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Bjorn 6:49pm on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 
I took a few months researching LCD & plasma TVs before upgrading my Panasonic 26" LCD TV (I bought a couple of years ago).
naroza 6:07pm on Friday, May 14th, 2010 
When searching for a tv, people like me always want the best at the cheapest. Let me explain why this tv is so great purely on comparison. excellent picture , excellent sound , excellent price( well done play ) , excellent delivery , you get the idea !!
Xuevon 4:18pm on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 
This television has a good sound quality and the best picture I have seen on any tv!

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If no signal is received and no operation is
performed in Analogue TV mode for 30 minutes, the TV will automatically go to standby mode.
Keep the TV away from these types

Electronic equipment

of equipment
This TV will still consume some power even in the Off
Allow sufficient space around the TV for

radiated heat

Minimum distance
mode, as long as the mains plug is still connected to a live socket outlet. Remove the mains plug from the wall socket before connecting or disconnecting leads.
Transport only in upright position
In particular, do not place video equipment near the TV (electromagnetic interference may distort images / sound). Equipment with an infrared sensor This TV also emits infrared rays (this may affect operation of other equipment).
When using the pedestal, keep the space between the
Do not block the rear air vents
Irreversible damage can be caused.
volume from the headphones
In case of using Wall-hanging bracket, follow the manual of it. Blocked ventilation by newspapers, table cloths, curtains,
etc. may cause overheating, fire or electrical shock.
bottom of the TV and the surface where the TV is set.
Do not expose your ears to excessive


First, remove the mains plug from the socket outlet.

Display panel

Regular care: Gently wipe the surface clean of dirt by using a soft cloth. Major contamination: Wipe the surface clean using a soft cloth dampened with clean water or diluted neutral detergent (1 part detergent to 100 parts water). Then, using a soft dry cloth, evenly wipe the surface clean until it is dry.
The surface of the display panel has been specially treated and may be easily damaged. Take care not to subject the surface to insect repellent, solvent, thinner, or other volatile substances (this may
degrade surface quality). Do not tap or scratch the surface with your fingernail or other hard object.

These steps are not necessary if the setup has been completed by your local dealer. Please complete connections (p. 10 and p. 11) and settings (if necessary) of the connected equipment before
starting Auto Setup. For details of settings for the connected equipment, read the manual of the equipment.
Plug the TV into mains socket and switch On
(Takes a few seconds to be displayed)

Select the language

Deutsch English Franais Italiano Espaol Portugus Nederlands Dansk Svenska Norsk Suomi Trke Polski etina Magyar Slovenina Romn Srpski Hrvatski Slovenina Latvieu eesti keel Lietuvi

select set

Select your country


Germany Austria France Italy Spain Portugal Switzerland Malta Andorra Denmark Sweden Norway Finland Luxembourg Belgium Netherlands Turkey Greece Poland Czech Hungary Slovakia Slovenia Estonia Lithuania E.Eu

Auto Setup starts

Auto Setup will start to search for TV
channels and store them. The sorted channel order depends upon the TV signal, the broadcasting system and reception conditions.

Sending Preset Data

If Q-Link, VIERA Link or similar technology
Please wait! 0% Remote control unavailable
(p. 48) compatible recorder is connected, channel, language, country / region settings are automatically downloaded to the recorder. If downloading has failed, you can download later by the menu item. Download (p. 28)

Select Home

Please select your viewing environment. Home Shop
Auto Setup is now complete and your TV is ready for viewing.
To check channel list at-a-glance To edit channels
Using TV Guide (p. 18 and p. 19)
Tuning and Editing Channels (p. 32 - 35)
Using the On Screen Displays
Many features available on this TV can be accessed via the On Screen Display menu. How to use remote control
Move the cursor / select the menu item Access the menu / store settings after adjustments have been made or options have been set


Move the cursor / adjust levels / select from a range of options Return to the previous menu Exit the menu system and return to the normal viewing screen

