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jamila73 2:32am on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 
For a $3000.00 TV, this should have lasted far longer. One day just would not turn on, power indicator flashing 10 times. Great TV and a great value. At the time a I ...  Owned the unit for approximately 18 months with not a single issue.
andrew.barr 11:17am on Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 
I purchased this tv in December of 2006 after days and days of researching the best of the best out there. great color, quality, clarity. sleek design. love the hi def photography!! worth every extra penny
rimedio 8:37pm on Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 
0905047928Permalink dddd dddd Overall this is an above average tv that I would recommend to anyone looking to by a 42" plasma tv. It is very thin and easy to set up.
mouseys 8:55pm on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 
After much research, this was my pick. Crisp, clear, razor sharp picture. Controler could be larger, small keys hard to see in dim light.
yugioh476 8:32pm on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 
colors and black are great. the styling of the chunky silver at bottom. Excellent picture quality for 720p. SD card options does not have zoom so pretty much useless.
ournev 8:34am on Sunday, May 30th, 2010 
good picture brakes after 3 months beautiful top class picture at a decent price. Shipping arrangement a little difficult but worth it... FREE
p3ngu!n 3:09am on Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 
Have had it for 3 weeks. Super picture. Flawless installation and top quality performance. Purchased from Costco where the warranty has no end date.
dhnriverside 9:29pm on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 
Great picture for 58 inch which are hard to f...  great picture for 720, nice hd. you need a good hd signal though broke after 3 years. Great picture for 58 inch which are hard to find in plasma, cost too high for 720 picture.
jcc 8:40pm on Friday, April 2nd, 2010 
Panasonic TH-50PX60B - Excellent Value I have had this Plasma TV for over 2 years. panasonic plasma 37" sleek sexy and great picture...on dvds and most channels although some digital channels look quite pixelated ..
descuder 1:51pm on Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 
Panasonic Purple Snakes I have read the reviews about the screen and after owning it for 4 months I have to say I am not altogether happy with it.

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CD Stereo System


Operating Instructions

The illustrations


Before conn_mg_ operating or adlushng this product, please read these instructions thoroughly. Please save this manual.



Dear customer

Thank you for purchasing this product. For opl_xnum performance and safety, please read these instructions carefully. These operating instructions are appEcabla to the following systems. These operating instructions, however, fundamentally explain the operation of system SC-AK90. System @ Main unit Speakers @ m SC-AK90 SA-AKgO SB-AKgO SC-AK91 SA-AKgl SB-AKg9 SC-AK70 SA-AK70 SB-AK70 SC-AK71 SA-AKTI SB-AK70
Supplied accessories.. Precautions.. Concerning the remote control. Connections..
Basic connections (for supplied accessories). Placement of speakers. Optional surround speaker connections. External unit connection.. Optional antenna connections..

Front panel controls

System SC-AK91 and SC-AK71 are not available in Canada.

Demo function..

The model number and serial number of this product can be found on either the bach or the bottom of the unit. Please note them in the space provided future reference. MODEL NUMBER Main unit Speakers below and keep f6r
Setting the time.. Presetting radio broadcasts.


Listening to radio broadcasts..



Listening to CDs.

Setting/Removing CDs.. Normal play.. Direct access play.. Single CD play.. Repeat play... Random play.. Program play.. To listen to special CDs and t_acks (CD MANAGER function)..

I4 I18


Listening to tapes.

Please check and identify the supplied accessories. Use numbers indicated in parentheses when asking for replacement pans. (Only for U.S.A.) To order accessories ca]] PASC Accessory Dept. 1-800-332-5368 ] AC power supply cord.. 1 pc.
1SJA172) ] FMindoorantenna(RSA0(X)6). ] pc.
AM loop antenna set (RSA0022) eAM loop antenna.. eAM antenna holder..

