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henrybaxter 8:54pm on Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 
Purchased from [...] through Amazon and received almost a month-and-a-half ago. Product arrived on time and in good condition. Excellent picture.
Dracumel 11:30am on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 
I replaced my ten year old 65" rear projection TV with this sleek and beautiful Panasonic Viera S1 Plasma.The picture is gorgeous,black levels superb,...
collier 3:29am on Monday, August 2nd, 2010 
Not only the best large screen plasma but without question the best large screen TV out there. My 60" Toshiba projection TV broke only after 2 years and 1 week, so we hunted for a new TV for quite some time.
ScottReed 5:35am on Friday, July 23rd, 2010 
This TV is absolutely gorgeous. We had a 50" Samsung plasma upstairs and decided to put this 58" Panny in our new home theater in the basement.
Gil 3:57pm on Saturday, June 26th, 2010 
Sharp, crisp, colorful big screen, great for HD sports, movies, video games. Attractive Design","Fast Setup","Good Remote Control","Good Resolution",...
bsmonks 4:26am on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 
"I bought this in November. It has changed the way I watch TV. Football games are a new experience. "Was torn between Panasonic and the Samsung Plasma...I have a Samsung LCD so was hard to decide to switch to Plasma.
stef 3:05am on Sunday, May 16th, 2010 
i got this tv for myself as a gift for me and i couldnt be happier. this tv is the best. This is the best TV for the price and size of this TV will take your breath away. I have wall mounted the TV and it is like watching in a theater.

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Main unit (Front)

e.g., [BT730]




Pull open.




Standby/on switch (POWER /I) ( 19) Press to switch the unit from on to standby mode or vice versa. In standby mode, the unit is still consuming a small amount of power. Power indicator The indicator lights when this unit is turned on. Connect iPod/iPhone ( 32) Adjust the volume of the main unit Open or close the disc tray ( 22) Disc tray SD card slot ( 22) [BT730] [BT330] Connect Auto speaker setup microphone
Display (FL display) SRD (SURROUND) lights when sound is output to the surround speakers. The display is turned off when the volume is adjusted to 0. ( 37) Remote control signal sensor Distance: Within approx. 7 m (23 ft.) Angle: Approx. 20o up and down, 30o left and right Select the source ( 23) Stop ( 25) Start play ( 25)
If the front cover comes off
1 Hold rear side of main unit by one hand and match up left or right side protruding hook on the cover first with the corresponding slot on the unit. 2 Push the hook firmly towards the unit until it clicks into place. Then push the succeeding hooks one by one until all have clicked into place. 3 Check that the cover now moves correctly. If it does not, remove it and repeat the above procedure.

Main unit (Rear)










FM ANT (75 )

AC IN terminal ( 18) Speaker terminals ( 13) Cooling fan USB port for optional wireless adaptor ( HDMI AV OUT terminal ( 15) FM radio antenna terminal ( 16) 7
DIGITAL AUDIO IN terminals ( 14 , 15) Terminal 1 is designated for connection with the TV. Terminal 2 can be used with equipment other than the STB. 8 Digital transmitter dock ( 16) 9 LAN port ( 17) 10 VIDEO OUT terminal ( 14) 11 AUX terminal ( 14)
Saving energy This unit is designed to conserve its power consumption and save energy. This unit will automatically turn to standby mode after 30 minutes if it is inactive. 8

Playable discs/Cards

Type Logo examples Type detail BD-Video [BD] BD-RE BD-R DVD-Video Playable contents Video Video JPEG Video Video

r: White s: Blue line

Be sure to match the number on each sticker with the connector color.
Be careful not to cross (short-circuit) or reverse the polarity of the speaker wires as doing so may damage the speakers. Dont use a front speaker as a surround speaker or vice versa. Verify the type of speaker with the label on the rear of the speaker before connecting the appropriate cable. To avoid injury by falling or dropping the speaker, place the speaker cables with care not to stumble or hook. Do not hold the speaker in one hand to avoid injury by dropping the speaker when carrying.

