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Digital Audio/Video Receiver
Digital Audio/Video Surround Receiver
(AC-3), Dolby Pro-Logic, DTS and Integrated Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Pro-Logic, DTS and MPEG Multichannel Surround Sound decoder 300 Watts Equal Surround Power Output : 5 x 60 Watts Stereo Power Output : 2 x 60 Watts (DIN, 1 kHz, 0.7% THD, 6 Ohm) Digital Surround Processing via TETRA CORE 6 Channel Input, DVD Audio and Super-Audio CD prepared Automatic Sound Type Detection (AC-3, MPEG, DTS, Dolby Pro-Logic or PCM audio) Natural Surround for more realistic Surround Sound Unique digital stereo downmix from multichannel sound (record audio from DVD) All Dolby Surround Modes and Delay Times 10 Audio input connections 96 kHz processing (enables connection to DVD-Audio Player) Night mode for Dynamic Range Compression of Digital Sound 3 Digital Inputs (2 coax, 1 optical) and a Digital Output Connection (coax) for Digital (CD) Recordings 3 Video Input and 2 Output Connections Screw terminals for Left, Right Center speaker connections 'Cinema Link' System Control Bus 51-key Audio/Video MultiBrand Universal Remote Control Menu Navigator Rotary Knob for quick set-up RDS EON withTraffic Announcement and NEWS! (/00 only) Harmonized Philips Home Cinema Components design




LET AC OUT Hz 120V - 60




OU RIS an NE PAS Europe ips in the s. ed by Phil oratorie develop by Lab and the d and from Dol IC Designe ories. ity. O LOG er license Commun tured und DIGITAL, PR Dolby Laborat Manufac DOLBY trademarks of , rved. DOLBY Symbol are d Works. rights reseThe ater she D double- ntial Unpubli oratories. All Dig ital r worldConfide1997 Dolby Lab license fromand othe DTS 2 er 1992 ctured und No. 5,451,94. DTS and ater Manufa Inc. US Pat.and pending of Digital The s, tem s. System nts issued trademarks Theater Sys ital wide pate round are 1996 Dig ht Sur Digital s, Inc. Copyrig d. SystemRights Reserve Inc. All






















Back View of FR965




Sound Panel

Display Graphics







Menu Navigator
* Optional Touch Screen Remote : Philips 'Pronto'





Home Cinema Control


EAN Code: 37149 8

Product Dimensions: 435mm (W) x 135mm (H) x 350mm (D) (set) Product weight: 8.6 kg
* Recommended subwoofer : Philips FB301
Asia Pacific Latam Europe E Europe
Package Dimensions: 519mm (W) x 216mm (H) x 488mm (D) Package weight: 10.0 kg Carton contains: Receiver FR965, remote control, batteries, instruction for use, AM loop + FM wire antenna, warrantee information, scart audio adaptor (/00), audio coax cable Printed in Singapore Date printed : Dec Royal Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice. Dolby, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro-Logic and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories
FM65.81 - 74 MHz FM87.5 - 108 MHz MW522 - 1602 kHz LW 153 - 279 kHz RDS EON