1 pc. 1 pc,

Before recording. Recording from radio broadcasts. Recording from CDs..
To record special CDs and tracks (CD MANAGER function)..
This equipment has been tested and found to complywith the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance wRh the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that intefference will not occur in a particular installa_on. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by tumingthe equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one of the following measures: eReorient or relocate the receiving antenna. elncrease the separation between the equipment and raseiver. eConnect the equipment into an oubet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. eConsuR the dealer or an experiensed radio/3V technician for help. FCC Notice: This system complies with new Part 15, except for the radio receiver, which complieswith o!d Part 15, Subpart C of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interferense, and (2) this device must accept any interferanse received, including interference that may cause undesirable operation. The radio receiver is not subject to above item (2). Any unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment would void the user's authority to operate this device.



(NECART250, ART P H) NEC--NAT]ONAL ELECTRICAL CODE 2. Water and Moistuze--Do not use this unit near water-- for exam-
ple, near a bathtub, washbowl, swimming pool, or the like. Damp basementsshouldalso avoided. be
1. Damage Requiring Service--The unit should be serviced by qualified service personnel when: (a) The AC power supply cord or the plug has been damaged; or (b) Objects have fallen or liquid has been spilled into the unit; or (c) The unit has been exposed to rain; or (d) The unit does not appear to operate normally or exhibits a marked change in performance; or (e) The unit has been dropped, or the enclosure damaged. 2. Servicing--The user should not attempt to service the unit beyond that described in the operating insh-ucfions. All other servicing should be ref_ to an authorized service personnel. (Only for U.S.A.) Call 1-800-545-2672 for the address of an authorized factory


Inserthebatteries t inthecorrect polarities 8). ((_, (R6/LR6 AA size, UM-3) Selecting fine audio equipment such as the unit you've just purchased is only the start of your musical enjoyment. Now it's time to consider how you can maximize thefun and excitement your equipment offers. This manufacturer and the mech-onlc Industries Association's Consumer Electronics Group want you togetthemost out ofyour equipment by playingitata safe level. One that lets the sound come throughloud and clear without annoying blaringor distortion--and, importantly,ithoutaffecting most w your sensitive hearing. We recommend you to avoid prolonged exposure to excessive noise. "comfort level" @

Use of batteries

Sound can be deceiving.

Over time your hearing

adapts to higher volumes of sound. So what sounds "normal" can actually be loud and harmful to your hearing. Guard against this by setting your equipment at a safe level BEFORE your hearing adapts. To establish a safe level: oStert your volume control at a low setting. Slowly increase the sound until you can hear it comfortably clearly, and without distortion. Once you have establishedcomfortableound level: a s Setthedial and leaveit them. Taking a minute to do this now will help to prevent heating damage or loss in the future. After all, we want you listening for a lifetime. and

1. Open the rack panel.


2. Slide the loader carriage

to the slot you want

Do notslide loaderarriage the the c when levers i down. 3. Lower the end of the lever and then remove CDs.
Except when _g or removing CI_, keep hands out of the changer while open. You could injure yourself if somehow entangled in the internal mechanism.
2. Slide the loader carriage to the slot you want.
The loader carnage has a LOCK position (when the leveris down) and a RELEASE position when thelever ( isup).When you slide theloadercarriageoselectheslot t t you want, make sureit is intheRELEASE position when thelever ( isup). You can readthenumbers between theprongs asshown below. Slot number
How to know whut CD is in what slot
This system comes with a notebook-likeinder (linerotesorgab n nizer)nwhich you cankeep your CD liners. i Therearealso adhesive ntunbersforindicating numbers in thebinder. slot Thisisa convenient way tokeep track ofwhat CD isinwhat slot. Adhesive Pocket
Put two liners hack-to-beck inside eachpocket, asshown above. Loader carriage Do notput CD cases in the binder. Slot No. 0 (SINGLE) is reserved for


CD play (p. 15).

To prevent damage ]

(_ Lower the lever on the loader carriage and set the CD in the groove with the label facing to the right. (_ Raise the lever.

