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Pioneer CDX-FM687Pioneer CDX FM687 CD changer

In-dash unit & external changer, Stereo

6-disc capacity; 8x oversampling, 1-Bit D/A converter; AGC (Automatic Gain Control) for optimum CD tracking performance; Playback compatible with digital audio CD-R; Ultra-compact size for increased In-Car installation flexibility; Operation controls on display and remote; Vertical/Horizontal/Angled mounting capabilities with multiple mounting angles; "Double-Floating" anti-vibration system; High-speed disc load and access; Built-In FM modulator (for connection to FM stereo radio); Wir... Read more
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waitsun 3:15am on Sunday, August 29th, 2010 
PIONEER CDX-FM689 This Pioneer CdX-FM687 IS ONE OF THE,BEST CHANGER AROUND.AND THE REMOTE WORKS VERY GOOD. Did not receive cd changer could not fine any dealers on that had this item in stock (cdxfm687) bought the item local.
KlytusLord 8:57am on Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 
outdated technology this cd changer was a bargain compared to all other changers i looked at on GREAT CD CHANGER THE PIONEER SYSTEM DOES A VERY GREAT JOB,AND VERY EASY TO INSTALL!
one_each 10:09pm on Friday, April 2nd, 2010 
I bought this unit to replace an 11-year old Pioneer CD Deck in my F150 that had finally stopped working.

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Operation Manual

CDX-FM1287 CDX-FM687


Precautions.. 4 Preparing to Use the Remote Controller Unit.. 5 Precautions... 5 Loading Battery.. 5 Using the Compact Discs Magazine. 6~8 Inserting discs... 6~7 Loading the magazine.. 8 Playing Compact Discs. 9~22 Start the CD player.. 9 Disc Number Search... 9 Using Track Search/Fast Forward and Reverse. 10 Pausing.. 11 Repeat... 11 Random Play.. 12 ITS (Instant Track Selection).. 13~15 Disc Title.. 16~19 Setting Player to Play Discs via Radio. 20~21 Display shows this message.. 22 Pressing the Clear Button. 23 Discs... 23 Transportation of multi-CD player. 24 Specifications.. 25


Precauciones.. 26 Preparacin para utilizar la unidad de control remoto.. 27 Precauciones.. 27 Colocacin de la pila.. 27 Utilizacin del cargador de discos compactos.. 28~30 Insercin de discos.. 28~29 Introduccin del cargador.. 30 Reproduccin de discos compactos. 31~44 Inicie el reproductor de disco compacto. 31 Bsqueda de nmero de disco. 31
Utilizando la bsqueda de pista/avance rpido e inversin.. 32 Pausa... 33 Repeticin... 33 Reproduccin aleatoria... 34 ITS (Seleccin instantnea de pista). 35~37 Ttulo de disco.. 38~41 Fijacin del reproductor para reproducir discos por medio del radio... 42~43 La presentacin muestra este mensaje. 44
Presionando el botn de borrado. Discos.. Transporte del reproductor de mltiples discos compactos... Especificaciones..

Portugus (B)

Precaues.. 48 Preparao para utilizar o controle remoto. 49 Precaues... 49 Colocao da pilha.. 49 Utilizao do magazine de CD. 50~52 Colocao dos discos.. 50~51 Colocao do magazine.. 52 Reproduo de CD.. 53~66 Para iniciar o CD player.. 53 Busca de nmero de disco. 53
Utilizao da busca de faixa/ Avano rpido e retrocesso.. 54 Pausa... 55 Repetio... 55 Reproduo aleatria.. 56 ITS (Seleo instantnea de faixa).. 57~59 Ttulo de disco.. 60~63 Ajuste do CD player para tocar discos via rdio.. 64~65 Mensagens de erro... 66
Utilizao do boto de reposio. Discos.. Transporte do multi-CD player.. Especificaes..