mains supply

120/230V 50~60Hz
* Recommended speaker package : Philips FB965


* not available in all countries

Sound Enhancement

Digital Surround Sound - Available on DVD, Laserdisc* and satellite broadcasts. Digital Surround offers the ultimate experience in home theater surround with six discrete channels of digital CD sound. Discrete means that each channel carries its own sound and depending on what happens on screen each speaker plays its own unique role in providing the right sound. Front left, center and right join two surround speakers to reproduce highs, mid and bass frequencies in five full-range channels of surround. Bass rumble, explosions and low frequency effects you feel are delivered through a dedicated sixth, subwoofer channel. Dolby Digital (also known as AC-3 or Dolby 5.1) and MPEG Multichannel delivered the expanded sense of depth, localization and overall realism which was formerly only known from digital surround sound equipped cinemas. DTS - DTS surround sound is a cinema surround sound audio format that offers superior digital audio performance than other available surround sound formats. DTS offer more clarity and definition especially for higher tones. The better sound quality is a direct result of the limited sound compression (3:1 instead of 11:1 for Dolby Digital) and the 20-bit resolution. DTS movie and music software is available on various DVD and CD titles. MPEG MultiChannel Sound - MPEG MultiChannel is an audio coding method for digital multichannel surround sound just as Dolby Digital (AC-3) is. Next to Dolby Digital, MPEG MultiChannel is the alternative coding format for DVD. With MPEG as the (exclusive) audio coding format for multi channel digital TV broadcasting in Europe, the Philips receiver guarantees compatibility for the near future - making its purchase a save investment. 6 Channel input (DTS - DVD Audio prepared) - Six input selectors at the back of the set allow to connect to any type of multichannel decorder. Be it DTS, DVD Audio or Super Audio CD. The 6 Channel input makes your system future proof! 300W surround power output: - The five, 3x60W (left, right, center) and 2x60W (rear), receiver amplifiers deliver 300 Watts of home theater power. The stereo output power of 50W per channel is specified at 6 Ohm, DIN, 1 kHz and 0.7% total harmonic distortion (THD). The amplifiers have been designed with special attention to a short 'rise' and 'fall' time, so characteristic for the frequent and sudden drastic changes in dynamics of movie sound in general. Furthermore, the amplification reserves are designed such that they are more than sufficient to follow sudden needs for more sound pressure. Digital Sound Processing via Tetra CORE - The Philips Tetra Core sound processor is the successor to the DUET Core. The Tetra Core IC decodes Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Prologic surround sound. Its huge processing power of 100 MIPS (million infractions per second) and resolution of 24-bits assures the highest possible accuracy in digital audio processing. The Tetra Core accepts incoming digital signals with sampling frequencies of 32, 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz (the latter is used in DVD-Audio). Other characteristics are automatic source detection (Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG and PCM audio) with smooth (clicking free) switching. Lastly, the Tetra Core carries digital bass cross-over filters (for subwoofer signal) and 4th generation virtualizer algorithms for highly realistic virtual surround sound. Natural Surround - Natural Surround creates a more realistic (natural) surround sound impression by creating phantom speakers in addition to the real speakers. These phantom speakers are created using psycho-acoutical sound encoding algorithms. Natural Surround gives the listener the impression of being surrounded by a 'wall of sound' and thus creates an even higher sense of realism. Natural Surround consists of in fact two features : multifront and multi-rear, which can be activated individually or simultaneously. In case of multi-front, phantom speakers are added to the front speakers. For multi-rear phantom speakers are added to the rear speakers. * Dolby Digital laserdisc use requires optional AC-3 RF demodulator.

'Hall' feature - For use with non-surround sound sources in order to create a cinema effect through normal stereo with rear speaker sound. This 'simulated' surround provides an extra musical ('live') ambience to stereo sound. Screw terminals - For left, right and center speaker connection ensures a loss-less flow of electrical signals from the set to all main loudspeakers. Subwoofer output connection - Affords easy access to greater dimensions in home theater sound with output signals made available for connections to a powered subwoofer.


30 tuner presets with station name display - The available tuner presets can be randomly used to store AM and FM stations (30 in total). Each of the presets can be given a user defined name of up to 8 characters. Giving the preset a name is as easy as 1-2-3 with the menu navigator. (/01 /17) For RDS stations, station name, RDS clock and RDS text information is available. (/00) RDS EON News & Traffic Announcement (TA) Many RDS capable radio stations are of the so called EON (Enhanced Other Network) type. These stations are able to detect news broadcasts and traffic announcements of other stations in the same 'network'. The receiver display indicates when the active station is EON-capable. When 'News' and/or 'Traffic Announcement' are activated by the user, the tuner will automatically switch to the correct station when a news bulletin or traffic announcement is broadcasted. Afterwards the tuner conveniently switches back to the original station. News and TA not only work in tuner mode; when the receiver is set to any of its other sources (e.g. CD, VCR, CDR, etc.) it switches to the tuner whenever there is a news or traffic bulletin. Whatever you're listening to, Philips keeps you informed on the most recent traffic and news affairs! (Note : although all EON station offer TA, News might not be widely available in every country). (/00) Set up Menu Navigator - The menu navigator rotary knob takes away many buttons from the set, thereby reducing complexity and enhancing usability of the set. The menu navigator is a menu-based user interface used for all kinds of initial set-up operations (speaker set-up, tuner installation etc.) Via icons in the display, the system conveniently guides the user to the next step in the receiver set-up. In normal mode, the menu rotary functions as tuner preset dial. Tuner sensitivity adjustment - The tuner sensitivity to pick up radio stations can be set to high and low. In case of low, only the 'strong' stations will be picked up during a search. When even some of the weaker stations are of interest, the 'low' option will pick up every station the tuner can possibly receive. 2 switched mains outlets - Allows to connect 2 other HiFi components. Switching the receiver to standby will automatically switch off the connected set. Standby power <2W - To help save energy consumption, the standby transformer of this set has been designed not to consume more than 2 Watt in standby mode. Scart audio adapter - For easy connection between TV and VCR or DVD. (cable includes 'Cinema Link' connection) (/00)

