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LarryC 5:37pm on Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 
Just purchased to replace older model Pioneer. Works great, looks great worth the price.

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Checking whats in the box
Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. Before starting to set up your new stereo system, please check that you received the following supplied accessories: Operating instructions Remote control unit Power cord x1 (x2 (Latin American model only)) FM antenna AM loop antenna Power plug adapter (Latin American model only) Speaker cord (S-A790VLR only) red/black speaker cords (x2), blue/black speaker cords (x2)

5 More CD Features

Programming a playlist... 36 Using repeat play... 36 Using random play.. 38

6 More Tuner Features

Saving stations for quick recall.. 40 Listening to station presets.. 40 Changing the frequency step.. 40
7 Recording Cassette Tapes
Making tape recordings.. 42 Automatically recording CDs.. 44 Copying tapes... 46 Improving AM tape recordings.. 46

8 Singing Karaoke

Singing karaoke... 48

Using this manual

This manual is for the XR-A790 and XR-A390 Stereo CD Cassette Deck Receiver. It is split into three sections: setting up (chapters 1 and 2); using the system (chapters 3 to 10), and additional information (chapter 11). This last chapter contains care information for the unit, discs and tapes, a troubleshooting section, and specifications.

Before You Start

Putting the batteries in the remote
1 Open the battery compartment cover on the back of the remote control unit.
2 Load the two AA/R6P batteries 2 into the battery compartment following the indications (, ) inside the compartment. 3 Close the cover.


Remove the batteries if the remote is 3 not going to be used for a month or more. Remove dead batteries promptly they can leak and damage the unit.

Using the remote control

Keep in mind the following when using the remote control unit: Make sure that there are no obstacles in between the remote and the remote sensor on the unit. Use within the operating range and angle, as shown in the diagram. (A) (A) Remote operation may become unreliable if strong sunlight or fluorescent light is shining on the units remote sensor. Remote controllers for different devices can interfere with each other. Avoid using remotes for other equipment located nearby this unit. Replace the batteries when you notice a fall off in the operating range of the remote.
Use in a place exposed to high temperatures or humidity, including near radiators and other heat-generating appliances. Place on a window sill or other place where any of the components or speakers will be exposed to direct sunlight. Use in an excessively dusty or damp environment. Place directly on top of any appliance which becomes hot in use. Use near a television or monitor as you may experience interferenceespecially if the television uses an indoor antenna. Use in a kitchen or other room where the unit may be exposed to smoke or steam. Place on an unstable surface, or one that is not large enough to support all four of the units feet, or the whole footprint of each speaker. Block the cooling fan on the rear of the unit. Dont cover the unit with cloth, or use on thick carpet, etc. Put objects on top of the speakers.

Avoiding condensation problems
Condensation may form inside the unit if it is brought into a warm room from outside, or if the temperature of the room rises quickly. Although the condensation wont damage the unit, it may temporarily impair its performance. For this reason you should leave it to adjust to the warmer temperature for about an hour before switching on and using.

Moving the system unit

If you need to move the system unit, first switch it off and unplug from the wall outlet. Never lift or move the unit during playbackdiscs rotate at a high speed and may be damaged.
Discs compatible with this system
Any disc that displays one of the following logos should play in this system. Other formats, including DVD, Video CD, CD-R, CDRW, CD-ROM, SACD and Photo CD will not play. 12cm or 8cm discs.
Finding a suitable location
We want you to enjoy using your new stereo system for years to come, so please bear in mind the following points when choosing a suitable location for the system components and speakers:
Use in a well-ventilated room. Place on a solid, flat, level surface, such as a table, shelf or stereo rack.

1 Antes de comenzar

Verificacin de los contenidos.. Cmo usar este manual.. Cmo colocar las bateras en el mando a distancia. Cmo usar el mando a distancia.. Cmo encontrar una ubicacin adecuada.. Prevencin de problemas de condensacin.. Cmo trasladar el sistema.. Discos compatibles con este sistema.. 9 9
Cmo usar efectos individuales de sonido.. Modo Equalizer... Modo Zoom Surround.. Modo P.Bass... Cambiar efectos de sonido con el mando a distancia. Cmo almacenar sus propias configuraciones.. Cambio de la pantalla de sonido. Cmo silenciar el sonido..
10 Cmo usar el temporizador
Cmo configurar el temporizador del despertador. 57 Cmo configurar el temporizador de apagado. 59 Cmo configurar el temporizador de grabacin. 59 Cmo cancelar el temporizador.. 61
2 Cmo realizar conexiones
El panel posterior... Cmo conectar los altavoces.. Cmo conectar los altavoces frontales. Conexin de los sper altavoces de subgraves. 13 Cmo conectar los altavoces posteriores. 13 Cmo ubicar los altavoces.. 13 Cmo conectar las antenas de radio. 15 Cmo conectar antenas externas.. 17 Cmo conectar componentes auxiliares. 17 Cmo conectarse a la red elctrica.. 17

Cmo trasladar el sistema

Si necesita trasladar el sistema, apguelo primero y desenchfelo de la toma de corriente de la pared. Nunca levante ni mueva la unidad mientras est en reproduccin. El disco gira a alta velocidad y puede daarse.
Cmo encontrar una ubicacin adecuada
Queremos que disfrute el uso de su nuevo sistema estreo durante muchos aos y por este motivo le rogamos que tenga en cuenta los siguientes puntos al elegir una ubicacin adecuada para los altavoces y componentes del sistema:
Discos compatibles con este sistema
Cualquier disco que tenga uno de los siguiente logotipos debera funcionar con el sistema. Otros formatos, incluyendo DVDs, discos compactos de vdeo, CD-RW, CD-ROM, SACD y Photo CD no funcionarn play. (Discos de 12cm o 8cm)
Use una sala con suficiente ventilacin. Coloque sobre una superficie slida, plana y nivelada como una mesa, estantera o mueble para aparatos de alta fidelidad.

