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21 Dolby Virtual Real Flat
Real Flat Picture Tube Contrast Plus Scavem Dolby Virtual 10 W RMS 2 On Board Speakers FM Radio Plug & Play 10 Page Smart Text Top Controls Side Connections
Looking for extra style in a medium sized TV? This stylish silver TV combines a Real Flat tube with the latest in picture processing technology for a more focused sharper picture with less distortion. It might come as a surprise, but the flatter the tube in your TV, the more lifelike the images it produces. That's the beauty of Real Flat. The stereo sound quality is also enhanced with Dolby Virtual creating a cinema like effect. Teletext, Fm Radio are among the extras included.
Product Information Picture
Screen Size : 21 (52 cm) Visible screen size : 50cm (21") Picture Tube : Real Flat Picture tube Scan Velocity Modulation Contrast Plus Sharpness Control Noise reduction Colour Temperature


Side CVBS Video in Audio L/R (cinch/RCA) in Headphone Jack 3,5 mm out Back Euro A/V connector Ext1 (RGB in, CVBS in/out) Euro A/V connector Ext2 (S-Video in, CVBS in/out)

Product Highlights

Real Flat Picture Tube The Real Flat picture tube offers high contrast for natural colors and improved daytime viewing.With the revolutionary flat screen design, there is virtually no picture distortion, even when viewed from the sides. The flat screen technology reduces glare from ambient light, preventing eye fatigue. Contrast Plus A special electronic circuit has been incorporated into this television to enhance the darker portions of the picture for added realism and improved picture quality Scavem Scan VElocity Modulation - the speed at which the picture lines are "wriiten"on the screen is varied to ensure that all objects have the most crisp definition and sharpest edges. Dolby Virtual Dolby processing circuitry for an enhanced cinema surround sound effect without the need for rear speakers. FM Radio A radio is included inside the TV, capable of stereo sound (in stereo TV's)and storage of up to 40 FM Radio stations. On screen naming of all these stations is also possible for easy navigation. Plug & Play Having connected the tv , it automatically searches for all channels and installs them. 10 Page Smart Text Fast access to your own programmed favourite text pages. Top Controls Volume and channel change controls on top of the tv to enable easy adjustment without the remote control. Side Connections Connections for headphone and other inputs such as camcorder,side entry for ease of use.


10 Page Smart Text 4 Favourite Pages Program Information Line
Sound Power : 10 W RMS 20 W Music Power Dolby Virtual Ultra Bass 2 On Board Speakers

FM Radio

Stereo FM Radio 40 Preset channels Autostore / Manual store Sorting Preset List

Ease of Use Installation

Plug & Play 100 Preset channels Autostore Fine Tuning Sorting Smart ATS and ACI


Tuning System : PLL digital tuning Tuner :VHF, UHF, S-Channel, Hyperband Aerial Input : 75 ohm Coaxial TV System : See table Stereo System : See table Video Playback : NTSC 4.43/3.58

Ease of Use Utilisation

Top Controls RCLE014 (suitable for VCR) Smart Picture Control : Soft, Natural, Rich, Multimedia, Personal Smart Sound Control : Movie, Speech Music, Personal Smart Listening (Delta Volume + AVL) Dual I-II 16:9 Compress 4:3 Expand (formatter) Smart Clock Wake up Clock Sleep Timer Smart Lock (Child lock + Parental Control)


Mains : AC 220-240V, 50/60 Hz (stroke /01, /05) AC 90-276V, 50/60 Hz (stroke /58) Power Consumption : 52W Normal Operation < 1W Stand by Set Weight : 25 kg Weight Incl. Packaging : 30 kg Set Dimension (WxHxD) : 600x454x487 mm Box Dimension (WxHxD) : 723x618x610 mm TV Colour : Silver Shadow (10811)

version version

stereo system

transmission system

stand supplied in the box
2CS DK 21PT5606 21PT5606 21PT5606 /01 /05 /58








Predecessor Chassis Introduction
: 21PT5505 S : L01 LS :Year 2002
Features and specifications subject to change without notice



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