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Produktname PCTV teleScope 73A D/I/F Weitere SKUs in Planung

Art.-Nr. 22432

UPC Code 785428224329

Technische Daten

Systemanforderungen Windows XP oder Windows Vista (32bit) mit neuestem Service Pack Intel Pentium 4 2,0 GHz, Pentium M 1,3 GHz oder entsprechender AMD Athlon XP' Windows XP: 256 MB RAM (512 MB empfohlen) Windows Vista: 512 MB RAM (1 GB empfohlen) Soundkarte mit Support fr DirectX 9 oder hher Festplatte mit min. 20 GB freier Kapazitt fr TV Aufnahmen Freier USB 2.0 Anschluss DVD-ROM Laufwerk oder DVD-Brenner Internet-Verbindung fr Softwareaktivierungen und-Erweiterungen
2008-2009 PCTV Systems S.a.r.l. and its licensors and/or suppliers. All rights reserved. You agree not to remove any product identification or notices of the property restrictions from PCTV Systems' products or manuals. PCTV Systems and the PCTV Systems logo are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of PCTV Systems S.a.r.l. and its affiliates in the United States and other countries. Portions of this product may utilize Microsoft Windows Media Technologies. 1992-2002 Microsoft Corporation. Windows Vista is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All rights reserved. DivX and associated logos are trademarks of DivX, Inc. and are used under license. All rights reserved. All mentioned trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


PCTV HD Pro Stick

Quick Start Guide
2006 Pinnacle Systems GmbH


I. Pack Contents
TV tuner stick Portable antenna PCTV Installation CD Remote control Quick Start Guide

USB extender cable

Pinnacle Studio QuickStart CD

A/V input adapter

PCTV HD PRO STICK is a USB tuner stick for analog (NTSC) and digital (ATSC) TV reception.

II. Hardware Install

This guide is meant to get you set up and watching TV on your PC in minutes. 1. Connect the PCTV HD Pro Stick hardware to your laptop or desktop PC using a USB 2.0 port. 2. If the Windows hardware wizard appears, cancel out of this screen and continue to the next step.
3. Select your TV connection type from the following options.
Option 1: Antenna (for digital/analog reception)
Connect coaxial cable from your rooftop or the included portable antenna output to your PCTV hardware input (Ant.).
For digital TV (ATSC) reception, you will get the best results if you connect your PCTV to a properly adjusted rooftop antenna using double-shielded coaxial cables and a digital-enabled antenna amplifier. Please contact your local dealer for rooftop / outdoor antennas optimized for digital TV (ATSC) reception. The provided telescopic antenna is designed for digital and analog TV reception in regions with good signal coverage. It is especially suitable for portable outdoor reception. If you want to use the telescopic antenna, please carefully read the following instructions: Fully extend the antenna, position it upright, as high as possible, and near a window. The antenna should not be placed near a cathode ray tube monitor, television or similar equipment as the electromagnetic field of such devices might deteriorate the signal quality. In many cases, mounting the antenna on a big metallic surface (e.g. a metallic cupboard) using its magnetic foot will improve reception. Important note: to avoid possible damage caused by the magnetic field around the antennas feet, ensure that the latter is placed at a sufficient distance from your PCs hard drive and other components that are sensitive to magnetic forces. Please note that the reception of digital TV (ATSC) is dependant on location and may be impaired by steel-reinforced walls as well as tall neighboring buildings. In this type of environment, an amplified external/roof antenna is required. It is generally not possible to receive an ATSC signal while en route (e.g. in a car or train). Check on for information about ATSC availability in your area.
Option 2: Cable (analog reception)
Connect coaxial cable from your cable jack to your PCTV hardware input (Ant.).
Option 3: Cable or Satellite Set-top Box

Stereo Audio (3.5 mm)

A/V Adapter
S-Video or Compostite Video (RCA)
1. Connect the A/V adapter cable (included) to your PCTV as illustrated above. 2. a) If your set-top box has a free S-Video output, connect the S-Video output with the S-Video input of the A/V adapter cable. b) Or: if your set-top box has a free composite video output (RCA), please connect it to the RCA composite video jack of the adapter cable. 3. Connect the stereo audio outputs of your set-top box with the stereo input (3.5mm headphone jack) of the adapter cable. Alternatively, if your set-top box has no free video and audio outputs, connect its F-connector jack labelled Out to TV or Output (or similar) to the antenna input of your PCTV using a coaxial antenna cable (not included). You will not need the A/V adapter cable for this configuration. This connection type will only work if the set-top box provides an analog TV signal at the Out to TV connector. * Note: If possible, use S-Video to ensure the highest picture quality. When using a set-top box configuration, you will need to use your set-top box remote to control your channel choices through your set-top box.

