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Ken Makenson 3:10pm on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 
For a $3000.00 TV, this should have lasted far longer. One day just would not turn on, power indicator flashing 10 times. Great picture for 58 inch which are hard to find in plasma, cost too high for 720 picture.
gray_eminence 5:50pm on Friday, September 17th, 2010 
After much research, this was my pick. Crisp, clear, razor sharp picture. Controler could be larger, small keys hard to see in dim light. I bought mine at Beach Camara. Big and inexpensive Does not work at all!
celldee 7:59pm on Monday, July 26th, 2010 
Almost 4 years old and still a beautiful TV We bought this 42" plasma almost 4 years ago and it has been a fantastic investment. After 3 years, still an absolute great picture and tv!!
nochanceangel 4:20am on Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 
good picture brakes after 3 months beautiful top class picture at a decent price. Shipping arrangement a little difficult but worth it... FREE Very good value. Excellent picture, audio is terrific. none
faffy 12:23am on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 
Panasonic TH-50PX60B - Excellent Value I have had this Plasma TV for over 2 years. Panasonic TH-50PX60B - Excellent Value I have had this Plasma TV for over 2 years.
linkworld 11:44am on Friday, April 16th, 2010 
I purchased this tv in December of 2006 after days and days of researching the best of the best out there. Color and Clarity. Fine detail The stereo speaker quality could be better. The only improvement we would mention. great color, quality, clarity. sleek design. love the hi def photography!! worth every extra penny

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To return to the previous screen Press [RETURN].

TV Aspect

Select 4:3 (regular) or 16:9 (widescreen) to suit your television. If you have a regular 4:3 television, you can also select how video on some discs is shown ( page 34, VideoTV Aspect). 4:3 Pan&Scan (factory preset) Widescreen software is expanded to fill the screen of a 4:3 aspect television (unless prohibited by the producer of the disc). 4:3 Letterbox Widescreen software is shown in the letterbox style on a 4:3 aspect television.

TV Type

Select to suit the type of television. Standard (Direct View TV) (factory preset) CRT Projector LCD TV/Projector Projection TV Plasma TV

Control reference guide

C : ; < = > ? @ A B



; < = > ? @



1 M NO P Q R



Disc tray number

1 Standby/on switch [/I, POWER]. 12 Press to switch the unit from on to standby mode or vice versa. In standby mode, the unit is still consuming a small amount of power. M Standby/on indicator [/I] When the unit is connected to the AC mains supply, this indicator lights up in standby mode and goes out when the unit is turned on. N Custom Sound Memory button [C.S.M]. 30 O Progressive out button [PROGRESSIVE]. 14 P Skip/search, Tuning buttons [:/6, 5/9, X TUNING W]. 16, 27 Q Source select button [SELECTOR] [HT900] DVD/CD>FM>AM>TV>VCR>AUX>DIGITAL IN [HT700] [HT690] DVD/CD>FM>AM>TV>VCR>AUX R Drawer S Stop, Tune mode button [, TUNE MODE]. 14, 27 T Pause, FM mode button [;, FM MODE]. 14, 27 U Play, Memory button [1, MEMORY]. 14, 27 V Volume control [VOLUME, DOWN, UP]. 14 W Drawer open/close button [<, OPEN/CLOSE]. 14 X Headphone jack [PHONES]. 31 Y [HT900] DIGITAL IN button [DIGITAL IN]. 33 Z Multi rear surround, Virtual rear surround indicators [M.R.S, V.R.S]. 29 [ Display \ Remote control signal sensor ] Disc indicators [DISC 15]. 14 ^ Disc exchange button [DISC EXCHANGE]. 15 _ Disc skip button [DISC SKIP]. 15
` AC supply indicator [AC IN] This indicator lights when the unit is connected to the AC mains supply.
Standby/on switch []. 12 TV/VIDEO button [TV/VIDEO]. 32 Disc select button [DISC], Disc buttons [DISC1][DISC5]. 14 Group, Page button [GROUP, PAGE]. 16, 17 Sequential button [SEQUENTIAL]. 15 Cancel, FL display button [CANCEL, FL DISPLAY]. 19, 31 Play mode, Repeat button [PLAY MODE, REPEAT]. 17, 19 Skip, Preset channel, TV channel button [: 9, SKIP, X CH W]. 16, 27, 32 Basic operation buttons. 14 Top menu, Direct navigator button [TOP MENU, DIRECT NAVIGATOR]. 14, 21 Cursor buttons [3, 4, 2, 1], Enter button [ENTER]. 12 Display, TV volume down button [DISPLAY, TV VOLs]. 24, 32 Volume buttons [s, r, VOLUME]. 14 Sound field, sound quality buttons. 2831 [HT900] Dolby Pro Logic II button [PLII] [HT700] [HT690] Dolby Pro Logic button [PL] Custom sound memory, Sleep button [C.S.M, SLEEP]. 30, 31 [HT900] Position memory, AV effect button [P.MEMORY, AV EFFECT]. 15, 29 [HT700] [HT690] Position memory button [POSITION MEMORY]. 15 Shift button [SHIFT] To use functions labeled in orange: While pressing [SHIFT], press the corresponding button. Channel select, Test button [CH SELECT, TEST]. 28, 29 AV system standby/on button [, AV SYSTEM]. 32 Source select buttons Face towards this unit to change the source. Press [TV] or [VCR] first to operate a Panasonic television or video cassette recorder ( pages 32, 33). [HT900] AUX, DIGITAL input button [AUX, DIGITAL] [HT700] [HT690] AUX button [AUX] Numbered buttons [19, 0, S10/ENTER]. 16 Slow/search, Tuning buttons [6, 5 SLOW/SEARCH]. 16, 27 Menu, Play list button [MENU, PLAY LIST]. 14, 21 Return, TV volume up button [RETURN, TV VOLr]. 12, 32 Muting, Setup button [MUTING, SETUP]. 12, 31 Audio, Zoom button [AUDIO, ZOOM]. 18, 20 [HT900] Subtitle, Delay time button [SUBTITLE, DELAY TIME]. 18, 30 [HT700] [HT690] Subtitle button [SUBTITLE]. 18 [HT900] Quick replay, Dynamic range compression button [QUICK REPLAY, DR COMP]. 15, 31 [HT700] [HT690] Quick replay button [QUICK REPLAY]. 15

Signal type/data LPCM/PPCM/Digital/DTS: Signal type k (kHz): Sampling frequency b (bit): Number of bits ch (channel): Number of channels Example: 3/2.1ch
.1: Low frequency effect.1: (not displayed if there is no signal).0: No surround.1: Mono surround.2: Stereo surround (left/right).1: Center.2: Front leftiFront right.3: Front leftiFront rightiCenter




[DVD-A] (Motion picture parts only) [DVD-V] [VCD] (SVCD only) You can change the subtitle language and turn the subtitles on and off. [RAM] You can turn the subtitles on and off.




The number changes each time you press the button. Example [DVD-V]

ON 1 English ON 2 French

or is displayed instead of the language number in circumstances such as when no language is recorded on the disc. [VCD] (SVCD only) Soundtrack and subtitle numbers may change even if corresponding soundtracks are not recorded.

I love you

Je taime


[RAM] [DVD-A] [DVD-V] [VCD] (Discs with multiple soundtracks) During play
In some cases, the subtitle language is not changed to the selected one immediately. If the subtitles overlap closed captions recorded on discs, turn the subtitles off. To clear/display the subtitles 1 Press [SUBTITLE]. 2 Press [1]. ([DVD-A] [DVD-V] [VCD]) 3 Press [3, 4] to select OFF or ON.

Press [AUDIO].

The number changes each time you press the button.

1 LPCM 1 192k24b 2ch

Signal type/data ( right)
Changing the position and brightness of the subtitles ( page 26)
Digital 1 English 3/2.1 ch
Number of channels ( right)
Soundtrack selected Soundtrack playing

Audio language



You can also use this button to turn the vocals on and off on karaoke discs. Read the discs instructions for details. [DVD-A] Play restarts from the beginning of the soundtrack when changing soundtracks that are accompanied by still pictures. Even if a second soundtrack isnt recorded, two soundtrack numbers will normally be shown when you press [AUDIO]. The soundtrack currently playing is number 1.
[DVD-A] [DVD-V] [VCD] [CD] [WMA] [MP3]
Common procedures for all group, program and random play
While stopped Press [PLAY MODE]. Each time you press the button: [DVD-A] [DVD-V] [WMA] [MP3] All group ([DVD-A])>Program> Random>off (Normal play) ^-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------} [VCD] [CD] (PGM)>1-DISC (RND)>ALL-DISC (RND)>off (Normal play) ^------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------} [DVD-A] If you select bonus groups, you will have to enter a password ( page 17).

Titles appear only if you have entered them. You cannot change program and disc titles.
Press [3, 4] to select the play list.
WMA/MP3, CD text and JPEG navigation menus
Track title search [WMA] [MP3] [CD] (CD text only)
Example: finding a track including the word LOVE
While the menu is displayed
Press [3, 4] to select Find and press [ENTER].
Another Pineapple Board The Golden Ship Fall In The Frozen Season Violet Sky Pink Island

Prev A

Find Next Find
Press [3, 4] to select L and press [ENTER].
Characters change in alphanumeric order each time you press [3]. Repeat this step to enter O, V, and E. Press [:,9] to skip between A, E, I, O, and U. Only uppercase appear but the search also includes lower case. Press [2] to erase a character. You can erase the asterisk () to search for the first word in a title. You can enter numbers with the numbered buttons.
Press [1] to select Find and press [ENTER].
The search results screen appears.
If the disc contains both audio data (WMA and MP3) and JPEG, check Mixed DiscAudio & Stills setting in the SETUP menu ( page 34). Select Stills (JPEG) or Audio (MP3/WMA). [WMA] [MP3] [CD] (CD text only) [JPEG] Various menus help you find items you want to start play.
Press [3, 4] to select the track and press [ENTER].
To return to the menu Press [RETURN].

