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Philips 362Brateck WALLM14-362 Black Tilting/Tilt Wall Mount Bracket for Philips 42PFL7432D/37b 42 LCD HDTV Television/TV

HD 720p - 18 inch - LCD - Philips

This high quality tilting wall mount bracket supports most* 36" to 63" flat panel screen LCD/plasma TVs and monitors. It's toughened steel construction supports up to 165lbs and has a variable 0? to -15? *Mounting holes on television should be 28" or less apart horizontally and 18.5" or less apart vertically

Brand: Brateck
Part Number: WALLM14-362
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Philips Mobile Phone


Let me Dazzle you!

Look and performance, a perfect convergence: the Philips 362 camera phone. Endowed with a multi-shot digital camera, super bright light and progressive 4x digital zoom, it's ready to capture your every moment.
Designed for snapshots Integrated VGA digital camera Super-bright flash Digital continuous zoom for better pictures Multi-shot for continuous pictures Share digital photos MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) Infrared for close-range information exchange TV SlideShow Connect and enjoy Java 2.0 technology Embedded games for fun with your phone WAP E-mail to stay connected wherever you are

Mobile Phone



Integrated VGA digital camera The integrated digital camera with VGA resolution (640x480 pixels) allows you to take high-quality pictures anytime, anywhere with your phone, then send them via MMS or email, or store the pictures in your phone's memory. Super bright torch light 'Super-bright flash is a light generated by LED to take pictures in low light conditions, such as night. Manually activate and deactivate the super-bright flash by pressing and releasing the "+" or "-" volume side key (super-bright flash is automatically de-activated once the photo has been taken). Continuous zoom Continuous digital zoom lets you easily and smoothly zoom the picture in and out from the original, composing better and more meaningful pictures by capturing the right detail at the right distance from the overall scene. Multi-shot Multi-shot for continuous pictures allows you to use a single click to take a sequence of photos to capture movement. Select continuous shooting: time and interval. MMS messaging MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) allows you to use your mobile phone to send and receive pictures, video, and audio files with your text messages. Infrared Infrared is the simplest wireless technology for information exchange at close range, allowing easy sharing of images, backgrounds, songs, and phonebook contacts with friends and family and enabling wireless access to the internet through your PC. TV SlideShow TV SlideShow allows you to display pictures from your phone's photo album directly on a TV screen for the fun of sharing pictures from your phone's camera with friends and family. Simply connect your mobile phone and TV with the TV Link accessory to run an automatic or manual slideshow. Java 2.0 Java 2.0 technology allows you to enhance and personalize your phone with new games and applications simply by downloading them. Embedded games Embedded games use the bright color screen and keypad to turn your mobile phone into a game station. Simply go to the dedicated submenu to start playing your favorite game. WAP Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) version 1.2.1 is a standardized way for a mobile phone to talk to a server in the mobile phone network to connect your phone to WAPenabled web sites, allowing you to access comprehensive information whenever you need it. E-mail Electronic mail is another way to stay connected to your contacts with your mobile phone by sending and downloading e-mails as easily as if you were in front of your PC.


Brightness: 120 cd/m Diagonal screen size: 1.8 Lines of text: 8 Main Display Colors: 65536 Main Display Resolution: 128x160 pixel Main Display Technology: CSTN Explicit Call Transfer, Microphone mute, Missed Calls, Multi-party call, Received Calls Clock/Version: Analogue, Digital, International clock Ease of Navigation: Animated Color Matrix Ease of Use: Hands free mode, Hot Keys, Keypad Lock, Screen Saver Digital Clock, Vibra Alert, Softkeys Ease To Experience: Demo Mode Embedded Games: 4 Games and applications: Agenda, Alarm Clock, Calculator, Calendar, Java MIDP 2.0, Lunar Calendar, International converter, Voice reminder if appointment Multimedia: Foto Talk Personal Info Management: Smart Phonebook, Vcard Exchange, Safeguard, International clock Personalisation/Customization: Downloadable Animated GIF, Downloadable Java Applications, Downloadable Picture, Downloadable Ringtones, Fotocall, Screen Saver, Wallpaper Speech Recognition: Conversation Recording, Voice Command, Voice Dial, Voice Recognition, Long voice memo Text input: T9, T9 user database, Character counter Services: OTA provisioning (WAP,MMS), SIM Toolkit / Release 99, WAP 1.2.1, WAP Browser Teleca2.0 Voice Codec: FR/EFR/AMR

