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Judgebob 8:11am on Friday, October 15th, 2010 
When the TV showed up I was excited but that soon turned to disappointment when the tuner would not bring in most of my cable TV stations.
richey 7:38pm on Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 
Panasonic makes outstanding plasma televisions. It was a toss up between Samsung and Panasonic for plasmas, but Samsung doesnt make a 65 incher. Love this TV. Its like a drive-in movie theater in your home. Great picture and fast transitions unlike most of the LCD TVs out there.
pinkshark 1:51pm on Friday, September 3rd, 2010 
Love it We purchased on Amazon in December 09 for $1400 after quite a bit of quality/price comparisons. Almost a year later we still love it.
mindyliu 10:08am on Monday, August 16th, 2010 
I replaced my ten year old 65" rear projection TV with this sleek and beautiful Panasonic Viera S1 Plasma.The picture is gorgeous,black levels superb,... This TV is absolutely gorgeous. We had a 50" Samsung plasma upstairs and decided to put this 58" Panny in our new home theater in the basement.
ReasonAble 8:54pm on Thursday, July 1st, 2010 
"I bought this in November. It has changed the way I watch TV. Football games are a new experience. "Got this TV on Black Friday online. Absolutely the Best price for the size.
coke 9:36am on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 
Not only the best large screen plasma but without question the best large screen TV out there. Purchased from [...] through Amazon and received almost a month-and-a-half ago. Product arrived on time and in good condition. Excellent picture.
harys 9:11am on Friday, March 26th, 2010 
Sharp, crisp, colorful big screen, great for HD sports, movies, video games. Attractive Design","Fast Setup","Good Remote Control","Good Resolution",...
Goonda 5:38am on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 
I will start by saying that I have owned quite a few flat panel hdtvs. I am pretty big on the whole HD thing. My 60" Toshiba projection TV broke only after 2 years and 1 week, so we hunted for a new TV for quite some time. Bought this plasma 3 months ago at Best-Buy. Come home yesterday and the known Panasonic "Blinking LED of Death" had hit my set.

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HT995 &

Page 1
Tuesday, May 23, 2006 1:14 PM
The illustration shows SC-HT995.

Operating Instructions

DVD Home Theater Sound System

Model No.

Wireless system and digital transceiverpage High-quality picture
HDMI capability, Advanced progressive scan and more.
Region number The player plays DVD-Video marked with labels containing the region number or ALL. Region The Middle East, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Southeast Asia and Thailand Australia and N.Z. Example: [Southeast\Asia\and[Thailand[ Number 4
Wireless surround speaker connection. ( For SC-HT995W only.)
Compatible with a variety of media formats page
DVD-RAM, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DivX and more.
High-performance sound effects page
Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read the instructions completely. Please keep this manual for future reference.
Sound quality enhancement, Bass enhancement and more.



Page 2

Dear customer
Thank you for purchasing this product. For optimum performance and safety, please read these instructions carefully. These operating instructions are applicable to models SC-HT995 and SC-HT995W for a variety of regions. Unless otherwise indicated, illustrations in these operating instructions are of SC-HT995. Operations in these instructions are described mainly with the remote control, but you can perform the operations on the main unit if the controls are the same. [HT995]: indicates features applicable to SC-HT995 only. [HT995W]: SC-HT995W only System Main unit Front speakers Center speaker Surround speakers Subwoofer Wireless system Digital transceiver SC-HT995 SA-HT995 SB-FS995 SB-PC995 SB-FS996 SB-W995 ` ` SC-HT995W SA-HT995 SB-FS990 SB-PC895 SB-FS540 SB-W895 SE-FX61 SH-FX80T


Please check and identify the supplied accessories.
1 Remote control (N2QAYZ000003)
[HT995] 4 Stands 2kstands with short cable 2kstands with long cable
[HT995W] 4 Stands 2kstands with short cable 2kstands with long cable
[HT995] AC mains lead [Southeast[Asia,[Thailand,[ [the[Middle[East,[South[Africa,[ [Saudi[Arabia[and[Kuwait[
2 Remote control batteries [HT995] 4 Bases [HT995W] 4 Bases 1 AM loop antenna [Saudi[Arabia[and[Kuwait[
[HT995] 12 Screws 1 FM indoor antenna [HT995W] 16 Screws [HT995W] 2 AC mains leads

1 Video cable

[HT995] 4 Sliders

[HT995W] 4 Cover plates

Speaker cables [HT995] 2kshort cable [HT995W] 1kshort cable
2 Sheets of speaker cable stickers




HT995 & Page 3 Monday, April 24, 2006 6:08 AM


Getting Started
Accessories. 2 Caution for AC Mains Lead. 4 Safety precautions. 5 About DivX VOD content. 5
STEP 5 Audio and video connections. 13
Television with an HDMI terminal.13 Basic audio connection.13 Basic video connection.13

Simple Setup

STEP 1 Assembling the front and surround speakers. 6 Speaker installation options. 8 STEP 2 Positioning the speakers. 9 STEP 3 Speaker connections. 11 STEP 4 Radio and digital transceiver
[HT995W] Connecting the surround speaker cables to the wireless system. 11
STEP 6 AC mains lead connections. 14 STEP 7 Preparing the remote control. 15 STEP 8 Performing QUICK SETUP. 15
Control reference guide. 16 Discs that can be played. 17 Disc caution. 17 Maintenance. 17

connections. 12


Do not use high voltage power sources. This can overload the unit and cause a fire. Do not use a DC power source. Check the source carefully when setting the unit up on a ship or other places where DC is used.


Do not attempt to repair this unit by yourself. If sound is interrupted, indicators fail to light, smoke appears, or any other problem that is not covered in these instructions occurs, disconnect the AC mains lead and contact your dealer or an authorized service center. Electric shock or damage to the unit can occur if the unit is repaired, disassembled or reconstructed by unqualified persons. Extend operating life by disconnecting the unit from the power source if it is not to be used for a long time.

AC mains lead protection

Ensure the AC mains lead is connected correctly and not damaged. Poor connection and lead damage can cause fire or electric shock. Do not pull, bend, or place heavy items on the lead. Grasp the plug firmly when unplugging the lead. Pulling the AC mains lead can cause electric shock. Do not handle the plug with wet hands. This can cause electric shock.

