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Navigation Main Menu with AV source status indication
AV Main Menu with next navigation prompt
Motorways Motorways and surface roads Alternative Route Proposal

Navigation menu

AV menu
Your Personal Travel Guide
Thanks to the built-in PC card slot, you can download the details of any destination onto a PC card and share it with your friends or save it for future reference. New applications of the built-in PC-card slot include trip logging and personalised wallpapers. With Trip Logging, you can keep an exact record of travelling time and distance, then download this information from the DVD Cyber Navi unit to a PC readable format. You can also use the PC-card to replace the pre-set wallpapers with personalised digital photos or images downloaded from your own PC.
3-D Sensor for Accurate Positioning
Your DVD Cyber Navi unit has a 3-D gyro sensor built-in. The sensor is connected to the speed pulse wire and measures in three directions: height (up/down), speed (distance), and direction (left/right). The sensor calculates inclines and detects complex areas such as tunnels. Youll never get lost again.

PC card slot

Real travelling distance

Personalised wallpapers

Moving distance on a map

Am With 3-D gyro sensor

Tolerance Am Bm
The Destination Registration feature lets you create your own personal navigation database. When you pass a destination you want to return to, you can name it, or attach an icon to it. When you pass that way again, the DVD Cyber Navi unit will play the warning tone or show the icon on the map.
With normal gyro sensor Am
Arrow-type Navigation Unit
ANH-P9R Navigation CD Tuner NEW
If youre looking for a simple to use yet smart arrow-type Navigation system with a CD tuner all in one, then the ANH-P9R is exactly what you need. You get all of Europe on one disc and you can even enjoy your favourite CDs whilst navigating. Theres a double RDS tuner one dedicated to the built-in TMC receiver plus an OEL 3-D animation display in a real brushed aluminium face. You even get all the high-quality audio features you have come to expect from Pioneer, such as MOSFET amplification and EEQ to personalise your audio settings.
All ANH-P9R audio functions can be controlled with the CD-SR100 OPTIONAL remote control


System set-up Example

Infrared signal transmitter
SDV-P7 GEX-6100TVP AVR-W6100
Video Game Camcorder SE-IRM250


6.5-Inch Wide Screen LCD Colour Display
The AVD-W6010 is a 6.5-inch wide-screen display with a convenient quick release mechanism, making it the perfect choice for on-dash installation. Thanks to its RGB and composite inputs, you can use it as front display for Pioneer's full range of AV and Navigation components.
Single DVD Player with Dolby Digital/DTS Digital Output
Introducing a flexible 1-DIN single DVD player that has all the options: DVD-Video, CD, CD-R/RW and Video CD playback. When used in combination with the AVM-P9000R AV master you can enjoy full-fledged multi-surround sound! And the options don't end: hook it up in to a Pioneer IP-Bus headunit or use it in stand-alone mode and operate the full range of AV entertainment possibilities with the standard remote control.

Navigation/AV Packages

DVD Navigation/AV Package
This top-of-the-line AV/navigation package has everything you ever dreamed of: an AV headunit with wide screen colour display and built-in CD player, a top notch DVD navigation system and a multi-channel AV Master unit that offers spectacular 5.1 multi-channel surround sound and complete flexibility for hooking up other source units. Create your own personal futuristic entertainment centre.
AVIC90DAV-2 consists of AVIC-8DVD-II, AVX-P7300DVD (7 wide screen in-dash colour display with built-in DVD player), AVM-P9000R (hide-away multi-channel AV Master) and CNDV-20 (DVD map disc)
AVIC85DHV-2 DVD Navigation/AV Package
AVIC80DH-2 DVD Navigation/AV Package
This highly functional multimedia package has all there is to offer: a DVD Navigation unit with built-in DVD Video and CD playback, plus an AV headunit offering an AM/FM Tuner and CD playback. Be amazed by the advantages this combo pack has to offer, and control all with one single remote or even by voice!
Your in-car multimedia adventure starts here: the combination of a premium DVD navigation unit with an AV headunit, resulting in an integrated entertainment centre offering navigation and CD playback. Both AV and navigation functions can be controlled by voice, and you can even connect a multi-CD or a rear screen to keep those backseat passengers happy.
AVIC85DHV-2 consists of AVIC-9DVD-II, AVH-P6400CD (AV headunit with built-in CD player) and CNDV-20 (DVD map disc)
AVIC80DH-2 consists of AVIC-8DVD-II, AVH-P6400CD (AV headunit with built-in CD player), CD-RGB600 (RGB connection cable) and CNDV-20 (DVD map disc)

Connection cable to be used to connect the AVIC-9DVD-II with the AVM-P9000R or AVM-P8000R (2001 model), the AVX-series and the AVD-series.


