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Panasonic SC-PM18Panasonic SC PM18 Micro system
The SC-PM18 is a powerful and stylish micro system with a five CD fast changer with individual drawers, a top loading cassette deck with feather touch controls and an AM/FM digital tuner with RDS. The 2-way speaker system has a bi-amp, bi-wired super woofer.

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Placement of speakers

Speakers are designed identically so that no left or right channel orientation is necessary.

Correct method of use

Remote control signal sensor
Transmission window Notes Keep your speakers at least 10mm (13/32) away from the system for proper ventilation. These speakers do not have magnetic shielding. Do not place them near televisions, personal computers or other devices easily influenced by magnetism. To avoid damage to the speakers, do not touch the speaker cones if you have taken the nets off.
About 7 meters in front of the signal sensor.

Operation notes

Do not place obstacles between the remote control signal sensor and remote control unit. Do not expose the remote control signal sensor to direct sunlight or to the bright light of a fluorescent light. Take care to keep the remote control signal sensor and the end of the remote control unit free from dust. If this system is installed in a rack with glass doors, the glass doors thickness or color might make it necessary to use the remote control unit a shorter distance from the system.

To prevent damage

Never place heavy items on top of the unit. Do not disassemble or reconstruct the unit. Do not spill water or other liquids into the unit.

3/24/05, 1:56 PM

Plug the AC power supply cord into a household AC outlet only after all other connections have been made. To prepare the AM loop antenna wire and speaker cords, twist the vinyl cover tip and pull off.
Connect the FM indoor antenna.
Tape the antenna to a wall or column, in a position where radio signals are received with the least amount of interference. Note For the best reception: An FM outdoor antenna is recommended. (\ page 7)

Adhesive tape

FM indoor antenna
Connect the AM loop antenna.
Stand the antenna up on its base. Keep loose antenna cord away from other wires and cords.

Connect the speaker cords.
A Confirm the colors of the tags on the ends of the cords. B For White tags: Connect cords to gray terminals. For Blue, Black and Red tags: Connect cords so tag colors match the terminal colors. Cords with white and blue tags are for high frequency. Cords with red and black tags are for low frequency. Incorrect connection can damage the unit.


Use only the supplied speakers. The combination of the main unit and speakers provide the best sound. Using other speakers can damage the unit and sound quality will be negatively affected.

AM loop antenna

White Blue Black Red
Caution Use the speakers only with the recommended system. Failure to do so may lead to damage to the amplifier and/or the speakers, and may result in the risk of fire. Consult a qualified service person if damage has occurred or if you experience a sudden change in performance. Do not attach these speakers to walls or ceilings.

Gray (+) Blue ()

Red ()
Connect the AC power supply cord.
Note The included AC power supply cord is for use with this unit only. Do not use it with other equipment.

1 Red () Black () 3

2 Black ()

HIGH (6 LOW (6

Black ()

Red (+)

3/24/05, 1:46 PM
FM outdoor antenna (not included)
Connections Optional antenna connections
You may need an outdoor antenna if you use this system in a mountainous region or inside a reinforced-concrete building, etc.

(1 3/16")

FM outdoor antenna

Shield braid

Core wire Note An outdoor antenna should be installed by a qualified technician only.
AM outdoor antenna (not included)

AM outdoor antenna

Connect the outdoor antenna without removing the AM loop antenna. Run 5 to 12 m of vinyl-covered wire horizontally along a window or other convenient location. Note When the unit is not in use, disconnect the outdoor antenna to prevent possible damage that may be caused by lightning. Never use an outdoor antenna during an electrical storm.

5-12 m (16-40 ft)

AM loop antenna (included)
External unit connections
Make sure that the power supply for all components has been turned off before making any connections. For details, refer to the operating instructions of the unit which is to be connected. All peripheral components and cables sold separately.

