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Comments to date: 9. Page 1 of 1. Average Rating:
moblicense 2:37am on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 
We were looking to replace our Bose 321 system in our family room. Over about 4 years the Bose was showing its age more than a bit.
yuki 4:18am on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 
After 4 months of use I really love this home theater. The sound and picture quality are excellent. After 4 months of use I really love this home theater. The sound and picture quality are excellent.
DanGinKtown 6:59am on Monday, August 30th, 2010 
"Pros; overall its a great setup, worked great on my 50" Panasonic lcd as well as my 72" samsung dlp. Picture and Sound Qaulity is amazing. "Clear, crisp, clean and defined - that is what you get with this set. Everything is awesome except the 75 second load time - it is worth the wait.
momfor3 1:31am on Monday, August 30th, 2010 
Am very much familiar with Panasonic SC BT100Home theater system. I thought the initial learning curve a little steep. Panasonic promotes brand-new blue light video disk family theater system SC-BT100, BT100 to be possible to present the careful sharp picture nature.
NeverBorn 9:37am on Friday, June 25th, 2010 
Good blu-ray player with excellent picture quality and reasonable sound. Docking for I-pod is a plus Sound not so good with audio cds
Daminator 4:17am on Sunday, June 20th, 2010 
GREAT tool! I repair copiers for a living, and have been using this screwdriver for over 6 years, every day, with no problems. Bad information of product When they sell world wide, and the AC voltage was not spesified. Agree that it is good but could be GREAT I purchased from a local distributor about 5 years ago when it was cutting edge.
Carlos FireFox 12:57am on Friday, April 23rd, 2010 
EASY TO SET UP GREAT PICTURE AND SOUND EASY TO USE NONE FOUND AT PRESENT Good blu-ray player with excellent picture quality and reasonable sound. Docking for I-pod is a plus Sound not so good with audio cds
MikeQ 2:51am on Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 
Eu pensei que a primeira curva de aprendizado um pouco íngreme. I thought the initial learning curve a little steep, but after figuring out how to run every feature I now feel like a king.
DaMan 6:28pm on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 
Pretty good picture and sound quality and once I had figured out how to get the rear wireless speakers on line the surround sound is top notch ; Wirel...

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SC-BT100 Blu-Ray Home Theater System Firmware Installation Instructions Table of Contents
Table of Contents.... 1 Firmware History... 2 1.1 Applicable Models.... 2 1.2 Version.... 2 1.3 Release Date.... 2 1.4 Purpose.... 2 Check Firmware Version.... 3 Download Firmware... 4 Burn Firmware.... 5 4.1 Windows OS CD Writing Program... 5 4.2 Other OS CD Writing Program... 6 4.3 3rd Party CD Burning Software... 7 4.4 Dragging & Dropping... 7 Install Firmware.... 8
SC-BT100 Blu-Ray Home Theater System Firmware Installation Instructions Page 1 of 9

Firmware History

Applicable Models
SC-BT100, SA-BT100 1.2 1.9 1.3 Release Date Version
3 June 2009 1.4 Purpose Fixed Reboot problem with the movie Bedtime Stories Fixed Audio Drop problem with the movie Twilight
Enhances playback of AVCHD video made by 2009 Panasonic DSC models. Enhances playback of the Lionel Richie Live disc. Enhances playback of the H.264 PinP video in the Bee Movie BD.
Resolves issues with The Dark Knight BD where trailers are displayed in an incorrect aspect and player will hang up. Resolves X-Files: I Want to Believe BD where bonus features being displayed in an incorrect resolution. Resolves The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian BD not playing all bonus features. Some content is played then disc returns to the disc menu. Enhances playback of BD media with 24p frame rate. Discs to date with this issue: o Drillbit Taylor o The Ruins o Beowulf o Starship Troopers o Starship Troopers 3 o Transformers o Kill Bill: Volume 1 o Kill Bill: Volume 2 Improves audio output level.
SC-BT100 Blu-Ray Home Theater System Firmware Installation Instructions Page 2 of 9

Check Firmware Version

CAUTION: If the player has the most recent firmware, there is no need to perform a firmware update. 1) Press the [POWER] button on the player to turn it ON. 2) Press the [SETUP] button on the remote control to display the players MENU. 3) Using the [UP ARROW] or [DOWN ARROW] on the remote control, highlight DISPLAY and then press [OK]. 4) Press and hold the [STATUS] button on the remote control to display the current firmware version in the lower right corner of the DISPLAY screen.
Number displayed will be dependent upon the firmware version installed.
CAUTION: Compare the current firmware version displayed to the firmware version received or downloaded. If they are the same, or the firmware version displayed in the player is higher, there is no need to install the firmware. Reasons why the player may have a more recent firmware version: If the player was manufactured after the firmware was released, the firmware update may have already been installed. If the player was serviced by an authorized Panasonic service center, a service technician may have already installed the latest firmware update.
SC-BT100 Blu-Ray Home Theater System Firmware Installation Instructions Page 3 of 9

