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ohenneberg 4:02pm on Sunday, October 10th, 2010 
I am about to trade in my problematic Nokia N8 only one month old. So now got to choose which: Galaxy 9000 or this HTC? Great Phone with a miner cons, can be fix in the future. touch sensitivity. it is a good mobile but,,, where is the secondary camera for a smartphone???? browser, touch sensor SECONDARY camera
alex80 3:24am on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 
Bad quality of the device and service in the selling office. External design is fine Not reliable mechanical/Electrinic of the device. At first, I was disappointed in the phone. After using the Htc Hero, I expected the Desire to have a great speakerphone. I was wrong.
Kikotexas 7:11am on Sunday, August 29th, 2010 
About the DesireThe HTC Desire is a smartphone, very similar in look and functionality to Apples iPhone. Released in April 2010.
plafreer 5:14pm on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 
HTC Desire After having to wait for 4 weeks in Sweden I decided to purchase from Amazon (my 1st time) and was happily surprised.
diepic 7:34am on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 
Excellent phone Love this phone. I think it is far better than the iPhone personally. Just does so many things, so well. Great Handset, but... Not wanting to be a sheep and get another iPhone to replace my 3 year old 2G iphone, I decided to buy a Desire. GREAT! I recieved the item a couple of days before I expected it so YAY! and the phone was in excellent condition. It had everything it needed e.
mattez 5:36pm on Monday, August 16th, 2010 
"I have it for 3 weeks now and its the best thing ive ever held in my hands.My friend has iPhone 4,and its a great phone but Desire is much better. "Running out of internal storage already after installing a few apps, but they say it will get fixed with the 2.
girla 12:06am on Sunday, August 1st, 2010 
Love this phone Fast, Responsive, great screen, amazing camera in video or pics No slide out keyboard Understand where this Unlocked unit is coming from. Mine came from the Middle East. It has a Quaran and prayer alarm. This is not a OLED version this is a SLCD version! very good no - so far
libraryg 9:16am on Saturday, July 10th, 2010 
Its and amaz it widout thinking. Fast, Good touch Screen, looks, syle Battery time is very low....lasts a day Does it all quickly Battery life is not so good, and the carrier could be better
adamis 9:51am on Monday, June 14th, 2010 
milsy, then you need to come out to where I live. So far only phone that gets any reception is Nokia 6120! What a great phone.Isnt it nice to be able to do things like music playlists without having to plug in to a computer and connect to itunes.
AndrewZ 4:21am on Monday, June 14th, 2010 
this is a very good phone you name it can do it in a matter of seconds Great looking android phone. Real competition for the i-phone.
kamlakar 1:49pm on Monday, May 3rd, 2010 
Since I bought my Desire I have been crazy in love with it! Would be best phone on market bar none everything but battery life nothing but battery life
jkelledes 12:17pm on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 
The only way I have resolved this, and it has happened at least three times, is to pull of the back cover and pop the battery. And, for the record.
Techiewitch 5:45am on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 
"I love my desire! some of the software updates have slowed it down considerably tho, anyone have the same issue? It feels lovely in my hand.
XRumer535 12:04am on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 
its a good smart phone ... lotsa apps ... wish theres a better way to know what app is useful ... Easy Buttons and Controls".

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Four-in-one remote control for all brands Ready for all DVD, digital cable and satellite services Perfect replacement for lost or broken remote controls Fast access to set-up menus and teletext Stylish, shockproof and water resistant Helpdesk available