(R) (L)

Connecting analog equipment
"LINE OUT" position Analog player (not included)


This example shows how to connect an analog player with a PHONO OUT/LINE OUT switch. When units other than those described are to be connected, please consult your audio dealer. Note Only an analog player with a built-in phono equalizer can be connected. Set the switch to the LINE OUT position at the back of the analog player.

Rear panel of this unit

3/24/05, 1:44 PM
Disconnect the FM indoor antenna if an FM outdoor antenna is installed.

Front panel controls


Main unit

Cassette lid Cassette open button (c OPEN).. 17
AC supply indicator (AC IN) This indicator lights when the unit is connected to the AC mains supply. Standby/on switch ( POWER) Press to switch the unit from on to standby mode or vice versa. In standby mode, the unit is still consuming a small amount of power. Aux button (AUX)... 20 CD skip/search, tape fast-forward/rewind/TPS, tune/ preset channel select, time adjust buttons (f 3 /FF, g 4/REW ). 10, 11, 12, 17, 22 CD check button (CD CHECK).. 13 CD trays Tape indicator This indicator changes in the following manner: Orange (when no cassette is inserted.) Green (when cassette is inserted.) Red (when in recording mode.)

" # $







% &
Display Recording start/pause button ([/ J REC). 19 Super sound EQ button (S.SOUND EQ).. 20 Volume control (VOLUME DOWN, UP). 10, 12, 17


CD tray open/close button (c OPEN/CLOSE). 12 CD change button (c CD CHANGE).. 13 Headphone jack (PHONES).. 20 Stop/program clear and demonstration button (STOP L, DEMO).. 12, 16, 17, 19, 21 Tuner/band select button (TUNER/BAND). 10 Cassette play button (TAPE 2 ).. 17 CD play/pause button (CD 2/ J ).. 12 Disc direct play buttons (CD 1~CD 5).. 12
RQT6683 RQT6683(2-10)new.P1/13/03, 4:19 PM

> ? @

Remote Control
Buttons such as function in exactly the same way as the buttons on the main unit.

: ; ~ 5

Note After changing the allocation setting, the frequencies you previously preset in the memory will be cleared. Sound is momentarily interrupted if you load/unload a cassette while listening to an AM broadcast.
RQT6683 RQT6683(2-10)new.P3/24/05, 1:46 PM

The radio: preset tuning

By remote control only There are two methods of pre-setting stations. Automatic presetting: All the stations the tuner can receive are preset. Manual presetting: You can select the stations to preset and the order they are preset in. Up to 15 stations each can be set in the FM and AM bands. Preparation: Press [TUNER/BAND] to select FM or AM.


Automatic pre-setting

Press and hold [PGM].

The tuner presets all the stations it can receive into the channels in ascending order. When finished, the last station memorized is tuned in.

Manual pre-setting

1 Press [PGM] then press [g 4/REW] or [f 3 /FF] to tune to the required station. 2 Press [PGM] then press [g 4/REW] or [f 3 /FF] to select a channel. 3 Press [PGM].
Pre-set the stations one at a time. The station occupying a channel is erased if another station is preset in that channel.

Selecting channels

Press the numeric buttons to select the channel.
For channels 1 to 9, press the corresponding number. For channels 10 to 15, press [ 10], then the two digits.
1 Press [PLAY MODE] to select PRESET. 2 Press [g 4/REW] or [f 3 /FF] to

Preset channel

select the channel. Adjust the volume.


3/24/05, 10:19 AM
Do the following once each for FM and AM. Preparation: Tune to the frequency where pre-setting is to begin (\ page 10).
This unit can play CD-DA (digital audio) format audio CD-R and CD-RW that have been finalized (a process that enables CD-R/CD-RW players to play audio CD-R and CD-RW) upon completion of recording. It may not be able to play some CD-R or CD-RW due to the condition of the recording. The unit contains five CD trays. You can simply listen to the CD on a single tray, or you can select and listen to the CD in a particular tray. See the section on All-Disc play (\ page 14) for information on how to listen to all the CDs one after the next.