RGB Connection Cable (6 m)
RGB connection cable between 2001 AVIC-8/9DVD or AVIC-8DVD-II and the AVH-P6000CD/R.


Universal FM Antenna
Active transparent windshield antenna for optimal reception of TMC-broadcasts.


A/V Steering Wheel Remote Control
Steering remote controller for AVM-P9000R and AVM-P8000R.


RGB Cable (3 m)
For connecting the AVD-W6000 (used as front display) with an AV-Master, TV Tuner or Navigation System.


DVD Map Disc
DVD Map Disc available for upgrading the AVIC-8/9DVD to AVIC-8/9DVD-II. Contains both the application programme and the map data with extra coverage and more POIs.


RGB Cable (6 m)
For connecting the Navigation system with Pioneers AVD-W8000 colour display.


66 mm Full Range Speaker
Center speaker for 5.1 channel multi-sound reproduction 66 mm paper cone midrange with Urethane edge Strontium magnet Heat resistant ABS enclosure, designed for a wide variety of dashboards Nominal input power: 22 W 200 30,000 Hz, 83 dB (1W/1m) NEW Trim ring for AVR-W6100.


IP-Bus Extension Cable (3 m)
For Pioneer P-series headunit in-dash installation with SDV-P7.
45 W Max. CD-AR600 AV Remote Cable
NEW AV Remote Cable for AVR-W6100. Provides additional AV input and remote control relay to the AVR-W6100.


IP-Bus Extension Cable (6 m)


Optional Remote and Remote Sensor
Optional remote control for users of AVIC-8DVD and AVIC-9DVD (2001 models) allowing full control of the Navigation System, Pioneers AV Master Units and AVH Units. Included as standard in AVIC-8DVD-II and AVIC-9DVD-II.


PC-Link Kit for Personalised OEL animation!
Now you can capture your favourite digital camera images (BMP, JPEG or PNG formats) or digital video movies (AVI format) on your PC and create OEL movies of up to 60 frames. With the user-friendly PC-Link Kit software*, you can edit and add special effects and text to the images, change the frame size, timing and sequencing to get it just the way you want it. Another option is to simply click on the direct Internet link or go to to download ready-to-use background images, level indicators and movies. Once the file is finalised, hook up the PC-Link Kit writer to your computer and click the audio display into the writer to upload your personalized OEL animation.

Sound Field Setting

Sound Field Control

Multi-CD Players

CDX-P1270 12-Disc Multi-CD Player
Both the 6-disc and 12-disc multi-CD players incorporate the latest technology like Skip Play for CD-R/RW discs to bring you superb performance wherever your drive. Besides the Voice Control option, youll enjoy visual confirmation of CD information on your headunit with the CD text feature.


6-Disc Multi-CD Player


Universal Multi-CD Player
For drivers who wish to enjoy the clarity of CD sound, adding the CDX-FM657 is an easy and highly economical way to create an instant 6-disc system in a car already equipped with a high-quality FM stereo tuner (preferably a Pioneer headunit). The CDX-FM657 is a universal unit which can be used with any FM tuner, although the CD sound quality will be determined by the quality of the FM tuner to which it is connected. Complete with digital track display and remote control, this Multi-CD player is a high-value, very affordable route to digital sound pleasure.


Voice Controller
The CD-VC60/65 Voice Controller can be combined with a standard Pioneer multi-CD player. The userfriendly Voice Control utilises advanced voice recognition technology to allow control of the car audio system at the sound of your own voice. The CD-VS60/65 can also control some functions of Pioneer IP-Bus headunits, for the most convenient control and utmost safety.
Specified Voice Recognition System with IP-Bus in/output Guidance Language Selector: English/French/German/Dutch (CD-VC60); English/Spanish/ Italian/Portuguese (CD-VC65) Memory registration, Re-call, Search/Scan of disc or track, radio and TV stations by Voice Control and Voice Guidance Direct Audio Access: EQ Curve (DEH-P90DAB)
Direct Source Access (DEH-P900HDD, DEH-P90DAB, DEH-P9400MP, DEH-P8400MP, DEH-P4400R(B), MEH-P7300R, FH-P4100R, KEH-P7020R, KEH-P6020R(B), AVM-P9000R) Direct Track access (CDX-P1270, CDX-P670, MCD Packages using CDX-P670) Complete with interface unit, wired controller and microphone Memory capacity: 100 items

Voice Control

For the best in safe and convenient driving, you can add the optional CD-VC60/65 voice control unit. You will be able to operate your headunit using high-end speech technology to select the source or radio station. And with CD Text and Disc Title Memory capable headunits, you can even select your preferred CD* just by using your voice and keeping your hands on the wheel.