Open the main menu

ON SCREEN HELP Instructions box - Operation guide

(example: Sound Menu)

Sound Menu 1/2
Quick Start Guide Auto Setup
Mode Bass Treble Balance Headphone Volume Surround Volume Correction Speaker Distance to Wall MPX
Select EXIT Change RETURN

Music Off 0 Over 30cm Stereo

Page up Page down

Operation guide will help you.
If tuning has failed Auto Setup (p. 30 and p. 31) To initialize all settings Shipping Condition (p. 39) If you turned the TV Off during Standby mode last time, the TV will be in Standby mode when you turn the TV On
with Mains power On / Off switch.
Auto Setup varies depending on the country you select
DVB-C Network ID Selection

(if you select Sweden)

DVB-C Network ID Selection

Region Selection

Region Selection
Helsinki Turku Eurajoki Tampere Lahti Anjalankoski Lapua Jyvskyl Mikkeli Kuopio Koli Oulu Rovaniemi

Search Mode

(if you select Finland)
(if you select Finland) Sweden or

Search Mode All Channels

Free Channels

Network ID

Network Name


select mode set

set select network

select region set

Analogue Auto Setup

DVB-T Auto Setup

DVB-C Auto Setup

Scan This will take about 3 minutes. CH CH 29 CH 33 CH H: 21 Channel Name 41 Analogue: 2 Searching
if you select a country except Portugal, Poland, Hungary and E.Eu
99 H: 21 Type Free TV Free TV Free TV Free TV Quality 10 10

DVB-C Auto Setup

Progress Analogue Scan 0% 21 100% 68 This will take about 3 minutes. No. Channel Name 1 CBBC Channel 2 BBC Radio Wales 3 E4 Type Free TV Free TV Free TV Quality 10
Auto Setup - DVB-T and Analogue
DVB-T Scan CH 5 Analogue Scan CH 2 This will take about 6 minutes. CH Channel Name 62 CBBC Channel 62 BBC Radio Wales 62 ECartoon Nwk

Free TV: 4

Pay TV: 0

Radio: 0 Searching

Data: 0

Analogue: 0

Free TV: 3

Pay TV: 0 Searching

Radio: 0
If you select Shop by mistake
Return to viewing environment selection by pressing the RETURN button.

Automatic Demo Off

Auto Setup is complete
If you set to Off or On in this menu the
TV will be in Shop viewing environment. To return to Home viewing environment initialise all settings by accessing Shipping Condition. Shipping Condition (p. 39)

Watching TV

Turn power on
(Press for about 1 second)
Mains power On / Off switch should be On. (p. 8)

Select the mode

TV Selection

watch select

DVB-C DVB-T Analogue
The selectable modes vary depending on the country you select (p. 12). If TV Selection menu is not displayed, press the TV button to switch the


20:35 Now
Coronation Street 20 : 00 - 20 : 55
All DVB-T Channels Change category For info press
Information banner appears whenever you select a channel For details p. 15
Also possible to select the mode pressing the TV button repeatedly on the

What is TOP mode? (in case of TOP text broadcasting)
TOP is a particular improvement of the standard teletext service that results in an easier search and effective guide. Fast overview of the teletext information available Easy to use step-by-step selection of the topical subject Page status information at the bottom of the screen Available page up / down

red green blue yellow

To select among subject blocks
To select next subject within the subject block (After the last subject, it moves to the next subject block.)

What is List mode?

In List mode, four differently coloured page numbers are situated at the bottom of the screen. Each of these numbers can be altered and stored in the TVs memory. (Store frequently viewed pages, p. 21)

To change mode

Teletext in the Setup Menu (p. 29)
Switch to Teletext Displays the TEXT
index page (content varies depending on the broadcasters)

Sub page number

<< 07 >>

Current page number


Time / date


Colour bar

Select the page
green yellow blue red (Corresponds to the colour bar)
To adjust contrast To return to TV

Reveal hidden data

Reveal hidden words e.g. quiz page answers MENU To rehide red

(Press three times)

As the blue bar is displayed


(TOP) (BOTTOM) Normal (FULL)

(Expand the TOP half)

(Expand the BOTTOM half)

Stop automatic updating

(If you wish to hold the current page without updating) HOLD To resume HOLD
Return to the main index page

Call up a favourite page

View a favourite page stored
Call up the page stored on the blue button (List mode). Factory setting is P103.