(CD 1) ~ (CD 5)
Listening to the CD on a single tray
Press [c OPEN/CLOSE] to open the disc tray and insert the CD.
The unit comes on automatically and tray 1 opens. Press [c OPEN/CLOSE] again to close the tray.
Press [CD 2/J] to start play.
The selected CD is played from the first track to the last track in order. After the last track, the player stops automatically.

A To check which tray the CD is in (CD CHECK)

Tray number

The CD check feature lets you check whether a 12cm CD is in a tray. Press [CD CHECK]. If the player is stopped, all trays will open. If a CD is being played, the corresponding tray will not open. Press [CD CHECK] again to close the trays. Do not remove or insert CDs during a CD check. Do not pull out the trays during a CD check.

3/24/05, 1:47 PM

Press [c CD CHANGE] again to close the tray. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to insert other CDs. You can load
Listening to specific CDs and tracks (CD Play Mode function)
By remote control only This function makes it easier for you to select specific CDs and tracks from those loaded in the player. There are 4 disc/track selection modes. All-Disc mode : Plays all loaded discs in succession from the selected disc to the final disc. 1-Disc Random mode : Plays one selected disc in random order. All-Disc Random mode : Plays all loaded discs in random order. 1-Disc mode : Plays one selected disc.
Press [CD 2/J] and then [L CLEAR]. Press [PLAY MODE] to select the desired mode.
Every time you press the button:




ALL-DISC : All-Disc mode 1-RANDOM : 1-Disc Random mode A-RANDOM : All-Disc Random mode 1-DISC : 1-Disc mode (The original display is restored in about 2 seconds.) Note Proceed to step 5 if A-RANDOM was selected in this step.

Press [DISC].

(Within 10 seconds)
Press [1]-[5] to select the disc.
The CD starts if 1-DISC, ALL-DISC or 1-RANDOM was selected in step 2.
Note Step 5 is not required if 1-DISC, ALL-DISC or 1-RANDOM was selected in step 2.

Press [CD 2/J].

The CD starts.
To stop play Press [L CLEAR]. Specified disc indicator When playback ends The current play mode will be retained. Final disc For example, if play starts from disc 4, disc 3 will be the final disc. Order of progression: Disc 4z5z1z2z3
Note You can use the CD Play Mode function together with repeat play. During 1-Disc Random play or All-Disc Random play, you cannot skip to tracks which have already been played. During 1-Disc Random play or All-Disc Random play, you can search forward or backward only within the current track.

Specified track number

Indicates program mode

Cassette tapes

Press [c OPEN], insert a cassette with the tape facing in.
When the button is pressed, the unit comes on automatically. Make sure the cassette is fully inserted and close the lid by hand.
Press [TAPE 3] to start playback. Adjust the volume.
To stop tape playback Press [STOP L, DEMO]. One-touch play When the system is OFF and a cassette is already inserted, play starts automatically when you press [TAPE 3]. Fast-forward and rewind Press [g 4/REW] (rewind) or [f 3 /FF] (fast-forward) in stop mode.
Cassette tape selection and care
Types of tapes which can be played correctly. The system automatically identifies the type of tape.

Forward side

High position and metal position tapes can be played, but the unit will not be able to do full justice to the characteristics of these tapes. Tapes exceeding 100 minutes are thin and can break or get caught in the mechanism. Tape slack can get caught up in the mechanism and should be wound up before the tape is played. Endless tapes can get caught up in the decks moving parts if used incorrectly.
To find the beginning of a program (TPS: Tape Program Sensor)
TPS finds the beginning of a track and resumes play from there. Each press increases the number of tracks skipped, up to a maximum of 9.
Press [g 4/REW ] or [f 3 /FF] during play.
Notes The TPS function searches for silent parts of about 4 seconds in length which are normally found between tunes. As a result, it may not function properly in the following cases: With short silent parts When noise occurs between tunes With silent parts found within tunes

1/13/03, 4:32 PM

To protect tapes against further recording Side A

Before recording

Types of tapes which can be recorded correctly
The system automatically identifies the type of tape.

