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mighetto 10:48pm on Saturday, September 11th, 2010 
Poor, poor, poor... Things I find wrong with mine: 1. Painfully slow menus 2. Slow DVD loading times 3. Crashes randomly Leave well alone Had two of these. First one died after three weeks - it just powered itself off and never came back. ONE BOX TO FIND THEM, ONE BOX TO BIND THEM & IN THE FRONT ROOM USE THEM I think this unit is good.
erminio 2:47am on Friday, May 7th, 2010 
Leave well alone Had two of these. First one died after three weeks - it just powered itself off and never came back.
calcmandan 4:58am on Friday, April 30th, 2010 
I bought this Philips DVDR725H multi-region capable DVD recorder a couple of weeks ago and I could not be more pleased.

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Upgrade disc for HDRW720 & DVDR725H


Important information
The upgrade software available on the Philips internet applies to: HDRW720/00, HDRW720/02, HDRW720/05, HDRW720/69, HDRW720/17, DVDR725H/00, DVDR725H/02, DVDR725H/05. For the software (CF2.6 and newer version) a new instruction manual is available also. The new instruction manual does not apply to older software versions. Please download the new instruction manual also. The software may only be used for the mentioned products. If you use it with another product you may damage it and lose your guarantee. To find out your model number please look at the type plate on the back of the set. Below you can see an example of the sticker with the model number on the back of the set.
To find out your current software version please look in this upgrade manual.


How to make an upgrade disc Upgrade procedure To find out the software version of your set Trouble shooting Software history 9
How to make an upgrade disc
You need 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. the following items: A Personal Computer with internet connection A drive that can write on CD-R/CD-RW discs A blank (new) CD-R disc, no CD-RW as this may cause problems CD writing application A Zip archive utility Download the upgrade software Zip file from internet on a local hard disk drive of your PC. Extract the files by unzipping the zipped file to a file folder. Insert a blank (new) CD-R disc in your CD-R/CD-RW writer. Start the CD writer application. In your CD writer application select to write a data CD-R disc. Select the all files that you have unzipped to the folder earlier. Note : drag & drop for Windows XP CD creation will not work.

7. 8. 9.

Write the disc with maximal 4x speed. Finalize the disc (the application may do this automatically). If the CD -R disc is not finalized then the upgrade will not work. Continue to read this manual for next steps.

Upgrade procedure

1. 2. 3. Press OPEN/CLOSE to open the tray. Insert the upgrade CD-ROM disc, label side up. Press OPEN/CLOSE to close the tray. First READING appears on the display, followed by DOWNLOAD. The upgrade procedure can take up to 45 minutes in total. If the firmware was already updated, the display will show UP TO DATE No upgrade is needed. When the upgrade is completed the tray will open automatically. The display shows REMOVE DISC or TAKE DISC Now remove the disc. Press STANDBY/ON to switch off the recorder.

4. 5. 6.

Note: After the upgrade procedure is finished the GUIDE Plus+ electronic programme Guide data and all programmed timers are deleted. Also most of the settings are set to default value again. We recommend to re-install the set again. Reset the set as follows: Disconnect the recorder from the mains; reconnect it while holding the STANDBY/ON button on the recorder pressed until the display lights up. You will need to redo the installation procedure. The content on the Hard Disk Drive is not deleted by resetting the recorder.
To find out the software version of your set
The below procedure is not needed for upgrading but could help in case you need to call the helpdesk. It may be useful to write down the system version information of your DVD recorder

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

If there is any disc in the recorder, remove it and close the tray. Press DISC MENU on the remote control. The disc menu screen appears. Press SYSTEM MENU on the remote control. The system menu bar appears. Press (cursor down). The user preference menu appears. Press (cursor down) 3 more times. The status box, standby, display settings appear. Press (cursor right). Press (cursor down) 3 more times until the system version information appears.
AN DV present/not present


Symptom The display shows UP TO DATE Remedy The system version of your DVD recorder is already newer than that at the CD-ROM. Y ou cannot upgrade with this disc. Upgrading is not supported for this configuration. Contact your Philips Customer Care Center. An error occurred during the upgrade. Try once again. If problem persists, contact your Philips Customer Care Center. Reset the DVD Recorder as follows: Disconnect the recorder from the mains; Reconnect it while holding the STANDBY/ON button pressed until the display lights up. You will need to redo the installation procedure. The upgrade disc may be damaged or not properly recorded. - If it is a CD-R you created, make a new disc, following the guidelines closely. - If it is a CD-ROM you received from Philips contact your Philips Customer Care Center.

The display shows SYS UNSUPP
The display shows ERROR or ENGINE ERROR procedure Some of the system settings have changed, such as the date or language preferences.
The set does not accept the disc

Software history (1)

CF3.2 - Readability of DVD+R Dual Layer discs has been improved. - Readability of commercial discs has been improved. CF3.1 - Bug fixed in Service and Diagnostic mode. Not relevant for the customer. CF3.0 new features - EPG programme information available (when broadcastet) within Guide or Browser - The following Harddisc navigation speeds were added: 64x, 128x and 256x - Exit CAM mode also via tuner button possible - Playback of dual layer DVD+R discs possible Problems solved - Sometimes many empty titles in Harddisc Browser visible after Timer Recording - Sometimes no sound on Timer Recording from external input.

Software history (2)

CF2.6 Problem: Pin 8 of SCART I connector will switch after a timer recording finished that was started from standby. This will result in your TV to switch the external input for a few seconds when the timer recording is finished. Corrected pin 8 behaviour (Europe only) It is not clear what the message disc full means. Improved messages related to a movie that does not fit on a DVD disc. Some disturbance in data signal during copying camcorder content via I.LINK to the hard disk. Improved copying behaviour - Default sorting in media browser is now changed from alphabetic to last recorded - Improved playability (mainly VCD and MP3) - Improved TV Guide behaviour
Solution: Problem: Solution: Problem: Solution: Others:

Software history (3)

CF1.6 Problem: Solution: Others: Some channels in the guide editor change from ON to OFF. Then these channels do not appear in the grid anymore. User have to switch them ON again. Major improvement in CNI scanning. (EU only) - Implemented EPG version 1.19 to control SKY boxes to switch them ON and OFF (EU) - STOP key added to stop recording: If you press STOP the recording will be stopped at the live TV point. - CAM key improvement: you can now use CAM key to ent er and leave camcorder mode. With CHANNEL+ and CHANNEL - you switch between CAM 1 and CAM 2. - Removal of the question Dealer mode ON or OFF during first installation. Demo movies can be still played from Hard Disk via the HDD media browser. During playback you can press the GREEN key to repeat the movie continuously.

CF1.4 Others:

- Implemented Nordic languages (EU only)

CF1.2 First software



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