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Steven Pfaff Department of Sociology University of Washington 202 Savery Hall, Box 353340 Seattle, WA 98195-3340 Telephone: 206-616-9377 E-mail:

Curriculum Vitae

POSITION: University of Washington at Seattle, Associate Professor of Sociology Director, Center for West European Studies (Title VI NRC), Jackson School of International Studies Elected adjunct Associate Professor in Political Science, Comparative Religion, Germanics, and Scandinavian and Baltic Studies EDUCATION: New York University Ph.D. in Sociology, 1999 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill M.A. Modern European History, 1994 M.A. Sociology, 1995 Herder-Institut der Universitt Leipzig (Prfung zum Nachweis deutscher Sprachkenntnisse) 1993. State University of New York at Albany B.A. in German and History, summa cum laude, 1992. Karl-Franzens-Universitt Graz, Austria, 1991. German-English translation (Diplomstufe). PROFESSIONAL AWARDS: 2009 Winner of the European Academy for Sociology Prize for Best Book 2007 Excellence in Graduate Training Award, UW Sociology Department 2007 Nominated, UW Teaching Academys campus-wide Distinguished Teaching Award 2006 Excellence in Teaching Award, UW Sociology Department 2004 Social Science History Association Presidents Book Award 2004 Award for Best Published Paper in Collective Behavior and Social Movements, American Sociological Association (ASA). 2002 Award for Best Published Paper in Collective Behavior and Social Movements, ASA. 2001/02 UW Royalty Research Fund Fellow. 1997 Bendix Award for Best Graduate Student Paper in Historical/Comparative Sociology. FELLOWSHIPS AND GRANTS: 2009/2011 Co-Investigator (with Michael Hechter, ASU), Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Research Grant for Social Order and the Genesis of Rebellion: A Study of Mutiny in the Royal Navy.
2009/2010 - Co-Investigator (with Michael Hechter) Harry F. Guggenheim Foundation Research Grant for Social Order and the Genesis of Rebellion: A Study of Mutiny in the Royal Navy. 2008 Visiting Researcher, Centre for Maritime Historical Studies, University of Exeter, UK 2008 UW Royalty Research Fund for Trust, Heterogeneity, and High-Risk Collective Action. 2007/09 Non-Resident Fellow, Institute for Studies of Religion, Baylor University. 2006 Visiting University Lecturer, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. 2004 Seed grant from Arizona State Universitys Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict. 2001/02 UW Royalty Research Fund award for Mobilization in the GDR. 2001 ASA/National Science Foundation Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline (with Hyojoung Kim, co-investigator). 1999/2000 - German-American Academic Council Fellow. 1998/99 - New York University Deans Dissertation Fellowship. 1999 - Graduate Fellow, Society for Comparative Research. 1998 - Dissertation Research Fellowship, Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Bonn, Germany). 1997 - Foreign Language Area Studies grant, Center for European Studies, NYU. 1996 - German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) pre-dissertation grant. 1994/5 - Hawley Graduate Fellowship, UNC Department of Sociology. 1994 - Mowry Award, UNC Department of History. 1993 DAAD grant for language training at the Herder Institute, Leipzig, Germany. UNIVERSITY AND DEPARTMENTAL SERVICE 2008/9 Executive Committee, Jackson School of International Studies (JSIS) 2008/09 Associate Chair, Department of Sociology 2009 Ten Year External Review Committee, Interdisciplinary Near and Middle Eastern Studies PhD program, Graduate School, UW 2007-present - Director, Center for West European Studies (Title VI), JSIS 2007/08 Interim Director, European Union Center for Excellence, JSIS 2008/11 Faculty Adjudication Panel, UW 2007/09 Advisory Board, Hanauer Fellows Program, CAS 2006 Chair Selection Review Committee for Sociology, UW Social Sciences Division, CAS. 2005 External Review Committee of Title VI Center, UW Ellison Center (Research on Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asian States REECAS [Program Evaluation]) 2005 - Organizer Islam in Europe Workshop, JSIS 2004/05 Executive Committee of the UW Department of Sociology 2003/04 UW Faculty Senate 2001/04 Faculty Adjudication Panel, UW 2003 UW Truman and Udall Scholarship Award Committees 2002-/08 Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship Committee. 2001-/06 Director, Politics and Society Colloquium, CWES. PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: 2009/2012 Editorial Board, Sociological Theory. 2008 Chair, Moore Award Committee for Best Book, ASA Section on Historical/Comparative Sociology. 2008 Chair, Award Committee for Best Book, ASA Section in Political Sociology. 2005/06 Consulting Editor, American Journal of Sociology. 2005/08 Council Member, ASA Section on Political Sociology.