Tab for side B

Tab for side A
To re-record Normal position tape
High position and metal position tapes can be used, but the unit will not be able to record or erase them correctly.

Listening operations Recording operations
Using the built-in sound quality settings
By remote control only You can choose one of three types of sound quality.
a HEAVY: Adds punch to rock b CLEAR: Clarifies higher sounds c SOFT: For background music
Each time you press the button:
HEAVY CLEAR EQ-OFF (cancelled)
Press [PRESET EQ] to select a setting.


Preset EQ cannot be used together with Super Sound EQ. Changes to sound quality do not affect recordings.
B Enhancing the sound quality
This feature enhances the bass and treble effect of the sound.

Press [S.SOUND EQ].

Press the button again to cancel. The button light goes out.

C Using an external unit

Listening to an external source


(See page 7 for external unit connection.) Press [AUX]. Start playback from the external source. (Refer to your equipments operating instructions.)
1 Insert the tape to be recorded on. 2 Press [AUX]. 3 Press [[/ J REC] (recording starts). 4 Start playback from the external source. (Refer to your
equipments operating instructions.)
Recording from an external source
Listening with headphones
Reduce the volume level, and connect the headphones. Plug type: 3.5 mm (1/8) stereo. Note Avoid listening for prolonged periods of time to prevent hearing damage. Headphones (not included)
RQT6683 RQT6683(11-20)NEW.P3/24/05, 10:20 AM


A Auto-off function
By remote control only When CD or tape is selected as the source To save power, the unit turns off if it is left unused for 10 minutes. Note This function does not work if the source is tuner or AUX.
Press and hold [AUTO OFF].
AUTO OFF is shown on the display.
For your reference The setting is maintained even if the unit is turned off. When the unit is turned on again, AUTO OFF is displayed and the unit functions as described above. AUTO OFF disappears from the display if either tuner or AUX is selected as the source but continues to function normally. AUTO OFF remains displayed if CD or tape is selected as the source.

B Turning the demo function off
If the clock has not been set, a demonstration of the display is shown when the unit is switched to standby mode. This function is set to on at the time of purchase. During standby mode
Press and hold [STOP L, DEMO] until NO DEMO is displayed.
The display changes each time the button is held down. NO DEMO (off) (demo on)
To show a demonstration of the display Press and hold [STOP L, DEMO] until a demonstration of the display is shown. Note You cannot turn demo function off when the unit is on. DEMO function cannot be turned on when Dimmer is on.


3/24/05, 8:58 AM
To cancel Press and hold [AUTO OFF] again to clear AUTO OFF from the display.

A Setting the time

By remote control only This is a 12-hour clock. The example shows how to set the clock for 6:30 p.m.
Press [y] to turn the unit on. y Press [CLOCK / TIMER] to select CLOCK.
Every time you press the button: CLOCK PLAY REC

Original display

Within 7 seconds
Press [g 4/REW] or [f 3 /FF] to set the time.


Press and hold to change the time faster.

Press [CLOCK / TIMER].

The time is set and the original display is restored.
Displaying the clock: Press [CLOCK / TIMER]. The clock is shown for about 5 seconds. Note The clock may lose or gain some time over a period. Readjust if necessary.

Convenient functions

To dim the display panel
By remote control onlyBy remote control only Use this when you are going to sleep or any other time you would prefer the panel to be dimmer.

Press [DIMMER].

The display dims and all lights are turned off except for the [AC IN] indicator. To cancel Press [DIMMER] again.

To mute the volume

By remote control only This feature is convenient when you have a telephone call, etc.

Press [MUTING].

Press the button again to cancel. (MUTING goes out.) Muting can also be cancelled by lowering the volume all the way to --dB. When the system is turned off, the muting operation will be automatically cancelled.


