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cshehadi 12:27pm on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 
This is the best Plasma Display You Can Buy at That Cost with all the features. Design, Features, Contrast Ratio, Support no of inputs.....
gutpeter 10:40pm on Saturday, August 7th, 2010 
great price $2060 with 5yr waranty and HDMI cable, picture and slim design. Why would you bother with an LCD worth a $1000 more when you can have this beauty. I paid $1700 at JB HIFI.
karlt 11:50pm on Saturday, March 13th, 2010 
The swivel pedestal pictured is only given as an optional accessory.I came to know about it only after i bought it. so many inputs. Its a good investment with good tech specs. But there is a confusion going around. Every specs of it is perfect. Great Design bit dull

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Remember not to keep still pictures on the screen for extended lengths of time
Such still pictures cause after-images on the plasma screen if they are displayed for a long time. These after-images are not considered malfunctions and are not covered by the warranty. Typical still images Channel number and unique logos Image displayed in 4:3 mode Video game Computer image
When TV will not be used for a long time, remove the mains plug
This TV will still consume some power even in the Off mode, as long as the mains plug is still connected to a live socket outlet.
Allow sufcient space around the unit for radiated heat

7 (cm)

To decrease the chance of after-images, a screen saver will be automatically activated after a few minutes if there is no signal and if there is no operation in AV mode. (p. 29) The screen saver will be automatically deactivated when a signal is detected or an operation is executed.
If you nd any abnormality, remove the mains plug immediately!
(such as strange smell or smoke)
Do not block the rear air vents
Blocked ventilation by curtains, etc. may cause overheating, re or electrical shock.
Keep the unit away from these equipment
Electronic equipment In particular, do not place video equipment near the unit (electromagnetic interference may distort images / sound). Equipment with an infrared sensor This TV also emits infrared rays (this may affect operation of other equipment).

AC 220-240 V 50 / 60 Hz

First, remove the mains plug from the socket outlet.

Display panel

Do not remove covers NEVER modify the unit yourself
(High-voltage components may cause serious electrical shock.) Have the unit checked, adjusted, or repaired at your local Panasonic dealer.
Daily care: Gently wipe the surface clean of dirt by using a soft cloth. Major contamination: Wipe the surface clean using a soft cloth dampened with clean water or water containing a small amount of neutral detergent. Then, using a soft dry cloth, evenly wipe the surface clean until it is dry.
Keep liquids away from the TV
To prevent damage which may result in re or shock hazard, do not expose this appliance to dripping or splashing. Do not place containers with water (ower vase, cups, cosmetics, etc.) above the set. (including on shelves above, etc.)
The surface of the display panel has been specially treated and may be easily damaged. Do not tap or scratch the surface with your ngernail or other hard object. Use care not to subject the surface to bug repellent, solvent, thinner, or other volatile substances (this may degrade surface quality).



External equipments and cables shown in this manual are not supplied with this TV. Please ensure that the unit is disconnected from the mains before attaching or disconnecting any leads.

Auto Setup

Search and store TV channels automatically. These steps are not necessary if the setup has been completed by your local dealer.

Watching TV

VHF / UHF aerial
Turn the TV On with the On / Off switch
You can now use the remote control to turn On the unit or turn the unit to standby mode. (Power lamp: On)

Rear of the TV

Rear terminal portion (enlarged view)

Select your country



Deutschland sterreich France Italia Espaa Portugal Nederland Danmark Sverige Norge Suomi Belgien Schweiz ELLADA Polska esk republika Magyarorszg E.Eu


For Belgium, Switzerland and E.Eu, select the desired language To set manually (p. 18)
Connect to AV2 or AV3 for a unit supporting Q-Link (p. 20).