Ringers: Polyphonic (16 tones)

Audio Playback

Audio supported formats: AMR, Midi
Audio Recording Audio Capturing
Recording time: upto 60 seconds Voice recording: Yes, AMR

Still Picture Playback

Picture Compression Format: BMP, GIF, GIF (87a & 89a), JPEG Picture Enhancement: Frames & Icons Rotation: 90 degree steps Slide show

Still Picture Capturing

Camera: Integrated Digital zoom: Continuous up to x4 Flash: built-in Image sensor type: CMOS Preview frame rate: 15 frames/second Picture file format: JPEG Picture Mode: Normal, Night mode, Self-timer mode, Multi-shot Picture resolution: VGA (640x480) Sensitivity: min 5 lux Special effects preview mode: Grey scale, Sepia, Edge, Digital, Embossed, Negative color Picture quality: Normal, Fine, Superfine


Optional accessories: Car cradle, Carry case, Cigarette lighter adapter, Deluxe FM headset, Deluxe headset, Necklace, Stereo FM handsfree headset, TV Link, Universal car kit, USB data cable + PC software Standard Package Includes: Battery, Charger, Handset, International Guarantee, SAR information leaflet, User Manual
Green Specifications Dimensions

Lead-free soldered product Antenna: Integrated Form Factor: Candy bar Handset Color: Dazzling Silver, Luminous Black Handset dimensions: 100 x 45 x 18 mm Handset volume: 75 cc Handset weight: 83 g Battery capacity: 750 mAh Battery Type: Li-ion Charging time: less than 2.5 hours hr Standby time: up to 400 hrs Talk time: up to 6 hrs Battery saving manager: Auto switch on/off

Storage Media

Built-in memory capacity: 16 User memory: 4 MB Memory management: Memory status, Dynamic memory allocation


Headset: Via bottom connector Modem Capabilities: CSD (Voice, Data), GPRS, SMS PC Link: USB 1.1 Serial connections: USB-Bottom connector cable Synchronisation PC organizer: Lotus Notes, MS Outlook Wireless connections: Infrared

Network Features

Buttons and controls: 4-way navigation key and enter, Customized hot key Call Management: Call Cost, Call Counters, Call Forwarding, Call on Hold, Call Time, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Conference Call, Emergency Call,
GPRS (Rx+Tx): Class 10 (4+2), Class B GSM band: 900, 1800 MHz Messaging: Concatenated SMS (Long SMS), E-mail, EMS / release 4, MMS,Multimedia Message Service, Predefined messages (SMS,MMS), Quick SMS, SMS CB (Cell Broadcast), SMS (Short Message Service), SMS multi-target, QQ instant messaging
Issue date 2009-07-02 Version: 3.0.5
2009 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All Rights reserved. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. or their respective owners.

12 NC: 04781


The battery symbol indicates the state of charge. During charging, the charge indicators will scroll; it takes around 2.5 hours to fully recharge your mobile phone. When all the scroll bars are steady the battery is fully charged. You can then disconnect the charger. Depending on the network and condition of use, talk time goes up to 6 hours and stand-by time up to 400 hours. Keeping the charger plugged to the mobile when the battery is fully charged will not damage the battery. The only way to turn off the charger is to unplug it, so use an easily accessible AC power socket. You can connect the charger to an IT supply (Belgium only).

Setting Hotkeys

You can configure the numeric keys 2 to 9 (except 5, which is locked, used for the flash) to access your favourite features simply by long-pressing on the numeric key. A number of hotkey shortcuts are preconfigured. For more information, see Shortcuts on page 45. Page 4 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14

2. Calling

Make a call

From the idle screen

1. In idle mode, enter the phone number using the keypad. To correct an error, press R <C. 2. Press ( to dial. 3. Press ) or R End call to hang up. For an international call, long press * to enter the "+" sign for the international prefix.