Label side

Raise the lever.
Close the rack panel gently.
You will heara catching sound when therackpanelcloses.
Always observethefollowing points. Never loadmore thanone CD inany givenslot. Do notuse 3"(8cm) CDs fitted withexpanderrings. Do notPot anything otherthanCDs inthechanger. Do notseta CD intheslot ftheCD beingplayed (slot o flashes). #Sometimes therackpanelcannotbe opened whilea CD isplaying. Itisa question oftime. Insuch case, waituntil you can open it. Do notopen tharackpanelwhilethechangerischangingCDs. Do not use cleaning CDs or CDs which are badly warped or cracked. Set the system on a fiat, level surface. DO not set it on top of magazines, inclined surfaces, etc. Always unload all CDs before moving the system. Do notuse CDs with poorlyattached abels l orstickers. Adhesive protrudingfrom underneath stickers left or over from peeledoff stickers causethesystemtomalfunction. can eDo notuse irregular shape CDs (heart-shape, octagonal, etc.).

When playback ends "NORMAL" will appear on the display for about 3 seconds, then the CD MANAGER function will turn OFF automaticany.
_1 Press CD MANAGER to select "l-DISC". I_1
To stop play Press II. When you select the wrong CD or track el-TRACK mode To reselect a track on the same CD Follow steps [] and [_. Toreselect a track on another CD Follow steps el-DISC mode Reselact a CD with ste_ [] and el-ALL mode Reselect the trackithsteps w []and [_


(The indicator illuminates with a green color.)
Turn JOG to select the desired CD number. [] Press CD.
The selected CD will be played from the first txack to the last.
To listen to the same numbered h_ck on all

I COs0-A")

[] Press CD. []
Every time you press the button; I-TRACK--* 1-DISC--* 1-ALL_-NORMAL +-----Previous display_ (OFF)
_'_ Press CD MANAGER to select "l-ALL".
You can use the repeat function (page 15) and random play (page 15) at the same _me. However, you can ordy select the repeat ban_'tion in1-TRACK mode. eDuring 1-ALL mode, you cannot skip to a CD which has already finished. eDuring 1-ALL mode, if the selected track is not found on a certain CD, the changer automatically skips that CD and continues playing from the next CD.
Press DISC/TRACK to select the track selection mode.
(The indicator illuminates _dth a red color.)
Turn JOG to select the desired track number. [] Press CD.
The same numbered order. track on all loaded CDs will be played in
Type ot tape which can be played correctly The system automatically identifies the type of tape. NORMAL POSmON/TYPE I I C)
You can use either deck I or deck 2 for tape playback.

[_1 Press TAPE DECK 1/2.

The power will come on automatically,
Press DECK 1 A OPEN or DECK 2 A_ OPEN, and then insert the tape.
Insert the tape with the exposed Closethe holder hand by tape facing down.
Press REV MODE to select the reverse mode.
Every time you press the button;
=: One side is played, then playbackstops automatically. "_'D: Both sides (front side-_reverseide) s areplayedone Rme each, thenplayback stops automatically. C=_: Both sides areplayed8 timeseach,thenplaybackstops automatically.

O@IIN AOPEN [_:K 1 DECX2 Front side
Prose _I or to start playback. :Theforwardide s (front willlay. side) p
"(: The _verse side will play.
To stop tape playback Press n,
To change the deck to be used [] Pl_SS TAPE DECK 1/2 to select the deck you want to use when you loadcassettes bothdecks. into To listen to 2 tapes consecutively Load a tape into each deck and select C-_. 8 times each. Tape direction
Both tapes will be played
Playback is momentarily open the other deck. One-touch play interrupted while playing back tapes, if you
When thesystemisOFF, playing starts autoraa ticaUyhen you press w TAPE DECK I/2.