Download Firmware

1) Left click on the DOWNLOAD icon for the SC-BT100 Firmware. - SC-BT100 Blu-Ray Home Theater System Firmware Update 2) Left click on the I agree to the terms of use checkbox. 3) Left click on DOWNLOAD. 4) Left click on SAVE.
The file name displayed should be PANA_DVD.FRM.
5) Left click on DESKTOP, and then left click on SAVE.
NOTE: The PANA_DVD.FRM firmware file will be saved to the DESKTOP.
SC-BT100 Blu-Ray Home Theater System Firmware Installation Instructions Page 4 of 9

Burn Firmware

NOTES: Use one of the below methods to burn the firmware file to a CD-R disc. Use the ISO-9660 file system without using Joliet. 4.1 Windows OS CD Writing Program
1) Insert a blank CD-R disc into a CD Burner Drive installed in or attached to the computer. 2) If the below (or similar) screen appears (Windows XP), left click on CANCEL.
3) Right click on the PANA_DVD.FRM file on the DESKTOP, mouse over SEND TO, and then left click on the CD BURNER DRIVE.
NOTE: If the below screen appears, left click on YES.
NOTE: The below screen may appear momentarily.
SC-BT100 Blu-Ray Home Theater System Firmware Installation Instructions Page 5 of 9
5) Left click on WRITE THESE FILES TO CD.
6) Type a name for the CD, check the CLOSE THE WIZARD AFTER THE FILES HAVE BEEN WRITTEN check box, and then left click on NEXT.
NOTE: The below screen will appear during the burning process.
7) After the PANA_DVD.FRM has been burned to the CD, the disc should automatically eject from the CD Burner Drive. If it doesnt, manually eject the disc. 4.2 Other OS CD Writing Program
Refer to the computers or operating systems owners manual, or HELP files for instructions on how to copy the PANA_DVD.FRM to a CD-R disc using the ISO-9660 format without using Joliet.

SC-BT100 Blu-Ray Home Theater System Firmware Installation Instructions Page 6 of 9
3rd Party CD Burning Software
Refer to the software applications owners manual or HELP files for instructions on how to copy the PANA_DVD.FRM to a CD-R disc using the ISO-9660 format without using Joliet. 4.4 Dragging & Dropping
If an icon for the CD Burner Drive has been placed on the DESKTOP, left click on the firmware file, hold the left mouse button down, drag the file to the CD Burner Drive icon and release the left mouse button. Refer to the software application or operating systems owners manual or HELP files for instructions on how to copy the PANA_DVD.FRM to a CD-R disc using the ISO-9660 format without using Joliet.
Follow the procedure beginning with STEP 4) under SECTION 4.1 on PAGE 6 of 8.
SC-BT100 Blu-Ray Home Theater System Firmware Installation Instructions Page 7 of 9

Install Firmware

CAUTIONS: The firmware update may take up to 45 minutes to install. Please be patient during the firmware installation. Do NOT press any other buttons during the firmware update. Do NOT power the home theater system OFF during the firmware update. 1) Press the [POWER] button on the Home Theater System to turn it ON, if it is not already powered ON. 2) Press the [OPEN/CLOSE] button to open the disc tray. 3) Load the CD with the firmware update into the disc tray. 4) Press the [OPEN/CLOSE] button to close the disc tray. NOTES: After the disc tray closes, the player will first display BYE on the front panel display, automatically turn itself OFF, restart again within a few seconds, and begin installing the firmware update from the CD. If the player does not restart automatically following powering OFF, press the [POWER] button on the main unit to turn it ON. During the installation process youll see various messages flash on the front panel display. If the firmware version in the unit is the same as or higher than the firmware CD, NO UPDATE will scroll across the front panel display. In this case, an update is unnecessary. Please remove the disc. Units Display TVs Display
5) When the firmware installation is complete, FINISH will be displayed on the front panel and the disc tray will open automatically.
6) Remove the firmware update CD, but do not close the disc tray. 7) Press the [POWER] button to turn the power OFF. close and the unit will power OFF. The disc tray will automatically
SC-BT100 Blu-Ray Home Theater System Firmware Installation Instructions Page 8 of 9
SC-BT100 Blu-Ray Home Theater System Firmware Installation Instructions Page 9 of 9



The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated "dangerous voltage" within the product's enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. exclamation


antenna used for this transmitter ather antenna or transmitter. THE FOLLOWING APPLIES
must not be co-located ONLY IN CANADA.

in con unction with an

(For wireless system) Th s C ass B d g ta apparatus comp es with Canadian ICES-003.


is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) an equilateral the triangle instructions in the point literature accompanying appliance.
This device complies with RSS-210 of the IC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, (2) This device must accept any interference received that may cause undesired operation of the device.



