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Help? If this instruction manual does not give an answer or if Tips do not solve your TV problem, you can call your Local Philips Customer or Service Centre. See the supplied World-wide guarantee booklet. Please, have the Model and Product number which you can find at the back of your television set or on the packaging, ready, before calling the Philips helpline. Model: 29PT9417 Product No: AG. Preparation... 2 Keys on top of the TV.. 2 Your remote control... 3-4 To use the menus... 5 Select the menu language and country.. 5 Store TV channels... 6 Automatic installation..6 Manual installation.. 6 Give name... 7 Reshuffle the programme list.. 7 Select favourite TV channels.. 7 Install TV setup... 8 General.... 8-9 Source... 9 Decoder... 9 Demo.... 10


TV menu Picture menu... 10 Sound menu... 11 Features menu... 12 Dual screen / PIP / Multipip.. 13 NEXTVIEW/Teletext guide.. 14-15 Teletext... 16-17

R End of life directives

Philips is paying a lot of attention to producing environmentally-friendly in green focal areas.Your new TV contains materials which can be recycled and reused. At the end of its life specialised companies can dismantle the discarded TV to concentrate the reusable materials and to minimise the amount of materials to be disposed of. Please ensure you dispose of your old TV according to local regulations.
Connect peripheral equipment
Connecting and selecting equipment..18-19 Audio- and video equipment keys.. 20 Tips... 21
EasyLink features are based on the one touch operation approach. This means that a sequence of actions are executed at the same time in both the television and the video cassette recorder, provided both are fitted with the EasyLink function and connected with the eurocable supplied with your video recorder.


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& Place the TV on a solid surface. Remote control: Insert the 2 batteries

! 29PT9417: 47 kg !

supplied (Type R6-1,5V).

min. 1m

For ventilation, leave at least 5 cm free all around the TV. Do not place the TV on a carpet.To prevent any unsafe situations, do not place any objects on top of the TV. Avoid heat, direct sunlight and exposure to rain or water. Insert the aerial plug firmly into the aerial socket x at the back of the TV. For best picture quality use the suppressor-aerial cable supplied. Insert the mains plug of the TV in the wall socket having a mains voltage of 220V-240V.
The batteries supplied do not contain the heavy metals mercury and cadmium. Please check on how to dispose of exhausted batteries according to local regulations. ( Switch the TV on : Press the power switch A on the front of your TV. An indicator on the front of the TV lights up and the screen comes on. If the TV is in standby mode (red indicator), press the -P+ keys on the remote control.

Keys on top of the TV

Should your remote be lost or broken you can still change some of the basic settings with the keys on top of your TV. Press: the V - or + key to adjust the volume; the -P+ keys to select the TV channels or sources. The M key can be used to summon the main menu without the remote control.


Picture Sound Features

Setup Demo Install Exit

Use: the V - and + keys and the P- and P+ keys to select menu items in the directions as shown; the M key to confirm your selection. Note: When activated via the M key on top of the TV, only Exit lets you dismiss the menu. Navigate to Exit and press the M key.
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Use of the remote control
Note: For most keys pressing a key once will activate the function. Pressing a second time will de-activate it. When a key enables multiple options, a small list will be shown. Press repeatedly to select the next item in the list. The list will be removed automatically after 4 seconds or press OK to remove immediately.

B Standby

Audio- and Video equipment keys, (p. 20)
Press to switch the TV on or off. When switched off, a red indicator on the TV lights up.
v Select peripherals (p. 19)


Audio- and Video equipment keys (p. 20)

x Pixel Plus demo on/off

In the right part Pixel Plus and Digital Natural Motion are switched on.

Instant record

See Record with your recorder with EasyLink, p. 20

b Teletext on/off see p. 16

OK Press this key

U Time display
The time is displayed on the screen.
QSurround mode Incredible surround
With stereo transmission, and when Incredible surround is selected, it seems as though the loudspeakers are spread further apart from one another.
to activate your choice, when in the menus. to display the programme list.
MENU Main menu on/off see p. 5
V To adjust the volume. Interrupt the sound or restore it.

Active Control

Programme selection
To browse through the TV channels and sources stored in the favourite list.