I"1# _.tJO--a#_-

J To fast-forward Press _e_/_ Tape direction "1_" "4"

or rewind

the tape



or k._/_,_!

in the stop mode. Tofast-forward m._/_ M4/4-4
The system automatically NORMAL
identifies the type of tape. I O O IV x

Torewind 1_/4- _,_/t,_,_

This system cannot correctly make a recording or erasing, if metal position tapes are used.
To findTape beginning Sensor) of a program (TIPS: the Program Press _t4/4-9 Tape direction "I_" or )_/_,_1 during play. To play the next tune " from the beginning )._/_,d
I To record from the beginning of the tape I
To play the current t_ne from the beginning t_e/4,9
You cannot record on the leader part of the tape. Before recording, wind the tape past the leader to a pcYmtwhere recording can start immediately.
The TPS function earches silent s for parts ofabout4 secondsinlength which are normallyfound between tunes.As a x_sult, itmay not function roperly p inthefollowing cases. sWith shortsilent parts "vVhen noise occurs betw_n tunes With silent partsfound withintunes
Recordingpart -Leader tape (no recording can be made)

How woofer

volume, and

quallty/field, recording

V. BASS effect
The tape you are recording is not affected whatsoever by changes in volume, sound quality/field, super woofer (SC-AK90/SC-AK91) or V. BASS (SC-AK70/SC-AK71). In recording, sound quality/field are set automatically to "FLAT". You can change volume, super woofer and V. BASS effect for the playback sound.

To erase a recorded

1. P_ss TAPE DECK I/2.
2. insert the recorded tape into deck 2. 3. Press REV MODE to select reverse mode. 4. Press 0 REC/STOP.
eyou cannot open the deck 1 while ix,cording, You cannot fast-forward or rewind one deck while recording with the other.
Press DECK 2 _ OPEN, and then tape. Close the holder by hand. Tape direction is automatically set to "b,".


Every time you press the button; * --_: --_'3, C_-3: I One side is recorded, then recording stops autcmaticany. Both sides (front side-*reverse side) are recorded, then recording stopsautomatically.
Select a radio station. Perform steps 1 through 3 on page 11. Press REC/STOP to start recording.
If you selected C=_ in step 2, the direction will automatically change to --"3 when ix.cording starts.

Tape direction

To stop recording Press REC/STOP again. Recording canalso estoppedby pressingIlL b
To start recording on reverse side Load a tape and change the tape d_ection asexplained here below. 1. Press TAPE DECK 1/2 and select tape deck 2. 2. Press and immediately thereafter II. The tape direction will be shown as _ ". To record from a specific point on a tape Before recording, advance the tape to the point from where you want to start recording. To cut an unnecessary pert while recording 1. Press REC/STOP when hearing an unnecessary part. The cap sette deck will go into the stop mode. 2. Fress REC/STOP to resume recording. Recording will continue in the same direction as before.


When recording an AM broadcast, volume is momentarily rupted when you start and stop the recording.


To reduce the noise while recording an AM broodcast (Beat proof function) [] Press FM MODF_JBP while recording.
Each _rae you press the button, BP 1 and BP 2 will be displayed alternately. Select the position where there is less noise.
Press DECK 2 _---OPEN, and then insert the tape.
Close the holder by hand. Tape directionsautomatically to"I_ i set %

Every time you press the button; =-_ -" )-+ C=") t __: One side is _corded, then recording stops automatically. _'v"), (=): Both sides(frontide-+reverseide) s s are recorded, thenrecording stops automatically.

(See page 12.)

_J Set CDs in the rack. I_ Press DISC/TRACK to select the CD selection mode.
(Theindicatorlluminates i with a greencolor.)
_'_ While theCD numberis flashing (approx. 10seconds) Press REC/STOP to start recording
elf you selected (_-3 in step 2, the direction will automatically change to "_3 when recording starts. *The recording will proceed from the first track on the selected CD.
To stop recording eTo add a 4 second _llent interval before stopping. PressII. The CD will stopautomatically too. To stoprecording withouta silent interval Press REC/STOP. The CD will stop automatically too.

To recordon reverse side

Before recording, Ioad a tape and change the tape direction as ex plained here below. 1. Press TAPE DECK 1/2 and select tape deck 2. 2. Press and immediately thereafter II. The tape directionill w be

shown as "".

To record from a specific point on a tape Before recording, advance the tape to the point from where you want to start recording.

