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Comments to date: 7. Page 1 of 1. Average Rating:
wolf78 4:57pm on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 
I use the machine mostly to print pictures and mail. It is very quick and efficient. Compact Design,Easy Setup,Easy To Use,Fast Print Time,Reliable Sale price combined with a $25 coupon, how could I go wrong? Have had several Canon Pixma printers and never disappointed! Compact Design. Simple wireless install, prints very quickly, scanns perfectly, so far very pleased. Compact Design,Easy Setup,Easy To Use,Fast Print Time Works well. I like it Easy Setup,Reliable
JeremyB 2:17am on Friday, August 13th, 2010 
I have had this printer for a little over a month so far. I have been extremely impressed. The setup was a breeze on both PC and MAC.
OOO-Wanter 10:03pm on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 
Some say footprint too large. Come on, you're replacing a printer AND a scanner. For me, I replaced three items - a B&W laser, a color ink jet.
jqtexan 10:58pm on Saturday, June 19th, 2010 
This printer is nice.I like this because of not only its prize but its looking,good working as well as i will get its any where.
MalibuMan 3:08pm on Sunday, May 16th, 2010 
This printer is nice.I like this because of not only its prize but its looking,good working as well as i will get its any where. This printer is nice.I like this because of not only its prize but its looking,good working as well as i will get its any where.
duncangroenewald 4:50pm on Monday, April 26th, 2010 
I've only had the printer a month, but I think it's great! I get goreous photo prints. Fantastic range of printing, medium quality to fine prints. The PIXMA MP560 is energy efficient as well as reasonably priced. Everyday printing on small scale. Easy Setup","Easy To Use","Fast Print Time","Reliable
hubbard.ben 12:01pm on Friday, April 2nd, 2010 
I bought this printer to replace my all in one HP that has a failed scanner. Wireless setup was fast and easy and the documents are crystal clear.

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Issue 17


Cuatro Wrench Set
2 wrenches - 8 sizes Sizes - 8 - 10 - 12 - 13 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19mm Fine tooth ratchet mechanism List Price: 62.09

64C.J2 43.46

SAVE 18.63
10 Piece Flexi Ratchet Combination Wrench Clip Set
Sizes: 8 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - - 18 - 19mm 5 working arc - rapid tightening and loosening Pocket clip for instant access and portability List Price: 244.14

467F.JP10PB 170.90

SAVE 73.24
6 Piece Stubby Ratchet Wrench Clip Set 12 Piece 440 Clip Set of OGV Combination Wrenches
Sizes: 7 - 8 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 16 - 17 - - 22 - 24mm Pocket clip for instant access and portability List Price: 138.78 Sizes : 8 - 10 - 11- 12 - 13 - 14mm 5 working arc - rapid tightening and loosening Pocket clip for instant access and portability 40% more compact than standard ratchet wrenches List Price: 103.68

467S.JP6PB 72.58

SAVE 31.10

440.JP12PB 88.50

SAVE 50.28
Electronic torque and angle wrenches
For accurate torquing, control and traceability!
+/- 2% accuracy +/- 2% accuracy for 90 angle rotation Peak hold and track modes Buzzer and LED indicator 9 x 12 or 14 x 18 end fittings Measuring units N.m,,, USB connection allows storage of 250 values Can be preset to 9 torque values Auto sleep after 2 minutes when idle AA rechargeable battery compliant


Free t-shirt with every torque wrench
208 Click Wrenches With Fixed Ratchet
W ISO 6789, DIN EN ISO 6789, NF EN ISO 6789 Accuracy : +/- 4 % Reliability of mechanism : 25,000 cycles 72-tooth ratchet (5 increments) for use with sockets One-way wrench Touch and sound signals on reaching preset torque Automatic reset Supplied with an ISO 6789 calibration certicate Supplied in a protective plastic tube
F S.208-100 S.208-340 Capacity N.m 20-100 60-340 L " 1/2" 1/2" Graduation N.m L mm D kg 1,04 1,54

List Price: 281.75

List Price: 339.41

S.208-100 197.22 SAVE

S.208-340 237.58 SAVE


3/8 Torque Wrench 10-50Nm
4% Accuracy In accordance with ISO6789 Reliable and accurate mechanism Two stage torque adjustment large scale and ne vernier for extreme accuracy Compact and lightweight Auto release and reset Supplied with inspection report

List Price: 276.53

1/2 Torque Wrench 40-200Nm

List Price: 293.85






Series E.316

F E.316-30D E.316-135D E.316-200D E.316-340D E.316A30RPB E.316A135JPB E.316A135SPB E.316A200SPB E.316A340SPB Max N.m 340 Min - Max N.m 1.5 - 30 6.8 - - - 340 1.5 - 30 6.7 - - - - 340 Fitting mm 9 x x x x x x x x x 18 L Ratchet List Price 667.35 704.85 772.35 809.85 741.53 783.15 783.899.85

1/4 3/8 1/2 1/2 1/2

R.372 J.372V S.372V S.372V S.372V
7 Piece Torx Screwdriver Set
Contains: Torx: T10 - 15 - 20 - - 30 - 40 List Price 78.18