RQT6683 RQT6683(21-24).P3/24/05, 10:25 AM

Using the timers

Using the play/record timer
By remote control only The timer has two functions. It can be set to on at a certain time to wake you up, or it can be set to record from the radio or from the aux source. The play timer cannot be used in combination with the record timer. Preparations: Turn the unit on and set the clock (\ page 22). For the play timer, prepare the music source you want to listen to; tape, CD, radio or aux, and set the volume. For the record timer, check the cassettes erasure prevention tabs (\ page 18: A ), insert the cassette and tune to the radio station (\ page 10) or select the aux source (\ page 20: C ).

Press [CLOCK/ TIMER] to select the timer function.
Every time you press the button: CLOCK REC PLAY




Original display : to set the play timer : to set the record timer
Setting the start and finish times
The start and finish times are now set.

Turning the timer on

Press [PLAY/REC].
Every time you press the button: PLAY no display (off) REC
PLAY : to turn the play timer on REC : to turn the record timer on (The indicator doesnt appear if the start and finish times or the clock havent been set.)
Press [ ] to turn the unit off.
The unit must be off for the timers to operate. For play timer Play will start in the set condition at the set time with volume increasing gradually to the set level. For record timer The unit comes on 30 seconds before the set time with the volume muted.


To cancel the timer Press [PLAY/REC] to clear the timer indicators from the display. The timer comes on at the set time everyday if the timer is on.
To change the settings (when unit is on)
To change the play/record times Do steps 1, 2, 3, and 5. To change the source or volume Press [PLAY/ REC] to clear the timer indicator from the display. Make changes to the source or volume. Do steps 4 to 5.

(Continued on next page)

RQT6683(21-24).P3/24/05, 8:58 AM
1 Press [g 4/REW] or [f 3 /FF] select the starting time. 2 Press [CLOCK/TIMER]. 1 Press [g 4/REW/] or [f 3/FF] select the finishing time. 2 Press [CLOCK / TIMER].

(Within 8 seconds or so)

By remote control only To check settings While the unit is on and the rPLAY (or rREC) indicator is on, press [CLOCK/TIMER] so rPLAY (or rREC) appears on the display. Two seconds after rPLAY (or rREC) appears, the settings are displayed in the following order: For play timer For record timer 1 Play start time 1 Recording start time 2 Play finish time 2 Recording finish time 3 Play source 3 Recording source 4 Playback volume You can check the settings even when the system is OFF by pressing [CLOCK/TIMER] twice. To enjoy the desired source after the timer setting is completed The volume level (for play timer) and music source are stored in the timer memory and the timer will start in these preset conditions. However, the CD numbers do not get stored in the timer memory. 1. After step 4, start playing the desired source. 2. Reset the CD numbers if you have changed any of them, confirm that a CD or cassette is inserted, then press [f] to put the unit on standby. Note If you turn the unit off and on again while a timer is functioning, the finish time setting will not be activated. If the unit is on, the timer will not function. The unit must be in the standby mode. If AUX is selected as the source, when the timer comes on, the system turns on and engages AUX as the source. If you want to playback or record from a connected unit, set the other units timer to the same time. (See the other units instruction manual.)

Use an outdoor antenna. 7
Turn the TV off or separate it from the unit. Separate the antenna from other cables and cords.
When there is a television set nearby
Using the cassette deck Poor quality sound. Recording is not possible. Playing discs The display is wrong or play wont start. The disc may be upside down. # Wipe the disc. Replace the disc if it is scratched, warped, or non-standard. Condensation may have formed inside the unit due to a sudden change in temperature. Wait about an hour for it to clear and try again. The disc may be scratched, or its data may be defective. Replace the disc. Clean the heads. back cover If the erasure prevention tabs have been removed, cover the holes with adhesive tape. ~
The total number of tracks displayed differs each time the same disc is inserted. Unusual sound is heard. CD-RW cannot be read. The remote control Remote control doesnt work.
The disc was incompletely formatted. Use the recording equipment to fully format the disc before recording.
Check that the batteries are inserted correctly. 5 Replace the batteries if they are worn.