To record programmed

1. After step4,program thetrack you want (performs steps2-6 on page 16). 2. Press REC/STOP tostartecording. r
This function makes it easier for you to select special CDs and tracks from amongst those loaded in the changer. WhiJe recording, if a track is cut off in the middle at the end of the front side, it is re-recorded from the beginning, on the reverse side. f CD I L
I The interrupted track is re-recorded in its entirety on the reverse side. at the end of the reverse side.

Recording is interrupted

Prepare the tape you want to use. Performs steps 1 and 2 on page 23.
To record I h'ock only (t-TRACK) li] _l Press CD. Press CD MANAGER to select "l-TRACK".
Every time you press the button; 1-TRACK-+ 1-DISC--> ] -ALLL---NORMAL<----Previous display_----] (OFF)

1_1 Press mode.



(The indicator illuminates with a g;een color.)
Turn JOG to select the desired CD number. []
_-] Press DISC/TRACK to select the track selection mode.
(The indicator illuminates with a red color.)
Turn JOG to select the desired track number. [] Press REC/_TOP.
The selected track will be recorded.

To record [] []

I CD only (1-DISC)

When recording

Press CD. Press CD MANAGER to select "l-DISC". Every time you press the button;
1-TRACK--, 1-DISC--, 1-ALLL---NORMAL,-----Previous display_ (OFF)
"NORMAL" will appear on the display for about 3 seconds, then the CD MANAGER function will turn OFF automatically.
To stop recording eTo add a 4 second silent interval before stopping Press e. The CD will automatically stop too. eTo stoprecording withouta silent interval Press REC/STOP. The CD will stopautomatically too. When you select the wrong CD or track The same _selectlonrocedureisused with all p threemodes. Perform this procedure before recording starts. To reselect a CD I.PressDISC/TRACK toselect theCD selection mode. 2.Turn JOG toselect thedesired CD number. To reselect a track 1. Press DISC/TRACK to select the track selection mode. 2. Turn JOG to select the desired track number. For your reference During 1-ALL recording mode, if the selected track is not found on a certain CD, the changer automatically skips that CD and continues recording from the next CD.
k'l Press DISC/TRACK to select the CD selection mode.

(*/'heindicator ill_ates

with a _n


The selected CD will be recorded.

l_J Press REC/STOP.

To record the same numbered track on all CDs (1-ALL) []
Press CD MANAGER to select "l-ALL". Every time you press the button;
1-TRACK--, 1-DISC---*1-ALLL-- NORMAL _----Pr evious display_ (OFF)
Press DISC/TRACK to select the track selection mode. (The indicator illuminates aredcolor.) with
Turn JOG to select the desired track number. [] Press REC/STOP.
The same numbered track on all loaded CDs will be recorded in


The recording level will be recorded played back.
as they are on the tape being

Press TAPE DECK 1/2.

_',1 Press & OPEN on both decks, and then insert the tapes.
For playback: Into deck 1 For recording: Into deck 2 Close each deck's holder by hand. Tape directionsautomatically to"_". i set
Every _rne you press the button; _--,'._:_-_ c_-_,
One side is z_:orded, then recording stops automatically. _-._, -_'_: Both sides (front side-+reverse side) are recorded, then recording stops automatically.
Press TAPE EDIT to start recording.
eIf you selected _'_ in step 3, the direction will automatically change to --" _ when recording starts.
To stop recording Press II. Both decks will stop. To record on side B
Beforei_cording,oad a tape and change the tapedirections exl a plainedhere below. 1. Press TAPE DECK 1/2 and select tape deck 2. 2. Press "11 and immediately thereafter II. The tape direction will be
shown as "<l".
To record from a specific point on a tape Before Rcording, advance the tape to the point from where you want to start recording.
Tape dilec_on of the tape you are recording onto
Base youz selection on the type of music and how you want to listen to it.
Press 3D SPACE EQ to select field. Eachtime you press the button; FL_THEAVY--'_CLEAR---_ SOFT_ _-DISCO +---LIVE ---HALL_ _


Use to add "punch" to rock and other music. Use to cla_ the t_eble range of jazz, etc. Use to listen to background music, etc. Use th impar,' a deep bass and spread which win make you feel as if you were th a large concer_ hall. Use primarily for vocaI pieces to add gloss to the vocals. Use to reproduce a long reverberating sound like that heard in discotheques.