ANXR.J7PB 54.73

SAVE 23.45 23.45
Free t-shirt with every screwdriver set

6 Piece Insulated Screwdriver Set
7 Piece Tamperproof Torx Screwdriver Set
Contains: Tamperproof Torx Plus: T10 - 15 - 20 - - 30 - 40 List Price: 87.89
Contains: Slotted - 2.5x75mm -3.5x75 4x100 - 5.5x125 Philips - 1x100 - 2x125mm List Price: 53.06

ANXRP.J7PB 61.52

SAVE 26.37

APVE.J6PB 37.14

SAVE 15.92
6 Piece Insulated Screwdriver Set 9 Piece Stainless Steel Hex Key Sleeve set
Contains Sizes: 1.5-2-2.5-3-4-5-6-8-10mm Contains: Slotted - 2.5x75mm - 3.5x75 4x100 - 5.5x125 Pozidriv - 1x100 - 2x125mm List Price: 55.37

ADVE.J6PB 38.76

SAVE 16.61

83SHST.JP9PB 41.03

6 Piece Torx Stainless Steel Screwdriver Set
Contains: Round blades Torx - T10-15-20-25-30-40
6 Piece Stainless Steel Screwdriver Set
Contains: Round blades Slotted - 4x100-5,5X100-6,5x150-8x175mm Philips - 1x100-2x125mm

AXST.J6PB 105.97

APST.J6PB 79.15
5 Piece Protwist Shock Screwdriver Set
Ergonomic soft coated Protwist handle - firm, comfortable grip Metallic insert and high resistance polyamide core - reduces re-bound and vibration Contains: Hexagonal steel blade and bolster - durability and performance Slotted - 4x100-6.5x150 -8x175mm Philips - 1x100 -2x125mm
Contains: Round blades Slotted - 4x100-5,5x100-6,5x150-8x175mm Pozidriv - 1x100-2x125mm

AWCK.J5PB 104.25

ADST.J6PB 83.48



16 Toolbox

2 storage compartments on the lid Strong metal catches Retractable handle Removable tray Stackable Dimensions : 41.1 x 19.9 x 18.5 cm Weight: 1.1 kg List Price: 19.14

BP.C16PB 13.40

SAVE 5.74

24 Toolbox

2 storage compartments on the lid Strong metal catches Retractable handle Removable tray Stackable Dimensions: 61 x 27 x 28.4 cm Weight: 2.74 kg List Price: 41.06

BP.C24PB 28.74

SAVE 12.32

20 Toolbox

Dimensions : 50.2 x 26.8 x 27.3 cm Weight: 2.32 kg List Price: 44.01

BP.P20PB 30.81

SAVE 13.20

26 Toolbox

Dimensions : 65 x 26.8 x 27.3 cm Weight: 2.94 kg List Price: 53.52

BP.P26PB 37.46

SAVE 16.06
Free shirt with every tool back-pack

Tool Back-Pack

Sized for easy carrying, with adjustable waist and shoulder straps Adjustable tool-retaining straps 2 side pockets 220 x 110 x 40 mm 1 zip-fastened back pocket 200 x 100 x 20 mm 1 top pocket 190 x 100 x 35 mm Strap for attaching ropes or long objects Base designed for carrying a toolbox or bulky items Padlock option (padlock not supplied) Load capacity : 20 kg Dimensions : 530 x 450 x 220 mm Weight: 1.3 kg List Price: 132.87

BV.17 92.97

SAVE 39.90

Tools not included


1/4'' Nano Socket Set

Easy to carry in the pocket or tool box. Easy to store. Creates more space in the tool box. List Price 195.00


L. 25 mm. R.236 R.235 R240A
110 - 15 -20 - 25 - 27 - 30 - - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 mm n 6,35 L 1/4" ( PH N 1 -2 - 3 PZ N 1 -2 - 3 ' 4,5 - 6,5 - 8 mm
R.209 R.210 5.5 - 6 - 7- 8 - 9 10-11-12-13-14 mm Hex
1/4" Twist Handle Ratchet, Socket and Bit Set
Easy to carry in the pocket or tool box Easy to store Creates more space in the tool box
Compared to a mobile phone



152 mm

Fits pockets or portable toolboxes For a variety of applications


Selection of screwdriver bits
With pictogrammes for fast identification
Full range of 1/4" socketry
For all industries and tasks


Easy to clean Metal hinge Metal clasp Resistant to workshop solvents
5.5 - 6 - 7- 8 - 9 - 10-11-12-13-14 mm Hex

R.209 R.210

Free torch keyring with every socket set

1/4 Twist Handle Ratchet

72 teeth for a 5 working arc Rotator action - rotate handle to rotate drive

Locking CDX Ratchet

CDX drive 72 tooth mechanism, 5 increment Palm control system Satin chrome finish List Price: 66.27

R.360PB 72.75

1/2 Socket Set




10-11-12-13-14-15-16-1718-19-21-22-23-24-27-3032mm Hex SM.161A


SM.2BPB 313.95


10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-1921-22 -23-24-27-30-32mm Bi Hex


S.215 S.210 S.240A

SM.12BPB 313.95

S.422AP 1/2 Socket Set
8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 -- 22 - 23 - 24mm Bi Hex S.210