Digital Preamp/Equaliser

By adding this DSP unit to the DEX-P9R, the discerning driver can enjoy the versatility, sonic purity and distortion-free control of digital signal processing and network functions. By converting the incoming signal to digital form, it enables you to balance the output signal to match the acoustic charachterisitics of your car and to create your personal sound profile by using the parametric equaliser and Sound Field Control functions.


Full Digital System
Pioneers combination of the ultra-high quality DEX-P9R component CD/RDS tuner and the DEQ-P9, a Universal Digital Preamp/Equaliser, creates a pure audio system that redefines sonic excellence. Pioneers acclaimed hi-bit technology converts the original 16-bit CD audio signal to 24-bits, which improves signal linearity and maintains pure audio quality during digital processing. The DEX-P9R has optical digital input for connecting Pioneers XDV-P9 multi-DVD player, and optical digital outputs for connecting to the DEQ-P9 off-board digital network. This network features 3 ultra precise 51-bit Digital Signal Processors to implement the 31-band graphic equalisation with independent Left/Right control, time alignment and the 4-way digital network. The DEQ-P9s outputs are loaded with six Burr Brown 24-bit multi-bit DACs the best of the best! Each of the audio output channels features 2 separate DACs, arranged in Sign-Magnitude conversion mode. This eliminates zero cross distortion, and offers an astounding S/N ratio and an 24-Bit multi-bit D/A Converters ultra-wide dynamic range. The final result is unparalleled sonic clarity, faithfully reproducing the resonance of the original recording in any car.
The DEX-P9R also functions as a stand-alone headunit. In this case, external amplifiers can be used to drive the front and rear speakers as well as a subwoofer over the nonfading preout. Each of the outputs from the DEX-P9R features a 4 Hi-Volt preout, and the analogue conversion is done using Burr Brown 24-bit multi-bit DACs. To get the most from the DEX-P9R, however, Pioneer strongly recommends using it in combination with the DEQ-P9. The DEQ-P9 has a 4-way output, for driving a low-range woofer, a mid-range speaker, a tweeter and a subwoofer. This can also be adapted to a low mid-range woofer, a tweeter, a subwoofer and full-range rear fill speakers, if required. The external amplifiers are driven by the DEQ-P9s Hi-Volt outputs. These very high quality outputs use their own balanced plus/minus PWM power supply, to minimise noise and distortion.
Audiophiles will also appreciate Pioneers attention to detail. The aluminium front panel and elegant blue OEL display of the DEX-P9R are a sight to behold. For absolute perfection, choose the display off mode to eliminate noise created by the displays power circuits. Special touches such as the copper-plated chassis for reducing noise inducing eddy currents, gold-plated RCA terminals and the use of 99.99 % pure Oxygen Free Copper in the RCA cables make these products the acoustic perfectionists dream.

TS-A2510 NEW

25 cm 3-Way Speakers

400 W Max.

Crystalline IMPP Cone Woofer with Butyl Rubber Edge () Cone Midrange () Tweeter Frequency Response Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) Nominal input power 25 cm 66 mm 18 mm 25 30,000Hz 93 dB 100 W


20 cm 66 mm 18 mm 25 30,000Hz 93 dB 90 W


6x9 (163 x 237 mm) 66 mm 18 mm 25 30,000Hz 93 dB 80 W


17 cm 42 mm 10 mm 28 30,000Hz 92 dB 50 W


13 cm 42 mm 10 mm 40 30,000Hz 91 dB 35 W

350 W Max.

6 x 9 3-Way Speakers

153 x 225 84.265

330 W Max.

200 W Max.

150 W Max.

TS-A Speaker Series

The TS-A 6 x 9 speakers with their unique combination of oval woofers and midrange/tweeter cones, take full advantage of the boot space to produce rich,deep bass. They feature a Foamed IMPP Composite cone with an improved cone shape and surface finish and specially designed tweeters to achieve well balanced sounds. Corresponding to their attractive visual styling, these speakers achieve true large-speaker performance.


