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Pentax Espio 110DiCAPac Waterproof Digital Camera Case Pentax Optio 50 Optio A10 Optio A20 Op... WP-110-AM-4
The DiCAPac is an all-weather vinyl case for multipurpose use and 100% waterproof up to 16 feet (5 meters) deep! The DiCAPac waterproof case is designed to keep your things moisture-free in almost any environment. The patented "Roll & Velcro" zipper closure system provides two levels of protection to keep your case completely watertight, while the clear window and flexible material allows you to maintain complete control over your phone or camera's functions.

Brand: DiCAPac
Part Number: WP-110-AM-4
UPC: 803218878290
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Banzuke 7:29am on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 
Good standard spiral notebook. Bright White,Durable Construction No equivalent recycled op Good for take notes. Easy to carry on. Good quality material. Bright White,Durable Construction,Professional Quality,Quality Writing Surface
stringboy 4:51pm on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 
I am using it to write letters to a loved one so i can just send them the notebook and so far its doing very well traveling back and forth from school... I use this for college for essays (in class), In class work, homework, taking notes, etc. It works decently well for what I use if for.

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ITEM KODAK Retina 111c #277539 (Type 021) c1954-57. Schneider Xenon C f2/50mm 1 lens. In very good condition. Working. ERC PENTAX Auto 110 #1288116. With 24mm lens & AF 130 Flash - Good condition 2 and working OLYMPUS XA f2.8/35mm lens, Coupled Rangefinder, Aperture priority, Aflash, wrist strap, Inst Books in original plastic presentation case. VOIGTLANDER Vito 11 early model c1950-54 Color Skopar f3.5/50 Compur Rapid shutter. Camera is in good condition but the linkage does not work without help and 4 the ERC does not belong to this model CANON PELLIX QL SLR. Body excellent except for a slight ding near lever. Meter needle responds. Pellicle mirror is intact. Promura f3.5/35-135mm Zoom lens. In 5 Proam padded long lens case. KINAX II folding 620 (6x9) camera with f4.5/105mm Berthiot Special lens in IPO 6 shutter. An elegant French camera in black enamel and chrome. Exc. Cond. KODAK Flash Bantam camera with f4.5/48mm Kodak Anastigmat lens on lazy 7 tongs front (a folding camera). Nice condition. All working. DURST Automatica 35mm camera with f2.8/45mm Schneider Radionar lens in Prontor-SVS shutter. McKeown thinks it's valuable. Spotless camera, spotless 8 case. Everything works incl. pneumaric shutter HOUGHTON ENSIGN MIDGET folding E-10 rollfilm camera. "All Distance" lens in 5 speed shutter. Original leather case. Some tarnish on bright metal parts but still a 9 fine example.

EST 60

UNIVERSAL MERCURY II (model CX) 35mm half frame camera with f2.7/35mm Universal Tricor lens in rotary focal plane shutter. Well worn but it's worn well everything still works on this post-war street photographer's friend. Original cases, 10 hood and filter. PENTAGON (ZI logo) 35mm SLR camera with f2/58mm Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar lens. Cosmetically very good. Shutter works on all speeds. Stain in viewfinder. Lens control rings work but very, very stiff. Leather case needs re-stitching. Camera is a 11 name variation of the Contax D. 2 Cameras - FUJICA 35-M CRF camera with f2.8/4.5cm Fujinon lens in ERC. Looks good but shutter misses. Fujica 35 Auto-M 35mm camera with f2.8/4.7cm 12 Fujinon-R lens in ERC. Looks good but nothing works GRAFLEX RB Series B 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 SLR - this model has a revolving back. Has a 5 1/4 inch f4.5 Ross-Kodak Anastigmat lens. Includes original roll film holder, one dark slide, film pack holder. Rada 120 rollfilm cassette and adapter parts. Velvet lined solid hide case. Instruction manual. An immaculate classic in working 13 order PHOTAVIT 35mm (24x24) camera. Prewar model with f3.5/4cm Meyer Primotar lens in Compur shutter. Complete and working but has flaky chrome on camera 14 body. Beware complicated interlock if testing it - DO NOT FORCE THINGS! Box of old cameras and lenses includes Welta folding plate camera, Zeiss Contaflex, Olympus XA, OM mount zoom, F mount tele, Ilford Sportsman, Kowa 15 Kallo, Kodak folder etc. MINOLTA 16 Subminiture collection: Minolta 16 P (Ex), Minolta 16 II (good + case and book) and Minolta 16 MG-S (Ex + case & book). Various accessories all 16 in Minolta presentation box. Box of collector's cast-offs incl. Tiny Leitz Wetzlar 35mm projector (Elmaron lens) Leicanol chemicals, Canon, Olympus and Wollensak lenses, handgrips, TT tripod, 17 mystery boxes and surprises. Basket of cine film - feature films include 2 reel 16mm Chaplin "The Fireman", 4x400'' Sup 8 (Star Wars & cartoons) 4x200'' Sup 8 Craven Sup8 rewinder. PLUS rolls of various unexposed 8mm & 16mm. Three Books. McKeown's Price Guide 2001-2002 edition; Cameras by Brian Coe & The Good Camera Guide soft cover 1982 CANON 512 Standard 8mm movie camera in fitted case with Canon 1.6x C8 supplementary tele lens & inst. Book. Simply the best 8mm movie camera ever 20 made 21 Aluminium Camera Case. Compartmented. Good condition 22 Brown "INCA" camera bag - medium size - Good condition 23 Camera bag - "SOLIDEX" - medium size in black - Good condition

