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OILSPILL 5:15am on Friday, October 8th, 2010 
Top Quality I have had this TV a month now, unlike some people I do not have any flicker, pixel bleed, buzzing or lag. panasonic 42" TX-P42G20B plasma TV This 42" panasonic plasma TV is excellent. The picture is amazing.
Info2000rbd 8:12pm on Saturday, September 18th, 2010 
Good spec and picture The set buzzed, and like MANY others who bought the G20 I returned it and bought another make (LCD this time)..
u982744 11:33pm on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 
Be ready to be blown away... After having an lcd for several years I was convinced led lcd was the way to go with 3D etc... For some it maybe . I have recently purchaced one of these and am very happy with it. The casing is plain and basic but the picture quality is superb. I own a Samsung 55 inch LED, so got this as a second tv. In terms of style it is nothing special.

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Freeze / unfreeze picture (p. 17) Holds the current teletext page (teletext

mode) (p. 22)

Switches to teletext mode

Subtitles (p. 18)

Index (p. 23)
Returns to the teletext index page


Displays subtitles

Numeric buttons

(teletext mode)

Last view (p. 19)

input mode
Changes channel and teletext pages Sets characters When in Standby mode, switches TV On
(Press for about 1 second)
Switches to previously viewed channel or


Channel Up / Down
Selects channel in sequence
Connected equipment operations

(p. 25, 52 and p. 78)

Sound Mute
Switches sound mute On or Off

Volume Up / Down

Remote control signal receiver
receiver and remote control.
Do not place any objects between the TV remote control signal
C.A.T.S. (Contrast Automatic Tracking System) sensor
in the Picture Menu is set to On (p. 28)
Senses brightness to adjust picture quality when Eco Mode

Power and Timer LED

CI slot (p. 44)

Common Interface

Standby: red On: green Timer Programming On: orange Recording of Timer Programming,
USB 1 / 2 ports (p. 14, 50, 54 and p. 63) Function select
Volume / Contrast / Brightness / Colour / Sharpness /
Tint (NTSC signal) / Bass (Music or Speech mode in the Sound Menu) / Treble (Music or Speech mode in the Sound Menu) / Balance / Auto Setup (p. 34 and p. 35)
Direct TV Recording or One Touch Recording is in progress: orange (flash) Standby with Timer Programming On, Direct TV Recording or One Touch Recording: red with orange flash When using the remote control, indicates the TV has received a command.
Changes the input mode SD Card slot (p. 54) HDMI4 terminal (p. 81) Increases or decreases the channel position by one. When a function is already displayed, press to increase or decrease the selected function. When in Standby mode, switches TV On (Press for about 1 second).


Headphones jack (p. 81) AV3 terminals (p. 81) Mains power On / Off switch
Switch On to turn on the TV or turn the TV to Standby mode by the remote control
Using the On Screen Displays
Many features available on this TV can be accessed via the On Screen Display menu. How to use remote control
Move the cursor / select the menu item Access the menu / store settings after adjustments have been made or options have been set


Move the cursor / adjust levels / select from a range of options Return to the previous menu Exit the menu system and return to the normal viewing screen


Fully wired SCART cable RF cable
Fully wired SCART cable Fully wired HDMI compliant cable Fully wired SCART cable RF cable RF cable


DVD Recorder or VCR
Connect to the TVs AV1 / AV2 for a DVD Recorder / VCR supporting Q-Link (p. 74). For HDMI-compatible equipment, possible to connect to HDMI terminals (HDMI1 / HDMI2 / HDMI3 / HDMI4) by Network connection p. 14 and p. 63 Q-Link connection p. 72 VIERA Link connection p. 72 and p. 73 Please also read the manual of the equipment being connected.
using HDMI cable (p. 80).