About DivX VOD content

DivX Video-on-Demand (VOD) content is encrypted for copyright protection. In order to play DivX VOD content on this unit, you first need to register the unit. Follow the online instructions for purchasing DivX VOD content to enter the units registration code and register the unit. For more information about DivX VOD, visit
Display the units registration code
( page 30, DivX Registration in Others tab)

DivX Registration

Disc Video Audio HDMI Display Others
Regarding DivX content that can only be played a set number of times
Some DivX VOD content can only be played a set number of times. When you play this content, the remaining number of plays is displayed. You cannot play this content when the number of remaining plays is zero. (Rented Movie Expired or Rental Expired is displayed.) When playing this content The number of remaining plays is reduced by one if you press [] or press and hold [SETUP]. you press [ STOP]. (Press [; PAUSE] to pause play.) you press [:, 9 SKIP] or [6, 5 SLOW/SEARCH] etc. and arrive at another content or the start of the content being played. Resume ( page 19, Stop) and Marker ( page 25, Play Menu) functions do not work.

2 Drive a screw (not included) into the wall.

Approx. 15 cm

4.0 mm Wall or pillar

7.5 to 9.5 mm

3 Attach the speaker net with the screws.

5.0 to 7.0 mm

Fitting speaker stands (not included)
(For center speaker) Ensure the stands meet these conditions before purchasing them. Note the diameter and length of the screws and the distance between screws as shown in the diagram. The stands must be able to support over 10 kg. The stands must be stable even if the speakers are in a high position. e.g. Center speaker [HT995] Metal screw holes For attaching to speaker stands

5 mm, pitch 0.8 mm

3 Fit the speaker securely onto the screw(s) with the hole(s).
Front and surround speaker [HT995] Center speaker [HT995]

255 mm

190 mm

320 mm

Plate thickness plus 7 mm to 10 mm
60 mm Speaker stand (not included)

Positioning the speakers

How you set up your speakers can affect the bass and the sound field. Note the following points: Place speakers on flat secure bases. Placing speakers too close to floors, walls, and corners can result in excessive bass. Cover walls and windows with thick curtains. Left and right speakers are interchangeable, but front and surround speakers are not. Place the front, center, and surround speakers at approximately the same distance from the seating position. The angles in the diagram are approximate.

Setup example

Main unit






Main unit (with digital transceiver)
Do not use a front speaker as a surround speaker or vice versa. Verify the type of speaker with the label on the rear of the front speaker.

e.g. [HT995]

Speaker label

(Continued on next page)

MP 61 :8

9 eg aP

Use only supplied speakers
Using other speakers can damage the unit, and sound quality will be negatively affected. Set the speakers up on an even surface to prevent them from falling. Take proper precautions to prevent the speakers from falling if you cannot set them up on an even surface.

Main unit [Note]

Keep your speakers at least 10 mm away from the system for proper ventilation. To allow for proper ventilation and to maintain good airflow around the main unit, position it with at least 5 cm of space on all sides. Do not block the ventilation holes of the main unit.


e.g. [DVD-V] Current playback number


Elapsed play time


Playback condition

Play mode

Current position


e.g. [DVD-V] Audio information Subtitle information Angle information Aspect of current title Total play time of current title
Details-DVD-Video 1 DTS 3/2.1ch Audio Subtitle 1/1 Angle Source Aspect 4:3 Title Total Time 0:54:28
To change the selected program 1 Press [3, 4] to select the program number. 2 Press the numbered buttons to change each item. ([WMA] [MP3] [JPEG] [MPEG4] [DivX] Press [ENTER] to register the selection.) To clear the selected program 1 Press [3, 4] to select the program number. 2 Press [CANCEL] (or press [3, 4, 2, 1] to select Clear and press [ENTER]). To clear the whole program Select Clear all with [3, 4, 2, 1] and press [ENTER]. The whole program is also cleared when the disc tray is opened, the unit is turned off or another source is selected.
[MPEG4] [DivX] Video and audio information is not displayed during search.
All group, Program and Random play
Selecting Play as Data Disc in Other Menu ( page 27) will be effective if the following functions are not available to play WMA, MP3, JPEG, MPEG4 or DivX video contents. [DVD-V] Some items cannot be played even if you have programmed them. [DVD-A] Some discs contain bonus groups. If a password screen appears after selecting a group, enter the password with the numbered buttons to play the bonus group. Refer also to the discs jacket.

Random play

[DVD-A] [DVD-V] [WMA] [MP3] [JPEG] [MPEG4] [DivX] Press the numbered buttons to select a group or title. ([WMA] [MP3] [JPEG] [MPEG4] [DivX] Press [ENTER] to register the selection.)
Random Playback Choose a title. Title 1

0 ~ 9 to select

Press [PLAY MODE] while stopped.
All group, program and random playback screens appear sequentially. All group ([DVD-A]) __--------) Program ------------------) Random ^------------------------- off (Normal play) (__------__----} To exit the all group, program and random mode Press [PLAY MODE] several times while stopped.
[DVD-A] To enter all groups, press [2, 1] to select All and press [ENTER]. To deselect a group, press numbered buttons corresponding to the group you want to clear.
HT995 & Page 21 Monday, April 24, 2006 6:08 AM

Playing data discs using navigation menus

Using the submenu

1 While Navigation Menu is displayed Press [FUNCTIONS]. 2 Press [3, 4] to select an item and press [ENTER]. Numbered buttons
Items shown differ depending on the type of disc.
Multi List Tree Thumbnail Next group Previous group All Audio Picture Video Help display Find
Groups and contents are displayed. Contents only Groups only Thumbnail images [JPEG] To go to next group To go to previous group WMA/MP3, JPEG, MPEG4 and DivX video WMA/MP3 only JPEG only MPEG4 and DivX video only To switch between guide messages and the elapsed play time indicator To search by content or group title ( below)

Playing data discs

[WMA] [MP3] [JPEG] [MPEG4] [DivX] Selecting Play as Data Disc in Other Menu ( page 27) will be effective if the following functions are not available to play WMA, MP3, JPEG, MPEG4 or DivX video contents. Playing HighMATTM discs ( page 22)
Searching by a content or group title
Highlight a group title to search the group, or a content title to search its content. 1 While the submenu is displayed ( above) Press [3, 4] to select Find and press [ENTER].
Playing items in order (Playback Menu)
2 Press [3, 4] to select a character and press [ENTER]. Repeat to enter another character. Lower case characters are also searched. Press [6, 5 SLOW/SEARCH] to skip between A, E, I, O and U. Press [2] to erase a character. Leave the asterisk () when you search for the titles including the character you enter. Erase the asterisk () to search for the titles starting with the character you enter. To add the asterisk () again, display the submenu again and select Find. 3 Press [1] to select Find and press [ENTER]. The search result screen appears. 4 Press [3, 4] to select the content or group and press [ENTER].
e.g. All contents WMA/MP3 JPEG MPEG4 and DivX video

Playback Menu

All Audio Picture Video
Total 434 Total 7 Total 427 Total 2
Press [3, 4] to select All, Audio, Picture or Video and press [ENTER].
Playing from the selected item (Navigation Menu)

Press [MENU].

