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rob1grie 6:11pm on Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 
Use as TV hard disk recorder Bought this to use with my Panasonic TX-L42D25BA LCD/LED TV to give basic PVR facilities.
lalanne cassou 6:36pm on Thursday, August 26th, 2010 
Overall great drive. After researching many different brands, the Buffalo was definitely a wise choice! It arrive early, and with the software it's worth the price. Easy to install and setup.
magellan2k 10:35am on Thursday, August 5th, 2010 
Device broke after 3 months, too late to return to NewEgg. Support useless beyond the forums and manual.
mabzerox 7:31am on Thursday, July 15th, 2010 
Upgraded to latest Firmware after months of abandonment due to crashes when transferring anything over 500mb...problem still there... Wanted a simple but defective network storage...  Works smoothly, very simple & effective SLOOWWWWW user interface, data transfer could be faster My saga: I purchased a Buffalo LinkStation Pr...  Tech support is good about shipping you replace disk drives in 12 months, with 3 different drives..
Cocaine44 12:20am on Saturday, July 10th, 2010 
Good HDD This works fine for me - stores all my films and music, is quick and near silent. All in all at £85 its a bargain. A good solid drive - not fancy. Sent this back with in a week I was so excited when I bought this product. Sadly it was sent back for a refund within a week as it died.
mattooo 6:15pm on Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 
Upgraded to latest Firmware after months of abandonment due to crashes when transferring anything over 500mb...problem still there...
Sidion 1:55am on Thursday, June 10th, 2010 
Handles the fast output of a NAS during backup Attractive Design","Easy To Setup","Easy to use","High Capacity","Quiet No Power Switch
peter.koellner 8:00pm on Friday, May 28th, 2010 
A good purchase - can't go wrong with Buffalo Technologies Fast, Quiet, Great looking product, High Quality None
dragonflyer 2:23am on Thursday, May 6th, 2010 
Chipset cause kernel panic in OSX 64 bit Just be aware that this drive has a chipset that cause kernel panic in OSX 64bit mode when connected using fi... 3 TB of Buffalos on my desk Last year I began using Buffalo drives (switched from LaCie).
mommajoan 6:31pm on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 
Considering its price, it is a very appealing NAS for the beginner, as I was a year ago with NAS technology (not computers.
virgilpal 8:10pm on Sunday, March 28th, 2010 
No Comment. Fast, easy to install. A little heavier than some other ext. hard drives.

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Robbansveszly! Ne hajtani vgre az uzemanyag toltst amikor a motor mukodsben van. Nebezpe vbuchu! Pohonn hmoty je zakzno doplovat pokud je motor vchodu. Eksplosionsfare! Fyld aldrig brndstof p med motoren tndt. Risk fr explosion! Utfr inte pfyllning av brnsle med motorn igng. Figyelem! Meleg felulet. Vstraha! Hork povrch. Forsigtig! Varm overflade. Varning! Mycket het yta. Figyelem! Kikapcsolni a motrot s kiiktatni a gyertyt minden karbantartsi muvelet elott. Vstraha! Ped zahjenm jakkoli drby stroje vypnte motor a odpojte kabel ze zapalovac svky. Forsigtig! Enhver form for vedligeholdelse skal ske med slukket motor og frakoblet tndrr. Varning! Stng av motorn och lossa tndstiftet innan ngot som helst ingrepp fr underhll utfrs. A veszlyes terleten ne tartzkodjanak idegenek! Zkaz zdrziavania sa cudzch osb v nebezpecnej oblasti. Strmtilfrselskablet m ikke vre i nrheden af skreredskabet. Hll matningskabeln p skert avstnd frn klippningsverktyget.
Figyelem! vni az estl s a nedvessgtl. POZOR! Chrate ped detm a vlhkem. BEMRK!Skal beskyttes mod regn og fugtighed Varning! Skyddas frn regn och fukt.
Elektromos kbelt a pengto^l tvoltartani Elektrick snra mus byt' d'aleko od rezacieho nstroja. Tag stikket ud af stikkontakten, inden der rres ved kniven. Innan ngot som helst ingrepp p klippningsverktyget sker, tag ut kontakten fr elektrisk matning.


