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sam2004 11:06am on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 
its a good smart phone ... lotsa apps ... wish theres a better way to know what app is useful ... Easy Buttons and Controls". The best looking Android phone around Easy To Use","Love the HTC Sense widget","Neat Features
MattyK 10:30pm on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 
"I have it for 3 weeks now and its the best thing ive ever held in my hands.My friend has iPhone 4,and its a great phone but Desire is much better.
jdfoote 9:55am on Friday, October 22nd, 2010 
Understand where this Unlocked unit is coming from. Mine came from the Middle East. It has a Quaran and prayer alarm. The only way I have resolved this, and it has happened at least three times, is to pull of the back cover and pop the battery. And, for the record.
zozotello 1:05pm on Friday, October 1st, 2010 
Excellent phone Love this phone. I think it is far better than the iPhone personally. Just does so many things, so well. HTC Desire After having to wait for 4 weeks in Sweden I decided to purchase from Amazon (my 1st time) and was happily surprised.
silviaros 6:11am on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 
"I love my desire! some of the software updates have slowed it down considerably tho, anyone have the same issue? It feels lovely in my hand. "Running out of internal storage already after installing a few apps, but they say it will get fixed with the 2.
SamWalker 5:11am on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 
Love this phone Fast, Responsive, great screen, amazing camera in video or pics No slide out keyboard This is not a OLED version this is a SLCD version! very good no - so far
!charmain_34 7:20pm on Sunday, June 20th, 2010 
Bad quality of the device and service in the selling office. External design is fine Not reliable mechanical/Electrinic of the device. Its and amaz it widout thinking. Fast, Good touch Screen, looks, syle Battery time is very low....lasts a day Does it all quickly Battery life is not so good, and the carrier could be better At first, I was disappointed in the phone. After using the Htc Hero, I expected the Desire to have a great speakerphone. I was wrong.
hughburrell 11:59am on Saturday, May 8th, 2010 
GREAT! I recieved the item a couple of days before I expected it so YAY! and the phone was in excellent condition. It had everything it needed e.
juhkov 5:04pm on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 
Since I bought my Desire I have been crazy in love with it! What a great phone.Isnt it nice to be able to do things like music playlists without having to plug in to a computer and connect to itunes. Would be best phone on market bar none everything but battery life nothing but battery life
shmulik100 7:28pm on Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 
this is a very good phone you name it can do it in a matter of seconds The HTC Desire is simply a lovely smart phone! Great looking android phone. Real competition for the i-phone.
-C4- 8:46pm on Thursday, March 11th, 2010 
the phone is very user friendly,faster processor after upgrading to froyo2.2 software. I am about to trade in my problematic Nokia N8 only one month old. So now got to choose which: Galaxy 9000 or this HTC? Great Phone with a miner cons, can be fix in the future. touch sensitivity.

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Colour Television

21PT1353 21PT1653

Product highlights

Black Line Scart 24 Hours on/off timer Sharpness Control Teletext (only for 21PT1653) Headphone Socket 70 Pre-selections Autostore
Remote control unit varies with model
Black Line Modern tube with superb colours and superior daytime viewing. 1 Scart To connect videorecorders, but also games and computers.The scart is fully wired and so is RGB compatible. 24 Hours on/off timer The TV is equipped with an on/off timer, set in 10 minutes steps up to a maximum of 24 hours. Sharpness Control 8 steps Sharpness control for images with better details. Teletext (only for 21PT1653) Easy computer controlled teletext for quick and easy access to the information transmitted by the TV broadcaster.

Supporting features

Headphone Socket 70 Pre-selections Autostore Automatic switch-off Low standby power 5 watts Remote control for installation and operation Menu driven operation Multistandard Reception Optional Hyperband Reception Optional
Product Information Chassis

Type : L6.2

Tuning system : 70 fold VST Transmission system : /00, /11 PAL B/G /01 PAL BG SECAM LL' /15, /60, /58 PAL BG DK SECAM BG DK /05 PAL I Channel selections : /00 VHF, UHF, S /01, /11, /15, /60, /58 VHF, UHF, S, H /05 UHF NTSC Playback : 4.43 MHz


Screen Diameter Visual Screen : 21" : 51 cm
RMS output : Loudspeakers : 3W 4" full range front firing


Remote control Settings via OSD of : RC8201 (21PT1353) RC8205 (21PT1653) : Volume Brightness Contrast Colour Sharpness Timer : 24 hours on/off : 70 pre-selections


Rear : Euro A/V connector (Cenelec Specified) Aerial input: 75 Ohm (Coax) : Headphone (3.5 mm jack)

Timer Programs



(only for 21PT1653) Reception standards : WST Memories : 1-page /00, /01, /05, /11 Western Eu.TXT /15 Greek TXT /60 Cyrillic TXT /58 Eastern Eu.TXT


Mains : Power consumption : Stand-by power : Weight (excl. pack.) : Weight (incl. pack.) : Weight (incl. stand) : TV Dimensions (whd): Packaging Dim. (whd) : Dim. with stand (whd): AC220-240V 10% 45W 5W 17 kg 20 kg 25 kg 51.7 x 47.3 x 48.2 cm 60.8 x 56.8 x 58.8 cm 60.8 x 65.1 x 58.8 cm RC8205
Release date Predecessor Date of issue
: August 1997 : 21PT135B, 21PT165B : December 1998
Features and specifications subject to change without notice







Hcb-105 Watch E67 ES-7109 EX-FC100 Project Eden LE40A756r1M HK3480 SGH-Z360 ZWF1421 SC7060 European Wars 42PC5D-UC 12-17 GEM WX2 RT-940AX 2 1 HD500FTA WF7600NAS GR-642bepf AVH-P3200BT 1622FX IDL 530 WD-90150FB Samsung B300 C61R2AEE UA55C7000WF GSA-H62N MDM-7741R SPF-83H DVD-SL30 L203WT-BF Samsung 753V GR-D240EKM 21LF-90C Light 166XL Control 85925 EB-GD75 Review RM-S1AM ACC96WK Clue JR Models 2200C 6620LCT TA-R200 M-1IA CP1036A Fifa 2006 F5U021 WF330ANW XAA VT 9111 MX-J55R FE-100 TL350 M360 T ATA 188 Devil Saga T 4162 SC-HMX20 175 AWD Reference LE-32R32B Extreme TX-SV444 Vista-20P CT-W504R PV-DV121D Kxtca130EX WF-J1262 CJ-N75CL Navigon 1400 Aurora 450 TXL32U2B HW-C700 GPS 300 HP-307 PSR-600 C12AWR Dvbt 774 KX-F1050 MHC-RG77 UR-smart SPH-W2900ML LE40M87 TX-32LX60F Series HR7725 KX-T7750B 3210 E ZCV6650X RC-1580 HL-5250DN MX3ST ZWF1200 223 C EM790SP Avic-x1r PET712 DP171


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