Universal remote control

Standard product information
Power supply Battery lifetime Transmission type Transmission system Carrier frequency Effective range Transmission angle Transmission LEDs No. of keys 2 x R03 (included) 12 months IR universal Modulated 24 - 55 kHz 7 meters 90 deg. 1 32
Four-in-one remote control for all brands Whatever combination or brand of TV,VCR, DVD, satellite receiver or cable set-top box you choose, the Perfect replacement Universal remote control handles them all. Replace a table full of remote controls with a single robust remote control! Ready for all DVD, digital cable and satellite services With the Perfect replacement, you can operate your DVD, your digital or cable set-top box and satellite receiver with the same remote control you use for your TV and VCR.The Perfect replacement is the ideal universal remote control for all of today's broadcasting services. Perfect replacement for lost or broken remote controls No inconvenient delays if you break or lose a remote control and no long waits for an out-of-stock model for your video equipment either.The Perfect replacement Universal remote control works with all European brands. Fast access to set-up menus and teletext The easy access to set-up menus for important functions like installation, picture quality and sound adjustments plus dedicated teletext function buttons puts you in control from the comfort of your armchair. Drop it, splash it and just keep on using it! The Perfect replacement universal remote control is built for everyday life in an active home. Even if you drop it or splash drinks on it, its tough, water resistant housing means you can keep on zapping. Press and play in seconds The straightforward set-up procedure ensures youll be controlling your complete video installation in seconds whatever brands you use. For Philips equipment, its simply press and go! It also has the unique Philips Simple System Setup for handsfree autosearch of unlisted codes. Always up-to-date! Even if the extensive code library built into the Perfect replacement universal remote control does not have a corresponding button for all your original remote controls functions, you can call the 7-day helpdesk for information on how to get access to these functions.Your remote control is always up-to-date! Perfect replacement: the robust solution for lost, broken or too many remote controls!


No. of TV brands No. of VCR brands No. of SAT/Cable brands No. of DVD brands all all all all 266 TV brands 159 VCR brands 216 SAT/Cable brands 16 DVD brands


Pre-installed Installation steps Hands-free autosearch* Simple System Setup Philips 2 Yes Yes


TV Functions: Channel Up/Down Volume Up/ Down, mute Power Sound mute Digit keys AV selection Menu/Installation control Colour/Brightness control Teletext keys Fast text VCR functions Function upgradeable Shifted (double) functionality of buttons Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (direct access) Yes 4 Yes a.o. Play, forward, rewind, record, stop, pause yes

Yes CE marking

Approbation Packaging
Type Material Dimensions (mm)
Folded carton around blister Recycled PET A 148 x 280 x 28 SBC RU545/00 GB/F/D/NL/S GB/F/D/NL/S/FIN/DK/N 3 NONE SBC RU545/87 UK/E/I/RUS/PL/CZ UK/E/I/P/GR/RUS/PL/CZ 0 NONE
Languages Instructions for use 12NC EAN code

Helpdesk available

Shockproof and water resistant
Inner carton Outer carton
* Contents Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) EAN code Patented

x 285 x 155 1.9

x 285 x 155 1.0


XP SBC RU 545/00U.2 08-04-2004 11:32 Pagina 1


Instructions for use English 4 Mode d'emploi Franais 11 Bedienungsanleitung Deutsch 18 Gebruiksaanwijzing Nederlands 26 Instruzioni per l'uso Italiano 33 Instrucciones de manejo Espaol 40 Manual de utilizao Portugees 47 Vejledning Dansk 54 Bruksanvisning Svenska 61 Bruksanvisning Norsk 68 Kyttohje Suomi 75

SBC RU 545/00U

XP SBC RU 545/00U.2 08-04-2004 11:32 Pagina 2
XP SBC RU 545/00U.2 08-04-2004 11:32 Pagina 3


& ^ ^ %

$ # @ !