In recording, the sound quality/field will set automatically to "FLAT".
To cancel the mode Press SPACE EQ and check "FL,AT"lights up. 3D
You can adjust bass below 120 Hz to 5 different levels.
Press SUPER WOOFER. (Thebuttonlightsup.)
_1 Press LEVEL to select the desired level.
Each time you press the button, the level indication will change consecutively from "LEVEL 1" through to "LEVEL 5".
TO cancel the mode PressSUPER WOOFER again.

,. | _,. 0.

Press V. BASS.
Press the button again to cancel. "V, BASS" goes out.
You cannot record V. BASS effect, but you can use it for playback sound.
This unit lets you enjoy the KARAOKE fun with audio CDs and audio tapes.

Press KARAOKE to select the voice mode. performance.
Start recording and KARAOKE eWhen singing off CDs
Press 2J_C/STOp and start KAP_OKE performance eWhen singing off tapes Press TAPE EDIT and start KARAOKE performance.
To playback the recorded the "(OFF)" mode.
tape, be sure to press KARAOKE to select
eyou cannot record sound field or bass effect with KARAOKE, or radio-backed KARAOKE.

To record your voice

I. First, lower volume with MIC VOL then, connect the microphone to MIC 1 and/or MIC 2 jacks. 2. Press DECK 2 -- OPEN to insert a tape and then select the reverse mode. 3. Press TAPE, DECK 1/2. 4. Press REC/STOP to start zecording. 5. Speak through the microphone ancl adjust volume with VOLUME and MIC VOL.


Thissystemhas 3 timers:layTimer,Record Timer,SleepTin_er. P

Play Timer (_ PLAY)

Select this _ner when you want to use the timer as an alarm dock. You can wake up while listening to music (CD, _ner, tape or aux) at a desired volume level and time.
] Record Timer (_ REC) Select this timer when you want to use the timer to record a midnight program or while you _e out.


This timerturnsyour s_stern OFF at the settime (Max. 2 hours, settablet30 minute intervals). a Itlets you fallsleepwhilelistening a tomusic.

r_4j press

Make surethat you have completed"Seudngthetime"on page 9. Switchon thepower. The figureshows how tosetthe playtimerforplayinga CD from 6:30 a.m.to7:40a.m.
_) REC/_ PLAY to select Every thne you press the button; _) REC--------_) FLAY _---Out (OFF)<-J


The system will be turned OFF automatically

in a few seconds.

Press CLOCK/TIMER to select "_) PLAY".
(_)Every timeyou pressthebutton; CLOCK-_ _ REC-*O PLAY t---Previous display -3 (_ (Within t0 seconds or so)
The timer play will start at the preset time with volume increasing gradually up to the volume level you preset.
To switch the timer OFF Press E) REC/_ PLAY and check "_) PLAY"goes out.
If you set the timer wrongly Press (9 REC/E) PLAY so that "_ PLAY" goes out. Then, repeat the procedurefrom step 1. To check settings Press CLOCK/TIMER

eMake sure that you have completed Switch on the power.
"Serimg the time" on page 9.
Setthetimeratleast minutesbefore 2 you want tostartecording. r The figure shows how to set the record broadcasts from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. timer for recording FM
Press CLOCK/TIMER to select "_ REC".
O Evez7 time _ Z_'ess Imito_ the CLOCK--.(9 REC--+_)PLAY

di,p y---J

(_ (Within I0secondsrso) o Press MEMORY/SET.
"ON" Hme senlng (_) Press _) Press _) Press (_) Press v or ^ to ssk.ot the starting hour. MEMORY/SET. v or ^ to select the starting minutes. MEMORY/SET.
"OFF" tim setting v or ^ to select the ending hour. MEMORY/SET. v or ^ to select the ending minutes. MEMORY/SET.
(_ Press (_) Press (_ Press (_ Press
Select the desired source and then prepare for recording.
When you reourd from the radio Press TUNER BAND to select "FM" or "AM" and tune in the desired station. When you record from a unit connected to the "AUX" terminals

Press AUX.