Table of contents

Getting started Advanced operations
Accessory information.. 2 Preparing the remote control.. 3 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. 3 Playing still pictures.. Different kinds of playback for BD-Video.. Showing FUNCTIONS menu.. Changing audio quality/sound field. Enjoying surround sound.. Linked operations with the TV (VIERA Link TM "HDAVI ControF M').. Changing settings with the on-screen menu. Changing settings with the setup menu.
Control reference guide.. Disc and card information..


Optional connections and settings.. Frequently asked questions.. Messages.. Troubleshooting guide.. Disc and card handling.. Maintenance.. 42 42

Basic operations

Basic play (Playing video contents). Enjoying TV with this unit's speakers. Enjoying the FM/AM radio.. Playing music.. Playing an iPod on this unit.. 20
Glossary... 43 Specifications.. 44 Limited Warranty (ONLY FOR U.S.A.). 46 Limited Warranty (ONLY FOR CANADA). 47 Product Service.. 47 Index.. Back cover
Preparing the remote control


Insert so the poles ( and ) match those in the remote control. When closing the lid, insert it from the (minus) side. Mishandling of batteries can cause electrolyte leakage which can damage items the fluid contacts and may cause a fire. Remove batteries if the remote control is not going to be used for a long period of time. Store in a cool, dark place. Use Remote control signal sensor
R6/LR6, AA Do not use rechargeable type batteries. Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not use different types at the same time. Do not heat or expose to flame. Do not leave the battery(ies) in an automobile exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time with doors and windows closed. Do not take apart or short circuit. Do not attempt to recharge alkaline or manganese batteries. aDo not use batteries if the covering has been peeled off.

String (not included) Thread from the wall to the

Wa,,i,,ar or p

mm to 94mm/J 2 to3J0"t
I Rear of the s )eaker oYou will need to obtain the appropriate screw eyes to match the walls and pillars to which they are going to be fastened. oConsult a qualified housing contractor concerning the appropriate procedure when attaching to a concrete wall or a surface that may not have strong enough support. Improper attachment may result in damage to the wall or speakers. /nt inc'uded/ 15520/32m" )
Center/Front/Surround speaker Ensure that the screw is positioned at least 70 mm (23/4 away ") from the ceiling. Center speaker Ensure that the screw is positioned at least 100 mm (3_s/_d ') away from the wall. Fixing the position for the center speaker screws. _ Drive in a screw 50.5 mrn (2") left of the right side of the center speaker as seen directly from the front. (_2_ Drive another screw 160 mm (6 shd') left of the first screw. , '_

i i l l

ST P2Basic connections
oTurn off all equipment before connection and read the appropriate hot. The instructions. o Do not place the unit on amplifiers or equipment that may become operating heat can damage the unit.


and transmitter


Speaker cable for surround Q

Speaker cable for center

Digital transmitter


Attach the speaker easier. e.g., Center speaker cable stickers to make connection Set the surround selector system to its center. at the rear of the wireless
_) sticker__ Speaker cable (included)

Wireless system

iii iiiiiiiiiill
Connect to the terminals of the same color. Subwoofer
Speaker cables (included) Front speaker (L) speaker (L) speaker(R)


= Do not use a front speaker as a surround speaker or vice versa. Verify the type of speaker with the label on the rear of the speaker. NOTE Do not insert or remove the digital transmitter while the main unit is on. Insert the wires fully.
: Blue : White Be careful not to cross (short-circuit)

[] Unit on/off button [POWER J_ I, Jl. d)] (=_ 9) Use this button to turn the unit on and off.=_I: This unit is on. I _: This unit is off. AUTO OPERATION ON/OFF indicator is turned on and lights green when the wireless link is activated. When the wireless link is inactive for a long time, it turns red.
J wER tAOTOOPEOA"O00 The indicator lights red when the wireless system -------ii O
Place your finger on the section open it diagonally downwards.
[] POWER button (POWER (b/I) (_ 14) Press to switch the unit from on to standby mode or vice-versa. In standby mode, the unit is still consuming a small amount of power. [] Standby/on indicator (_) When the unit is connected to the household AC outlet, this indicator lights up in standby mode and goes out when the unit is turned on. [] Open or close the disc tray (=_ 14) [] SW BOOST (Subwoofer boost) button Turn Subwoofer boost on/off (=_ 26) [] SW BOOST (Subwoofer boost) indicator Lights when Subwoofer boost is on (=_26) [] 7.1CH D.S.R indicator Illuminated during 7. lch source playback. [] Select the source BD/DVD/CD_ SD_ FM_AM_IPOD_D-IN_AUX ' I
Select the radio station manually (_ 18) Search/Slow-motion/Skip (_ 15) Search: Press and hold (During play) Slow-motion: Press and hold (During pause) Skip: Press [] Stop (=_ 16) [] Start play (=_ 14) [] Disc tray (_ 14) [] Remote control signal sensor [] Display [] Adjust the volume of the main unit (_ 14) [] Volume indicator It is possible to set the indicator to turn on/off. (_ 33, FL Display) [] SD card slot (_ 14) [] Connect iPod (=_ 20) [] Headphone terminal (=_ 14) Rear panel terminals (=_ 6-8, 35-36) CAUTION Do not place objects in front of the unit. The disc tray may collide with objects when it is opened, and this may cause injury.