List Price: 260.42


S.422AP 119.03

SAVE 141.39
MOD.R1 1/4 Socket Set Module
R.161 5,5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - - 12 - 13 - 14mm Hex
R.209 R.235 List Price: 212.58




MOD.R1 148.81

SAVE 63.77



1/2 Socket Set Module

S.210 S.161

S.215 List Price: 301.- 11 - 12 - mm Hex

MOD.S1 210.81

SAVE 90.35


1/2 Socket Set Foam Module
S.- 10 - 11 - 12 - mm Hex
S.215 S.210 List Price: 326.39 S.240A

MODM.S1A 228.47

SAVE 97.92
5 Piece 3/8 Torx Socket Set
5 Piece 1/2 Torx Socket Set
Supplied on a rack Sizes: E12, E14, E16, E18, E20 List Price: 53.15
Supplied on a rack Sizes: E8, E10, E12, E14, E16 List Price: 48.72

JTX.40 34.10

SAVE 14.62

STX.40 37.20

SAVE 15.94


Maintenance Crimping Pliers
Dual crimp on insulated terminals, to applicable standards, with grip around both conductor and insulation Stainless steel die Latch remains accessible Good grip in the hand Soft feel To IEC 60 352.2 / IEC Reverse crimping : terminal placed in the fixed part for greater efficiency and precision List Price: 90.35

985894 63.24

SAVE 27.11
Production Crimping Pliers
To IEC 760. Extended handle for two-hand use Pliers can be released while crimping Dual crimp Comfortable grips List Price: 211.71

985753 148.20

SAVE 63.51


Aluminium body and tube Length : 137mm Tube diameter : 14mm Operates using two LR03 AAA (1.5volt) batteries, not included Adjustable focal length Supplied with wrist strap Replacement bulb reference : 836.AMP List Price: 14.07
Copper/Alumininum Cable Cutters
Notched end for stripping wires 18mm Diameter For single and multi-strand cables List Price: 51.56

985925 36.09

SAVE 15.47

836 9.85

SAVE 4.22


13 Piece Impact Screwdriver Set
Contains: Philips - 2 - 3 - 4mm Hex - 5 - 6 - 8 - 10mm Slotted - 8 - 10 - 12 - 14mm Impact driver Impact bit holder List Price: 188.61

NS.263M 66.00

SAVE 122.61
14 Piece 3/8 Impact Bit Set
Contains: 2 bit holders L 1/2, n 1/2 and 5/16 Hex 6-7-8-10-12 and 14 mm Torx 30-40-45-50 and 55 List Price: 127.53

JHX.14 89.27

SAVE 38.26

216 Dead-Blow Hammers

Steel-ball dead-blow design Polyurethane encapsulated steel body and handle Shore hardness D63 on striking faces Ergonomic PVC grip

List Price: 95.61

216.40 66.93

List Price: 118.40

SAVE 28.68

216.50 82.87

List Price: 224.78

SAVE 35.52

Length (mm)
Ref 216.40 216.50 216.60 Dia (mm) 60 Handle 315 Head 120 Weight (Kg) 0.72 0.95 1.4

216.60 157.35

SAVE 67.43

Flat Chisel

Forged in chrome-vanadium steels, tip hardened to 57 HRc Paint finish List Price: 18.42

259 12.90

SAVE 5.52


Free t-shirt with every impact wrench

3/4 Impact Wrench

Speed controller Direction reversal knob Double-hammer mechanism Free speed: 7,200 rpm Recommended dynamic torque: 130 - 700 Nm Maximum dynamic torque: 1,020 N.m Guaranteed static torque: 790 Nm Impact rate (per minute): 1,000 Average air consumption: 198 l/min Air inlet thread 1/4 Working pressure: 6.2 bars List Price: 668.85

NK.990F 468.20

SAVE 200.66

1/2 Impact Wrench Set

Socket size indicated Compact set Complete with case BP.NS990CE (326x295x106 mm) and tray PL.451 Contains 1 impact wrench NS.1800F 13 impact sockets NS.10A, 11A, 12A, 13A, 14A, 16A, 17A, 18A, 19A, 21A, 22A, 24A and 27A NS.215A NS.240A NBB.Rings and 3 locking pins (BA and GA) List Price:582.39

NS.1800FE 407.68

SAVE 174.71


Compression Circlip Plier
Straight tips Interchangeable tips Rack holds circlips compressed for easy fitting and removal Chrome finish, red PVC grips List Price: 98.67

479.32 69.07

SAVE 29.60
Free torch keyring with every circlip plier

Expansion Circlip Plier

Straight tips Interchangeable tips Rack holds circlips compressed for easy fitting and removal Chrome finish, red PVC grips List Price: 99.63

477.32 69.75

SAVE 29.88
Automatic Multigrip Pliers
Capacity 45 mm diameter, 38 mm hex diameter Burnished finish PVC grip List Price: 74.40

485.23 32.78

SAVE 41.63
Set of 9 Files & Rasps
Contains: PAM.B300 PAM.MD200 DRD.B300 DRD.MD200 RD.MD200 CAR.MD200 TRI.MD150 PDE.MD125 RAB.DRDMD250 Supplied in grey hammer-finish wall-rack CKS.35A List Price: 164.10

