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2010 Civic: Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth hands free kit


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togo59 4:49am on Monday, October 4th, 2010 
This is my second CK3100 Parrot. After 2 years of use the first one would not sycronize with my new Blackberry 9650 Bold. It gave a Clear Sound". Good product. It works really good. Clear sound for me and for who Im talking. Easy to use!!! Clear Sound","Easy Controls","Lightweight". small compact easy install about an hour product support was awesome love it so far ticket free in NJ recommend highly Clear Sound","Easy Controls".
djfuller55 1:23am on Saturday, September 25th, 2010 
CK3100 Installation Am writing this review post install as I did a lot of research and still had to figure things out on my own. LESS CHANCE OF HAVING A WRECK IN MY CAR... Now that my hands free PARROT is installed in my car.
kiang 10:26am on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 
Parrot CK3100 Advanced Bluetooth car kit Excellent product - this is our second purchase for our second car. Would not be without it - easy to use. good item if they sent me one that worked!!! i bought a parrott last month.
silentuser 7:12pm on Saturday, July 31st, 2010 
Are you scared of being arrested/ pulled over for taking that important phone call while behind the wheel? Well.
outolumo 6:25am on Saturday, July 31st, 2010 
Top product and a storming price too This is my 2nd Parrot, the first is in my car and this one was for the van. Easy to fit, did it myself in 2.
clemmert 1:12am on Monday, July 19th, 2010 
I dont dislike the product, but the company and its installers need to do a better job confirming compatibility with latest phone models.
lnxusr 7:01am on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 
easy to install and operate. if you use the wiring adaptors from cell-site it can be installed in less than an hour.
darngar 3:53am on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 
I would not reccomend this product. The clarity is really bad. I can hear callers, they cannot hear me. I have had trouble since this was installed. I would not reccomend this product. The clarity is really bad. I can hear callers, they cannot hear me. I have had trouble since this was installed.
CaptnHaddock 4:36pm on Friday, April 30th, 2010 
I dont dislike the product, but the company and its installers need to do a better job confirming compatibility with latest phone models.
msorc 12:03pm on Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 
Great Buy Great bit of kit put it in myself very easy took 10 mins as it comes with all wires needed including the iso cable for the radio.
Elmar Jr. 1:18am on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 
This is a great device. It came already preinstalled in the 2nd hand car I purchased.

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Parrot CK3100 LCD - a hands-free system with a screen, providing instant access to all your contacts
All the simplicity of a true hands-free system The CK3100 LCD is a hands-free system that fits inside your vehicle. Once paired to your mobile, iPhone or smartphone via Bluetooth wireless technology , the kit automatically connects and synchronises* its phonebook with the contacts on your phone. Browse the phonebook, select the contact and start the call: you can then chat while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. For even greater comfort, accept or decline incoming calls with the CK3100 LCD's voice command feature, or use the built-in voice recognition technology to call a contact.
* This function depends on the phone used.
Exceptional sound quality This hands-free system leverages all of Parrot's signal processing expertise. The result is excellent sound quality during calls for both you inside the vehicle and your caller. Combined with a positionable and adjustable microphone, the CK3100 LCD boasts the very best in noise reduction and echo cancellation technology. The system delivers optimal audio comfort and parasite -free voice quality.
Information and phonebook available at all times The Parrot CK3100 LCD displays your mobile phone's information on its LCD screen, such as caller ID, phonebook contacts and call records. The threebutton screen interface can easily be positioned on the dashboard and adjusted to offer the best possible viewing angle. Combined with the screen, the voice menus ensure unrivalled comfort for hands-free calls.
Integrated into the vehicle's audio system Like other solutions, the CK3100 LCD connects to your vehicle's audio system between the car stereo** and the speakers. Calls and voice menus are reproduced over the speakers for maximum listening quality. If you are listening to the radio or a CD, the music is automatically muted during calls and then returned after the call.
** Also works without car stereo.
Bluetooth hands-free system with LCD screen
for mobile phone for PDA for smartphone for iPhone