Auto Setup

Search and store TV channels automatically.
These steps are not necessary if the setup has been completed by your local dealer. Please complete connections (p. 10 and p. 11) and settings (if necessary) of the connected equipment before
starting Auto Setup. For details of settings for the connected equipment, read the manual of the equipment.
Plug the TV into mains socket and switch On
(Takes a few seconds to be displayed)

Select the language

Deutsch English Franais Italiano Espaol Portugus Nederlands Dansk Svenska Norsk Suomi Trke Polski etina Magyar Slovenina Romn Srpski Hrvatski Slovenina Latvieu eesti keel Lietuvi

select set

Select your country


Germany Austria France Italy Spain Portugal Switzerland Malta Andorra Denmark Sweden Norway Finland Luxembourg Belgium Netherlands Turkey Greece Poland Czech Hungary Slovakia Slovenia Estonia Lithuania Others
Depending on the country you select, you
may be required to select the Region. In this case, select your region.

abc ghi pqrs jkl tuv

def mno wxyz
Select the mode you want to tune

TV Signal Selection

tune / skip tuning select
DVB-T DVB-T support for HD services Analogue Start Auto Setup

TV Guide: Portrait Wed 28.10.2009 10:46 Wed 28.10.2009

D: DVB-T A: Analogue

All Types 14 E4 D All Channels 70 BBC FOUR D 1 BBC ONE D 7 BBC THREE D 19:30-20:00 Das Erste 20:00-20:30 20:30-21:00 21:00-22:00 22:00-23:00 23:00-23:30 23:30-00:00 DIY SOS The Bill Red Cap Live junction POP 100 Rugby
Select programme EXIT Select channel Timer Programming RETURN +24 hours


Info Change display mode Advert Prog.Type
Portrait (Displays by time)

To return to TV

Depending on

To the previous day

(DVB mode)

To the next day

Prog.Type All Types
the country you select, you can select the TV Guide type

To view a

(Type list)
Default Guide in Display Settings (p. 32) If you select Channel List, the channel list will appear when the GUIDE button is pressed.
channel list of the selected type (DVB mode)

All Types Movie News

select type view
channel list of the selected category
Category All Channels All Channels All DVB-T Channels All Analogue Channels Free TV Pay TV HDTV Free Radio Pay Radio Favourites1 Favourites2 Favourites3 Favourites4

(Category list)

Only Analogue channels are listed

select category view

(Channel list)
To list favourite channels
View details of the programme (DVB mode)

Select the programme


View details

TV Guide: Landscape Wed 28.10.2009 10:46
Wed 28.10.2009 DIY SOS BBC ONE 20:00 - 20:30, 30 min.

Press again to return


to TV Guide.

EXIT Timer Programming RETURN

Return to list

Timer Programming (DVB mode)
Timer Programming is a timer to remind watching or record the programme to the external recorder or the USB HDD.
Select the forthcoming programme
Select the function (Ext Rec., USB HDD Rec. or Reminder)

Timer Programming


Ext Rec. --------D

Date Start End
Wed 28.10.0 : 00 20:30 ( 30 min.) --/---:---:-( --- min.)

C h an n el N am e

To return to TV Guide If you select the current programme

Channel List Auto Setup Manual Tuning

Menu Item

OSD Language Language Display Settings
Changes language for on screen displays Selects the first and second preferred language for DVB multi audio (depending on
Preferred Audio 1 / 2 the broadcaster) Preferred Subtitles 1/2 Preferred Teletext Preferred Subtitle Type Teletext Teletext Character Set Side Panel
Selects the first and second preferred language for DVB subtitles (depending on the broadcaster) To display subtitles p. 18 Selects the preferred language for DVB teletext service (depending on the broadcaster) Selects the preferred subtitle type (Standard / Hard of Hearing) Hard of Hearing provides aids in understanding and enjoyment with DVB subtitles (depending on the broadcaster). Preferred Subtitles 1 / 2 in Language are given priority. Teletext display mode (TOP (FLOF) / List) (p. 22) Selects teletext language (West / East1 / East2) West: English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, etc. East1: Czech, English, Estonian, Lettish, Rumanian, Russian, Ukrainian, etc. East2: Czech, Hungarian, Lettish, Polish, Rumanian, etc. Increases the brightness of the side panel (Off / Low / Mid / High) The recommended setting is High to prevent panel image retention. Selects the default TV Guide type when the GUIDE button is pressed (TV Guide / Channel List) TV Guide : Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) is available. To use EPG p. 20 Channel List : EPG is not available and the channel list will appear instead of it. Labels or skips each input terminal (p. 43) Sets how long the Information banner (p. 17) stays on screen (0 (No display) / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 seconds) Set to On to display a continuous record of time spent using Game mode

Default Guide

Input Labels Banner Display Timeout
Playing Time Display every 30 mins (Off / On)
This function is available when Game is selected in Viewing Mode (p. 28).