Start ATP


To unfasten

Start Auto Setup

Auto Setup Connection

Auto Setup will start to search for TV channels and store them.
SCART cable (fully wired)
Mains lead (Connect after all the other connections.)
DOWNLOAD IN PROGRESS PLEASE WAIT Programme : 63 Remote control unavailable
If Q-Link (p. 20) equipment is connected, channel information is automatically downloaded to the equipment.

To record TV

RF OUT DVD Recorder or VCR RF IN RF cable
Need help with operations?

(example: Sound menu)

Sound menu
Bass Treble Balance Headphone volume MPX Mode Ambience
Select Adjust Exit Return
Auto Setup is now complete and your TV is ready for viewing.

No service Music Off

To edit channels "Programme edit" (p. 16)
On-screen operation guide will help you.

Watching TV

Watching Videos and DVDs
It is possible to connect a variety of external equipment to the TV unit. Once the equipment is connected, use the following procedure to view the input. To connect the equipment (p. 24) (AV mode screen) With the equipment turned On

Turn power on

(for about 1 second) On / Off switch on unit should be On.
Select the external input
Select a programme number

Select the connector

connected to the equipment
blue Displays the selected connector
To select the two-digit programme number, e.g. 39

(in a short time)

Select from the Programme table


select page

select programme


Programme Guide

Prog. VCR : : : : : : : : : : : : : Name ABC ZDF RTL Chan. CH21 CH44 CH51 CH41 CH47 CH23 CH26 CH58 Prog. : : : : : : : : : : : : Name Chan. -

To return to TV

Panasonic equipment connected to the TV can be directly operated with the remote control.


AV2/ AV3/ S-video S-video
AV4/ Component/ HDMI1/ HDMI2 S-video PC

blue yellow

example: AV1


Automatic Input selection - Input mode is automatically switched from TV to AV mode when the equipment connected via SCART or HDMI terminal is operated. When the equipment is turned off, the TV is set to TV mode. If the external equipment has an aspect adjustment function, set to "16:9". For details, see the manual of the equipment or ask your local dealer.
Other Useful Functions (Operate after
Hold Display status information
Freeze / unfreeze picture
Display / hide status information
Displayed information: Programme number / Programme name / Channel number / MPX mode (p. 14) / Sound system (p. 14) / Aspect mode
The remote control will be available for various Panasonic equipment with the following settings.
Switch to select VCR or DVD you want to change Press and hold while operating Enter the code below (two digit code)

Code 10 (default) 11

VCR / DVD switch Select VCR to operate Panasonic VCR or DVD equipment Select DVD to operate Panasonic DVD equipment or Player theatre Standby Set to Standby mode / Turn on Play Playback VCR / DVD Stop Stop the operations Rewind / Skip / Search VCR: Rewind, review (during playback) DVD: Skip to the previous track or title Press and hold to search backward
Fast-forward / Skip / Search VCR: Fast-forward, cue (during playback) DVD: Skip to the next track or title Press and hold to search forward Pause Pause / Restart DVD: Press and hold for slow-motion play


Watching Videos and DVDs Watching TV
Programme Up / Down Select programme Record Start recording
Change the aspect ratio (p. 26)

14 : 9

Change aspect ratio
Each press changes the mode. Auto aspect / 16:9 / 14:9 / Just / 4:3 / 4:3 Full (HD signal only) / Zoom1 / Zoom2 / Zoom3
While the bar is displayed

red green

VCR Equipment VCR DVD
0 DVD Equipment DVD Player theatre

Code 70 (default) 71

After setting, execute operation conrmation. The respective VCR / DVD code is turned to the default when battery has been exchanged. Set it again. Depending on the model, operation may not be possible.