Wireless technology

Bluetooth The Bluetooth wireless technology enables voice and data to be sent via a shortdistance radio link. It connects a wide range of electronic equipment without requiring additional cables. Furthermore, it extends the communication possibilities for mobile phones and a large number of devices.
Technical and commercial features
Parrot CK3100 LCD Bluetooth hands-free system with LCD screen General - nterface: LCD screen + 3 buttons I including one rotary button A - ccept/decline calls, launch/end calls. - Settings: volume, options, language - Voice menu - Software updates via Bluetooth - 100% Bluetooth compatible, works with all brands of Bluetooth phones and devices Audio - SP, full duplex, advanced noise D reduction and echo cancellation - Adjustable external microphone - 20 W digital stereo amplifier - utomatically mutes the car stereo A during calls - eproduces calls over the vehicle's R front speakers Telephony - oiceprints*: V Up to 150 per paired phone Up to a total of 750 - ontacts: C Up to 1000 per paired phone Up to a total of 5000 - Automatic phonebook synchronisation* - Built-in voice recognition Bluetooth - Bluetooth v1.2 - luetooth profiles: HFP, HSP, OPP, PBAP B - Pairing: up to five phones - Pairing by PIN code (1234) Dimensions and weight - emote control 72 x 15 x 43 mm - 74 gr R - Control unit: 135 x 30 x 58 mm - 110 gr Kit contents 1 Interface with LCD screen 1 Adjustable external microphone 1 Electronic control unit 1 Power lead with ISO connectors 1 Mute cable with ISO connectors 1 Quickstart guide 1 Set of fitting accessories
PARROT S.A. 174 quai de Jemmapes 75010 Paris T +33 (0)60 F +33 (0)66
Visuals and technical specifications subject to change without notice. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Parrot S.A. is under license. All Rights reserved. The Parrot Trademarks appearing on this document are the sole and exclusive property of Parrot S.A. All the others Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 02/2010 Parrot SA - RCS PARIS 496


CK3100, CK3300 and CK3500 Upgrade Procedure
1. How can I update the Parrot kit's software using a Bluesoleil Bluetooth dongle ?
To update CK3100, CK3300, CK3500 kit, You will need a PC connected to Internet, The Bluesoleil Bluetooth dongle and its software and the Parrot Flash Update wizard. In order to update your kit, please follow these steps: - 1 First of all, please install the Bluesoleil s oftware provided with your Bluetooth dongle. ) - 2 Download and install the Parrot Flash Update wi zard. ( ) - 3 Start the Parrot Flash Update wizard. )
- First of all, download the update files you want to install in your kit - Start the Parrot Flash Update Wizard :

- Click on Next,

- Select your CK3x00 kit in the list, and click Next :
- Choose Download Latest version, press OK
- Click on "Download Now". - Wait until the end of the download process (your files will be saved in the C:\Program Files\Parrot Flash Update Wizard\Internet Files path).
- Click on "OK". - You need to install the Bluesoleil software, select your language first, please note you have to plug the usb key after the installation.
- Once the installation is over, restart your computer, plug the USB key and go to the car with your computer:
- Start the Bluesoleil software, enter the name you want to assign to your Bluetooth key, uncheck use security level medium.
- You are now in the main Bluesoleil user interface.
- Switch on your kit, wait a few seconds for the boot, now press on the yellow sun at the center of the screen, the Bluetooth devices search will start
- Double click on your CK3100/3300/3500 to pair it with the dongle, and enter the Bluetooth PIN : 1234 (if you have many Bluetooth devices in the area, you can navigate through them with the knob of your mouse).
- The kit and the bluetooth key are now connected in Headset mode.
- You will need to assign a COM port to the connection, go to Tools/Configuration/Quick Connect.
- Now, select a SPP Com port (for instance, we will take the thirteenth) :
- Click on Assign, and select your CK3x00 kit in the list, then press OK :
- The Bluetooth connection between CK3x00 and Bluesoleil dongle is now assigned to COM port n : 13 - The configuration of the Bluesoleil software is now over, we can now proceed to the software upgrade.
- On your car kit, activate the option "Software update" that you can find in the menu Settings, "Advanced Settings". - Start the Parrot Flash Update wizard.
- Click on "Next".
- Select the kind of car kit you want to update: CK3x00 series. - Click on "Next".
- Click on "Browse" and reload the binary files you have downloaded on your hard disk by following the C:\Program Files\Parrot Flash Update Wizard\Internet Files path (please note that for a Bluetooth update, you will only need the *.ulp file, as the *.bin file is only for updates using a physical serial cable). - Click on "Next".
- Select "Bluetooth virtual serial connection".
- Click on"Next".
- Select the port you assigned in the Bluesoleil user interface (which was 13 in our case). - Click on "Next".
- Wait until the Parrot Flash Update wizard completes all of the steps. - Click on "Next".

- Click on "Finish". - Wait until your Parrot car kit reboots. This can take up to a few minutes. Do not switch off the ignition or power your car kit in the mean time and do not remove the Dongle.

2. Contact your dealer :

He is always available to help you.



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