24 Black medium sized "PRO AM" camera bag - Good condition 25 "MENDOZA" Camera bag - blue - Average condition 26 LENS: Hanimex 80-200mm Minolta SRT Mount + Lens cap Good 27 LENS Koboron 60-300mm. Minolta MD Mount Both caps 28 KODAK Instamatic 133 Outfit complete in original box. New 29 KODAK Colorburst 100 Instant Camera These are becoming rare 30 Tripod - VANGUARD VT-143 Extends to 140CM. As new in box 31 Tripod - STITZ T - 180 BQ extends to 140cms 32 Tripod - SLIK MASTER Extends to 155cms 33 ILOCA QUICK-B Ilitar f2.9/50 - could do with a clean 34 KODAK Retinette 1A Schneider f3.5/50mm Pronto shutter ERC VG 35 AGFAMATIC 4000 Sensor 110 plus Prinz Jupitor 177 Flash in box CANON T50 Camera with Focal Auto Macro 28mm f2.8 lens. In VG condition with 36 ERC. Needs 2 X AA batteries to operate OLYMPUS OM-1 with Zuiko f1.8/50. In very good working condition but meter 37 untested. PENTAX Auto 110 with 18mm, 24mm & 50mm lenses, power winder and worn 38 camera case. Overall in Very Good condition 39 OLYMPUS TRIP 35 #4030605 - Working & VG Condition + ERC ARETTE 1D - has Isconar f2.8/50mm lens and Prontor SVS shutter & ERC. An 40 uncommon camera in VG Working condition. Two BOOKS: The Retina Reflex Way by L.A.Mannheim (Hard Cover) & Processing 41 and Formulae - a Kodak Data Guide PENTAX P30 - K mount camera fitted with a Hanimex f2/50mm lens. VG condition 42 but needs battery to operate CANON EF - c 1973 - Classic metal body Canon SLR for FD lenses. Fitted with 43 Osawa MC 35-70mm lens- VG but needs batteries 44 Two Books: ENLARGING & DEVELOPING - both Focal Manuals 45 Book - THE PENTAX WAY - 8th edition. VG condition Books: PICTORIAL CYCLOPEDIA - Focal Press & The ENCYCLOPEDIA of 46 PRACTICAL PHOTOGRAPHY by Michael Freeman 47 Two Books: BUILD YOUR OWN DARKROOM plus BJP ANNUAL 1968 LENS: Asahi Pentax SMC f3.5/35mm Screw Mount #7234009. Has filter, both 48 caps & original case -Excellent condition LENS: Super-Takumar f3.5/135mm Screw Mount #3728600. EX condition. Has lens hood, filter, front & rear caps & Pentax case. Plus Cosmos auto-teleplus 2X 49 teleconvertor 50 SONY HANDICAM VIDEO 8 mm in case - Complete PENTAX S3 (Chrome) #459896 - fitted with Takumar f1.8/55mm. In very good 51 condition. Plus ever ready case and Instruction manual Small box of darkroom goodies. Mostly new. Inc.2 print tongs, thermometers, box 52 of Agfa filters, Jobo Comparator 2, 3 beakers 53 Bag of assorted leaflets 54 Eight developing trays various sizes Bag of Goodies: Sunpak Auto 2000BZ flash, Small flash with 3 packets of Philips 55 PF1B Bulbs, plus auto extension tube set 56 Bag of filters three mixed 49mm plus two 58mm- all VG Condition PENTAX SPOTMATIC F (Chrome) + Takumar f1.8/55mm lens (c/w filter, cap, lens 57 hood & manual) and ERC. All are in very good condition 58 Vinyl look solid Camera Bag - Heavy duty with dividers 59 MEOPTA OPEMUS 111 enlarger-as new in box 60 Meopta Belar Enlarging lens: f4.5/75mm. VG In plastic case Two Books by Michael Langford: Basic Photography and Advanced Photography. 61 The Bibles for would be photographers. Three Books Life Library of Photography: The Print and Special Problems plus 62 Electronic Projects for Photographers by Walt Bregach Box of Goodies - three large containers (or very small jerry cans) for chemicals, two 63 flood lights & a Paterson measure in original box. Asahi Pentax Auto Bellows Set -Spotmatic ERA, plus Pentax Slide Copier 64 attachment for bellows. BRAND NEW-NEVER USED IN BOXES

65 Asahi Pentax Microscope Adapter 1 for Spotmatic BRAND NEW IN BOX 66 LPL Enlarging easel 28x35cms (11X14 inch) - in box 67 LPL 8X10 enlarging Easel + Patterson 35mm contact printing frame 68 Tripod - Velbon Transworld Tripod in box Three Accessories for the enlarger.VINSON Anastigmat f3.5/75 lens: a Meopta 69 lens mount? #78228 plus accessory for Meopta #78125 Mixed lot of goodies. A portable video light with battery and transformer + 4 packets 70 of unopened paper & Multigrade filter set 71 Funky 70's solid vinyl camera bag - has various compartments 72 DACORA Dignette Cassar f2.8/45.Has case but stitching broken - Good 73 BEIRETTE Junior 11 Germany 1958 Meritar f2.8/45mm Ex cosmetically 74 RICOH Auto 126 Rikenon f2.8/35mm lens. Works - VG with Case 75 CANON Canonet Junior f2.8/40 Works & Case 76 CANON IXUS APS camera 24-48mm lens. VG. Boxed with manual 77 KONICA EE-Matic Deluxe F - 35mm coupled rangefinder - seems OK 78 MINOLTA Hi-Matic - S Rokkor f2.7/38mm Ex Zone focus Case 79 TARON VIC (auto) f2.8/45. Not working. Case, lens cap original box SAMSUNG ECX 1 - unusually shaped camera designed by Porsche. Has 3880 140mm auto macro zoom lens + panorama function 81 PENTAX PZ-70 Body only - has body cap. Good 82 PENTAX PZ-10 Body only. Has data back - no body cap. Good FUJIFILM Instant Mini 10 - Fujinon 60mm Ex. Working. Instant Photo ejected from 83 back of camera 84 Tamron SP zoom f4-4.5/28-135mm VG Canon Adaptall II mount. 85 ZENIT E (Chrome) -Moscow Olympic edition with Helios f2/58mm.Good RICOH Singlex TLS. Early Ricoh SLR with Super-Takumar f2/55mm. Good 86 condition and appears to be working Pen Drive Digital Camera - f3/8.5mm. 256 MB. Ex Working condition - in box, with 87 case & manual. Can also be used as USB drive 88 BALDA CRF - Baldinar f2.8/50 G. Ding on lens & could do with a clean 89 OLYMPUS AZ-300 compact camera - f4.5-5.6/35-105mm - Ex Works Three cameras: OLYMPUS Trip 300, Olympus Mju zoom 105, and AGFA 90 Agfamatic 3000 Flash Pocket 110 - ALL VG 91 PENTAX Espio 738 with 36-70mm zoom. AF. VG & works 92 NIKON Zoom 90 compact camera with 36-90mm Macro Zoom - Good 93 CANON Prima Zoom 76 - has 38-76mm lens. VG Works 94 ARGUS 75 TLR (Australian-black shutter button) Lunar 75mm VG Case 95 CANON Bellows FL with slide copier attachment. Ex with Manuals CANON FL f3.5/50mm Macro no fungus, good diaphragm, smooth focus 96 Lens shows normal use for age - in good + condition RLEITZ Trinovid binoculars - Good but barrels are loose 98 NIKON MD 12 motor drive dirty battery contact not sure if it works? 99 AGFA: Large Bulb flash - VG Two Books: Flash in Modern Photography by William Mortensen and Masterpieces 100 of Bird Photography 101 Book: A Day in the Life of Victoria - 1983 Book: Nikon Dealer's Catalogue 1975 (Hardcover - covers Nikons & Nikkomats, 102 cameras, lens & accessories) a great reference book NIKON NIKKORMAT FTN (Chrome) with Nikkor-H f2/50mm. Lens cap & ERC. 103 Working in very good condition 104 RICOH MIRAI - Hybrid SLR with Ricoh 35-135mm autofocus zoom + IB 105 Book: Canon EF lens works 111 (EF lens book) 106 Three Books: Canon SLRs, SLR Handbook plus Do it in the Dark 107 Book: Instant Film Photography by Freeman Two Books: Petersen's Medium Format Photography & Medium Format Handbook 108 by Roger Hicks 109 Book: Photographing Landscape by Gerhard Kerff Book:Practical Photography by John Freeman Camera bag - Large brown, multi-compartmented, and so very 80's