Connecting Up

The rear panel
The illustration on this page shows the XR-A790. Not all features are available on the XR-A390. Important: Before making or changing any rear panel connections, make sure that all the components are switched off and unplugged from the power supply.
Connect the AM and FM antennas here Connect to the analog inputs of an external recorder here


Connect an external AV amp or digital recorder here (XR-A790 only)


Connect to a power outlet


Select the voltage compatible with your AC power supply


AC INLET 240V 220 230V 110 127V


Connect the rear speakers here (XR-A790 only)


Connect the front speakers here


Connect Super Woofer speakers here (XR-A790 only)

Connecting the speakers

XR-A790: This system is supplied with four speakers: two main front speakers; two Super Woofer speakers. XR-A390: This system is supplied with two front speakers.
Connecting the front speakers
Use the supplied red and black speaker cords to connect the front speakers to the main unit. (The S-A390 speakers come with speaker cord already attached; you only need to connect them to the main unit.) To get the best sound from the system, its important that you connect the two strands of speaker cord for each speaker to the correct speaker terminal. The terminals and cords are color-coded to help you match them up. Note: Make sure that the bare speaker cords cannot touch each other, or come into contact with other metal parts once the unit is switched on.

To mount the rear speakers on a wall:
Use the hole located on the rear panel of the speaker to mount it on a wall. Make sure that the speakers are mounted securely to prevent accidents. Check that the wall is strong enough to hang the speakers on. Pioneer disclaims any responsibility for damage due to falling speakers and other accidents caused by inappropriate strength of the wall or improper installation. No screws or other fittings are supplied to mount the speakers on the wall.

Speaker Caution!

Do not connect any of the supplied speakers to any other amplifier. This may result in malfunction or fire. If you wish to connect speakers other than the ones supplied with this system, use only speakers with a nominal impedance of between 1216 with the XR-A790, and between 616 with the XR-A390. Refer to the instructions that came with your speakers if you are unsure of their impedance before connecting them and switching on.

Placing the speakers

Where you put your speakers in the room has a big effect on the quality of the sound. The following guidelines and the diagram below should help you to get the best sound from your system.
Conexin de los sper altavoces de subgraves
Slo el XR-A790: Emplee los cables de altavoz azules y negros suministrados para conectar los sper altavoces de subgraves a la unidad principal. Al igual que los altavoces delanteros antes mencionados, es importante que conecte los dos cables de altavoz de cada altavoz al terminal correcto del altavoz. Conecte los cables de altavoz de los sper altavoces de subgraves del mismo modo que los altavoces delanteros. Nota: Asegrese de que los cables de altavoz desforrados no se toquen entre s, ni que se pongan en contacto con otras partes metlicas despus de haber conectado la alimentacin del aparato.
Cmo conectar los altavoces posteriores
Slo XR-A790: Los altavoces posteriores se conectan a la unidad principal con fonoconectores/RCA. Simplemente enchufe cada altavoz en la toma correspondiente del panel posterior. Emplee solamente altavoces con una impedancia nominal de 16 o ms.

Para iniciar la reproduccin del siguiente disco cargado, pulse DISC CHANGE.
Puede hacerlo mientras el sistema reproduce un disco.
Para reproducir un disco directamente, emplee uno de los tres botones DISC-1/2/3.
Puede hacerlo miestras el sistema reproduce un disco o cuando est detenido.
Para hacer girar la bandeja de discos cuando est abierta, pulse DISC CHANGE.
Ello le permite el acceso a todos los discos cargados.
Para cargar/cambiar discos durante la reproduccin, pulse OPEN/CLOSE.
La bandeja de discos se abre permitindole el acceso a los dos discos que actualmente no estn en reproduccin.

Tuning in stations

The tuner can receive both FM and AM broadcasts, and lets you memorize your favorite stations so you dont have to manually tune in every time you want to listen.
1 Press TUNER/BAND to switch to tuner mode.
Press repeatedly to switch between FM and AM.

2 Tune to a station.

There are three tuning modes step, auto, and high-speed:
Step tuning: Press 1 or repeatedly to step through the frequency in either direction (front panel: 1/4 and / + ) Auto tuning: Press and hold 1 or until the frequency display starts to move, then release. The tuner will stop on the next station it finds. Repeat to search for other stations.
High-speed tuning: Press and hold 1 or until the frequency display starts to move rapidly. Keep the button held down until you reach the frequency you want. If necessary, fine tune the frequency using the step tuning method. When youre tuned into a station, the tuned indicator ( lights in the display. If the station is FM stereo, the stereo indicator ( )

) lights.

Improving poor FM reception
If youre listening to an FM station in stereo but the reception is weak, you can improve the sound quality by switching to mono:
1 Press MONO (SHIFT & 7 on the remote).


The mono indicator ( ) lights when the tuner is in mono reception mode. Press again to switch back to auto-stereo mode indicator lights when receiving a stereo broadcast). (the

Playing cassette tapes

This unit has two tape decks; one exclusively for playback, the other for both recording and playback. Other features include auto-reverse, relay play, Dolby B Noise Reduction (XR-A790 only) and auto tape select. Auto-reverse lets you play or record a tape without physically taking it out and turning it over (tape deck II only). Using relay play, you can listen to two complete tapes back-toback for up to 3 hours of continuous music.