Press [TOP MENU].

[JPEG] Album display
JPEG ALBUM G 1 P 1 Total 1
[WMA] [MP3] Audio navigation menu

MENU G 1 T 1 Total 1

No 9 10
Group: 001 My favorite Tree 001 Both Ends Freezing 002 Lady Starfish 003 Life on Jupiter 004 Metal Glue 005 Paint It Yellow 006 Pyjamamama 007 Shrimps from Mars 008 Starperson 009 Velvet Cuppermine 010 Ziggy Starfish
Group: 001 Penguins Picture: filename00.
0 indicates the track currently playing.
Press [3, 4] to select a track or [3, 4, 2, 1] to select a picture, and press [ENTER].
To show other pages, press [3, 4, 2, 1] to select Prev or Next and press [ENTER]. After listing all the tracks or pictures in one group, the list for the next group appears.

To change the position of the icons
1 Press [2, 1] to select the rightmost icon. 2 Press [3, 4] to move the icons. (There are 5 positions.)

Progress indicator

Indicates how far you have played through an item. Example [DVD-V]

1 : 46 : 50

[RAM] [DVD-A] [DVD-V] [VCD] [CD] [WMA] [MP3] [JPEG] On-Screen Menu Icons are menus that contain information about the disc or unit. These menus allow you to perform operations by changing this information.

Common procedures

Press [DISPLAY].
Each time you press the button: [>Disc information ( page 25) l ; l>Progress indicator ( right) l ; l>Unit information ( page 25) l ; {=Original display
1 Current position [RAM] [DVD-A] [DVD-V] [VCD] [CD] [WMA] [MP3] 2 PG: Program number [RAM] PL: Play list number [RAM] T: Title number [DVD-V] Track number [VCD] [CD] G: Group number [DVD-A] [WMA] [MP3] [JPEG] 3 T: Track number in group [DVD-A] [WMA] [MP3] C: Chapter number [DVD-V] P: Picture number [JPEG] 4 Conditionplay, pause, or slow/search [RAM] [DVD-A] [DVD-V] [VCD] [CD] [WMA] [MP3] Play speed ( below) 5 Changing the time display [RAM] [DVD-A] [DVD-V] [VCD] [CD] Press [3, 4] to show the elapsed play time or remaining time for the program, play list, track or title (or chapter during program and random play). Elapsed play time [VCD] (SVCD only) [WMA] [MP3] (display only, cannot be changed)
[Unit\information\only] While the leftmost icon is highlighted

Changing play speed

[DVD-A] (Motion picture part only) [DVD-V] (Dolby Digital only) You can slow down or speed up play. During play
Press [3, 4] to select the menu.
Each time you press the button: [>Play menu l ;: l>Display menu l ;: l>Audio menu l ;: {>Picture menu
Press [2] (slower) or [1] (faster).
There are five speeds: k0.8()k0.9()k1.0 (normal speed)()k1.2()k1.4 After you change the speed, output is in stereo. Sound is stereo as long as k1.0 is orange. To return to normal play (surround sound), press [1] (play) or [ENTER]. Normal play is also restored when you return the speed to k1.0 and clear the progress indicator.
Press [2, 1] to select the item.
Unless otherwise indicated, select items with [2, 1] and change with [3, 4].
1 : 46 : 50 Digital 1 ENG 3/2.1 ch ON 1 ENG 1

Vocal 1

128kbps 44.1kHz

Page 1 Return


T: T: C: P:

Track number in group [DVD-A] [WMA] [MP3] Chapter number [DVD-V] Picture number [JPEG]
8 Numbered buttons ; [ENTER] 9
Total number of tracks/pictures on disc [WMA] [MP3] [JPEG]

Display only

Time [RAM] [DVD-A] [DVD-V] Select a position to start play by specifying a time.
Karaoke vocal on/off [DVD-V] (Karaoke DVD only) If a DVD title is a duet, select V1 or V2 to duet with the unit. Current bitrate (kbps) Current sampling frequency (kHz) [WMA] [MP3] Audio mode [RAM] [VCD] LR()L()R ^-------------------J Menu play [VCD] (with playback control only) Still picture number [DVD-A] To return to page 1 [2, 1]>Select Return>[ENTER] Slideshow [DVD-A] Picture number Slideshow setting [JPEG] ON()OFF Slideshow timing [JPEG] 0 sec30 sec Display only Display only Display only
Changing the time display [RAM] [DVD-A] [DVD-V] [VCD] [CD] [[VCD] (SVCD only) [WMA] [MP3] Display only] [>Elapsed play time for the program, play list, title or track l ;: l>Remaining time for the group ([DVD-A]) or disc l>([VCD] [CD]) l ;: {>Remaining time for the program, play list, title or track Soundtrack [DVD-A] [DVD-V] ( page 18) Refer to Audio/Subtitle language ( right) for language abbreviations. Subtitle language [DVD-A] [DVD-V] [VCD] (SVCD only) ( page 18) Refer to Audio/Subtitle language ( right) for language abbreviations. Subtitles on/off [RAM] [DVD-A] [DVD-V] [VCD] (SVCD only) Track information on/off [WMA] [MP3] [CD] (CD text only) Picture data [JPEG] Full: Group title, picture title, picture size, file size, date of shooting, and camera model used. Date: Date of shooting only. OFF: No display Displays differ depending on the type of camera and condition of the data.

> ? @

Audio/Subtitle language ENG: FRA: DEU: ITA: ESP: NLD: English French German Italian Spanish Dutch SVE: NOR: DAN: POR: RUS: JPN: Swedish Norwegian Danish Portuguese Russian Japanese CHI: KOR: MAL: VIE: THA: : Chinese Korean Malay Vietnamese Thai Others

Unit information


A B OFF 123



A-B repeat ( page 17) [RAM] [DVD-A] [DVD-V] [VCD] [CD] [WMA] [MP3] Repeat mode ( page 17) [RAM] [DVD-A] [DVD-V] [JPEG] Play mode ( page 19) [DVD-A] [DVD-V] ---: Normal play PGM: Program play RND: Random play ALL: All group play ([DVD-A]) Marker [RAM] [DVD-A] [DVD-V] [VCD] [CD] [WMA] [MP3] [JPEG]

Sound field

Dolby Pro Logic or Dolby Pro Logic II


[HT900] The Dolby Pro Logic II processor works not only on sources recorded with Dolby Surround, but also on any stereo source. There is a difference in sound quality between Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Pro Logic II.

Press [PLII].

Each time you press the button: MUSIC>MOVIE>PANORAMA>(off) ^--------------------------------------------------------} MUSIC: Adds surround effects to stereo sources. MOVIE: Use this mode when playing movie software, especially videotapes, recorded in Dolby Surround. PANORAMA: Sound is spread out more so you feel like you are surrounded by music.
Play a Dolby Surround or stereo source.


[HT700] [HT690] Dolby Pro Logic is a decoding system that was developed to get a better sense of presence from sources encoded with Dolby Surround. The feeling of position has been improved by the addition of a separate center speaker channel. Software encoded with Dolby Surround can be identified with this mark (DVD, CD, Video CD, Laser Disc, Video tape).
Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Pro Logic II, Super Surround, Center Focus, Multi Rear Surround, Virtual Rear Surround, Seat Position, Dynamic range compression and Subwoofer Level adjusting ( page 31) cannot be used if headphones are connected (ERROR appears on the display, excluding Seat Position). You may experience a reduction in sound quality when these sound field systems are used with some sources. If this occurs, turn the sound field system off.
Press [PL]. Play a Dolby Surround source.
To cancel Press [PL] or [PLII] again.

Dolby Digital and DTS

Dolby Digital and DTS are digital encoding systems used on DVD to carry surround sound. Both were originally developed for use in cinemas. This unit automatically recognizes and decodes these systems. Software encoded with Dolby Digital can be identified with this mark. Software encoded with DTS can be identified with this mark.
This does not work when playing multi-channel Dolby Digital.
Speaker level adjustments
Adjust the level of the speakers so they are the same apparent level as the front speakers where you would normally be sitting and listening. (L, R page 29, Balance) Preparation Press [DVD/CD]. 1 Press [SHIFT]i[TEST] to output a test signal. Lch: Front left Cch: Center Rch: Front right RSch: Right surround LSch: Left surround 2 Press [VOLUME, r] or [s] to set the volume level normally used for listening. 3 Press [3] (to increase) or [4] (to decrease). C, RS, LS: j6 dB to i6 dB To stop the test signal, press [SHIFT]i[TEST] again.

Play a Dolby Digital or DTS source.
The Dolby Digital or DTS indicator lights.


To down-mix Dolby Digital or DTS (multiplechannel) signals to 2 channels

Press [SHIFT]i[MIX 2CH].

To cancel, press [SHIFT]i[MIX 2CH] again. When D.MIX flashes on the display [DVD-A] The DVD-Audio contains multiple-channel signals that cannot be down-mixed.
To adjust speaker level during play
1 Press [CH SELECT] to select the speaker. Lch>Cch>Rch>RSch>LSch>SWch ^-------------------------------------------------------------} SWch: Subwoofer You can only adjust SWch if the disc includes a subwoofer channel. SWch does not appear on the display and is not adjustable when Dolby Pro Logic or Dolby Pro Logic II is turned on. 2 Press [3] (to increase) or [4] (to decrease). L, R: ( below) C, RS, LS: j6 dB to i6 dB SW: j6 dB to i6 dB
Multi Rear Surround (M.R.S)/ Virtual Rear Surround (V.R.S)
Multi Rear Surround (M.R.S)
This mode makes it seem like sound is coming from multiple rear surround speakers virtually when connected with surround speakers.