3/24/05, 1:48 PM
The picture on the TV disappears or stripes appear on the screen.
The location and orientation of the antenna are incorrect. If you are using an indoor antenna, change to an outdoor antenna. 7 The TV antenna wire is too close to the unit. Separate the antenna wire of the TV set from the unit.
An AC power supply cord or fluorescent light is near the cables. Keep other appliances and cords away from this units cables.
Warranty (ONLY FOR U.S.A.)
Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, Division of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America One Panasonic Way Secaucus, New Jersey 07094 Panasonic Sales Company, Division of Matsushita Electric of Puerto Rico, Inc. Ave. 65 de Infantera, Km. 9.5 San Gabriel Industrial Park, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00985
Panasonic/Technics Audio Products Limited Warranty
Limited Warranty Coverage If your product does not work properly because of a defect in materials or workmanship, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company or Panasonic Sales Company (collectively referred to as the warrantor) will, for the length of the period indicated on the chart below, which starts with the date of original purchase (warranty period), at its option either (a) repair your product with new or refurbished parts, or (b) replace it with a new or a refurbished product. The decision to repair or replace will be made by the warrantor. Product or Part Name Parts One (1) year Thirty (30) days Three (3) years Labor One (1) year Not Applicable Three (3) years Carry-In or Mail-In Service For Carry-In or Mail-In Service in the United States call 1-800-211-PANA (1-800211-7262) or visit Panasonic web site: For assistance in Puerto Rico call Panasonic Sales Company (787)-750-4300 or fax (787)-768-2910. Limited Warranty Limits And Exclusions This warranty ONLY COVERS failures due to defects in materials or workmanship, and DOES NOT COVER normal wear and tear or cosmetic damage. The warranty ALSO DOES NOT COVER damages which occurred in shipment, or failures which are caused by products not supplied by the warrantor, or failures which result from accidents, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, misapplication, alteration, faulty installation, set-up adjustments, misadjustment of consumer controls, improper maintenance, power line surge, lightning damage, modification, or commercial use (such as in a hotel, office, restaurant, or other business), rental use of the product, service by anyone other than a Factory Servicenter or other Authorized Servicer, or damage that is attributable to acts of God. THERE ARE NO EXPRESS WARRANTIES EXCEPT AS LISTED UNDER LIMITED WARRANTY COVERAGE. THE WARRANTOR IS NOT LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT, OR ARISING OUT OF ANY BREACH OF THIS WARRANTY. (As examples, this excludes damages for lost time, travel to and from the servicer, loss of media or images, data or other memory content. The items listed are not exclusive, but are for illustration only.) ALL EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THE WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, ARE LIMITED TO THE PERIOD OF THE LIMITED WARRANTY. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. If a problem with this product develops during or after the warranty period, you may contact your dealer or Servicenter. If the problem is not handled to your satisfaction, then write to the warrantors Consumer Affairs Department at the addresses listed for the warrantor. PARTS AND SERVICE WHICH ARE NOT COVERED BY THIS LIMITED WARRANTY ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Power output 10% Total harmonic distortion 60 Hz3 kHz, both channels driven (Low channel) 20 W per channel (6 ) 3 kHz16 kHz, both channels driven (High channel) 20 W per channel (6 ) Total Bi-Amp power 40 W per channel Power output 10% Total harmonic distortion 1 kHz, both channels driven (Low channel) 25 W per channel (6 ) 8 kHz, both channels driven (High channel) 25 W per channel (6 ) Total Bi-Amp power 50 W per channel Input sensitivity AUX 250 mV Input Impedance AUX 19.8 k

SC-PMW (Music)