CAUTION: USE OF CONTROL OR ADJUSTMENT OR PERFORMANCE OF PROCEDURES OTHER THAN THOSE SPECIFIED HEREIN MAY RESULT IN HAZARDOUS RADIATION EXPOSURE. CAUTION: THE USE OF OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS WITH THIS PRODUCT WILL INCREASE EYE HAZARD. When you use this universal multi-CD system, the effective sensitivity of your radio will be reduced slightly. When you turn the car radio off, the system stays on. If you leave it on for a long time, the car battery may go flat. You can connect this unit to a Multi-CD controller (e.g. a head unit) with an IP-BUS cable (sold separately). If you do this, refer to the manual provided with the Multi-CD controller before using it to operate this unit. With this player, you can use the ITS functions to store up to 99 tracks per disc. Even if the Head units manual indicates ITS memory is up to 24 tracks per disc, this player can store up to 99 tracks per disc. When driving on an uneven road, the player may not reproduce every sound properly. When this universal multi-CD system is connected to a vehicles diversity antenna, there may be distortion if a station is broadcasting a strong signal on the frequency youre using for the system. If this occurs, switch to another frequency. During winter the inside of the vehicle may be very cold. If the heater is turned on and the player is used soon after, the disc or optical parts (prism, lens, etc.) may become misted up, and the player will not operate correctly. If the disc is misted up, wipe it with a soft cloth. If the optical parts are misted up, wait for about an hour for them to warm up. They will return to their normal condition. This product conforms to the track skip function of the CD-R disc. The tracks containing the track skip information are skipped over automatically.

In case of trouble When the unit does not operate properly, contact your dealer or the nearest authorized PIONEER Service Station.
Preparing to Use the Remote Controller Unit
This product is equipped with a remote control for convenient operation. Point the control in the direction of the unit to operate. Do not store the remote control in high temperatures or direct sunlight. The control may not function properly in direct sunlight. Do not let the remote control fall onto the floor, where it may become jammed under the brake or accelerator pedal.
Remove the battery if the remote control is not used for a month or longer. If the event of battery leakage, wipe the remote control completely clean and install a new battery.


Keep the lithium battery out of reach of children. Should the battery be swallowed, immediately consult a doctor. Slide out the tray on the back of the remote control and insert the battery with the (+) and () poles pointing in the proper directions. When using for the first time, pull out the film protruding from the tray. Use only lithium battery CR2025, 3 V.


Do not recharge, disassemble, heat or dispose of battery in a fire. Use a CR2025 (3 V) lithium battery only. Never use other types of battery with this unit. Do not handle the battery with metallic tools. Do not store the lithium battery with metallic materials. When disposing of used batteries, please comply with governmental regulations or environmental public institutions rules that apply in your country/area. Always check carefully that you are loading the battery with its (+) and () poles facing in the proper directions.
Using the Compact Discs Magazine

Inserting discs

Slide out the disc tray Position the disc with the label upward.

[Page 6~7]

Disc tray
Hold down the magazine lock button and, pull the tray out.

Disc 1 to Disc 12

Changing disc trays
Disc tray Gently pull the disc tray out. Align the disc tray with the left and right grooves, and push it in until you hear it click.
Be sure to remove the disc before changing a disc tray. If the tray is not aligned with the right and left grooves, it cannot be pushed to the end. Do not bend or force the tray. Always load 12 trays in a magazine to prevent loss or warping of trays. If you load a disc with the label generally printed in black facing down, not only will the player not be able to recognize whether the disc is set or not, but also, the display unit will not display an error message to let you know about it. So make sure all the discs in each magazine have their label sides facing up.
Precautions when handling magazines
Do not put the magazine in a place where it will be exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight. Do not disassemble the magazine. Take care not to drop the magazine or knock it against anything. Do not use cracked or warped trays. Never insert anything other than discs. Do not attach a label or tape to a disc. The use of benzine, thinner, insecticide, or other volatile chemicals may damage the magazine surface.

The figure shows this product with CDX-FM1287 as an example.