Radio Mode

Sets the timer for turning off the screen automatically when a radio channel is selected (Off / 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 seconds) The sound is active even if the screen turns off. Press any buttons to turn the screen on. This function is effective in reducing power consumption when listening to a radio channel. Uses include to watch pay-TV (p. 44) Sets the network setting to use in your network environment (p. 64) Displays DivX VOD registration code (p. 83) Enables the advanced picture settings (Off / On) Set to On to enable the mode of Professional1 and Professional2 in Viewing Mode. Set to On to display the advanced items in the Picture Menu - Advanced Settings, Lock Settings and Copy Adjustment. Copy Adjustment will be displayed when Viewing Mode is set to Professional1 or Professional2. isfccc is the picture setting for the certified professional dealer. For details, consult your local dealer.

Other items

For HDMI-compatible PC, possible to connect to HDMI terminals (HDMI1 / HDMI2 / HDMI3 / HDMI4) by using

HDMI cable (p. 85).

Picture Setup
Adjusts vertical position
Eliminates flicker and distortion Adjust after Clock adjustment Set to the minimum level if noise occurs Chooses another synchronous signal if the image is distorted (H & V / On Green) H & V : by the horizontal and vertical signals from your PC Sync On Green : by the green signal from your PC (if available) Reset to Defaults Press the OK button to reset to the default PC Setup settings

Clock Phase

p. 28 - 33
Advanced Picture Settings
You can adjust and setup the detailed picture settings for each input and Viewing Mode.
To use this function completely, set Advance(isfccc) to On in the Setup Menu. p. 32 For PC input mode, some functions are available without setting Advance(isfccc). Select the input mode to adjust and setup

p. 16 and p. 24


Select Picture

Select Viewing Mode and set the mode
Picture Menu Viewing Mode Contrast Brightness Colour Sharpness Colour Balance Vivid Colour Eco Mode P-NR 1/2 Dynamic Warm Off Off Off
Picture Menu Panel Advanced Settings Lock Settings Copy Adjustment Reset to Defaults 2/2 On Access Access Access Reset
Copy Adjustment is available when
Viewing Mode in the Picture Menu is set to Professional1 or Professional2.
Lock the picture setting Lock Settings
Advanced Settings can be locked for each Viewing Mode and input. Additionally, Contrast, Brightness, Colour, Sharpness, Tint and Reset to Defaults in the Picture Menu can be locked for Professional1 and Professional2.
Lock Settings-PIN Entry Please enter new PIN PIN
Enter the PIN number twice at first setting. Make a note of the PIN number in case you forget it.
Select Adjustment Lock and set to On
Lock Settings Change PIN Adjustment Lock On
Lock Settings Change PIN Adjustment Lock Access On
ghi abc jkl tuv def mno wxyz
Adjust the detailed picture settings Advanced Settings To make settings
Advanced Settings R-Gain G-Gain B-Gain R-Cutoff G-Cutoff B-Cutoff Gamma Reset to Defaults

2.2 Reset

Menu Advanced Settings Advanced Settings
Item R-Gain G-Gain B-Gain R-Cutoff G-Cutoff B-Cutoff Gamma Reset to Defaults
Adjusts the white balance of bright red area Adjusts the white balance of bright green area Adjusts the white balance of bright blue area Adjusts the white balance of dark red area Adjusts the white balance of dark green area Adjusts the white balance of dark blue area Switches the gamma curve (S Curve / 1.8 / 2.0 / 2.2 / 2.4 / 2.6) Press the OK button to reset to the default Advanced Settings
For the mode of Professional1 or Professional2 in Viewing Mode

White Balance

Change the contents

You can switch to the other mode of Media Player from the thumbnail.
The mode can be switched in the current device. To change the device Change the device (p. 55)
While the thumbnail is displayed, display the contents selection
EXIT Select Access RETURN View

Select the contents

EXIT Photo RETURN View Select



Video Info

Change Size

SD Card Contents Select

Video mode
For SD Card or USB Flash Memory
Trip1 Trip2 Trip3 Trip4 Trip5 Room Nature1
Video mode supports AVCHD, MPEG2 and DivX file formats.
Film icon will be displayed if the file does not support thumbnail view.