SBC GP 545 U

XP SBC RU 545/00U.2 08-04-2004 11:32 Pagina 4
Instructions for use Contents
1. 2. Introduction. 4 Installing the remote control. 4-6 Inserting the batteries. 4 Testing the remote control. 4 Setting the remote control. 5 Automatically setting the remote control. 6 Keys and functions. 7 Extra possibilities. 8-9 Adjusting device selection (Mode-selector). 8 Adding a remote control function. 9 Restoring the original remote control settings. 9 Troubleshooting. 10 Need help?. 10 Code list of all brands / equipment. 82-90 English 4

1. Introduction

Congratulations on your purchase of the Philips SBC RU545 universal remote control. After installing the remote control you can operate a maximum of 4 different appliances with it: TV, DVD, video recorder and satellite or cable decoders. You can find information about how to prepare this remote control for use in the chapter Installing the remote control.
2. Installing the remote control Inserting the batteries 1 Press the cover inwards and slide it in the 2 3
direction of the arrow. Place two R03, UM4 or AAA type batteries into the battery compartment, as shown. Slide the cover back and click it firmly into place.
Testing the remote control
The remote control has been programmed to operate most Philips appliances. Because the RU545 may use different signals for each make and even for different models of the same make, it is advisable to test whether your appliance responds to the RU545. The example below (TV) instructs you how to do this. You can repeat the same steps for other appliances (DVD, video recorder, etc.) which you want to operate using the RU545. Example of TV: 1 Turn your TV on manually or use the original remote control. Tune to channel 1. 2 Use the RU545s mode selector to select TV. Press the key until the green light under TV in the selector window lights up. If no green light appears, check whether the batteries are properly inserted (see Inserting the batteries).


XP SBC RU 545/00U.2 08-04-2004 11:32 Pagina 5

Instructions for use

If the device does not respond at all or not to all of the key commands, follow the instructions under Setting the remote control.
Setting the remote control
This is only necessary if your appliance does not respond to the RU545. If that is the case, the RU545 does not recognize the brand and/or model of your appliance and you need to program the remote control to do so. The example below (TV) instructs you how to do this. You can repeat the same steps for other appliances (DVD, video recorder, etc.) which you want to operate using the RU545. Example of TV: 1 Turn on the TV manually or use the original remote control. Tune in to channel 1. 2 Look up the brand of your TV in the code list at the back of this manual. One or more four-figure codes are shown for each brand. Note the first code. Be careful! There are separate tables for TV, video, DVD, etc. Make sure you use the codes from the correct table. 3 Select TV with the mode selector. (See Testing the remote control.)


Keep keys 1 and 3 pressed simultaneously for five seconds until the green light under TV in the selector window flashes twice and then remains lit.
Then enter the code noted in step 2 using the digital keys. The green light in the selector window will now flash twice. If the light flashes once for an extended period, the code has not been entered properly or the wrong code has been entered. Start again from step 2. Point the RU545 at the TV and check that it responds as it should. If the TV responds to all of the key commands, the RU545 is ready for use. Do not forget to note your code. If the device does not respond at all, or not to all of the key commands, start again from step 2 and try the next code from the list.


Check whether all the keys are working. For an overview of the keys and their functions see 3. Keys and functions. If the TV responds as it should to all of the key commands the RU545 is ready for use.
XP SBC RU 545/00U.2 08-04-2004 11:32 Pagina 6
Instructions for use Automatically setting the remote control
If you cannot find the right code for your brand device, the remote control can automatically search for the right code. Example of TV: 1 Make sure the TV is switched on and select a channel using the original remote control or the keys on the TV (for example channel 1). The RU545 emits the switch off TV signal for all models of TV that are stored in the memory. If the device is a DVD-player or video recorder, insert a disk or tape and start playback. 2 Then keep keys 1 and 3 on the RU545 pressed simultaneously for five seconds, until 3 the green light under TV in the selector 6 window flashes twice and then remains lit.

English 6

Press the Standby key of the RU545 briefly.
The RU545 now starts emitting all known TV off signals, one by one. Each time a code is sent, the green light under TV in the selector window lights up.
When your TV switches off (stand-by), you press the Standby key of the RU545 twice within 1 second, to confirm. The RU545 has now found a code that works on your TV. Check if you can operate all functions on your TV with the RU545.
If this is not the case, you can redo the automatic setting. The RU545 will then search for a code that perhaps works better. After the RU545 has run through all the known codes, the search will stop automatically and the green light will stop flashing. Automatic programming of a TV takes a maximum of 3 minutes.