Prepare for recording.
1. Insert a tape into deck 2 with the side on which the recording will start facing you. 2. Select the _ mode.
Press _ REC/_ PLAY to select "_) REC".
_) REC---* _) HAY _---(OFF)----_
The system will turnedOFF automatically few seconds. be ina _RE_ _DLAy About 30 secondsbeforethe settime,the system mutes all sound automatically. Recording will startrom front f side (")" ").

Time seti_ng

To switch the timer OFF Press REC/_ PLAY andcheck"_) REC" goesout. _) If you set the timer wrongly Press_) I_EC/_) PLAY sothat "_) I_C" goesout.The_ _peat the pzocedm-e from step1. TO check settings PressCLOC_/TIlv_R toselect"_ REC". Two seconds later, thedisplaywill c-hanse the fo]lowingo_en m 0 Recording start time (_ Recording ove_ time _) Recording source
You can check settings even when the system is OFF. To enjoy the desired source after the timer setting is"


Switch on the power. While enjoying the desired source:
Press SLEEP to select the desired time []
The figure shows how to setthe system to standbymode aftex 30minutes. The syste_m is t_rned off aft_ the set time has elapsed.
completed. Eve_ ff you change the music source, the _ _*ording will start with the preset condition. 1. Fol]owi_ step 6 on page 32, turn ON the power and start playing the desL,_Msomo_. 2. Press POWER to standby mode af_ you have mljoyed listening to your desired source, and confirma tapeisinse_ indeck 2. Tumlng the timer ON/OFF As long as "(9 REC" isdisplayed, thez_-'ordimerwillcome ON t everydayasset. You can turnthe _ ONIOFF by pressing "(DREC/(_ PLAY" whilethesystem is OFF. Remember that whe_ "(DREC" isdisplayed,hetimerisON. When t notdisplayed, thetimeris OFF. _FFJ elfthePower isON, the_dmewin notfunction. system mttst The be inthestandbymode. oil you switchthepower tothestandbymode whiletherecord tim_ is functJol_ng, the OFF time setting will not be activated. elf AUX is selected as the source, when the Rmer comes ON, the systemwill turnON, will engage "AUX" asthesource and will start recording. If you want to reco_ _rom a connected compon_mt, set the component's timer to the same time. (Refer to your equipment's operating instructions.)

We recommend that you periodically clean parts (the shaded portion in the figure below) the tape contacts like the heads. Do not use any solution other than alcoliol for head cleaning.
eBefore using chemically impregnated that came with the cloth carefully.
cloth, read the'instructions


Rated minimum sine wave RMS power output 0.9% total harmonic distortion 50 Hz-120 Hz both channels driven 120 Hz-20 75W perchannel(6Q) kHz both channels driven
Heads Record/playback Solid perrnalloy head Erasure Double gap ferrite head Motor DC servomotor Recording system AC bias 10(3kHz Erasing system AC erase Tape speed 4.8 cm/s (17/8ips) Frequency response (+3,-6 dB) at DECK OUT NORMAL 35 Hz-14 kHz HIGH POSITION 35 Hz-14 kHz SiN 50 dB (A weighted) Wow and flutter 0.18% (WRMS) Fast forward and rewind times Approx. 120 seconds , CD SECTION Sampling frequency Decoding' Beam source/wave length Semiconductor Number of channels SSq SP OUT WOW and flutter Digital fl_er DIA converter 44.1 kHz 16 bit linear iaser/780 ran Stereo with C-60 cassava tape