Upper handles Lower handles Fastening knobs for upper handles Grass catcher Oil filler cap Oil drain plug Deck Levers for adjusting the cutting heights Spark plug Fuel cap Engine start-grip Rear deflector Throttle lever Engine stop lever Reduction gear Console Ignition key Clutch lever


Assemble with screws as shown.
Assemble the spring into the rear deflector as shown in figure D1, insert the rod through the holes on the rear deflector and spring as shown in figure D2. Locate the rod into the mounting bracket as shown in figure D3, push down the sprint as shown in figure D4 to locate it into the slot which tensions the rear deflector.


Manual lawn mower Remove the bail arms, attach cables as shown and re-fit the bail arms, if appliable. Assemble the handle fit the levers with the pins and clips provided, assemble the wheels as shown and throttle if supplied. Self-Propelled/ Electric Start Lawnmower. Remove the bail arms, attach cables as shown and re-fit the bail arms, if appliable. Assemble the handle as shown.


l Always operate with the rear deflector or grass catcher in the correct position. l Always stop the mower before removing the grass catcher or adjusting the height of cut. l Never place your hands or feet underneath the deck or into the rear grass discharge chute while the mower is running.


Before mowing, remove all foreign objects from the lawn which may be thrown by the machine. While mowing, stay alert for any foreign objects which may have been missed. Never lift the rear of the mower while starting or during normal operation.
Never place your hands or feet underneath the deck or into the rear discharge chute while the mower is running.


Refer to the engine manufacturer's maintenance manual. CAUTION:- 0.6l Oil must be added to the engine before use.


Once the machine has been set up properly, start the engine as follows: a) Engines with choke system: when the engine is cold, position the accelerator lever (13) on START b)Operate the engine stop lever (14) to prepare the engine for start, keep lever pressed against handle while starting and using the machine - it operates the engine brake. c) Engines with primer system: Press the fuel-enrichment pump (Picture 'L' item 31) located on the carburettor 3 or 4 times position the accelerator lever (13) on MAX. For further information and explanations, read carefully the user instruction manual of the engine. d) Start engine. MANUAL STARTING: (While holding the engine stop lever (14)). lHold the engine start-grip (11) and pull the starter rope gently until you feel the resistance caused by compression. Return the starter rope slowly then pull the handle firmly towards you to its full extent.
ELECTRICAL STARTING: lInsert the plug (G) in the socket (H) on the engine. While holding the engine stop lever (14).Turn the ignition key (17). CAUTION: The blade starts turning as soon as the engine is started.
Keep the engine stop lever (14) depressed during machine operation. When the lever is released, the engine stops.
To cut the grass, push the lawn mower manually
gear. How to insert automatic advance: Lift up the clutch handle (18) and keep it pressed in position. CAUTION: Engage the gear only when the engine is running. How to disengage advance: Release the clutch handle.
Keep the engine stop lever (14) depressed during machine operation. When the lever is released, the engine stops. To cut the grass, push the lawn mower manually or insert the automatic advance

Important: If, when you press the clutch lever, the automatic advance gear does not engage, the clutch cable should be adjusted by inserting the spring (P) in one of the subsequent holes in the plate (R) (or in the hole "S").
Periodically check the automatic advance assembly and make sure to keep it clean. In particular, the pinion (19) and the gear (20) must be kept perfectly clean. To carry out this check, you must remove the wheel (21) by unscrewing the screw (22).


a)Persons under 16 years of age and persons who are not familiar with the user instructions must not use the lawn mower. b)The operator is responsible for the safety of other people in the working area. Keep children and domestic animals at a safe distance when the lawn mower is in use. c)This machine is to be used exclusively for cutting natural grass. Never use the mower for other purposes (e.g., for flattening out bumps in the ground, such as mole-hills or ant- hills). d)Work only when there is sufficient light. e)Before mowing, remove all foreign objects from the lawn which may be thrown by the machine. While mowing, stay alert for any foreign objects which may have been missed. l Fill up the fuel tank before starting the engine. Under no circumstances open the fuel tank cap or add petrol when the engine is running or when it is still hot. l If the petrol has overflowed, do not under any circumstances start up the engine.Move the mower away from the area where fuel has bean spilt and avoid any source of possible ignition until the petrol fumes have dissipated. l Replace the fuel tank cap and tighten it down firmly. e)Do not operate the engine in a confined space where dangerous carbon monoxide fumes can collect. f) When mowing, never run; you must always walk. g)Exercise extreme caution when turning or when pulling the lawn mower towards you. h)Particular precautions must be taken when mowing on slopes or downhill stretches: lUse appropriate antislip footwear. l Always be sure of your footing. l Mow across the face of slopes, never up or down. l Take great care when changing direction. lDo not mow on excessively steep slopes. i)Never use the lawn mower unless the guards and safety devices (e.g. deflector, grass catcher) are securely in position and in good condition. j)Ensure that the grass catcher and deflector are correctly located. faiture to do so may result in foreign objects being ejected by the blade. k)For reasons of safety, the engine must never exceed the speed. (r.p.m.) indicated on the label. l) Take care when starting the engine and be sure to follow the user instructions. Never place your hands or feet underneath the deck or into the rear discharge chute while the engine is running. m) Never lift the rear of the mower while starting the engine or during normal operation. n) If the blade happens to hit any obstacle, stop the engine at once and remove the spark plug cap. Then get an expert to examine the blade.