2005 Awards Committee, Social Science History Association Presidents Award. 2003 Awards Committee, ASA Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements 2000/02 States and Society Network Coordinator, Social Science History Association 2000/01 Organizer, Network on States/Societies of the Social Science History Association. 1998 - Award committee, ASA Section of Comparative and Historical Sociology. 1994/99 Assistant Editor, Sociological Theory. Ongoing: professional reviews for AJS, ASR, Social Forces, American Political Science Review, Sociological Theory, Mobilization, Sociological Forum, Comparative Political Studies, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Social Problems, etc.
TEACHING: Graduate: Comparative & Historical Methods (Soc. 555); Classical Sociological Theory (Soc. 511); Comparative Sociology of Religion (Soc. 554); Comparative Institutions and the Advanced Democracies (Soc. 590a); and Revolts, Rebellions, Revolutions (Soc. 590b). Undergraduate: Comparative Social Change (Soc. 212); Sociological Theory (Soc. 316); Honors Seminar (Soc. 496); Independent Research (Soc. 499). BOOKS: Pfaff, Steven. 2006. Exit-Voice Dynamics and the Collapse of East Germany: The Crisis of Leninism and the Revolution of 1989. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. Winner of the Social Science History Association Presidents Award. Winner of the European Academy for Sociology Prize for Best Book Reviewed in American Journal of Sociology, Contemporary Sociology, Comparative Political Studies, American Historical Review, Social Forces, International Sociology, Canadian Journal of Sociology, Central European History, Mobilization, International Social Science Review, HistoryNet (in German), East European Politics and Societies, Slavic Review, German Studies Review, Berliner Journal fr Soziologie (in German). Pfaff, Steven, as contributing editor. 2007. Classical Sociological Theory and Contemporary Sociological Theory, 2nd Edition, with Craig Calhoun, Joseph Gerteis, James Moody, and Indermohan Virk. Cambridge: Blackwells Press (also 1st Edition, 2002). PUBLISHED ARTICLES: Pfaff, Steven. 2010. Religion under Communism: State Regulation, Atheist Competition, and the Dynamics of Supply and Demand, in R. McCleary, Ed., Oxford Handbook in the Economics of Religion. New York: Oxford University Press (forthcoming). Causey, Trey, Daniel Koski-Karell and Steven Pfaff, 2010. Religion and Comparative Political Sociology, Sociology Compass (in press). Gill, Anthony and Steven Pfaff. 2010. Acting in Good Faith: An Economic Approach to Religious Organizations as Advocacy Groups in A. Prakash, Ed., Advocacy Organizations and Collective Action. New York: Cambridge University Press (forthcoming).

Pfaff, Steven and Katie Corcoran. 2010. The Seattle anti-globalization protests of 1999. In Blackwell Encyclopedia of Globalization, G. Ritzer (ed.) London: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, forthcoming. Pfaff, Steven and Sarah Valdez. 2010. Collective Action, Pp. 498-503 in H. Anheier and S. Toepler, Eds, International Encyclopedia of Civil Society. New York: Springer. Kiser, Edgar and Steven Pfaff. 2009. Comparative and Historical Analysis, in K. Leicht and C. Jenkins, Eds., Handbook of Politics. New York: Springer. Pfaff, Steven. 2008. The Religious Divide: Why Religion seems to be Thriving in the United States and Waning in Europe, in J. Kopstein and S. Steinmo (Eds.), Growing Apart? America and Europe in the Twenty-First Century. New York: Cambridge University Press. Pfaff, Steven, and Anthony Gill. 2006. Will a Million Muslims March? Muslim Interest Organizations and Political Integration in Europe. Comparative Political Studies 39/7: 803-28. Froese, Paul, and Steven Pfaff. 2005. Explaining a Religious Anomaly: A Historical Analysis of Secularization in Eastern Germany. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 44/4: 397-422. Murphy, Gillian, and Steven Pfaff. 2005. Thinking locally, acting globally? What the Seattle WTO protests tell us about the global justice movement. Political Power and Social Theory Vol. 17: 151-176. Pfaff, Steven. 2004. On the unmaking and remaking of states: Review essay for the 25th anniversary of T. Skocpols States and Social Revolutions. Sociological Forum 19/2: 315-21. Pfaff, Steven, and Hyojoung Kim. 2003. Exit-Voice Dynamics in Collective Action: An Analysis of Emigration and Protest in the East German Revolution. American Journal of Sociology 109/2: 401-44. Best Published Paper, ASA Collective Behavior and Social Movements Section 2004 Pfaff, Steven, and Edgar Kiser, 2003. Theory, History and Comparative Political Sociology. Research in Political Sociology 12:285-310. Pfaff, Steven. 2002. Nationalism, Charisma and Plebiscitary Leadership: The Problem of Democratization in the Political Sociology of Max Weber. Sociological Inquiry 72/1:81-107. Pfaff, Steven, and Guobin Yang. 2001. Double-Edged Rituals and the Symbolic Resources of Collective Action: Explaining Protest in Eastern Europe and China in 1989. Theory and Society 30/4: 539-589. Best Published Paper, ASA Collective Behavior and Social Movements Section, 2002. Froese, Paul, and Steven Pfaff. 2001. Replete and Desolate Markets: Poland, East Germany and the New Religious Paradigm. Social Forces 80/2: 481-507. Reprinted in G. Pickel and O. Mller, Eds. 2009. Church and Religion in Contemporary Europe. Wiesbaden: German Sociological Association:

Goodwin, Jeff, and Steven Pfaff. 2001. Emotion Work in High-Risk Social Movements: Managing Fear in the U.S. and East German Civil Rights Movements. In J. Goodwin, J. Jasper and F. Polletta (Eds.), Passionate Politics: Emotions and Social Movements. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Baukloh, Anja, Susanne Lippert and Steven Pfaff. 2001. Was geschah mit den frheren Oppositionsgruppen der DDR? In W. Schluchter and P. Quint, Eds., Der Vereinigungsschock Vergleichende Betrachtungen zehn Jahre danach. Gttingen: Velbrck Wissenschaft. Pfaff, Steven. 2001. The Limits of Coercive Surveillance: Social and Penal Control in the German Democratic Republic. Punishment and Society 3/2:381-407. Pfaff, Steven, 2001. The Politics of Peace in the GDR: The Independent Peace Movement, the Church, and the Origins of the East German Opposition. Peace and Change 26/3: 280-300. Pfaff, Steven. 2001. The Theory of Civil Society and the East German Revolution. In F. Tarifa (Ed.), The Breakdown of State Socialism and the Emerging Post-Socialist Order. The Hague: CESTRAD/ISS. Pfaff, Steven. 1996. Collective Identity and Informal Groups in Revolutionary Mobilization: East Germany in 1989. Social Forces 75 (1): 91-118. Bendix Award for Best Student paper in Comparative & Historical Sociology 1997. ESSAYS AND REVIEWS: Steven Pfaff, From Revolution to Reunification: The East German Wende Two Decades Later. Review of Roger Karapin, Protest Politics in Germany (Penn State, 2007), American Journal of Sociology 115/2. Review of Silvia Pedraza, Political Disaffection in Cubas Revolution and Exodus (Cambridge, 2007), in Mobilization 14/2 (2009): 266-267. Review of Thomas Banchoff, Ed., Democracy and the New Religious Pluralism (Oxford, 2007), in Contemporary Sociology, 37/5 (2008): 453-454. Review of Andrew Port, Conflict and Stability in the German Democratic Republic (Cambridge, 2007), Journal of Interdisciplinary History. Review of Gareth Dale, The East German Revolution of 1989 (Manchester, 2006), Slavic Review 67/1 (2008): 206-6. Pfaff, Steven. 2007. The Lives of Others: East Germany Revisited? German Historical Institute Bulletin 41: 110-116. Review of Jason Wittenberg, Crucibles of Political Loyalty: Church Institutions and Electoral Continuity in Hungary (Cambridge, 2006), in Comparative Political Studies 40 (2007). Froese, Paul and Steven Pfaff. 2003. Polish Catholicism: Without Its Communist Opponent, Less