Speaker assembly option

[BT330] Thread the speaker cable through the base. Attach the speaker. Insert the wire fully. r: White s: Blue line Push! Press into the groove. Tighten securely. You can remove and use the cable from the stand. To reattach the cable, refer to page 40. Slide into the groove.
Leave about 120 mm (4 23/32q)
Preventing the speakers from falling
Consult a qualified housing contractor concerning the appropriate procedure when attaching to a concrete wall or a surface that may not have strong enough support. Improper attachment may result in damage to the wall or speakers. e.g., [BT730] A String (not included) Thread from the wall to the speaker and tie tightly. B Rear of the speaker C Screw eye (not included) D Wall E Approx.150 mm (5 29/32q)
Use of the speaker cable stickers is convenient when making cable connections. e.g. Front speaker (L)
Connecting the speaker cables. Insert the wire fully, taking care not to insert beyond the wire insulation. 12

STEP 2 : Positioning

The main unit and supplied speakers are to be used only as indicated in this setup. Failure to do so may lead to damage to the amplifier and/or the speakers, and may result in the risk of fire. Consult a qualified service person if damage has occurred or if you experience a sudden change in performance. Do not attempt to attach these speakers to walls using methods other than those described in this manual. Do not touch the front netted area of the speakers. Hold by the sides. How you set up your speakers can affect the bass and the sound field.

Setup example

Place the front, center and surround speakers at approximately the same distance from the seating position. The angles in the diagram are approximate. [BT730] [BT330] Using Auto Speaker Setup ( 19) is a convenient way to get the ideal surround sound from your speakers when you are unable to place them.
Keep your speakers at least 10 mm (13/32z) away from the system for proper ventilation. Use only supplied speakers Using other speakers can damage the unit, and sound quality will be negatively affected. You can damage your speakers and shorten their useful life if you play sound at high levels over extended periods. Positioning speakers in front It is possible to locate all the speakers in front of the listening position. However the optimal surround sound effect may not be obtainable. Place speakers on flat secure bases. Placing speakers too close to floors, walls, and corners can result in excessive bass. Cover walls and windows with thick curtains. For optional wall mount, refer to page 40.


Surround speaker (Lch)
4 GRAY Surround speaker (Rch)

Wireless system


Main unit



Surround selector The surround selector switch must be set in the center position.

[BT330] [BT230]

Subwoofer Center speaker Front speaker (Rch) Front speaker (Lch) Surround speaker (Rch) Surround speaker (Lch)
When using the optional wireless system, do not attempt to connect any extra surround or surround back speakers to the main unit.
Turn off all equipment before connection and read the appropriate operating instructions. Do not connect the AC power supply cord until all other connections are complete. 14

Connection to a TV

The basic connection is shown in the included Easy Setting Guide, however, there are more connection examples to optimize your system setting. Do not make the video connections through the VCR. Due to copy guard protection, the picture may not be displayed properly. Turn off all equipment before connection.


After making the digital audio connection, make settings to suit the type of audio from your digital equipment ( 30).
The HDMI connection supports VIERA Link HDAVI Control ( 31) when used with a compatible Panasonic TV. Please use High Speed HDMI Cables that have the HDMI logo (as shown on the cover). It is recommended that you use Panasonics HDMI cable. When outputting 1080p signal, please use HDMI cables 5.0 meters (16.4 ft.) or less. Recommended part number: RP-CDHS15 (1.5 m/4.9 ft.), RP-CDHS30 (3.0 m/9.8 ft.), RP-CDHS50 (5.0 m/16.4 ft.), etc.

Basic connection



A Video cable (included) B Audio cable (not included)
To enjoy TV audio from this home theater systems speakers, select AUX (TV) as a source (
Connection for the better audio







A Video cable (included) B Optical digital audio cable (not included)
To enjoy TV audio from this home theater systems speakers, select DIGITAL IN 1 (TV) or D-IN 1 as a source. 15
Connection for the best picture and audio
A HDMI cable (not included) B Optical digital audio cable (not included) For the TV audio, an audio cable (not included) can be also used by connecting the AUX terminal with the AUDIO OUT terminal on the TV.


To enjoy TV audio from this home theater systems speakers, select DIGITAL IN 1 (TV) or D-IN 1 as a source (
ARC (Audio Return Channel) (Available when using an ARC compatible TV) With this function it is possible to receive the digital audio signal from the TV without connecting any other audio cables. Select ARC (TV) as the audio input source ( 23). Refer to the operating instructions of the TV for the settings to output digital audio.
Connection with Set Top Box, etc.
Refer to the operating instructions of the respective devices for the optimal connections.




A Optical digital audio cable (not included) B Set Top Box, cable TV, VCR, DVD recorder, etc.
To enjoy TV audio from this home theater systems speakers, select DIGITAL IN 2 (CABLE/SAT) or D-IN 2 as a source ( 23). NECESSARY SETTINGS HDMI Audio Output : Off ( 37) 16

Radio antenna connection

Using an indoor antenna
A FM indoor antenna (included) B Adhesive tape Affix this end of the antenna where reception is best.