112 Medium sized Premier SLR Camera bag - black near new 113 POLOROID SUN 600 LMS camera (Grey) - In original box - VG 114 Two Older Darkroom Timers Melica plus Cornfield 115 Two Patterson Developing Tanks System 4 & Older 35 Model 2 Three Items: Metal Darkroom Safelight plus 2 filters, Philips Argophoto Globe and 116 older print roller KODAK RETINA 11a Schneider Xenon f2/50mm. Coupled Rangefinder. Very pretty 117 camera - Working KODAK RETINA 11c with Interchangeable Schneider Xenon f2.8/50mm lens. With 118 IB. Looks excellent but winding mechanism is worn and needs repair 119 Schneider Retina Curtar Xenon f5.6/35mm lens in original plastic case 120 KODAK RETINA Lens Hoods (2) plus Kodak Retina plastic lens case Schneider Retina Longar Xenon f4/80mm lens in original lens case plus original 121 lens hood 122 KODAK Retina accessory Viewfinder covers 35mm and 50mm lenses KODAK: Retina Close Up Rangefinder with 3 close up lenses in original leather 123 case - plus original instruction book MINOLTA 16 Ps camera kit inc. camera flashgun, case, accessory clamp and 124 instructions in original box 125 MINOLTA 16 QT camera, flash and wrist strap in presentation case 126 BOOK: Leica Manual by Morgan and Lester 12th edition MINOLTA SRT series Right Angle Eyepiece Adapter 128 MINOLTA 16 MG-S camera only - In good condition & Working 129 MINOLTA MC Manual Extension Tube Set for SR/SRT cameras 130 MAMIYA SEKOR f4.5/135mm lens for TLR, both caps, filter & hood 131 MAMIYA SEKOR f3.5/65mm lens for TLR, filter, both caps lens hood ZEISS Pancolar f2/50mm Exakta fit. Has filter & both caps - EX condition but focus 132 ring a bit tight 133 ZEISS Tessar f2.8/50mm - Exakta fit, yellow filter, both caps EX & works well
KODAK No 4 String Set camera. A No. 4 Kodak from 1892. A very large box camera. Took 48 4x5 exposures on factory pre-loaded film and the camera was sent back for processing and reloading. Universal lens in lovely brass sector (wing) shutter. All works but string not original. Leather is chipped in places but looks good. Focusing by large knob on top of camera. A RARE Rand desirable early Kodak. Still has original carry strap KONICA POP. Cute little early 80s compact. Extremely rare YELLOW one, but has 135 a small crack in the plastic near viewfinder 55 KODAK 1A Folding Pocket Special. Red bellows. 1908. Brass faced pneumatic single cylinder shutter with window for exp counting. Bausch & Lomb lens. Carry 136 handle broken & leather shows some wear but complete. 80 POCKET KODAK: Tiny box 2nd version of 1895 model. Round viewfinder window. Removable polished wood shutter board with Tesdell shutter. For 137 Plates or film. A rare early Kodak R275 KODAK Self timer c1920 pneumatic self timer for use with cable release. In 138 ORIGINAL box with instructions 45 KODAK BROWNIE Model F in ROYAL BLUE in superb condition. Complete with original Royal Blue/Gold pattern lined ORIGINAL case with BROWNIE on the clasp. Even the hinge on the case shows no wear. With original instructions 139 instruction booklet. This outfit is near NEW. BOOK: Cinema by Kenneth Leish 1974 Large format. Excellent history of the cinematic craft with early history of cameras and equipment then more into the film 140 making Ex BOOKS: Film Struck. Large format ABC 1986. Basically history of the cinema IN Australia not OF Australian cinema plus CINEMA Collins Eyewitness Guide History 141 of the cinema including cameras ans equipment. As new. Large format KODAK 3A Autographic Model C. Large folding camera with Kodak Anastigmat in 142 RARE ILEX UNIVERSAL shutter. A talking point for the shelf. Very Good Condition 143 MIRANDA SENSOREX 11 #8307817 + Auto Miranda f1.8/50 VG Works ZEISS IKON IKONTA 35 (522/24) c1947-53 - has Tessar f2.8/45mm in Synchro C 144 shutter. In excellent condition