STU 97.35

SAVE 66.75


Gasket Maintenance Kit
Cutting capacity 3 to 50 mm using a punch and 44 to 420mm using calipers Dimensions : 472 x 195 x 53 mm List Price: 370.97

245.J2 259.68

SAVE 111.29

Oil Filter Wrench

For filter diameters 66 - 105mm List Price: 77.39

U.48PB 54.17

SAVE 23.22

Oil Filter Wrench - HGV

For filter diameters 106 - 150mm List Price: 85.13

U.48PLPB 59.59

SAVE 25.54
Diesel glow plug servicing Contains: D.110 B.10R8L B.10R9L B.10R10A B.10R12AL D.133A6 List Price: 223.04

MOD.BRA 156.12

SAVE 66.91

Glow Plug Module

Fuel Pump Connector Pliers
For fitting and removal of colour coded connectors on petrol and diesel pumps List Price: 53.33

DM.F 37.32

SAVE 16.00

Set of 3 Pry Bars

Sturdy blade minimizing lever spring effect Many uses : suspension, running gear, bodywork, etc Presented on a blister tray Set comprising one D.3-7, one D.3-12 and one D.3-18 Dimensions 670 x 145 x 40 mm List Price: 110.73

D.3J3 63.00

SAVE 47.73

Metric Feeler Gauge

Set of 19 sizes from 4/100 to 100/100 mm. 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-15-20-25-30mm Blade length: 90 mm List Price:13.86


SAVE 4.16

Valve Spring Tool

For removing valve springs The slide hammer is used to free split collets Dimensions: 200 x 390 x 36 mm Diameter : 34 mm List Price: 150.57

U.43LA 105.40

SAVE 47.15

Pulley Remover

For removing crankshaft pulley by gripping the pulley grooves Pulley capacity: 130 to 156 mm List Price: 180.69

DM.31 126.49

SAVE 54.20

Brake Disc Caliper Set

Contains DF.17 air tool 6 flanges DF.6-2 / DF.6-3 / DF.64 / DF.6-5 / DF.6-8 / DF.6-9 Covers the majority of the European fleet Supplied in a plastic case with operating instructions and application guide List Price: 221.87

DF.17-100 155.30

SAVE 66.56
13 Piece Alternator Pulley Toolkit
Designed to fit and remove most vehicle alternator pulleys Easy removal of pulley from alternator either on or off the vehicle for use with Renault, Peugeot, VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Ford and Fiat and many more Complete tool kit in handy storage case

DM.APRPB 112.43

Stud Extractor Set
Extraction by pre-drilling and inserting a spline bit driven via its hexagon shoulder. Stud d 6 mm to d 14 mm. Right or left-hand thread. Supplied in a case 165 x 130 x 25 mm. List Price: 170.70

Hand Riveter

Capacity: 5 mm aluminum rivets and 4 mm steel rivets. Grips shaped for optimum comfort. Return-spring to closed position prevents loss of rivet. Cushioning system when pin snaps. Supplied with 3 nosepieces 3 to 3.2 mm - 4 mm - 4.8 to 5 mm. Knurled nosepieces for hand-fitting. List Price: 54.50

885 119.49

SAVE 51.21

Y.105B 38.14

SAVE 16.35

Two Handed Riveter

Capacity: Aluminium rivets 3, 3.2, 4, 4.8 and 5 mm Steel rivets 3, 3.2 and 4 mm Spring-loaded to open position. 3 nosepieces with keys for 3 to 3.2 mm - 4 mm - 4.8 mm to 5 mm. List Price: 39.00
Capacity: 6.4 mm aluminium rivets, 6 mm steel rivets. Absorbers cushion impact when pin snaps. Supplied with 4 nosepieces d 4 - 5 - 6 - 6.4 mm and spent-nail holder. List Price: 193.70

Y.116B + Y.103B


SAVE 43.73


Y.103B 27.30

SAVE 11.70
6 Piece Stainless Steel Screwdriver Set 5 Piece Protwist Shock Screwdriver Set

AWCK.J5PB 104.25 APST.J6PB 79.15
and many more great offers

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All prices exclude VAT. Offers end 31st January 2011. Products subject to availability. While stocks last. Free promotional items available while stocks last Facom UK reserves the right to modify any product or specication without prior notice.Phillips, Pozidriv are registered trademarks of Phillips Screw Co. Torx is a registered trademark of Camcar/Textron. Circlip is a registered marque of Nomel.



purlogic top

Art. No. 0892 142
be amazed by our great APRIL OFFERS!
Job No. 020211 A/C - Aus./ - 02/11 -

purlogic xpress

Art. No. 4
Page 1 CONSTRUCTION SPECIALS Load 9 in PG Column Valid for the months of APRIL 2011 Prices include GST
Prices within this promotion are recommended selling prices including GST and will be valid for the month of April 2011, or while stocks last. All items have been included in good faith on the basis that they will be available at the time of sale. Photographs are for illustrative purposes only and may not represent actual products. We reserve the right to correct printing errors. Wurth is a registered trademark of Wurth International AG. ABN 487 096
Construction Campaign April 2011
SCREWDRIVER set - 6 pieces - red & black
Hexagon shaft with spanner nut.
Ergonomically shaped handle. Contents: 4 slotted screw drivers - 75mm to 150mm 2 Phillips screw drivers - H1 & H2. Art. No. 26