Viewing Teletext

You can enjoy teletext broadcasting, including news, weather forecasts and subtitles, if this service is provided by the broadcasters. What is TOP / FLOF mode?
If you wish to hold the current page without updating In TOP / FLOF mode, four differently coloured subjects are situated at the bottom of the screen. To access more information about one of these subjects, press the appropriately coloured button. This facility enables fast access to information on the subjects shown.
Stop or resume automatic updating

To resume

What is List mode?
In List mode, four differently coloured page numbers are situated at the bottom of the screen. Each of these numbers can be altered and stored in the TVs memory. ("Store Frequently viewed pages", p. 13)
INDEX Call up a favourite pages View in multi window
Return to the main index page

To change mode

"Teletext" in Setup menu (p. 14)

Switch to Teletext

Sub page number

<< 07 >>

Displays Index (content varies depending on the broadcasters)

Current page number


Time / date

TOP / FLOF mode only
Call up the page stored in "blue". Factory setting is "P103".


Colour bar
Watch TV and Teletext in two windows at once

(Press twice)

Select Picture and text On or Off

Select the page

Store frequently viewed pages

As page is displayed

Corresponding colour button
Operations can be made only in Teletext screen. (List mode only)
(only on rst 25 channels on Programme Guide) in the colour bar

red green yellow blue

(Corresponds to the colour bar)

To adjust contrast

As the blue bar is displayed
Store frequently viewed pages

hold down

To change stored pages
Colour button you want to change
The number changes to white.

Enter new page number

View sub page (Only when teletext is more than one page)
Appears at upper-left corner of the screen
Using teletext conveniently

Reveal hidden data

Reveal hidden words e.g. quiz page answers

View sub page

To view specic sub page

Enter the 4-digit number

example: P6


(BOTTOM) Normal (FULL)
Sub pages: The number of sub pages varies depending on the broadcasters (up to 79 pages). It may take some time for searching, during which time you can watch TV.

Viewing mode Contrast Brightness Colour Sharpness Tint Colour balance Colour management P-NR MPEG NR 3D-COMB Bass Treble Balance Headphone volume


Picture menu

Normal On Auto Off On

Select the menu
M a i n m e nu P i c tur e m e nu Sound menu S e t up m e nu

(example: Picture menu)

select next

Select the item

Viewing mode Contrast Brightness Colour Sharpness Tint Colour balance Colour management P-NR MPEG NR 3D-COMB Dynamic
Bass Treble Balance Headphone volume MPX Mode Ambience HDMI1 input
How to Use Menu Functions (picture, sound quality, etc.)


Mode Ambience HDMI1 input

Music Off Auto

Adjust or select
change store (Required by some functions)
Q-Link AV2/AV3 out Control with HDMI Teletext Off timer Text language Side panel Power save Programme edit Auto setup Manual tuning Fine tuning Colour system Volume correc. Decoder (AV2 / AV3) OSD language Colour system Volume correction


AV2 out Control with HDMI Teletext Off timer


Choose from among alternatives

Colour balance Normal

Number and positions of alternatives

Text language

Setup menu


Adjust using the slide bar

Side panel Power save

Programme edit
Off Off Access Access Access

To return to the

Tuning menu
Auto setup Manual tuning Fine tuning Colour system Volume correc. Decoder (AV2) OSD language Colour system Volume correction

previous screen

Go to the next screen

Tuning menu Access

Displays the next screen

Off Access Auto

To reset the setting
A different menu will be displayed while PC is used. (p. 19) In AV mode, the Sound menu and Setup menu give a smaller number of options.
Editing and Setting Channels
The current channel settings can be changed according to your needs and reception conditions.

Display the menu

Select the programme number to edit
Prog. 5 : : : : : Chan. CH44 CH51 CH41 CH47 CH37 Name ABC XYZ FTP Lock Off Off Off Off Off Sys SC1 SC1 SC1 SC1 SC1

Name Programme number

Select "Setup menu"
Main menu Picture menu Sound menu S e t u p me n u

next select

To delete To add To move

Edit channels

Prog. 5 : : : : : Chan. CH44 CH51 CH41 CH47 CH37 Name ABC XYZ FTP 123 456

red green yellow

After conrming, press After conrming, press

Select destination

Select "Tuning menu"
Q-Link AV2 out Control with HDMI Teletext Off timer Text language Side panel Power save Tuning menu OSD language AV2 TV On TOP Off West Off Off Access

Select "PC"

(To next page) Press twice

Displays PC screen

Corresponding signals (p. 28) If "H-freq." or "V-freq." is shown in red, the signals may not be supported.