To exit the screen, press [MENU]. e.g.

Navigation Menu

Perfume 001 My favoriteMy favoriteBrazilian 002 Chinese 003 Czech 004 Hungarian 005 Japanese 006 Mexican 007 Philippine 008 Swedish 009 Piano 010 Vocal

To exit the screen, press [ STOP]. To change the menu background to the one recorded on the disc, press [FUNCTIONS].
Press [3, 4, 2, 1] to select the item, and then press [ENTER].
Repeat this step if necessary. e.g.
New Playlist Item Long Name Display Te

PAG E 1 / 3

Playing a playlist
This works only when the disc contains a play list.

P l ay l i s t 1

Menu: Takes you to the next menu which shows play lists or another menu Playlist: play starts

Press [PLAY LIST].

To exit the screen, press [PLAY LIST]. e.g.


P l ay l i s t 2


P l ay l i s t 3

Next 1

2 Prev

Selecting from the list

Date 11/1 1/ 1 2/ 2 3/ 3 4/10
Total Time 0:00:01 0:01:20 1:10:04 0:10:20 0:00:01
Title City Penguin Ashley at Prom Formula one Soccer Baseball

9 to select and press

During play

Playlist Group Content

All By Artist Krissa No. Content title 1 Few times in summer 2 Less and less And when I was born Quatre gymnopedies You've made me sad

RETURN to exit

Press [3, 4] or the numbered buttons to select the playlist.
To select a 2-digit number e.g. 12: [S10] [1] [2]
I can't quit him 7 Evening glory 8 Wheeling spin 9 Velvet Cuppermine 10 Ziggy starfish
Playing scenes one by one
1 While the playlist menu is displayed Press [1]. 2 Press [3, 4] to select Scene List and press [ENTER]. Contents shows playlist information. 3 Press [3, 4, 2, 1] to select a scene and press [ENTER].

to select

to play
Press [2] followed by [3, 4] to switch among Playlist, Group and Content lists. Press [1] followed by [3, 4] to select an item and press [ENTER].
HT995 & Page 23 Monday, April 24, 2006 6:08 AM
Tips for making data discs
When there are more than 8 groups, the eighth group onwards will be displayed on one vertical line in the menu screen. There may be differences in the display order on the menu screen and computer screen. This unit cannot play files recorded using packet write. DVD-RAM Discs must conform to UDF 2.0. DVD-R/RW Discs must conform to UDF bridge (UDF 1.02/ISO9660). This unit does not support multi-session. Only the default session is played. CD-R/RW Discs must conform to ISO9660 level 1 or 2 (except for extended formats). This unit supports multi-session but if there are many sessions it takes more time for play to start. Keep the number of sessions to a minimum to avoid this. Naming folders and files (Files are treated as contents and folders are treated as groups on this unit.) At the time of recording, prefix folder and file names. This should be with numbers that have an equal number of digits, and should be done in the order you want to play them (this may not work at times). Files must have the extension ( below). [WMA] (Extension:.WMA or.wma) Compatible compression rate: between 48 kbps and 320 kbps You cannot play WMA files that are copy-protected. This unit does not support Multiple Bit Rate (MBR). [MP3] (Extension:.MP3 or.mp3) Compatible compression rate: between 32 kbps and 320 kbps This unit does not support ID3 tags. Compatible sampling rates: DVD-RAM, DVD-R/RW: 11.02, 12, 22.05, 24, 44.1 and 48 kHz CD-R/RW: 8, 11.02, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz e.g. [MP3] root

Dialogue Enhancer

Transfer Mode

Sound Enhancement

Source Select


HD Picture Enhancer
HDMI Color Space (or HDMI Colour Space)
To select suitable picture color with your television RGB YCb Cr (4:4:4) YCb Cr (4:2:2) If the setting above is not compatible with your television, it will not be displayed. RGB Range ( page 30, HDMI tab) is available when RGB is selected.
HT995 & Page 27 Monday, April 24, 2006 6:08 AM

Display Menu

Information Subtitle Position
[JPEG] On ,------. Off 0 to s60 (in 2 unit steps) To zoom in and out manually in 0.01-unit steps from k1.00 to k1.60 in 0.02-unit steps from k1.60 to k2.00 in 0.05-unit steps from k2.00 to k4.00 ([MPEG4] [DivX] only) To change the steps more quickly, press and hold [3, 4]. [MPEG4] [DivX] It may not be possible to zoom up to k4.00 depending upon the connected television and its settings. [DVD-A] (Motion picture part) [DVD-VR] [DVD-V] [VCD] [MPEG4] [DivX] On ,------. Off To make the on-screen menu transparent Off, On, Auto To adjust the on-screen menu brightness s3 to r3 Indicates various information when connected with HDMI AV OUT terminal. ( below, Confirming HDMI information)
Subtitle Brightness Auto, 0 to s7
To select how to show images made for 4:3 aspect screens on a 16:9 aspect television Normal: Laterally stretches images. Auto: Expands 4:3 letterbox images to fill more of the screen. Other images appear in full in the center of the screen. Shrink: Images appear in the center of the screen. Zoom: Expands to 4:3 aspect ratio. If your television has a similar feature, use it instead for a better effect. To select the appropriate screen size to fit your television screen [DVD-A] (Motion picture part) [DVD-VR] [DVD-V] [VCD] Auto, 4:3 Standard, European Vista, 16:9 Standard, American Vista, Cinemascope1, Cinemascope2 e.g.
4:3 Standard (4:3) European Vista (1.66:1) 16:9 Standard (16:9) American Vista (1.85:1) Cinemascope1 (2.35:1) Cinemascope2 (2.55:1)

Manual Zoom

4:3 Aspect
Bit Rate Display GUI See-through GUI Brightness HDMI Status

Other Menu

Setup Play as DVD-Video or Play as DVD-Audio Play as DVD-VR, Play as HighMAT or Play as Data Disc
( page 28) To play DVD-Video contents of DVD-Audio Select Play as DVD-Video.