Extra magazines

If you need more magazines, please ask your nearest dealer for magazine JD-1212S.
Notes on 8-cm (3-inch) CDs
Do not use an 8-cm CD adapter. If it is used, the player may fail. To load an 8-cm CD, you need a special 8-cm CD tray (Part No. CXB5931). Ask your Pioneer service station about it.

Attaching the label

Attach the supplied label in the specified position. Attaching the label in an incorrect place or attaching more than one label will cause malfunction.

Loading the magazine

Do not put your fingers in the magazine tray as this may lead to incorrect operation and damage to the player. If the label on the magazine is coming off or wrinkled up, it may damage the eject mechanism, and in some cases, the magazine may not be ejected. Therefore, remove a damaged label completely before use. Never leave the door open while playing discs. The entry of dirt, dust, or any other foreign matter into the player may cause it to fail. Insert the magazine with the arrow upward.
1 Slide and open the door. 2 Open it fully until it locks with a click.

Insert the magazine.

To remove the magazine

Press the eject button.

Playing Compact Discs

Start the CD player

1. Switch the radio on and tune to Modulating Frequencies.
The initial value is 89.1 MHz. (See Page 20 regarding switching CD player transmission frequency.) If your radio does not have muting, there may be some noise before power switch of control unit is ON. If this happens, turn down the volume of the radio.
2. Press button to switch on and start the player.

Disc Number Search

: increase the number. or : decrease the number.

Disc Number

Using Track Search/Fast Forward and Reverse
Track Number Elapsed play time
This product lets you select the track search function or fast forward/reverse function by changing the length of the time you press the button.
: decrease the number. : Fast Reverse : increase the number. : Fast Forward
Track search Fast forward/Reverse
0.5 seconds or less Continue pressing


Press button to pause during disc playback.
Press button again to release pause.
You can select a track using the track search during pause. (PAUSE is off while a track is being searched.) When the track search ends, the found track is paused at its beginning.


Track Repeat Disc Repeat
Play the current track repeatedly.
Play the same disc repeatedly.

Normal play

Changing to a different song or using fast forward or reverse during track repeat will cause the mode to change to disc repeat. Changing discs during track repeat or disc repeat will cause the mode to change to normal play. Play all disc loaded in the magazine in the CD player repeatedly.
Each press of button, the mode changes.

Random Play

Example: Disc Repeat (See Page 11.)
1. Select the desired repeat mode.
Displayed during random play.
Random play will be performed within the selected repeat mode.
2. Hold down button for more than 2 second.
Once the current track has been played, the microprocessor will randomly select the next and subsequent tracks. To cancel random play, hold down button for more than 2 seconds again.
If track repeat is selected as the repeat mode in step 1, it will automatically switch to disc repeat mode and random play will begin.
ITS (Instant Track Selection)

[Page 13~15]

This function lets you program and play the tracks you want. You can listen to just your favorite tracks.


1. Play the track you want to program.
2. Press button to program the track.
It will be displayed for about 2 seconds to indicate memory storage.
The ADPS function* of the multi-play CD player lets you program up to 100 discs.
*ADPS: Automatic Disc Program Selection.
When the number of discs exceeds 100, the oldest disc that has been played in the past is overwritten by the newest.
Up to 99 tracks can be programmed for a single disc. Tracks are programmed for each disc. Programmed tracks are not erased after the disc is changed.

ITS Play

Displayed during ITS play.
2. Hold down button for more than 2 seconds.
To cancel ITS play, hold down button for more than 2 seconds again. ITS play will be performed within the selected repeat mode.
If track repeat is selected as the repeat mode in step 1, it will automatically switch to disc repeat mode and ITS play will begin. When you play a disc that has no tracks programmed, EMPTY will appear on the display for about 2 seconds, indicating that ITS play is not possible. During ITS play, both disc and track number search is performed only on programmed tracks.

Erasing the ITS Play

To erase a single track program: During ITS play, select the track you wish to erase by using track search. Hold down button for more than 2 seconds to erase the program. (When there are no more memorized tracks, EMPTY is displayed, and ITS play is canceled.) To erase the disc program: During normal play, select the disc you wish to erase by using disc number search. Hold down button for more than 2 seconds to erase the program.
It will be displayed for about 2 seconds to indicate deletion of memory contents in play.