III. Software Install

1. Insert the PCTV MediaCenter Installation CD-ROM into your PCs CD or DVD drive and follow the on-screen instructions.
2. When prompted, enter your serial number. You will find your serial number printed on the software CD sleeve or on the actual CD. 3. In the Setup Type Window, we recommend choosing the Full Install option for the complete PCTV experience. 4. Once installation is complete, restart your computer. 5. Please register your software to receive future product updates, 24 hour web support, downloads and exciting Pinnacle offers.
IV. Pinnacle MediaCenter Setup
1. To begin the Pinnacle MediaCenter set-up, simply follow the on-screen instructions. Be sure to Check now for the most recent updates when prompted
2. Channel Scan. a.) If you have connected the included telescopic antenna or an outdoor/rooftop antenna to your PCTV (Option 1), please select all devices. b.) If you have hooked your PCTV to your cable jack (Option 2), please uncheck the digital/ATSC tuner. You will not need to do a digital/ATSC channel scan as cable does not carry an ATSC signal.
c.) If you have connected a set-top box via the A/V adapter cable (Option 3), please only select Internet Radio.
3. Click Next to get to the scan settings dialog. In the Input Type drop down menu, please select the antenna type according to your configuration. You can leave the other settings at default. Please press Next to initialize the scan. Note: If you are using an antenna configuration (Option 1) and Pinnacle MediaCenter does not find any digital TV (ATSC) channels, please read the following: a.) Check on whether ATSC reception should be possible in your region. b.) Try to improve the signal reception by repositioning or changing the antenna (see II. Option 1). c.) After having finished the Pinnacle MediaCenter set up wizard, repeat the channel scan: double-click the Pinnacle MediaCenter Settings icon on your desktop. Go to TV Channels and press the Scan button. 4. The results of the channel scan will appear in the Available TV Channels list. By dragging and dropping channels to My Favorite TV Channels, you can organise the channels according to your preference. In the My Favorite TV Channels box, you can also sort or rename channels. Double-clicking on a channel name will start the preview of the respective channel.
When using a set-top box configuration (Option 3): once having opened Pinnacle MediaCenter, you will want to click on the Channel Name/Number field to pull up the channel list. Select S-Video or Composite video feed at the bottom of this list.

V. Enjoy your TV application (Pinnacle MediaCenter)
PCTV is an all-in-one entertainment solution for the modern world. Now you can record your favorite shows and watch them anytime you like. Pause and rewind live television with the unique TimeShifting features. Use the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to turn PCTV into your automated personal digital video recorder. Youll even be able to watch your recorded shows away from home on your laptop, DVD player, iPod and PSP. The first time MediaCenter is accessed, you will see the Media Player as shown below. To access your channel list, click on the Channel Name/Number Field. This channel list also provides you with the option of connecting to your S-Video or Composite video channels. - Use the top navigation icons to access other PCTV features. - Use the bottom navigation for TimeShifting controls.
VI. Additional Information
Using the Pinnacle PCTV Remote Control
This reference diagram displays the various functions of the PCTV remote control. For more in-depth information, you can find the Remote Control User Guide by opening your Windows start menu and going to: Pinnacle MediaCenter > Help >Remote Control
Start Page / Menu Sound On/Off Volume + Volume On / Off Channel + Channel -

Input buttons 0-9

Full Screen Rewind Start Recording Stop Playback / Pause Fast Forward Help

Advanced Features

Your MediaCenter software comes with a handy User Guide that will show you how to enrich your PCTV experience by using advanced features. To access this document, open your Windows start menu and go to: Pinnacle MediaCenter > Help >User Guide


Are you in need of further assistance ? Were happy to help you. For 24 hour product support, call 1-650-267-5196 or visit You can also find useful documentation, by opening your Windows start menu and going to: Pinnacle MediaCenter > Help > Service & Support

Pinnacle Studio QuickStart overview
Pinnacle Studio QuickStart allows you to edit your home movies and transfer them to DVD, complete with custom menus and soundtracks. For optimum capture results, please use Pinnacle MediaCenter for capturing (from e.g. your camcorder): click on the Channel Name/Number field to pull up the channel list. Select S-Video or Composite video feed at the bottom of this list. Then press the record button to start capturing. You can then edit the captured file in Pinnacle Studio QuickStart. To install the Pinnacle Studio QuickStart software, insert the CD-ROM into your PCs CD or DVD drive and follow the on-screen instructions. Be sure to register your software for product support, exciting downloads, and more. For Studio QuickStart support and documentation, open your Windows start menu and go to Studio QuickStart > Help. If you are in need of further assistance, call our product support line at 1-650-267-5196 or visit us online at
VII. Appendix: Installation for usage with Windows MCE
If you have a PC equipped with Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition 2005 (MCE) and want to watch and record TV using the Windows Media Center application, please follow these steps (after having installed the hardware as described): 1. Make sure you have installed the latest Windows updates. 2. Make sure a MCE certified DVD player software is installed on your PC. 3. Run the PCTV_MCE2005_Setup.exe installer from the MS MCE2005 folder on the Pinnacle MediaCenter installation CD. 4. Follow the steps of the installation wizard. 5. Please reboot your PC if prompted to do so. 6. Open the Windows Media Center application by double-clicking on the desktop icon (or via Start Programs Media Center). 7. Go to Settings TV Set up TV signal and follow the instructions of the TV configuration wizard. 8. If the automatic TV source selection does not detect your TV signal, please choose manual and select the TV connection type that is appropriate to your configuration. Note: The included remote control is not compatible with MCE; you will need a specific MCE remote control kit (separately available, please check on

FCC conformity statement

The FCC declarations of conformity and identical construction for this product can be downloaded from http//



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