Just Fit Zoom

Confirming HDMI information
HDMI Status-----HDMI is connected. HDMI Information Audio Stream Max Channel Video Format Color Space (or Colour Space)

Connection status

PCM 2ch 480p/576p/720p/1080i YCbCr (4:4:4)/YCbCr (4:2:2)/RGB
Shows the output signal type. Shows the number of audio channels. ( page 25, Video Output Mode) [ page 26, HDMI Color Space (or HDMI Colour Space)]

All possible types of output are displayed. The current output for Audio Stream, Video Format and Color Space (or Colour Space) will be underlined. (If you select a video output without an mark in the Video Output Mode in Picture Menu, the selected video format will not be underlined.) When Off is selected in Audio Output ( page 30, HDMI tab), will be displayed in Audio Stream and Max Channel.
[MPEG4] [DivX] Standard (a0.25 full-screen), Original (actual recorded size), Full (full-screen) This may not work depending on the discs recording.
To use functions for data discs ( page 21) (To play JPEG, MP3, MPEG4 or DivX video contents on DVD-RAM, or to play a HighMAT disc without using HighMAT function) Select Play as Data Disc.
HT995 & Page 28 Monday, April 24, 2006 6:08 AM
Changing the player settings
Press and hold to show the Setup menu.
If you have not performed QUICK SETUP ( page 15), the QUICK SETUP screen appears.

Select the tab.

Go right

Select the item.

Audio Subtitle Menus Advanced Disc Review Ratings
English Automatic English Intro Mode Level 8


The settings remain intact even if you switch the unit to standby. Underlined items are the factory settings in the following table.
Press repeatedly to exit.
QUICK SETUP enables successive settings of the items in the shaded area.

Disc tab

Choose the audio language. English Automatic4 English (Language options)1 English Original2 Other3 Other3 (Language options)1
Choose the subtitle language.
Choose the language for disc menus. Changing the menu language in QUICK SETUP also changes this setting.

(Language options)1


Advanced Disc Review

( page 25)
Reviews each title/program. Intro Mode: Interval Mode: Reviews not only each title/program but also each 10-minute interval within a title/program. Setting ratings (When level 8 is selected) 8 No Limit 1 to Lock All: To prevent play of discs without rating levels. When you select your ratings level, a password screen is shown. Follow the on-screen instructions. Do not forget your password. A message screen will be shown if a DVD-Video disc exceeding the rating level is inserted in the unit. Enter your password and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Each time you press the button: Movie: Movie software, recorded in Dolby Surround. Music: Stereo sources Off: Cancel


This works only in DVD/CD or Digital In ([HT995W]) mode. PLII lights when there is effect. This does not work when audio is output from HDMI AV OUT terminal. [HT995W] This does not work when AUDIO L or AUDIO R is selected in Audio Mode ( page 38).
Adjusting the amount of bass: Subwoofer level
You can adjust the amount of bass. The unit automatically selects the most suitable setting according to the type of playback source.


[DVD-V] [DVD-VR] SUB W 4 (factory preset)>SUB W 1>SUB W 2>SUB W 3 ^----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------} When another source is selected SUB W 2 (factory preset)>SUB W 3>SUB W 4>SUB W 1 ^----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------} To check the current setting, press [SUBWOOFER LEVEL]. The setting you make is retained, and recalled every time you play the same type of source, except when Sound Field Control (MOVIE, SPORT or MUSIC) is turned on.
When Sound Field Control (MOVIE, SPORT or MUSIC) is on, the factory presets are as follows: MOVIE: SUB W 4 SPORT: SUB W 2 MUSIC: SUB W 1
Enhancing the bass sound: H.BASS
You can enhance low-frequency sound so that heavy bass sound can be heard clearly, even if the acoustics of your room are not optimal. The unit automatically selects the most suitable setting according to the type of playback source.

Press [-H.BASS].

[DVD-V] [DVD-VR] H.BASS ON (factory preset),------.H.BASS OFF When another source is selected H.BASS OFF (factory preset),------.H.BASS ON
The setting you make is retained, and recalled every time you play from the same type of source.
Enhancing the surround sound effect: Surround Enhancer
Automatically adjusts each speaker to enhance the surround sound effect of multi-channel audio. When playing two-channel audio, the audio of the L/R front speakers is also output through the rest of the speakers creating a surround sound effect.

Press and hold [SRD ENH].
Each time you press and hold the button: SRD ENH ON,------.SRD ENH OFF


L #C #R #RS #LS #SW ^-----------------------------------------------------} SW: Subwoofer
You can adjust SW only if the disc includes a subwoofer channel. SW does not appear on the display and is not adjustable when PLII is lit. S appears on the display when MOVIE, SPORT or MUSIC is selected with Sound Field Control ( page 34). In this case, you can adjust both surround speaker levels at the same time using [3, 4]. S: `6 dB to i6 dB 2 Press [3] (increase) or [4] (decrease) to adjust the speaker level for each speaker. C, RS, LS, SW: `6 dB to i6 dB (L, R: Only the balance is adjustable.) To adjust the balance of the front speakers, while L or R is selected, press [2, 1].

53 eg aP

Adjusting the volume of each speaker: Speaker level adjustments
This is one of the ways to get appropriate surround effects. Preparation Press [DVD].
While stopped and no on-screen display is shown
Press and hold [TEST] to output a test signal.
To stop the test signal, press and hold [TEST] again. L: Front left RS: Right surround C: Center LS: Left surround R: Front right
There is no output from SW (subwoofer) channel.
Press [VOLUME, r] or [s] to set the volume level normally used for listening. Press [3] (increase) or [4] (decrease) to adjust the speaker level for each speaker.
Adjust the speaker levels to the same level as the front speakers. C, RS, LS: `6 dB to i6 dB
To adjust speaker level during play
[Effective when playing multi-channel audio or when Dolby Pro Logic II or Sound Field Control (MOVIE, SPORT or MUSIC) is on.] 1 Press [CH SELECT] to select the speaker.
Using other useful functions

Using headphones



Setting the sleep timer

Press and hold [SLEEP].


While the time is shown

Press [SLEEP] to select the time (in minutes).