Virtual speakers

You can adjust the balance of the front speakers. 1 Press [CH SELECT] to select L or R. 2 Press [2, 1]. When testing signal, you can also adjust the L or R balance of the front right and left speakers by pressing [2, 1].
Virtual Rear Surround (V.R.S)
This mode is useful if you have to place your surround speakers near the front speakers due to the layout of your room. This mode makes it seem like the sound from the surround speakers is coming from behind you. Virtual speakers

Super Surround

Add surround effects to stereo sound.

Press [S.SRND].

Each time you press the button: S.SRND MUSIC>MOVIE>PARTY>(off) ^-----------------------------------------------} MUSIC: Adds surround effects to stereo sources. MOVIE: Use this mode when playing movie software. PARTY: Sound is in stereo regardless of the direction you are facing. You can adjust the volume of the surround speakers to get the best surround effect ( page 28, Speaker level adjustments).
Press and hold [SHIFT]i[AV EFFECT] to select M.R.S mode or V.R.S mode.
Each time you press and hold the button: M.R.S mode !) V.R.S mode M.R.S indicator lights when M.R.S mode turns on. V.R.S indicator lights when V.R.S mode turns on.
Turn Super Surround off when playing a DVD recorded with Dolby Digital or DTS. The surround effects will not be reproduced correctly if this is left on. Dolby Pro Logic or Dolby Pro Logic II ( page 28) switches off.

Operating the television and the video cassette recorder
You can use the remote control to operate a Panasonic television or a video cassette recorder. (Some models cannot be operated by this remote control.)


Numbered buttons Preparation Face the remote control at this unit and press [TV]. The button lights and TV appears on the units display. You can operate the television. Face the remote control at the television for the following operations.


Turning the television on/off

Press [ AV SYSTEM].

Switching the televisions video input mode

Press [TV/VIDEO].



Changing channels
Press [:, X CH] or [9, CH W]. [S10/ENTER] is used to confirm channel selection on some televisions manufactured by other companies.

Adjusting the volume

Press [TV VOLr] or [TV VOLs].

Video cassette recorder

Preparation Face the remote control at this unit and press [VCR]. The button lights and VCR appears on the units display. You can operate the video cassette recorder. Change the video input mode on the television (VIDEO 2 in the example). Face the remote control at the video cassette recorder for the following operations.

Television code list

Panasonic: Sony: Fisher: G-E: Gold Star: Hitachi: JVC: LXI: Magnavox: 01, 02, 14 02, 03, 07, 09 07, 15 05, 03, 06, 07, 10, 14, 15 06, 07, 11, 15, 22 07, 15, 16, 21 07, 15 Philco: Philips: Pioneer: Quasar: RCA: Sanyo: Sharp: Sylvania: Symphonic: Toshiba: Zenith: 06, 02, 10, 03, 07, 09, 13, 23, 24, 08, 21 06, 07, 10, 21 18, 20
Turning the video cassette recorder on/off

Mitsubishi: NEC:

Play, pause and stop

Press [1], [;] or [].

Video cassette recorder code list
Panasonic: Sony: Fisher: Funai: G-E: Gold Star: Hitachi: JVC: LXI: Magnavox: Mitsubishi: 01, 02, 09, 33 05, 06, 07, 35, 36, 37 13, 14, 15, 18, 34 08, 30 02, 03, 09, 10, 11 19, 25, 31, 38, 39, 40 10, 13, 14, 15, 18, 27, 30 02, 09, 12 21, 22, 28, 29 NEC: Philco: Philips: Pioneer: Quasar: RCA: 19, 25, 31, 38 02, 09, 12, 30 02, 09, 01, 02, 09, 33 02, 03, 04, 09, 10, 11, 12, 23, 24, 26 14, 18, 34 16, 02, 09, 12, 23, 24 20

Fast forward and rewind

You can connect a laser disc or record player instead of a video cassette recorder.
Connect as shown on page 32 and select VCR as the source. When connecting a record player We recommend using a record player with a built-in phono equalizer. If your player doesnt have a built-in equalizer, connect it first to a separate equalizer and then connect that to this unit.
Sanyo: Sharp: Shintom: Sylvania: Symphonic: Toshiba: Zenith:
Changing the remote control code

This surround system is used in many movie theaters around the world. There is good separation between the channels, so realistic sound effects are possible.

Dynamic range

Dynamic range is the difference between the lowest level of sound that can be heard above the noise of the equipment and the highest level of sound before distortion occurs.

Film and video

DVD-Videos are recorded using either film or video. Usually, film is recorded at 24 frames per second, the rate movies are filmed at, while video is recorded at 30 frames per second.
Frame still and field still
Frames are the still pictures that go together to make a moving picture. There are about 30 frames shown each second. One frame is made up of two fields. A regular television shows these fields one after the other to create frames. A still is shown when you pause a moving picture. A frame still is made up of two alternating fields, so the picture may appear blurred, but overall quality is high. A field still is not blurred, but it has only half the information of a frame still so picture quality is lower.

Order of play

root 001group
Interlace and progressive output
NTSC, the video signal standard, has 480 interlaced (I) scan lines, whereas progressive scanning uses twice the number of scan lines. This is called 480P. The video signals output from this units COMPONENT VIDEO OUT terminals (Y, PB, PR) allow you to enjoy higher quality pictures than if the signals were output from the VIDEO OUT terminal or S-VIDEO OUT terminal.
004track.wma 005track.wma 006track.wma 002group
Naming folders and files Prefix folder and file names with 3-digit numbers in the order you want to play them. Extension


007track.mp3 008track.mp3 009track.mp3 010track.mp3

004track.wma (or.WMA)

The extension for MP3 is.mp3 or.MP3. The extension for JPEG is.JPG,.jpg,.JPEG or.jpeg.
MPEG 2, the video compression standard adopted for use with DVD-Video, codes frames using these 3 picture types. I: Intra coded picture This picture has the best quality and is the best to use when adjusting the picture. P: Predictive coded picture This picture is calculated based on past I or P-pictures. B: Bidirectionally-predictive coded picture This picture is calculated by comparing past and future I and P-pictures so it has the lowest volume of information.

[CD] (CD text only) When making your own CD text discs The unit plays the tracks in the order you record them so you do not have to prefix the titles with numbers. Windows Media, and the Windows logo are trademarks, or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. WMA is a compression format developed by Microsoft Corporation. It achieves the same sound quality as MP3 with a file size that is smaller than that of MP3. MPEG Layer-3 audio decoding technology licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson multimedia.
Linear PCM (pulse code modulation)
These are uncompressed digital signals, similar to those found on CDs.

Playback control (PBC)

If a Video CD has playback control, you can select scenes and information with menus.
011track.mp3 012track.mp3 013track.mp3


[HT900] RMS Output Power: Dolby Digital Mode, 10 % Total Harmonic Distortion 1 kHz Front CH 60 W per channel (6 ) 1 kHz Surround CH 60 W per channel (6 ) 1 kHz Center CH 220 W per channel (6 ) 100 Hz Subwoofer CH 240 W per channel (4 ) Total RMS Dolby Digital Mode Power 700 W FTC Output Power: Dolby Digital Mode, 1 % Total Harmonic Distortion 120 Hz20 kHz Front CH 35 W per channel (6 ) 120 Hz20 kHz Surround CH 35 W per channel (6 ) 120 Hz20 kHz Center CH 140 W per channel (6 ) 45 Hz120 Hz Subwoofer CH 150 W per channel (4 ) Total FTC Dolby Digital Mode Power 430 W Input sensitivity/Input impedance AUX 250 mV, 15 k [HT700] RMS Output Power: Dolby Digital Mode, 10 % Total Harmonic Distortion 1 kHz Front CH 55 W per channel (6 ) 1 kHz Surround CH 55 W per channel (6 ) 1 kHz Center CH 160 W per channel (6 ) 100 Hz Subwoofer CH 220 W per channel (4 ) Total RMS Dolby Digital Mode Power 600 W FTC Output Power: Dolby Digital Mode, 1 % Total Harmonic Distortion 120 Hz20 kHz Front CH 30 W per channel (6 ) 30 W per channel (6 ) 120 Hz20 kHz Surround CH 120 Hz20 kHz Center CH 110 W per channel (6 ) 140 W per channel (4 ) 45 Hz120 Hz Subwoofer CH Total FTC Dolby Digital Mode Power 370 W Input sensitivity/Input impedance AUX 250 mV, 15 k 5200 W [For\Latin\America\only] PMPO Output Power [HT690] RMS Output Power: Dolby Digital Mode, 10 % Total Harmonic Distortion 50 W per channel (6 ) 1 kHz Front CH 1 kHz Surround CH 50 W per channel (6 ) 100 W per channel (6 ) 1 kHz Center CH 100 Hz Subwoofer CH 200 W per channel (4 ) Total RMS Dolby Digital Mode Power 500 W FTC Output Power: Dolby Digital Mode, 1 % Total Harmonic Distortion 120 Hz20 kHz Front CH 27 W per channel (6 ) 120 Hz20 kHz Surround CH 27 W per channel (6 ) 120 Hz20 kHz Center CH 62 W per channel (6 ) 45 Hz120 Hz Subwoofer CH 130 W per channel (4 ) Total FTC Dolby Digital Mode Power 300 W Input sensitivity/Input impedance AUX 250 mV, 15 k


[For\U.S.A.,\Canada,\and\units\with\PX\printed\on\the\outer\packaging] Frequency range 5201710 kHz (10-kHz step) AM Sensitivity S/N 20 dB at 1000 kHz 560 V/m Preset station 15 [For\Latin\America] Frequency range 5221629 kHz (9-kHz step) 5201630 kHz (10-kHz step) AM Sensitivity S/N 20 dB at 999 kHz 560 V/m Preset station 15

No power. The unit is automatically switched to the standby mode. Insert the AC power supply cord and system cable securely. The unit was switched to standby by the sleep timer.