unit's display

Drive indicat0r Lights when disc is ready to play. _ Lights when iPod is ready to play. Lights when SD card is ready to play. The indicator blinks when reading data.
Main display section iPod indicator Illuminated during iPod repeat playback (EXTENDED mode only, _ 21) _ modellluminatedonly,iPod shuffle playback (EXTENDED =_during21) indicator.

Audio signal

SLEEP indicator Radi o broadcast _ , _d_d_. _i_,

Note about using a DualDisc
The digital audio content side of a DualDisc does not meet the technical specifications may not be possible. of the Compact Disc Digital Audio (CD-DA) format so play

File format

for making


JPEG CD-R/RW _1, DVD-RAM '2, BD-RE _3,SD card Files must have the extension ".jpg" or ".JPG". between 34 x 34 and p ixels (sub sampling is 4:2:2 or 4:2:0)
Playable media Extension Picture Bit rates Sampling Reference frequency resolution
CD-R/RW.1 Files must have the extension ".mp3" or ".MP3".
32 kbps to 320 kbps 44.1 kHz/48 kHz ID3 tags: version 1,2.2, 2.3, 2.4 ID3 is a tag embedded in MP3 track to provide information about the track. This unit supports the versions listed above but only titles and the names of artists can be displayed. If there is a large amount of still picture data etc. within a MP3 file, play may not be possible. MOTION JPEG: not supported SD card: JPEG conforming DCF _4 (Design rule for Camera File system) Thawing Time: approx. 2 sec. (7M pixels)
English alphabet and Arabic numerals are displayed correctly. Other characters may not be displayed correctly. The display order on this unit may differ from how the order is displayed on a computer. Depending on how you create the media (writing software), files and folders may not play in the order you numbered them. This unit is not compatible with packet-write format. Depending on the recording conditions, the media may not play. oOperation may take time to complete when there are many files and/or folders and some files may not display or be playable. _ ISO9660 level 1 or (except for extended formats), Joliet This unit is compatible with multi-session. This unit is not compatible with packet writing, _2 Discs must conform to UDF 2.0. _,3 Discs must conform to UDF 2.5. <.,4Design rule for Camera File system: unified standard established by Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA).
Structure of MP3 and still pictures (JPEG) folders You can play MP3 and still pictures (JPEG) with this unit by making folders on disc as shown (,=>right). =Folder structure created on a DVD-RAM, BD-RE or an SD card is not displayed. MP3 files and folders in CD-R/RW Prefix with 3-digit numbers in the order you want to play them. Still pictures (JPEG) in CD-R/RW Files inside a folder are displayed in the order they were updated or taken. When the highest level folders are "DCIM" folders, they are displayed first on the tree.
--P0000001.jpg --P0000002.jpg
_P0000003.jpg --P0000004.jpg --P0000005.jpg


P0000006.jpg P0000007.jpg Oid_er_3 Folder
P0000008.jpg P0000009.jpg

Order of play

--P0000010.jpg --P0000011.jpg --P0000012.jpg

that cannot

Open the Dock for iPod.

Place your finger on the section and open it diagonally downwards.
Attach the dock adapter which should be supplied with your iPod to the dock for the stable use of the iPod. If you need an adapter, consult your iPod dealer

bout dock adapter

Dock for iPod
About recharging the battery
iPod will start recharging regardless of whether this unit is on or off. "IPOD _" will be shown on the main unit's display during iPod charging in main unit standby mode. Check iPod to see if the battery is fully recharged. If you are not using iPod for an extended period of time after recharging has completed, disconnect it from main unit as the battery will be depleted naturally. (Once fully recharged, additional recharging will not occur.)
Connect the iPod (not included) firmly.
starts when the iPod is inserted.


iPod Made for 1
Dock adapter (not included). \ N_ _ )/(_
Main unit Hold the dock when connecting/ disconnecting the iPod.