145 OLYMPUS OM 10 + Zuiko f1.8/50mm lens. Working & in VG condition VOIGTLANDER VF 101 c1974-76. CRF made in Singapore with Color-Skopar 146 f2.8/40 - film winding lever is missing has unusual retractable lens hood KONICA POP - in RED this time. Has its lens cap, but unfortunatly it has a small 147 crack in the pastic next to the viewfinder ZORKI Type 1a (we think - we are not 100% sure which model it is?). Has 148 collapsible F3.5/50mm lens. A true Leica copy VG & working 149 WELTA 1 c1948 Tessar f3.5/5 cm. T coated lens. Folding 35mm. VG+ & working CARL ZEISS JENA WERRA c1954. Tessar f2.8/50mm lens with hood & cap - all 150 with Green Vulcanite covering. Working in VG condition ZEISS IKON IKONTA (524/16) c1951-55. Novar f3.5/75mm in Prontor-SV shutter. 151 Un-couped rangefinder. Has a few chips on paint work otherwise VG condition 152 PRACTICA SUPER TL3 Domiplan f2.8/50mm.Good cond.& Working YASHICA SAMURAI X3.0. Unusual vertical styled 35mm 1/2 frame autofocus SLR. Auto wind/rewind, built in Flash. Right hand shutter release - green trim. 153 Camera Badged Grand Prix '88- VG & Works AGFA ISOLETTE V c1950-52. Agnar f4.5/85mm in 1/25-1/200 Pronto Shutter. 154 Very Good condition AGFA SUPER SILETTE c1955-58. Has Agfa Solagon f2/50mm lens in Synchro155 Compur shutter. Good cond. Working in original box (only) ASAHI PENTAX SV #940856 + Super Takumar f1.8/55mm lens. In lovely condition 156 - working well AGFA SUPER ISOLETTE c1954-60. Solinar f3.5/75mm - coupled rangefinder. In Very Good condition but don't know whether it is working (needs film in the 157 camera work please don't try to force things!) 158 FINETTA Finettar f4 lens. Works. Leather Case. Has removable lens ZEISS IKON CONTINA 1b (we believe ?) - Novar f2.8/45mm in Prontor-SVS 159 shutter. Good condition & working ENSIGN AUTORANGE 220 Ensar f4.5/75mm c1937-40. Epsilon shutter. Camera 160 is in near new condition and works perfectly ZEISS IKON COCARETTE No 517 Tessar f4.5/105 Compur shutter. Front catch 161 broken otherwise very good condition 162 KODAK 3A Folding Pocket Kodak Model C Pre autographic Good Works LENS: TAMRON Autofocus Zoom 70-200mm PK mount. This is an uncommon lens that contains all the autofocus system within the lens, so you can convert any 163 K mount camera into an autofocus camera just by fitting this lens good LENS: SOLIGOR f3.5-4.5/35-200mm. Olympus OM Mount. EX couldn't see any 164 fungus or haze. Zoom & focus smooth. Has soft pouch ZEISS IKON CONTESSA 35 c1950-53. 1st Version (533/24). Tessar f2.8/45mm in 165 Compur Rapid shutter. Coupled Rangefinder.VG condition CANON DIAL 35-2 c1968-71. Canon Lens f2.8/28mm. Spring wind motor is 166 missing rubber grip. Slight ding on top otherwise VG condition & Works IHAGEE EXA - Zeiss Tessar f2.8/50mm. Missing piece of leatherette from right 167 side of prism. Otherwise in VG+ condition and works well. KODAK Duo Six-20 Series 11 (no rangefinder) c1937-39 Compur shutter. A bit 168 rough around the edges, and not sure if it is working AIRES 35-11A c1955. 35mm CRF. Coral f2.8/50mm lens in Seikosha-MX shutter. 169 Some call it a Leica M3 copy (but not me!). Working VOIGTLANDER BESSAMATIC c1959-62. Color Skopar f2.8/50mm lens & lens 170 hood. In very good condition & working 171 PENTAX SP 1000 + Meyer Oreston f1.8/50mm lens. VG & working MIRANDA AUTO SENSOREX EE #9162332 with Auto Miranda f1.8/50mm lens. 172 This is in lovely condition and seems to work well FUJICA HALF (35mm frame pocket camera) c1963. Fujinon f2.8/28mm lens 173 built in meter -Very Good & working 174 KODAK RETINA 1b Xenar f2.8/50mm. Very good condition & Working AGFA AMBI SILETTE c1956-61. Interchangeable Solinar f2.8/50mm lens. Coupled 175 Rangefinder. Good condition & working 176 DIAX 11a 1954-56 CRF Xenon f2/50mm. Good condition & working

50 125

95 150
ZEISS IKON CONTAFLEX 11 - Tessar f2.8/50mm lens, Synchro Compur Shutter. 177 In very good working condition 178 ROLLEI XF 35 Made in Singapore Sonnar f2.3/40 - Works AGFA SUPER SILETTE c1955-58. Agfa Solagon f3.5/50mm lens in Synchro179 Compur shutter. Good condition & working ZEISS IKON NETTAR Novar f4.5/75mm in Vario 1/25-1/200 shutter. It may be a 180 basic camera, but it is in exceptional condition AGFA ISOLETTE 111. Solinar f3.5/75mm in Synchro Compur 1-1/500 shutter. 181 Again in excellent condition 182 PRAKTICA PL NOVA VG Works ZEISS IKON CONTAFLEX 11 Tessar f2.8/50mm lens in Synchro Compur shutter. 183 Very good condition Working PENTAX SPOTMATIC 11 with Takumar f1.4/50mm + UV filter. In excellent 184 condition - with ERC Two 35mm YASHICA CAMERAS: Yashica 35-ME, and Yashica Electro 35 GSN 185 (this has the f1.7/45mm lens) Two Cameras: BELOMO-VILIA (USSR) & AGFA Ambi Silette which is missing its 186 lens CANON AE-1 Program (chrome body) with Canon New FD f1.4/50mm lens. Very 187 good condition cosmetically and working 188 PENTAX ME SE - brown leatherette covering - limited edition model 189 PENTAX SPOTMATIC with SMC Takumar f1.8/55mm Good Working MINOLTA srT101 (chrome body NOT WORKING) with f3.5/28mm MC W 190 ROKKOR lens (lens is in very good working condition). LENS Very OLD Pentac 8in. F2.9. Looks like an aerial lens that has been modified 191 for use on a 42mm screw mount cameras. Never seen one like this before. 192 MIRANDA SENSOREX 11 with Miranda f1.8/50mm. VG & Works Enlarging lens. JANPOL f5.6/55. Built in colour filters for color printing. In plastic 193 bubble. An unusual lens in new condition Two Books: McKeowns Price Guide 1987-88 & Zeiss Ikon Cameras 1926-39 (this 194 book has been photocopied and is in a folder) Four Books. Aperture 40th Anniversary Ed., Australian Photography 1957, 195 Photographers' Handbook 1983, & The Good Camera Guide KIEV-4A (Type 2) c1974-8 with f2/5cm lens. Contax copy in VG condition LENS NIKON Nikkor f2.8/28mm (AI mount) For Nikon F series smooth 197 focusing. No fungus we can see. In very good condition. LENS: Kiev f1.5/50mm. Kiev/Contax rangefinder mount. Comes in original bakelite 198 case, and has original front and rear caps as NEW KIEV-111A 1955-1959 Jupitor-8 f2/50mm. Built InMeter - has Focal plane shutter 199 VG 200 Light Meter: Gossen Sixtus - In leather case 201 Light Meter: AVO in leather case 202 Lens: CARL ZEISS SONNAR f2.8/180 Contax mount (for reflex housing?) TWO LENS - EL-NIKKOR f2.8/50mm enlarging lens - M39 screw mount (good) 203 plus Jupiter f2/50mm Russian lens in Kiev/Contax mount (VG) 204 Assortment of 52mm filters - 26 in all. All types 205 Early Zeiss Ikon meter brown Bakelite very pretty 206 LEITZ Lens Hood for 50 & 35mm lenses- Leica code:IROOA VG LENS: Zenza Bronica f4/40mm - I think it is for a ETRS (see photos) - Both caps 207 looks good but untested on camera LENS: Russian f4/13.5cm Kiev/Contax mount - has both caps in plastic case. 208 EX 209 Light Meter: ZEISS IKON IKOPHOT RAPID c 1958. With chain 210 Light Meter: ZEISS IKON Ikophot - different model to Lot Light Meter: ZEISS IKON Ikophot - 1939 model 212 LENS KIEV f2/50mm lens in Keiv/Contax mount Three Cameras two faulty & one perfect: CANON AF-35M Auto Focus (perfect), CANON AF-35M - Battery door faulty plus a Kiev 4M - it has no lens and bits are 213 missing - looks good otherwise