Using an outdoor antenna

Use outdoor antenna if FM radio reception is poor. e.g.,


A FM outdoor antenna [Using a TV antenna (not included)] The antenna should be installed by a competent technician. B 75 coaxial cable (not included) C Antenna plug (not included)
Digital transmitter connection
Do not insert or remove while the home theater unit is on.
Insert fully until you hear a click. 17
Connection to a broadband network
The following services can be used when this unit is connected to broadband. Firmware can be updated ( 21) You can enjoy the BD-Live ( 27) You can enjoy VIERA CAST ( 34) For details about connection method, refer to the instructions supplied with the connected equipment. It may not work properly depending on the equipment or environment used.
Using LAN (ethernet) cable
Using Wireless LAN Adaptor (optional)
Only the Wireless LAN Adaptor DY-WL10 (optional) can be used.
A LAN Cable (not included) B Broadband router, etc. C LAN Cable (not included) D Modem (Broadband) *Provided by ISP Use shielded LAN cables when connecting to peripheral devices. Inserting any cable other than a LAN cable in the LAN terminal can damage the unit. A Wireless LAN Adaptor B Wireless router (Access point), etc. C LAN Cable (not included) D Modem (Broadband) *Provided by ISP When connection conditions are poor, use the USB extension cable included with the Wireless LAN Adaptor DY-WL10 (optional). Read the operating instructions for the Wireless LAN Adaptor DY-WL10 (optional) thoroughly when using it. For up to date compatibility information on your Wireless router (Access Point) refer to

[BT730] [BT330] Auto Speaker Setup Adjust the speaker output level automatically. Speaker Output Make surround sound setting for speaker output. Cinema Surround The function creates the sound of virtual speakers to enhance the realistic surround feeling as if the sound comes from all directions. (Speakers position: Surround Layout only) (Effective when playing video with 5.1/7.1ch audio) TV Audio Select the audio input connection from your TV, [item with (TV)]. Quick Start Speed of startup from power off is increased.
Turn on your TV and select the appropriate video input mode (e.g., VIDEO 1, AV 1, HDMI, etc.) to suit the connections to this unit. [BT730] [BT330] : Place the Auto speaker setup microphone at the actual seating position. (At ear level when seated.) e.g., [BT730]
Press [OK] several times to finish the Smart setup or Easy setup.
After completing Smart setup or Easy setup, you can perform Network Easy Setting.
You can perform this setup anytime by selecting Smart setup or Easy setup in the Setup menu. ( 38) Language and TV Aspect settings are automatically retrieved if this unit is connected to a Panasonic TV (VIERA) supporting HDAVI Control 2 or later via an HDMI cable.
Keep as quiet as possible during the Auto speaker setup. Excessive background noise may lead to incorrect settings. The speakers output loud test signals during setup. After the Smart setup is completed, unplug the Auto speaker setup microphone and keep it for future use. 20

Network Easy Setting

Before you perform the wireless network settings on this unit, confirm the set up of your Wireless router (Access point) is done correctly on your PC.
When you experience problems with settings
Access Point Connection Setting
Failed to connect to the access point. A conflict with another device occurred. Do you want to configure Access Point Connection Setting again ?
Select Wired or Wireless and press [OK].
Network Easy Setting (Connection Check)
A settings check for home network and Internet connections is now being conducted. Please select a connection mode first. Current setting : Wired LAN cable connection: Connect a LAN cable to the unit and select Wired. Wireless LAN connection: Insert a compatible Wireless LAN Adaptor to USB port and select Wireless. Access point is necessary for Wireless LAN connection. 26

Useful functions 1 2

Press [SUB MENU] Select an item and press [OK].
To display the titles properties (recording date, etc.) To select the chapter Playing still pictures ( 27)
Enjoying BD-Live or BONUSVIEW in BD-Video


BONUSVIEW allows you to enjoy functions such as picture-in-picture or secondary audio etc.
While DIRECT NAVIGATOR screen is displayed Properties View Chapters To picture Select Folder While playing Screen Aspect Top Menu Pop-up Menu Menu When black bars are shown at the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the screen, you can enlarge the image to fill the screen. To display Top Menu. To display Pop-up Menu. To display Menu.

What is BD-Live?