Compatible Name

iPod touch

iPod Memory size

8 GB, 16 GB 4 GB, 8 GB 80 GB, 160 GB 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB 60 GB, 80 GB 30 GB 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB 40 GB, 60 GB 20 GB, 30 GB 40 GB 20 GB 4 GB, 6 GB
! ii ii i ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii


depends on the software version of

your Pod.

Aud o!v deo cannot be recorded or transm tted to iPods via this System. Panasonic makes no warranty over iPod data management, For more information, refer to the operating instructions for iPod. The contents of the operating instructions and those displayed on iPod may differ partially, but this will not fundamentally affect use of music playback.
iPod nano 3rd generation (video) iPod classic iPod nano 2nd generation (aluminum) iPod 5th generation (video) iPod 5th generation (video) iPod nano 1st generation iPod 4th generation (color display) iPod 4th generation (color display) iPod 4th generation iPod 4th generation iPod mini


This system features two different iPod playback modes. The first of these is EXTENDED mode, for playback of music contents. With this mode, the menu screen on the system can be used to search for playlists and artist names, and to play music. The second mode is SIMPLE mode, which can be used for playback of three types of contents music, photos, and videos. With this mode, simple operations such as play, stop, and search can be performed on the display of your iPod.
Enjoy music (EXTENDED mode)
Enjoy videos/photos (SIMPLEmode)
You can also play music using SIMPLE mode.
Press [iPod] to select "IPOD".
The iPod automatically switches to this unit's display mode. iPod Music menu appears on the TV. olf the menu screen is not displayed, press [SETUP].
Press [iPod] to select "IPOD'. Press [SETUP] to switch the iPod to its own display mode.
Proceed operations through display of iPod. olf the iPod Music menu (=_ left) is displayed, press [SETUP]. "SIMPLE" will be shown on the main unit's display.
Switch the TV input to video in.
The picture will be displayed on your TV.
O Play a slideshow or video on your iPod.
Items Playlists Artists Albums Songs Podcasts Audiobooks Playback Mode ' Selection/playback Search from all playlists. Search by artist name. Search by album title. Search from all songs registered on iPod. Search by episode for radio programs Jownloaded from iTunes store. Search by title from audiobooks Tunes store or Shuffle lOft: Songs: Albums: purchased from method You can also use the remote control to operate iPod menu. o[&, y]: To navigate menu items o[OK]: To go to the next menu o[RETURN]: To return to the previous menu
Basic controls (For music and videos only)
Buttons [1_] (PLAY) ' Play Pause oPress [1_] (PLAY) to restart play. Playback start position may not be stored in memory in certain cases. Skip (Press and hold) Functions
Cancel Play all songs on iPod in random order. Play all songs on album in random order. is displayed on the unit's display when

Primal _video

Virtual package
For a disc compatible with the virtual package (_ 43), data is copied to other media (_ 43, Local storage) from the disc to use the different functions while playing the data. For this unit, data is copied to an SD card. The methods for copy and playback and the required available capacity on the card may vary with the disc. For details, refer to the instructions for the disc. To use the above functions, it is recommended that you format the card on this unit. Format the card using the following procedures. BD-Video data, such as secondary video recorded on the card, can also be erased with the following procedures. t_ f the SD card s removed from th s un t when Using data that was Copied with the virtua! NI'ITE package function, disc playback stops. Images and audio may freez e mornentar!ly during playback. Data cannot be copied in the following cases. -The card is protected. Available Capacity on the card is too small. Delete unnecessary data or use a new card. When the function fails to work properly, even if the data is copied, format the car d again with this uniL (In this case, al! data will be erased.) l'_ TIPS If an SD card with files in different formats is used, images and audio may not play back properly. It is recommended that you use an SD card with no data or an SD card formatted on this unit.
Formatting SD cards/Deleting data 0 Insert an SD card (_ 14). I_ Press [FUNCTIONS]. 0 Press [&, T] to select "Other Functions" and press [OK]. O Press [&, T] to select "Card Management" and press
O Press [&, T] to select "BD-Video Data Erase" or "Format SD Card" and press [OK]. Press [,4, I_] to select "Yes" and press [OK]. Press [,4, I_] to select "Start" and press [OK].. i
t_ _ NOTE o, _!!! _ ,_, _o _ " t _il i
It is impossible to resto[e data after formatting the Card Or erasing the datal Once a card is formatted, all data including those recorded on the PC s erased as we , even f the data were protected with other equipment. Confirm whether the Card Can be formatted.


Press [SW BOOST] on the main unit.
=The SW BOOST indicator lights when Subwoofer Boost is turned on.
Press [A, T] to select "ON" or "OFF".
oThis function is effective when playing audio containing surround channel sound or when Dolby Pro Logic Ilx/Dolby Pro Logic l] or DTS NEO:6 is on. eThis sound effect have no effect when receiving AM radio broadcast.

the sound effects

Using Whisper-mode

sound. (Convenient

(W. S.)
O Press [SOUND]. O Press [&, T] and select item for setting.
You can enhance the surround effect for low volume 5.1-channel for late night viewing.)