Audio that is input through the OPTICAL IN terminal cannot be output through the HDMI terminal.
Operating both the television and the home theater system: Control with HDMI (HDAVI ControlTM)
Automatic input switching
When the following operation is performed the television will automatically switch the input channel and display the corresponding action. When play starts on the unit

Theater speaker

You can select whether audio is output from the home theater system or the television by using the television settings. For details, refer to the operating instructions of your television. When audio is output from the home theater speakers The television speakers are automatically muted. You can control the volume setting using the volume or mute button on the television remote control. (The volume level is displayed on the main units FL display.) If you turn off the home theater system, speakers automatically switch to the television. When audio is output from the television speakers The volume of the home theater system is set to 0. Audio output is 2-channel audio. To cancel muting, you can also use the home theater remote control ( page 36, Muting the sound). When switching between the home theater system and television speakers, the TV screen may be blank for several seconds. [HT995W] When you switch the audio output from the television speakers to the home theater speakers, the main unit automatically switches its input source to either TV or D-IN. To toggle which input source the main unit will automatically switch to, press and hold [RETURN] while the main unit is in TV or D-IN mode. The default setting is TV. Changing this setting also affects the power off link function ( below). Depending on the television input source, the main unit may not automatically switch its input source. For more details, refer to the operating instructions of your television.
What is HDAVI Control? HDAVI Control is a convenient function that offers linked operation of this unit and Panasonic TV (VIERA) with HDAVI Control. You can use this function by connecting the equipment with the HDMI cable. For operational details, see the operating instructions of the connected equipment. Preparation Confirm that the HDMI connection ( page 13) has been made. Set Control with HDMI (HDAVI Control) to On ( page 30, HDMI tab). To complete and activate the connection correctly, turn on all HDAVI Control compatible equipment and select the input channel corresponding to the home theater on the television. Whenever the connection or settings are changed, reconfirm the points above.

Power off link

When the television is turned off, the home theater system goes into standby mode automatically. [HT995] This function works only when DVD/CD or TV is selected as the source on the home theater system. When the television is turned on, the home theater system does not turn on automatically. (Power on link is not available.) [HT995W] This function works only when DVD/CD, TV or D-IN is selected as the source on the home theater system. When the television is turned on, the home theater system does not turn on automatically. (Power on link is not available.)

Specific operation undesirable or unexpected
It takes time before play starts. Play may take time to begin when an MP3 track has still picture data. Even after the track starts, the correct play time will not be displayed. This is normal. [MP3] This is normal on DivX video. [DivX] Folders deeper than the eighth layer are displayed as the eighth layer.
Folders on a data CD are not displayed correctly. [WMA] [MP3] [JPEG] [MPEG4] [DivX] A menu screen appears during skip or search. [VCD] Playback control menu does not appear. [VCD] with playback control Program and Random play do not work. [DVD-V] Selecting audio soundtrack 2 does not change the audio. [DVD-A]
This is normal for Video CDs. Press [ STOP] twice and then press [1 PLAY]. These functions do not work with some DVD-Videos. Even if a second soundtrack is not recorded, two numbers are normally shown. This unit may not play WMA and MPEG4 that contains still picture data. If playing DivX VOD content, refer to the homepage where you purchased the DivX VOD content. (Example: [DivX] If a disc contains CD-DA and other formats, proper playback may not be possible. This is normal for DVD-Audio.

Play does not start.

Play restarts from the beginning when the soundtrack is changed. [DVD-A]
Subtitle position is wrong. No subtitles. Adjust the position. (Subtitle Position in Display Menu) Display the subtitles. (Subtitle in Main menu) Subtitles may not be displayed depending on the disc. [DivX]
Cannot add markers. You cannot add markers with DVD-RAM or DVD-R/-RW (DVD-VR) discs. If the discs elapsed play time does not appear on the units display, you cannot add markers.

A-B repeat

Point B is automatically set. The end of an item becomes point B when it is reached.
Sound abnormal or improper
Sound is distorted. Effects do not work. Humming is heard during play. No sound. Noise may occur when playing WMA. When using the HDMI output, audio may not be output from other terminals. Some audio effects do not work or have less effect with some discs. An AC mains lead or fluorescent light is near the main unit. Keep other appliances and cables away from the main unit (and wireless system [HT995W]). There may be a slight pause in sound when you change the play speed. Audio may not be output due to how files were created. [DivX] [HT995W] Ensure that the wireless system is connected to the mains socket, and [W] is displayed on the main units display. Audio may not be heard when more than 4 devices are connected with HDMI cables. Reduce the number of connected devices. When using the HDMI connection, ensure that Audio Output in the HDMI tab is set to On. 14, 16 30

1 way, 1 speaker system (Bass reflex) Impedance cm Cone type 250 W (Max) 81 dB/W (1.0 m) 29 Hz160 Hz (j16 dB) 34 Hz135 Hz (j10 dB) 235 mmk448 mmk397 mm 6.6 kg
2 way, 2 speaker system (Bass reflex) Impedance 3 6.5 cm Cone type 6 cm Cone type 125 W9 (Max) 81 dB/W (1.0 m) 7 kHz 82 Hz30 kHz (j16 dB) 96 Hz25 kHz (j10 dB) 252 mmk1123 mmk234 mm 3.7 kg
1 way, 1 speaker system (Bass reflex) Impedance 3 6.5 cm Cone type 125 W9 (Max) 80 dB/W (1.0 m) 87 Hz25 kHz (j16 dB) 98 Hz22 kHz (j10 dB) 252 mmk1123 mmk234 mm 3.7 kg
2 way, 2 speaker system (Bass reflex) Impedance 6 6.5 cm Cone type 6.5 cm Cone type 250 W9 (Max) 83 dB/W (1.0 m) 5 kHz 105 Hz25 kHz (j16 dB) 125 Hz22 kHz (j10 dB) 270 mmk92 mmk95.4 mm 1.25 kg
1 way, 1 speaker system (Bass reflex) Impedance cm Cone type 250 W (Max) 80 dB/W (1.0 m) 32 Hz220 Hz (j16 dB) 38 Hz180 Hz (j10 dB) 183 mmk396 mmk267 mm 4 kg

Page 46 Wednesday, May 31, 2006 12:07 PM


Power supply [HT995] [HT995W] Power consumption [HT995] Main unit [HT995W] Main unit Dimensions (WtHtD) Mass Operating temperature range Operating humidity range AC 110127 V, 220240 V, 50/60 Hz AC 230240 V, 50 Hz 120 W 115 W 430 mmk60 mmk354 mm Main unit 3.35 kg r5 oC to r35 oC 5 % to 90 % RH (no condensation)
Power consumption in standby mode [HT995] [HT995W]
approx. 0.65 W approx. 0.5 W
Power supply Power consumption Dimensions (WtHtD) Mass Wireless module Frequency range No. of channels Tx (SH-FX80T) Rx (SE-FX61) AC 230240 V, 50 Hz Tx (SH-FX80T) Rx (SE-FX61) 0.85 W 30 W
97 mmk47.5 mmk8.5 mm 89 mmk189 mmk180 mm Tx (SH-FX80T) Rx (SE-FX61) 0.03 kg 0.7 kg