In addition to the BONUSVIEW function, BD-Live allows you to enjoy more functions such as subtitles, exclusive images and online games by connecting this unit to the Internet. The usable functions and the operating method may vary with each disc, please refer to the instructions on the disc and/or visit their website.
To switch to another folder
Playing picture-in-picture
To turn on/off secondary video 1 Press [DISPLAY]. 2 Press [3, 4] to select the Disc menu and press [1]. 3 Press [3, 4] to select the Signal Type menu and press [OK]. 4 Press [3, 4] to select the Video under Secondary Video menu and press [1]. 5 Press [3, 4] to select the On or Off. 6 Press [RETURN] to exit.
Depending on the played contents if you perform Screen Aspect, there may be no effect. When TV Aspect ( 37) is set to 4:3 or 4:3 Letterbox, the Zoom effect is disabled.
Depending on the media and contents, displayed items are different.
A Secondary video B Primary video
To turn on/off secondary audio 1 Press [DISPLAY]. 2 Press [3, 4] to select the Disc menu and press [1]. 3 Press [3, 4] to select the Signal Type menu and press [OK]. 4 Press [3, 4] to select the Soundtrack under Secondary Video menu and press [1]. 5 Press [3, 4] to select the On or Off. When On is selected, press [1] and then press [3, 4] to select the language. 6 Press [RETURN] to exit.
During search/slow-motion or frame-by-frame, only the primary video is displayed. When BD-Video Secondary Audio in Digital Audio Output is set to Off, secondary audio will not be played ( 36). 27
Enjoying BD-Live discs with Internet
Some BD-Live content available on the Blu-ray discs may require an Internet account to be created in order to access the BD-Live content. Follow the screen display or instruction manual of the disc for information on acquiring an account.

Playing still pictures

[BD] [DVD] [CD] [SD] (BD-RE, DVD-RAM/R/R DL, CD-R/RW, SD Card)
Insert a disc or SD card.
If the menu is displayed, press [3, 4] to select the item and press [OK].
Insert an SD card (with 1 GB or more free space).

SD card is used as the local storage ( 47).

Insert the disc.


Album View Video Picture

Deleting data/Formatting SD cards
Insert an SD card. Press [START]. Press [3, 4] to select Other Functions and press [OK]. Press [3, 4] to select Card Management and press [OK]. 5 Press [3, 4] to select BD-Video Data Erase or Format SD Card and press [OK].
Card Management SD card No. of Files 6 Free space 300 MB

106_DVD Total 8

12 Total 13


Next B

Slideshow Y

Page 02/02


G Picture
Press [OK] to go to Picture View.
Press [3, 4, 2, 1] to select the still picture and press [OK].

0003 0004



BD-Video Data Erase Format SD Card

Page 001/001

Format this SD Card.


6 Press [2, 1] to select Yes and press [OK]. 7 Press [2, 1] to select Start and press [OK].
To use the above functions, it is recommended that you format the card on this unit. If the SD card you use is formatted, all data on the card will be erased. It cannot be recovered. BD-Live Internet Access may need to be changed for certain discs ( 36). When discs supporting BD-Live are played back, the player or disc IDs may be sent to the content provider via the Internet.
Press [2, 1] to display the previous or next still picture. To exit the screen Press [TOP MENU/DIRECT NAVIGATOR].
To show the picture properties
While playing, press [STATUS] twice. e.g. JPEG on DVD-RAM Shooting date

Photo 11/12/2007

To exit the screen Press [STATUS].
Connect to the network. (
BD-RE, DVD-RAM Press [3, 4, 2, 1] to select the album and press [OK]. 28
Press [SUB MENU]. Select an item and press [OK].

Playing music

[DVD] [CD] (DVD-R/R DL, music CD, CD-R/RW)
While Album View or Picture View screen is displayed Start Slideshow Slideshow Settings You can display still pictures one by one at a constant interval. Display Interval Change the display interval. Transition Effect Set display method. Repeat Play Repeat slideshow. Soundtrack Music files on an iPod/iPhone or a music CD can be played back as Background Music during the slideshow. Press [3, 4, 2, 1] to select Set and press [OK]. To switch to another higher folder Only if there is a multiple number of higher folders recognizable To select the still pictures in another folder Playing video contents ( To display album view. 25)

Presetting stations manually
Select a radio broadcast. 1 Press [RADIO] to select FM. 2 Press [SEARCH6] or [SEARCH5] to select the frequency.
To start automatic tuning, press and hold [SEARCH6], [SEARCH5] until the frequency starts scrolling. Tuning stops when a station is found.