[A, T] to select

"ON" or "OFF".

W. S. e

oThis function is effective when playing audio containing surround channel sound or when Dolby Pro Logic Ilx/Dolby Pro Logic 11or DTS NEO:6 is on. oThis sound effect have no effect when receiving AM radio broadcast.

Press [OK].

You can select sound quality settings.


level during play
Press [A, T] to select the item.
Each time you press the button: HEAVY: Adds punch to rock. CLEAR: Clarifies higher sounds. SOFT: For background music. FLAT: Cancel (no effect is added).
O Press [CH SELECT] to select the speaker.
Each time you press the button: L R_ C_ RS_ RB_ LB_ L R: C: RS: RB: LB: LS: SW: Front speaker (left and right) Center speaker Surround speaker (right) Surround back speaker (right) Surround back speaker (left) Surround speaker (left) Subwoofer LS_ SW


the bass sound (H.BASS)
sound so that heavy bass sound can
You can enhance low-frequency be heard clearly.
Press [A, y] to select "ON" or "OFF".
oSpeakers with settings (_ 34) set to" "will not be displayed. oThe channels not included in the playing audio will not be displayed (Subwoofer is displayed even if not included).
You can make the sound of the center speaker seem like it is coming from within the TV.
Adjusting the balance of the front speakers
(When "L R" selected)
oThis function is effective when playing audio containing center channel sound or when Dolby Pro Logic ]lx/Dolby Pro Logic ]1 or DTS NEO:6 is on.
Press [<1, I_] to adjust the balance of the front speakers,

the subwoofer

When you want to leave the TV on and set only this unit to standby mode Press [_] on this unit's remote control and set to standby mode.
When not using "HDAVI Control" Set "VIERA Link" in the Setup menu to "Off". (=_33)
Changing settings with the on-screen menu
On-screen menu operations
/_'_ L'_X_ N_E Depending on the condition Of the unit (playing, Stopped, etc.) and disc contents, there may be some items that you cannot select or changel
O Press [BD/SD] to select "BD/DVD/CD"
O O O O Press [DISPLAY]. Press [A, I'] to select the menu and press [1_]. Press [A, I'] to select the item and press [1_]. Press [A, I'] to select the setting.

e.g., BD-Video [ Disc

; 'Some items Can be change d by LJY__._ pressing [OK]. TIPS To exit the on-screen Press[DiSPLAY]. menu


What you can change with the on-screen

Signal Type

I':] i_,vj
Primary Video Video: The video recording method appears. (=_ below, Video recording method) Soundtrack: Select the type of audio or language. (=_ below, Language, Audio attribute) Secondary Video: Video Select on/off of images. The video recording method appears. (=_ below, Video recording method) Soundtrack: Select on/off of audio and the language. (@ below, Language, Audio attribute)

_Y/,,] ;1_]

The video recording method appears. (=: below, Video recording method) Soundtrack _ Select the type of audio or language.

J'mltl _+1:I o

(=_ below, Language, Audio attribute)
The disc's audio attributes appear. (=_ below, Audio attribute) Subtitle _ _ (=: below, Language)
Turn the subtitle on/off and select the language.
(Only discs that contain subtitle on/off information) Turn the subtitle on/off. Subtitle Style Select the subtitle style. Audio channel (=_ 16, Changing audio during play) Angle _ Select the number of the angle. Some items may be changed only on the disc s 3ecific menu. (=_ 14, 24)
English French German Italian Spanish Dutch Swedish Norwegian
Danish Portuguese Russian Japanese Chinese Korean Malay Vietnamese
Thai Polish Czech Slovak Hungarian Finnish Others
:LPCM/Drl Digital/Drl Digital+/ 1313 TrueHD/DTS/DTS-HD ch (channel) k (kHz) b (bit)
Signal type Number of channels Sampling frequency Number of bits


This is a standard for compressing used for UVDs, etc.

and decompressing

color motion pictures efficiently. This compression

MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer 3) An audio compression method that compresses audio to approximately one tenth of its size without any significant loss of audio quality. Pan&Scan/Letterbox In general, DVD-Video are produced with the intention that they be viewed on a widescreen TV (16:9 aspect ratio), so images often don't fit regular (4:3 aspect ratio) TVs. Two styles of picture, "Pan & Scan" and "Letterbox", deal with this problem. Pan&Scan: The sides are cut off so the picture fills the screen.


