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CD Mini System

3 CD Changer Mini System with 4 Speaker Surround Sound System
2 x 100 watts, 2 x 15 watts music power 2 x 50 watts, 2 x 7 watts RMS Stereo 4 speaker surround sound system Incredible Surround Dual full logic tape deck Auto reverse (R+1) Digital sound control (Optimal, Jazz, Rock, Techno, Classic) 3-step dynamic bass boost (Beat, Punch, Blast) Subwoofer ready 40 track CD programmability FM/MW/LW* stereo digital tuner with 40 presets (* -/22 only) Full RDS suite including "NEWS" 3 way bass reflex speaker system with detachable grilles Easy set for tuner and clock Bedroom clock with wake up alarm Wireless Prepared


auto reverse

watts MPO MPO



3 CD changer mini system
standard product information
amplifier 2 x 100 watts, 2 x 15 watts music power 2 x 50 watts, 2 x 7 watts RMS, 10% THD, 6 ohm, 1 kHz 4 speaker Surround Sound System Incredible Surround digital sound control (optimal, jazz, rock, techno, classic) 3-step dynamic bass boost (Beat, Punch, Blast) signal attentuated bass control compact disc player motorized front loading 3 CD changer digital servo technology bit-check D/A converter 40 track CD random program play mode (repeat/shuffle/program) change 2 discs while playing 1 loudspeaker boxes 3 way bass reflex 5.5" woofer 2.5" ferro fluid cooled tweeter 1" polydome tweeter detachable grilles hyper energy bass ports for deep powerful bass reproduction

/22 /34 Europe E Europe

FM65.81-74MHz FM87.5-108MHz MW522-1602kHz LW153-279kHz FM75 ohm clickfit RDS
surround speaker boxes 1-way surround speaker (4" full range) 6 Ohm speaker connections stereo headphones : 3.5mm stereo jack video/aux : cinch type sockets subwoofer output : cinch type socket for active subwoofer (see optional accessories) line out - wireless prepared (see optional accessories) general fluorescent tube display clock/timer wake up with CD, tuner or tape 24 key remote control PINGS (Philips Intelligent Navigation Guidance System) for ease of operation automatic clock set via RDS

mains supply



made in sticker
tuner RDS - station name, programme type, RDS text, clock set RDS - "NEWS" feature FM/MW/LW* stereo digital tuner with 40 presets (* -/22 only) easy set/auto store for tuner and clock tape deck dual full logic tape deck auto reverse (R+1) high speed dubbing CD synchro recording continuous play automatic recording level control automatic tape type selection electronic speed control and full auto stop
4 Speaker Surround Sound System
Modern Audio Visual entertainment has placed increasingly rigorous demands on entertainment systems. Consumer demand for Surround Sound is at all time high. Philips introduces the efficient 4 Speaker Surround Sound System.








Product Dimensions: 267mm W x 310mm H x 310mm D (electronics) 240mm W x 310mm H x 305mm D (speakers) 200mm W x 98mm H x 98mm D (surround) Package Dimensions: 757mm W x 410mm H x 544mm D Product weight: 20 kg Carton contains: CD Mini System, Surround Sound Speakers, MultiFunction Remote Control, Batteries, Operating instructions, Warranty information, FM antenna, AM antenna Printed in Singapore Specifications subject to change without notice. Incredible Surround is a Trademark of Philips Consumer Electronics Company



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