FM frequency step

Main unit: The factory setting is set to 0.2 MHz, it can be changed to receive broadcasts allocated in 0.1 MHz. You may need to change this setting if the tuner seems to skip over the correct frequency for stations in your area. 1 Press [SELECTOR] to select FM. 2 Press and hold [SELECTOR]. After a few seconds the display changes to show the current lowest frequency. Continue to hold the button down. The lowest frequency changes and the step is changed. To return to the original settings, repeat steps 1 and 2.
After changing the setting, previously preset frequencies will be cleared. Preset them again.
While listening to the radio broadcast
While P is flashing on the display
Press the numbered buttons to select a channel.
To select a 1-digit number e.g., 1: [1] [OK]. To select a 2-digit number e.g., 12: [1] [2]
A station previously stored is overwritten when another station is stored in the same channel preset.
Press [RADIO] to select FM. Press [STATUS] to select the position to start the auto preset search. 30
Enjoying TV with units speakers
Turn on your TV and select the appropriate audio input mode [AUX, ARC, D-IN 1 or D-IN 2] to suit the connections to this unit. ( 23)
Making settings for digital audio input
Select to suit the type of audio from the DIGITAL AUDIO IN terminals on the main unit.
Press [EXT-IN] several times to select D-IN 1 (DIGITAL IN 1) or D-IN 2 (DIGITAL IN 2). DIGITAL IN 1/DIGITAL IN 2
Press [AUDIO]. MAIN SAP* M+S* (stereo audio) * SAP = Secondary Audio Program (Only works with Dolby Dual Mono) MAIN or SAP is not available if On is selected in Digital Audio Input. ( 36)

Surround sound effects

You can enhance stereo sources with surround sound effect.
While MANUAL is displayed on the units display

TV speakers are active. The volume of this unit is set to 0. Audio output is 2-channel audio.
When switching between this units speakers and TV speakers, the TV screen may be blank for several seconds.

Setting the audio link

Setting the audio link with the TV
With the remote control; Select the actual TV audio connection on the main unit. 1 Press [START] and press [3, 4] to select Other Functions and press [OK]. 2 Press [3, 4] to select Setup and press [OK]. 3 Press [3, 4] to select TV / Device Connection and press [OK]. 4 Press [3, 4] to select TV Audio Input. 5 Press [2, 1] to switch AUX,ARC or DIGITAL IN 1. Whenever the connection or settings are changed, reconfirm the points above.
Automatic input switching (Power on link)
When the following operations are performed, the television will automatically switch the input channel and display the corresponding action. When the TV is off, the TV will automatically turn on. jWhen play starts on the unit jWhen an action that uses the display screen is performed (e.g., Direct Navigator screen) When you switch the TV input to TV tuner mode, this unit will automatically switch to AUX*1, ARC*1 or D-IN 1 (DIGITAL IN 1)*1 or D-IN 2 (DIGITAL IN 2)*2. This function does not work when the iPod/iPhone selector is chosen. ( 33)
Setting the audio link with the STB
With the remote control; Select the STB input channel on the TV. 1 Press [EXT-IN] to select D-IN 2. 2 Press [STATUS] to select CABLE/SAT AUDIO ON. If the input channel of the STB on the TV is changed or if you want to change the device allocated for the linked operations, select CABLE/SAT AUDIO OFF in step 2 above and then repeat steps 1 to 2.
Automatic lip-sync function (for HDAVI Control 3 or later)
Delay between audio and video is automatically adjusted, enabling you to enjoy smooth audio for the picture ( 37, Audio Delay). This function works only when BD/DVD, SD, AUX*1, ARC*1, D-IN 1 (DIGITAL IN 1)*1 or D-IN 2 (DIGITAL IN 2)*2 is selected as the source on this unit. *1 AUX, ARC or D-IN 1 works depending on the setting in Setting the audio link with the TV. *2 D-IN 2 works depending on the setting in Setting the audio link with the STB.
VIERA Link HDAVI Control, based on the control functions provided by HDMI which is an industry standard known as HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), is a unique function that we have developed and added. As such, its operation with other manufacturers equipment that supports HDMI CEC cannot be guaranteed. This unit supports HDAVI Control 5 function. HDAVI Control 5 is the newest standard (current as of December, 2009) for Panasonics HDAVI Control compatible equipment. This standard is compatible with Panasonics conventional HDAVI equipment. Please refer to individual manuals for other manufacturers equipment supporting VIERA Link function.

BD-Video Ratings

Set an age limit of BD-Video play. Follow the on-screen instructions. Enter a 4-digit password with the numbered buttons when the password screen is shown.

Audio Language

Choose the language for audio. If Original is selected, the original language of each disc will be selected. Enter a code ( 45) with the numbered buttons when you select Other.

Digital Audio Input

Select whether to receive the digital sound as PCM or the original sound format. Select On if the sound is cut off intermittently.


Select the downmix system to enjoy multi-channel or 2-channel sound. Select "Surround encoded" to enjoy the surround sound. There is no downmix effect on the bitstream audio signal. The audio will be output in Stereo in the following cases. AVCHD playback Playback of secondary audio (including the button click sound).

