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sara_dippity 5:42pm on Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 
You can get a Nano or Touch for around a third of the price and still get Music, Podcasts, Apps, Clip, FM Radio and Camera. Overpriced content consumption table. Very responsive touch screen, high res screen Content Consumption only. Not great value for money. No camera.
sanlaw 9:01am on Monday, September 6th, 2010 
Love both the silicone case and zebra sleeve pouch. This product is EXACTLY what I wanted. It fits perfectly and it got here very fast. The item was all that the description said it would be! I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it to friends.
cpbl 7:51pm on Sunday, August 29th, 2010 
PROS: OS, look, Awesomeness ITs great, and the idea is well along with the OS its a Mac downsized. its size is a bit big Awesome game player, and has replaced my laptop but I do not have to need for business and so I do not know about how those work. Great for traveling,...
phsum06 8:38am on Monday, July 26th, 2010 
Bought the 16G WiFi for my wife. She enjoys playing games, surfing the web, reading books, reading email and catching up on her Soaps at
raymonda1979 10:22am on Sunday, June 13th, 2010 
My Company uses Citrix, so I am able to run Windows Applications, SAP, even flash and all my GO TO corporate applications on the device. you will love the 9 inches screen. You will enjoy the touchscreen experience with iPad Fast, Lightweight, Compact

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Updated Edition With PROXXON System News
Superior Technology and Quality !
nal power ced, ssio rofe nd and s advan ology. ct ny p a n n u To a ronic h N mea ity tech h prod lect ROXXO h qual st eac re it e te su -P hig tool etitive, ividually ry to en e p o d t com XON in he fact macula X t PRO leaves ou in im y it as with g on rives on. n, lo ar iti atio m cond info n ther.proxxo Fur ww w

me ith elco ing w W work

[The drill/grinder shown here is not included]
Tile cutting attachment FEX
Complete with tungsten carbide cutter. Ideal for smaller cuts in wall tiles, wood and plaster of paris.
The 20mm neck collar allows the rapid connection of the drill/grinder FBS 240/E, MICROMOT 50 and 50/E and the professional drill/grinder IB/E.The clever, stable construction of fibre reinforced POLYAMIDE allows height adjustment, a clear scale as well as a flattened edge allowing one to work close to edges. No Complete with 3.2mm rasp cutter

Spare cutter for the FEX

Rasp cutter of tungsten vanadium with shaft of 3.2mm. Ideal for wall tiles. No 28 757
The versatile mighty mini! Precision Drill/Grinder FBS 240/E: The quiet powerhouse with keyless chuck 0.3 3.2 mm.
Precision Drill/Grinder FBS 240/E
1001 uses for every conceivable operation: milling, drilling, grinding, polishing, brushing, cleaning, de-rusting, sawing, carving, engraving, etc. The maximum speed of 20,000rpm is continuously variable down to 5,000rpm. The full wave electronic speed control results in virtually constant torque, even at lower speeds, in turn facilitating micro drilling. The spindle runs in a precision ball bearing and is fitted with a lock button. The 20mm collar fits MICROMOT drill stands and vices. The machine is fitted with a quality, balanced, low noise motor with high life expectancy. Stable housing of POLYAMIDE with soft components in the finger grip area. Complete with 40 quality inserts in a sturdy plastic case. Technical data: 5,000 - 20,000rpm. Maximum power consumption 100W, 230V, keyless chuck with 0.3 3.2mm capacity. Length 185mm and mass 450g. Insulated according to class 2 requirements. No 28 472


Stable housing of POLYAMIDE with soft components in the finger grip area.
NOTE: The FBS 240/E may also be fitted with the optional MICROMOT steel collets (see page 20).
Complete with 43 high quality bits and cutters in a durable plastic case.
Miniature precision machines, genuine single handed use. Elektro-Feinwerkzeuge. Echte Einhandgerte. Mit GehuseLightweight tools with die-cast aluminium heads: kopf aus Alu-Druckguss. Leise, przise und effizient! quiet, precise and efficient.
Professional drill/grinder IB/ E
Usable for prolonged periods when drilling, milling, grinding, polishing, cleaning, cutting and even engraving.
Ideal for mechanics, model builders, jewellers, opticians, artists and electronic enthusiasts.
Ball bearing spindle, of ground steel, with lock button for rapid cutter changing.
Quiet, powerful 100W motor with full wave electronics for speeds between 5,000 and 20,000rpm.
Streamlined head of die-cast aluminium for exact bearing seats and optimal stability.
Quality without compromise: isolation to class 2.
With 34 bits & cutters of industrial quality, all shafts 2.35mm. Complete with six triple slit steel collets covering 1.0 to 3.2 mm (see also page 20).
High concentric accuracy (maximum runout 3/100mm).
This high-revving, special motor has full-wave electronic speed control for speeds between 5,000 and 20,000rpm and is usable for extended periods at a time. The ground steel spindle runs in a ball bearing, minimising play. Six high concentricity collets, (1.0 1.5 2.0 2.4 3.0 and 3.2 mm and closure nut). Technical data: Speed 5,000 to 20,000rpm. Power consumption (max) 100W, 220 240V. Stable head of die-cast alu and POLYAMIDE main housing. Length 230mm, and weight approx 500g. Insulated to class 2. The 20mm collar allows fitting of optional drill stands, horizontal stands, etc. Supplied with 34 bits and cutters in a stable plastic case. No 28 481

Oscillating motion far better than the conventional orbital motion. Sanding pad oscillates about its centre.