No response when buttons pressed. Some operations may be prohibited by the disc. The unit may not be operating properly due to lightning, static electricity or some other external factor. Reset procedure: Press [] to switch the unit to the standby mode and then back to ON. Alternatively, press [] to switch the unit to the standby mode, disconnect the AC power supply cord, and then reconnect it. Check that the batteries are installed correctly. The batteries are depleted: Replace them with new ones. Point the remote control at the remote control sensor and operate. Press [TV] first to operate the television. Condensation has formed: Wait 1 to 2 hours for it to evaporate. This unit cannot play discs other than the ones listed in these operating instructions. You can only play DVD-Video if their region number is the same or includes the same region number as the unit or if DVD-Video is marked ALL. Confirm the region number for the unit on the rear panel. The disc may be dirty and may require cleaning. Ensure that the disc is installed with the label of the side to be played facing upwards. Check that the DVD-RAM has something recorded on it. This function is dependent on software availability. Try selecting from the discs menu if one is available. This function is dependent on software availability. This function is dependent on software availability. Subtitles are cleared from the television. Display the subtitles. Change the position of the subtitles with Subtitle Position in the on-screen icon menus. This function is dependent on software availability.
No operations can be performed with the remote control. Cannot switch on the television with the remote control. Play doesnt start (or stops immediately) when you press [1] (play).

5 Cover

Cannot select alternative languages. No menu play. No subtitles. The position of the subtitles is incorrect. Soundtrack and/or subtitle language is not the one selected with the SETUP menus. Cannot change angle. The SETUP menu cannot be accessed. Cannot add markers. There are already markers. [RAM] Marker numbers I added are different when I call them up. [RAM] Cannot select random or program play. Folders deeper than the eighth layer on a data CD are not displayed correctly. You have forgotten your ratings password. Reset all the SETUP settings to Factory Preset.

Thirty (30) days Three (3) years

Not Applicable

Technics Stand Alone Speakers, Subwoofer Speakers USB Reader-Writer, Personal Computer Card Adapters (in exchange for defective item) Accessories: Headphones, Cartridges, Microphones, Adapters Rechargeable Batteries (in exchange for defective item) SD Memory Cards, Rechargeable Battery Packs (in exchange for defective item)

Three (3) years

One (1) year
Ninety (90) days Ten (10) days
Ninety (90) days Not Applicable

Ninety (90) days

During the Labor warranty period there will be no charge for labor. During the Parts warranty period, there will be no charge for parts. You must carry-in or mail-in your product during the warranty period. If non-rechargeable batteries are included, they are not warranted. This warranty only applies to products purchased and serviced in the United States or Puerto Rico. This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser of a new product which was not sold as is. A purchase receipt or other proof of the original purchase date is required for warranty service.
Customer Services Directory For Product Information, Operating Assistance, Literature Request, Dealer Locations, and all Customer Service inquiries please contact: 1-800-211-PANA (7262), MondayFriday 9 am9 pm; SaturdaySunday 9 am7 pm, EST. or send e-mail: For hearing or speech impaired TTY users, TTY: 1-877-833-8855 Web Site: You can purchase parts, accessories or locate your nearest servicenter by visiting our Web Site. Accessory Purchases:
1-800-332-5368 (Customer Orders Only) For hearing or speech impaired TTY users, TTY: 1-866-605-1277 Panasonic Services Company 20421 84th Avenue South, Kent, WA 98032 (6 am to 5 pm MondayFriday; 6 am to 10:30 am Saturday; PST) (Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, Check)
Service in Puerto Rico Matsushita Electric of Puerto Rico, Inc. Panasonic Sales Company/Factory Servicenter: Ave. 65 de Infanteria, Km. 9.5, San Gabriel Industrial Park, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00985 Phone (787) 750-4300 Fax (787) 768-2910

Listening caution

EST. 1924
Selecting fine audio equipment such as the unit youve just purchased is only the start of your musical enjoyment. Now its time to consider how you can maximize the fun and excitement your equipment offers. This manufacturer and the Electronic Industries Associations Consumer Electronics Group want you to get the most out of your equipment by playing it at a safe level. One that lets the sound come through loud and clear without annoying blaring or distortionand, most importantly, without affecting your sensitive hearing. We recommend that you avoid prolonged exposure to excessive noise. Sound can be deceiving. Over time your hearing comfort level adapts to higher volumes of sound. So what sounds normal can actually be loud and harmful to your hearing. Guard against this by setting your equipment at a safe level BEFORE your hearing adapts. To establish a safe level: Start your volume control at a low setting. Slowly increase the sound until you can hear it comfortably and clearly, and without distortion. Once you have established a comfortable sound level: Set the dial and leave it there. Taking a minute to do this now will help to prevent hearing damage or loss in the future. After all, we want you listening for a lifetime.

Panasonic Marketing Europe G.M.B.H. Wiesbaden N. (a Division of Panasonic Marketing G.M.B.H.) Military Sales Department
6200 Wiesbaden-Biebrich, Hagenauerstr. 43 Germany
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Web Site:
Printed in Singapore F0103NK4033



The HR10 captures 1920x1080 high-defi nition video through its genuine canon HD 10x optical, 200x digital zoom Lens. It records true 1080i high-defi nition resolution onto 3 DVD-R/-RW/-R DL discs. At the heart of the HR10 is a 1/2.7 CMOS sensor with a built-in RGB Primary Color Filter that separates light into red, green, and blue color components. In addition, the HD signal is enhanced by Canons exclusive DIGIC DV II image processor. Your HD imagery will be on-target, fast and accurate with the cameras advanced AF Focusing System. SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization 24p Cinema fi lm-look Frame Rate Mode 2.7 Wide LCD with 211k Pixels miniSD Memory Card Slot HDMI Interface #CAHR10 $999.95
Blu-ray High-Definition DVD & HDD Camcorder
The DZ-BD7H Hybrid Camcorder incorporates a Blu-ray drive and a 30GB built-in hard disc drive (HDD). The HDD can record approximately 4 hours of 1920x1080 full high-defi nition video, or up to eight hours of 1440x1080 highdefi nition video. It can also copy the contents from HDD to 3 Bluray discs within the camcorder. Th is is done in-camera, and users do not need to use any external devices. #HIDZBD7H


Blu-ray High-Definition DVD Camcorder
The new DZ-BD70 is a Blue-ray single drive camcorder which can record approximately one hour of 1920x1080 full highdefi nition video (two hours of 1440x1080 high-defi nition video) on a 3 Blu-ray Disc. With the cameras newly developed full high-defi nition lens, 5.3 mega pixel progressive CMOS image sensor, and Picture Master Full HD full high-defi nition signal processor the DZ-BD70, throughout its whole image processing, captures, records and stores 1920x1080 full high-defi nition video to a Blu-ray disc. #HIDZBD70 $1,499.95



Flash Media Camcorders

Flash Media Camcorders Explained
Flash Media memory cards store electronic data on a small card, some no bigger than postage stamps. They store video, photos, music, and more. In video camcorders the most popular cards used are SD (Secure Digital), SDHC (High-capacity), and Memory Stick Duo/Pro. Sony consumer camcorders use the Memory Stick Duo/Pro, while the other camcorder manufactures use SD (Secure Digital). Flash media memory cards have no moving parts, and are less prone to movement damage.

3 CCD Media Camcorder

MPEG4 Net Sharing Camcorder
The NSC-GC1 comes web-ready for video sharing and emails with pre-loaded PMB software that enables the uploading of your footage automatically when the camcorder is connected to a compatible PC via the USB cable. It has a large 1/2.5 CMOS image sensor, and accepts Memory Stick Pro media cards. It has a 2.4 LCD screen, and a built-in Lithium-ion battery, and Flash. #SONSCGC1 $199.95

Step-up Features: Built-in 60GB Hard Disc Drive 60GB Records: HQ-14 hrs, SP-20 hrs, LP-40 hours #SODCRSR82 $649.95


Step-up Features: 1/6 Advanced HAD Image Sensor w/1.0 MP 25x Optical, 2000x Digital Zoom 2.7 LCD Monitor Intelligent Accessory Shoe Mount #SODCRSR62


Step-up Features: 1/3 ClearVid, 2.1 Megapixels CMOS Image Sensor Built-in 40GB Hard Disc Drive 40GB Records: HQ-9 hrs, SP-14 hrs, LP-28 hours 5.1ch Surround Sound Recording 10x Optical, 80x Digital Zoom Carl Zeiss VarioSonnar T Lens Smooth Slow Recording Mode to Slowly View and Analyze Footage #SODCRSR200 $749.95


Step-up Features: 1/3 CleadVid, 3.0 Megapixels CMOS Image Sensor 10x Optical, 20x Digital Zoom Steadyshot Optical Stabilization #SODCRSR300 $849.95



Hard Drive Camcorder

Built-in 30GB Hard Drive: SD/SDHC Card Slot Data/Shock Damper Protection 1/6 Image Sensor w/680k Pixels 32x Optical, 1000x Digital Zoom Optical Image Stabilization #PASDRH18

Everio GZ-MG130

Built-in 30GB Hard Drive Record Modes: Ultra- 7:10 hrs, Fine- 10:40 hrs, Std-14:10 hrs, Economy- 37:30 hrs 1/6 Image Sensor with 680k pixels 34x Optical, 800 Digital Zoom Lens 2.7 Clear Widescreen LCD SD/SDHC Media Card Slot $429.95 #JVGZMG130 $399.95