Disc Title

[Page 16~19]
You can enter a title for the disc in the CD player. The title stored for the disc can be displayed.

Entering Title

1. Select the disc for which you want to enter a title.
2. Hold down button for more than 2 seconds to select title input mode.
You cannot switch to the Title Input mode while playing a CD TEXT disc. The ADPS function* of the CD player lets you enter titles for up to 100 discs. (Up to 100 discs, including ITS, can be programmed.)
When the number of discs exceeds 100, the oldest disc that has been played in the past is overwritten by the newest. One title is stored for each disc. The title stored for a disc is not erased after the disc is changed.
A disc title can consist of up to 10 characters for a single disc.
or 3. Press the or side of button to select the input position.
The input position moves continuously when you hold down either side of the button.
4. Select characters using the side of button. or
When you hold down either side of the button, the character changes continuously.
5. Select the input position farthest to the right and press the button to memorize.
The title will appear on the display.
To interrupt title input, press the button for 2 seconds or more.

Display Switching

Normal Operation
Each press of the button switches between display of track number (elapsed play time) and disc title indications.
Normal Operation Disc Title Disc Artist Name Track Title Track Artist Name
When playing a CD TEXT disc, indications switch as shown on the left.
When you perform any operation while the disc title is being displayed, the normal operation display will appear for 8 seconds. If TEXT data is not recorded on a CD TEXT disc, NO ~ (e.g. NO TITLE) is displayed.

CD TEXT Title Scroll

Press the button for more than 2 seconds to scroll CD TEXT titles.

Disc Title List

You can list all discs loaded in the magazine being played. This function is convenient for checking discs in the magazine being played.
Each press of button displays the titles of the discs in magazine being played in ascending order of disc number. MEMO
The disc title is displayed for about 8 seconds, then the normal operation display returns. Nothing is displayed for discs having no titles. Trays with no discs are skipped.

Select the disc to be played from the disc list display
1. Press button to display the disc title list.
2. When the title of the disc you want to listen to is displayed, press button for more than 2 seconds.

That disc is played.

Setting Player to Play Discs via Radio
Modulating frequencies selector This system can change the frequency at which the FM car radio receives the CD audio signals within the range of 87.9 to 90.1 MHz in 0.2 MHz increments. (The initial setting is 89.1 MHz.) If there is a strong broadcast station signal near the current frequency, radio interference may occur. If it occurs, change the frequency. Source level adjuster When you play discs, if the volume is low compared with that for FM increase the volume level. If the volume is high and there is distortion, decrease the volume level. (The initial setting is LEVEL-4.)

[Page 20~21]

Pre-emphasis selector Normally, set the pre-emphasis selector to PRE-EMP 1. (The initial setting is PRE-EMP 1.) Play a disc. If you feel the treble is insufficient, switch the selector to PRE-EMP 2 to boost the treble slightly. When the selector is set to PRE-EMP 2, the sound may distort with some car radios. In this case, switch it back to PRE-EMP 1.
1. Hold down button for more than 2 seconds. The modulator setting mode will be entered, and the frequency will be displayed. MEMO
If you do nothing within the next 8 seconds, the modulator setting mode returns to the normal mode without changing the most recent settings.

Item Button or



2. Set the items while referring to the chart on the left.


The last adjustment is kept as final.
3. Press the button for 2 seconds or more to return to normal play.
Display shows this message
Take action according to the chart below.
Check discs and magazine once more.
If it still doesnt work after checking.
Press the CD players Clear button. (See Page 23.)

If it still doesnt work.