Maintenance and storage

a)Make sure that all nuts, bolts, and screws are kept well tightened to keep the mower in a safe operating condition. b)Never leave the machine with fuel in the tank within an enclosed area where the fuel vapours could reach naked flames or sparks. c)Allow the engine to cool before storing in any enclosure. d)Keep the engine, silencer, battery compartment and petrol tank free from grass, leaves and excess lubricant, in order to reduce the danger of fire. e)Frequently check the grass catcher for wear or deterioration f)For safety reasons, be sure to replace worn-out or damaged parts in due time. g)If the fuel tank has to be drained, it is essential that this be done outdoor. h)Assemble the blade following the corresponding instructions and use only blades bearing the maker's name or the trademark of the manufacturer or supplier and marked with the reference number. i)To protect hands during disassembly or assembly of the blades, it is absolutely essential to wear suitable protective gloves.
Setting up and operating the lawn mower
a)When mowing, wear strong footwear (boots or heavy shoes) and long trousers. b)Before you start mowing, make sure that the blade and blade fixing screw are securely fastened. If the blade is damaged, it must be replaced. c)Turn off the engine, wait until the blade has stopped and remove the spark plug cap before: l transporting, lifting or moving the machine away from the working area; l carrying out maintenance or cleaning, or when carrying out any operation on the blade; l adjusting the cutting height; l leaving the machine unattended. Caution! The blade starts turning as soon as the engine is started d)Caution! The fuel is highly inflammable: lStore fuel in containers specifically designed for this purpose. l Refuel outdoors only and do not smoke while refuelling.


Caution! Switch off the motor and disconnect the spark plug before undertaking any maintenance work.
lFor a four stroke engine, check the oil level and change the oil when dirty. For further explanation, see ENGINE INSTRUCTION BOOK. lFrequently check the mower and ensure that all grass deposits are removed from beneath the deck. lNever clean the mower by pouring water over it: this may seriously damage the electrical system.
lTake care, the exhaust muffler may be very hot. lFrequently remove the wheel screws clean whith petroleum and oil before replacing. Ball bearings must be greased before remounting. lFrequently check the blade for damage. lThe lawn mower must be checked by a SERVICE DEALER.


lWhen reassembling, make sure that the key (27) is correctly seated in the shaft and that the cutting edges face in the direction of the engine rotation. The blade screw (24) must be torqued to 5,34 Kgm (52,4 Nm).
lTo remove the blade (23) unscrew the screw (24). lCheck the conditions of the blade-support (25), the washer (26), the key (27) and the washer (28) and replace any parts which are damaged.
Before starting the motor for the first time, you are advised to keep the battery on charge for 2 to 3 hours. If the battery proves to be low during starting, charge it for 24 hours. When starting, don't keep trying to start for more than 5 seconds.


IMPORTANT For correct battery maintenance (29), especially in preparation for a long period of inactivity, and for recharging, it is not necessary to remove it from its casing, but to simply proceed as follows: 1) Remove contact (30). 2) Store the battery in a fresh and dry place. 3) Recharge the battery before use at room temperature for 24-36 hours. 4) Restore the contact (30) before use.


Those batteries marked with a crossed out waste disposal bin and bearing the chemical symbol Pb (battery containing lead) are not to be disposed in domestic waste bins.
The user is legally obliged to take the used batteries to special collection points or to return them to the retailer.


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