Dolby Virtual surround

Optimal with Dolby surround signals. Enables you to experience the effect of Dolby surround Pro Logic, reproducing a rear sound effect. See Sound menu, 3D effect, p. 11.

0/9 Digit keys

To select a TV channel. For a two digit programme number, enter the second digit before the dash disappears.To switch immediately to a selected one digit TV channel, keep the digit key pressed a bit longer.
Note:You can make the same selection in the Sound menu, surround mode, p. 11. Cinema Go
See separate Cinema Link booklet supplied.
NEXTVIEW on/off p. 14 S Freeze/Replay/Photo finish
To freeze the picture. See also p. 8.
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i On Screen information

Press to display information about the selected TV channel and programme.

Menu/Remote control info

When a menu is on screen, press i to display info on the selected menu item. For information on the remote control functions, while the menu info is displayed, press any key on the remote control.The normal function of the key is not executed.

0 Smart surf /



With this key you can easily switch between 2 up to 9 different TV channels or sources or quickly select TV programmes if NEXTVIEW with defined themes is broadcast. See General, Smart surf, p. 8. Press the OK key or wait for the time out to dismiss the Smart surf display.

Automatic installation

Automatic install Install Install Start
& Select Automatic install in the Install menu.
Note: All channels must be unlocked in order to autoprogram. If requested, enter your code to unlock all channels. (See TV, Features menu, Childlock, p. 12.) Press the cursor down. The autoprogramming option label Start appears. Press the cursor right. The message Searching appears and the progress of autoprogramming is displayed. If a cable system or a TV channel which broadcasts ACI (Automatic Channel Installation) is detected, a programme list appears.Without ACI broadcast, the channels are numbered according your language and country selection.You can use Reshuffle to renumber them. See p. 7. It is possible that the cable company or the TV channel displays a broadcast selection menu. Layout and items are defined by the cable company or the TV channel. Make your choice with the cursor and press the OK key.

Manual installation

Manual install Install Selection mode System Programme Search Fine tune Store
Searching for and storing TV channels is done channel by channel.You must go through every step of the Manual Installation menu.
& Select Manual install in the Install menu. Press the cursor down.
Follow the instructions on screen. Note: Search or direct selection of a TV channel. If you know the frequency, the C- or S-channel number, enter the 3 or 2 digits of the frequency or the channel number directly with the digit keys 0 to 9 (e.g. 048). Press the cursor down to proceed. Repeat to search for another TV channel.
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Give name

Give name Install VCR1 BBC1 BBC2 CNN TVE..


& Select Give Name in the Install menu and

press the cursor down.

Delete Special
Select the programme number.
It is possible to change the name stored in the memory or to assign a name to a TV channel for which a name has not yet been entered. A name with up to 5 letters or numbers can be given to the programme numbers 0 to 99.
Note: keep the cursor up/down pressed to scroll through the programme list quickly. Press the cursor right. A keyboard appears on the screen. Press the cursor right to enter the keyboard. Press the cursor up/down, left/right to select the first character and press OK. Repeat for every character you want to enter. Select Space to enter a space; Delete to erase the highlighted character in the name entered; Shift to display upper- or lowercase characters on the keyboard; Special to display special characters on the keyboard. Press OK to confirm. Press the cursor left repeatedly when you have finished the name giving.

( Select another programme number and repeat steps to.
Reshuffle the programme list
You can change the order of the stored TV channels.
& Select Reshuffle in the Installation menu. Follow the instructions on screen.
Select Favourite TV channels
& Select Favourite programmes in the Install Select Yes or No with the cursor right. Repeat and for every TV channel or
menu. Select your programme number with the cursor up/down.
external you want to make a favourite or a non-favourite TV channel or external.
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TV Setup

General Source Decoder Setup Menu background Smart surf Dual screen format Freeze format Factory settings NEXTVIEW provider OSD Programme title Teletext level 2.5 Auto surround Set/Change code
The Setup menu contains items that control the settings of the TVs functions, features, services and peripherals you may have connected. The General menu allows you to change settings that will typically be accessed only occasionally. The Source menu allows you to select a source. The Decoder menu allows you to define one or more programme numbers as decoder programme numbers.