4 Slo XR-A790: Pulse 2 NR ON/OFF para activar/ desactivar Dolby NR segn sea necesario.
Si la cinta que ha cargado est grabada con Dolby NR, debera activar Dolby NR para obtener la mejor reproduccin.
5 Pulse para iniciar la reproduccin.
La cara de la cinta que escuchar es aquella que tenga su cara hacia fuera al cargarse. sta es la direccin hacia delante (3) y el otro lado es hacia atrs (2). El indicador hacia delante se visualizar en pantalla.
6 Para reproducir la otra cara de la cinta, pulse 2 6. (XR-A390: slo la platina II)
Cada vez que pulse durante la reproduccin, la otra cara de la cinta inicia su reproduccin. La pulsacin de cuando la cinta est detenida, inicia la reproduccin de la cara que estaba anteriormente en reproduccin. La direccin actual de la cinta se indica en pantalla.
4 searches for the previous blank space between tracks on the side currently playing (in other words, to the start of the current track), then resumes playback. By pressing 4 or + more than once, the player will skip several tracks at once (to a maximum of 15). For example, press + twice to skip forward two tracks. Note: Track search is unlikely to work reliably in the following cases: if the space between tracks is less than about 4 seconds. if the recording is particularly noisy so the spaces are not recognized. if the recording contains frequent silences, such as a language study tape. if the recording contains sections of very quiet material, such as some classical music recordings.
8 To stop playback, press 7. 9 To fast wind the tape, press 1 or.
On the front panel, press 1/4 or / + (the tape should be stopped when you do this). 1 rewinds the tape, regardless of the tape direction at the time. forward-winds the tape.
Resetting the tape counter
The tape counter indicates the current location of the tape. The counter increases when the tape is travelling forwards and decreases when its travelling in reverse (playing or fast winding). The tape counter returns to zero automatically when you eject a tape. To reset it manually:
Press 7 while the tape is stopped.
The counter returns to 0000.

Relay play

XR-A790: Both tape decks are auto-reverse and will play a tape repeatedly until you press 7 or the tape has played eight times all the way through. If two tapes are loaded, each will be played alternately (for a maximum of eight times through each tape). XR-A390: Deck I plays only in the 3 (forward) direction. Deck II is auto-reverse and will play a tape repeatedly until you press 7 or the tape has played eight times all the way through. If two tapes are loaded, then the tape in deck II will play repeatedly.
Para saltar hacia atrs o hacia delante una pista en una cinta, pulse 4 o +. 4

Saving stations for quick recall
You can save up to 24 station presets so that you always have easy access to your favorite stations without having to tune in manually each time. If the unit is unplugged from the power supply completely, saved stations will remain for several days, after which youll have to save them again. Note: The following instructions assume that you are already familiar with tuning into radio stationssee page 30 for detailed tuning instructions. Use the front panel controls to do this.
1 Tune into a radio station on either the AM or FM band. 2 Press 7 ST. MEMORY.
The station preset number starts blinking.
3 Use 1/4 or /+ to select a station preset number.
There are 24 preset locations; each can store one station preset.
4 Press 7 ST.MEMORY again to save the station preset.
Listening to station presets
1 Press TUNER/BAND to switch to tuner mode. 2 If youre using the front panel controls, press FREQ/ STATION to switch station mode.
This switches the tuner to the preset station mode. If youre using the remote, theres no need for this step.
3 Use the 4 and + buttons to select a station preset.


If youre using the front panel controls, use 1/4 or /+. If youre using the remote, you can also use the number buttons to select a station preset directly. For example, to select station preset 6, press 6; to select 24, press >10, 2, 4.
Changing the frequency step
As its default setting, the tuner jumps in steps of 50 kHz and 9 kHz when tuning in FM and AM stations respectively. If you find that this is unsuitable in your area (if you cant tune into stations successfully), you can change the frequency steps to 100 kHz for FM and 10 kHz for AM. Heres how to switch the setting:
1 Switch the power into standby. 2 Press and hold FREQ/STATION (front panel only) for about three seconds.
Otras caractersticas del sintonizador 6 Cmo almacenar emisoras para su rpida sintonizacin
Puede almacenar hasta 24 presintonas de modo que siempre tenga un acceso fcil a sus emisoras favoritas sin tener que sintonizarlas manualmente cada vez. Si la unidad est desenchufada completamente de la red elctrica, las emisoras almacenadas permanecern durante varios das, despus de los cuales deber almacenarlas nuevamente. Nota: Las instrucciones siguientes suponen que Vd. ya sabe cmo sintonizar emisoras. Consulte la pgina 31 si necesita ms detalles al respecto. Use los controles del panel frontal para realizarlo.

Cargue la cinta en la platina de cintas II.
Recuerde: Slo puede grabar en la platina II. Para seguir estas instrucciones ms fcilmente, cargue la cinta con la cara A hacia delante.
2 Verifique la direccin de la grabacin.
Si inicia la grabacin en la direccin 3 ambas caras de la cinta se grabarn (a menos que falte la lengeta de antigrabacin de la cara B). Si cambia los lados y comienza la grabacin en la direccin 2 la grabacin se iniciar en la cara B y se detendr al llegar al final de la cinta. Si necesita cambiar la direccin, pulse dos veces y, a continuacin 7.
3 Slo XR-A790: Active/desactive Dolby NR segn sea necesario.
El uso de Dolby NR mejora la calidad del sonido de grabaciones en cintas que van a ser reproducidas en reproductores equipados con Dolby NR. Si la cinta no va a ser reproducida en un reproductor equipado con Dolby NR (o si no est seguro), debera desactivar Dolby NR.
4 Select the function you plan to record.
For example, press TUNER/BAND to record from the radio. If youve selected a CD or tape, make sure that its stopped.
5 Prepare the source for recording.
For example, tune in the radio station.
6 Press REC/STOP (front panel only).
The deck starts recording.
7 Start the source playing (if necessary). 8 When youre ready to stop recording, press REC/STOP again.
Automatically recording CDs
Auto Synchro Editing System (ASES for short) makes recording one or more CDs automatic. It also makes sure that a CD track isnt spread over two sides of a tape. If the tape runs out midway through a CD track, the same track is automatically recorded from the beginning again on the other side.
1 Prepare tape deck II for recording.
Load a blank cassette and wind on past the leader. XR-A790 only: Switch Dolby NR on or off as required. Recording starts in the 3 direction, so take care over which way you load the tape.
2 Load the CD(s) you want to record. 3 Press the DISC-1/2/3 button of the first CD you want to record, then press 7.