6 x 9 4-Way Speakers


250 W Max.


6 x 9 2-Way Speakers
6 x 9 (163 x 237 mm) Foamed IMPP composite cone woofer PPC (Pearl Polycarbon) balanced dome midrange () PPTA Balanced Dome mid-range () Foamed IMPP cone tweeter with Strontium magnet () Cone tweeter () Super tweeter () Tweeter () Frequency Response Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) Nominal input power 60 mm

60 mm

66 mm 42 mm 18 mm 25 32,000 Hz 93 dB 80 W 18 mm 25 30,000 Hz 93 dB 60 W 28 26,000 Hz 93 dB 40 W

Cross-Axial Speakers


120 W Max.

Cone woofer () Cone tweeter () Frequency Response Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) Nominal input power
16 mm 42 mm 30 25,000 Hz 90 dB 30 W

Surface Mount Speakers


60 W Max.

3-Way Speakers

40 W Max.

Full-range speaker () Cone Woofer () Horn midrange () Horn tweeter () Frequency Response Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) Nominal input power
13 cm 27 mm 20 mm 75 20,000 Hz 89 dB 20 W

180 20,000 Hz 88 dB 10 W

Midranges & Tweeters


Dome Tweeters


TS-C1700R (1) TS-C1700R *

TS-E175C (1) TS-E175C*

TS-E1795 TS-E1795*
TS-E1775 TS-E1775 TS-E1775

TS-A1710 TS-A1710*

TS-G1046 TS-G1746 TS-G1746
All mounting proposals and measurements contained in this guide have been checked. However, due to continual modification of certain car models, we cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of all statements, technical information and recommendements. For that reason, a thorough inspection of the mounting area should be made before proceeding with installation. Location: A: Front Door B: Dual Dash C: Rear Deck D: Kick Panel E: Rear Side Shelf F: Rear Seat Side G: Rear Door H: Rear Pillar I: Hatch Door J: Rear Panel K:Rear Ceiling L: Roof (1) Tweeter fits original location, (2) Need to make 2 screw holes on the original speaker location, (3) Original 13 cm speaker adaptor required, (4) Original 17 cm adaptor required, (5) Original 17 cm speaker location required, (6) High range unit fits original location, (7) Front door pocket with 17 cm speaker location required, (8) Rear door pocket with 17 cm speaker location required, (9) Drill holes to fix the speaker, (10) 5-door, (11) In case original speaker places are provided

Galaxy (9/95-)

TS-E1775* TS-E1775* TS-E1775 TS-E1775 TS-E1675 TS-E1075 TS-E1075 TS-E1375 TS-E1375 TS-E1375
*UD-M171 *UD-M171 UD-M172 UD-M172


A G A G Legend 2/4-door (10/91-12/96) A Pony 3+5-door (1/90-9/94) A Pony 4-door(Excel) (1/90-9/94) A Samara 3-door (1/86-) E Samara 5-door (1/88-) E Diva/Sagona (8/91-) C Dedra (6/89-) B Delta (7/93-6/00) C Y (1/96-) A Z (3/94-) A F 190/190E (W201) (1/83-5/93) B A-Class (9/97-) A G Astra 3/5-door (9/91-9/97) E Astra 4-door (6/92- 9/97) C C Astra series (10/97-) A Astra 3 door (10/97-) E Omega(4/94-) A Tigra (11/95-) A Vectra/Cavalier 5 door E (10/88-8/95) Vectra(9/95-) A 106 XR/XN 3-door (9/91-) A 106 XT/XSI 3-door (9/91-) F A 106 5-door (9/92-) A G 206 series (9/98-) A F, G 205 3+5-door (9/83-12/97) H A 306 XS/XT (8/93-) A 307 5-door (1/03-) A 309 3+5-door (11/85-7/93) H A 405 (6/87-5/92) A 405 (6/92-5/95) A 406 (6/95-) A 605 (9/89-) A G 806 (3/94-) A F Partner (10/96 -) B Clio (5/90-2/98) B E Clio II 5-door except RXE (3/98-)A Clio II 5-door RXE (3/98-) A G Clio II 3-door (3/98- ) A F Safrane (3/92-) A G Twingo II (10/98 -) B Mgane 5-door RT (9/95-) A E Mgane 5-door RL/RN (9/95-) A E Mgane Classic (9/95-) A C Mgane coup(9/95-) A E Mgane Scnic (10/96-) A E Express (6/87-8/97) B 19 RL,RN (4/92-8/95) B E 19 (except RL,RN) (4/92-8/95) B A E 19 Chamade (except RL,RN) (4/92-8/95) B A 19 Chamade RL,RN (4/92-8/95) B 19 Cabrio (4/92-4/97) B A F Mondeo-series (3/93-11/00)
TS-E1795 TS-E1795 TS-E1695