Type 3 way speaker system Speaker(s) Woofer 14 cm cone type Midrange 6 cra cone type Tweeter 6 cm cone type Impedance 6fl Input power 160 w (MUSIC), 80 W (DIN) Output sound pressure level 85 dB/W (1.0 m) Cross over frequency 2 kHz, 8 kHz Frequency renge 41Hz-22 kHz (-I6 dB) 52 Hz-20 kHz (--10 dB) Dimensions (Wx HX D) 246x345x257 mm (91V16"x 131%2_X 10V_) Weight 3.3 kg (7.3 lb.)
25W perchannel(6Q) Total BI-AMP power 100 W per channel Input sensitivity AUX 250 mV M1C [SC-AK91 only] 0.6 mV Input impedance AUX 15 k_ MIC [SC-AK91 only] 600Q
Rated minimum sine wave RMS power output 0.9% total harmonic distortion 50 Hz-12 kHz both channels driven 60 W pet dmnnel 1 kHz continuous power output both channels driven 0.9% total harmonic distortion Input sensitivity AUX MIC [SC-AK71 only] input impedance AUX MIC [SC-AK71 only] FM TUNER SECTION (6fl)


Power supply AC 120V,60Hz Power consumption [SC-AKgO/SC-AKgl ] 155 W [SC-AKT0/SC-AK71 ] 125W Dimensions 0Nx HX D) 270x345x394 mm (1C6/_X 131%2"x 15V20 Weight [SC-AK90/SC-AK911 !0,3 kg (217 lb.) [SC-AK70/SC-AK7119.5 kg (20.9 lb.) Notes: I. Specifications are subjectto change without notice. Weight and dimen,_lons are approximate. 2. Total harmonic distottlon ia measumd by the digital spectrum analyzer.

87 dB (]IS.A) Below measurablelimlt 8 fs MASH (1 bit DAC)
70 W per channel (6_) 250mV 0,6 mV 15 !_ _
Type 4 way speaker system Speaker(s) Super woofer 17 cra cone type Woofer 12 cra cone type Midrange 6 cm cone type Tweeter 6 cm cone type Impedance HIGH (6_), LOW (6_) Input power HIGH 80 W (MUSIC) 40 W (DIN) LOW 200 W (MUSIC) 100 W (DIN) Output sound pressure level 87 dB/W (1.0 in) Cross over frequency120 Hz, 4 kHz, 8 kI-Iz Frequency range 38 Hz-22 kHz (-16 dB) 45 Hz-20 kHz (-10 dE) Dimenslons 0NXHXD) 285x345x326 mm (117/32" 131%2_ 1227/3_ x ') Weight 6.2 kg (13.7 lb.)
Frequency range 87.9-107.9 MHz (200 kHz steps) 87.5-108.0 MHz (100 kHz steps) Sensitivity 23.3 dBf (4.0/_V, IHF '58) Antenna terminal(s) " 75_ (unbalanced)
MASH is a trademark of NTT.
AM TUNER SECTION Frequencyrange Sensitivity S/N 20 dB

520-1710 kHz 500/_V/m

CASSETrE DECK SECTION Track system 4 track, 2 channel
Do not attempt to remove the cover(s) or Rpazr the unit yourself. Refer serwcing to qualified personnel only. The servicer will require all components to service your system. Therefore, should service ever be necessary, be sure to bring the entire system. I Product informcdion with product
For productservice, productinformation or assistance operation, refer to the servicenter directory. Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, Division of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America One Panasoinc Way Secaucus, New Jersey 07094
Before moving your system to another location, be sure to remove all discs f_m the rack and barn off the system. The changer mechanism automatically locks when the system is turned off, to protect it against damage in transport. Therefore, always press POWER and make sure "GOOD BYE" appears on the display before you unplug the system. Failure to do so will expose the CDs and the system to the risk of severe damage. Panasonic Canada Inc. 5770 Ambler Drive, Mis_tssauga, Ontario L4W 2T3
Panasonic Sales Company, Division of Mateushita Electric of Puerto Rico, Inc. ("PSC") Ave. 65 de infanteria, Kin.9.5 San Gabriel Industrial Park,Carolina, Puerto Rico 00985

F] 296C0 (D)



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