Black bands appear at the top and bottom of the picture so the picture itself appears in an aspect ratio of 16:9.
Picture-in-picture This is a new function of BD-Video that plays the primary video and secondary video simultaneously. For instance, the function is capable of playing the original movie as the primary video while playing video commentary from the film director on a small screen as a secondary video. Prog ressiveiInterlace The video signal standard of NTSC has 480 interlaced (i) scan lines, whereas progressive (p) scanning uses twice the number of scan lines, and this is referred to as 480p. Using progressive output, you can enjoy watching high resolution video. Sampling frequency Sampling is the process of converting the heights of sound wave (analog signal) samples taken at set periods into digits (digital encoding). Sampling frequency is the number of samples taken per second, so larger numbers mean more faithful reproduction of the original sound. Virtual package Some BD-Video discs copy data to other media (local storage) and then play the secondary video, secondary audio, and subtitles (sub contents) simultaneously. These functions are called virtual packages. Sub contents are automatically recorded to other media from the disc prior to playing the virtual package. The playback methods vary depending on discs. lOSOi (1125i) In one high definition image, 1080 (1125) alternating scan lines pass to create an interlaced image. Because 1080i (1125i) more than doubles current TV broadcasts of 480i, the detail is much clearer and creates a more realistic and rich image. lO8Op (1125p) In one high definition image, 1080 (1125) scan lines pass at the same time to create a progressive image. Since progressive video does not alternate scan lines like interlace, there is a minimal amount of screen flicker. 24p This is a progressive second. image recorded at a rate of 24 frames per
720p (750p) In one high definition image, 720 (750) scan lines pass at the same time to create a progressive image. Since progressive video does not alternate scan lines like interlace, there is a minimal amount of screen flicker.
Frame Field Field =A frame still shows two fields, so there may be some blurring, but picture quality is generally better. oA field still shows less picture information so it may be rougher, but there is no blurring.

Center speaker SB-HC100

2 way, 3 speaker system (Bass reflex) Impedance 6.5 cm (21/2 Cone type 2 ") 6 cm (23/8 Cone type ") 250 W (Max) dB/W (1 m) 80Hzto25kHz(16dB) 93Hzto22kHz(10dB) 301 minx111 mm134 mm (117/J,X 43/s_' 59/32 It) X Approx. 1.8 kg (3.5 Ibs)
Type Speaker unit(s) 1. Woofer 2. Tweeter Input power (IEC) Output sound pressure Frequency range Dimensions (WHxD)


SD card slot: SD card: Output connector (1 system)
Mass (Weight) Subwoofer SB-HW560 Type Speaker unit(s) 1. Woofer 2. Passive Radiator Input power (lEO) Output sound pressure Frequency range Dimensions (WHxD)
SD Memory Card '_2formatted FAT12, FAT16, FAT32_3: JPEG _4, AVCHD format '_7 oUsable capacity will be less (SD Card). _ 2 Finalizing is necessary. includes SDHC card includes miniSD cards (need a miniSD Adaptor) includes microSD cards (need a microSD Adaptor) _3 Does not support long file name 4 The total combined maximum number of recognizable picture contents and folders: 3000 picture contents and 300 folders. 5 The total combined maximum number of recognizable picture contents and folders: 999 picture contents and 99 folders. 6 The total combined maximum number of recognizable picture contents and folders: 9999 picture contents and 300 folders. _7 AVCHD format Vl.0
1 way, 1 speaker system (Kelton type) Impedance 16 cm (61/2 Cone type ") 25 cm (ld') 250 W (Max) 78 dB/W (1 m) 35Hzto200Hz(16dB) 40Hzto198Hz(10dB) 181 mm361 mm315 mm (7%'X 147/32_'X 1213/32 ") Approx. 4.7 kg (10.4 Ibs)
_8 Rating with the low cut filter equipped amplifier.


Power supply iPod Connector Power consumption Dimensions (WX H X D) With transmitter 430 ram96 Without transmitter Mass (Weight) Operating Operating AC 120 V, 60 Hz DC OUT 5 V 500 mA MAX 140 W





127/8 p')

mm (16W10"x 39/16"x 127/8 p') Approx. 4.1 kg (9.1 Ibs) (Dimensions and Mass do not include the speakers.) temperature range O C to +40 C (+32 F to +104 F) humidity range 35 % to 80 % RH (no condensation) in standby mode Approx. 0.3 W ]

430 mm9O mm327

Selecting fine audio equipment such as the unit you've just purchased is only the start of your musical enjoyment. Now it's time to consider how you can maximize the fun and excitement your equipment offers. This manufacturer and the Electronic Industries Association's Consumer Electronics Group want you to get the most out of your equipment by playing it at a safe level. One that lets the sound come through loud and clear without annoying blaring or distortion--and, most importantly, without affecting your sensitive hearing. We recommend noise. that you avoid prolonged exposure to excessive