3 CCD Hard Drive Camcorder
Built-in 30GB Hard Drive Includes 512 MB Memory Card 3 1/6 Image Sensor with 800k Pixels Optical Image Stabilization SD/SDHC Card Slot $599.95

Everio GZ-MG155

Step-Up Features: SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot Includes Docking Station #JVGZMG155 $449.95

Everio GZ-MG255

Step-Up Feature: F1.2 Super Bright Lens Built-in Flash 1/3.9 Image Sensors 10x Optical, 300 Digital Zoom #JVGZMG255 $549.95


Everio GZ-MG555
Step-Up Features: 1/2.5 Image Sensor Microphone Input #JVGZMG555 $699.95
Hard Drive/DVD Hybrid Camcorder
DVD-R/RW/DVD-RAM and SD Card Recording Built-in 8GB HDD Records: Xtra- 110 min, Fine 3 hrs, Std 6 hrs Easy 1-touch Dubbing from HDD to DVD 1/6 Image Sensor with 680k Pixels 25x Optical Zoom, 1200x Digital Zoom 2.7 LCD Monitor that can operate as a Light #HIDZHS300A $379.95

Step up Features Built-in 30GB HDD Records: Xtra - 6.7 hrs, Fine11 hrs, Std- 22.7 hrs 30x Optical Zoom, 1500x Digital Zoom #HIDZHS500A $529.95
These Share Station DVD burners are controlled via Everio Camcorders, and are an easy way to write to DVD-R/RW discs. The Everio Camcorders connects via a USB 2.0 cable, and No PC is required. The Share Station DVD burner can be used as a DVD burner with a PC. The CU-VD40 adds Dual-Layer DVD recording, HDMI Output, and Everio HD Camcorder support. $169.95 $359.95

DVD Share Stations

Hard Disk Drive Camcorders/High Denition
Built-in 40GB Hard Disk Drive 1/3 ClearVid CMOS Sensor SteadyShot Electronic Image Stabilization Digital 5.1 Surround Sound Recording Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T Lens 10x Optical, 80x Digital Zoom 2.7 Clear Photo LCD Monitor Memory Stick PRO Media Slot (up to 4GB) Smooth Slow Recording : Great for Analyzing Footage Progressive Shutter System on Still Images HDMI Terminal Built-in Light and Flash x.v. Color Image Processor Results with more Accurate, Natural Color Imagery #SOHDRSR5 $899.95


Step up Features


Record 1080i High-Defnition Video onto a 60GB HDD 1/2.9 ClearVID CMOS Sensor with 3.2k Megapixels 10x Optical, 20x Digital Zoom Stereo Mini Microphone Input #SOHDRSR7


AVCHD Hard Drive Camcorder
Captures 1920 x 1080 High-Defi nition Resolution Video onto the Built-in 40GB Hard Disk Drive Full HD CMOS (1920x1080) 1/2.7 CMOS Sensor Built-in RGB Color Filter Canon HD 10x Optical, 200x Digital Video Zoom Lens DIGIC DV II Signal Processing, Specifically for HD Imagery SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization 24p Cinema, fi lm-look Mode Built-in HDMI Terminal Advanced Instant AF Focusing System Benefiting Critical HD Focusing 2.7 LCD Monitor miniSD Card Slot Transfer Still Images onto a miniSD Card from Recorded Video on the Hard Disk Drive Variable Zoom Speed Control, with 3 Pre-set Zoom Speeds Selection #CAHG10 $1,099.95
High-Definition EVERIO Camcorder


3-CCD HD Hard Drive 1080i Camcorder


Built-in 60GB Hard Drive Recording 1440x1080i Resolution Video 3x 1/5 Image Sensors with 570k Pixels each Konica Minolta HD 10x Optical Zoom Lens HD Gigabrid Image Processor HDMI, Component, USB, and iLink Connectivity SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot Electronic Image Stabilization Win/Mac Application Software Included 2.8 Clear LCD Monitor Auto illumination Light Microphone Input #JVGZHD3 $1,199.95
Built-in 60GB Hard Drive Full HD (1980x1080) Resolution with Pixel-Shift Technology 3x 1/5 Image Sensors with 570k Pixels each Fujinon 10x Optical Zoom Lens Optical Image Stabilization Manual Focus Ring and Focus Assist Function SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot HDMI Output HD Software Included #JVGZHD7 $1,299.95


MiniDV Camcorders/Standard Denition

MiniDV Camcorders

1/6 Advanced HAD Image Sensor w/ 680k Pixels 20x Optical, 800x Digital Zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens Steadyshot Electronic Stabilization 2.5 LCD Monitor Includes Picture Motion Browser Software 2.0 #SODCRHC28 $239.95


Step-up Features: 40x Optical, 2000x Digital Zoom USB Interface #SODCRHC38


Step-up Features: 1.0 Megapixels Still Image Capture 25x Optical, 2000x Digital Zoom 2.7 LCD Monitor Memory Stick Duo/PRO Card Slot Includes Handycam Station Cradle, IR Remote #SODCRHC48
Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T Optics 1/3 Advanced HAD CCD Primary Color RGB Filter 14 Bit Analog to Digital Video Conversion 10x Optical, 120x Digital Zoom External Microphone Input Option (VMC-K100) thru Active Interface Shoe #SODCRHC96 $499.95


1/6 Image Sensor with 680k Pixels 32x Optical, 1000x Digital Zoom Optical Image Stabilization 2.7 LCD Monitor Joystick Navigation Control #PAPVGS80 $219.95


Step-Up Features: SD Memory Card Slot Progressive Photo Still Capture Web Camera/USB Capabilities Built-in LED Light #PAPVGS39 $269.95
35x Optical, 1000x Digital Zoom 1/6CCD Image Sensor Electronic Image Stabilizer 2.7 LCD Monitor DIGIC DV Image Processor Smooth Zoom Control with 3 Selectable Fixed Zoom Speeds External Mic. Input (ZR-800 Only) #CAZR800 $229.95

3-CCD MiniDV Camcorders

3 1/6 Image Sensors w/800k Pixels Leica Dicomar 10x Optical, 700x Digital Zoom Lens Advanced Pure Color Image Processor Optical Image Stabilization SD Card Slot #PAPVGS320


Step-up Features: SD/SDHC Card Slot, USB Port #CAZR830


Step-up Features: One Megapixel Still Capture #CAZR850


1/6Image Sensor with 680k Pixels 34x Optical Zoom/ 800x Digital Zoom 2.7 LCD Monitor DV In/Out 3-Dimension Noise Reduction Built-in Auto Light NightAlive Low-light Mode #JVGRD750 $219.95


PV-GS500 Step-Up Features:
3 1/4.7 Image Sensors w/1.07 Megapixels Leica 12x Optical/700x Digital Microphone Input #PAPVGS500 $699.95

MiniDV Camcorder

1/6 Image Sensor w/680k Pixels 34x Schneider Optical Zoom Lens Electronic Image Stabilization 2.7 LCD Monitor SD/MMC Card Slot Built-in Light, USB 2.0 Port #SASCD372


Step-Up Features: SD/MMC Card Slot Progressive Shutter for Stills USB Terminal #JVGRD770 $249.95


Step-Up Features: Includes 2 BN-VF808 Batteries #JVGRD796 $299.95
HDV Camcorders/High Denition

HDV Camcorders

Record 1080i High-Defi nition Resolution 1/3 CleadVid, CMOS (2.1 MP) Image Sensor Carl Zeiss Vario -Sonnar T Lens 10x Optical, 80x Digital Zoom Steadyshot Electronic Stabilization Built-in 5.1 Surround Microphone Cinematic 24 frame fi lm-like Mode Memory Stick Duo/PRO Slot 2.7 LCD Monitor Smooth Slow Recording ModeSlowly View & Analyze Footage HDMI Terminal Built-in Intelligent Flash #SOHDRHC5


Step-up Features 1/ 2.9 CleadVid, CMOS (3.2MP) Image Sensor Optical Image Stabilization Microphone Input #SOHDRHC7 $1,099.95


HDV Camcorder

HDV Portable Walkman VTR

1/2.7 True HD CMOS Image Sensor (1920 x1080) RGB Primary Color Filter DIGIC DV II Image Processor Optical Image Stabilization High-Defi nition 10x Optical, 200x Digital Zoom Lens Variable Zoom Speed Control with 5 Presets Instant AF & Focus Assistant function 24p Cinema fi lm-like Mode Microphone and Headphone Input MiniSD/SDHC Slot HDMI Terminal Advanced Photo Features: 9 Point Ai-AF Mode, Histogram, Metering, Level and Grid Markers 2.7 LCD Monitor Analog to Digital Converter #CAHV20 $999.95 #CAHV20KQ Starter Kit $1,199.95
7 Color LCD Monitor w/1152k Pixels Multiple Viewing Angles High Defi nition: 1080i and 720p Compatible Customizable LCD Profi le Setting Controls Sony x.v.Color Image Technology Support MiniDV/HDV SP and LP Record/Playback Accepts Sony L and M Series Info-Lithium Batteries Crystal Clear Still/Slow Motion Playback 12-Bit/16-Bit PCM Digital Stereo Recording with Audio Dubbing Capability 2x Playback Zoom Capability Memory Stick Duo Card Slot Capture Digital Still Images up to 1440 x 810 Resolution From Video Tape Analog-to-Digital Conversion IEEE1394 (DV), HDMI, USB Connectivity #SOGVHD700 $1,299.95
Hi-8/Digital 8 Camcorders and VTRs Standard Definition

Hi-8 Camcorder


Digital 8 Camcorder


Digital 8 Portable VTRs


1/3 CMOS ClearVid Sensor (SR200E) 1/2.9 CMOS ClearVid Sensor (SR300E) 40GB Hard Drive and Memory Stick Duo Pro Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T Lens #SODCRSR200E 4 Megapixel Stills #SODCRSR300E 6MP/ Optical Stabilization