View in multi window

Watch TV and Teletext in two windows at once

(press twice)

Select Picture and text On or Off
Operations can be made only in Teletext screen. Store frequently viewed pages
Store frequently viewed pages in the colour bar

As page is displayed

press and hold
The number changes to white.

(List mode only)

Corresponding coloured button

To change stored pages

Enter new page number
Coloured button you want to change

View sub page

View sub page (Only when teletext is more than one page)
Appears at top of the screen
To view specific sub page

Enter the 4-digit number

example: P6

Sub pages:

The number of sub pages varies depending on the broadcasters (up to 79 pages). It may take some time for searching, during which time you can watch TV.
Watch TV while waiting for update

Press and hold

during the following operations Press

Code 70 (default) 73

Enter the appropriate code, see table below
Type of the equipment DVD Recorder, DVD Player Player theatre, Blu-ray Disc theatre VCR The equipment using in VIERA Link VIERA Link Control (p. 52)
Confirm if the remote control works correctly after changing the code. The codes may be reset to default values if batteries are replaced. Some operations may not be possible on some equipment models.
How to Use Menu Functions
Various menus allow you to make settings for the picture, sound, and other functions.
Display the menu Displays the functions that can be set MENU
(varies according to the input signal)

Select the menu


(example: Picture Menu)

Select the item

Picture Menu 1/2

Viewing Mode Contrast Brightness Colour Sharpness Tint Colour Balance Colour Management Eco Mode

Dynamic 0 Normal On Off


Adjust or select

change store or access (Required by some functions)

at any time

Choose from among


Number and positions of alternatives

Colour Balance Normal

To reset the settings
To reset the picture settings only
Reset to Defaults in the Picture Menu (p. 26) To reset the sound settings only Reset to Defaults in the Sound Menu (p. 27) To reset the picture and sound settings together N Also volume level and aspect mode are reset

To return to the

previous screen


Adjust using the slide bar

menu pages

Go to the next screen

Child Lock Access

To initialize all settings
Shipping Condition in the Setup Menu (p. 29)

Displays the next screen

Enter characters by free input menu

User input

Set for each input signal

Viewing Mode

Contrast, Brightness, Colour, Sharpness
Increases or decreases the levels of these options according to your personal preference
With an NTSC signal source connected to the TV, the picture hue can be adjusted to suit your taste For NTSC signal reception only

Colour Balance

Allows you to set the overall colour tone of the picture (Cool / Normal / Warm)


Colour Management

Not valid on PC signal

Automatically adjusts colours to vivid ones (Off / On)

Eco Mode

Adjusts picture settings automatically dependent on ambient lighting conditions (Off / On)
Picture Noise Reduction Automatically reduces unwanted picture noise and flicker noise in the contoured parts of a picture (Off / Min / Mid / Max) Not valid on PC signal


Occasionally, whilst viewing still or slow moving pictures, colour patterning may be seen Set to On to display sharper and more accurate colours (Off / On) For PAL or NTSC signal reception only Not valid on RGB, S-Video, Component, PC, HDMI and SD Card

Reset to Defaults

Press the OK button to reset the present Picture Viewing Mode to the default settings

Mode Bass Treble Balance

Adjustments / Configurations (alternatives)
Basic sound mode (Music / Speech)
Increases or decreases level to enhance or minimise lower, deeper sound output
Increases or decreases level to enhance or minimise sharper, higher sound output
Adjusts volume level of right and left speakers

Headphone Volume

Adjusts the volume of the headphones


Surround sound settings (Off / V-Audio / V-Audio Surround) V-Audio: Provides a dynamic enhancer of width to simulate improved spatial effects V-Audio Surround: Provides a dynamic enhancer of width and depth to simulate improved spatial effects Switching is also possible by the Surround button on the remote control (p. 9).