This menu allows you to change various settings that are presumably adjusted less frequently than most other settings. Press the i key on the remote control to get information about the selected menu item. Smart surf & Select Smart surf. With the cursor left/right, select 2 programmes if you want the 0 key to toggle between the current and the previously selected channel, 9 programmes if you want the 0 key to summon a list of up to 9 channels which can be selected, Themes if you want the 0 key to quickly select TV programmes if NEXTVIEW with defined themes is broadcast. To add/remove a channel or source: Tune to the channel or source you wish to add or remove. Press the 0 key and press the cursor right to add or remove. Note: If there are already 9 channels/sources in the list, the one at the bottom of the list will be removed. Dual screen format This menu allows you to select the preferred format which can then be displayed toggling the b key on and off. See Dual screen/PIP/ Multipip, p. 13. Select Dual screen, PIP, PIP 3 or PIP 9 with the cursor down. When Dual screen mode is activated with the remote control b key, and when: Dual screen is selected, the TV splits the screen into two equally sized screens. PIP is selected, the TV shows a full screen of video with a pip window of video on top if it; PIP3 or 9 is selected, the TV will display 3 or 9 pip screens. 8 Freeze format Freeze format allows you to select among three options: Freeze, Replay or Photo finish, to be activated when you press the S key on the remote control. See p. 3. Note: Continuing to hold the S key down will also cycle the TV through the various formats. Changing the format this way does not store the selected format. Factory settings This resets the picture and sound settings to their predefined factory values, but maintains the channel installation settings.

you have stored the programme coming from your decoder. Select Status. Select the input used to connect your decoder: None, EXT1 or EXT2. Select None if you do not want the selected programme number being activated as a decoder programme number. Note: Select EXT2 when the decoder is connected to your EasyLink video recorder. 9
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TV Setup Demo Install Auto demo.
The Demo menu allows to demonstrate the TV features separately or in a continuous loop. If Auto demo has been selected the demo will automatically present the features sequentially in a loop. Press one of the cursor keys to stop the Auto demo. If one of the features has been selected, this particular feature demo will run only once, and the Demo menu will reappear. Note: The Dealer demo is not part of the automatic sequence and can only be activated separately.
Dealer demo - Digital options - Light sensor - Comb filter

TV menu

Press the MENU key on the remote control to summon the main menu. Press the i key on the remote control to get information about the selected menu item.


& Press the cursor right to select Picture. Picture Sound Features Select the menu items in the Picture menu with the cursor


Adjust the settings with the cursor left/right or enter the list of
Smart picture Contrast Brightness Colour Sharpness Tint Digital options Dynamic contrast DNR Colour enhancement (Hue) Picture format
submenu items with the cursor right. Select a submenu item with the cursor up/down. Note: To remove the menu background before adjusting the picture settings, see Select TV setup, General, p. 8. Smart picture Select Smart picture to display a list of predefined picture settings, each corresponding with specific factory settings. Personal refers to the personal preference settings of picture in the picture menu. Digital options Pixel Plus is the most ideal setting, doubles the horizontal resolution and increases the number of lines with 33%.You may consider to select Movie Plus in case a halo effect should disturb you. Dependent on your own preference, select Double lines, or 100 Hz Digital Scan. Note:I When 60 Hz NTSC material is used, the options are changed to Pixel Plus, Movie Plus or Progressive, progressive scan without motion compensation.

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Active Control The TV continuously measures and corrects all incoming signals in order to provide the best picture possible. & Press the h key on the remote control. The Active Control menu appears. Press the cursor up/down to select the Active Control values Off, Minimum, Medium (recommended) or Maximum. The picture settings are being optimised continuously and automatically which is displayed by bars.The menu items can not be selected. Press the cursor right to select Smart Picture.
( Press the cursor up/down to select one of the
predefined picture settings.
Press the cursor right to select Active