Subtitle Language

Choose the language for subtitle. If Automatic is selected and the language selected for Audio Language is not available, subtitles of that language will automatically appear if available on that disc. Enter a code ( 45) with the numbered buttons when you select Other. 37

7.1ch Audio Reformatting

Surround sound with 6.1ch or less is automatically expanded and played back at 7.1ch. If "Off" is selected, sound is played over the original number of channels (Note that in the case of 6.1ch audio, playback will be at 5.1ch.) Audio reformatting is enabled in the following cases: When you have selected PCM in Digital Audio Output. When the audio is Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD or LPCM.

HDMI Connection

Press [OK] to show the following settings. HDMI Resolution The items supported by the connected devices are indicated on the screen as. When any item without is selected, the images may be distorted. If Auto is selected, automatically selects the output resolution best suited to the connected television. To enjoy high definition video up-converted to 1080p, you need to connect the unit directly to 1080p compatible HDTV (High Definition Television). If this unit is connected to an HDTV through other equipment, it must also be 1080p compatible. 24p Output When this unit is connected to a TV supporting 1080/24p output using an HDMI cable, movies and other material recorded at 24p are output at 24p. When playing DVD-Video, set to On and then also set 24p in Video ( 35) to On. When BD-Video images other than 24p are played, images are output at 60p. HDMI Color Mode This setting is for selecting color-space conversion of the image signal when the unit is connected using an HDMI cable. HDMI Audio Output This setting selects whether or not to output audio from HDMI. Audio will be output through the system's speakers when "Off" is selected. VIERA Link Set to use HDAVI Control function when connected with an HDMI cable to a device that supports HDAVI Control. Select Off when you do not want to use HDAVI Control. Deep Color Output This setting is for selecting whether to use Deep Color output when a television that supports Deep Color is connected. Contents Type Flag Depending on the playback content, the TV will output adjusting to the optimal method when a TV that supports this function is connected. Power Off Link Select the desired power off link setting of this unit for VIERA Link operation ( 32). (This works depending on the settings of the connected VIERA Link HDAVI Control compatible equipment.) Video/Audio: When the TV is turned off, this unit will turn off automatically. Video: When the TV is turned off, this unit will turn off except during the following conditions: jCD or MP3 audio playback jiPod/iPhone mode jRadio mode jAUX,ARC or D-IN 1 (DIGITAL IN 1) mode (non-selected TV AUDIO setting for VIERA Link) jD-IN 2 (DIGITAL IN 2) mode (non-selected CABLE/ SAT AUDIO setting for VIERA Link)

Quick Start*

Speed of startup from power off is increased. Internal control unit will be powered when it is set to "On, so contents of the following will be different from the time it is set to Off. Idle power consumption will increase. (about the power consumption 48) *The cooling fan may turn slowly to prevent overheating of internal parts. * Depending on the power conserving setting activated on the TV, this function may have less effect when the unit is started by the power on link function. ( 31) [BT730] [BT330] Smart setup / [BT230] Easy setup ( 19) You can execute basic settings to optimize your home theater system.

Restore Default Settings

This returns all values in the Setup menu and the playback menu, except for Remote Control Code, On-screen Language, IP Address / DNS Settings, Proxy Server Settings, Lock, DVD-Video Ratings and BD-Video Ratings to the default settings.

System Information

Proxy Server Settings This is for checking the state of connection with the Proxy server and performing settings. Press [OK] to show the respective setting. Display firmware version of this unit, wireless LAN module of optional Wireless LAN Adaptor.

Firmware Update (

Press [OK] to show the following settings. Automatic Update Check When this equipment remains connected to the Internet, it will check for the latest firmware version when it is turned on and you can update it if necessary. Update Now You can update the firmware manually.
Internet Content Settings (


Press [OK] to show the following settings. Lock You can restrict the usage of VIERA CAST. Follow the on-screen instructions. Enter a 4-digit password with the numbered buttons when the password screen is shown. Audio Auto Gain Control Volume that is different depending on the contents is adjusted automatically to the standard volume while using the VIERA CAST. Depending on contents, this function effect will not work. Select Off when the audio is warped. Time Zone By selecting the time zone, it is possible to set the units time to match your location. Some VIERA CAST contents require the time zone to be set. Set the time zone if necessary. DST Select On when using Daylight Saving time.