Exit Return

To freely change settings after Auto setup
Select the programme number and search through the channel

Programme number

Repeat and Note
If a VCR is connected with only the RF cable, select programme number "0".
PC menu setting (changed as desired)
Making settings "How to Use Menu Functions" to (p. 14)
Displaying PC Screen on TV Editing and Setting Channels

W/B High R

Adjustments / Congurations(options)
White balance of bright red area White balance of bright blue area White balance of dark red area White balance of dark blue area (2.0 / 2.2 / 2.5 / S Curve) Switches to a wide view VGA (640 x 480 dots), WVGA (852 x 480 dots), XGA (1,024 x 768 dots), WXGA (1,366 x 768 dots) Options change depending on signals and repeatedly adjusted



78:01 41

Viewing mode, Contrast, Brightness, Sharpness, Colour balance (p. 14) W/B High B W/B Low B Gamma Input resolution Clock

Manual tuning 02

Search down/up Store Exit Return 9 Direct entry
Advanced W/B Low R setting
The programme number blinks.

Set manually

Manual tuning
Set to the minimum level if noise occurs
For Manual tuning, using the buttons on the unit
("Tuning mode" on p. 7)
Adjust horizontal position H-pos
(Press repeatedly until "Tuning mode" appears) or (Access "Manual tuning")

PC setup

Adjust vertical position
(Programme, Channel (select), Sound system) or (Change programme or start searching channels)
Programme number (ash) Channel number (ash) Sound system (ash)

CH12 SC1

(Store) (Repeat)

Clock phase

Eliminate icker and distortion Adjust after Clock adjustment
Manual tuning -, + TV / AV STR F 02

: : : :

Search Move cursor To store To exit 78:01 41


Chooses another synchronous signal if the image is distorted (H&V / On G) H&V : by the horizontal and vertical signals from your PC On G : by the green signal from your PC (if available)
Volume correction, Side panel, Power save, OSD language (p. 14)

Sound menu (p. 14)

External Equipment
Q-Link interlocks the TV unit and VCR / DVD recorder, enables easy recording and playback.

Control with HDMI "

Display the menu Select "Home theatre" or "TV speaker"

Home theatre:

Theatre speaker
When TV is set to Standby mode, the recording equipment is also automatically set to Standby. (Only when the videocassette or DVD is not active.)
Main menu Home theatre Picture menu Sound menu Setup menu
Adjustment for equipment (automatically turned on if it is in Standby mode) Volume up / down Mute

TV speaker:

"DATA LOGIC" (a trademark of Metz Corporation) "Megalogic" (a trademark of Grundig Corporation) "Easy Link" (a trademark of Philips Corporation) "SMARTLINK" (a trademark of Sony Corporation)
Read the manuals of the equipment too.
Power on link Power off link

TV speakers are active.

When selecting "Home theatre", the sound of TV speakers is mute. When the equipment is turned off, TV speakers will be active.
When the connected Panasonic equipment is operated, TV is also automatically turned on and the content is reproduced. (Only when TV is in Standby mode.) When TV is set to Standby mode, the connected Panasonic equipment is also automatically set to Standby.