(XR-A790 only)
The CD should now be selected, but not playing. If you want to record the tracks in a different order, use the program play feature see page 36 for how to do this.

7 Configure la hora de finalizacin de la grabacin.
Use el selector JOG para programar la hora y, a continuacin, pulse SET. Configure los minutos de la misma forma pulsando SET al terminar. Las horas de encendido y apagado son confirmadas en pantalla despus de pulsar SET esta ltima vez.
8 Ponga el sistema en modo de standby. 9 Pulse TIMER/CLOCK ADJ. 10 Gire el selector JOG hasta visualizar REC en pantalla y, a continuacin, pulse SET.
El indicador del temporizador de grabacin ( y REC) se ilumina en la pantalla y la configuracin del temporizador de grabacin est completa! Nota: No existe ninguna forma de editar las configuraciones del temporizador una vez ya hechas. Si comete un error, vaya a las configuraciones restantes y, a continuacin, comience nuevamente.
Cmo cancelar el temporizador
A continuacin, le indicamos las instrucciones para cancelar el temporizador del despertador y de grabacin (el que haya configurado):
1 En modo de standby, pulse TIMER/CLOCK ADJ. 2 Gire el selector JOG hasta visualizar OFF en pantalla y, a continuacin, pulse SET.

Additional Information

Taking care of your system
To clean this unit, wipe with a soft, dry cloth. For stubborn dirt, wet a soft cloth with a mild detergent solution made by diluting one part detergent to 5 or 6 parts water, wring well, then wipe off the dirt. Use a dry cloth to wipe the surface dry. Do not use volatile liquids such as benzene or thinner which may damage the surfaces.

Disc lens cleaner

The disc pickup lens should not become dirty in normal use, but if for some reason it should malfunction due to dirt or dust, consult your nearest Pioneer authorized service center. Although lens cleaners for CD players are commercially available, we do not recommend using them since some may damage the lens.
Taking care of your discs
When holding discs, take care not to leave fingerprints, dirt or scratches on the disc surface. Hold the disc by its edge or by the center hole and edge. Damaged or dirty discs can affect playback performance. Take care also not to scratch the label side of the disc. Although not as fragile as the recorded side, scratches can still result in a disc becoming unusable. (A) Should a disc become marked with fingerprints, dust, etc., clean using a soft, dry cloth, wiping the disc lightly from the center to the outside edge as shown left. If necessary, use a cloth soaked in alcohol, or a commercially available CD cleaning kit to clean a disc more thoroughly. Never use benzine, thinner or other cleaning agents, including products designed for cleaning vinyl records.
Wipe lightly from the center of the disc using straight strokes. (B) Dont wipe the disc surface using circular strokes. (C)

Cmo usar las cintas

Las cintas de un casete se daan con facilidad y una cinta suelta se puede atascar en el mecanismo de la platina de cintas. Si la cinta est desbobinada, use un bolgrafo o un lpiz para bobinarla en nuevamente en el carrete. (C) Cuando no est usando una cinta, gurdela siempre en su funda. Guarde las cintas lejos de campos magnticos, calor excesivo, humedad, polvo o aceite. Antes de grabar en una cinta, bobine la cinta hasta pasar el segmento inicial en blanco (aproximadamente los primeros segundos de cada cara).

Cintas a evitar

Puesto que las cintas de ms de 90 minutos son bastante finas, son ms susceptibles a atascarse en el mecanismo de la platina de cintas y de ocasionar otros problemas como, por ejemplo, un bobinado irregular. Evite las cintas de ms de 90 minutos.
Cmo proteger sus grabaciones
Puede proteger una grabacin importante contra borrados accidentales quebrando la(s) lengeta(s) de antigrabacin con un desatornillador pequeo. (D) Si desea regrabar en un casete sin la lengeta de antigrabacin, cubra el espacio dejado por la lengeta rota con una cinta adhesiva. (E) Nota (Slo el XR-A790): Si est usando cintas del Tipo II (alta /CrO2), asegrese de no tapar tambin los orificios de deteccin del tipo de cinta.


Incorrect operation is often mistaken for trouble or malfunction. If you think that there is something wrong with this component, check the points below. Sometimes the trouble may lie in another component. Inspect the other components and electrical appliances being used. If the trouble cannot be rectified after checking the items below, ask your nearest Pioneer authorized service center or your dealer to carry out repair work. Playback is not possible.
Tape deck door will not open.
If the power cord was disconnected during playback or recording, the door will not openplug the power cord back in and switch power on.

Cannot record.

Check that the cassette still has its erase-protect tabs intact, or that they are covered with self-adhesive tape, etc. (see page 64)

CD playback

Check that the disc with the label side face up.
Sound is muffled or previous recording is still audible underneath the new one.
The tape heads may be dirty. Clean the tape heads using a head-cleaning cassette or cleaning kit. Check that youre using a Type I (normal) or Type II (high/CrO2) tape. Do not use Type IV (metal) tapes (Type I (normal) only if youre using the XR-A390). XR-A790 only: If the recording was made with Dolby NR switched off, check that Dolby NR is also switched off during playback.

