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PCTV Systems TVCenter

READ ME File for Program Version 6.2.0 September/12/2009
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This file contains important information for using the PCTV Systems TVCenter. For problems with the software, please read the manual as well as this file or the FAQ on the PCTV Systems web side.


1.00 Important tips 2.00 Supported hardware 3.00 Supported operating systems 4.00 Operation tips 5.00 Known limitations 6.00 Changes 7.00 PCTV Systems Support 8.00 Additional License Information -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1.00 Important tips

TV DIGITAL OnGuide installation and registration Please ensure that your computer has access to an active Internet connection whilst TV DIGITAL OnGuide is installed and registered. You must start the application manually after installation. Registration and setup for TV DIGITAL OnGuide are run the first time you start the application. Your computer is assigned a personal identification number. Please note that on a computer which has already been registered you only receive EPG data for the country which you selected during registration/setup of TV DIGITAL OnGuide. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2.00 Supported hardware

PCTV 70e PCTV 71e PCTV 72e PCTV 73A PCTV 73e Solo PCTV 73e PCTV 74e PCTV 100i PCTV 110i PCTV 170e PCTV 280e PCTV 282e PCTV 300i PCTV 310c PCTV 310i PCTV 320cX PCTV 320e PCTV 330e PCTV 340e PCTV 340eSE
PCTV 510e PCTV 2000e PCTV 2000i PCTV 2001e
3.00 Supported operating systems
Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher (32bit) Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition 2005 Microsoft Windows Vista Microsoft Windows 7
Installation requires administrator rights. To use the applications, you must be a "standard user" (group: main users) or have higher rights. It is recommended that all current Windows Service Packs be installed. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

4.00 Operation tips

Attention : Some features are not available in all products. These are marked with an asterisk (*)
Microsoft Windows Media Center You will find an extra MS WMC driver install on the CD in the folder: <Windows Media Center>. This driver lets you use the hardware inside the WMC without the TVCenter software. The TV functionality in WMC environments requires an WMC-certified DVD decoder.
Configurable video renderer You can configure and adjust the preview by choosing different video modes from the Video renderer dropdownmenu. To set the video mode please open the TVCenter-Settings application and from the navigation bar select TV watching > Advanced settings - Video output > Video renderer.
DirectX VA You can turn on the graphics card accelerator under "Display" in the Advanced Settings section. This can reduce CPU utilization. To use this feature, you need to have a DirectX9-compatible graphics card installed. This feature depends heavily on the installed graphics card and display driver. If problems during watching TV occur, this feature needs to be switched off again. Graphics card hardware acceleration is currently not support under Windows Vista.
Signal Booster (integrated amplifier)* The Signal Booster improves the reception of weaker signals, for example when you use a portable antenna.
With strong signals from e.g. an amplified rooftop antenna, the Signal Booster should be turned off to avoid potential overdriving of the tuner. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

5.00 Known limitations

If you unplug a USB device, we recommend waiting at least 10 seconds before reconnecting; otherwise, the hardware might not be recognized correctly. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

6.00 Changes

6.1.0 -> 6.2.0. expand hardware support add fm radio add analog TV support add configurable video renderer add multi tuner support add Dolby Digital+ (E-AC3) support add remote control support
6.0.0 -> 6.1.0. expand hardware support add radio add DistanTV add Channel edit function improve channel scan duration expand language support

7.00 PCTV Systems Support
New versions of PCTV SystemsTVCenter software are available on the PCTV Systems Web site: Please be ready to provide the following information when you contact PCTV Systems Support: 7 Product: Serial number: Software version: Operating system version: Main board: CPU: RAM: PCTV Systems TVCenter Located on the cover of your CD or in the settings of the TV app 6.2.0 e.g. Windows Vista including the Service Pack version Name, chip set, BIOS version Type and speed (e.g., Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz) Size of main memory (e.g., 512 MB)
CD/DVD burner: Manufacturer and model Type of defect: Crash, problems with video quality, installation problems, etc. Brief description of the defect Information on how the defect can be reproduced
Contact PCTV Systems Support as described in the support information sheet included with your product.
8.00 Additional License Information
PCTV SystemsTVCenter Copyright 2009 by PCTV Systems. All Rights Reserved. Portions of this software utilize the components listed below ffmpeg used under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.



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