Volume Correction

Adjusts the volume of individual channel or input mode

Speaker Distance to Wall

Adjusts the low frequency sound (Over 30cm / Up to 30cm) If the back space between the TV and wall is over 30 cm, Over 30cm is recommended. If the back space between the TV and wall is within 30 cm, Up to 30cm is recommended.

Auto Update Search in Standby Off System Update Search Now

To update immediately

Select System Update Search Now
Auto Update Search in Standby Off Access System Update Search Now
Download Searches for an update (for several mins.) and displays a corresponding message if any
Download may take for about 60 mins. During software download and update, DO NOT switch Off the TV. The message might be the notification beforehand. In this case, the schedule information (the date that the
new version can be used) will appear. You can set the reservation for update. The update will not start when the TV is set to Off.


You can access some special features easily by using the VIERA TOOLS function.
Display icons of the feature


Select a feature

VIERA Link Control

How to Use VIERA TOOLS Updating the TV Software
Follow the operations of each feature VIERA Link Control VIERA Link Control (p. 52)
When more than two pieces of compatible equipment are connected a selection screen will be displayed. Please select the correct description and access.

Pause Live TV

Pause Live TV (p. 51)


Slideshow (p. 43)
Slideshow will use all of the photos on the SD Card.

To remove


Photo View (p. 42)


Movie View (p. 44)

Viewing from SD Card


Photo View: Still images recorded by digital cameras will be displayed. Movie View: Moving pictures recorded by digital video cameras will be played back.
During the operation, sound signal is output from AV1, AV2, AUDIO OUT and DIGITAL AUDIO OUT terminals. But no video signals are output. Date shows the date on which the recording was made by the digital camera or digital video camera. The file without record of the date is shown **/**/****. For details on SD Cards p. 57

To insert the SD Card

Label surface Push until a click is heard

To remove the SD Card

Press the centre of the card

Photo View

Insert the SD Card Select Photo View

Photo View Movie View

You can also access directly by using
Select the folder to display the thumbnail
Photo View Mode Folder view
100_PANA 38 pictures 101_PANA 3 pictures 102_PANA 14 pictures 200_PANA 20 pictures
Folder name 100_PANA Number of pictures 38 pictures


Select EXIT Select RETURN

201_PANA 7 pictures

ROOM 1 picture

Fruit 18 pictures

Nature 14 pictures

All pictures

The files which are not into a folder will


AV3 (Side panel of TV)
Recording / Playback (equipment) To record / playback videocassettes / DVDs (VCR / DVD recorder) To watch DVDs (DVD player) To watch camcorder images (Video camera) To watch satellite broadcasts (Set top box) To play games (Game equipment) To use amplifier with speaker system Q-Link VIERA Link Direct TV Recording

: Recommended Connection

(with HDMI)
Conversion adapter (if necessary)

HDMI equipment

HDMI connection (p. 59)

(Viewing) (Listening)

DVD Recorder Computer
Fully wired HDMI compliant cable



To record / playback

SCART cable Fully wired HDMI compliant cable (Listening) (Viewing)

DVD Recorder / VCR

To watch satellite broadcasts



Technical Information

Auto Aspect
The optimum size and aspect can be chosen automatically, and you can enjoy finer images. (p. 16)