ZEISS IKON IKOBLITZ Flash Gun in box. Large handle mounted flash complete 214 with globe in original Zeiss box - Excellent condition 215 MONOCULAR: MN2 7X50 - Made in USSR - VG 216 MINOLTA FLASH METER 111 - looks good but untested as no battery 217 IKOLUX 250 Slide Projector by Zeiss Ikon with Instruction Book - VG
LENS: NIKON Nikkor f2/135mm for Nikon F (AI mount). Original Nikon screw on lens cap. No signs of fungus one small fleck of dust in rear of lens. Diaphragm working perfectly, focusing is smooth a great lens for film or digital. Very Good 218 Condition 250 LENS: NIKON Nikkor f2/85mm - Nikon F (AI mount) slight dust in lens - no fungus or scratches we can see. Diaphragm works well, focusing smooth. Matching metal 219 Nikon lens hood. VG IKOMAT Slide Projector by Zeiss Ikon with one cartridge Light Meter: Zeiss Ikon Ikophot. This is the rarer black model 50 Balda Super Baldinette. Folding 35mm, f2.8/50mm Schneider Xenar, Synchro 222 Compur 1-1/500 shutter. CRF working. VG ROLLEI Beta 4 Electronic Flash Brand new Instruction book BINOCULARS - Cute little set of opera glasses in leather case SIDA Standard Sub Miniature c1938 - In leather caase 70 TWO WALZ Filter Sets - 3 filters each in blue rectangular plastic case - One for 226 color-film 27mm, the other for color-film - suit Rollei-Automat 20 CORONET VOGUE - a lovely little brown bakelite camera with leather case. Complete with two tiny filters in leather case and original box - we have never 227 seen these filters before. EX R130 YASHICA 44 TLR c1958 Grey. Yes I know it is a Yashica 44, but this camera is brand new it has never been used. I won't even sully it with a sticky label 228 In original box. Case & Lens hood. Instructions R100 Carl Zeiss Jena WERRA 1a c1958 with leather case. Mintanother brand 229 new camera in original box. R100 ROLLEIFLEX Automat Jena f3.5/75mm. Once again another superb camera.If it's been used then it was very sparingly. With chrome lens caps and leather 230 case R125 GALILEO Candog 1 Eliog f3.5/50mm in Iscus Rapid shutter. Collapsible lens 231 like a Leica. ERC. Made in Italy. Once again new or near new. R120 AIRES PENTA 35 Leaf Shutter SLR c1959. Coral f2.8/50mm lens in SeiskoshaSLV shutter. ERC, original chrome lens cap & original box. Once again looks to be 232 in new condition 75 EXAKTA 11b with Panacolar f2/50mm lens. Once again words cannot describe this camera-it looks as though it has just emerged from the factory.The chaps from the Exakta Circle would give their eye teeth for this 233 camera. Instructions & lens hood but no box REXAKTA WAIST LEVEL VIEWFINDER: In leather case -suits lot 234. New 50 PILOT 6 1936- KW Anastigmat f4.5/75mm. Fair condition - some surface rust. 235 Dont know whether it is working. Come with leather case 60 FRANKA SOLIDA 11E c1954. Isconar f3.5/75mm in Prontor-SVS 236 shutter.Uncoupled rangefinder.Ex condition & working - ERC & lens hood LENS CARL ZEISS JENA CARDINAR #5700289 Mint in case 60 LENS CARL ZEISS SONNAR f4/135mm #6900802 in Exakta mount. Auto 238 diaphragm. Mint with original leather case 75 CARL ZEISS JENA FLEKTAGON f2.8/35mm # 6889118 in Exakta mount. Auto 239 diaphragm. Mint in original leather case CARL ZEISS JENA FLEKTAGON f2.8/35mm # 567879. Mint in case STEREOSCOPE Type B3 from the British Optical Co. Sydney 20 Two Items: a boxed Illuminator from Rosier's Camberwell Store in Camberwell plus 242 Zeiss Ikon Electronic Flash in case 40 DISECTING MICROSCOPE: ELIZA Tokyo. Sold by L Esdale & Sons of Sydney. 243 Beautiful instrument in Mint condition. Complete in box R100 MICROSCOPE ELIZA Tokyo Sold by L Esdale & Sons of Sydney This is a 244 beautiful instrument Mint. As New - Complete in box R150 Binoculars Klarten - "High-quality coated lens" 20x50 ZCF. These look to be in 245 very good condition in original box 50

LIGHT METER: WERRALUX - in green. Needle responds. Very Good condition. A 246 Green Werra light meter for your Green Werra 247 LIGHT METER: WESTERN MASTER - In leather pouch 248 Three LIGHTMETERS: HORVEX, REALT and a LEUDI extinction meter 249 LENS: TAMRON f6.9/400mm T Mount lens in original leather case 250 IHAGEE Extension Tube 251 Bag of Goodies filters etc - too numerous to list 252 Bag of various sizes and types of filters Bag of goodies for Rolleiflex: Focal "The Rolleiflex Guide", Rollei B30 lens Hood, 253 plus five Rollei B30 fit genuine Rollei filters 254 BINOCULARS - small pair. No makers name. Leather case 255 BINOCULARS: No makers name - in leather case 256 BINOCULARS: No makers name - in leather case 257 Two small boxes of never know what you might find?? MAMIYA SUPER 16. Camera in case, Flash, three flash globes, three packets of unopened film, plus three opened films. A superb outfit in excellent condition in 258 original presentation box 259 SUPER WESTOMAT 35 (2-WINDOW) C1956 Taikor f2.8/45mm - Good ERNAMAN HEAG 0 Type A c1917-22. Folding camera Detektive Aplanet 6.Good condition for its age. 261 MINOLTA XG-M c1982 Rokkor f1.7/50mm Needs batteries VG Lens cap 262 PENTAX MX (Chrome). Takumar f1.7/50mm. VG cosmetically - looks to work well VOIGTLANDER VITO 11a c1955. Color Skopar f3.5/50mm in Prontor SVS shutter. 263 ERC. If it were not for a tiny ding on the top housing this camera would be mint 264 PENTAX SP 1000 (Chrome). SMC Takumar f2/55mm. A fine example 265 VOIGTLANDER VITO 11 Color-Skopar f3.5/45mm ERC VG 266 PENTAX P30 plus Tokina Zoom f3.5-4.5/35-105mm has lens cap FUJIFILM S3000 Digital Camera. 3 Megapixel, 6 X optical zoom. Takes standard 267 xD cards & AA batteries. Has USB Cable & Lens Hood 268 OLYMPUS OM1 Zuiko f1.4/50mm Lens cap ERC Working VG MINOLTA X370s (black) with MD Minolta f3.5-4.5/35-70mm zoom lens. Good 269 condition in good working order 270 CANON AE1 (Chrome) + Old FD Canon f1.8/50mm. Very Good & Working VIVITAR VIVICAM 3746. 3 Megapixel Digital camera - has 3X optical zoom - takes 271 SD cards. Complete with USB cable & instruction book 272 OLYMPUS 35 RC - f2.8/42mm lens. Good Working Order 273 CANON CANONETTE 28 ERC VG plus OLYMPUS 35 RC Good 274 Two Compact Cameras: OLYMPUS MJU 1 & MINOLTA RIVA 70W VG 275 Box of Goodies: Lenses, Cases, Filters. Priceless Gems all 276 KODAK BROWNIE No 2 Folding Autographic In case with Instructions 277 BRAUN PAXETTE with Staeble f2.8/45mm in Prontor-SVS + Case 278 PRAKTICA PL NOVA 1 + Domiplan f2.8/50mm in Case. EX & Working 279 MINOLTA HI-MATIC F, CRF, Rokkor f2.7/38mm In case VG 280 plate speed graphic camera bits early model not much left now Four Cameras: The Handle in box, Instamatic 233, Auto Instant 126 by Keystone 281 and Colorburst Two Cameras YASHICA J and Lynx 5000 ERCs 283 Two cameras: YASHICA YK plus FX-7 (faulty) 284 BINOCULARS ZEISS WETZLAR 10x50 BOOKS: Photography on a Small Income by J Cash; Photography by Eric de Mare, The Complete Photobook by Philip Johnson & Beginner's Book of Photography by 285 Wallace E Dobbs 286 Four Round Carousel Magazines ZEISS IKON CONTESSA NETTEL Conastigmat f6.3/130. Good condition but foot 287 is loose MINOLTA SRT- 303 with Rokkor SG f1.4/50mm lens. Camera is in very good 288 condition. With instructions in bag. Lens Cap 289 LENS: SOLIGOR f5.8/90-190mm In original box 290 Movie Camera: U-8 Automatic U 8 Zoom In leather pouch Working