Media Player Video

Title view









Access Select Play


(Thumbnail - Title view)

The thumbnail of video titles in the SD Card or USB Flash Memory will be displayed. The preview will start when the title is highlighted if it supports a preview. You can also access Video mode directly by using VIERA TOOLS How to Use VIERA TOOLS (p. 26) To off the preview Video Setup (p. 60) To display the information of the highlighted title

Playback from Title view

file format title number / total title number
Title Trip1 Date & Time 19/02/2009 11:21 Number of scenes 8 Duration 00h15m39s
Playback of the selected title will start. Select the title Start playback
DivX contents cannot be played back from Title view. Select DivX
Playback from the selected scene in the title (AVCHD or MPEG2)
Playback will start from the selected scene to the end of the title. Select the title Select the scene to start playback


folder and press the OK button to display DivX files, and then select one of the file to be played back.

Title view > Trip1

select playback








Play Select

To repeat playback

Video Setup (p. 60)
The preview will start when the scene is highlighted if it supports a preview. To off the preview Video Setup (p. 60) (Thumbnail - Scene view) To display the information of the highlighted scene
EXIT RETURN Info SD Card Contents Select

Music mode

Music mode supports MP3 and AAC file format.
Media Player Music Folder view



My Music_1

My Music_2

My Music_3

The thumbnail of music folders in the SD Card or USB Flash Memory will be displayed. You can also access Music mode directly by using VIERA TOOLS How to use VIERA TOOLS (p. 26) To display the information of the highlighted title
Access Select Play Folder
Playback from Folder view

Select the folder

1/3 Folder name My Music_1 Number of files 11
folder number / total folder number
Playback all the files in the selected folder will start.

Playback from File view

My Song_8
Playback of the selected file will start.

Media Player Music

Select the file to start playback
Folder view > My Music_1

My Song_1

My Song_2

My Song_3

My Song_4

My Song_5

My Song_6

My Song_7

My Song_9

My Song_10

My Song_11

highlighted title

Info SD Card Contents Select
1/11 My Song_1 Album My Music_1 Artist My Favorite Track No.

1 Duration

My Song_9 My Favourite My Music_1


To display / hide the operation To the previous track
guide and information banner

00:02.43 / 00:05.44

To operate the playback

To the next track

(Playback) information banner

Music Setup

Setup the setting for Music mode.

Select Music Setup

Music Setup Menu Repeat One
Folder : Playback repeat within the selected folder One : Playback repeat of the selected one file
Set background music for Photo mode
You can register your favourite music as background music for Photo mode.
While playing music, display the selection screen
Select User in Back Ground Music Photo Setup (p. 57) If you remove the device in which the registered music is stored, the setting of User will be reset.
Select File or Folder and set

Register Slideshow BGM?

File Folder
: The current music will be registered as back ground music. select Folder : All the music in the current folder will be registered as back ground music.

Using Network Services

This TV is a DLNA Certified product. DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is a standard that makes DLNA Certified digital electronics easier and more convenient to use on a home network. To learn more, visit It allows you to share photos and videos stored in the DLNA Certified media server (for example, PC with windows 7 installed, DIGA Recorder etc.) connected to your home network, and enjoy watching them on the TV screen. Applicable data format

Photo : JPEG (Sub-sampling 4:4:4, 4:2:2 or 4:2:0) Image resolution - to 30,719 17,279 pixels MOTION JPEG and Progressive JPEG are not supported. Video : MPEG-2 (PS format and TS format) AVCHD and DivX files are not supported by DLNA, but can be played by Media Player (p. 58). Music files are not supported by DLNA, but MP3 and AAC files can be played back by Media Player (p. 61).