Answer and end a call

When receiving a call, the number of the caller may be displayed, depending on whether or not the person calling has chosen to display his or her ID. If the number is stored in the selected phonebook, then the corresponding name is displayed instead of the number. Answer the call: press (. Reject the call: press ). If you have activated Call forward (see page 57), the call is diverted to a number or voice mail. Mute the ringer: press R Mute (this only switches the sound and the vibra alert off without rejecting/accepting the call). Hang up: press ). The phone will not ring if in Silent mode (see page 42). If you have selected Any Key Answer, you can accept a call by pressing any key except ) (see page 57).

Using the phonebook

Press - in idle mode to access the menu, then , or L Select to access the list. 2. Select a contact in the list. If you are using the onboard phonebook and the selected contact features more than one number, the number identified as the default will automatically be selected. To select a different number, press<or > (see Address book on page 52 for more information). 3. Press (: the selected number is dialled. 4. Press ) or R End call to hang up. 1.


This menu allows to create, store and manage events in your organiser. When the organiser alert is On (see Sounds alerts on page 42), a beep alerts you when an event is due. The organiser shares the mobile memory capacity with other features (phonebook, picture album, sound, etc.). To check the memory available in your phone, select Multimedia > Memory status.
An icon at the top of the screen indicates which navigation keys to use for entering operators.

Creating a new event

1. In Events, select <New>, then the type of event to create (Holiday, Meeting, To Do). Page 12 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14
Enter the starting and ending date and time of the event and name it (e.g. "Meeting with Smith"). Set a reminder and a frequency: alerts will be triggered at the chosen time.
Change Send by infrared Change sound
To change the selected event. To transmit the selected event to another infrared-compatible device. To change the sound associated with the alarm type of the selected event.
The reminder only applies to Meeting and To Do events. It will be updated when changing time zones (see World clock below).
Changing a repeating event modifies all instances of this event.

Deleting old events

This menu allows you to delete past events. Enter the starting date (past or future) from which all previous events will be deleted and press OK twice to delete all events preceding this date. To delete all events set in your organiser, enter a starting date several years ahead (e.g. 31st of December 2010) to make sure all events preceding this date are deleted at once.

Events views

Events stored in your organiser can be displayed in Day view, Week view and Month view. Select a view format and press OK, then use<or >to display the previous or next day, week or month.

World clock

This menu allows you to set and display both the local time and the time in the foreign time zone of your choice. Note that if you choose to display the local and foreign time on your home screen, the image you selected as your wallpaper will no longer be displayed there, but will be replaced with the standard World clock wallpaper.

Managing events

Select an event in the list and press OK or L Options to access the options described below. Delete To delete the selected event. Page 13 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14

Local settings

Set time Own time zone Allows you to set the time by pressing the appropriate keys. Move+or-to select the time zone corresponding to your area. Allows you to set the daylight saving option On or Off for the local time zone.

Foreign settings

Foreign time zone Daylight saving Move+or-to select the time zone of your choice. Allows you to set the daylight saving option On or Off for a foreign time zone.

Daylight saving

Activate this option if you want to display both the local time and the time of another time zone on the idle screen. Press+or-to set the option On or Off. When On, you can display the zone of your choice via the menu Switch local / foreign.
Alarms, reminders, programmed events are time zone independent! If you set an alarm or an event at 9:00 AM in time zone A, it will still ring or be due at 9:00 AM if you change to time zone B.

Sound recording

This menu allows you to make recordings of up to 12 minutes in length, depending on the memory status (see Memory status on page 17). Select <New> to begin the recording. The window Sound recording appears along with a progress bar. When you are finished, press L Save to stop recording. You can then either enter a name for the new sound file or accept the default name proposed by pressing OK. You then return to the list of available options applying to the new recording.

Switch local / foreign

To display local to foreign zone and vice-versa. Page 14 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14
Press R Back to access the list of all recordings. When you select a sound file, it is played automatically in a loop. Press OK to access the options. You can Play recording, Rename or Delete it, Set as ringer, As SMS/MMS ringer or As reminder. You can also send it by Email, IrDA or MMS. A flashing warning sign indicates that your recording will soon reach the maximum authorized length. If you do not stop recording, a red envelope icon informs you that your recording is too long to be sent via MMS.
The alarm clock will ring even if your mobile phone is switched off and/or the ringer volume is set to Silent. When the alarm rings, press any key to stop it (except if the snooze mode is on, see below).