External equipments and cables shown are not supplied with this TV.
Connect VCR / DVD recorder (Recording, Playback)

1 AV 2 AV 1 AV 2 AV 3

Connect VCR / DVD recorder and Set top box (example)

VCR / DVD recorder

For Q-Link connection (p. 20) VCR / DVD recorder



2 AV 1 AV 2 AV 3





Set top box
Connect DVD player (Playback)
Connect DVD recorder and VCR (example)

1 AV 2

DVD recorder


DVD player


Control with HDMI (p. 21)
Easy playback (For connection to HDMI2 terminal, refer to p. 24)

Front of the TV

Panasonic DVD recorder DIGA
Connect the S-VIDEO or VIDEO terminal.
Connect Set top box (RGB input)

Home theatre

This TV

Panasonic Amplier

Speaker system

Panasonic Player theatre

Set top box Panasonic DVD recorder DIGA
Read the manuals of Panasonic Amplier or Player theatre for details.


It is recommended that you use Panasonics HDMI cable. Recommended part number: RP-CDHG15 (1.5 m) RP-CDHG30 (3.0 m) RP-CDHG50 (5.0 m)

Connections (overview)

These diagrams show our recommendations for how to connect the TV unit to your various equipment. For other connections, consult the instructions of each equipment, the table below, and the specications (p. 31).
To watch satellite broadcasts
DIGA or Panasonic Amplier

To record / playback

When using HDMI2 terminal as Control with HDMI, select the external input to HDMI2 for the rst time (p. 11). DVD Recorder / VCR

SCART cable SCART cable

SCART cable RF cable or

To listen with speakers

(M3 plug) within 10 cm
Amplier with speaker system


(Q-Link) (VIDEO) or (S-VIDEO) Ferrite core


Camcorder / Game equipment


Pull back the tabs to open
Press the cable through and close


Conversion adapter (if necessary)

To watch DVDs

Types of connectable equipment to each connector
Connector Recording / Playback (equipment) To record / playback videocassettes / DVDs (VCR / DVD recorder) To watch DVDs (DVD player) To watch camcorder images (Video camera) To watch satellite broadcasts (Set top box) To play games (Game equipment) Q-Link Control with HDMI

: Recommended Connection

Technical Information
Aspect Ratio HDMI connection
HDMI (high-denition multimedia interface) allows you to enjoy high-denition digital images and high-quality sound by connecting the TV unit and the equipment. HDMI-compatible equipment (1) with an HDMI or DVI output terminal, such as a set top box or a DVD player, can be connected to the HDMI terminal using an HDMI compliant (fully wired) cable. HDMI is the world's rst complete digital consumer AV interface complying with a non-compression standard. If the external equipment has only a DVI output, connect to the HDMI1 terminal via a DVI to HDMI adapter cable (2). When the DVI to HDMI adapter cable is used, connect the audio cable to the audio input terminal. Audio settings can be made on the "HDMI1 input" menu screen. (p. 14) Applicable audio signal sampling frequencies (2ch L.PCM): 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 32 kHz
Auto aspect: Auto aspect determines the best aspect ratio to use to ll your screen. It does this using a four step
The optimum size and aspect can be chosen, and you can enjoy ner images. (p. 10)
process to determine if the picture being viewed is a widescreen picture. If Auto aspect detects a widescreen signal it switches into the appropriate 16:9 or 14:9 widescreen mode. If Auto aspect does not detect a widescreen signal then this advanced TV set enhances the picture for optimum viewing pleasure. The text shown on the screen indicates how Auto aspect determined which ratio to use: "WIDE" appears in the top left of the screen if a widescreen identication signal (WSS) is found or a signal found through a SCART terminal. Auto aspect switches to the appropriate 16:9 or 14:9 widescreen ratio. This function will also work in any aspect mode. "Auto aspect" appears in the top left of the screen if black stripes above and below the picture are detected. Auto aspect chooses the best ratio and expands the picture to ll the screen. This process can take several minutes, depending on the darkness of the picture.

Signal Name NC (not connected) NC (not connected) HD/SYNC VD NC (not connected)
Displays a 4:3 image full-screen. Stretching is only noticeable at the left and right edges.
Displays the image at the standard "4:3" without distortion.