96kHz capable - DVD Audio offers 96kHz sound quality. As the processor of the receiver (Tetra Core) is capable of handling 96kHz and processing it in 24-bits, a DVD Audio player can be digitally connected to the receiver whilst preserving the sound quality of DVD Audio. At the same time, the digital output will provide a signal that can be recorded on any digital recorder like CDR. Stereo Downmix - The digital output will automatically provide a stereo downmix in case a multichannel signal is detected at any of the digital input connectors. In that way digital audio recordings can be made from movie DVD's (e.g. Live concerts from music DVD's) Night mode - Establishes dynamic range compression of digital sound to reduce the volume differences between the loud and soft passages in source material with digital surround sound where sound level differences can be so dramatic. This feature is especially useful at night when you don't want to disturb the neighbors or wake up the kids! Digitals input and output - 3 digital inputs (2 coax, 1 optical) are foreseen to connect digital sound sources (e.g. DVD player, CD player and Digital TV). A digital output connection (coax) is foreseen to enable digital (CD) recordings from any of the digital inputs. Video Connections - 3 video input connections and 2 outputs (incl. monitor) are foreseen to hook up video sources. As these video inputs switch simultaneously with the audio inputs, correct picture with correct sound is guaranteed. Cinema Link System Control Bus - When connected to a Philips TV with 'Cinema Link' (and even better, in addition a Philips VCR and or DVD player), the combination offers an interesting range of extra user benefits: One Touch Cinema - upon starting your e.g. DVD disc, the complete system will automatically switch to the correct source and sound mode. High Resolution OSD - the onscreen display of the television will feature the 'receiver' menu option. This option can be used for easier receiver set-up and receiver settings. Multiple Languages depending on the languages offered by the TV (likely are Spanisch, French and English) the user can operate the set via the TV menu in his/her native language. TV as Center speaker - allows to get rid of the separate center speaker and use all the speakers and amplifiers in the TV to function as center speaker (most large screen Philips TVs provide over 100W of sound pressure). One Touch End puts your complete home theater system into standby after some exciting hours of cinema enjoyment. 51-key Audio/Video Multi Brand Universal remote control - To operate all main receiver functions and Philips or any other mainstream branded CD player, tape deck, VCR, television and DVD player, or Satellite receiver. The remote will operate your non-Philips equipment by simply entering a code from the instruction manual in the remote control. The remote has a clear ergonomically designed lay-out (see picture)


Harmonized Philips Home Cinema Components Design - The design of this component follows the design language of the Philips Harmonized Home Cinema design. Characteristics of this design language are stylish, simple, capable, powerful and rich. All Philips Home Cinema components and HiFi components will follow this design (e.g. VCR, CD Changer, DVD, etc). Display - Color and graphic/character size are defined such that visibility remains clear even at larger distances. Speaker icons are used to show the actual sound mode. Remote Control - The form of the remote control has proven very successful in usability test. The weight, shape and button follow the book in terms of ergonomic design, thereby offering maximum convenience.

Technical Specifications

Connections Audio inputs/outputs : 7 analogue input sources, 3 analogue output connections - Phono : in - CD : in - CDR/Tape : in/out - TV : in - VCR : in/out - SAT : in - 6 CH/DVD : in - DVD : see digital audio inputs/outputs - Headphone : 6.3 mm Digital audio inputs/outputs : 3 digital input sources, 1 digital output connection - 2 digital coax connections : in - 1 optical toslink connection : in - 1 digital coax connection : out (48 kHz) - all spdif acc. IEC 60958, sampling frequencies 32, 44.1, 48, 96 kHz, 24 bit Video inputs/outputs : 3 input sources, 2 output connections - DVD : in - SAT : in - VCR : in/out - Monitor : out Speaker connections suitable for speakers 6 Ohm - left, right, center : screw connection - rear left, right : click-fit connection Miscellaneous connections - Cinema Link system control bus : 2 - subwoofer pre-out :1 - center pre-out :2 - mains outlets : 2 (maximum 100W total) - AM antenna : loop type - FM antenna : coaxial 75 Ohm Amplifier Power output stereo mode 6 Ohms, DIN, 1 Khz, 0,7% THD - left, right : 2 x 60 W Power output surround mode 6 Ohms, 1Khz, 0,7% THD - left, right : 2 x 60W - center : 60 W - rear left, right : 2 x 60 W Amplifier characteristics - total harmonic distortion : 0.05 % (1 kHz, 5W output) - power bandwidth (D<0.7%) : 20 Hz 20 kHz - frequency response (linear) : 10 Hz 30 kHz, 1dB - signal-to-noise ratio (weighted) : > 85 dBA, (acc. IHF, 1KOhm) - stereo separation : > 65 dB, 1 kHz Controls - bass : 100 Hz, (-9dB +9dB) - treble : 10 kHz, (-9dB +9dB) - loudness : +6 dB (100Hz,-30dB), +3 dB (10kHz,-30dB) Surround - modes : Dolby Digital AC-3, MPEG Multichannel, DTS Pro-Logic, Center Phantom, 3-Stereo, Hall - delay rear : 15 to 30ms (steps of 5ms) center : 1 to 5ms (steps of 1ms) Audio input sensitivity - Phono : 5 mV / 47 kOhms / 220 pF - CD : 250 mV / 47 kOhms - CDR/Tape : 250 mV / 47 kOhms - TV : 250 mV / 47 kOhms - VCR : 250 mV / 47 kOhms - SAT : 250 mV / 47 kOhms - 6 CH/DVD : 250 mV / 47 kOhms Amplifier Audio output sensitivity - CDR/Tape - VCR - subwoofer pre-out - center pre-out - headphone Tuner (typical values) FM section - wave range Sensitivity at 75 Ohm - Mono 26 dB S/N - Stereo 46 dB S/N - Selectivity - Distortion mono/stereo - Frequency response - S/N ratio mono/stereo - Stereo separation (1KHz) - Image rejection - IF suppression Sub carrier suppression - for 19 KHz - for 38 KHz AM section - Wave ranges - Sensitivity (MW) - Selectivity - IF rejection - S/N ratio