Cat. Page: 12 1502

Description Screwdriver Set, 6 piece

Art. No. 26

Pack Qty. 1


Art. No. 0.6 x 3.5 x 75 1.0 x 5.5 x 100 1.2 x 6.5 x 120 1.6 x 8.0 x 08 PH1 PH2 Art. No. Pack Qty. 1
ith hexagonal shaft W and spanner nut For even higher torque an open end or ring wrench can be used.
ickel-plated shaft N orrosion rotection. c p


Job No. 240211 C - Aus./ - 02/11 -
ith Black Point tip W igher torque and more h a ccurate fit.
Page 2 CONSTRUCTION SPECIALS Load 9 in PG Column Valid for the months of APRIL 2011 Prices include GST


1- component premium foam for application by gun. Small can, high yield. Winter-proof. Certified product characteristics. Joint sound insulation to reduce noise. Thermal conductivity.
For professional application of 1- component gun foams Low intrinsic weight Ergonomic handle shape Optimised sealing system Adjustable output of foam Art. No. 4
Cat. Page. Contents Colour ml Concrete 500 grey Art. No. Pack Qty. 1/12
Air permeability. Water vapor permeability. Energy saving according to EnEV. General approval certificate by building authority. Fine cellular and even foam structure. High expulsion speed. Low amount of residue left in can. Resistant to ageing. Art. No. 0892 142

Cat. Page. 05 3301

Page 3 CONSTRUCTION SPECIALS Load 9 in PG Column Valid for the months of April Prices include GST


Component polyurethane Foam hardening by air humidity for Hand Held Application. PU foam guarantees improved heat and sound insulation. It adheres to most building materials i.e. wood, concrete, brick, steel, aluminium and most plastics. Not suitable for use with polyethylene, silicone or PTFE. It is a space moisture curing polyurethane foam with a new CFC safe propellent mixture. Conforms to building material class B2 (Selfextinguishing) according to DIN4102, part 1. The cured foam is resistant against all weather
Description 1-K PUR Foam B2 Colour Beige Contents ml 750 Art. No. 210 Pack Qty. 1/12
conditions, ageing, steam, heat, cold, many chemicals, rats and pests. Not resistant to UV. Art. No. 210

Cat. Page. 05 3307

Page 4 CONSTRUCTION SPECIALS Load 9 in PG Column Valid for the months of APRIL 2011 Prices include GST

purlogic CLEAN

For the removal of fresh PU foam. Highly effective. The PURlogic Clean is particularly well uited for cleaning of Wurth s PURlogic foam guns. Wide range of applications. Art. No. 0892 160

Cat. Page. Contents ml 500 Art. No. Pack Qty. 1/12
Page 5 CONSTRUCTION SPECIALS Load 9 in PG Column Valid for the months of April Prices include GST

powerlocs fibre

Fibre Material - Alumina Zirconia The new Aluminium Zirconia range of Powerlocs, offer a longer working life, while providing a high stock removal rate. They may be used for rough to intermediate grinding and deburring on both Stainless Steel and Steel surfaces. Twist lock backing compatible with all backing pads. Ideal in confined spaces.
Diam. Max. speed mm 50 30,000 Grain Art. No. Pack Qty.
Laminated, tough backing. High speed. Application:
Areas of application include: tooling construction, weld preparation and clean up, mold making, panel repair, trailer construction, balustrade construction and many other fabriction and manufacturing tasks. Art. No. 1573 2* Range

Cat. Page: 03 1598


New & improved

AUS. pub. 08/10

Art. No. 1573 3* Range

Page 6 CONSTRUCTION SPECIALS Load 9 in PG Column Valid for the months of APRIL 2011 Prices include GST


Silicone neutral
High-quality, highly adhesive, tested sealant suitable for a broad range of applications for expansion joints indoors and outdoors. deal for window glazing. Resistance to I weathering, UV and ageing and fading.
Description Sillicone Neutral 300ml Sillicone Neutral 300ml Sillicone Neutral 300ml Sillicone Neutral 300ml Colours Clear Black White Grey Cont. Art. No. in ml Pack Qty. 24 24
Highly adhesive Very good compatibility with paint. Minimum Qty. 24 units

Cat. Page: 05 0561


Silicone acetate

Cont. Colours Art. No. in ml 318 83

Pack Qty. 24

For tile joints subject to medium loading. Fungicide Excellent adhesion on tiles. Broad range of uses. Minimum Qty. 24 units

Cat. Page: 05 0532

Silseal-ActClear Clear-280ml Silseal-ActBlack Black-280ml Silseat-ActWhite White-280ml
Page 7 CONSTRUCTION SPECIALS Load 9 in PG Column Valid for the months of April Prices include GST


New & Improved
For Chemical Products. Manual Cartridge Gun. For application of cartridges with contents 310ml. mmediate power transmission to the push rod is possible. I Very rugged housing and feed mechanism. Excellent value for money. Thumb activated pressure release. Pack Qty. 1 Art. No. 0891 310