XP SBC RU 545/00U.2 08-04-2004 11:32 Pagina 7
The illustration on page 3 gives an overview of all keys and their functions. 1 y Standby. switches TV,VCR, SAT or DVD mode on or off. 2 Mode-selector. selects the device you want to operate: TV,VCR, SAT (satellite/cable) or DVD. 3 s. mutes the sound of the TV. 4 - VOL +. adjusts the TV volume. 5 MENU. turns the menu on and off. 6 Digital keys. direct choice of channels and other functions. 7 SHIFT. for extra functions. When pressed at the same time as a second key, the second key will get another function. For example: SHIFT + PROG+:. 'menu up' SHIFT + PROG-:. 'menu down' SHIFT + VOL+:. 'menu right' SHIFT + VOL-:. 'menu left' Try out other combinations with the Shift-key on your appliance in order to find out which functions are available. Only functions featured on the original remote control are available. 8 1. - red teletext key - rewind (VCR/DVD) 9 9. - green teletext key - stop (VCR/DVD) 0 0. tv: P1P, previous channel VCR: record SAT: A/B DVD: clear ! ;. - yellow teletext key - pause (VCR/DVD) @ 6. - blue teletext key - wind (VCR/DVD) # 2. - white teletext key - index - play (VCR/DVD) $ -/--. selects between one- and two-figure channel numbers. % OK. confirms your selection. ^ - PROG +. selects a previous or following channel. & AV. switches between external inputs of your equipment. *. TV: teletext keys SAT: teletext, Info, Guide, Subtitle DVD: audio menu, Angle, Subtitle VCR: timer, Showview If you use the () 'memory off' key to get to the next teletext page on your Philips TV, you can press the Subtitle key for this. See also Troubleshooting. If the device does not respond at all, or not to all of the key commands, follow the instructions under Setting the remote control. It is possible that you must enter another code for the device. English 7

3. Keys and functions

XP SBC RU 545/00U.2 08-04-2004 11:32 Pagina 8
Instructions for use 4. Extra possibilities Adjusting device selection (Modeselector)
The RU545 is default set for operating TV,VCR, Sat (satelliet)/ CBL (cable) and DVD.You can select the device you wish to operate with the Mode selector. Each option allows operation of one device only. If desired, you can program the Mode selector to select a different kind of device. For example, if you want to operate a second TV. In the following example you will see how to configure the SAT mode for a second TV. English 8
Switch on the second TV. Press the Mode selector to select SAT.
Then keep 1 and 6 on the RU545 pressed simultaneously for five seconds, until the green light under SAT in the selector window lights up.