291 KODAK S 100 EF RED Kodak Point and shoot camera+Pouch - Works MINOLTA X-700 c1982. Minolta f1.7/50mm. Very good condition. Comes with 292 Sunpak Flash, Lens Cap, Instructions in fitted camera bag KONICA FP-1 Program. Hexanon f1.8/40mm lens. Half case and lens cap. In 293 good condition but needs batteries 294 LENS: Chrome Tamron Adaptall f2.8/28mm - Minolta mount. New In case 295 LENS: VIVITAR Macro zoom f3.8/70-150mm - In case New 296 Two Flashes: Amity 820TCD & Hanimex TZ 2500 Twin tube flash 297 LENS: SIGMA f3.5-4.5/28-70mm Canon FD Mount. Filter & lens hood 298 LENS: CANON New FD f1.8/50mm. Ex condition Canon AE-1 (Chrome) with Old FD f1.4/50mm (Canons sharpest 50mm lens). 299 Working - camera is in very good condition CANON AE-1 (Chrome) with Cimko f3.5/35-100mm zoom. In snoot bag + standard 300 case. Works well & VGC but Battery door broken 301 BOOK: Canon User's Guide Modern Classics (F1 and A Series) 302 CANON Power Winder A VGC - we believe it is working 303 Two Cameras: KODAK INSTAMATIC 100 & OLYMPUS XA 2 Working 304 ENLARGER: DURST RS 35 - complete in box 305 MURANO Print Glazer/Dryer - In box 306 PATERSON PRINT WASHER & other goodies 307 Projection screen - a nice slim line unit 308 Box of Goodies inc trays 309 Box of Goodies incl timers etc VOIGTLANDER PERKEO 1. Vaskar f4.5/80mm in Prontor-SV shutter. For 6x6 on film. Leather case. In Very Good condition USAF MUSTANG 16mm Gun camera 16, 32 and 64 frames per second film counter 24 volt dc Good working order Takes KODAK 50ft magazine cartridge. No 311 lens originally had 2" f3.5 heated lens SEMI-PRINCE 4.5x6cm Schneider 4.5 75mm lens. 1935 copy of Zeiss Ikonta A. 312 Rare camera in fair condition OLYMPUS XA - with wrist strap in original plastic box, with A11 flash, and 313 instruction books for camera and flash. 314 Snappy Camera - Diana Type focusing lens, B & I shutter VGC 315 Paterson Combination Contact Printer & Safe Light C 1955 VGC POLOROID Model 340 Folding Land Camera coupled rangefinder. Built in development timer plus Polaroid Model 268 flash with blue filter & quantity of Mflash bulbs Clean rollers No corrosion EX Miniature Reflecting Microscope. Twin lens 50x and 100x 49mm sq screen, battery 317 powered lamp, batteries and sample slides included. EX TRAVELLER SUPER REFLEX. Toy TLR takes 120 film. Waist level and eye 318 level finder Lens cap, Case. In as NEW condition GAKKEN 35mm slide projector adapter for use on overhead projectors. Includes removable slide holder, focusing 65mm lens & large internal mirror. Unusual item in 319 VGC 320 MINOLTA 16 P- Rokkor f3.5/25mm - has wrist strap & case VGC PRAKTISIX SLR 6X6 on 120 film. With original version of Zeiss Biometer 321 f2.8/80mm lens. Has non metered prism finder & Case. VG ARGUS 35mm Projector f2.8/4 inch lend 500 watt lamp, blower cooled, separate 322 lamp switch quality optics & construction + spare lamp 323 NORITAR f4/160mm lens for Norita 66. Front & rear caps & case EX 324 NORITA waist level viewfinder for Norita 66 - EX VOIGTLANDER ULTRAMATIC CS SLR, TTL metering, Septon f2/50mm lens. 325 Synchro-Compur-V-Shutter, case, Very Good VOIGTLANDER Filters (four) - UV filter 317/54, Focar close up lenses A,B & C 326 (1.0m, -.5m, 0.3m) & lens hood 310/541 for 54mm Septon lens 327 VOIGTLANDER BESSAMATIC c1959. Fitted with Skoparex f3.4/35mm lens. VG KODAK Magazine Cine camera 16mm black camera. Has Kodak Anastigmat 328 f1.9/25mm lens and case. Good condition 329 LENS: FUITAR f4/150mm for Fujita 66 (we think) Lens hood & both caps