IPOD OVER CURRENT ERROR The iPod/iPhone is drawing too much power. Remove the iPod/iPhone, and turn the unit off and on again. START The system is being restarted during the firmware update. Please do not turn off power. FINISH The firmware update is completed. NOT CONDITIONAL The requested operation cannot be conducted.
About MP3/JPEG/AVCHD/MPEG2 files
File format Extension Compression rate Reference MP3 Files must have the extension.mp3 or.MP3. 32 kbps to 320 kbps Codec
File format AVCHD format (V1.0) used on High Definition Video Camera (Panasonic and some others) MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
Discs must conform to UDF 2.5. ID3 tags: version 1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 (Only titles and the names of artists)
Sampling rate 44.1 kHz/48 kHz
File format SD-Video format* used on Standard Definition Video Camera (Panasonic and some others) MPEG2
File format Extension Picture resolution Reference JPEG Files must have the extension.jpg or.JPG. between 34k34 and 8192k8192 pixels (sub sampling is 4:2:2 or 4:2:0) JPEG conforming DCF* is supported. MOTION JPEG and Progressive JPEG is not supported
* SD-Video Entertainment Video Profile
* Design rule for Camera File system: unified standard established by Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA). DVD-RAM must conform to UDF 2.0. BD-RE must conform to UDF 2.5.
With certain recording states and folder structures, the play order may differ or playback may not be possible. CD-R, CD-RW : ISO9660 level 1 or 2 (except for extended formats), Joliet This unit is compatible with multi-session. This unit is not compatible with packet writing. DVD-R, DVD-R DL (except for AVCHD) : ISO9660 level 1 or 2 (except for extended formats), Joliet, UDF bridge (UDF 1.02/ISO9660) This unit is not compatible with multi-session. This unit is not compatible with packet writing.
Structure of folders that can be played in this unit
You can play files on this unit by structure of folders as shown below. However depending on the method of writing data (writing software), play may not be in the order you numbered the folders. Folder which can be displayed with this unit : Numbers XXX: Letters
*1 *2 *3 : from 001 to 999 : from 100 to 999 XXXXX: 5 figures : from 0001 to 9999 45
Structures of still picture (JPEG) folders in DVD-R*4/DVD-R DL*4/CD-R*5/CD-RW*5 Files inside a folder are displayed in the order they were updated or taken. Root e.g.,
P0000001.jpg P0000002.jpg

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DVD Player, Portable DVD Player 1 year
During the Labor warranty period there will be no charge for labor. During the Parts warranty period, there will be no charge for parts. This Limited Warranty excludes both parts and labor for non-rechargeable batteries, antennas, and cosmetic parts (cabinet). This warranty only applies to products purchased and serviced in the United States or Puerto Rico. This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser of a new product which was not sold as is.

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2009 SC-BT300 Blu-ray Home Theater System

7.1 Channel/1250 Watts

1 BD/DVD/CD disc 1080p DVD up-conversion Wireless ready for rear speakers

Premium Sound Quality

iPod direct dock for audio and video playback IERA CAST V - njoy great web entertainment and E streaming content on your HDTV SD Card slot for AVCHD high definition video and JPEG playback Two front tower speakers and four matching surround speakers Low power consumption - Ecologically and economically beneficial
Front and center Bamboo Cone Speaker and Kelton Subwoofer

Smart Setup Guide

Assists with optimum theater settings
2009 SC-BT300 Blu-ray Home Theater System Specifications


l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l


+ R*2/ +R DL*2 / +RW*2 CD CD-R/-RW*


SD Memory Card (SDHC/SD) Television Signal System Home Theater Mode (RMS) Total Power Front Center Surround Surround Back Subwoofer Home Theater Mode (FTC) Total Power Front Center Surround Surround Back Subwoofer Digital Amplifier High Clarity Sound Whisper-mode Surround Center Focus EQ 96kHz Surround Re-master*5 Subwoofer Level Control Digital Synthesizer Tuner Remote Control Video Features PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus P4HD (Pixel Precision Progressive Processing for HD) 1080/24p Playback Deep Color Video D/A Converter Digital Noise Reduction Picture Mode Picture Adjustment Zoom Function (JPEG) Audio Features Dolby Digital Decoder DTSTM Decoder Audio D/A Converter Dynamic Range Compression VIERA LinkTM*6 Smart Setup VIERA CASTTM Universal Dock for iPod*7
NTSC 1250 W 125W x 2 (1kHz, 3ohms, 10% THD) 250W (1kHz, 3ohms, 10% THD) 125W x 2 (1kHz, 3ohms, 10% THD) 125W x 2 (1kHz, 3ohms, 10% THD) 250W (100Hz, 3ohms, 10% THD) 600W 65W x 2 (120Hz-20kHz, 3ohms, 1% THD) 105W (120Hz-20kHz, 3ohms, 1% THD) 65W x 2 (120Hz-20kHz, 3ohms, 1% THD) 65W x 2 (120Hz-20kHz, 3ohms, 1% THD) 105W (45Hz-120Hz, 3ohms, 1% THD)
l l l l l (4 preset) l l l l


Power Output

(AV Remote Control)

l l l l

Blu-ray Disc SECTION

148.5 MHz/12bit
l (Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital) (DTSTM-HD Master Audio, DTSTM-HD High Resolution Audio, DTSTM) 192kHz/24bit