No audio, or audio is distorted.
Check that the disc is not paused. Press 26 to restart playback. Check that the disc is clean and in good condition (pages 62, 64).
Auto tuning does not pick up some stations.
Auto tuning will only detect radio stations with a good signal. For more sensitive tuning, connect an outdoor antenna (see page 16).

Tape Deck Other

Sound is unnaturally bright.
XR-A790 only: If the recording was made with Dolby NR switched on, check that Dolby NR is also switched on during playback.

Noisy radio reception.

If the radio signal is weak, an outdoor antenna will usually give better results than the supplied indoor types (see page 16). Other electrical equipment, such as TVs, fluorescent lamps and motors can cause interference. Try switching off or moving the nearby equipment, or moving the antenna(s). Check that the antennas are connected properly. For FM, make sure that the antenna is fully extended and positioned to give the best reception (see page 14). For AM, make sure that the loop antenna is pointing in the best direction (see page 14). The tuning interval may be incorrect for your country or region. Try switching the tuning interval (see page 40).
Music search does not work.
The spaces between songs may be too short for music search to work. (see page 34) Make sure that the tape is playing when using music searchit will not work if the tape is stopped.
The remote control doesn't seem to work.
Make sure that you are using the remote within its operating range (see page 5). Try replacing the batteries (see page 5).

Timer doesn't work.

Check that the time has been set. (page 24)

Sound is mono only.

Check that the tuner is not in FM mono mode (see page 30)
Note: Static electricity or other external influences may cause malfunctioning of this unit. In this case, unplug the power cord and then plug back in. This will usually reset the unit for proper operation. If this does not correct the problem, please consult your nearest Pioneer service center.


Solucin de problemas
El uso incorrecto se puede confundir a veces con un problema o con un mal funcionamiento. Si cree que hay un problema con este componente, compruebe los puntos que indicamos a continuacin. A veces el problema se encuentra en otro componente. Compruebe los dems componentes y aparatos elctricos utilizados. En caso de que no haya podido rectificar los problemas tras haber comprobado los siguientes puntos, consulte con el servicio Pioneer autorizado ms cercano para proceder a su reparacin. La reproduccin no es posible.

El temporizador no funciona
Verifique que la hora est configurada (pgina 25)
El sonido es slo en modo monoaural
Verifique que el sintonizador no est en el modo monoaural de FM (consulte pgina 31)
Nota: La electricidad esttica u otras influencias externas pueden ocasionar un mal funcionamiento de esta unidad. En este caso, desenchufe el cable de alimentacin y vuelva a enchufarlo. Esto generalmente reconfigurar la unidad para su operacin adecuada. Si ello no corrige el problema, le rogamos consultar al servicio Pioneer ms cercano.
Speaker system (S-A790VLR)
(Super Woofer x 2, Front Speaker x 2)
Enclosure Super Woofer.. Bass-reflex bookshelf type (magnetically shielded) Front Speaker.. Closed-box bookshelf type (magnetically shielded) System Super Woofer.. 20 cm 1-way system Front Speaker... 10 cm 2-way system Loudspeakers Super Woofer Woofer... 20 cm cone type Front Speakers Mid-range.. 10 cm cone type Tweeter... 5.2 cm cone type Nominal Impedance (total)... 6 Frequency Response (total).. 38 Hz to 20 kHz Maximum power (total).. 140 W Dimensions Super Woofer.. 230 (W) x 320 (H) x 281 (D) mm Front Speakers. 145 (W) x 320 (H) x 235 (D) mm Weight Super Woofer... 4.7 kg Front Speakers... 2.4 kg


Amplifier section
Continuous Power Output [FRONT]
RMS (1 kHz, T.H.D. 10%, 6 ) XR-A790... 140 W + 140 W XR-A390.. 100 W + 100 W Peak Music Power Output XR-A790... 3500 W XR-A390... 2500 W

CD section

Type.. Compact disc digital audio system Wow and Flutter... Limit of measurement (0.001 % W.PEAK) or less (EIAJ)

Cassette deck section

Systems.. 4 track, 2-channel stereo Heads... Recording/playback head x 1 Playback head x 1 Erase head x 1 Motor.. DC servo motor x 1 Tape types XR-A790.. TYPE I (Normal) tape TYPE II (HIGH/CrO2) tape XR-A390.. TYPE I (Normal) tape

FM tuner section

Frequency Range.. 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz Antenna input.. 75 unbalanced

Speaker system (S-A390)

Enclosure.. Bass-reflex bookshelf type System... 16 cm 3-way system Loudspeakers Woofer... 16 cm cone type Mid-range... 5.2 cm cone type Tweeter.. 2.0 cm ceramic type Nominal Impedance... 6 Frequency Response.. 40 Hz to 20 kHz Maximum power... 100 W Dimensions.. 230 (W) x 331 (H) x 249 (D) mm Weight.... 3.4 kg

AM tuner section

Frequency Range With 9 kHz step.. 531 kHz to 1,602 kHz With 10 kHz step.. 530 kHz to 1,700 kHz Antenna input... Loop antenna


Power Requirements. AC 1 10-127 V/220-230 V/240 V (switchable), 50/60 Hz Power Consumption XR-A790 (Latin American model). 700 W XR-A390 (Latin American model).. 420 W XR-A790 (Other models).. 800 W XR-A390 (Other models).. 480 W Power Consumption in Standby mode.. 1 W Dimensions.. 270 (W) x 320 (H) x 339 (D) mm Weight (without package) XR-A790.. 8.8 kg XR-A390.. 8.3 kg


Operating instructions... Remote control unit... Power Cord (Latin American model).. Power Cord (Other models).. Power plug adapter (Latin American model only).. FM antenna.... AM loop antenna... Speaker Cord (S-A790VLR only) Red/black speaker cords.. Blue/black speaker cords.. 2


