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Red 4:23am on Thursday, September 30th, 2010 
For a $3000.00 TV, this should have lasted far longer. One day just would not turn on, power indicator flashing 10 times. Great TV and a great value. At the time a I ...  Owned the unit for approximately 18 months with not a single issue.
alco 3:32pm on Sunday, September 26th, 2010 
Panasonic Purple Snakes I have read the reviews about the screen and after owning it for 4 months I have to say I am not altogether happy with it.
patrice 1:18pm on Monday, June 21st, 2010 
Panasonic TH-50PX60B - Excellent Value I have had this Plasma TV for over 2 years. Panasonic TH-50PX60B - Excellent Value I have had this Plasma TV for over 2 years.
ffhfghfg 3:45pm on Friday, May 21st, 2010 
I purchased this tv in December of 2006 after days and days of researching the best of the best out there. Color and Clarity. Fine detail The stereo speaker quality could be better. The only improvement we would mention.
Takistos 2:56am on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 
After much research, this was my pick. Crisp, clear, razor sharp picture. Controler could be larger, small keys hard to see in dim light. I bought mine at Beach Camara. Big and inexpensive Does not work at all!
Capricorn20 3:14am on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 
0905047928Permalink dddd dddd I got this set from Amazon for a very reasonable price. They sent it via white-glove delivery service right into my family room.
Gibberling 4:17am on Thursday, March 18th, 2010 
Great picture for 58 inch which are hard to f...  great picture for 720, nice hd. you need a good hd signal though broke after 3 years. Great picture for 58 inch which are hard to find in plasma, cost too high for 720 picture.

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- your codefree solution

Installation manual

Panasonic DVD-RV60

2000 HW-Parts & StoneDesign

1.1 - Players.

These installation instructions covers the installation of the KeyMaster for DVD players manufactured by: Kenwood DVD3030 Panasonic RV-20 Panasonic RV-40 Panasonic RV-60 Panasonic SA-PM08 Yamaha DVD-S796 Yamaha DVD-S796

I98RV1UK-V2 All names, logos etc. are trademarks of their respective companies. All rights reserved. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.
2.1 - Disclaimer! Read this throroughly.
Before installing the KeyMaster which is able to make your DVD player codefree, you should read through these warnings thoroughly:

v v v v

We are not responsible for any illegal use of the KeyMaster. We offer no warranty on your DVD-player. The installation of the KeyMaster is at your own risk. By installing the KeyMaster you may invalidate the warranty of your DVD-player. v If the manufacture of the DVD-player makes changes we cant the guaranty the functionality of the KeyMaster. v The KeyMaster is to be installed inside your DVD-player and it is therefore necessary to be familiar with soldering, otherwise you should get a service center to do the installation for you. v Remember to disconnect the DVD-player from the mains, before opening the DVD-player.
3.1 - Removal of the top cover.
It is necessary to remove the frontcover of the tray. First, open the tray by pressing "OPEN" on the player or the remote control. Then, pull the bottom of the frontcover of the tray forward and simultanelity carefully pull it upwards. Shown on fig. 1. Fig. 1
Note: The picture shows a Panasonic A160.
Remember to disconnect the player from the mains before proceding. Remove the seven screws which holds the topcover, two in each side and three on the back of the player as shown on fig. 2. Fig. 2
Note: The picture shows a Panasonic DVD-RV60.


To remove the mechanism, use the following procedure:
Disconnect the cables connected to the frontpanel of the player. Remove the frontpanel by loosening the seven snap-locks. Please be aware that the bottom chassis can have very sharp edges. Remove the four screws which holds the mechanism. Then remove the mechanism by pulling the backside of the mechanism upwards.
Note: The mechanism is sensitive towards static electricity and should be handled carefully.

Fig. 3

3.2 - Installing the KeyMaster.
When the mechanism is removed it is possible to install the KeyMaster. fig. 4. Fig. 4
Seven wires have to be soldered onto the MPEG board (which are attached to the mechanism). All seven wires have to be soldered onto the bottomside of the MPEG board. Remember to adjust the ends of the wires so they will fit onto the soldering pads. Solder the seven wires onto the board as shown on fig. 4-5-6. Do not change or remove any components.

3.2 - Continued.

Fig. 5
Connect the RED wire to the testpoint TP6209. Connect the BLACK wire to the testpoint TP6201. Connect the BROWN wire to the testpoint TP6204 or pin 2,
IC6303. Connect the WHITE wire to the testpoint TP6202 or pin 6, IC6303. Fig. 6
Connect the PURPLE wire on pin 1, IC6303. Connect the GREY wire on pin 5, IC6303. Connect the BLUE wire on pin 4, IC6301.
3.3 - Installation in the Panasonic SA-PM08.
In the Panasonic SA-PM08 the installation has to done as follows: Fig. 7
Connect the RED wire to C6501 (+). Connect the BLACK wire to the C6501 (-). Connect the BROWN wire to the shown testpoint TP6204 or

pin 2, IC6303.

Connect the WHITE wire to the shown testpoint TP6202 or pin
6, IC6303. Connect the GREY wire to the testpoint TP6202 or pin 5, IC6303. Fig. 8
Connect the PURPLE wire on pin 1, IC6303. Connect the BLUE wire on pin 4, IC6301.
3.3 - Securing KeyMaster.
Before fastening the KeyMaster the wires have to be fixed with a cable tie. Use the cable tie as shown on fig. 9. Fix the wires so they are not located underneath the chassis of the mechanism. Fig. 9

Note: the picture shows a Panasonic DVD-RV60.
Secure the KeyMaster onto the mechanism chassis as shown on fig. 9. Remove the protection film from the double sided tape and press the KeyMaster thoroughly towards the chassis. In Panasonic SA-PM08 the KeyMasteren has to be sercured as shown in Fig. 10. Fig. 10
3.4 - Assembling the player.
Assembling the player is done using the following procedure:
Use the four screws to attach the mechanism. Press the cables from the frontpanel into their sockets. Attach the front of the player again. Then ensure all snap Put the topcover back on and secure it. Refit the frontpanel of the tray.


3.5 - Finishing up the installation.
After turning the player on and off the KeyMaster is ready for use. The player and the KeyMaster is now ready for use. For details about programming the KeyMaster look in the operating instructions. Remember to test the player in both region 1 & 2. Enjoy our product, the KeyMaster!



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