2.403 2.425 GHz 23

Operating temperature range Operating humidity range
r5 oC to r35 oC 5 % to 90 % RH (no condensation) approx. 4 W
Power consumption in standby mode
Power output of the wireless receiver amplifier SE-FX61 Rating with low-cut filter equipped amplifier
1. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Mass and dimensions are approximate. 2. Total harmonic distortion is measured by a digital spectrum analyzer.
HT995 & Page 47 Monday, April 24, 2006 6:08 AM
Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby, Pro Logic and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. DTS and DTS Digital Surround are registered trademarks of Digital Theater Systems, Inc. This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by method claims of certain U.S. patents and other intellectual property rights owned by Macrovision Corporation and other rights owners. Use of this copyright protection technology must be authorized by Macrovision Corporation, and is intended for home and other limited viewing uses only unless otherwise authorized by Macrovision Corporation. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited. MPEG Layer-3 audio decoding technology licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson multimedia. Windows Media, and the Windows logo are trademarks, or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. WMA is a compression format developed by Microsoft Corporation. It achieves the same sound quality as MP3 with a file size that is smaller than that of MP3.


n e w s



Crystal clear

Reference quality

ivid Audio has been appointed distributor of Crystal Cable to compliment their high performance range of Vivid Audio, dCS and Halcro. Crystal Cable products are said to offer unprecedented performance levels born from many years of experience in the development of high end signal conduction. Crystal Cable engineer and manufacture their own cables, signifying a major departure from the smoke and mirror brigade saturating the market where feelings and presumptions are deemed more important than scientific design. The full range of products from entry level to the Ultra series will be available. Vivid Audio VIVID, 082 773-3772
alcro are proud to announce the release of what they claim to be the only truly reference quality amplifiers on the world audio market, the new Halcro dm78 and dm88 monoblock power amplifiers. The dm88 is claimed to comprise the finest amplification technology ever offered to the worlds audio connoisseurs. Halcro has improved the sonic performance to help recreate the closest experience to live music you will ever hear, with distortion levels of less than 500 parts per billion at full power (20 Hz to 20 kHz). The power factor corrected power supply has also been improved to output a dynamic watts at peak with unequalled reliability. VIVID, 082 773-3772

Vivid Audio



BL has released the Soundpoint series of in-ceiling/in-wall speakers.The range comprises both rectangular models, with 5-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch woofers, and two round models.These use 6-inch and 8-inch drivers respectively. Range features include the use of 1-inch titanium laminate dome tweeters with Elliptical Oblate
waveguide swivel mounts,Titanium laminate woofer cones with rubber surrounds and straight line signal path networks. The speakers have paintable grilles and plates, heavy-duty push type input terminals, and have integrated dog ear brackets for retrofit applications. Connoisseur Electronics 011-417-3000




he Waterfall Audio Hurricane 5.1 pack was designed to serve as a true 5.1 lifestyle surround speaker system. Its compact design is available in black and white and will therefore blend perfectly into any interior design environment.The Hurricane Sat 5.1 Pack serves as an ideal speaker choice for any iPod or small home theatre system. This pack consists of five Hurricane satellite speakers (front left and right, centre, surround left and right) and one High Force 1 active subwoofer Hurricane speakers use patented Heatstream technology where coupling special neodymium magnets to the aluminium cabinet eliminates excess heat from the voice coil.This technology allows the speakers to reach a level of performance and power handling that is unheard of for such compact speakers. Available with a grey or white grille, the Hurricane satellites come with a full


range of accessories to meet your personal requirements. Other mounting options include designer floorstands as well as sleek desktop stands. Within the High Force range of subwoofers, you can select a solution for your own specific requirements. In combination with the Waterfall range of speakers, you can create the audio
video system of your dreams. The HF1 is an ultra compact (25 x 28 x 26 cm), subwoofer that uses a 150 watt amplifier. As with the Hurricane speakers,Waterfall have delivered a speaker that offers incredible low frequency performance for such a small subwoofer. Audiomania 076 094-4387

NAD triumphs in 2006/2007 EISA Awards
t has been formally announced that the NAD Masters Series AV System (Models M55/M15/M25) has been declared an outright winner of a highly prestigious European Imaging and Sound Association Award (EISA) in the Home Theatre High-End System category for 2006/7. The Associations citation reads: For high-end home theatre, the combination of the NAD M55 universal disc player, M15 processor and M25 multi-channel amplifier is the perfect choice.The M55 player can play CD, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, SACD and MP3 and thanks to a Faroudja DCDi chip, its able to
upscale any video source to 720p or 1080i via HDMI. Its 12-bit/216 MHz video converters allow you to experience stunning pictures from component video.The brain in the system, the NAD M15 surround processor with HDMI video switching, is able to decode practically every home theatre sound formats, and is upgradeable for future compatibility. Completing the set, the M25 is a 7 x 160 watt power amplifier, delivering rock-solid home cinema experiences with enough power to lift your roof, yet with all the fine detail to satisfy even most demanding audiophile. AV Specialists 021-946-1441/

New from JBL

anasonic have launched a trio of all-in-one Panasonic home theatre products, the SC-HT995, SC-HT895, and SC-HT540. All three newcomers offer multi-format playback capabilities (including DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, SVCD, Video CD, CD, CD-R/RW, HighMAT (Level 2),WMA, MP3, JPEG, MPEG4 and DivX), and are HDCD compatible. Each also boasts built in DTS and Dolby Digital decoders, Dolby Pro Logic II Surround Sound, H Bass sound system and subwoofer, super surround sound enhancer, sound field, 4-step subwoofer level control, and a quartz-synthesized digital tuning system. Each has depth enhancer functionality for a more natural-looking picture, cinema mode, dialogue enhancer, variable zoom and a monitor selector function. A music port facilitates easy connection with a portable audio player. Moreover, the stylish design of the components in each is designed to match Panasonics flat screen television and large display models. Panasonic 011-313-1400/

onnoisseur Electronics has announced the availability of the JBL Cinema Sound CS 1500 home theatre system. The stylish system comprises dual pairs of two-way CST55 floorstanding satellite speakers, a CSC55 two-way centre channel speaker, and CSS10 subwoofer. CST55 and CSC55 models use dual 130 mm woofers with PolyPlas cones, neodymium magnets and HeatScape motor structures.The tweeter used in both speakers is a 19 mm titanium laminate model, and both have a frequency response rated at 55 Hz to 30 kHz. Impedance and sensitivity is also identical for the centre and satellite speakers at 8 ohms and 90 dB respectively. The CSS10 subwoofer features a 150 watt RMS amplifier that drives a 250 mm woofer down to an impressively low 27 Hz.The woofer features a PolyPlas cone and HeatScape motor structure. Connoisseur Electronics 011-417-3000