Aspect Control Signal

WIDE will appear in the top left of the screen if a Widescreen signal (WSS) or a Control signal through SCART / HDMI terminal is found. The aspect will switch to the appropriate 16:9 or 14:9 widescreen ratio. This function will work in any aspect mode.
Input terminal Input signal format DVB-T PAL B, G, H, I PAL D, K SECAM B, G SECAM L, L SECAM D, K PAL 525/60 6.5 MHz PAL 525/60 6.0 MHz PAL 525/60 5.5 MHz M.NTSC 6.5 MHz M.NTSC 6.0 MHz M.NTSC 5.5 MHz DVB-C PAL SECAM PAL 525/60 M.NTSC NTSC 525 (480) / 60i 525 (480) / 60p 625 (576) / 50i 625 (576) / 50p 750 (720) / 60p 750 (720) / 50p 1,125 (1,080) / 60i 1,125 (1,080) / 50i 525 (480) / 60i 525 (480) / 60p 625 (576) / 50i 625 (576) / 50p 750 (720) / 60p 750 (720) / 50p 1,125 (1,080) / 60i 1,125 (1,080) / 50i 1,125 (1,080) / 60p 1,125 (1,080) / 50p 1,125 (1,080) / 24p Widescreen signal (WSS) Aspect Control Signal Control signal through SCART (pin8) / HDMI terminal

RF Cable

Some PC models cannot be connected to this TV. When using PC, set the colour display quality of PC to the highest position. For details of the applicable PC signals Input signal that can be displayed (p. 60) Max. display resolution

4:3 16:9

1,440 1,080 pixels 1,920 1,080 pixels
D-sub 15-pin connector signal
Pin No. Signal Name R G B NC (not connected) GND (Ground) Pin No. Signal Name GND (Ground) GND (Ground) GND (Ground) NC (not connected) GND (Ground) Pin No. Signal Name NC (not connected) NC (not connected) HD VD NC (not connected)
Input signal that can be displayed
Mark: Applicable input signal
Signal name 525 (480) / 60i 525 (480) / 60p 625 (576) / 50i 625 (576) / 50p 750 (720) / 60p 750 (720) / 50p 1,125 (1,080) / 60i 1,125 (1,080) / 50i 1,125 (1,080) / 60p 1,125 (1,080) / 50p 1,125 (1,080) / 24p COMPONENT HDMI

PC (from D-sub 15P)

Signal name @70 Hz @60 Hz @75 Hz @60 Hz @75 Hz @85 Hz @60 Hz 1,@60 Hz 1,@70 Hz 1,@75 Hz 1,@85 Hz 1,@60 Hz 1,280 1,024 @60 Hz 1,@60 Hz Macintosh13 (640 480) Macintosh16 (832 624) Macintosh21 (1,152 870)
Applicable input signal for PC is basically compatible to VESA standard timing.
Horizontal frequency (kHz) 31.47 31.47 37.50 37.88 46.88 53.67 31.44 48.36 56.48 60.02 68.68 47.70 63.98 48.39 35.00 49.73 68.68 Vertical frequency (Hz) 70.07 59.94 75.00 60.32 75.00 85.06 59.89 60.00 70.07 75.03 85.00 60.00 60.02 60.04 66.67 74.55 75.06

PC (from HDMI terminal)

Signal name @60 Hz 750 (720) / 60p 1,125 (1,080) / 60p
Applicable input signal for PC is basically compatible to HDMI standard timing.
Horizontal frequency (kHz) 31.47 45.00 67.50 Vertical frequency (Hz) 60.00 60.00 60.00
Signals other than above may not be displayed properly. The above signals are reformatted for optimal viewing on your display. PC signal is magnified or compressed for display, so that it may not be possible to show fine detail with sufficient


Before requesting service or assistance, please follow these simple guides to resolve the problem. If the problem still persists, please contact your local Panasonic dealer for assistance.
White spots or shadow images (noise)
Check the position, direction, and connection

of the aerial.

Neither image nor sound is produced
socket outlet. Has the TV been turned On? Check the Picture Menu (p. 26) and volume. Check all required SCART cables and connections are firmly in place.
Is the TV in AV mode? Check the correct AV input mode is selected. Check the mains lead is plugged into the
Remains channel number, input mode, etc. on the TV screen -I.e. EC/AV1

Press the

button to clear these. Press again to redisplay.