Press keys 9, 9 and 2, in that order.
Press the Mode selector to select TV. Press the 1 key. The green light under SAT flashes twice. SAT will now allow you to operate your second TV.
Program the RU545 to operate the second TV. See Setting the remote control.
XP SBC RU 545/00U.2 08-04-2004 11:32 Pagina 9
If you want to add a function to the RU545, you can contact the Philips service line for Universal Remote Control to ask for the 3-figure code for the extra function. English 9
Adding a function to the remote control
Using the Mode selector, select the device for which you want to add the function.
Then keep 1 and 6 on the RU545 pressed simultaneously for five seconds, until the green light lights up.
Press keys 9, 9 and 4, in that order.
Enter the 3-figure code which you received from the service line within thirty seconds. Press the key under which you want to store the new function. The light flashes twice. The extra function has been successfully added to the RU545. If you want to store the function under Shift in combination with another key, first press the Shift key and then press the required function key. For restoring the original function of the key, see Restoring the original functions of your remote control.
Restoring the original functions of your remote control 1 Keep keys 1 and 6 on the RU545 pressed
simultaneously for five seconds, until the green light lights up.
Press keys 9, 8 and 1, in that order. The light flashes twice. All original functions have now been restored and any extra functions have been deleted.
XP SBC RU 545/00U.2 08-04-2004 11:32 Pagina 10
Instructions for use 5. Troubleshooting
Problem Solution The device you want to operate does not respond and the green light does not flash when you press a key. Replace the old batteries with two new 1.5 Volt, RO3, UM4 or AAA batteries. The device you want to operate does not respond but the green light does flash when a key is pressed. Point the RU545 at the device and make sure that there are no obstructions between the RU545 and the device. The RU545 does not respond properly to commands. Maybe you are using the wrong code. Try programming the RU545 again using another code, which is mentioned under the brand of your device, or reset for automatic search to find the right code. If the device still does not respond, call our helpline. You cannot get the Teletext pages on your screen, while you are used to use the () button for this. Follow the instructions under Installing the remote control and at step 5 press keys 0, 0, 6 and 4. Press the subtitling-key to get Teletext pages on your screen. The Teletext keys do not work. Find out whether your TV is equipped with Teletext. You cannot switch off Teletext. Press the key for subtitling to switch off Teletext. You have difficulties operating all of the functions on your device. Maybe the RU545 has to be adapted to the model of the device. Call our helpline for details. Your brand of device is not in the code list. Try to set the RU545 automatically. See Automatically setting the remote control. None of the codes works during manual setting of the remote control. If that is the case, follow the instructions under Automatically setting the remote control. English 10