Press the cursor up/down to select Bars, one
of the Dual screen demos or Off. When you select Dynamic contrast, Pixel Plus, Digital Noise Reduction or Digital Natural Motion, the TV screen is divided into two parts: in the left part the selected picture quality setting is switched off; in the right part it is switched on. ! Press the h key again to switch off the Active Control menu.
Sound TV Smart sound Equalizer Volume Balance Loudness Headphone volume Surround mode (Dual I-II) (Mono/Stereo) (Nicam/Analogue) (3D effect) AVL Delta volume
& Press the cursor right to select Sound. Select the menu items in the Sound menu with the cursor
up/down and adjust the settings with the cursor left/right.Remember, control settings are at normal mid-range levels when the bar scale is centred. Smart sound Select Smart sound to display a list of predefined sound settings, each corresponding with specific factory settings of Treble and Bass. Personal refers to the personal preference settings of sound in the sound menu. Notes: - Some menu items are only available in case of a Cinema Link configuration and when the Cinema Link is activated. Others are steered by the audio receiver instead of by the TV. See the separate Cinema Link booklet supplied. - Dual X is only available with dual sound transmission. - Mono/Stereo is only selectable in case of analogue stereo transmission. - Nicam/Analogue is only selectable in case of Nicam transmission.
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current channel. Press the cursor right to move the puck over the selection ball. Use the cursor up/down to scroll through the different programmes.

page ball selection ball

Mon 05 Feb 16.35 1


scroll ball



channel list

LIONS RECORD ANOTHER WIN Index 100 News BBC Info 110 Headlines Children 120 Weather Cookery 150 Sports Education 200 Radio Record Remind Watch
If the selected programme contains a page number with an optional subcode referring to a page with more info about the programme, press the OK key to display the information. Press the OK key again to return to the programme guide page. If the selected programme guide page satisfies the VPT requirements, - it will be possible to record, remind, watch or lock programmes: - the TV will remember the last selected teletext page number of that channel that contains programme guide information and indicates which programme starts at what time. Every time you press the key, the teletext programme guide page of the selected TV channel will be available. When necessary you can select the subpage number by moving the cursor to the pageball and pressing right. Note:You must enter the teletext pagenumber for each channel.You can change the channels also by moving the cursor up/down in the list in the left of the page.

Basic functions

Press one of the grey x, red , green U, yellow Q or blue keys to activate a NEXTVIEW or Teletext Guide function.The keys appear in grey if the function is not available. Review: this menu provides a list of programmes that are marked as reminders, those that have to be recorded and those that are locked.This menu can be used to change or remove marked programmes. Record: to programme the recording of the video recorder (if it has a NEXTVIEWLink function and is connected to EXT. 2). Remind: automatically switch on the TV if it is in standby or by displaying a message if the TV is on. Lock: to lock certain programmes to prevent recording or watching. For the functions Record, Remind or Lock, a small menu pops up in which you can choose the interval: once, daily or weekly, or clear an earlier made record, remind or lock setting.The default interval is set to Once.To confirm the frequency, press the OK key. Watch: to watch the selected and currently broadcast programme.
Acquisition and updating of


Acquisition and updating of NEXTVIEW is done when you are watching the TV channel of the selected NEXTVIEW provider, see Setup menu, p. 8, or when the TV is switched to standby; Acquisition of fresh data will happen once during the night. Note: it may be necessary to put the TV in standby mode when all NEXTVIEW information is outdated, e.g. when returning from holiday.
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Most TV channels broadcast information via teletext.This TV has a 1200 pages memory that will store most broadcasted pages and subpages to reduce waiting time. After each programme change, the memory is refreshed.
Switch Teletext on and off
Press b to switch the teletext on.
102 W BBC CEEFAX 102 Mon 05 Feb 16.35.22

Select subpages

When a selected teletext page consists of different subpages, a list of available subpages appears on the screen. Press the cursor left or right to select the next or previous subpage.

888 600

LIONS RECORD ANOTHER WIN 430 Index 100 News BBC Info 110 Headlines Children 120 Weather Cookery 150 Sports Education 200 Radio Lottery 230 Travel Finance 240 Subtitling Music 280 TV Listings

Enlarge a Teletext page

Press q repeatedly to display the upper teletext part, the lower teletext part and then to return to the normal teletext page size. When the teletext page is enlarged, you can scroll the text, line by line using the cursor up/down.