TS-A1710 TS-A1710

TS-G1746 TS-G1746 TS-G1746 TS-G1746 TS-G1046 TS-G1046 TS-G1346 TS-G1346 TS-G1346

DVD Video

The latest in multimedia digital technology, DVD, guarantees second-to-none picture quality. The ultra-sharp digital picture and surround sound bring impressive cinema into your car. Plus, DVD is packed with useful features s.a. multiple languages, soundtracks and subtitles, support for various multi-channel audio encoding technologies such as DTS and Dolby Digital.

Loudness Control

At low volume levels, low and high frequency sounds in music can be overpowered by ambient noise levels in the vehicle. Loudness control boosts these frequencies and provides better overall sound at low volume levels.

Check In/Check out

Check-out = transferring data from the DEH-P900HDD's built-in HDD to the MagicGate Memory Stick. Check-in = returning checked-out music data to the HDD. The Check-in can only be done by the HDD which did the Check-out. According to MagicGate regulation, it is possible to make four copies of the music data. One copy is recorded on the HDD, this which leaves you with 3 additional Check-out possibilities.

MOSFET 50 W x 4

The MOSFET50 Power Amp boosts audio performance levels by using revolutionary new semiconductor technology. Characteristics such as low loss, lower audio distortion, eliminated switching distortion and a wide power band combine to give MOSFET50 headunits 50 W x 4 of sonic clarity, matching the best component amplifiers.

1-bit D/A Converter

Conversion of digital information as recorded into analogue signals that are then reproduced as the sound you hear. 1-bit Conversion ensures a smooth sound without harshness.

Gracenote CDDB

CDDB is a registered trademark of Gracenote. The Gracenote logo and logotype, the Gracenote CDDB logo and logotype, and the Powered by Gracenote CDDB logo are trademarks of Gracenote. Music recognition Service and MRS are service trademarks of Gracenote.


The 2-mode Octaver Bass Enhancement System is a DSP technology featuring a bass boosting Octaver that processes signals under 200 Hz by shifting down an octave and adding an original sound low-frequency signal output.

CD Text

CD Text allows various text information to be added to normal music CDs. (usable with compact discs featuring CD Text).

Bass Reflex

A loudspeaker design in which the sound waves generated by the drivers rear surface are allowed to pass through a port in the enclosure to reinforce bass response. This enables smaller drivers to offer increased bass response with less power.
Separate Component Speakers
Speakers, such as woofers, midranges and tweeters, that reproduce only certain frequencies. Component Speakers not only reproduce the audio signal more accurately, but also increase the listeners control over the audio signal.

Strontium Magnet

A very powerful magnetic material which has a greater magnetic force field than a ferrite magnet. Strontium magnets improve efficiency and power handling capabilities. This enables engineers to build a much smaller magnet, and consequently a thinner speaker to fit in areas with limited mounting depth without compromising sound quality.

Pop-Out Rotary Volume

The pop-out rotary volume is a Pioneer ergonomic design element: press and the button pops out to turn up the volume.

Butyl Rubber Edge

The rolled edge where the speaker cone meets the frame, is made of a specially blended, highly durable and moisture-resistant compound. Butyl Rubber keeps the cone moving in a linear direction and stops the cone from vibrating. This leads to less distortion and superior frequency response.
Removable Front Panel (RFP)
A theft-deterrent system invented by Pioneer. With RFP, the front panel of the unit can be lifted off and slipped into a protective case. The units sensitive electronics remain protected in the dash; all that remains visible is a black panel that wont attract thieves.
CCAW (Copper-Clad Aluminium Wire) Voice Coil
Aluminium wire is lighter than conventional copper wire. When used as a voice coil material, larger gauge aluminium wire can be used to increase maximum input power and to extend bass response. A copper coating over the aluminium enables sure soldering contact and wide frequency response.

Swivel Mount Tweeter

The swivel mount tweeter offers the best of all installation possibilities. Featuring a specially designed flush-mount cup, this mounting system allows the tweeter to be angled in any direction for optimum imaging and placement.
The Soft Key Concept makes operation super easy. Button assignments change according to the source or function engaged. You can access the function you need directly, with one touch. Some functions are also accessible via the remote controllers cross-key or the steering wheel remote.