4:3 Full

4 : 3 Full
Displays a "4:3" image enlarged horizontally to t the screen.
Displays a "16:9" letterbox or "4:3" image without distortion.
Control with HDMI FAQs, etc.
HDMI connections to some Panasonic equipments allow you to enjoy the easy playback or home theatre. Setup the equipment to enable this function. Read the manual of the equipment. This function may not work normally depending on the equipment condition. This function may not work normally when Panasonic Player theatre is connected. The equipment can be operated by TVs remote control with this function on even if TV is in Standby mode. Image or sound may not be available for the rst few seconds when the playback starts. Image or sound may not be available for the rst few seconds when Input mode is switched. Volume function will be displayed when adjusting the volume of the equipment. Easy playback is also available by using the remote control for Amplier. Read the manuals of Amplier.
Displays a "16:9" letterbox (anamorphic) image full-screen without distortion.
Displays a "2.35:1" letterbox (anamorphic) image full-screen without distortion. At "16:9", displays the image at its maximum (with slight enlargement).
SCART and S-video terminal information
Before requesting service or assistance, please follow these simple guides to resolve the problem. If problem still persists, please contact your local Panasonic dealer or Panasonic Customer Care Centre for assistance.

AV1 SCART terminal

Suitable inputs for AV1 include RGB (Red / Green / Blue).
Socket Earth CVBS out (video) CVBS earth Red in Red earth Green in Green earth Blue in Blue earth Audio out (L) Audio out (R) 1

AV2 SCART terminal

Socket Earth CVBS out (video) CVBS earth S.C. - in Earth -Earth -Earth Audio out (L) Audio out (R) 1


AV2 - Pins 15 and 20 are dependent on AV2 S-VHS / VIDEO switching.
CVBS in (video) Earth -Earth -Q-Link data Status CVBS Audio in (L) Audio earth Audio in (R)
CVBS in (video) RGB status earth Status RGB Earth --Status CVBS Audio in (L) Audio earth Audio in (R)

White spots or shadow images (noise)

AV3 SCART terminal

Socket Earth CVBS out (video) CVBS earth Red in, S.C. - in Red earth Green in Green earth Blue in Blue earth Audio out (L) Audio out (R) 1
AV3 - Pins 15 and 20 are dependent on AV3 S-VHS / VIDEO switching.
CVBS in (video) RGB status earth Status RGB Earth -Q-Link data Status CVBS Audio in (L) Audio earth Audio in (R)
AV4 S-VIDEO 4 pin terminal
Chrominance in Luminance in
Check the position, direction, and connection of the aerial.

Chrominance earth

Luminance earth
logo appears at the four corners of the screen Contrast is reduced
Input signal that can be displayed
Mark: Applicable input signal for Component (Y, PB, PR), HDMI and PC (D-sub 15P)
Signal name 525 (480) / 60i 525 (480) / 60p 625 (576) / 50i 625 (576) / 50p 750 (720) / 60p 750 (720) / 50p 1,125 (1,080) / 60i 1,125 (1,080) / 50i @70 Hz @60 Hz @75 Hz @60 Hz @75 Hz @85 Hz 1,@60 Hz 1,@70 Hz 1,@75 Hz 1,@85 Hz 1,280 1,024 @60 Hz Macintosh13 (640 480) Macintosh16 (832 624) Macintosh21 (1,152 870) Horizontal frequency (kHz) 15.73 31.47 15.63 31.25 45.00 37.50 33.75 28.13 31.46 31.47 37.50 37.88 46.88 53.67 48.36 56.48 60.02 68.68 63.98 35.00 49.72 68.68 Vertical frequency (Hz) 59.94 59.94 50.00 50.00 60.00 50.00 60.00 50.00 70.07 59.94 75.00 60.32 75.00 85.06 60.00 70.07 75.03 85.00 60.02 66.67 74.54 75.06 Component HDMI PC
The function to prevent after-image is activated. (Not a faulty symptom) The screen saver is activated if the TV unit is not operated for a certain time in AV mode. Contrast is lowered when radio, menu, etc. lasts for several minutes. "after-image" (p. 5)
Pictures from an equipment are unusual when the equipment is connected via HDMI
Frequently Asked Questions Technical Information
Only one part remains dark
Is the HDMI cable connected properly? (p. 24) Turn Off the TV unit and equipment, then turn them On again. Check an input signal from the equipment. (p. 28) Use an equipment compliant with EIA/CEA-861/861B.
A pixel or luminescent spot may occasionally be missing in plasma displays. (Not a faulty symptom)
The remote control does not work