$829.95 $949.95

1/3 Advanced HAD Image Sensor with 3.3 Megapixels USB Streaming Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T Lens 10x Optical, 120x Digital Zoom 2.7 LCD #SODCRHC96E $559.95


3-CCD MiniDV Camcorder
3x 1/6 CCDs 2.3 Megapixel Still Picture 10x Optical, 700x Digital Zoom #PANVGS230E #PANVGS320E $469.95 $529.95
3-CCD Pro MiniDV Camcorder


3 x 1/3 Advanced HAD Image Sensors Optical Super Steady Shot Image Stabilization 12x Optical Pro-Quality Aspherical Glass Lens Excellent Low-Light Performance #SODCRVX2100E CALL


HD 1080i Native Recording 1/2.7 CMOS Image Sensor Optical Image Stabilizer 10x Optical, 200x Digital Zoom #CAHV10E
3-CCD Pro DVCAM Camcorder




1/2.7 2.96MP True HD CMOS Sensor DIGIC DV II Image Processing 24p Cinema Mode Mic Input #CAHV20 $1,249.95
3 1/3 Image Sensors DVCAM or DV format Recording 12X Optical 48X Digital Zoom 2.5 LCD Excellent Low-Light Performance Optical Image Stabilization #SODSRPD170P
3-CCD MiniDV Cinema Camcorder
3 1/3 Image Sensors with 410k Pixels Leica Dicomar Lens 3.5 Color LCD Optical Image Stabilization CineGamma Film-Like Tones #PAAGDVX100BP


3-CCD HD Camcorder
Built-in 60GB Hard rive Fujinon 10x Optical zoom 1080i HD Video Recording 2.8 LCD, 207,000 Pixels 3x 1/5 Progressive Image Sensors $1,349.95
3 1/3 Progressive Image Sensors 20x OIS Zoom Lens (5.4 to 108mm) 16:9 and 4:3 Switchable Variable Frame Rates Optical Image Stabilization #CAXL2E CALL


HDR-HC5E 1/3 CMOS Sensor with 2.1 MP (HDR-HC5E) 10x Optical, 80x Digital 1/2.9 CMOS Sensor with 3.2 MP (HDR-HC7E) 2.7 Widescreen LCD #SOHDRHC5E $959.95 #SOHDRHC7E $1,149.95

3-CCD HDV Camcorder


6MegaPixels HDR-HC7E

3 1/4 ClearVID CMOS Image Sensors 1080i High-Defi nition Recording 20x Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T Lens 3.5 LCD HDMI Output Memory Stick Card Slot #SOHDRFX7E CALL


3x 1/6 Image Sensors with 540k Pixels High Quality 10x Optical Zoom Lens 500x Digital Zoom Built-In 2.5 LCD Monitor Color Viewfi nder $1,049.95


Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T-Lens 3.5 Hybrid LCD 14-bit A/D Converter 16:9 Aspect Mode HDV/DV Switching System #SOHDRFX1E CALL
See Sony Pro HVRZ1U on page 295


3 CCD image sensor, 1/4 470,000 pixels each 20x Optical zoom 100x Digital Zoom 2.5 LCD & Color Viewfi nder Advanced hot shoe Optical image stabilizer #CAGL2E CALL
20x Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T Zoom Lens 1080i/1080p, 50i/25p Clear Photo 3.5 LCD #SOHVRV1P CALL


3x 1/3 Native 16:9 CCDs at 1440 x 1080 4.5-90mm lens 2.8 LCD, 207,000 Pixels #CAXHA1E


Sony Camcorder Accessories
Infolithium A Series Batteries
NP-FA50 NP-FA70 7.2V, 800 mAh 7.2V, 1220 mAh $9.95 $24.95


Lenses (Contd.)
VCL-HG0737C High Grade 0.7x W/A Lens, fits 37mm lens mount VCL-HG1737S High Grade 1.7x Telephoto, fits 37mm lens mount VCL-HG0758 High Grade 0.7x Wide Lens, f/DCR-VX2000 58mm lens VCL-HG0862 High Grade 0.8x Wide Lens, Fits 62mm lens mount VCL-HG0872 High Grade 0.8x Wide Lens, Fits 72mm lens mount $129.95 $199.95 $249.95 $294.95 $395.95


Infolithium F Series Batteries
NP-FF71 7.2V, 1560 mAh $24.95
Infolithium P and H Series Batteries



Polarizer Filter Kits

$39.95 $74.95 $109.95


7.2V, 900 mAh 6.8V, 1800 mAh 7.2V, 3900 mAh

NP-FH71 NP-FH100

Infolithium L Series Batteries

NP-F570 NP-F730H

7.2V, 2200 mAh 7.2V, 3000 mAh Info-Lithium for DCR-VX1000) 7.2V, 4400 mAh 7.2V, 6600 mAh
$49.95 $88.95 $69.95 $104.95


25mm Circular Polarizer, U/V Protector & Case 30mm Circular Polarizer, Clear Protector & Case 30mm Circular Polarizer, U/V Protector & Case 37mm Circular Polarizer, U/V Protector & Case 62mm Circular Polarizer, U/V Protector & Pouch 72mm Circular Polarizer, U/V Protector & Pouch

$44.95 $44.95 $59.95 $49.95 $94.95 $109.95

Neutral Density Filters

VF-R25NK 25mm VF-R30NKX 30mm VF-R37NK 37mm $14.95 $19.95 $24.95

NP-F770 NP-F970

Infolithium M Series Batteries




7.2V, 1180 mAh (8.5 Wh)

$39.95 $69.95 $99.95


Video Lights

HHVL-HL1 3-watt (Sony Intelligent-Shoe) Video Light $27.95 HVL-HIRL 3-watt (Sony Intelligent-Shoe) Video Light $68.95 HVL-HFL1 3.5-watt (Sony Intelligent-Shoe) Video Light & Flash $93.95 HVL-10NH 10-watt (Sony Intelligent-Shoe) Video Light $84.95 VL-IRM Nightshot IR Video Light (for M Series Batteries or 2 AA Batteries) $39.95 HVL-20DMA 20-watt Video Light (Uses Sony M Series Batteries) $96.95 HVL-20DW2 Dual 10-watt Video Light (Uses Sony L Series Batteries) $79.95 HVL-LBP Pro LED Video Light System (Uses Sony L Series Batteries) $499.95
NP-QM71D 7.2V, 2760 mAh (19.9 Wh) Up to 5.5 hrs of recording time* NP-QM91D 7.2V, 4140 mAh (29.8 Wh)
Infolithium S Series Batteries


3.6V, 1140 mAh (4.9 Wh) Up to 65 min. of recording time* 3.6V, 2720 mAh (9.8 Wh) Up to 145 min. of recording time*

$39.95 $39.95



ACV-Q1050D AC/DC Super Quick Adapter/Chrger for M Series Batteries AC-V700A


$119.95 $129.95 $33.95 $31.95 $64.95 $38.95 $16.95 $36.95 $38.95 $89.95 $48.95 $82.95 $44.95


Microphones & Mic Adaptors
VM-CK10 ECM-F01 ECM-HGZ1 ECM-MSD1 ECM-HST1 ECM-Z37C ECM-MS908C ECM-S930C ECM-HW1 Sony Intelligent-Shoe Mini-Microphone Input Adaptor Omnidirectional Boundary Condenser Microphone (Table-Top) On-Camera Gun Zoom Mic On-Camera Stereo Gun Zoom Mic On-Camera Intelligent-Shoe Stereo Microphone On-Camera Uni-Directional Shotgun Microphone On-Camera Stereo Microphone On-Camera Stereo Microphone Bluetooth Wireless Center Channel Mic. (Certain Model #s Only) $19.95 $43.95 $49.95 $59.95 $69.95 $94.95 $79.95 $99.95 $129.95
AC/DC Adapter/Chrger for L-Series Batteries Charger for L and M Series Batteries Quick Adapter/Chrger for A/P/F Series Li-Ion Batt AC Adapter/Chrger for M Series Batteries P series Compact Charger F series Compact Charger A Series Compact Charger M Series Compact Charger AC Adapter/Chrger for P & H series - Twin Quick Info Charger AC Adapter/Chrger for NP-98, NiCad batteries Portable Dual AC Battery Charger for L Series Car Battery Adapter Cable


VCT-1170RM Professional Tripod with Remote Control VCT-870RM Tripod with Remote Expands 26-64 high VCT-D680RM Tripod with Remote Expands 19-57 high VCT-D580RM Tripod with Remote Expands 17-1/2 to 45 VCT-D640 Lightweight Video Tripod VCT-MTK Compact Tripod Kit w/Cleaning Cloth and Pouch VCT-S30L Cold Shoe Adapter f/Cams w/o Accessory Shoe RM-VD1 Control L Remote VCT-FXA Shoulder Brace $329.95 $121.95 $67.95 $53.95 $29.95 $16.95 $12.95 $33.95 $259.95


LCS-VA5 LCS-VA31 LCS-VA40 Soft Case TR/TRV Series Soft Carrying Case Soft Carrying Case Shoulder Carry Case for HDR-HC Series HDR-FX1 Hard Case Hard Carrying Case $29.95 $16.95 $24.95 $19.95 $124.95 $259.95




