with the component )
This timer turns your settable at 30-rninute "nusJc.
system OFF at the set time (Max. 2 hours, intervals). It lets you fall asleep listening to
Switch on the Dower The figure shows how to set the system to standby mode after 30 minutes. While enjoying the desired source: Press [SLEEP] to select the desired Pana_mi_ Every time you press the button: r,- SLEEP30 -,_ SLEEP 60--,- SLEEP 90 _._ SLEEP 120_-- SLEEP OFF
The system is turned off after the set time has elapsed. To cancel the sleep timer: Press [SLEEP] to select "SLEEP OFF". To confirm the remaining time: (only while system is ON) Press [SLEEP] To change the time remaining during operation: Press [SLEEP] to show the remaining time then press [SLEEP[ to select the desired time.

Before using a chemically treated cloth, carefully read the instructions that came with the cloth.



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AMPLIFIER SECTION Power output 10% harmonic Total distortion 70 Hz-120both Hz, channels ddven (Lowhannel) per c 100W channel (6f4) 120Hz-16kHz, both channels driven
(High channel) 40W per channel (6_) Total Bi-Amp power 140W per channel Power output 10% Total harmonic distortion 8OHz, both channels driven (Lowchannel) 105W per channel (6Q) 1 kHz, both channels ddven (High channel) 45W per channel (6Q) Total el-Amp power 150W per channel Input sensitivity AUX 250 mV Input Impedance AUX 13k.Q AMPLIFIER SECTION _ Power output 10% Total harmonic distortion 70 Hz-120 Hz, both channels ddven (Low channel) 85W per channel (6Q) 120 Hz-16kHz, both channels driven (High channel) 35W per channel (6Q) Total Bi-Amp power 120W per channel Power output 10% Total harmonic distortion 80 Hz, both channels driven (Low channel) 90W per channel (6_) 1 kHz, both channels driven (High channel) 40W per channel (6_) Total Bi-Amp bower 130W per channel Input sensitivity AUX 250mV Input Impedance AUX 13k_
FM TUNER SECTION Frequency range 87.9 - 107.9MHz (20OkHz steps) 87.5 - 108.0MHz (1COkHz steps) Sensitivity 2.5pV (IHF) S/N 26dB 2.2pV Antenna terminal(s) 75 _ (unbalanced)



Roomba 520 TK-2170 SF-1600 51102 G1 PCG-R600MX KV-25FX30B SCX-4623FW RM-X60M UE-40C8700 Black Evo3 Prestige 2002 300 GPS Ipvr-9200C HT-K215M Hdcsd700 ES55-grey KX-TC1503B HD7444 - 2003 6133 W LCC-K1000 FJR1300A-2007 40320 Majesty250-2001 YZF-R6-2005 Studio 19LG31 9950F EWT10120W MF-JET 485 W2234S Iaudio 7 SF-5100 NAD C730 RF-22192R DMR-EH60EG Perception 420 CMT-A01MD Meow-CHI CS-E9ekeb XSU-0750DE UX-W70KW UD-M30 AVR 144 17000 NV-GS230EG PMR 512 Abit BD7M CD1501B 23 VGC-LN1MR 040-240 B Data PC VGN-FJ270-B 3720 DEC Dr-m10 RT-44NZ23RB GH22LS40 SC-AK22 STR-D550Z GR-L207WV RM4400L TM 6040 KX-TG7160E S1900 CCD-TRV218E X3-00 EOS 60D P-500 Aekrqpn GR-DX307E SU-700 DCT7585 Stihl 66 50PX4RA CQ-RDP210 FA621 Start IC-M5 YDP-160 140 Tablet WM-6021 DCR-SR67E KX-TEM824 Escape-2007 EWF2004A YPR-9 SDP-2 KDC-216S Quest-1996 905SWC Digitech BP80 5002V-EW Review Portege 7200 Magic 5 WMA1512 VDR-D150EE ZWD1472W Speedtouch Home BH-204 Txt BOY


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