Q-Link function does not work
Confirm SCART cable and connection.
Also set AV1 / AV2 out in the Setup Menu (p. 28).

Auto aspect

Auto aspect is designed to provide you with Press the ASPECT button if you would like to
change the aspect ratio manually (p. 16). the best ratio to fill the screen. (p. 56)
VIERA Link function does not work and an error message appears

TV on. (p. 49)

Confirm the connection. (p. 46 and p. 47) Turn the connected equipment on and then switch the
Frequently Asked Questions Technical Information FAQs, etc.
S-Video / black and white picture
Check that the output of the external
equipment matches the input of the TV. If the output of the external equipment is set to S-Video, the TV must also be set to S-Video (p. 22).
Recording does not start immediately

manual of the recorder.

Check the settings of the recorder. For details, read the
No programmes shown on TV Guide
Check the digital transmitter. Adjust the direction of the aerial to another Check the analogue broadcast.
If the image quality is poor, check the aerial and consult your nearest dealer. transmitter installed nearby.
There may be red spots, blue spots, green spots and black spots on the screen
This is a characteristic of liquid crystal panels and is
not a problem. The liquid crystal panel is built with very high precision technology giving you fine picture details. Occasionally, a few non-active pixels may appear on the screen as a fixed point of red, green, blue or black. Please note this does not affect the performance of your LCD.


Chaotic image, noisy
Actions Set P-NR in the Picture Menu (to remove noise). (p. 26) Check nearby electrical products
(car, motorcycle, fluorescent lamp).
No image can be displayed Blurry or distorted image

(no sound or low volume)

Is Colour or Contrast in the Picture Menu set to the minimum?
Screen Sound Digital Channel HDMI Other
Reset channels. (p. 30 and p. 31) Turn the TV Off with Mains power On / Off switch, then turn it On


Unusual image is displayed No sound is produced Sound level is low or sound is distorted
If the problem persists, perform Shipping Condition (p. 39). Is Sound mute active? (p. 9) Is the volume set to the minimum? Sound signal reception may be deteriorated. Set MPX (p. 27) in the Sound Menu to Off.

(Analogue only)

Due to the digital reception technologies involved, quality of the digital signals may be relatively low in
some cases, despite good reception of analogue channels.
Check Signal Condition (p. 32).
Interference or frozen / disappearing image in DVB mode

If Signal Quality or Signal Strength are displayed in red, the signal is weak. Check aerial or cable. If problem persists, consult your local dealer. Weather conditions will affect signal reception (heavy rain, snow, etc.), in particular in poor reception areas. Even during good weather the high pressure can cause poor reception of some channels. Turn the TV off with the Mains power On / Off switch, then turn it On again.
Some channels cannot be tuned
Check the aerial or cable. Consult your local dealer. Set the sound setting of the connected equipment to Check the HDMI1 / 3 Input setting in the Sound Menu. (p. 27) If digital sound connection has a problem, select analogue sound
connection. (p. 59) 2ch L.PCM.

Sound is unusual

Pictures from external equipment are unusual when the equipment is connected via HDMI The TV does not switch On The TV goes into Standby mode
Check the HDMI cable is connected properly. (p. 54) Turn the TV and equipment Off, then turn them On again. Check an input signal from the equipment. (p. 60) Use an equipment compliant with EIA/CEA-861/861B. Check the mains lead is plugged into the socket outlet. Off Timer function is activated. The TV enters Standby mode about 30 mins. after analogue

broadcasting ends.

The remote control does not work or is intermittent
Are the batteries installed correctly? (p. 6) Has the TV been switched On? The batteries may be running low. Replace them. Point the remote control directly at the front of the TV (within a Situate the TV away from sunshine or other sources of bright light
not to shine on the TVs remote control signal receiver. 30 degree angle of the front of the TV).
The LCD panel moves slightly when it is pushed with a finger Clattered sound might be heard An error message appears
There is some flexibility around the panel to prevent damage to the The panel might move slightly when it is pushed with a finger, and
clattered sound might be heard. This is not a malfunction. panel.
Follow the messages instructions. If the problem persists, contact the authorized Service Centre.