Cat. Page: 12 6561

Page 8 CONSTRUCTION SPECIALS Load 9 in PG Column Valid for the months of APRIL 2011 Prices include GST
DIN 830/iso 3318 Metric Sizes, Deep Cranked. POWERDRIV
Contents: 8 Pieces Sizes: 6x7, 8x9, 10x11,12x13, 14x15, 16x17, 18x19 20x22 Chrome vanadium. Rings high-gloss polished. Tightest tolerances of the spanner openings guarantee improved reliability and safety in intensive use. Art. No. 40

Cat. Page: 12 1041

Parts 8
Contents mm 6x7, 8x9, 10x11, 12x13, 14x15, 16x17, 18x19 20x22

Art. No. 40

Page 9 CONSTRUCTION SPECIALS Load 9 in PG Column Valid for the months of April Prices include GST
Metric sizes, short form.
Contents: 11 Pieces Sizes: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19, 22 mm Art. No. 40

Cat. Page: 12 1021

Parts 11
Contents mm 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19, 22
Imperial sizes, short form.
Contents: 8 Pieces Sizes: 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8,11/16, 3/4, 7/8 inches Art. No. 40

Cat. Page: 12 1022

Contents inch 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, 3/4, 7/8
Page 10 CONSTRUCTION SPECIALS Load 9 in PG Column Valid for the months of APRIL 2011 Prices include GST
ratchet ring/open end spanner


Design: metric Drive: Ring end POWERDRIV 12 edge, fine toothed, 72 teeth, with two-position lever for clockwise and anticlockwise. Standard: Max. torque. (See table) Material: Chromium-vanadium Note: This is a special tool that may only be loaded to the max. torques. Therefore, the spanners are only suitabe to a limited extent for releasing bolts. steel. Surface: Highly olished p chromium plated. Geometry: Opening 15o, ring side 15o angled, strong heads for high loads. Application: Releasing bolts with the open end, screwing on with the ratchet mechanism on the ring
The 15o angle of the ring spanner permits greater freedom of movement for fingers or for passing over obstacles.
Parts 4 Contents mm 10, 12, 13, 14 Art. No. 52 Pack Qty. 1

end. Art. No. 52

Cat. Page: 12 1061

Page 11 CONSTRUCTION SPECIALS Load 9 in PG Column Valid for the months of April Prices include GST

assy decking screws - A4

These extremely popular screws allow for the very best in corrosion protection, strength and visual appeal for all outdoor living areas. The screw for fastening decking boards. Many types of wood can be processed without pre-drilling thanks to the drilling tip. Small countersunk head with under-head pockets. Grooved shaft Drilling tip AW drive 20
d mm 5.5 L mm b mm dk mm 7.5 AW 20 Drive A4 Art. No. 005 570

Pack Qty. 250

Art. No. 550
Great for use around mariners & bayside areas
Also Available: A2 Decking Screws Art. No. 550 Art. No. 570

Art. No. 570

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anchor range expansion

W-ID Foam Panel Dowel
Individual attachment: or attaching light loads in hard foam panels F (e.g. outside wall with thermal-insulation composite system) For attaching components in conjunction with wood, particle-board and metric screws. Attaching building signs, lighting, alarm systems etc., for use in refrigeration/air-conditioning construction, insulation, prefabricated house construction, facade construction, electrical installations etc.
Description PE White Setting Tool (Steel Gal/YC) Length 50mm Depth (Diameter) 400 mm Article No. 500 Pack Qty. 100 1

Length 50, PE white


Cat. Page: - 2022

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W-SA Screw Anchor

Individual attachment: Cracked and uncracked concrete WSA - Steel , galvanised Diameter: 7.5, 120, 12, 14, 16, 20 Can be used for medium to heavy loads. The anchor may be used for anchorage with primarily static loads. uitable for fastening metal structures, metal profiles, brackets, oot plates, S f supports, cable conduits, pipelines, railings, wood structures, beams, purlins etc.
Cat. Page: - 2022 Description Galvanised Steel Length mm 90 Diameter mm 12 Article No. 201 Pack Qty. 100

Art. No. 201

Art. No. 002

Art. No. 003

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Art. No. Contents No. of parts 001 1drillbiteach 1.0-10.0mm 0.5mmintervals 1drillbiteach 1.0-10.0mm 0.1mmintervals 91
Thenewly-designeddrill pointsetsnewstandards forthedrillingpropertiesof Zebra bits.