Select a Teletext page
- Enter the desired page number with the digit keys, the cursor keys up/down, left/right or with the -P+ key. - Select the options at the bottom of the screen with the colour keys.


With hypertext you can quickly jump to a pagenumber or search for a specific word shown on the current teletext page. Press the OK key to highlight the first word or a number on the page. Use the cursor up/down, left/right to select any other word or number you want to search for. Press the OK key to confirm.The search starts. A message appears at the bottom of the screen to indicate the searching, or that the word or page is not found. Use the cursor up to exit hypertext.

Previously selected page

(Only possible in case there is no list of favourite teletext pages available. See p. 17.) Press the 0 key.


Select the index teletext page
Press the grey colour key to display the main index (usually p.100). Only for T.O.P teletext broadcasts : Press i. A T.O.P. overview of the teletext subjects available is displayed. Select with the cursor up/down, left/right the desired subject and press the OK key. Not all TV channels broadcast T.O.P. teletext.
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Teletext menu

& Press the MENU key to activate the menu. Press the cursor up/down to select the menu


Press the cursor right to activate.
Reveal Reveals/conceals hidden information on a page, such as solutions to riddles and puzzles. Press the cursor right to activate. Favourite This list contains up to eight favourite teletext pages. Only the pages of the current channel can be selected. & Press the cursor right to enter the list. Press the cursor right again to add the current page or to select one of the favourite pages to the list. Press the MENU key to watch the page. Use the 0 key to browse through the list of favourite pages. Search Selecting a word On the keyboard on screen you can type in a random word you want to search for in the teletext pages.Whether upper- or lowercase is used has no influence.

puck 12

Searching a word & Type in the word on screen or select a word from the history list on the right and press OK. Select Accept and press OK again.The message Searching appears. To cancel the searching or to search for a new word, select Keyboard and press OK. When a word is not found, a message appears. When the word is found, it is highlighted in the teletext page.To continue the search, press the ok key. Cycle subpages (if available) Makes the subpages cycle automatically. Press the cursor right to activate and to deactivate again. Timed page To display a specific page from a selected TV channel at a certain time. & Press the cursor right and select Yes or No. Enter the time and pagenumber with the cursor keys or the digit keys. Note: Teletext does not have to remain switched on, but you should watch the TV channel you have selected the specific page from. Press the cursor left to return to the TV menu again. Language If the displayed characters on screen do not correspond with the characters used by the teletext broadcaster, you can change the language group here. Select Group 1 or Group 2 with the cursor right. Press the MENU key to leave the Teletext menu.
Space T Delete T E X T ELE A B C D E F G BBCH I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Shift 0 Special
& Press the cursor right to enter the keyboard. Press the cursor left/right, up/down to select
the characters, words or functions.
Press the OK key to confirm each character
selected. Select Cancel to cancel the word; Space to enter a space; Delete to delete the last character selected; Shift to switch between lowercase or capital characters; Special to display special characters on the keyboard and press the OK key. ( Press the cursor left repeatedly to return to the Teletext menu again.
2195.1 gb 03-03-2003 09:57 Pagina 18
Connect Peripheral Equipment
There is a wide range of audio and video equipment that can be connected to your TV. The following connection diagrams show you how to connect them. Note: EXT. 1 can handle CVBS and RGB, EXT. 2 CVBS and Y/C, EXT. 3 CVBS and RGB. It is preferred to connect peripherals with RGB output to EXT. 1 or EXT. 3 as RGB provides a better picture quality. If your recorder is provided with the Easylink function, it should be connected to EXT. 2 to benefit from the EasyLink functionality.