Printed in



Auction 4th February 2006 Xgovt mnNokia 9210 communicator 1 Bevisco Calculator calender 1318/05 Burwood Burwood 1 TAG watch 17261/05 Penrith 1 Hyundai 610e 12/24v car charger 1 Hyundai 610e 12/24v car charger 1 Hyundai 610e 12/24v car charger Unclaimed mnPainting "Longwave 1894" Streeton 1 Painting by Meldrum Pictures 1 x Porsche 1 x Clown 40611/05 Parramatta Parramatta 1 Mita photocopier 1078/95 Liverpool 1 Exercise Machine 1 HAAZ CTV approx 51cm 69/04 Downing Moss Vale 1 Desktop cpu no. sn 720/05 Fairfield Burwood 1 Compac mon/hdrive/kb/mse/spkrs 1433/05 Liverpool 1 Total Gym Perfect Gym 1 Raw B/Shelf/with cab. In base 262/05 Burwood 1 Safe n Sound grey child car seat 25053/05 C/Town Blacktown Boxes Asst.Sizes Ugg Boots/Brown Boxes Asst.Sizes Ugg Boots/Pink Boxes White/Blk Wms Runners Boxes Pnk/White Wms Runners Teac 30cm ctv/no remote 46260/04 Penrith x 2 Cream lounge x 1 Arm chair 1017/04 Fairfield 1 3Pce Red Lounge 1099/99 Fairfield Pioneer stereo a380/no remote Panasonic vcr/no remote Pioneer cd/vcr/dvd laser disc Sony trinitron ctv 10012/02 Downing Roland camm-1 label cutter/printer Sharp ctv/remote 711584 Lexmark xs150 printer LGTower/DiamondMon/kb/mse 517/05 Fairfield Pce Green lounge 1 Sanyo DVD/Remote sn 3803377h 2770/05 Downing Transonic ctv/remote Sharp vcr/no remote Sharp ctv/remote sn 10179 Panasonic vcr/remote jitd00651 Centrex dvd/remote Pioneer dvd/remote Panasonic microwave Blk oval dining tble/5chairs 4 burner Sunshine bbq/stand Talon petrol whipper snipper Masport mower/catcher Daewoo washing machine
1101554865 Cooma 1 IBM kb/Diamond Mon/Fuj HD/mse
Uncollected mnMicroscan comp.monitor & kb 1101774708 Fairfield 1 Sharp ctv sn Sony stereo/2spkrs sn 3100216 52069/05 Bankstown Qty Qty Downing No 3 Plastic lures No 9 Qty squid - jigs 3256/04 Richmond
1 Akai 58cm ctv 1 Black & Decker microwave 1 Comp-mon/hd/kb/mse
1 Triton 2000 workcentre table saw
1005/04 Sydney 1452/05 Blacktown NEC bar fridge White lounge 1 x 3 (torn) 1 x 2 Timber side table/glass top Wall case/glass shelves BLk/Gold White pedestal White display/25 pigeon holes Sporting Edge treadmill (broken) AB Swing Timber computer desk 2 drawer cabinet 5 shelf bookcases (pine) Drawing desk (tbr top/metal base) Blk office chair on castors Compaq amada lap top/case/cable Dining chairs 3 coffee tbles/glass top/blk/gld base Timber bedside tables Hall mirror on stand 9 drawer sideboard 1x3 Red lounge/metal legs E:Fisher & Paykek Washer F:Thor Washing Machine J:Bendix Allegro Washer K:Fisher & Paykel Washer N:Centrex Washing Machine S:Miele Washing Machine T:General Electric Washer W:Frididaire 3 Door Fridge X:Simpson Minimax Dryer AA:Hoover Apollo Dryer
114623/05 C/Town Acer mon/l/tch mse/universal hd Samsung phone/fax Genius flatbed scanner Canon printer
1101705443 Syd East 1 HP comp-tower/kb/mse 43/05 Sutherland 311/04 Liverpool 1 Oval dining tble/7 chairs HP printer HP tower/mon Sony camcorder/charger Centrex 43cm ctv Akai stereo/5spkrs LG video X Box/joy pad/cables Palsonic 63cm ctv/remote Framed mirror Sony handycam Timber entertainment unit C/less keyboard in box Sibaura blower vac Ryobi drill press Sharp stereo/4 speakers Kenwood cd player Magnavox tv/remote Magnavox vcr/remote

1 89/05 Wollongong 1

Rocking chairs/floral 5 shelf bookcases (dark) Timber chest drawers (3) Ring Grip heater Penny Farthing shaped pot holder
1 NRG drop saw 1 Green crown gerni 1 Wooden video/cd storage cab X Govt mn 1568/04 Liverpool Coat locker 600x1740x1724mm Panasonic handheld dictaphone Sanyo handheld dictaphone trc850c Sanyo handheld dictaphone trc1130 Sanyo memo scribbler trc9100 Telephone hand sets LG car kits Shelves Small cupboard Keyboard APC 400 backup server