Media server

Network connection Network setup

p. 64 - 67 p. 68 - 70

Ensure the connected equipment has a DLNA Certified media server. To use the PC, install the server software on the PC for obtaining a media server. Store photos or videos into the media server, and then you can watch them on the TV. TwonkyMedia server 5.1.x and Windows 7 are the server software that has been tested for the performance with this TV (current as of January, 2010). For installing, read the manual of the server software. The DLNA control function of Windows 7 is not supported with this TV. When a server software for the media server is installed on the PC, the data may be at risk of being accessed by other people. Please take care of the settings and connections under the network circumstances at the office, hotel or even at home when not using a router. By connecting a DLNA compatible DIGA Recorder to your home network, you can enjoy and control it as one of the media servers. For details, read the manual of the DIGA Recorder. Example 1 or Example 2 in Network connections (p. 63)

DLNA operations

VIERA CAST is a gateway to the internet services unique to Panasonic. By connecting the TV to the internet environment, VIERA CAST allows you to enjoy internet content on the TV screen such as photos, videos, weather, etc. from VIERA CAST home screen. You can access VIERA CAST home screen directly by pressing the VIERA CAST button on the remote control. Network connection

Network setup

p. 64 - 67 p. 71
Example 1 or Example 3 in Network connections (p. 63)

VIERA CAST operations

Network connections
To use only DLNA features, you can operate the features without Broadband network environment. To use VIERA CAST features, you need a Broadband network environment.

USB overcurrent

Connection Test Check access point connection. Check acquired IP address. Check for devices using same IP address. Check gateway connection. Check server connection.
The test is successful and the TV is connected to the network. : failed Check the settings and connections, and then perform this function again. If you continue to have difficulty, please contact your internet service provider.
No. 3 SSID Access Point A Access Point B Access Point C Wireless type 11n(2.4GHz) 11n(5GHz) 11n(5GHz) Encrypt Reception
To search access points again For the information of the

To set manually

If the selected access point is not encrypted, the confirmation screen will be
displayed. It is recommended to select the encrypted access point. Enter the encryption key of the access point Set characters one by one Store

select confirm

To re-enter the encryption key, select No.


Select your desired access point


Ensure that your access point To search access points again For the information of the

red yellow

supports WPS for this setup.
You can setup SSID, authentication type, encryption type, and encryption key manually. Follow the on screen instructions and set manually. When you use 11n (5GHz) for the wireless system between the Wireless LAN Adaptor and access point, please select AES for the encryption type.


Access Point Settings Please input the SSID.
WPS(PIN) Please register the following PIN codes on the access point. PIN code : 12345678 Select Connect after entering and saving settings on the access point. Connect
Enter the PIN code to the access point, and then select Connect
SSID Setting SSID is set to:XXXXXXX Select Yes to confirm. Select No to change. Yes No
Authentication Type Settings Connection will be made with the following settings:SSID : XXXXXXX Please select the authentication type.
WPA2-PSK WPA-PSK Shared key Open

Using DLNA features

Ensure the preparation of media server, network connections and network settings are completed.
Media server (p. 62), Network connections (p. 63), Network Setup (p. 64 - 67)

Select Media Server

Network connections (p. 63), Network Setup (p. 64 - 67)
Access VIERA CAST Depending on the usage conditions,
it may take a while to read all the data. by using VIERA TOOLS How to Use VIERA TOOLS (p. 26)

Welcome to VIERA CAST

VIERA CAST home screen is subject to change without notice. The services through VIERA CAST are operated by their respective service providers, and service may be discontinued either temporarily or permanently without notice. Therefore, Panasonic will make no warranty for the content or the continuity of the services. All features of websites or content of the service may not be available.
You can also access VIERA CAST
Dont show this message again ENTER Some content may be inappropriate for some viewers. Some content may only be available for specific countries and may be presented in specific languages.
Messages might be displayed before
VIERA CAST home screen. Please read these instructions carefully and follow the on screen instructions.

Video communication

(ex. Skype) requires an exclusive Communication Camera TY-CC10W (optional accessory p. 6). For details, read the manual of the Communication Camera.

