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onlybonly 5:23pm on Sunday, August 8th, 2010 
The machine is very easy to install and operate The explanation about the film inside could be a little bit better

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Thank you for purchasing our device! We hope it will satisfy your expectations and you will enjoy its particular features. Please, find few minutes to read the Quick Start Guide before starting the work. It will make the installation and usage of the device easier.


Voice Fax device is created correspondingly to up-to-date telecommunications and electronic technologies. The Voice Fax emulates the line. Facsimile messages and/or phone calls in GSM network can be sent and received using analogue fax and/or phone connected to the device. Voice Fax device gives a user exclusive possibility to change parameters of the device with ordinary telephone using Voice Fax Service menu.


Cardboard box. Voice Fax Gateway device. AC/DC power supply adapter. External GSM antenna. User guide.
Note: the manufacturer does not provide a SIM card among other items of the package, which is necessary for connection to GSM network! You can obtain a SIM card from your local GSM service provider!
Note. Pick up the handset and enter PIN code if PIN code request is active on the SIM card.
SENDING FAX After everything is connected correctly insert sheets You want to send into externally connected fax device. Before dialing number please make sure that fax device is connected to FAX socket.


After everything is connected correctly and device is ready to work please make sure that phone is connected to PHONE socket, pick up the handset and dial number.


If local fax machine or phone is connected to PHONE or FAX socket after incoming voice call phone will start ringing automatically.
Voice Fax device has been tested with following fax devices: Samsung SCX-4216F which is a member of group SCX-xxxxx. Panasonic KX-FT938, KX-FC258, KX-FP343 which are members of groups KX-FPxxx, KX-FCxxx,KX-FTxxx. Philips Magic 3-2 Primo and Magic 3-2 Colour Dect which are members of group Magic 3-2. Canon MF5770, FAX-B820 which are members of groups Mfxxxx and FAX-B8xxx. List of tested fax devices is continuously supplemented. For complete list of fax device models please apply to your local distributor or representative. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or tradenames of their respective owners.
Note. Please visit our web site for complete user manual.
FINAL REMARKS For more detailed information about the device, please read the documentation which is found on our web site ( If you encounter any problems using the device and you are not able to solve them yourself, please contact our Customer Service Centre at We will be glad to help you!



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