XP SBC RU 545/00U.2 08-04-2004 11:33 Pagina 83
HCM..0036, 0309 Hanseatic.0583, 0883, 0064,..0388, 0347, 0455 Havermy..0120 Hifivox..0528, 0595 Hinari.0064, 0245, 0063, 0036, 0206 Hisawa.0482, 0309, 0427 Hitachi..0575, 0063, 0252,..0132, 0136, 0190, 0223,..0244, 0374, 0376, 0383 Huanyu..0243, 0401 Hypson..0064, 0309 ICE..0244, 0398 ICeS...0245 IR...0101 ITC...0579 ITS..0398 ITT.0575, 0388, 0190, 0374, 0378 Imperial..0397, 0101, 0103,..0111, 0274, 0445, 0579 Indesit...0264 Indiana...0064 Ingelen...0190 Inno Hit..0099 Interfunk..0064, 0388, 0190,..0274, 0528, 0539, 0595 Intervision..0064, 0129, 0244 Isukai..0245 JVC..0633, 0063, 0680,..0121, 0219, 0398 Kaisui.0245, 0036, 0243, 0244, 0309 Kapsch..0190, 0233 Karcher...0637 Kathrein...0583, 0883 Kendo..0064, 0262, 0389 Kennedy..0579 Kingsley...0243 Kneissel..0286, 0462 Korpel...0064 Korting..0114 Koyoda..0036 LG..0064, 0741 Leyco..0064, 0099, 0321 Liesenk & Tter..0064 Loewe.0102, 0114, 0316,..0539, 0397, 0064, 0319 Luma..0233, 0332 Luxor.0388, 0264, 0376, 0383, 0384 M Electronic..0064, 0036, 0131,..0132, 0136, 0190, 0244,..0314, 0373, 0401, 0507 MTC..0376, 0539 Magnadyne.0114, 0129, 0274, 0374 Magnafon..0103, 0129, 0240 Manesth..0244, 0262, 0347 Marantz..0583, 0883, 0064 Marelli...0114 Mark...0064 Matsui.0064, 0514, 0063, 0036,..0038, 0099, 0204, 0235,..0244, 0262, 0299, 0321, 0398 Mediator...0064
Medion..0695, 1064 Memorex..1064, 0036 Memphis..0364 Metz..0114, 0240, 0266,..0302, 0394, 0562 Minerva..0514, 0264, 0562, 0581 Mitsubishi..0063, 0135, 0114,..0264, 0539, 0562 Mivar..0397, 0243, 0317,..0318, 0319, 0636, 0244 Motion...0103 Multitech.0036, 0103, 0129, 0243 Myryad..0583, 0883 NAD..0388 NEC...0197 NEI..0064, 0364, 0458 National..0264 Neckermann..0583, 0883, 0064,..0114, 0240, 0376, 0581 Nesco...0206 Nikkai..0064, 0245, 0099, 0243, 0364 Nobliko..0103, 0129 Nogamatic.0528, 0595 Nokia..0575, 0633, 0388,..0500, 0507, 0658 Nordmende.0136, 0223, 0240,..0314, 0370, 0528, 0595 Oceanic..0388, 0190, 0374 Orion..0064, 0204, 0262,..0321, 0347, 0348 Osaki..0245, 0099, 0244 Oso...0245 Osume...0099 Otake..0344 Otto Versand..0583, 0883, 0064,..0063, 0037, 0240, 0244,..0347, 0370, 0374, 0376,..0539, 0562, 0579, 0581 Palladium..0397, 0445 Panama..0244 Panasonic.0677, 0253, 0153,...0190, 0240, 0264,..0267, 0301, 0374, 0394 Pathe Cinema..0240, 0243,..0265, 0347, 0579 Pathe Marconi..0223, 0360,...0528, 0595 Pausa..0036 Perdio...0347 Philco..0101, 0103, 0111,..0114, 0240, 0274, 0579 Philex...0378 Philips.0583, 0883, 0064, 0114,..0350, 0359, 0401, 0581, 0632 Phoenix...0114 Phonola..0064, 0114 Pioneer..0136, 0190, 0314 Profex..0388, 0036, 0103 Proline...0348 Protech..0064, 0695, 0036,...0129, 0244, 0274,..0364, 0445, 0458, 0579