VIERA CAST home screen

How to operate VIERA CAST (current as of March, 2010)
To go to the next level Select MORE To back to the previous level Select BACK To move the cursor / select the item To access BACK/ RETURN To return to the previous screen To return to VIERA CAST home screen When the key words are displayed on colour bar When options with numbers are displayed

Setup menu

(Items in the Setup may change without notice.)
Changes the position Customize of each services on HomeScreen VIERA CAST home screen Confirms or removes the My Account account information of the TV you entered on VIERA CAST Sets to restrict access to Lock some services Sets beep sound On or Off Beep when operating VIERA CAST Displays the information of Notices VIERA CAST

USB Keyboard

You can input characters on VIERA CAST screen by using the USB Keyboard connected to the USB port. You cannot use two or more keyboards simultaneously. The USB Keyboard which requires the driver is not supported. To change the language type USB Keyboard Layout (p. 33)

Control the menu of the connected equipment by VIERA remote control
If you cannot operate, check the settings and the equipment
Access and operate the menu of the equipment
For details of the operations for the connected equipment, read the manual of the equipment.
Summary of Q-Link and VIERA Link features (p. 72 and p. 73), Preparations (p. 75)
Select VIERA Link Control
Select the equipment you want to access The type of the connected equipment is displayed. Select the type of the equipment and access.

If multiple recorders or

players are connected
Start Start Recorder2 Home Cinema VIERA Link Menu Pause Live TV Direct TV Rec VIERA Link Control Speaker Selection
You can also access directly by using VIERA TOOLS
How to Use VIERA TOOLS (p. 26) equipment.
Recorder / Player / Home Cinema / Video Camera / LUMIX / Digital Camera / Other
The displayed item may vary depending on the connected Home Cinema means Player theatre, Blu-ray Disc theatre or Other means Tuner set top box.
The menu of the accessed equipment (Input mode will be changed automatically) Recorder theatre.

Recorder1-3 / Player1-3

The number is given from the TVs lower HDMI terminal number connected to the same type equipment. For example, two recorders to HDMI2 and HDMI3, in this case the recorder connected to HDMI2 is displayed as Recorder1, and the recorder connected to HDMI3 is displayed as Recorder2.
Operate the menu of the equipment
Available VIERA remote control buttons: (depending on the connected equipment)
Follow the operation guide

If you access

To display the operation guide

non-VIERA Link equipment

If other manufacturers equipment is accessed, Setup / Contents Selection menu may be displayed. colour bar
When the key words are displayed on
The type of the connected equipment is displayed. You can access the menu of the equipment. But you cannot operate it. Use its own remote control to operate the equipment.
Some operations may not be available
depending on the equipment. In this case use its own remote control to operate the equipment.
Speaker control Speaker Selection
You can control the theatre speaker with this TV remote control (point the remote control at the TVs signal receiver).
Access and control the speaker volume Display VIERA Link Menu

Select Speaker Selection

Set to Home Cinema or TV

Home Cinema

Player theatre, Blu-ray Disc theatre or Amplifier will be automatically turned on if it is in Standby mode and the sound is from theatre speakers connected to the equipment.


Auto mode
Auto mode determines the best aspect ratio to fill the screen. It does this using a four step process (WSS, Control signal through SCART / HDMI terminal, Letterbox detection, or Justify to fill the screen) to determine. This process may take several minutes, depending on the darkness of the image. Letterbox detection: If black bands at the top and bottom of the screen are detected, Auto mode chooses the best ratio and expands the image to fill the screen. If no aspect signals are detected, Auto mode enhances the image for optimum viewing pleasure.
The ratio varies depending on the programme, etc. If the ratio is out of the standard 16:9, black bands at the top If the screen size looks unusual when a widescreen-recorded programme is played back on a VCR, adjust the
tracking of the VCR. Read the manual of the VCR. and bottom of the screen may appear.
Use an SD Card which meets SD standards. If not, it may cause the TV to malfunction. Do not remove the card while the TV is accessing data (this can damage card or TV). Do not touch the pins on the back of the card. Do not subject the card to a high pressure or impact. Insert the card in the correct direction (otherwise, card may be damaged). Electrical interference, static electricity, or erroneous operation may damage the data or Back up the recorded data at regular intervals in case of deteriorated or damaged data

2.1 mm

or erratic operation of the TV. (Panasonic is not liable for any deterioration or damage of recorded data.)
ABOUT DIVX VIDEO: DivX is a digital video format created by DivX, Inc. This is an official DivX Certified device that plays DivX video. Visit for more information and software tools to convert your files into DivX video.