Cables & Misc
VMC-20FR VMC-15FS VMC-IL4415 VMC-IL4435 VMC-IL4615 VMC-30FR VMC-30FS VMC-30VC ACC-DVDP2 ACC-DVDH2 ACC-DVH ACC-FH70 SPK-HCC Mini to 3 RCA $14.95 AV Cable f/IP Cams $16.i.Link Cable $19.95 11.5 i.Link Cable $44.i.Link Cable $27.Angled Mini to RCA $19.Mini to RCA & S-Video Cable $29.Mini to 3 RCA $39.95 Accs. Kit f//DVD405/505 $29.95 Starter Kit for DVD Camcorders with NP-FH50 batteries $54.95 Starter Kit for MiniDV Camcorders with NP-FP50 batteries $59.95 Starter Kit for Camcorders with H Series batteries $79.95 Water-resistant Sports Marine Pack $169.95


VCL-0625S Wide Conversion Lens x0.6 f/25mm diameter VCL-0630X Wide Conversion Lens x0.6 f/30mm diameter VCL-0752H 0.7x Dlx Wide Angle Lens Fits 52mm lens diameter VCL-2025S Tele Conversion Lens x0.6 f/25 mm diameter VCL-2030X 30mm 2x Telephoto Converter Lens
$24.95 $29.95 $49.95 $41.95 $49.95 $39.95 $119.95 $121.95 $121.95 $62.95 $29.95


VCL-R2037S Tele Conversion Lens 37mm 2x VCL-HG0725 High Grade 0.7x WA Fits 25mm lens diameter VCL-HG2025 High Grade 2.0x Teles Fits 25mm lens diameter VCL-HG2030 High Grade 2.0x Teles Fits 30mm lens diameter VCL-TWStage 0.7x W/A & 2x Telephoto Lens, fits 25mm lens mount


VCL-HA07A 0.7x W/A Lens fits 25, 30, 37mm (with included adapters)
Canon Camcorder Accessories


$89.95 $94.95 $89.95 $84.95 $88.95 $94.95 $89.95 $99.00 $86.95 $119.00 $99.95 $114.95 $86.95 $99.95 $129.95 $159.95 $199.95 $119.00 $94.95 $139.95 $169.95 $399.95


$44.95 $74.95 $114.95 $129.95 $164.95 $49.95 $69.99 $69.95 $49.95 $49.95 $49.95 $69.95 $94.95 $49.95 $59.95 $79.95 $54.95 $69.95 $74.95 $44.95 $79.95

Canon Lenses

TL-H27 27mm 1.7x Telephoto Converter Lens f/Optura #CATLH27 WD-H27 27mm 0.7x W/A Converter Lens f/Optura S1 #CAWDH27 TL-28 28mm 1.7x Telephoto Converter Lens #CATL28 WD-28 28mm 0.7x Wide Angle Converter Lens #CAWD28 WD-30.5 30.5mm 0.7x Wide Angle Converter Lens #CAWD30.5 WD-H30.5 30.5mm 0.7x Wide Angle Converter Lens #CAWDH30.5 TL-30.5 30.5mm 1.9x Telephoto Converter Lens #CATL30.5 TL-H30.5 30.5mm 1.7x Telephoto Converter Lens #CATLH30.5 WD-34 34mm 0.7x Wide Angle Converter Lens #CAWD34 WD-H34 34mm 0.7x Wide Angle Converter Lens #CAWDH34 TL-34 34mm 1.7x Telephoto Lens #CATL34 TL-H34 34mm 1.5x Telephoto Lens #CATLH34 WD-34 34mm 0.7x Wide Angle Converter Lens #CAWD34 TL-H37 37mm 1.5x Telephoto Converter Lens #CATLH37 WD-H37C 37mm 0.7x Wide Angle Converter Lens #CAWDH37C TL-H43 43mm 1.7x Telephoto Converter Lens #CATLH43 WD-H43 43mm 0.7x Wide Angle Converter Lens #CAWDH43 TL-H46 46mm 1.7x Telephoto Converter Lens #CATLH46 WD-46 46mm 0.7x Wide Angle Converter Lens #CAWD46 WD-H46 46mm 0.7x Wide Angle Converter Lens #CAWDH46 WD-58H 58mm 0.7x W/A Converter Lens w/Hood f/GL-2 #CAWD58H WD-H72 72mm 0.75x Wide Angle Converter Lens f/XL-2 #CAWDH72






BP-mAh Lithium-ion (Aprox 60 Min) #CABP915 BP-mAh Lithium-ion (Aprox 120 Min) #CABP930 BP-mAh Lithium-ion (Aprox 180 Min) #CABP945 BP-950G 5200 mAh Lithium-ion #CABP950G BP-970G 7200 mAh Lithium-ion #CABP970G BP-mAh Lithium-ion (f/Elura 2) #CABP407 BP-mAh Lithium-ion (f/Elura 2) #CABP422 BP-mAh Lithium-ion (f/Elura Cams) #CABP617 BP-mAh Lithium-ion (f/ZR Cams) #CABP608 BP-511A 1390 mAh Lithium-ion #CABP511A BP-mAh Lithium-ion #CABP514 BP-mAh Lithium-ion #CABP522 BP-mAh Lithium-ion #CABP535 BP-mAh Lithium-ion #CABP208 BP-2LmAh Lithium-ion #CABP2L14 BP-mAh Lithium-ion #CABP214 BP-mAh Lithium-ion #CABP308 BP-mAh Lithium-ion #CABP310 BP-mAh Lithium-ion #CABP315 BP-mAh Lithium-ion #CABP714 BP-mAh NiMH #CABP729


Filter Kits


A/C Chargers/Adapters
CA-400 f/Elura 2/2 MC Cams & BP-406/422 Battery #CACA400Q CA-500 for the Ultura & Vistura Camcorders #CACA500 CA-550 f/ES-8100V, 6500V, ES-50V/55V Cams #CACA550 CA-560 f/ZR-10/20,/25MC/30MC, Optura PI Cams #CACA560 CA-570E for Select Cameras & Camcorders #CACA570E CA-590 for Select Cameras & Camcorders #CACA590 CA-600 f/ZR & Elura Cams, BP-608/617 Batteries #CACA600 CA-910 f/XL-1/GL-1 Cams, BP-915/930/BP-945 Battery #CACA910 CH-910 Dual Battery Adapt/Chgr f/900 Series Batteries #CACH910 CA-920 f/XL-1/GL-2 & BP-915/930/945 Batteries #CACA920 CA-950 Compact Power Adapter #CACA950 CA-PS700 f/Elura 40MC/50 Camcorder #CACAPS700 CG-300 Battery Charger f/BP300/308/3150 Batteries #CACG300 CG-Series Dual Base f/CA-570 & CB-570 #CACG570 CG-Series Batteries Portable Charger #CACG580 $118.95 $88.99 $84.99 $84.95 $89.95 $99.95 $109.95 $114.95 $139.95 $119.95 $139.95 $59.95 $69.00 $89.95 $59.95


FS-H27U FS-28U FS-30.5 FS-34U FS-H37U FS-43UII FS-H46U FS-55U FS-72U
27mm ND.8 & M/C Protector filters & Case #CAFSH27U $49.95 28mm ND.8 & M/C Protector filters & Case #CAFS28U $49.95 30.5mm ND.8 & M/C Protector filters #CAFS30.5 $44.95 34mm ND.8 & M/C Protector filters #CAFS34U $49.95 37mm ND.8 & M/C Protector filters #CAFSH37U $54.95 43mm ND.8 & M/C Protector filters #CAFS43U2 $59.95 46mm ND.8 & M/C Protector filters & Case #CAFSH46U $64.95 55mm Circular Polarizer, ND.8 & Case #CAFS55U $69.95 72mm Circular Polarizer, UV, ND.8 & Case #CAFS72U $119.95







Assorted Camcorder Accessories
Model MD-205S KUW-042 SGW-043 SGW-05 SGW-05PRO SGT-20 KUT-300HI KUT-500 KNW-038 KRW-075 Lens Mount 37mm 37/46mm 37mm 37mm 37mm 37mm 37/46mm 37mm 52mm 58mm Description 0.5x W/A & 2.0x Tele 0.42X W.A Macro 0.43X Wide Angle 0.5X Wide Angle 0.5X Wide Angle 2.0x Tele 3.0x Telephoto 5.0x Telephoto 0.38X Wide Angle 0.75X Wide Angle Front Thread 55mm 46mm 67mm Adapters 27, 30, 30.5mm 49, 52mm 49, 52mm Price $39.95 $49.95 $39.95 $24.95 $59.95 $24.95 $79.95 $99.95 $69.95 $69.95

Pro Series Lenses

Model KNW-05-PROII KRW-065 PRO-DX KRT-20-Pro Lens Mount 52mm 58mm 58mm Description 0.5x Wide Angle 0.65x Wide Angle 2.0x Telephoto Front Thread 82mm Adapters 49mm Price $124.95 $149.95 $129.95
DVM-700 DVR-1002 DVR-5002 HD-3032PRO HD-5050PRO DVR-2021 HD-2200PROLE HD-2200PRO MSN-202 MSN-505 DCR-150 DCR-250 HD-6600PRO43 HD-6600PRO49 HD-6600PRO52 DCR-1540PRO DCR-6600PRO HD-7000PRO MX-3000PRO
Lens Mount 30mm 37mm 37mm 37mm 37mm 37mm 37mm 37mm 37mm 37mm 43mm 43mm 43mm 49mm 52mm 52mm 52mm 58mm 58mm
Description 0.7x Wide Angle 0.5x W/A & 1.5x Tele 0.5x Wide Angle 0.3x HD Fisheye 0.5x, Super W/A 2.0x Tele 2.2x Tele (Black) 2.2x Tele (Silver) 1.5x Macroscan 2.5x Macroscan 1.5x Macro 2.5x Macro 0.66x HQ W/A 0.66x HQ W/A 0.66x HQ W/A 1.54x HD Tele 0.66x Wide Angle 0.7x Wide Angle 0.3x Semi Fisheye
Front Thread 62mm 49mm 55mm 55mm 72mm 72mm 72mm 67mm 72mm 82mm 87mm
Adapters 27, 30.5mm 27, 30, 30.5mm 27, 30, 30.5, 34, 43mm 25, 27, 30, 30.5, 43mm 25, 27, 30, 30.5, 43mm 27, 30, 30.5, 43, 49mm 25, 27, 30, 30.5, 43mm 25, 27, 30, 0.5, 43mm 52 to 67mm 52 to 67mm 52 to 67mm 52 to 67mm
Price $54.95 $69.95 $79.95 $99.95 $89.95 $47.95 $129.95 $119.95 $59.95 $119.95 $36.95 $43.95 $119.95 $119.95 $139.95 $138.95 $139.95 $169.95 $129.95