NEC 68cm ctv/2way/4spkr/remote Panasonic superdrive 6 head vcr Sharp microwave Technics stero/3spkrs/remote Hoover w/machine (Lid loose)
1101771783 Wollongong 1 Mode comp/mon/kb/mse plus vehicle 41100/05 Fairfield 1 Imac mon/Optical mse/Apple kb 1 Imac mon/Logitech mse/Apple kb 1 Hp laserjet 2500l printer 261/05 P/matta 1 Venter cement mixer 58034/04 Blacktown Sonwa dvd/remote Samsung vcr Blanco dishwasher (silver) Coffee table/glass top
Timber tble/6 chairs Phillips 5 disc stereo/2spkrs/remote Explorer bbq/cover 1x3 light blue stripe lounge 2x1 black chairs Sharp carousel microwave s/steel Teac dvd/vcr combo/remote Teac 68cm ctv DSE sound system/2spkrs/remote DeLonghi air conditioner
661/05 Liverpool 1 Toyota ute tray 15" alloy Honda wheels/tyres Hyundai 13" wheels/tyres Timber desk/6 drawers 13" steel wheels/tyres Bridgestone 18" tyre Red window masking trolley Ondair red compressor CIG blue compressor Bedside tables Panasonic tv Roll 500mm green masking tape Timber coffee table Weld Tec mig welder Industrial pedestal fan
34261/04 Dee Why 41182/05 Sutherland 1 Teac tv/remote x x 1 Cane sofa/floral cushions 1 Sony playstation 2/1 controller 70116/05 240/05 Sutherland Blue lounge 1 x x 1 Cnr Timber tv unit Sony ctv NEC vcr/remote DSE dvd/remote Glass top coffee table

Qty Qty

Block & tackle Welding masks Yellow hydraulic lifter Bar fridge Beige car drawer/asst. tools Thorn 1000w flood lights Hurth plastic repair kit Gangl stands Red ramps Red floor jack Red car stands Blue car stands 4 bay heat lamps/stands CMG Red hand pump Bissel vacuum Sansung fax machine Blk hand trolley Set jumper leads B & D heat gun Abbott & Ashby 6" bench grinder Acme 12v 75w p/able light Blue tyre gauge Air gauge Spray guns/no bottles Spray gun/complete Slide hammer Metabo orbital sander Master orbital sander Shinano 1/2 impact wrench Chains Hooks & grips 1 1.5m steel ruler 1 TUV sander
142576/05 Downing 1139/05 Sutherland 114882/02 Burwood
Hyundai ctv/remote Hyundai dvd/cd combo/2spkrs/4spk Digitrex dvd Epson stylus printer LG tower/msoft kb/mse/ssung mon Canonscan fb630p Trevi coffee machine Fisher & Paykel w/machine
LG computer complete HP computer complete/speaker LG computer complete Samsung phone/fax Samsung ml2250 laser printer Transonic ctv Orion dvd/vcr Samsung tv 831433tg500430 LG vcr gv 990w Epson stylus cs1500 fax/copier/scanner

5 seater black lounge Samsung dvd Phillips 3 cd changer/stereo/2spkrs Sony vcr
19/05x Liverpool 1322/05 Sutherland Glass tble/4 wrought iron chairs Glass coffee tables Glass half table Glass/wrought iron hall stand Simpson 4.5kg w/machine Timber wall unit HP mon/Cpaq kb/mse/Cpaq hd HP fax machine 68cm Sansui ctv/remote NuTec dvd/remote Rinnai gas heater Akai 68cm ctv/remote
1 Sony 60cm ctv/remote 1 Sony dvd/remote 1 x x 1 Maroon longe/carved legs Asst. Dvd's Asst. videos pce black lounge suite
65032/05 Sutherland 40 628/05 Downing 4 1404/04 Syd.East 1 Cement mixer - with electric motor 1 Cement mixer - no motor Samsung s/steel microwave Dimplex fan Konka ctv/remote gto506ce 2 way car audio spkr sys Yokohama s306 215/60 t/less tyres Max's xtg 4kg xtreme growth Max's hp 3kg hydroxy phase + Nutralife 1.5kg total whey Nutralife 1.5kg Maximum protein Nutralife 1.5kg Massive Weight Gain Nutralife 1.5kg Massive Weight Gain Maxs PM 1.25kg Protein Matrix Maxs XTG 2kg Xtreme Growth Maxs MB 2kg Muscle Builder Maxs STP 1.25kg Specialised Protein Wildbull 1kg L Glutamine Gen Tec Ultimate Male Fuel (280ml) Aussie Bodies 1.75kg Perfect Protein Balance 100% egg white albumen Aussie Bodies 1.75kg weight gainer Aussie bodies 910g wpi (choc) Aussie bodies 910g wpi (vanilla) Balance 100g 100% pure colestrum Balance 500g rapid absorption glutamine Balance 100% pur l glutamine Balance 500g pur l glutamine Thursday plantation- vaginol Balance 50g 100% pure hmb Musashi 750g p40 high protein Balance 1.5kg creatine Sports o2xy shot extreme oxygen Nutralife 500g monohydrate Nutralife 850g amino carb Nutralife 750g ultra lean Oxy min plus Di Atomic oxygen Musashi l glytamione 150g Nutralife 500g joint & cartilage rep Nutralife 100 tbs Sports Multi Nutralife 180 caps hmb500 Nutralife 90 tbl bcaa1000 Nutralife 50tbs Sports Multi Nutralife 30 caps Creatine 500 LG microwave Aussie Body Protein Revival (choc)
1000/05 Sutherland 1 No NoNo No No No No No No No No No 1 47129/05 Parramatta
Imported Bullet proof door (white) Imp. Bullet proof entry door (white) Imp. Bullet proof entry door (white) Imp. Bullet proof entry door (white) Imp. Bullet proof entry door (white) Imp. Bullet proof entry door (white) Imp. Bullet proof entry door (white) Imp. Bullet proof entry door (white) Imp. Bullet proof entry door (white) Imp. Bullet proof entry door (white) Imp. Bullet proof entry door (white) Imp. Bullet proof entry door (brown) Imported Blue Window with shutter Imported Brn Window with shutter Imported Blk Window with shutter Imported Blk Arch window Checker board plate box Checker board plate box Flat steel metal box Flat steel metal box
1 Centrex ctv/remote 51cm 1 Centrex dvd/remote mod. CtdSanyo vcr/remote mod. Vhr vk210a 5843/05 Parramatta 1 Hewlett Packard psc1315 printer 1 Haier ctv mod. Hj2599av 1 Digitex dvd player/remote ddp5111 1843/05 Hornsby X Govt mn 12426 1846/05 Sony 80cm ctv/no remote Sony 48cm ctv/remote Standard floor lamps Black bar stools Dining table/7 chairs Coffee table - square Dk Grn leather lounge 1 x x 1 Small buffet - 2 drawers 2 doors Long buffet Half circle table Westinghouse 2 door fridge Round o/door tble/4chairs LG dvd/vcr combo/remote Entertainment unit