: : : : :

250 mV / 1 kOhm 250 mV / 1 kOhm 0.8 V / 1 kOhm 2.5 V / 1 kOhm 3 V / 120 Ohm
: see table on back side : : : : : : : : : 15 dBf 41 dBf 55 dB at 300 kHz 0.85%,0.3% 63Hz-12.5KHz, 1dB 60 / 55 dB 35 dB 100 dB 100 dB

: 30 dB : 37 dB

see table on back side 1.5 V/m 30 dB 50dB 50dB
General Power supply - mains voltage - power consumption
- electrical requirements Remote control - keys : 51-keys - codes : RC5, RC6 - type : Universal Set - material / finish : metal, hot-stamp foil on ABS - dimensions (incl. feet) : 435mm x 135mm x 350mm ( W x H x D ) - display : 2 color starburst FTD - weight : 9.4 Kg Package - dimensions : 519mm x 216mm x 488mm ( W x H x D ) - weight (incl. set) : 10.0 kg Accessories - remote control - 2 AA carbon/zinc batteries - instruction manual - warrantee information - AM loop + FM wire antenna - scart audio adaptor (/00) - coax audio cable for DVD connection

: : : :

see table on backside < 2W (in standby) 210W (in 5 channel operation) IEC65, FCC stereo



Aspire-3000 HT-DB300 PDP-S63 Bravada 1997 Hunter III 32LC4R-MD 26PFL3312 LH-W750TA 3400 W 2 2 DZ-MV550E TH-P3 Syncmaster 173P 32PF5321 Inspiron 9300 MP830 Coolpix 7600 Printer Poulan 2250 MC235B DEH-P8100BT DR-MH20SE DVD-557 MT880 CS-50 HBL-15sdbp ICD-UX80 Adapter Q5020 EB-S6 FS-C1020MFP Kenwood A998 Suite 10 Honeywell CM31 DI470 600 SI Price CDP-CE405 NW-S605 DSC-WX1 B DWL-8200AP Rfpp-12 KS890EC AVR300 28PW6006-01 STR-DE545 Ducati 749 VL-Z7U LW103A UT12 NEC Dyson CR01 Dynax 3L 6 AE SPC210NC Samson Smix Samsung C130 309008X51 ME-20 FX-115WA SX-400 Multi FFH-216 Streetpilot C330 Nissan GT-R Receiver X-1000R SPK 48 S CUT GPS-3V506-IUS SB4200 SA-PM193 XM-1252GTR Breil AW00 Axiom 61 DMC-FS25 RNS 510 PL-L1000 Elna 2005 CDC-575 RSH7unrs CMT-CP2W 17 MS-1907C BC60XLT MP86ATV CB593 KX-FT901BX ADC-EX106 DV6T811N Suunto X6M GX-F75 Psm77 Gr-d230 HBR657 S18AHP-n56 775FT-FB775g-ea- Design M5 B2100-4-M UK TL-PS310U Workshop 2 Nikkor MS103HCE


manuel d'instructions, Guide de l'utilisateur | Manual de instrucciones, Instrucciones de uso | Bedienungsanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung | Manual de Instruções, guia do usuário | инструкция | návod na použitie, Užívateľská príručka, návod k použití | bruksanvisningen | instrukcja, podręcznik użytkownika | kullanım kılavuzu, Kullanım | kézikönyv, használati útmutató | manuale di istruzioni, istruzioni d'uso | handleiding, gebruikershandleiding



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