Century Precision Optics

Model DS-55WA-37 DS-HR65-37 DS-FEWA-37 DS-1609-37 DS-HR20-37 Lens Mount 37mm 37mm 37mm 37mm 37mm Description 0.55x Wide Angle 0.65x Wide Angle 0.3x Ultra Fish-eye 16:9 Widescreen 2.0x Telephoto Front Thread 43mm 62mm 62mm 62mm Adapters 27, 30, 30.5mm 27, 30, 30.5mm 27, 30, 30.5mm 27, 30, 30.5mm Price $129.95 $209.95 $279.95 $309.95 $229.95

$19.95 $24.95 $18.95 $19.95

MiniDV Cassette Rewinder

Two-way, High-Speed Fast-Forward or Rewind Saves Wear and Tear on Your Camcorder Includes AC Power Supply, (4 AAA optional) #IMREWDV


Your guide to making great movies by Douglas Spotted Eagle
Digital Video Basics Handbooks

Tape Rewinders

KV822, UV230C
Refine Your Video Production Skills and Understanding. Utilized in several school programs around the world. $19.95 #VADVB Digital Video Basics $29.99 #VABHDV HDV What you need to know
Auto Stop w/Soft Eject KV822: 8MM 2-Way AC/DC Video Rewinder UV230C: VHS 2-Way AC Rewinder & Cleaner #KIKV822 #KIUV230C

$15.95 $15.95

MiniDV Cleaning Kit


RF-Link AVS-5811
Audio/Video 5.8 GHz Wireless System
Wireless Transmitter & Receiver with 4 Selectable Channels, and Built-in IR Remote Extender Range up-to 300 ft., Line-of-Sight NTSC/PAL #RF5.8WTRD $118.95
This Dry head cleaner for digital minidv camcorders will maintain the quality of your camcorder heads, and your camcorders overall recording performance. #IMMDVCK $14.95

Quick Dial: 92

Audio for Video

Pro Series

High Performance VHF Wireless
2 switchable freq. (169.445 and 170.245 MHz) Reliable performance up to 250 #AZWMSPRO WMS-PRO Combo System Includes: WM-Pro bodypack transmitter with a handheld and lavalier mic $149.95 #AZWLXPRO WLX-PRO Lavalier System Includes: WM-Pro bodypack transmitter, lav mic with attached tie clip & windscreen $134.95 #AZWHXPRO WHX-PRO Handheld System Includes: WMT-Pro handheld mic transmitter with combination on/off-mute switch $159.95

UM-1 Systems

UM-1 UHF diversity micro receiver Systems include the CT-7 body pack or HT-7 handheld transmitter with a wide range of Samson and other microphone elements 9V battery operation Locking balanced mini-XLR output Headphone output with level control #SAU77L831 UM1 Receiver/CT7 transmitter/AT831 lavalier mic $309.95 #SAU77L350 UM1 Receiver/CT7 transmitter/MT-350 lavalier mic $269.95 #SAU77HHQ7 UM1 Receiver/HT7 transmitter/Q7 Mic capsule $269.95 #SAU77HHC05 UM1 Receiver/HT7 transmitter/C05 Mic capsule $289.95
WL/T-PRO: Lav mic w/belt-pack transmitter

Pro Series Components

Dual XLR Audio Adapters
BeachTek Dual XLR Audio Adapters provide a reliable way to hook up professional audio gear to your DV camcorder. Two channels let you record from two sources on separate tracks for post audio mixing Both channels have their own mic/line level switch and trim potentiometers for flexibility and securely attaches to a mounting plate under the camera Rugged all-metal case #BEDXA4 DXA-4 for Sony VX-1000/VX-2000 $179.95 #BEDXA4P DXA-4P for Canon GL-1, Optura Pi and Panasonic AG-456 $179.95 #BEDXA2SDXA-2S Universal, Fits Any Compact DV Camcorder $179.95 #BEDXAFXDXA-FX for Sony HDR-FX1 $319.95

#AZWLTPRO $89.95 WR22-PRO: Unique receiver with 2 antennas allows you to use any two Pro Series mics simultaneously Stereo outputs record the sound from each mic separately on stereo cameras 9-volt or 12-volt DC operation #AZWR22PRO $179.95

Pro 88W/829

Camera Mountable VHF Lavalier Systems
Includes: Body-Pack Transmitter, Camera Mountable Receiver, AT830mW Omnidirectional Lav Mic, and Camera Shoe Mount 2 User Selectable VHF Frequencies Durable Metal Construction Camera Shoe Mountable #AUP88W830 $169.95 #AUP88W829 (with 829 Cardioid Mic) $169.95
Dual XLR Audio Adapters w/Phantom Power DXA-6: Provides 48-Volt phantom power on both inputs for use with condenser microphones, and is universally compatible with any camcorder. #BEDXA6 $249.95 #BEDXA6VU w/VU meter $359.95
Stereo Condenser Microphone
The SVM is an on-camera stereo microphone with an X/Y configuration and the same low-noise circuit design as the Rode VideoMic. It features 9V battery operation, an LED battery status indicator, a high pass filter switch, and a -10dB pad switch Stereo X/Y condenser microphone Integral camera-shoe mount and windshield Rugged cast aluminum body 9V battery operation #ROSVM $269.95


Shotgun Mic w/Built-in Shockmount
The VideoMic is a camera mounting shotgun microphone that features an integrated shock mount. Its small, lightweight profile allows quick, unobtrusive mounting on DV and HDV cameras without appearing in the frame. The super-cardioid polar pattern and barrel canceling design attenuates side axis audio. #ROVM $159.95

H4 SuperMini

Surround Sound Microphone System
The H4 is a Portable camera-mountable 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Microphone System designed for Broadcast, ENG and Matrix Encoded professional Video and Film Production. Onboard multi-channel pre-amplifier & encoder (5) microphone elements (L, R, C, LS, RS) Output on 3.5mm stereo female mini-plug jack Virtual surround headphone output Powers via (4) AA #HOH4SM Call
Lightweight, ideal for video camera mounting Built-in cable with 1/8 (3.5mm) connector Powers via AAA battery Includes windscreen and camera shoemount #AUSMX10 $79.95


Lightweight Shotgun Mic
Compact and extremely lightweight with built-in shoe mount. This super-cardioid shotgun is very focused and attenuates any ambient noise. Connects to camera via 1/8 Mini Plug. Electret Condenser Microphone Frequency Response 150 Hz - 17 kHz 9.2 x 2.6 (230 x 65mm) LxDiameter 2.1 oz. (60 g) #SEMK300 $159.95

Mini Windjammers

Improves the performance of handheld & stereo microphones as well as the onboard microphones of consumer camcorders. Designed to be positioned over your mics foam windscreen. #RYMWEM Medium Mini Windjammer: For mics up to 1.5 Dia. x 2.5 L (Canon GL-2 & JVC GY-DV300U) $48.00 #RYMWS60 Special 60: For mics up to 2.0 Diameter by 2.75 Length (Sony VX 1000/2000/2100) $50.00 #RYMWS90 Special 90: For mics up to 2.0 Diameter by 3.5 Length (EV RE50 and Audio Technica AT822/825) $50.00 #RYMWS130 Special 130: For mics up to 2.0 Diameter by 5 Length (Sony PD-150/170 and ECM-MS957) $55.00 #RYMWS155 Special 155: For mics up to 2.0 Diameter by 6.25 Length (Canon XL1/2) $55.00



Powerpod408 SX-737 FR931 LA46C750 Mre V6 EKV5600 PY90DG MX-D302 KG275 AR-NB2A Olympus XA Ericsson W205 KD-SHX851 ZWG5120 37RA1E ADC67555W HR7638 Yamaha PF15 22LH2000 CN-HDS940 Desktop PC FZ 62 TL803V RM-V801 EX-FC100 RA201 Fusion 2007 AX-V55bk-ax-v55 CR 38T2 RZ-15LA31 LA32B450c4D Scratch 1 315-277140 LCD1550V 3 0 HD 580 Akai S950 Velo 8 PDX-5 Camera F2400 ZWF155W SPH-V9000 3000-601 Mitsubishi Colt KDC-W8531 XR-4300RX BD-P1620A Samsung M801 Way 2009 Avic-F500BT Htib-107 PSX-100 ICF-M260 CDX-555XRF Fostex PD-2 TDR125-2001 211 ZW5000T8 CS-21Z58ZQQ YP-Q2AB Surfer 2 CF-21E60 Airluba WT88 DSD 660 42PC1R CX7220 DSP-E492 C-705TX Wl-322 VRX835 XR-C750 RX-V540RDS SMH5140WB VGN-A517M HX2755 SA-65 4X4-2004 Twingo Gpsmap 62S 2693HM VGN-NR38m S Review Mackie TT24 Msa500 Motorlift500 Hayabusa GN 2100 DFL-700 NV100HD Avhs450N WD8704EJA GLC2500 Studio GPS 420 KS-AX6500 Maestro 4050 Travelmate-6000 Urc-3550 9303 S Downr


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