LOW Output sound pressure level Cross over frequency Frequency range Dimensions (WxHxD) Mass 80 dB/W (1.0 m) 2.5 kHz 55 Hz22 kHz (16 dB) 70 Hz20 kHz (10 dB) 128 x 250 x 222 mm (51/32 x 927/32 x 83/4) 1.9 kg (4.2 lb.) AC 120 V, 60 Hz 105 W 179 x 247 x 378 mm (71/16 x 923/32 x 147/8) 5.25 kg (11.7 lb.)
SC-PMW (Music) SC-PMW (Music)


Frequency range 87.9 107.9 MHz (200 kHz steps) 87.5 108.0 MHz (100 kHz steps) 2.5 V (IHF) 2.4 V 75 (unbalanced)
Sensitivity S/N 26 dB Antenna terminal(s)
Power consumption in standby mode: 0.45W Notes: 1. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Mass and dimensions are approximate. 2. Total harmonic distortion is measured by the digital spectrum analyzer. 3. The labels HIGH (HF) and LOW (LF) on the rear of the speakers refer to High frequency and Low frequency.


Frequency range kHz (10 kHz steps) Sensitivity S/N 20 dB (at 999 kHz) 560 V/m


Track system Heads Record/playback Erasure Motor Recording system Erasing system Tape speed Overall frequency response (+3 dB, 6 dB at DECK OUT) NORMAL (TYPE I) S/N Wow and flutter Fast forward and rewind time 4 track, 2 channel Solid permalloy head Double gap ferrite head DC servo motor AC bias 100 kHz AC erase 100 kHz 4.8 cm/s (17/8 ips)
35 Hz 14 kHz 50 dB (A weighted) 0.18% (WRMS) Approx. 120 seconds with C-60 cassette tape


1/23/03, 4:44 PM
Power supply Power consumption Dimensions (WxHxD)
10 cm (4) cone type 6 cm (23/8) cone type

Product Service

1. Damage requiring service The unit should be serviced by qualified service personnel if: (a) The AC power supply cord or AC adaptor has been damaged; or (b) Objects or liquids have gotten into the unit; or (c) The unit has been exposed to rain; or (d) The unit does not operate normally or exhibits a marked change in performance; or (e) The unit has been dropped or the cabinet damaged. 2. ServicingDo not attempt to service the unit beyond that described in these operating instructions. Refer all other servicing to authorized servicing personnel. 3. Replacement partsWhen parts need replacing ensure the servicer uses parts specified by the manufacturer or parts that have the same characteristics as the original parts. Unauthorized substitutes may result in fire, electric shock, or other hazards. 4. Safety checkAfter repairs or service, ask the servicer to perform safety checks to confirm that the unit is in proper working condition.


If the surfaces are dirty
To clean this unit, wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Never use alcohol, paint thinner or benzine to clean this unit. Before using chemically treated cloth, read the instructions that came with the cloth carefully.
For a cleaner crisper sound
Clean the heads regularly to assure good quality playback and recording. Use a cleaning tape (not included).

When moving the unit

Product information
For product information or assistance with product operation:
Remove all discs. Press [ /I POWER] to turn the unit off. Disconnect the AC power supply cord.
In the U.S.A., contact the Panasonic Customer Call Center at 1-800-211-7262, or e-mail, or web site ( In Canada, contact Panasonic Canada Inc. Customer Care Centre at 905-624-5505, web site (, or an authorized Servicentre closest to you.
For U.S.A. As an E NERGY S TAR Partner, Panasonic has determined that this product meets the E NERGY S TAR guidelines for energy efficiency.
Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, Division of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America
One Panasonic Way Secaucus, New Jersey 07094
Panasonic Sales Company, Division of Matsushita Electric of Puerto Rico, Inc. (PSC)
Ave. 65 de Infantera, Km. 9.5 San Gabriel Industrial Park, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00985

Panasonic Canada Inc.