Interfaces Pioneer car speakers with the speaker harness in Renault Espace, Safrane and 19 (5/92-), Volkswagen Golf III and Vento, Seat Toledo and Opel/Vauxhall Astra.
CD-250R (5 M) CD-220R (2 M) CD-205R (0.5 M)
Component RCA extension cables with groundable outer shield and gold-plated RCA connectors.
CD-140 (4 M) CD-116A (1.5 M)
Component DIN extension cables.


Interfaces Pioneer car stereo with the cable harness of Opel/Vauxhall cars, Citron AX/ZX, Peugeot 306 (3/93) and 405 (7/92-), Alfa 155 and Fiat Croma (2/92-) (including antenna adaptor).


Interfaces Pioneer car stereo with the cable harness of all Volkswagen, Audi models and Seat Toledo (including antenna adaptor).

Line Noise Suppressors

RD-985 (5 M)
High performance RCA signal ground isolator to be connected to the RCA input of the amplier, suppressing the alternator noise.
High Power line noise suppressors which reduce alternator and other noise reaching the car stereo or amplier through the power line.
Optional Custom-Fit Speaker Adaptor Plates


Adaptor kit designed to mount 17 cm speakers.

UD-M174 VW

Adaptor kit for Volkswagen Golf/Passat to mount 17 cm speakers (front and rear door).

Remote Controller Kit

CD/DVD Magazine

UD-M171 (5 MM THICK)

UD-M177 VW
Adaptor kit for Volkswagen Lupo and Seat Arosa to mount 17 cm speakers (front door).


Designed with safety in mind, Pioneer's full-function smart remote works with remote control ready headunits, to give you easy control of all operations without having to reach for the headunit.


CD/DVD Magazine for XDV-P9-II, CDX-P670, CDX-FM657 and multi-CD Packages.


Adaptor kit designed to mount 13 cm speakers.

UD-M175 MB

Adaptor kit for Mercedes A Class to mount 17 cm speakers (front door).

Optional Spacer Rings

Adaptor kit designed to mount 10 cm speakers.

UD-M176 OP

Adaptor kit for Opel/Vauxhall cars to mount 17 cm speakers.

AD-M16 (25 MM THICK)

UD-M16S (17-42 MM THICK)
Spacer rings designed for 16 cm ush-mount speakers.

UD-M100 (11-27 MM THICK)

Designed for 10 cm ush-mount speakers.
Adaptor kit designed to mount 87 mm speakers.

UD-M135 MB

Adaptor kit for Mercedes A Class to mount 13 cm speakers (rear door).
Navigation and AV Features



Navigation AV Unit

Ultra-slim built-in DVD Video/DVD-ROM/CD Player Built-in MPEG 2/1 decoder-stereo sound CD funct.: Track Scan, CD Pause, Random/Repeat Play Region Number: 2

2 RCA inputs (PAL/NTSC Video & L + R Audio) with S-Video 1 RGB input with RGB cable for AV Master or Navigation System 1 RCA AV output (PAL/NTSC Video & L + R Audio) Power Supply In Auto Display brightness and backlight adjustment
Remote Control sensor for AV Master and Navigation System Selectable wide screen mode (Just/Full/Cinema/Zoom/Normal)


PAL TV Tuner 12 Station presets (12TV1/12TV2) by BSSM (Best Station Sequential Memory)
System Connection Features:
IP Bus Input/Output (controlled by AV Headunit, AV System Master and selected no. of Pioneer IP Bus headunits) 1 RCA AV Output (PAL/Video & L + R Audio) for rear display
Specifications: TV Tuner:
-Reception channels/TV system: CCIR/B, G, H, : VHF 2-12ch, UHF: 21-69ch, ITALY/B, G, H: VHF A-H2ch, UHF: 21-69ch, UK, Ireland/I: A-Kch, UHF 21-69ch, OIRT/D, K: R1-R12ch, UHF21-69ch -Color system: TV: PAL compatible
Country setting 4 Channel diversity antenna system (with optional antenna kit AN-G3) Card-type remote control
PAL, SECAM* TV Tuner 24 Station Presets (12 TV1/12 TV2) by BSSM (Best Station Sequential Memory)

System Features:

Country setting (4 country groups: CCIR, Italy, UK, OIRT) 4 Channel diversity antenna system (with optional antenna kit AN-G3) Card-type remote control Picture Colour/Sharpness adjustment
RGB input for Navigation system or AV System Master 2 RCA AV inputs (PAL/SECAM/NTSC Video & L + R Audio) for add-on game consoles, VCRs and others 1 RCA AV output (PAL/SECAM/NTSC** Video & L + R Audio) for rear display Independent Audio Video Selector for front display Independent Video Source Selector for rear display
- Colour system: TV: PAL/SECAM/NTSC compatible, Video: PAL/SECAM/NTSC compatible * Reception channels: note that SECAM tuner cannot receive SECAM L, as used in France. ** The Video output does not feature a conversion function between PAL, SECAM or NTSC.
- Reception channels/TV system: CCIR/B, G, H, K: VHF 2-12ch, UHF: 21-69ch, ITALY/B, G, H, K: VHF A-H2ch, UHF: 21-69ch, UK/I: UHF 21-69ch, OIRT/G, H, D, K: R1-R12ch, UHF21-69ch
IP-Bus input/output (controlled by AV System Master and selected Pioneer IP-Bus headunits) Built-in FM Modulator (for original headunit connection) RGB output for front display (AVX-P7300DVD, AV-P7000CD, AVX-7300, AVD-W6010, AVD-W6000)
6-Disc DVD Video/Video CD/CD Player Built-in MPEG 2/1 decoder 24-bit D/A Converter Stand alone use with optional remote and remote sensor for rear AV entertainment
Optical digital output for Multi-Channel AV Master (AVM-P9000R) (DTS/Dolby Digital/Dolby Pro Logic/Linear PCM) Analogue IP-BUS output for front + RCA output for rear RCA Video Output (Front + Rear) GUI control with new OSD Region Number: 2

Controlled by AVM-P9000R and AVM-P8000R (except 5.1 channel sound reproduction). External control by any Pioneer IP-Bus headunit or AVM-P7000R. In this case the optional CD-R9 remote control and remote sensor are required.
DVD Video/Video CD/CD Player Built-in MPEG 2/1 decoder 24-bit D/A Converter DVD-R/RW1 and CD-R/RW2 playback* Stand alone use with standard remote and remote sensor for rear AV entertainment GUI control with new OSD Optical digital output for multi-channel AV Master (AVM-P9000R) (DTS/Dolby Digital/Dolby Pro Logic/Linear PCM) IP-Bus input/output
AV-Bus output Analogue IP-Bus output for front + RCA output (L + R audio) for rear entertainment RCA video output (Front + Rear) Joystick remote controller 1-DIN or hide-away installation Flap design with removable front panel White display illumination Region Number: 2
Controlled by AVM-P9000R and AVM-P8000R (except 5.1 channel sound reproduction). External control by any Pioneer IP-Bus headunit and AVM-P7000R. * Can play DVD-R/RW discs recorded in Video format (Video Mode) only. Cannot play DVD-RW recorded in Video recording format (VR Mode).1


Adaptive RDS (PI, PS, AF, TP/TA) PTY (search & alarm) News interrupt feature ARC 5 FM BSA (Best TP Station Auto Search) High speed PLL Synthesiser tuner PNS (Pulse Noise Suppressor) 24 Presets BSM (Best Stations Memory)
Pre-installed Gracenote CDDB Title input Erase 10 GB Storage Digital/Analogue Recording (w/o Tuner) 132 kbps/105 kbps recording bit rate ATRAC3 Encode/Decode Check IN/OUT (Memory Stick)
Multi-CD Control ITS (Instant Track Selection) Disc Title Memory CD Text Digital Compression/Dynamic Bass Emphasis Source TV Control DAB Tuner Control External Unit Control via IP-Bus AUX-In (with optional CD-RB20) Standard remote control ISO Connector Digital clock OEL-Blue display illumination Soft Key Operation Pop-Out rotary volume Flat-type Front Panel Removable Front Panel Cellular telephone auto muting Flexible angle installation (0 - 30) Voice Control with optional CD-V60/65 (Name & Access Source/Name & Access Radio Station/Name & Access MCD Track or Disc)
MOSFET 50 W x 4 max. output power (watts) 4 x 27 W DIN output power (watts: DIN45324, +B = 14.4 V) Built-in DSP with13-band Graphic Equaliser, Listening Position Selector, 5-mode Preset Equaliser, 2-mode User Preset Equaliser, Source Equalisation Memory, 4-mode Sound Field Control, Time Alignment, Auto EQ, 2-mode Octaver, BBE, HPF, LPF Digital ASL (Automatic Sound Leveliser) ASL (Automatic Sound Leveliser) Spectrum analyser Level indicator Loudness Source level adjuster Fader 3 gold-plated RCA Pre-Outs (Front + Rear + Subwoofer)
Fast Forward/Reverse Track Search/Scan/Repeat Track/Manual Search Random Play Last Position Memory Disc Title Memory CD Text CD-R/RW Playback CD-ROM