Signals other than above may not be displayed properly. The above signals are reformatted for optimal viewing on your display.
Are the batteries installed correctly? (p. 6) Has the TV unit been switched On?

Problem Actions


Set "P-NR" in the Picture menu (to remove noise). (p. 14) Check nearby electrical products (car, motorcycle, uorescent lamp). Is "Colour" or "Contrast" in the Picture menu set to the minimum? (p. 14) Trademark Credits VGA is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, USA. S-VGA is a registered trademark of the Video Electronics Standard Association. Even if no special notation has been made of company or product trademarks, these trademarks have been fully respected. HDMI, the HDMI Logo and High-Denition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. HDAVI ControlTM is a trademark of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Chaotic image, noisy No image can be displayed Blurry or distorted image

(no sound or low volume)

Power Source Power Plasma Display Consumption panel Average use Standby condition Drive method Aspect Ratio Contrast Ratio TH-37PV60EH AC 220-240 V, 50 / 60 Hz 241 W 0.3 W 261 W TH-42PV60EH AC type 16:9 Max 10000:cm 106 cm Visible screen size 818 mm (W) 461 mm (H) 920 mm (W) 518 mm (H) 939 mm (diagonal) 1,056 mm (diagonal) 737,280 (1,024 (W) 720 (H)) 786,432 (1,024 (W) 768 (H)) No. of pixels [3,dots] [3,dots] Speaker 12 cm 6 cm 2 pcs, 8 Audio Output 20 W (10 W + 10 W ), 10% THD Headphones M3 (3.5 mm) Jack 1 VGA, SVGA, XGA SXGA (compressed) PC signals Horizontal scanning frequency 31 - 69 kHz Vertical scanning frequency 59 - 86 Hz PAL B, G, H, I, SECAM B, G, SECAM L / L VHF E2 - E12 VHF H1 - H2 (ITALY) VHF A - H (ITALY) UHF E21 - E69 CATV (S01 - S05) CATV S1 - S10 (M1 - M10) CATV S11 - S20 (U1 - U10) CATV S21 - S41 (Hyperband) Receiving Systems / PAL D, K, SECAM D, K Band name VHF R1 - R2 VHF R3 - R5 VHF R6 - R12 UHF E21 - E69 PAL 525/60 Playback of NTSC tape from some PAL Video recorders (VCR) M.NTSC Playback from M. NTSC Video recorders (VCR) NTSC (AV input only) Playback from NTSC Video recorders (VCR) Aerial - Rear VHF / UHF Operating Conditions Temperature : 0 C - 40 C AV1 (Scart terminal) 21 Pin terminal (Audio/Video in, Audio/Video out, RGB in) AV2 (Scart terminal) 21 Pin terminal (Audio/Video in, Audio/Video out, S-Video in, Q-Link) AV3 (Scart terminal) 21 Pin terminal (Audio/Video in, Audio/Video out, RGB in, S-Video in, Q-Link) VIDEO RCA PIN Type 1 1.0 V[p-p] (75 ) AV4 S-VIDEO Mini DIN 4-pin Y:1.0 V[p-p] (75 ) C:0.286 V[p-p] (75 ) AUDIO L - R RCA PIN Type 2 0.5 V[rms] Y 1.0 V[p-p] (including synchronization) COMPONENT P B, PR 0.35 V[p-p] HDMI1/2 TYPE A Connectors Others HIGH-DENSITY D-SUB 15PIN R,G,B/0.7 V[p-p] (75 ) PC HD, VD/TTL Level 2.0 - 5.0 V[p-p] (high impedance) AUDIO L - R RCA PIN Type 2 0.5 V[rms] Output AUDIO L - R RCA PIN Type 2 0.5 V[rms] (high impedance) 917 mm 645 mm 95 mm (TV Set only) 1,020 mm 705 mm 95 mm (TV Set only) Dimensions ( W H D ) 917 mm 708 mm 320 mm (With Pedestal) 1,020 mm 768 mm 320 mm (With Pedestal) 30.0 k Net (TV Set only) 26.0 k Net (TV Set only) Weight 28.0 k Net (With Pedestal) 32.0 k Net (With Pedestal) Sound Connection Terminals