DivX video file

Subtitle text file of DivX
DivX Certified to play DivX video up to HD 1080p, including premium content. Extension -.divx or.avi Image resolution - Up to 1,920 1,080 pixels Video Number of stream: Up to 1 Codec: DIV3, DIV4, DIVX, DX50, DIV6 FPS (Frame Per Second): Up to 60 fps Audio Number of stream: Up to 8 Format: MP3, MPEG, AC3 Multi channel: AC3 is possible. MPEG multi is 2 ch conversion. GMC (Global Motion Compensation) is not supported. Subtitles format - MicroDVD, SubRip, TMPlayer The DivX video file and subtitles text file are inside the same folder, and the file names are the same except for the file extensions. If there are more than one subtitles text files inside the same folder, they are displayed in the following order of,.sub,.txt. To confirm or change the current subtitle status while playing DivX content, press the OPTION button to display Option Menu. Depending on the methods used to create the file or the state of recording, only parts of the subtitles may be displayed, or the subtitles may not be displayed at all.

Specifications Licence

Design and Specifications are subject to change without notice. Mass and Dimensions shown are approximate. This equipment complies with the EMC standards listed below.
EN55013, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN55020, EN55022, EN55024
Information for Users on Collection and Disposal of Old Equipment and used Batteries
These symbols on the products, packaging, and/or accompanying documents mean that used electrical and electronic products and batteries should not be mixed with general household waste. For proper treatment, recovery and recycling of old products and used batteries, please take them to applicable collection points, in accordance with your national legislation and the Directives 2002/96/EC and 2006/66/EC. By disposing of these products and batteries correctly, you will help to save valuable resources and prevent any potential negative effects on human health and the environment which could otherwise arise from inappropriate waste handling. For more information about collection and recycling of old products and batteries, please contact your local municipality, your waste disposal service or the point of sale where you purchased the items. Penalties may be applicable for incorrect disposal of this waste, in accordance with national legislation.
For business users in the European Union
If you wish to discard electrical and electronic equipment, please contact your dealer or supplier for further information.
[Information on Disposal in other Countries outside the European Union]
These symbols are only valid in the European Union. If you wish to discard these items, please contact your local authorities or dealer and ask for the correct method of disposal.
Note for the battery symbol (bottom two symbol examples):
This symbol might be used in combination with a chemical symbol. In this case it complies with the requirement set by the Directive for the chemical involved.



CDX-R3300EE Of WAR Reader TX-29PM1F Chronographs SX455 Isdn LE32A656a1F KH 1171 EP1031F 37PFL7422 Inspiron 5160 SX-GA3 WD-1480FD BD-P3600 1098 S EU 340 Revenge SA7000C HB790 Hd DVI Caribbean CLP-30-CLP-20 Ethernet XRC450 A-109 GR-33 Ampworks Motorsport Mitsubishi 4D5 SA-W305 SL-CT590 GA-MA790x-ds4 Eagle 35 400UXN CTM 110 System Cabrio RA-980BX IC-R71a-e-D 147 Hifi L225WT-BF EL-2135 SDM-E76D 90 GPS Dyson DC06 Sp7000 MDC 3500 Dimage S414 RX-DT707 Review 42PX4RVH-MC BGT 63 EP-7 IIE EQ-1100 Kinetiz 7T CR-L5 HM121HI-BMS NP-R20 BSV-1985 PSL02A Samsung L730 NV-F55B 21FC1AG PRO 9500 TX-SR604 Shredder Twin TWO 21PT2665 FA-EB1AM 37PFL7332 X-925 GM-X552 Iden I275 Spy-kbnum 37 LI FAX-LAB 730 UA46C8000XM MHC-GTZ2I Mobile Ricoh R8 Prima III 2 0 VS4121 2002F-EW BH-903 Thinkpad Z60T 1 TB Lexmark Z23 Denali 2000 AG241 PS42B450b1wxxc Camedia C-1 TTX44 GA-VM900M CLP-550N CVP-201 DR-MH30se-dr-mh30 Underground 2 Lifestyle 20 XVM-F65 Vision II


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