Product or Part Name Parts Labor
Home Theater System Rechargeable Batteries (in exchange for defective item)
One (1) Year Ten (10) Days
One (1) Year Not Applicable
Limited Warranty Limits And Exclusions This Limited Warranty ONLY COVERS failures clue to defects in materials or workmanship, and DOES NOT COVER normal wear and tear or cosmetic damage. The Limited Warranty ALSO DOES NOT COVER damages which occurred in shipment, or failures which are caused by products not supplied by the warrantor, or failures which result from accidents, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, misapplication, alteration, faulty installation, set-up adjustments, misadjustment of consumer controls, improper maintenance, power line surge, lightning damage, modification, or commercial use (such as hotel, office, restaurant, or other business), rental use of the product, or service by anyone other than a Factory Servicenter or other Authorized Servicer, or damage that is attributable to acts of God. THERE ARE NO EXPRESS WARRANTIES EXCEPT AS LISTED UNDER "LIMITED WARRANTY COVERAGE". THE WARRANTOR IS NOT LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT, OR ARISING OUT OF ANY BREACH OF THIS WARRANTY. (As examples, this excludes damages for lost time, cost of having someone remove or re-install an installed unit if applicable, travel to and from the servicer, loss of or damage to media or images, data or other recorded content. The items listed are not exclusive, but are for illustration only.) ALL EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THE WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, ARE LIMITED TO THE PERIOD OF THE LIMITED WARRANTY. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or limitations on how long an implied Limited Warranty lasts, so the exclusions may not apply to you. This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. If a problem with this product develops during or after the Limited Warranty period, you may contact your dealer or Servicenter. If the problem is not handled to your satisfaction, then write to the warrantor's Consumer Affairs Department at the addresses listed for the warrantor. PARTS AND SERVICE, WHICH ARE NOT COVERED BY THIS LIMITED WARRANTY, ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

During the "Labor" Limited Warranty period there will be no charge for labor. During the "Parts" warranty period, there will be no charge for parts. You must mail-in your product during the warranty period. If non-rechargeable batteries are included, they are not warranted. This Limited Warranty only applies to products purchased and serviced in the United States or Puerto Rico. This Limited Warranty is extended only to the original purchaser and only covers product purchased as new. A purchase receipt or other proof of original purchase date is required for Limited Warranty service. For assistance in Puerto Rico call Panasonic Puerto Rico, Inc. (787)-750-4300 or fax (787)-768-2910. When shipping the unit carefully pack and send it prepaid, adequately insured and preferably in the original carton. Include a letter detailing the complaint and provide a day time phone and/or email address where you can be reached. IF REPAIR IS NEEDED DURING THE LIMITED WARRANTY PERIOD THE PURCHASER WILL BE REQUIRED TO FURNISH A SALES RECEIPT/PROOF OF PURCHASE INDICATING DATE OF PURCHASE, AMOUNT PAID AND PLACE OF PURCHASE. CUSTOMER WILL BE CHARGED FOR THE REPAIR OF ANY UNIT RECEIVED WITHOUT SUCH PROOF OF PURCHASE.
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Please _arefully pa_k and ship, prepaid and insured, to the Elgin Centralized Factory Servkenter. Customers in Puerto Rico, please ship or carry in to location below ("Service in Puerto Rico").



DJ-175 TFH PW-TC900 CD1451B-05 KEH-P1015 Easyshare C195 MS250 XSA-00660S 743 021 ME4052 Firmware Update Explorer 350 Ga24-12 Mini 4 DVD-LS86 40 P Polaroid I532 AR-NS1 Ktris245FBW 2510XI Eater KX-TG1311UA Miele G818 PL-42P5HD 61DLW616 Nokia 5800 XP7220 Rule Book Instatrike DZ-MV750E Firmware RT-29FB30RX Loader MX-J950R K530C TK-6500 SCX-6545N CS 2141 Braun 6013 VT4020G 360055 Seat Exeo LAC8910 PSR-1100 AK-2464 1000SF Motorola V191 Marantz SA-1 Review Cheviot KDL-37EX503 Ericsson K330 Pagepro 9100 RD-6105 V243W 5095MH 2800-100 Chartplotters Pentax 67 TW100-BRF114 Server 1900 GMX110 KDL-40BX400 Pasadena CD71 Server LP722 Treadmills SGH-X510 EP739 AS24FAN HTS3164 Samsung C105 ZWG-3102 DMR-HS1 Yamaha PSR3 LXT435 F50-112 CLD-990 LCT2716 PEG-TJ27 E1 NAS-D500HD Contribute 3 WG511T PM-A850 LDT422V DRM-555 T 900 XP Varispeed F7 Autotensiometre Lexmark Z33 KS-AX6500 Digimax A302 Update LRH-539 Bold 9700 LS2000-1999 CA-126 LE32C650l1W TZS490 I-aquos 4000 PK40 25PV720 FX-18 CPJ-D500


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