Recorder (VCR-DVD+RW)

Connect the aerial cables 1, 2 and, to obtain the optimum picture quality, eurocable 3 as shown. If your recorder does not have a euroconnector, the only possible connection is via the aerial cable.You will therefore need to tune in your recorders test signal and assign it programme number 0 or store the test signal under a programme number between 90 and 99, see Manual installation, p. 6. See the handbook of your recorder. Decoder and Recorder Connect a eurocable 4 to your decoder and to the special euroconnector of your recorder. See also the recorder handbook. See Decoder, p. 9 You can also connect your decoder directly to EXT. 1 or 2 with a eurocable.
Other equipment (satellite receiver, decoder, DVD, games, etc.)
& Connect the aerial cables 1, 2 and 3 as shown (only if

1 EXT. 2

your peripheral has TV aerial in-/output). Connect your equipment with a eurocable 4 or 5 to one of the euroconnectors EXT.1, 2 or 3 to obtain a better picture quality. Look for the test signal of your peripheral in the same way as you do for a recorder. Make a selection in the Setup, Source menu, p. 9.

Side connections

Camera or Camcorder
& Connect your camera or camcorder as shown. Connect to VIDEO 2 and AUDIO L 3 for mono equipment. For stereo equipment also connect AUDIO R 3.


S-VHS quality with an S-VHS camcorder is obtained by connecting the S-VHS cables with the S-video input 1 and AUDIO inputs 3. Do not connect cable 1 and 2 at the same time. This may cause picture distortion ! Headphone
& Insert the plug into the headphone socket L as shown. Press on the remote control to switch off the internal
loudspeakers of the TV. The headphone impedance must be between 8 and 4000 Ohm. The headphone socket has a 3.5 mm jack. In the Sound menu select Headphone volume to adjust the headphone volume. 18
2195.1 gb 03-03-2003 09:57 Pagina 19
Connect stereo amplifier and two extra front speakers
To enhance the sound reproduction of your TV you can connect two extra front loudspeakers via an external amplifier. Connect the audio cables to the audio input of your amplifier and to AUDIO L and R at the back of your TV.The output level is controlled by the volume control of your TV. Note: Switch off the TV and your audio amplifier before connecting them. Set the audio amplifiers volume to minimum.
To select connected equipment
Press the v key on the remote control repeatedly to select EXT1, EXT2, EXT3 or SIDE according to where you connected your equipment at the back or the right side of your TV. Remark : Most equipment (decoder, recorder) carries out the switching itself, when it is switched on.

Cinema Link surround receiver
See the separate supplied Cinema Link instruction manual. Attention: the sound info on screen will not correspond with the actual sound reproduction.
Recorder or DVD with EasyLink
The recorder (VCR or DVD+RW) or DVD can be operated with the remote control via the Recorder or DVD menu on screen.
Recorder p Rwd Play DVD p Prev. Play Stop Play Next Eject Stop Play Ffw Rec Eject & Press the MENU key on the remote control. Select the Recorder or DVD menu with the

cursor up/down.

Press the cursor left/right, up/down to select
one of the recorder or DVD functions. The key for recording can be operated in the TV mode. If your EasyLink recorder has the system standby function, when you press the B key for 3 seconds, both TV and the recorder are switched to standby.
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Audio- and video equipment keys
Most of the audio and video equipment from the Philips range of products can be operated with the remote control of your TV.
Press the Select key to operate any of the equipment indicated in the display. Another device can be selected by pressing Select repeatedly within 2 seconds.The led will blink slowly to indicate the device. Press one of the keys on the remote control to operate the peripheral equipment. To return to TV mode press Select while the led is blinking. When no action is taken within 60 seconds, the remote goes back to TV mode. Note: When the Select key is pressed and hold for more than 2 seconds, the RC5/RC6 system select command is transmitted. B S to switch to standby for pause (VCR, DVD, CD) for record, for rewind (VCR, CD); search down (DVD, AMP) for stop for play for fast forward (VCR, CD); search up (DVD/AMP) to select your choice of subtitle language (DVD); RDS news/TA (AMP); to shuffle play (CD) to select a DVD title; RDS display (AMP); info on screen (CD) display information
MENU to switch the menu on or
off for chapter, channel, track selection 0 to 9 digit entry 0 tape index (VCR), select a DVD chapter, select a frequency (AMP) U VCR timer Q surround on/off (AMP, CD) cursor up/down to select the next or the previous disc (CD) cursor left/right to select the previous or following track (CD) search up/down (AMP)


Your TV consumes energy in the standby mode. Energy consumption contributes to air and water pollution. Power consumption: 1 W.
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