1 Canon np 405 photocopier 333/05 Penrith GMC air compressor 1500w GMC air compressor 1800w Ozito drop saw cs032361v Trade air nail gun Lexmark fax machine 8333471 2drawer filing cabinet 3 drawer filing cabinet Timber desk X Govt mn 6 Whiteboard 940x1200mm 4 drawer filing cabinets Chairs Black coffee tables Wood coffee table Computer table black Conference tables Office table Black Metal shelving Telephone hand sets
X Govt mn 3 Qty Qty Qty Bookshelf 2 glass doors Cabinet - 2 sliding doors No door unit/pigeon holes in middle Chairs/wood frame/fabric seat/arms 2 door grey laminate 5' cupboard Pine 2 door 3/4 glass bookcase Sml lam. 2 door c/board 4' Blk lam. B/shelves 7' x 4' Blk lam. B/shelves 7' x3' 3 drawer filing cabinets 4 drawer filing cabinets Asst. coffee tables Computer trolleys on wheels 2 drawer blk. Filing cabinet 3 drawer blk. Filing cabinet 4 drawer filing cabinets Cabinet - 2 sliding doors 3' Metal sliding door cabinet 5' Blk chairs - no arms Blue fabric/metal frame chairs Asst. office chairs - no arms Office chairs - arms Grey fabrice/metal frame - arms Green fabric/metal frame - no arms Blue/red fabrice/metal legs - no arms Vinyl chairs Lgt blue fabric/metal frame - arms Red fabric/metal - arms Blue/red fabric - with arms Chairs -1xred 1xfabric 1xfabric/arms Cnr laminate desks grey Sml black desks Lge black desks
Cupboards/filing cabinets MOTOR VEHICLES
34246/04 C/Town 1 Honda XR 600 Trail Bike WRN29
794/05 Parramatta 1 Ford White S/W XNN893
316/05 Richmond 1 Toyota Hilux Twin Cab Ute VIA594
302/04 Parramatta 1 Mercedes Gold 380 Sedan AGD52Y
1101771783 Wollongong 1 Holden Commodore VS AKT32A
4682/05 Dee Why 1 Mitsubishi Nimbus White UQU394
1101750128 Sutherland 1 Holden Commodore Red VL QUC575
240/05 Sutherland 1 Holden Calais Green Sedan Unreg


Liverpool 1 Toyota Starlet Silver Unreg
Blacktown 1 Holden Commodore Sdn VN ZHZ927
1 Honda Accord '86 Silver Unreg
474/02 Wollongong 1 Toyota hilux ute YZK890
414/05 Blacktown 1 F/Glass runabout & o/board motor 1 Boat trlr - unreg
1103/05 Campbelltown 1 BMW 525i Silver AF40LN
951/05 Sutherland 1 Yamaha Wave Runner with trlr
1 Holden Commodore VS WRH055
7019/05 Wollongong 1 Toyota Dyna Truck VEA265



750IL HT904TA Commander FBX-1020 At WAR KDE-50XS955 FX160 NW-E003 WR-300 PF700 U8180 KDC-6021 FC6093 Elyos V150 A-Z460 RC-1070 TX-37LZD800F 5600G KDL-46W3000 Audioline 30 Dimensione 33 Dvdr3450H 1 0 Wixe 107 Suite F900B-fb990g-ul- Samsung Z170 S1 PRO Officejet D145 Fostex FR-2 S330D 1642vlzpro Presario 5000 DCR-IP220E Blackberry 6280 G2739N-S Force S5000 32LG30RA Emmie Synkron 200M AJ3915 Garmin 60CX DSP5D DES-1228P Satellite P10 SCR-187 SGH-D410 Ftdx-9000MP Waht-SA20 VGP-prsr1 KDL-S40a11E TA-FE370 Wbr-3418 Coolpix L19 Tx1500B 42WM03L VGN-FS315E 15HP-2002 MW8998B Nokia 2126 RL41hcih1 PV-L453D LAV47370 L246WP ETR-10N LN32A550p3F Fransat Pltv-3750 KX-TW500PD XJR1300-2005 Blackberry 5790 DEH-4150SD 42LG5000 AEK ZTI6865 Serie DDC 42PF5421 VSX-820-S Review PDK-50HW2A 4 0 CB-21N30MJ Satellite 1670 Laserjet 3550 Clock CL-29Z50 FT-8800 Architect X7350 V1073 MP390 P-110 ST-1000 645AF BCD-191NS Luftentfeuchter UX-G45 MW100 ICF-CD855V 5 1 0


manuel d'instructions, Guide de l'utilisateur | Manual de instrucciones, Instrucciones de uso | Bedienungsanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung | Manual de Instruções, guia do usuário | инструкция | návod na použitie, Užívateľská príručka, návod k použití | bruksanvisningen | instrukcja, podręcznik użytkownika | kullanım kılavuzu, Kullanım | kézikönyv, használati útmutató | manuale di istruzioni, istruzioni d'uso | handleiding, gebruikershandleiding



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