Snooze mode

This menu allows you to set the snooze mode On or Off. When the alarm rings and the snooze mode is On: press any key (except R Stop) to stop the ringing temporarily. The alarm will ring again around 7 minutes later. press R Stop to stop the ringing and the alarm repetition. The snooze mode is automatically deactivated after 9 alarm repetitions. The snooze mode setting applies to all the alarms you have set.

Alarm clock

Your mobile phone has a built-in alarm clock with a snooze feature. You can set up to three separate alarms and choose whether or not the alarm should repeat. To set an alarm, follow the steps below: 1. Select an alarm and set it On. 2. Then enter the time and press OK. 3. Then select the frequency: Once, Every day, On weekdays. 4. Finally, select the type of alarm: the Buzzer or a melody from the sounds album and press OK. Repeat above steps to set other alarms.


Your mobile phone has an infrared port that allows you to send or receive data to or from other infrared-compliant devices (e.g. another mobile phone, a computer, a PDA, etc.) through a wireless link. Page 15 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14
Files that are copyright protected cannot be sent. When connecting with a PC, make sure you have activated its infrared option.

Receiving data

When you select Receive your phone is ready to receive an item via infrared and waits for the another infrared device to send it. As with sending data, messages are displayed on the screen and allow you to follow the process. Receiving is cancelled if your phone isnt contacted by another device before the time out is reached, if the infrared link is broken, if the size of the file sent is too large or if you cancel the process.

Position of devices

Before transmitting data between two devices, they must be correctly positioned in relation to one another. Make sure that: the infrared ports are facing each other, they are at a less than 50 cm away from each other. nothing obstructs the infrared beam.

Sending data

To send data via infrared from your mobile phone, you must first select the item to be sent: when selecting a picture, a sound, a name or an event, a submenu then gives you access to the Send via infrared option. As soon as your phone finds another infrared compliant device to communicate with, the sending automatically takes place. Messages are displayed on the screen for you to follow the process. Sending is cancelled if your phone cannot find another device before the time out is reached, if the infrared link is broken, or if you cancel the process.

Saving the data

A message will appear to inform you that you have received a file. Press OK to access the options described below. Save Show Discard To save the data, eventually rename the file. To display the details of the data you have received. To ignore the data received. Page 16 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14

Auto Switch On / Off

These two separate menus allow you to set your mobile phone to switch itself on or off at pre-set times. This lets you extend your phones battery life (e.g. during the night), not be disturbed at given times and have your phone switch back on automatically. To set Auto switch on, select the option and press OK. Select On and press OK. Enter the time at which you want your mobile phone to switch itself on and press

OK. Select the desired frequency from Once, Every day, or On weekdays and press OK. A message appears to confirm activation.

Services +

This menu option is reserved for operatorspecific services. Please contact your operator for more information about these options. Page 17 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14

5. Multimedia

Memory status
This menu allows you to display the percentage of memory available in your phone. Various features share the memory capacity: pictures, sounds, recorded memos and voice tags for voice commands, stored messages, phonebook and organiser entries, games, etc. Press OK to check the memory status. The display shows you the percentage of memory free and the phones total memory in Kilobytes (Kb). Press OK again to check the detailed list of memory used by each feature. Your mobile phone is supplied with many sounds and pictures. You can only delete sounds or pictures in the Own melodies, My images or My photos folders, e.g. to free memory space for your own sounds and pictures. If the List full message appears when saving a new item you must delete an item to be able to create or add a new one.
This menu gives you access to preconfigured WAP links. Select a link and press L Select to launch the connection.

Sound album

This menu allows you to manage the sound files stored in your mobile phone. The options are: <Get more.> View all Own melodies Protected melodies To launch the WAP application and download new sound files. To access all your sound files in a single list. To access your downloaded sound files. To access the list of copyright protected sample sounds. Protected melodies cannot be sent nor deleted. Recordings To access recordings. the list of sound Page 18 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14
Once in a list, you can then select a sound file and press OK to access the menu options listed below. Send by. To send the selected sound file via E-mail (see page 31), via Infrared (see page 14) or MMS (see page 33). Note that sound files from Recordings folder cannot be sent via MMS. To set the selected sound as ringer. To set the selected sound as the Messages ringer. This option must be activated in the menu Settings > Sounds (see page 39). To Rename the selected sound file. To Delete the selected sound file or all files at once.