Sonolor..0073, 0089 Sontec...0064 Sony..0059, 0060, 0061, 1059 Sunkai..0375 Sunstar..0027 Suntronic..0027 Tandy..0027, 0131 Tashiko..0027 Tatung..0108, 0027, 0068 Teac..0305, 0027, 0334, 0430 Tec..0047 Technics...0253, 0189 Teleavia..0068, 0520 Telefunken.0652, 0347, 0411, 0068,..0214, 0348, 0520, 0521 Tenosal..0099 Tensai..0027, 0349 Thomson.0347, 0411, 0094,..0068, 0348, 0520, 0521 Thorn..0131, 0063, 0068 Toshiba..0108, 0411,..0072, 0070, 0068 Towada..0349 Triumph..0235 Uher...0267 Universum.0108, 0064, 0027,..0133, 0222, 0267, 0352 Videomagic..0064 Villain...0027 Yamishi..0099 Yokan...0099 Yoko..0047, 0267


XP SBC RU 545/00U.2 08-04-2004 11:33 Pagina 87
SETUP CODES FOR SAT ABsat..0150, 0859 AST...0348, 0378 Akai...0542 Alba..0389, 0448, 0482, 0542 Aldes..0315 Allantide..0360 Amstrad.0874, 0240, 0279,..0365, 0372, 0488, 0528 Ankaro..0244, 0247, 0315,..0396, 0546, 0740 Anttron..0210, 0448 Arcon..0395 Armstrong..0270 Asat...0400 Astra.0135, 0400, 0545, 0566 Astro.0200, 0385, 0528, 0547 AudioTon..0391 Avalon...0423 Axis...0393, 0396 BT...0542, 0695, 0737 Barcom..0244 Best...0244, 0396 Blaupunkt..0200 Boca.0270, 0540, 0856 Brain Wave..0359 British Sky Broadcasting.0874, 1202 CNT..0547 Cambridge..0542 Canal Digital..0880 Canal Satellite..0880 Canal+...0880 Channel Master..0389 CityCom.0142, 0421, 0845 Commlink..0315 Connexions..0423, 0485 Conrad..0142, 0634 Contec..0393 Crown...0270 Cyrus...0227 D-box..1154, 0750, 0900 DDC..0389 DNT..0227, 0423, 0485 Daewoo..0400 DirecTV..0126 Diskxpress..0244 Distratel...0111, 0912 EIF..0444 Echostar..0880, 0194,..0423, 0740, 0898 Elta...0391 Emanon...0448 Eurodec..0551 Eurostar...1052, 1053 Eutra..0825
FTE..0358, 0438, 0890 Ferguson..0210, 0363 Fidelity...0279 Finlux..0135, 0424, 0441, 0482 Foxtel..0906 Fracarro..0898 Freecom..0362, 0448, 0761 Fuba..0199, 0244, 0396,..0423, 0441, 0444, 0448 G-Sat...0210 Galaxis.1138, 0310, 0315, 0391,..0393, 0683, 0840, 0860, 0890 Galaxisat..0348 Gardiner..0845 Gold Box..0880 GoldStar..0362 Gooding..0598 Grandin...0872 Grothusen..0362 Grundig.0874, 0200, 0166, 0167,..0355, 0598, 0777, 0832 Harting und Helling..0360 Hinari..0210 Hirschmann.0200, 0314, 0360,..0423, 0424, 0522, 0528,..0529, 0600, 0825, 0909 Hitachi...0482 Houston..0695 Humax.0310, 0890, 1075 Huth..0247, 0270, 0315,..0373, 0391, 0395, 0821 ITT..0135, 0199 Ikusi Allsat..0395 InVideo..0898 Intervision..0619 JOK...0737 JSR..0391 JVC..0542, 0598 Johansson..0359 Kathrein.0200, 0227, 0119, 0150,..0358, 0385, 0421, 0469,..0507, 0531, 0649, 0685, 1084 KeyWest..0821 Kosmos..0358, 0362 Kreiselmeyer..0200 Kyostar..0448 LaSAT..0540, 0547, 0634 Lemon...0147 Lenco..0362, 0400, 0438, 0448 Lennox..0619 Lupus...0396 Luxor..0135, 0199, 0600 Macab..0551, 0878, 0908 Manhattan..0482, 0547, 0619, 1110 Marantz...0227 Maspro.0119, 0355, 0363, 0522, 0777