DIN 338 N, short. High-quality ground drill bit made from high performance high speed steel (HSS) M2 for universal use, especially in steel of up to 1,000 N/mm2. Meets the toughest demands with regard to precision and durability. Specially suited for use in handheld power drills.
Art. No. 0624 00. (see list of available items) xtremelylowproductiontoleranceswithprecisely-defined E surfaceandprofilequalities. Moreprecisedrillingproperties. Spiralangle35to40. Narrowchamferwidth. Increasedcorepitch. ty. Greaterstabilityofbit. PackQ Longerlifespan. t.No. ss Ar Frictionintheholeisreduced. Thickne dth 10 Bitandworkpieceheatupless. Wi mm Length mm 3 Pointangle130. No.of 0.13 mm Material Pointthinning(special,optimisedsplitpoint). Teeth 0.ssmm 13 Thickne Considerablyreducedresidualtransversecut. y). ions: overEasierspotdrilling,noneedforcentre-punching.Applicat ndlow-allo lloy). el(high-a w-a upto2 Feedforceandtorquearereduced. Toolste teel(high-andlo als Pattern: Structur Tooth eedsteel. Standard omical. High-sp teel. con sss Moree. Stainle rsafety city. Greate uttingcapa Highc life. service Longer
ting her cut ng hig de offeri aw Bla y. A Hacks flexibilit ty and steel capaci hspeed lloyhig he High-a lsteelfort steels. S ial ,toughtoo pec thededge atthetoo chniques acturingte back. atemanuf yandprecision. to-d M upqualit vacuum ost excellent sinahigh guarantee ronbeam ple,elect ts. Forexam weldjoin adeoffully usedto sand sarem are gcapacitie thededge T too theircuttin. he steelso rpassable hardened quickly, sareunsu lademore ser vicelive onesawb mically. rkwith Y wo oreecono ou dthusm longeran


Maintenance and Care Products for Food Processing Sector Chemo-technical products for the food processing sector are not only subject to demanding technical requirements, they must be both physiologically safe and comply with legally required environmental parameters. The Wurth products on the following pages marked NSF meet with these requirements and are approved for use in the food processing sector.
Comparisonoflifespanin%: Meanforbitsof3,6and8mm. 200
Comparisonoffeedforcein%: Bit6mm,drillingdepth18mm. 100 100

a Total R

AUS. pub. 06/10
0624 standold new ard bit Servicelifeisuptofourtimesgreaterthanthatof standarddrillbits,andtwicethatoftheoldZebra drillbits: educedsetting-uptimes, R lowercosts!

0624 old

0624 new
Feedforcereducedbyapprox.2/3: /3lessforcerequired! 2

AUS. pub. 09/10

02 0521

AUS. pub.

04 0501

AUS. pub. 11/10

01 0001
nddry cleana. vedon ved Art. No Applicat ionisachie alsmustberemo ations ladhes They are used in: teri Clevis Pins toSpecific Wurth Optima lingma According face.(Use Oldsea Kitchensandcommercialkitchens. n Area DIN Figure surfaces. Symbol ingsur Description plicatio mtheseal Catering ange Ap pletelyfro com atureR r. Temper eatandsausageprocessingindustry. Clevis pins with M 1, 1434 tem ke Cleane lour 75 Bra Co Intake sys head Butchershops. pumps IGM 32 Water 10529 ta Bakeries. s 562-B cal Da modified Oilpump 6AZ-19 Techni Pharmaceuticalindustry. rs 5 Ford licone albasis 431802 Frontcove oximesi g Chemic Printingandpaperindustry,etc. Chr ysler tbearin Split Pins 2 pepaste thixotro CamShaf Black 321 DIN 0893 Figure Symbol Description Black covers 13 s State es e 7minut statbodie mingtim Thermo 94 Skinfor s Split pins 678) 102, Oil pan (ISO 1234) (ASTM-D-4 0295-00 +315C 10minutes oxcovers surface ota0 281, Gearb -60Cto Timetodry vers Toy 0295-01 m/ 24h +260C Red toproducts are increasingly demanded by0 678) eraxleco 8 rox.2m Safety 20 Pow app (ASTM-D-4 -60C.) 0295-01 f speed 50%r.h Blue the trade association. These products focus on 0 0, dening Sunroo 23C/ Fullhar clear M99774 vers Retaining Clips / Lynch Pins vides a minimising dangers Enghuman beings. MitsubishiD for ineco 110 ch pro D997 s tooth pit DIN 07 Figure 6 Symbol sA Description They are chemo-technical products, whichreduce M ardnes 2 andflange P-A70 Varying Shoreh mm ers 999M ge. 2.2N/ 76) Comparisonoftorquein%: Comparisonofdrillingtimesinsec. the potential dangersValvecov place, during at the work approx. Retaining clips, Nissan advanta (ASTM-D-6 ar 718lge Bit6mm,drillingdepth18mm. Bit6mm,drillingdepth10mm. 08 ngth handling, storage, etc. erentia akes Diff Honda 5000040E, le. Tensile stre R-clips utaream 5 sallysuitab , startingc D-412) +260C housing Univer 00% 963817 (ASTMofthin itchinthe re 2703 -60Cto manifolds 16 HC2 POA toothp atruptu fluttering ion Intake H 16 igh uts.The 83 Grey Elongat Retaining clips, beginc ced. 0095Zlebodies , -1 12) 80 -1 -1 ProductswiththeNSFlogohavebeentested iteasyto Realax tiallyredu derofthe 14 s g 6-21000 (ASTM-D-4 R-clips, K thousin issubstan 0.002Jcm double loop ctivity i4C11 remain lcondu and registered by the National haf materials Cranks Sanitary 10 Hyunda -33A01 cutting itchinthe Therma ty. ) 21451 toothp 60 ighmetal PackQ 214/70 -1 Foundation, or NSF for short. The NSF is the only T 8 esforh -5 helow 7 (ASTMD-2 x10 K geprovid ermal 20Lynch pins,. Art.No. entofth cuttinged international registration which guarantees that 6 Pack Qty Coeffici 31) Retainer pins ss 40. 10 Thickne (ASTMEBArt. No capacity. the product can be used in the food processing 4 /1 expansion mm Width tion 1 16kV/ ckQty.6 mm strength Descrip 2 industry without health risks. ger 200ml,Pa Dielectric Length ment Trig mm Contents: 0.65 49) Replace 0 YouwillfindallWurthproductswithanNSF No.of (ASTMD-1 mm 13 ly ivity 2.8 Assemb E-Clips permitt 0 registration at a glance at Teeth s: Relative 50) 0624 standcation DIN Figure Symbol MHz(ASTMD-1 Description old -18 new old new ard Appli usda/psnclistings.asp l. 32 @1 y). etmeta bit or th 0.002 ossfact ct: ve too Thinshe high-andlow-allo Enter Adolf Wrth as the company name to Torquereducedbyapprox.20%: Threetimesthespeedofstandardbits: Produ gressi Dielectricl -alloy). el( D-150) quipment Partner etterperformancewithcordless rills(20%with pro B d normoustimesavings! E h-andlow l, z(ASTM 6799 E-clips 15 /cm Toolste display a listing. rotectiveE th: moreholesdrilledperchargeofbattery) ! i-meta @1MH lsteel(hig -18 tee 1x10 HSS-B PersonalP S tura lvolume truc 12= 32 7) Electrica nce. eedsteel. MD-25 pattern. erforma Highsp teel. ce(AST uttingp resistan sss oval. Highc Stainle mchiprem Optimu fety. rsa Partner Products:Greate omical. con CuttingOil Moree vicelife. ser TappingBits Longer Note: For detailed information please refer to the appropriate Catalogue page. ion:

g d sealin. sive an vehicles de adhe motor High gra for use with und compo micals. ce to che stan ,inwhich good resi icalareas ith Ver y useincrit contactw blefor ybein il, Suita lmaytemporaril gearo sea.motoror the ids(e.g. motiveflu uto ixtures) a fglycolm. oolantso Compression Springs ingsystem nd c um,irona harden instalumin DIN Figure ee Symbol Acid-fr iveaga n-corros No ic nelectron steel. 2095 effectso sors. onegative mbdasen N entsorLa c pon stability. om ange mperature peraturer Highte thetem ible. tilis Extension Springs ationin ryandenginesposs U ine nmach daircan. DIN Figure o Symbol sse devices. acompre utauxiliary Sealantin itho s. dosagew 2097 evenbead Easy of pplication A
Description Compression springs
Material/Finish/Tensile Art. No. Prefix Spring steel wire, Zinc 0506

Catalogue Page 06 3016

Description Extension springs with double eyes
Material/Finish/Tensile Art. No. Prefix Spring steel wire, Zinc 0506 2

Catalogue Page 06 3041

Material/Finish/Tensile Art. No. Prefix Steel, Zinc 0260 00

Catalogue Page 06 3042

Material/Finish/Tensile Art. No. Prefix Steel, Zinc Stainless Steel A2474

Catalogue Page 06 3061





Material/Finish/Tensile Art. No. Prefix Steel, Zinc 0473

Catalogue Page

Steel, Zinc 0473

Steel, Zinc

06 3081
Material/Finish/Tensile Art. No. Prefix Spring Steel, Plain 0490

Catalogue Page 06 3082


06 0001

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KX-TGA430 DV-W28s-R DV-S737 NV-GS250GC RA-840BX2 DSR7005-00 2 TB PRO 14 F880D10D TA-6711 Wavecom WMO2 GPS 300 M5262 A09AW1 Sf0 MS-6577 KDL-26V4000 Axim X50 Roland EP-7 Andreas MH026fnea PSR-E303 Minolta 7218 NV-MD9000EN EMS2820S Ideacentre A310 Review Panel KV-SZ29m91K Yamaha NS-5 Focus Photofunstudio 4-0 Asus W3V DA-3620AD MW3-245GE Dimage 7HI 700 RE Compact 4000 Strav720 Cappuccino EP-801A KX-MB263PD VT 300 SMX-F30 BP F09AHJ-n65 RT21vhsw EXS2080 AD-1165 PD204 E-MU 1820 TP4-20 PM4400 Printer SD600 CQ-C1315N Party-E WL54AP2 AWE 6515 11 Plus KX-T7540CE Guide XL-2000 Cube 1500 Veriton S670 Replacement Part Citation 11 Samsung 73V SD-V290-s-TU Soundforge 6 CX-77wiii VN-5500PC Geko 301 A7S266-vm-u2 Pola Plus Sbig STV Laserjet 1160 Antenna 10826 FID 2010 HT552PH Abstract VR8R G7E XT DMC-LX2EGM GN2100 Motorola Z3 Fishelite 500C D-E999 VS2621 RAW DCP-7010 Bladecenter LS-S1260HL DEH-3100R Kenwood 500 VGN-FW Kodak M341 Units GA-H55m-ud2H 42PFL9703D Aspire-3100 Aspire-5000 RM-PL500D


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