Hard Disc Drive

Play list folder: rec. date (all)/Digital/Analogue/Artist/Custom 6 custom play list Scan, Repeat (Track/Play list/Play list folder), Random play, Pause
1 Slot Track scan/Repeat/Random Play/Pause


Auto seek, Ensemble seek Service up/down Switching between Primary/Secondary services 18 Services preset memory Preset recall, channel up/down, band switch (DAB 1/2/3) Label display selection (Ensemble/Service/Service Component/PTy) Dynamic Label Segment Headline
PTy selection/search Available Pty List Preset List Search Announcement support (AS): Alarm, Traffic, News, Transport, Warning, Weather, Event, Special Event, Information, Finance DLS (Dynamic Label Segment) scrolling
Service Following (SF): DAB-DAB and DAB-RDS* Function settings menu (AS/SF/Primary-Secondary/DLS) * Not available in Germany.
PRS Pure Audio System Features


RDS (PI, PS, AF, TP/TA), PTY (Search and Alarm), News Interrupt feature and Radio Text High Speed PLL ARC5 Synthesiser tuner with BSA (Best TP Station Auto Search), BSM (Best Stations Memory) and PNS (Pulse Noise Suppressor) 24-Station Presets CD Text CD-R/RW playback with Skip Play
Separate Bass/Treble Source Level Adjuster Fader 3 Gold-plated RCA Pre-Outs (Front + Rear + Non Fading) High Voltage output IP-Bus input/output Optical input/output
24-bit D/A Converter with 8 times Oversampling Digital filter Fast forward/reverse Track Search/Scan/Repeat Track/Manual search Random Play Last Position Memory Disc Title Memory
Multi-CD Control with Disc Title Memory and CD Text Source TV Control DAB Tuner Control
Source DVD Control External Unit Control via IP-Bus (2 units) AUX-In (with optional CD-RB20) Slide-type Remote Control Digital Clock OEL blue-colour display illumination Display Off Auto-flap mechanism Removable front panel with safety warning beep Cellular telephone auto muting Flexible angle installation (0 60) Voice Control with optional CD-VC60/65 (Track or Disc) Copper-plated chassis Aluminium finished front panel


31-Band L/R independent graphic equaliser (1/3 oct) with level control (0.5 step, 12 dB) 4-Way independent L/R crossover network (High, Mid, Low, Subwoofer) - Crossover frequency: 20 Hz 20 kHz (1/3 oct) - Slope: 0*, -6, -12, -18, -24, -30, -36 dB/oct Time Alignment for clear sound focus Aramid Fibre Composite Cone woofer Dual Layer rolled Urethane Surround Dual Voice Coil design (2 x 4 ohm) 2 ohm rated (parallel wired) 8 ohm rated (series wired)



EKC5162 Compound BOW Motivator 27WL56 RC-7200 Dakota 20 Review SPH-W3300 RCD-975 RA2500 Abit VA6 4X4-2002 Motorola EM35 Wl-366 CQ-R111L KCE-104V Maintenance 200 A DST-SP1 FX5051 VP-MX20CH Boys 2 Ensoniq DP-2 WD-14312RDA JX20 Jx30 BT160 CP-20J52 Datasheet Clp-930 Ryobi 280R HW-C900 81883 Becker 7929 PT-L735E HDC-SD7 Ec 200 Kodak Z950 YSP-3000 AHD 200 Iron GYM Fostex A-8 Disto D3 AZ3068-37B LX1200H Lecoaspira 700 42PG20-UA Nnct559W EOS 5D Enterprise KX-F880 Timex 100 SF150 DVF-8945N Pentax GR-20GK DG834GTB NS100 VHF UA26C4000 Centronics 18M SR-S20NTC ESF 2435 Vampyr 5090 Argos CDE-9882RI DVB-T X XS Imageclass D660 Leche Isis DTH109E HS815 EOK76030X G10 G10C TF-14P1 GE81W 28PT7304 12 SX-X360 W2261VG Infiniti PRO MM1402 FR-X9A Aficio 2060 Seiko 3M21 42MF230A 8 0 YBA-10 HC3000U Leader KX-T7720 VA712B SC-PT450 GFA-555 GC8220 02 A7vivm Champ XD HXA40X EW100 Player GT-S8000 Xl Nikon 700 TP329


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