YASHICA ELECTRO 35 GT c1968. Color-Yashinon DX f1.7/45mm. Black Body. 330 Rangefinder GC 331 METROPHOT 2 -small hotshoe mounting lightmeter & leather case KOMAFLEX-S. SLR for 4x4 on 127 film. Kowa Prominar f2.8/65mm lens. Grey 332 leatherette. Inst Book NEEDS FILM IN IT TO OPERATE Harmour and Heath 35mm Slide Projector. Enna Werk f2.5/10cm lens. 250 watt 333 lamp, fan cooled, Film strip attachment. Spare lamp EX 334 ROLLEI E110 (Chrome)- Tessar f2.8/23mm lens. Perfect condition MINOLTA 110 MK11 SLR. Zoom Rokkor f3.5/25-67mm Macro lens. Aperture 335 priority TTL metering. Case. Takes 110 film. Perfect condition MINOLTA 24 RAPID for 24x24mm on 35mm film in Rapid Cassettes. Rokkor f2.8/32mm lens. Coupled Rangefinder. CdS meter. Includes 2 rapid cassettes, lens 336 cap & soft case - VG RICOH 35K RAPID for 24x36 on 35mm in rapid cassettes. Rikenon f2.8/40mm 337 lens. Includes 2 rapid cassettes & soft case. VG MINOLTA HI-MATIC G, Rokkor f2.8/38 Copal-B programmed shutter, lens cap, 338 case Good condition WERRA 1 CZJ Tessar f2.8/50mm lens. Black leatherette covering. Complete with 339 lens Hood & original lens cap. Very good condition Two Books: Ilford Manual of Photography, 5th edition & The Art of Color 340 Photography published by Focal Press Two Books: The Young Photographer's Handbook by Haines plus How to Take 341 Better Pictures from Popular Mechanics Press 342 Hitachi reel to reel stereo tape recorder with twin speakers, cover, VG Box of ten Braun Paximat slide magazines for thirty six 35mm slides with dust 343 covers Good condition SAMOCA 35 c1950 with Ezumar f3.5/50mm lens. Built in meter. Coupled 344 rangefinder. Working in fair condition 345 MINOLTA SRT100 Rokkor f2/50mm. Half case. Good condition & Working KODAK EasyShare C300 Digital camera. 3.2 MP. 2X digital zoom. Case. Working 346 and in very good condition 347 CANON ELPH 2 VGC + case. Needs battery to operate 348 LENS: KOMURA f3.5/200mm. Hard case, Minolta MC/MD mount - VG 349 OLYMPUS XA2 has original plastic box. VGC 350 KELVIN MAJOR c1952-60. Duo-Kelvin f8/50mm Acromat lens. ERC EX Two Cameras: PENTAX ESPIO 110 & MINOLTA WEATHERMATIC 35DL. Both 351 very good condition but needs batteries 352 OLYMPUS 35 ED. Zuiko f2.8/38mm. CRF. Good condition no case 353 YASHICA MINISTER 111. f2.8/50mm lens. ERC. VG condition Working 354 Two Books: Minolta SLR Cameras & Canon SLR cameras,. Both by Carl Shipman GOSSEN LUNASIX LIGHT METER Earlier Grey version. In Mint condition. Has 355 case and Instruction Book 356 Box of various globes all NEW 357 LENS: SUN Zoom f4/80-240mm. M42 (Pentax Screw) mount NIKONOS 11 with UW 35mm lens & original lens cap. Right camera opening lever is missing and small part of top cover is broken off. I wouldn't use it underwater, 358 but it seems to work correctly 359 Zenith E, f2/58mm lens & ERC works 360 PRACTICA NOVA 1 with Tessar f2.8/50mm. Works KODAK RETINA AUTOMATIC (Type 038) Small meter. Reomar f2.8/45mm. Good 361 condition but shutter won't open 362 MINOLTA SRT 101. Rokkor MC PG f1.4/50mm Works well. ERC 363 CANON QL 25 - Canon f2.5/45mm lens. CRF. Shutter not working 364 VOIGTLANDER VF35F, CRF, Built in Flash, Good but shutter jammed CANONET 28. CRF. Canon f2.8/40mm lens. Shutter works but needs battery for 365 auto exposure. Light sealing needs replacing 366 REFLEX KORELLE 11 c1936. Xenar f2.8/7.5cm. Good but not working BELL & HOWELL 1695 16mm Filmosound projector B&H 2" f1.2 lens plus Waterworth 3" and Graflex 2" f1.4 lenses, spare globe, reels. Looks good but dusty, 367 and has not been used for 25 years

Three KODAK Folders: KODAK senior Six-16, f6.3/128 & Case (poor). No 1a 368 Pocket Kodak f7.9/131 has stylus (poor), Folding Brownie Six-20 in case (Fair) 369 Small backpack of goodies incl Olympus Trip 370 KODAK No 2 cartridge Hawk-eye Model C (black) in original box. VG CONTESSA-NETTEL COCKARETTE 6x9cm. Triastigmat f6.8/10.5cm lens in 371 Derval shutter Poor ZEISS IKON IKOLUX slide Projector with two 30 capacity slide trays and remote 372 control AGFASCOP 200 slide viewer (boxed) and box of Titania 1/2 frame slide mounts (frames glass) Four Flash guns: Soltron 88 twin zoom swivel bounce electronic flash for Minolta autofocus cameras - Boxed with IB. Kako Kakonet flash gun. National PL-2 Bulb Hyper flash gun with IB. National PE-182 electronic flash gun - boxed with 374 Instruction Book Two Poloroid flashguns for M3 globes + 60 unused Sylvania M3 flash bulbs, Poloroid Portrait kit (boxed), Poloroid Close-up kit #563 (boxed) all in very sturdy 375 leather Poloroid case 376 MINOLTA 16P (uses 16mm film) with case and instructions 377 CANON DEMI half frame with case and instructions average OUTFIT: CONTAX 11a 1950-1961 with cassette & ERC. Complete with 3 Zeiss lenses: Zeiss Opton Sonnar f1.5/50mm. F4/85mm T Zeiss Opton Triotar. f4/13.5cm Zeiss Jena Sonnar with matching Zeiss hood. Zeiss 85/135mm viewfinder in separate leather case. Zeiss flash adaptor-converts plunger sync to standard flash nipple. Three Contax film counter rings (spare parts purchased 1972 with receipt). All in sturdy Exploder leather case which has three cable releases and a lens brush in lid together with a copy of 378 instructions all in Very Good condition 379 CANON EOS5 SLR Body only - VG condition 380 TRIPOD Photo-Kullenberg Bilora-Stabilo in leather case PAILLARD BOLEX C8 8mm movie camera with interchangeable f2.5/12.5mm Yvar lens with strap and blue leather case. Also wide angle f1.8 Cinekon lens in 381 separate case 382 MINETTE Splicer for 8mm and 16mm In box EUMIG p8 Imperial Movie Camera with f1.4 Eupronar lens and spare bulb in sturdy 383 case 384 Kalimar Exposure Meter with 64x booster in leather cases GRAFLEX OPTAR 135mm f4.7 lens on Speed/Crown Graphic lensboard shutter 385 is jammed open-please don't try to force it to work it won't work! 386 SEKONIC Movie Camera - Very Good 387 Wooden Projector. No lens. Needs work 388 OLYMPUS XA-2 with A11 flash and Greym plastic Zeiss Bulb flash 389 MIO POLOROID camera 390 CANON DEMI original model Half frame camera - NOT Working 391 Canon Family Tree Jigsaw Puzzle - 1000 pieces in original box 392 Brass lens 393 Big Brass lens 394 Plastic Camera Display Stands -Minolta, Ricoh, Poloroid 395 OLYMPUS 35 RC. Working OLYMPUS PEN-F (Chrome) c1963-66. 35mm 1/2 frame SLR with f1.8/38mm 396 f.Zuiko lens. Working 397 McKeowns Price Guide 2005-2006 BOOK Kadlubeks Kamera Kataog 1998-99 by Gunther Kadlubek and Rudolf Hillebrand. Uber 17.700 Kameras und mehr als 2.500 Fotos. You really don't need 398 a dictionary as photographers speak the same language 399 Stereo Thorton Pickard Shutter lensboard un-cut. Working 400 Duracell Can Camera for 110 film 401 BOOK: Australian Women Photographers 1840-AGFA KARAT-36. f2/50mm Karat-Heligon Rodenstock lens. Not working 403 PENTAX KM, Pentax f1.8/55mm. ERC. Working well & in good condition Weston Master 11 light meter. Looks as though it has never left the box plus 404 Invercone in the same as new condition