Better pictures
AD has recently introduced the T585 DVD/SACD Player, which the company states can be seen as the Classic series version of the EISA 2006/2007 award winning M55, which forms part of NAD's high-end Master series. The T585 plays DVD-V, DVD-A, DVD+R, DVD-R,VCD, SVCD, SACD, CD, CD-R and CD-RW. HDMI output for HD video and audio comes standard. The unit also allows for video up-conversion, being equipped with a Faroudja DCDI processor, from the 480i DVD standard to 420p, 720p or 1080i.These up-converted formats are also available on the Analogue Component Video output. Superlative video quality playback is provided via the on board 12-bit/216 MHz video DAC from Analogue Devices and 10-bit/27 MHz video DAC from Cirrus Logic. Bass management for DVD-A and SACD is provided, along with 5.1 channel analogy outputs.The unit also allows for HDCD, MP3 and WMA decoding Unlike many Universal players that convert SACD's DSD format into CD's PCM format, thus defeating the sonic advantage of DSD, separate signal paths for the DVD and SACD audio maintain the highest possible levels of DVD, CD and SACD sound quality. AV Specialists 021-946-1441/
nhancing Rotels reputation as a manufacturer of top quality digital source components, is the new Rotel RDV-1092, a 1080p (Progressive Scan) DVD player. The RDV-1092 features a built-in scaler that can deliver up to 1920 x 1080 pixels and HDMI.This should ensure that the very best picture quality is delivered to late generation video display devices. Even if your television monitor is not 1080p capable, the advanced video scaling in the RDV-1092 will deliver a better picture than you currently receive. The RDV-1092 provides all the disc-reading flexibility one could want from a player. It can read DVD-V for movies, DVD-A for superb high resolution audio and even recordable discs like DVD-R and DVD-RW. In addition, it has the capability to decode SVCD photo and conventional music CDs or CD-R/RW discs even those holding MP3 music files. Other notable features include a switching power supply with an advanced pulse circuit, while individually regulated supply stages generate optimal voltages. Critical audio and video D/A converters are all wideband designs.

Meta Acoustic Development 011-466-4700
LG Competition C o r n e Ko t z e , P O B o x 8 , We i r d a p a r k , Missy Higgins Competition A H e n d e r s o n , O t t e r y, J K v a n B l e r k , K i m b e r l e y, R M u l l e r, P O B o x , C r e s t a , P M Lebepe, P O Box 31112, Superbia, 0759 G A S a n d y, P O B o x 5 , Ly t t e l t o n , 4 0


anji Security Systems will shortly be releasing the Mvix multimedia players, described as the latest evolution in converting your computer into a hard drive-based multimedia player. Mvix multimedia players are completely portable and are claimed to be much more versatile than an iPod. An MviX multimedia player plays all your movies, irrespective of the formats, be they MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, DivX3.11, 4x, 5x, XviD, DVD (IFO,VOB) or even VCD (DAT). The Mvix multimedia player also connects to your computer via USB, so there is no manual to read with heavy installation instructions in order to connect it: Its fully Plug and Play compatible.The Mvix will play all your favourite music no matter what the format: AC3, MP2, MP3, DTS,WMA or even OGG. The Mvix connects to just about everything, be it analogue stereo audio out, composite, component, or S-Video out that you may need.The players also have coaxial and optical digital audio outputs. Unlike your computer, it is easy to expand your Mvix Multimedia Player by simply changing your hard drive and getting a bigger one.The firmware is also fully upgradeable, so you are assured that any new format that does come out will be compatible with the Mvix.
Sanji Security Systems 011-266-7500


The future
he new ViewSonic N3260w 32-inch (81 cm) LCD television ensures you are prepared for the future of television broadcasting. This slim, HD-ready 1 Megapixel, 1366 x 768 resolution display is HDMI (HDCP Compliant), for true digital connectivity and uncompressed digital video and audio. With an ultra high contrast and brightness screen, together with ultra fast response time, the screen gives you an impressively sharp, bright and rich image. UltraBrite technology delivers fast video response time and Clear Picture electronics bring television, DVD, video and gaming to life with bright, saturated colour. Integrated motion adaptive progressive scan, 3D comb filter and 3:2 pull down give you a larger, clearer picture with fewer artifacts, while low-level contrast enhancement brings clarity to darker images. In addition, Plug-and-Play connections ensure optimum viewing, and with 20 watts of amplifier power and virtual surround sound technology on board, audio quality should match image quality. Solution Technologies 011-789-9549


New PowerShots

Highly anticipated

anon SA has introduced the successors to its popular PowerShot A610 and A620, the 10.0 Megapixel PowerShot A640 and 8.0 Megapixel PowerShot A630. Both models pack a vast array of advanced features into compact space. These include 10.0 Megapixels (PowerShot A640)/8.0 Megapixels (PowerShot A630), 2.5-inch vari-angle LCD screen and real-image optical viewfinder, 4x optical zoom, DIGIC II, iSAPS, 9-Point AiAF, FlexiZone AF/AE, Digital Tele-Converter and Safety Zoom, and 21 shooting modes The new Safety Zoom takes advantage of the cameras' Megapixels to offer extra zoom magnification without affecting image quality up to 16x zoom when shooting small size images. Users can also activate the Digital Tele-Converter to add extra telephoto reach on all shots, similar to adding a tele-converter lens to the camera. The 4x optical zoom lenses achieve a 35-140 mm focal length while allowing the cameras to maintain a compact size.The lens construction incorporates eight elements in seven groupings, including two spherical elements to maximise sharpness across the whole image.With a maximum aperture range of f/2.8 (W) to f/4.1 (T), the lenses are remarkably bright at the telephoto end.
anon SA has introduced its highly anticipated next generation DSLR, the EOS 400D, to the South African photography marketplace. Positioned above the EOS 350D the fastest selling digital SLR camera of all time, the new 400D features a 10.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor, new EOS Integrated Cleaning System, larger and brighter 2.5-inch LCD and 9-point AF.The model is said to take digital SLR photography to the next evolutionary level. At nearly twice the size of the EOS 350D display, the 2.5-inch high resolution LCD is the brightest in the EOS range and now displays all of key shooting and user interface information along with image playback. Other notable features include Picture Style image processing parameters and DIGIC II image processor with 0.2 sec start up. Consistent with the entire EOS Digital range, the EOS 400D is supplied with a comprehensive software suite to help the photographers workflow.This includes Digital Photo Professional (DPP), a powerful RAW converter that provides complete RAW image processing control. The new model is also fully compatible with all Canon EF and EF-S lenses and EX-series Speedlites. Canon SA 011-265-4900/
Canon SA 011-265-4900/