Read In case or trouble and request servicing.
Message No MAGAZINE (appears) No MAGAZINE (flashes for 5 seconds) READY Err 11, Err 12, Err 14, Err 17 Err 30 Err 11, Err 14 Err 14 Err 44 NO DISC Err 10, Err 11, Err 12, Err 14, Err 17 Err 19, Err 30, Err 50, Err 60, Err 70 Err A0, Err A1
Cause Removing the magazine from the CD player during CD play. Power was turned on while the magazine was not loaded in the CD player. The CD player is warming up. Dirt or a scratch on the disc stops the laser beam from being able to focus. Dirt or a scratch on the disc hinders the track number search function. The disc has been inserted upside down. An unrecorded compact disc (CD-R), which can be recorded on once is being used. All tracks are setting track skip. There is no disc in the magazine. Electrical or mechanical system fault.

Treatment To use this system, load the magazine into the CD player and then turn on the power. Turn on the power after loading the magazine into the CD player. Please wait a few moments. Wipe off the dirt. Exchange the disc if it has been scratched. (See Page 23.) Confirm that the disc has been inserted right side down. (See Page 6.) When you use a CD-R, load one that has been recorded on. Replace the disc. Load a disc into the magazine. (See Page 6.) Turn the car ignition switch off and on again, or press power ON/OFF button on the display unit, and start the CD playing again.
Pressing the Clear Button
After connecting everything up, press the clear button with the tip of a pencil. If the power will not switch on, or if the CD player does not operate, when the button on the control unit is pressed, or if the control unit display is incorrect, press this button with the tip of a pencil to restore normal operation. (This button is located inside the door.) Clear button
If the clear button is pressed when the player contains a magazine or the ignition switch is set to the ON or ACC position, the CD title display and ITS memory are cleared.

Magazine Disc



With this unit, use discs and magazines bearing the above marks.
This product is designed for use with conventional,fully circular CDs only. Use of shaped CDs are not recommended for this product. Check all CDs before playing, and discard cracked, scratched or warped discs. Normal playback of CD-R discs other than those recorded with a music CD recorder may not be possible. Playback of music CD-R discs, even those recorded with a music CD recorder, may not be possible with this product due to disc characteristics or scratches or dirt on the disc. Dirt or condensation on the lens inside this product may also prevent playback. Titles and other text information recorded on a CD-R disc may not be displayed by this product. Read the precautions with the CD-R discs before using.


Technical specifications

Full description

6-disc capacity; 8x oversampling, 1-Bit D/A converter; AGC (Automatic Gain Control) for optimum CD tracking performance; Playback compatible with digital audio CD-R; Ultra-compact size for increased In-Car installation flexibility; Operation controls on display and remote; Vertical/Horizontal/Angled mounting capabilities with multiple mounting angles; "Double-Floating" anti-vibration system; High-speed disc load and access; Built-In FM modulator (for connection to FM stereo radio); Wired control/display unit with surface or flush mounting; Wireless slim remote control; Disc list; CD-Text decoder (for use with CD-Text encoded CD); Disc title memory (100 disc); ITS memory (for programming up to 99 tracks per disc x 100 discs); IP-Bus compatible for use with all IP-Bus multi-CD player controllers; 3-mode repeat (Magazine/Disc/Track); Track fast Forward/Reverse; Uses the JD-612V magazine.

Product TypeCD changer
Recommended UseCar
Form FactorIn-dash unit & external changer
Dimensions (WxDxH) / WeightExternal CD changer : 9.8 in x 7.2 in x 2.6 in In-dash unit : 3.9 in x 0.7 in x 1.5 in
Audio System
System Control BusIP-Bus
Sound Output ModeStereo
Additional FeaturesCD Text capable, multi-angle mountable, built-in RF modulator
CD System
TypeCD changer
Form FactorExternal changer
Changer Capacity6 CD
Changer Load TypeMagazine
Media Load TypeSlot-load
Playback ModesProgram play, all disks repeat, random play / shuffle, all tracks repeat, one track repeat
Disc Title MemoryYes
CD-R CompatibleYes
Remote Control
TypeRemote control
Remote Control (2nd)
TypeCar CD changer remote control unit
FeaturesLCD display
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support1 year warranty
Service & Support DetailsLimited warranty - 1 year
Universal Product Identifiers
Part NumberCDX-FM687



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