R150 R100 20

40 R150 60

40 R85 40

405 MEOPTA AXOMAT COLOUR ENLARGER - VG condition 406 Hauck ATU 160 Enlarger Exposure Timer In box Ilford Multigrade Filter Kit Looks unused plus a bag of assorted darkroom 407 equipment 408 CANON EF lens and body cap. Nikon HS-1 (50mm AIS) lens hood 409 ENSIGN COMMANDO f3.5/75mm Ensar Anastigmat. Coupled Range finder Favor Camera (Made by Wohler- US Zone Germany) c1948. Rodenstock-Trinar 410 f3.5/ 4.5cm lens. Unusual shape. An uncommon camera. 411 KODAK BABY BROWNIE SPECIAL - Black Bakelite 412 An unusual Grey plastic slide viewer 413 POLOROID WINK-LIGHT Model 250 In box FUTURA with f2.8/50mm Elor lens in Synchro Compur shutter. Coupled 414 rangefinder. Very Good Condition & Working POPPY SIX (II). C1950. Elinar Anastigmat f3.5/75 mm lens in SKK Shutter. Dual viewfinders. Uncommon 6x6 folding camera manufactured by Shin Nippon (Tokyo). 415 Some paint wear Good for age 416 KODAK No 3a Autographic Jr Bausch and Lomb Optical lens Stylus 417 Four Light meters: Bewi, Dejur, Capital and Palec (Aust.) 418 LEITZ Red Plastic Camera Display Stand.display your Leicas in style ZEISS IKON NETTAR 515 c1937-41. Nettar f6.3/7.5 cm in 1/25-1/125 shutter. For 419 6X4.5 negatives on 120 film BOOKS (20) from the Homeland Association featuring photographic studies of the 420 English counties A.P.R magazines (8) 1942-44 plus Photograms of the Year (The Annual Review of 421 the World's Photographic Art KODAK FOLDING RETINETTE -Type 017 c1952-54 Reomar. f4.5/50mm ZEISS IKON CONTESSA 35 c1950-55. Tessar f2.8/45mm In synchro compur 423 shutter. Coupled Rangefinder. Built in lightmeter, Yellow Filter. Good condition 424 BOOKS (5) Modern Photography 1934-36, The World's best Photographs BOOKS (2) A Camera in the Hills by F.S. Smythe and On Photography by Andreas 425 Feininger 426 KODAK BOX Camera - No 3 Brownie Model B in Good condition SAMOCA-35 SUPER with Ezumar f3.5/50mm lens. Coupled Rangefinder. c1956. 427 Good Condition 428 VOLLENDA - 4x3 on 127 film. f4.5/5cm Radionar in Pronto shutter. VG 429 ACMA SPORT SHOT Senior Twenty Camera (Black) VG. 430 KODAK No 2C Folding Autographic Brownie (Square ) Fair S7K Rosewood and Chrome Camera in beautiful condition Has Parallax and vertical adjustment Unusual and just the display piece for your mantelpiece. No 431 lens. Polaroid shutter. Made in Japan 432 KODAK CINE CAMERA MODEL B in fair condition Three Items: Part of an anonymous camera that will challenge the ingenuity of any restorer, Most of Ensign Roll Film Reflex 6x9 Missing hood and flap plus Admica 433 movie camera in poor condition In leather case CENTURY No 4 Studio Camera with Cooke 10" lens Made by Taylor and Hobson. 434 Condition is reasonable for age 435 CANON 814 Super 8 Canon Zoom +C-8 convertor lens, case & IB 436 Three cameras: Brownie Flash II. Brownie Model D & Brownie ROLLEIKIN OUTFIT: use 35mm in Rolleiflex missing one film knob VOLOMAT Selective Exposure Meter (French) In leather case with instructions and original box plus two small cases with a few odds and ends filters and the like. 438 Very attractive meter. WIRGIN EDINEX- Schneider Xenon f2.8/45mm lens & Walz accessory rangefinder 439 fitted into shoe on top of camera KODAK MEDALIST c1946-53. f3.5/100mm Ektar lens in Kodak Supermatic 440 Shutter. Coupled Rangefinder. A very good example WRISTMATIC camera. Round exposures on Special film packs. Strap has 441 snapped (like most have) - otherwise in excellent condition Nizo 8mm movie camera - not sure what model? Grey crackle finish, standard & 442 tele lenses, lens caps works

150 25

ICA IDEAL STEREO CAMERA (650) c1914 Heklar lenses in Compound 443 Shutter. A Very nice camera R350 The Folding Klito, plate, Aldis Anastigmat lens in 1-1/300 Kolios shutter. Ground 444 Glass missing but are you ever going to use it? In lovely condition 90



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manuel d'instructions, Guide de l'utilisateur | Manual de instrucciones, Instrucciones de uso | Bedienungsanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung | Manual de Instruções, guia do usuário | инструкция | návod na použitie, Užívateľská príručka, návod k použití | bruksanvisningen | instrukcja, podręcznik użytkownika | kullanım kılavuzu, Kullanım | kézikönyv, használati útmutató | manuale di istruzioni, istruzioni d'uso | handleiding, gebruikershandleiding



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