Screen Sound HDMI Other

Reset channels. (p. 18)
Neither image nor sound is produced No sound is produced Sound level is low or sound is distorted Whirling sound is heard Sound is unusual An error message appears "Control with HDMI" function does not work TV unit goes into "Standby mode" An error message appears
Is the unit in "AV mode"? Is the mains lead plugged into the socket outlet? Is the TV unit turned On? Check Picture menu (p. 14) and volume. Is "Sound Mute" active? (p. 7) Is the volume set to the minimum?
Sound signal reception may be deteriorated. Set "MPX" (p. 14) in the Sound menu to "Mono".
The sound is from built-in cooling fan (not a sign of faulty operation). Set the sound setting of the connected equipment to "2ch L.PCM". Check the "HDMI1 input" setting in the Sound menu. (p. 14) If digital sound connection has a problem, select analogue sound connection. (p. 27)
Licence / Specications Frequently Asked Questions
Contact the authorized Service Centre.
Switch the TV unit on again with the equipment on. Set "Control with HDMI" to "Off", then set to "On" again. (p. 21) The sleep function is activated. The TV unit enters "Standby mode" about 30 min. after broadcasting ends. Follow the message's instructions. If the problem persists, contact the authorized Service Centre.
Design and Specications are subject to change without notice. Weight and Dimensions shown are approximate. This equipment complies with the EMC standards listed below. EN55013, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN55020, EN55022, EN55024.



PDC 330 Optio H90 Delux Univers41 PM1200 SC-VK81D ZHC9454X CL-329 DES-3800 YZF-R1-1999 Intrigue 2002 DTR-40 2 PTS 10 271 C ESI661 EWH-100SL ROC 56 LE37B550 K450FX DTH255E Er-5215M VN-240PC Dvcr-A300 MCD710 12 Kodak M320 WB2000 CQ-DP133U Streak Sun-firestorm STR-DE598 SCH-W410 PET831 Review IR310CD ER1421 L730 Syberia II STR-DH500 Ericsson T28S LS6200 Divx 300 CJ-KS4 CLD-990 F60HP-2002 Husqvarna 235R R100T MR F55 CDX-RA750 Zoom HD8 DVD-3351N Nfl 06 KRL-32V Sbcru230 KD-SH55R FL 882 Brochure RE-SX20 Tl92370 Recorder Camaro 1996 Deluxe CV1 16-S RSC5dbsh KG810 Nokia 6730 ICD-SX66 JV5-130S Cleopatra F250-2006 Kx-tg2343 ZTI6100 Makita 4328 PT-DW6300 V8824W VL-Z500S Cinema-PE6300hybrid VN-3100 Dvdq35-751 KDL-46HX705 Quattro AUB300I Chorus 212 Monitor H27D35DT SE 100 DP9210 ICF-CD863V 32HF5335D PX888 FJ1200 GCS632U 250 SX-F Processor BXL3000 DVD-S657 LE40C535f1W 10 0 DCR-VX2000E Smartphone DE-10 Player ONE


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