5770 Ambler Drive Mississauga, Ontario L4W 2T3
2003 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Printed in Malaysia

28 3/24/03, 9:27 AM



Technical specifications

Product TypeMicro system
Dimensions (WxDxH) / WeightSpeaker system : right/left channel speaker : 5 in x 8.7 in x 9.8 in / 4.2 lbs Main unit : 7 in x 14.9 in x 9.7 in / 11.6 lbs
Pricing TypeRefurbished
Audio System
Sound Output ModeStereo
Output Power / Total120 Watt
Input Impedance19.8 kOhm
Input Sensitivity250 mV
Amplifier Output Details60 Watt - 6 Ohm - THD 10% - 2 channel(s) ( main )
Built-in ClockDigital clock
TimerPlayback, sleep, record
Bass ControlYes
Treble ControlYes
Built-in DisplayFluorescent
Additional FeaturesBi-Wiring, Bi-Amplifying
Equalizer TypeDigital graphic
Equalizer Factory PresetsClear, Soft, Bass, Vocal
Speaker System
Speaker(s)2 x right/left channel speaker - 2-way - external - 60 Watt - 55 - 22000 Hz - 6 Ohm - wired
Driver DetailsRight/left channel speaker : 1 x mid/woofer driver - 100mm Right/left channel speaker : 1 x tweeter driver - 60mm
Detachable GrillesYes
TypeRadio tuner - AM/FM - digital
Tuning DisplayFluorescent display
Preset Station Qty30 preset stations
AM Preset Station Qty15 preset stations
FM Preset Station Qty15 preset stations
Cassette System
TypeCassette deck
Control TypeFull-logic
Cassette Capacity1
Response Bandwidth35 - 14000 Hz
Signal-To-Noise Ratio50 dB
CD System
TypeCD changer
Changer Capacity5
Media Load TypeTray
Playback ModesProgram play, all disks repeat, random play / shuffle, direct track access, all tracks repeat, one track repeat
Response Bandwidth20 - 20000 Hz
CD-to-Tape Synchro RecordingYes
CD Track ProgrammingYes
CD-R CompatibleYes
CD-RW CompatibleYes
Remote Control
TypeRemote control - infrared
Connector Type1 x headphones ( mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm ) - front 1 x audio line-in ( RCA phono x 2 ) - rear
Power DevicePower supply - internal
Universal Product Identifiers
Part NumberSC-PM18RB



CE1071A Compact 400 Electrical 2010 DSC-T11 Laserjet 4M MD-8080 GR-DVL107 Opticube Photosmart 8450 Review HQ481 DTH8650E MD81335 AX523R 37LG7000 Syncmaster 151S Photo XW3100 Loudbox 100 0 2 LQ-670K Deskjet 340 Auto-vice City QCE531K Blaupunkt MP68 DW1620 PRO Dimage Z6 Kodak C160 CL-50 KS-FX940R LE37A550 32LC46 RQ-SW20 Xmax-2007 KX-TA308 246-20 Proshade 6093 Gz-mg130 LQ-300K ME-70 FC8716 02 Cookers 120 IS Firewire SU700 BM 210 TS-450S A880G Plus YZF-R6s-2008 ICF-304 Anniversary CDR560 1000S DP-500 C5100 Heartgold SRS584DP LQ-590 EW-F3000V Chronographstopwatch VD55 B8139-4-M MX4101N-mx5001N RL41wcsw Pokemon GC1000I Windows Francisco 300 ART 311 DPL943 NW-E013F 32PW9523-32 NN-SD978 CDR930 00S Smcwbr14-GM CFD-E75L PLC-XP45 Pivot NF8-V TY-WK4p1RW Multifonctions Laserjet 1160 SCX-4500-XEU ACC-ctbn VPL-CX6 PEG-N760C Latitude D400 LE23R71W A1018S Wbr-6002 2318584-D-WH V-prox MD-port An1 LH-W9656IA ALL-IN-ONE LE32A437t2D WD-12124RD Stylus C87 FE-4020 WTD1276F 3510I KV-DV7


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