Power Source Power Consumption Power Consumption in Standby mode Display panel Sound Connection Terminals Aspect Ratio Visible screen size Number of pixels Speaker Audio Output Headphones TX-L32S10E, TX-L32S10ES TX-L37S10E, TX-L37S10ES TX-L42S10E AC 220-240 V, 50 Hz 115 W 130 W 180 W 0.45 W (Without monitor out 0.3 W (Without monitor out recording) recording) 13 W (With monitor out recording) 14 W (With monitor out recording) 16:cm (diagonal) 94 cm (diagonal) 106 cm (diagonal) 697 mm (W) 392 mm (H) 819 mm (W) 460 mm (H) 930 mm (W) 523 mm (H) 2,076,600 (1,920 (W) 1,080 (H)) 160 mm 42 mm 2 pcs, 8 : 20 W (10 W + 10 W), 10% THD M3 (3.5 mm) stereo mini Jack 1 VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA (compressed) Horizontal scanning frequency 31 - 69 kHz Vertical scanning frequency 59 - 86 Hz

For business users in the European Union
If you wish to discard electrical and electronic equipment, please contact your dealer or supplier for further information.
[Information on Disposal in other Countries outside the European Union]
These symbols are only valid in the European Union. If you wish to discard these items, please contact your local authorities or dealer and ask for the correct method of disposal.
Note for the battery symbol (bottom two symbol examples):
This symbol might be used in combination with a chemical symbol. In this case it complies with the requirement set by the Directive for the chemical involved.


Even if no special notation has been made of company or product trademarks, these trademarks have been fully respected. DVB is a trademark of the DVB Digital Video Broadcasting Project (1991 to 1996). VGA is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., USA. S-VGA is a registered trademark of the Video Electronics Standard Association. SDHC Logo is a trademark. HDMI, the HDMI Logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. HDAVI Control is a trademark of Panasonic Corporation. AVCHD and the AVCHD logo are trademarks of Panasonic Corporation and Sony Corporation. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Manufactured under license under U.S. Patent #: 5,451,942 & other U.S. and worldwide patents issued & pending. DTS and DTS Digital Out are registered trademarks and the DTS logos and Symbol are trademarks of DTS, Inc. 1996-2008 DTS, Inc. All Rights Reserved. GUIDE Plus+ is (1) a registered trademark or trademark of, (2) manufactured under license from and (3) subject of various international patents and patent applications owned by, or licensed to, Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. and/or its related affiliates. GEMSTAR-TV GUIDE INTERNATIONAL, INC. AND/OR ITS RELATED AFFILIATES ARE NOT IN ANY WAY LIABLE FOR THE ACCURACY OF THE PROGRAM SCHEDULE INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THE GUIDE PLUS+ SYSTEM. IN NO EVENT SHALL GEMSTAR-TV GUIDE INTERNATIONAL, INC. AND/OR ITS RELATED AFFILIATES BE LIABLE FOR ANY AMOUNTS REPRESENTING LOSS OF PROFITS, LOSS OF BUSINESS, OR INDIRECT, SPECIAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES IN CONNECTION WITH THE PROVISION OR USE OF ANY INFORMATION, EQUIPMENT, OR SERVICES RELATING TO THE GUIDE PLUS+ SYSTEM.
This product is licensed under the AVC patent portfolio license for the personal and non-commercial use of a consumer to (i) encode video in compliance with the AVC Standard (AVC Video) and/or (ii) decode AVC Video that was encoded by a consumer engaged in a personal and non-commercial activity and/or was obtained from a video provider licensed to provide AVC Video. No license is granted or shall be implied for any other use. Additional information may be obtained from MPEG LA, LLC. See



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