Pictures must be of the correct size and in the format for your mobile phone to store and display them correctly. See Settings on page 51 for details. <Get more.> View all My photos My images Protected images To launch the WAP application and download new image files. For more information, see page 26. To access all your image files in a single list. To access the photos taken with the phones built-in camera. To access the images you have received on your phone. To access the list of protected sample images. Protected pictures cannot be sent nor deleted. Icons To access the list of icons you have downloaded.
Set as ringer As SMS/ MMS
Rename Delete / Delete all

Picture album

This menu allows you to display and modify the images stored in your mobile phone. The options are described below.
Inside the folders, images are displayed as a text list. Select an image and press > to view the image. Pressing OK gives you access to the menu options listed below. Page 19 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14

Send by.

To send the selected file via E-mail (see page 31), via Infrared (see page 14) or MMS (see page 33). Note that you cannot send pictures that are protected by copyright. To set the selected picture as wallpaper. Use this menu to access the following options: To add text to the selected picture. Enter your text in the editing screen and press OK. Use the navigation keys to move the text on the screen: short press to move the text 1 pixel at a time, long press for 5 pixels. Press R Back to go back to the text editor, or L OK to validate and go to the next option. To add a frame or an icon to the selected picture. To Undo the last action made on the picture, or All change, i.e. cancel all changes at once. Press R Back to cancel or L OK to validate.

Save Send Rotate

To save the picture with all the changes you have applied. To send the selected picture via infrared, E-mail or MMS. Use this option to rotate the selected image of -90 degrees, -90 degrees or +180 degrees. To display the selected file. To display its properties (size, format, resolution, etc.). To Rename the selected image. To Delete the selected file or all files at once. Pictures in the Protected images folder cannot be sent nor deleted.
Set as wallpaper Modify picture Add text

View Properties Rename Delete / Delete all

Graphics Eraser

Demo mode
This menu displays a short video clip. This menu option is available even if you have not inserted a SIM card. Page 20 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14

TV slideshow

This menu allows you to display the pictures listed in the Picture album (automatically in a slideshow or manually one-by-one) on the main internal screen of your phone and/or on a TV screen via the TV Link accessory. TV Link may not supplied with your product. In this case, you must purchase it separately. See Philips Authentic Accessories on page 62 for details.


This menu allows you to display the pictures automatically in a slideshow. 1. Select the time value that will be applied between each picture of the slideshow (10, 15 or 20 seconds) and press OK or L Select. 2. In the list that appears, select the pictures of your choice by pressing < or >. Choose <(Un)Check all> to select or deselect all pictures at once. 3. Press OK to start the slideshow and R Back to stop it. In both modes, the last selection made is automatically saved and can be played several times in a row, even when you quit the TV Slideshow menu.


This menu allows you to display the pictures manually. Browse the list of pictures by pressing + or -. Press > to activate the graphical full-screen display and send it to the TV, press < to go back to the list. When a picture is selected, press OK or Select to open the rotation options (90 or 180). Page 21 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14

6. Entertainment

This menu allows you to access services supplied with your network, such as news, sports, weather, etc. Your mobile phone may have been pre-configured. If not, settings can be configured "over the air", via the club Philips website. Connect to, select your country, then Mobile content > Other services > WAP. Note that this service isnt available if your country and/or mobile doesnt appear in the list. In this case, contact your operator for information. To launch a WAP session, select Operator > WAP > Homepage. Use + or Press , or L Select Press R Back To browse the on-line pages. To select a highlighted item. To return to the previous page.
Press ) or select Options > Exit

To end the WAP session.

Your mobile phone connects to the network according to the Access settings you have defined in the menu Settings > Network (see page 43). In case of a connection error, the screen displays "Go to menu": press ( or L Options to access the WAP options (see page 23).