(HDAVI Control 4)

iPod Full Title List on Screen Display for Audio & Video Contents iPod Music /Video*8 /Photo Playback HDMI Output Component Video Out Video Out Phone Out Digital Audio Input Analog Audio Input Ethernet Terminal Wireless Terminal


2 (optical) 1 (AUX) 8.2 16-15/16" x 2-31/64" x 12-59/64" Ready 1-way 1-speaker, Bass-reflex 2-1/2" Full Range (Bamboo Cone) 5.1 10-1/32 x 40-5/32 x 10-1/32 1-way 2-speaker, Bass-reflex 2-1/2" Full Range x2 (Bamboo Cone) 2.6 9-27/32 x 3-3/4 x 3-3/16 1-way 1-speaker, Bass-reflex 2-1/2" Full Range 1.1 3-5/8 x 5-1/32 x 3-3/16 1-way 1-speaker, Bass-reflex 2-1/2" Full Range 1.1 3-5/8 x 5-1/32 x 3-3/16 Kelton type 10'' Passive Radiator, 6-1/2'' Woofer 10.4 7-1/8 x 14-7/32 x 12-13/32
*6 VIERA LinkTM is a new name for EZ Sync. Not all VIERA LinkTM features are usable with earlier VIERA LinkTM and EZ Sync compatible products. *7 Made for iPod *8 To enjoy iPod Video contents, please connect your home theater sound system with composite cable to your TV. * "BD-Live" and BONUSVIEW are trademark of Blu-ray Disc Association. * Notes:Total harmonic distortion is measured by digital spectrum analyzer. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Weight (lb.) [Approx.] Dimensions (W x H x D) [Approx.] Wireless Rear Configuration
Front Center Surround Surround Back Subwoofer
Speaker Unit [Approx.] Weight (lb.) [Approx.] Dimensions (W x H x D) [Approx.] Configuration Speaker Unit [Approx.] Weight (lb.) [Approx.] Dimensions (W x H x D) [Approx.] Configuration Speaker Unit [Approx.] Weight (lb.) [Approx.] Dimensions (W x H x D) [Approx.] Configuration Speaker Unit [Approx.] Weight (lb.) [Approx.] Dimensions (W x H x D) [Approx.] Configuration Speaker Unit [Approx.] Weight (lb.) [Approx.] Dimensions (W x H x D) [Approx.]
* BD-ROM Profile2. (BD-Live features includes BONUSVIEW functions.) To enjoy additional contents (such as Bonus View/BD-Live) on certain Blu-ray Disc titles, you will need to insert SD 1 card (1GB or larger/ Sold separately). *2 Discs recorded and finalized on DVD video recorders/cameras. *3 This unit can play CD-DA format audio CD-R and CD-RW. It may not be able to play some CD-R or CD-RW due to the condition of the recording. *4 For contents recorded on CD-R/RW media from CDs for personal use. Playability may vary depending on conditions and discs. *5 CD sampling is done at 88.2kHz. MP3 data can be re-mastered only on CD.




Photo R350 EOB6711X M-CR502 Recipe Book GC-F3998BTQ Classic XD-J220 LAC4700R DVR-950 CMT-HX70BTR Flix 1 LE22B450c8W DVD-2000 Explorist 600 IPT-DS1 Maxxum 9XI TE 700 C522N EX 100 MX-650 EFA 6840 37PF9631D S12ACP PF9940 V2 7 Freespace Deluxe-2006 Lexmark E323 USR7500 Mobilenavigator 32PW9616 12 22S81B DWL-520 Touch Plus EDD2400 LH KU990I NV-FJ620EG Option-GB KX-TG1032 PD-Z570T Speaker CCD-TRV238E Extensa 4620 CT-W355R WM14-DIN J-375 DJ-175 T Magicolor 2450 LI 3710 Pss-170 Revolution DCP-8045D Baseball 2004 LE-32R86BD K8600 DV-W28s-R Kodak P820 Ch-x200 Esam 4400 Escape Wappoe12 With DSC DX4330 DXZ438R PM-80 DSP-A595A KS-AX3300 DVR 550 Emachines E510 EX-Z3 SB307 SGH-Z130 R-806 SMC2802W SF-2118 DI-514 RS21klal HW6900 R6108SB Track Digimax 401 TV-C1300 Printer MA-170 SPP-C333 EWF14780W WS-8610 WF8814FPA 4 1 Master EC460 TH-42PV60E Geko 201 LE37M86 Zanussi IZ10 NV-DS11EN GA-M720-us3 DCR-DVD905E Review CDX-GT414U A-X30


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