New from Yamaha

he NEC 70 GX2, 90GX2 and 20GX2 monitors from NEC are said to be the ideal monitors for the gaming enthusiast, or those that take pride in their digital photography. Gaming enthusiasts will appreciate a 4 ms response time which helps the monitors deliver high-speed action with no ghosting or image artefacts. Both gaming and photography enthusiasts will appreciate Opticlear DVM technology, which endows the monitors with a brightness rating of up to 470 cd/m2. Both camps will also appreciate NECs adaptive DVM technology that automatically optimises colour and contrast for superior detail and image depth. All monitors are also feature-packed on the input front and feature, amongst others, DVI inputs and USB inputs.They also feature a wide viewing angle and offer superior resolution Style-wise the NEC monitors are up with the best and have silver bezels, platinum control buttons, and black cabinets. Filmscreen SA 012-643-1319

he new Yamaha RX-N600 6.1-channel digitalhome theatre receiver is an all-round high performance receiver featuring network receiver functions. By using network connection and Windows Media Connect ver.2 technology, the receiver lets you play MP3,WMA and WAV music from a remote PC.You can also listen to any of the thousands of stations available on Internet radio. The RX-N600 can also function as a client in Yamahas MusicCAST home audio network, and will seamlessly integrate with the MCX-2000. A front-mounted USB terminal makes it convenient to play music from USB flash drives and portable USB music players, and the optional YDS-10 lets you connect your iPod to the receiver. The RX-N600 uses Yamahas Digital ToP-ART and High Current Amplification design concept that combines the latest and best technologies, parts and circuit designs to maximise sound quality and high performance 192 kHz/24-bit DACs for all channels. These produce an accurate sound field for high quality, multi-channel sources and for two-channel stereo. With three HDTV compatible component video input terminals as well as video up and down conversion, the RX-N600 performs as admirably on the video front as it does the audio front. Balanced Audio 011-314-0760/


New service
esigns Unlimited now offer in addition to their wide selection of A/V furniture a full home theatre custom designed and built-in service for those who prefer built-in units. This new service has been created in order to satisfy the growing number of customers who have dedicated home theatre rooms, and therefore are looking for built-in units. 011-672-9426

Designs Unlimited



ew from iLED are the SpeakerCraft MODE 3.1 and the MODE Base. MODE 3.1 is a simple and easy to use keypad that mounts flush on the wall in any room in the home. It features eight backlit buttons that are easy to read and provide various functions depending on the source being controlled.There is also a dedicated volume control knob with a graduated backlight visually indicating the actual volume level. At the heart of the system is the scroll wheel, which allows you to address and select the numerous menus and functions on the full colour display.The process is intuitive and easily mastered be everyone in the home. Simply scroll and click on the desired menu or command and the system instantly responds. MODE Base is an iPod adapter that converts iPod audio into a balanced audio signal that can then be routed to a MODE system.The Base incorporates a USB port for synching a docked iPod to a PC for updates, and is supplied with numerous iPod adaptors.

iLED 011-462-3238

PrimaLuna ProLogue Series

Doing HD justice

idivox has released the ProLogue series from PrimaLuna.The series comprises the ProLogue One and Two integrated amplifiers, the ProLogue Three pre-amplifier and the ProLogue Four and Five power amplifiers. ProLogue One uses EL34 valves and has a power rating of 35 watts per channel.The ProLogue Two makes use of KT88 valves, French-made Solen capacitors, fast recovery diodes, and is more powerful than its smaller brother. Both models feature a hand rubbed gloss finish and use a PrimaLuna exclusive Adaptive AutoBias. The ProLogue Three pre-amplifier is a dual mono design, is non-inverting, and has two pairs of outputs.This means that it can be used in a bi-amp system, or that the second set of outputs may be connected to an active subwoofer. In addition, an optional ProLogue phono stage may be added at any time. The ProLogue Four is based on the ProLogue One integrated amplifier, whilst the ProLogue Five is based on the ProLogue Two amplifier. Vidivox 028-313-0505
ew from Data Video Communications is the Optoma HD 81 High Definition video projector.The HD 81 is a true High Definition projector and has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080. This means that it is capable of displaying 1080p video. Apart from being able to support true High Definition signals, the projector has the features and specifications to do HD justice.These include a contrast ratio of 6000:1 measured from full on to full off and BrilliantColor colour processing by Texas Instruments.This helps the projector deliver more vibrant images and enhances natural colours. Another feature that lifts the HD 81 above the ordinary is the fact that it is simple to install.There is only one cable that needs to be run, and this fits between the projector and the separate processor. The processor itself is a studio grade professional video scaler and colour management system.The processor possesses a Gennum VXP high quality scaler and 10-bit 480i/576i/1080i motion adaptive HD de-interlacer.The processor features three HDMI inputs plus external HDMI expansion, four component video inputs, and many others. Data Video Communications 011-462-3231



OFX 570 Speakers Intec Harness Intuis Life HD DVR CE 682 AEG-electrolux ZA2 Plebr10 E6100 Footlight PJ-TX300E 1502C EFP9500X A KD R302 Factory MP171 AZ1101 VPL-CS10 Nuvi 850 G 640 System 885LE-lb885d-ua- Optio M20 TX-29PS1F Printer TDE4224 ROC 4206 CDX-C6600 CDX-4160RDS Madison DJ31 SCD-XA5400ES WM-FX277 Player Series 20-2 SSC1000 Lexibook E20 Review S D WGE101 3DE-7985E Photofunstudio AD100VTH PSR-240 KX-TCD150SL Deskjet 840C Meter 400 Classico Platinum Ii-2003 CS196 SCM90EF1 HMX-H100P Reference Card Neonumeric NM5 HK400XM ASF2646 Prius DB246 A Papa WP-1460 S8000 FD FT-2000D Compact 3150 DP100 Samsung F490 Garmin Nuvi Aopen MX3W DCR-TRV6E AVR300 D61W20 YZF-600R-2000 IC-229H VR 404 B9180 ESD7000 Acer F900 NX9420 1 3 PT2300 EXP2460 A1228C USR3453C AW2127S DR787T HDC-HS100 CVA 4085 URC 7557 WF-T7014PP Hdrv200F KOR-816TOA Brandt F501 EL-520VA MX602A Audi Plus GZ-MG57AG IC-2410A-e-H CT-S2000 BDP2700 HX4700


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