Auto save

Slide duration Hide identity

Restrict advertisement Page 29 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14
Network settings Network access Bearer To choose a connection profile from the ones you have set (see Access settings on page 43). To select the type of network used when launching a connection: GSM, GPRS or GPRS first. To enter the MMS address of the server you will connect to. To enter the IP and Port numbers of the servers gateway.
MMS center Gateway address Gateway port
Network access Before you can consult your e-mails, you first need to configure your connection to the internet. GSM Settings When you use a a GSM connection to connect to the internet, your mobile phone dials a number provided by your operator and the data is sent and received over this connection, somewhat like a dial-up internet connection from a PC. The GSM connection parameters are described in the table below. Phone number This is the number your mobile phone dials to establish a connection. First choose ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) or Analogic and then enter the Phone number provided by your operator. The login and password provided by your operator to access this service. Enter an inactivity time-out value after which the phone will automatically end the call (if a connection was in progress). The value must be over 30 seconds.
This menu allows you to Activate, Modify or Rename one of the available Email profiles. Your mobile phone may have been pre-configured. To change the settings, choose an Email profile in the list and select Modify to access the settings described below. If one of the accounts has been pre-configured, it may be locked, in which case it cannot be renamed. Login & Password Auto disconnect Page 30 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14
GPRS settings If using GSM is like a dial-up internet connection, a GPRS connection would be the equivalent of broadband. GPRS (or Global Packet Radio Service) is a protocol for sending data rapidly using a radio signal. To configure a GPRS connection, you may need to provide a a user name and password, although some GPRS connections function without them. You will need to provide the APN (or Access Point Name). Bearer This menu option allows you to choose which how to establish an internet connection. GSM: your mobile will only use the GSM network for e-mail connections. GPRS: your mobile will only use the GPRS network for e-mail connections. GPRS first: your mobile will first try to connect to the GPRS network. If no GPRS network is available, then it will try with the GSM network. For these features to work, you must first have entered the corresponding settings.

Lists all messages MMS and SMS saved as drafts, or automatically saved if you quit the MMS or SMS menu before saving or sending your message. You can Play, Edit, Send, view Details and Delete drafts.


Lists all messages saved as templates. You can Play, Edit and Delete them.

SMS outbox

Lists the SMS that were saved, whether they were sent or not. You can Delete or Forward any of the messages listed in this folder, or Edit the selected message to send it to someone else. At the end of the list, the <Delete All> item allows you to delete all the messages at once. Deleting old messages is useful to free memory space in order to receive new messages.
Lists all messages that are pre-configured, such as "Im waiting for you" or "Please call me back". Selecting Page 39 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14

9. Settings

This menu allows you to change the settings related to each available option (sounds, time and date, security, etc.) and to customise your phone.

Date format

Allows you to select and activate one of the available date formats, whether Western or Thai.

Own time zone

Allows you to select your current time zone. When you enter the menu, you are presented with a map of the world that which you can navigate with the up and down navigation keys. Each time zone is identified according to its position relative to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and by the main cities within that time zone.

Time and date

Summer time
Allows you to set the daylight saving to On (in summer time) or Off (in winter time). If daylight saving is On and you set the time to 12:00, it will automatically switch to 11:00 when turning the option to Off.


This menu gives you a direct access to the features that consume the most energy and allows you to improve your battery life by quickly changing each setting. Deactivating most of the functions in the Autonomy menu increases battery life.

Set time

Allows you to set the time using the keypad or with the navigation keys. You should select your Time zone and activate Daylight savings (if appropriate) before setting the time.


This menu allows you access the features relating to the security of your mobile phone and the data you store there.

Set date

Allows you to set the date by pressing the appropriate numeric keys or the navigation keys. Page 40 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14

Change codes


Slide show
Selecting this option will launch a slide show of the contents of the My photos folder. During the slide show, each photo will be displayed briefly on the screen. Press any key to end the slide show and return to the previous screen.
Set as wallpaper Modify picture

Continuous shoot

This option can be set On or Off. When On, it allows you to take a "burst" of 9 photos with one press of the button. Note that to use this mode, the resolution must be set to Screensize (for more information, see Settings on page 51). Page 50 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14
When the camera is finished processing the images, they are displayed on screen as thumbnails. You may then press L Options to access the options described below. Save Save all Send by. Delete Delete all To save the selected image. To save all the images in the group. To send the selected image by MMS, Email, or Infrared. To delete the selected image. To delete all the images in the group.


This feature allows you to take photos with decorative frames. The Standard frames folder contains frames that were loaded on your mobile phone when you purchased it. Note that to use this option, the resolution must be set to Screensize (for more information, see Settings on page 51).