Monolithic. East-West Church & Ministry Report Volume 11/1, Part 3 (Winter 2003): 10. Pfaff, Steven. 2000. Resisting Globalization: Notes on the Seattle Uprising, in Voices from the WTO, edited by Stephanie Guillod and Julian Allen. Olympia, WA: Evergreen State College. Review of John C. Torpey, Intellectuals, Socialism and Dissent: The East German Opposition and Its Legacy (University of Minnesota Press, 1996), American Journal of Sociology 102/3: 901-903. WORKS IN PROGRESS: The Structure and Dynamics of a Religious Insurgency: Students and the Spread of the Reformation, with Hyojoung Kim, resubmitted R and R at American Sociological Review. Reactive Identity and the Potential for Islamism in Western Democracies, with Sarah Valdez (UW). Book manuscript Desolate Markets? Religious Change in Europe, 1850-2000, in development with Paul Froese. Social Order and the Genesis of Rebellion: Analyzing Mutiny in the Royal Navy, 1740-1820, with Michael Hechter, Arizona State University. The Structure of a Spontaneous Rebellion: An Analysis of the 1953 uprising in East Germany. With Deborah Warnock, manuscript. INVITED TALKS AND PUBLIC LECTURES: Sociology, Washington State University (2009); Copenhagen Classroom, University of CopenhagenAmager (2009); Global Studies, Arizona State University (2009); First Covenant Church, Seattle (2009); History Department, University of Exeter (UK) (2008); Department of Comparative Religion JSIS (2008); Nuffield College-Oxford University (2007); German Historical Institute, Washington DC (2007); Institute for Studies of Religion, Baylor University (2007); Department of History, University of Louisiana (2007); Center to Advance Research and Training in Social Sciences, University of Colorado (2007); Global Affairs Speakers Series, Jackson School of International Studies (2007); Centre for European Studies, University of Toronto (2007); Sociology, University of California-Irvine (2007); Culture in Context Lecture Series, Frye Art Museum, Seattle (2007); Sociology, University of California-Los Angeles (2006); Institute for Sociology, University of Ljubljana - Slovenia (2006); Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church, Seattle (2005); Munck Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto (2005); Tocqueville Initiative, University of Colorado-Boulder (2005); Holland America Line Explorations Series Lecturer (2005, 2006); Sociology, New School University (2004); Sociology, University of British Columbia (2004); Sociology, Ohio State University (2003); UW Department of Germanics (2002); Institute for Sociology, Leipzig University - Germany (2002); Sociology, Indiana University (2001); Max Weber Institute for Comparative Sociology, Erfurt - Germany (1999). CONFERENCE PAPERS AND PRESENTATIONS: Social Order and the Genesis of Rebellion in the Royal Navy, with Michael Hechter, ASA Conference San Francisco, 2009. Opportunity, Threat, and Spontaneous Mobilization: The East German Rebellion of 1953. German Studies Association Conference, St. Paul, 2008.

Integrating Muslims in Western Democracies: Islamism, Mosque-State Relations, and the Crisis of Multiculturalism, with Sarah Valdez, American Political Science Association Conference, Boston, 2008. Social Networks, Political Regime, and Heterodoxy in the Reformation Movement, with Hyojoung Kim (Cal. State Los Angeles). ASA Conference, New York, 2007. Students, Regimes, and Social Structure in the Diffusion of the Reformation. Sixteenth Century Society Conference, Salt Lake City, 2006. Divided Identities, Divided Interests? Muslims and the German State. German Studies Association, Pittsburgh, 2006. Structure and Dynamics of Ideological Insurgency: The German Reformation. Social Science History Association Conference (SSHA), Portland, 2005. Secularization and Religious Revival in the Baltic Region. REECAS Conference, (w. Cheryl Zilinskas), Reed College, 2005. Explaining a Spontaneous Rebellion: An Analysis of the June 1953 Uprising in East Germany. Paper presented with Deborah Warnock (UW) at the SSHA Conference, Chicago, 2004. Explaining a Religious Anomaly. Presented at the American Sociological Association Conference (ASA), 2004. Bringing Demand into the Supply-Side Model of Religion. Paper presented with Dr. Paul Froese (Baylor), SSHA, 2002. Identifying Causal Mechanisms in Social Change: Advancing the Historical Turn in the Social Sciences. Paper presented at the SSHA, 2002. Emigration and Popular Protest in the East German Revolution, 1989-1990: An Empirical Evaluation of Exit-Voice Dynamics. Paper presented with Dr. Hyojoung Kim, SSHA, 2001. The Structure of the East German Revolution of 1989-1990. Paper presented with Dr. Hyojoung Kim, SSHA, 2000. Double-Edged Rituals and the Symbolic Resources of Collective Action: Protest Mobilization in Eastern Europe and China in 1989. Paper presented with Dr. Guobin Yang, ASA, August 2000. FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROFICENCY: German PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: American Sociological Association, Social Science History Association, German Studies Association.
REFERENCES: Craig Calhoun, President, SSRC, and University Professor of Social Sciences, New York University. Jeff Goodwin, Professor of Sociology, New York University. Michael Hechter, Professor of Global Studies, Arizona State University. Edgar Kiser, Professor of Sociology, University of Washington. Jeff Kopstein, Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto



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