XP SBC RU 545/00U.2 08-04-2004 11:33 Pagina 88
Matsui...0598 MediaSat..0880 Mediamarkt..0270 Memphis..0393 Metronic..0111, 0740 Micro Technology..0360, 0566 Micronik..1030 Minerva...0598 Morgan's..0159, 0270,..0540, 0856, 1130 Multichoice..0906 Multistar..0358 Muratto...0362 Myryad..0227 Navex..0359 Neuhaus...0247, 0528 Nikko..0740 Nokia..0778, 1154, 0750, 0900, 0135,.0199, 0355, 0424, 0482, 0600,..0848, 1050, 1337, 1338, 1365 Nordmende...0389 Orbitech...0528 PTT Telecom..0240 Pace..0874, 0914, 0747, 1202,.0210, 0266, 0268, 0355, 0363,..0482, 0524, 0818, 0822, 0894 Palladium...0598 Palsat...0528 Panasat..0906, 0642 Panasonic..0874 Panda...0482 Patriot...0542 Philips.0880, 0227, 0319, 0126,.0160, 0161, 0355, 0482, 0598,..0737, 0777, 0832, 0925, 1145 Phoenix...0393 Phonotrend..0315, 0619, 0815 Pioneer..0880 Pixx...0579 Polytron..0421 Preisner..0159, 0289, 0540 Promax..0482 Prosat..0315 Pyxis...0858 Quadral..0389, 0546, 0655 RFT..0227, 0247, 0315 Radiola...0227 Radix..0423, 0909 SAT..0348, 0378, 0488 SEG..0396, 0448, 0545, 0566, 0769 SKY.0874, 0883, 0914, 1202 SM Electronic..0740 STVI...0444 Saba..0363, 0547, 0737, 0761, 0912 Sabre..0482 Sagem...0847, 1141
Sakura...0393 Salora..0135, 0199 Samsung..0314 SatPartner..0359, 0362, 0448,..0529, 0547, 0761 Satcom..0240, 0373 Satec..0210, 0355 Satmaster..0373 Satstation..1110 Schneider..0832 Schwaiger..1138, 0210,..0421, 0531, 0579 Seemann..0423 Siemens...0200 Skymaster.0315, 0546,..0655, 0740, 0907 Smart...0159 Sony...0874 Strong..0906, 0159, 0152, 0899, 1132 Sunstar..0540, 0821 Supernova..0914 TPS...0847 Tantec...0363, 0482 TechniSat.0289, 0485, 0528 Techniland..0373 Teco...0400 Telefunken..0448 Teleka...0270, 0825 Telestar..0141, 0528 Thomson..0880, 0482, 1073 Tonna..0373, 0695 Toshiba..0164 Triad..0348, 0360, 0362, 0378 Triasat...0441, 0528 Triax...0142 Twinner...0163 Uniden.0221, 0819, 0858 Unisat..0393 Unitor..0244, 0359 Universum.0200, 0598 VTech..0378 Vector..0360, 0545 Ventana...0227 Vortec...0448 Wevasat..0360 Winersat...0359 Wisi.0200, 0348, 0378,..0399, 0423, 0482, 0665 XSat..0150, 0916 Xcom Multimedia..0916 Yes..0914 Zehnder.0141, 0348, 0358,..0547, 0579, 0845 Zenith...0883 Zwergnase..0821



Sweeper BD149RG SDP-E800 NWZ-E344RED SWW-5400 RCL-10 MP472 FS 400 Ramses 813 Planner 12 Iden I830 Nokia 8800 LST-5402P Lwhd1807HR BHD-501 Smart P500-12N KX-TGA551EX Soliris IB XM3520 CDN34 SV0401H EHT 410 Laserjet 5500 DES-1316 XR-C4100 WB500 Series IV - 26PFL3405H ZWG6120 80 F KD-G351 R08 AF MP474 KX-TGA230B DVD-P365 WV-NM100 6800-6850-9000 AQV24uwan Altimax KP106B 20PF4121-05 Numark PT01 WB5500 DAV-DZ630 8240HD HS-26W-BK MHC-VX77 DPF-D720 KV-21FX30K XS-L100p5H Century 2000 P7120D MPX 4000 KX-FC235E Streaming CM3pvrd C2660WF1 RQ-XF50 BH-504 TDM900-2005 KD-AVX40E KDL-40W4220 Galeo 4050 MSL-15 PMC-R35L PN7127P IEL9125-RF 08 Marshall MG15 AVR-884 Cabrio 320 CTA-1505R Nokia 2170 JD-S10CL 3235C CDA-7865R Mypal A626 Katana WN-300ARM-VPN HDR-XR100 As8 VGP-BPS8 WF8702NDW M710G ML-1630 L550-13U Review WTC1084K WD-8015C SP-60 E5-00 Scht520 Barlow Lens Dvdr615 00 SL-S320 Function MG320C Trend MP510 ZWF1632W


manuel d'instructions, Guide de l'utilisateur | Manual de instrucciones, Instrucciones de uso | Bedienungsanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung | Manual de Instruções, guia do usuário | инструкция | návod na použitie, Užívateľská príručka, návod k použití | bruksanvisningen | instrukcja, podręcznik użytkownika | kullanım kılavuzu, Kullanım | kézikönyv, használati útmutató | manuale di istruzioni, istruzioni d'uso | handleiding, gebruikershandleiding



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