Colour mode

The Colour mode feature allows you to apply a number of different visual effects to your images. The options are: None, Embossed, Black & White, Negative, Sepia, Digital, Edge and Edge 2.
When you save or delete an image from the group, it is removed from the thumbnail view and stored in the My photos folder.

Night mode

When activated, this feature allows you to take pictures in low-light situations.

Picture orientation

This feature allows you to choose how photos are displayed in your photo album so that they can be viewed correctly. The options are: Landscape & Portrait.


This feature allows you to take a time-delayed picture so that you can get into the frame as well. To use the Self-Timer, select On in this menu, return to the viewfinder mode, frame your picture, and then press OK.

Some features are network dependent. They are only available, therefore, if the network or your subscription supports them. Contact your operator for detailed information on this subject.
Your phone is not charging
If your battery is completely flat, it might take several minutes of pre-charge (up to 5 minutes in some cases) before the charging icon is displayed on the screen. Page 61 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14
Philips Authentic Accessories
Some accessories, such as a battery and a charger, are included as standard in the package of your mobile phone. Additional accessories may also be provided or sold separately. Package contents may therefore vary. To maximise the performance of your Philips mobile phone and not to void the warranty, always purchase Philips Authentic Accessories that are specially designed for use with your phone. Philips Consumer Electronics cannot be held liable for any damage due to use with non authorised accessories.
communication between your phone and your computer. The provided software allows you to download pictures and melodies and to synchronise your contacts and appointments.
Using the phone as a modem
You can use your mobile phone together with a PC or a PDA, e.g. to connect to the internet or to send faxes, via the Business > Infrared > Data menus. To fully benefit from the services available via infrared (sending and receiving SMS, e-mails and faxes, uploading pictures and sound files to your phone, phonebook synchronisation, GPRS Wizard, etc.), you must install the Philips Mobile Phone Tools Light software on your PC. This software is available on Internet: connect to and register your mobile to access the available content, including Mobile Phone Tools. The software is not compatible with Apple Macintosh computers. It only supports Windows 98 SE, ME, XP and 2000 (Service Pack 3 and up mandatory in this case). Specific software modules for Lotus Notes, Lotus Organizer and Microsoft Outlook are designed to allow synchronisation of your Philips mobile phone


Charges your battery in any AC outlet. Small enough to carry in a briefcase/handbag.

Carry case

Protects your phone from nicks and scratches.

Data connect kit

Provides easy data connection to your Philips mobile phone. The USB cable enables high speed Page 62 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14

Battery information

Your phone is powered by a rechargeable battery. Use specified charger only. Do not incinerate. Do not deform or open the battery. Do not allow metal objects (such as keys in your pocket) to short circuit the battery contacts. Avoid exposure to excessive heat (>60 C or 140 F), moisture or caustic environments. You should only use Philips Authentic Accessories, as the use of any other accessories may damage your phone and will make all guarantees for your Philips phone null and void. Make sure damaged parts are replaced immediately by a qualified technician and that they are replaced with genuine Philips replacement parts. Page 66 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14
Your mobile phone and your car
Studies have shown that speaking on the telephone while driving lowers your concentration, which can be dangerous. Adhere to the following guidelines: Give your full attention to driving. Pull off the road and park before using the phone. Respect the local regulations in countries where you drive and use your GSM phone. If you want to use your phone in a vehicle, install the hands-free car kit which is designed for that purpose. Ensure that your phone and car kit do not block any air bags or other security devices fitted in your car. The use of an alarm system to operate a vehicle's light or horn to indicate incoming phone calls is prohibited on public roads in some countries. Check local regulations.
especially when featuring a metallic finish. Be very careful in this case when picking up your phone and also avoid using it with an ambient temperature over 40 C.

Environmental care

Remember to observe the local regulations regarding the disposal of the packaging materials, exhausted batteries and old phone and please promote their recycling. Philips has marked the battery and packaging with standard symbols designed to promote the recycling and appropriate disposal of your eventual waste. The battery should not be disposed of with general household waste. The labelled packaging material is recyclable. A financial contribution has been made to the associated national packaging recovery and recycling system. The plastic material is recyclable (also identifies the type of plastic).

EN 60950 Norm

In hot weather or after prolonged exposure to the sun (e.g., behind a window or a windscreen), the temperature of your phone's casing might increase, Page 69 Mardi, 5. juillet 2005 2:42 14
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