Delta sander OZI 220/E

Head of die-cast zinc, ensuring exact and stable housing for the moving parts. The oscillating motion ensures lack of vibration and kickback and allows the fitting of cutting blades too!

b ie rs

Sanding area 65 x 65 x 65mm with gummed pads allows quick changing and use of all 3 corners.

ng nu an Sp

D In pu t

T O ZI 22 0/

~ z V 0 0H 23 0/W at t 10 0
n nz mi ue 0/ eq 00 ffr 0. ei 1 hl 0 Sc.00 3
Packed in a sturdy, plastic case, with 4 sanding pads, a sanding fleece and one each hard and soft polishing felt.
Four sanding pads included (Two 80 and one each 150 and 280 grit). No compromise class 2 isolation.
Small yet efficient sander for very tight spots, e.g. corners, sides and inaccessible areas.
The oscillating motion ensures quiet operation and also facilitates cutting. The variable speed between 3,000 and 10,000rpm facility ensures the correct speed for every material.
IMPORTANT: The self-adhesive sanding pads ensure quick changing and optimal usage. Simply remove and rotate through 120 for a fresh corner.
Technical data: Sanding shoe size is 65 x 65 x 65mm. Sanding frequency of 3,000 10,500rpm. Mains voltage 220 240V. 100W max power consumption. Stable head of die-cast alu and POLYAMIDE main housing. Length 230mm, and weight approx 630g. Insulated to class 2. No 28 520
Flexible scraper of spring steel (50 x 70mm)
Utilises the oscillating motion of the OZI, yielding exceptionally high efficiency at 10,000rpm. Ideal for the removal of paint, tile adhesive, silicon removal, and even the removal tar and under-body muck.
Its neat and compact design will have you working where often you will struggle. Here the OZI is using the HSS Blade for precise work.

No 28 904

Handy, precise and particularly easy to handle.

Jig saw blades can be found on page 7.
Power and precision also when using coolant. Includes keyless chuck (capacity 0.3 - 3.2mm).
MICROMOT precision drill grinder FBS 12/E
Ideal precision tools for delicate jobs that aren't possible with a normal drill: e.g. precision drilling, milling, sanding, polishing, brushing, de-rusting, engraving and cutting. Includes keyless chuck (capacity 0.3 3.2mm). A precision ball bearing minimises spindle side play. Spindle lock button for bit changing obviates the need for spanners. Recessed spindle head for inserting MICROMOT steel collets (see page 4). Efficient forced ventilation cooling of high quality, 5 pole motor. Fibreglass reinforced POLYAMIDE casing. Technical data: 12 18VDC, maximum power consumption 100W. Electronic speed control of 3,000 - 15,000rpm. Length 185mm and weight approx. 450g. Recommended for use with MICROMOT transformers of at least 2.0A (see page 15). No 28 462
20mm MICROMOT standard collar.
Efficient forced ventilation cooling for extended periods of use.
High quality, 5 pole motor with high torque.
Speed control with feedback effect for speeds of 3,000 15,000rpm.

Load balancer FZ 300

Load capacity 300 600g, cord length to 180cm. Housed in a sheet steel case with plastic outer cover. Weight approx. 400g and size approx. 220 x 100 x 40mm. Ideal for assembly lines and work benches. No 28 699

MICRO screwdriver MIS 1

Forget about compressed air! Easy, quiet and environmentally-friendly screw driving. With pre-selectable torques of 0.35 2.0Nm. Complete with 16 inserts of Chrome Molybdenum steel.
The gearbox yields the ideal speed of about 200 250rpm (depending on mains adapter used). The clutch, adjustable in the range 0.35 to 1.0Nm in 5 steps. Means tightening torques can be selected precisely. The sixth stage bypasses the clutch and yields approx. 2Nm. An ideally positioned rocker switch provides on/off/reverse. A ROEHM chuck facilitates acceptance of all bit shanks of up to 6.5mm / 1/4". A set, packed in a cardboard box, also includes 16 inserts of Chrome Molybdenum steel. We recommend the use of MICROMOT mains adaptors. No Slot: 0,3 x 1,5 / 0,35 x 2,0 / 0,4 x 2,5 mm Philips: Size 0 and 1 Torx: T 6, T 8, T 10 Allen key, internal: 3,0 - 3,5 - 4,0 - 4,5 - 5,0 mm Allen key, external: 1,5 - 2,0 and 2,5 mm


The MICRO screwdriver MIS 1 is eminently suitable to cut threads!
NOTE: The bit holder shown here, usable with bits of 2.35, 3.0 and 3.2 mm is available as NO (2 pcs without bits).

The complete engraving kit: with trial glass and motifs allowing anyone to start immediately !
Complete engraving kit with trial glass
Complete engraving kit with trial glass, supplied with the tried and tested engraving tool GG 12 (12 18V, 20,000rpm spindle speed, fitted with ball bearing), TUV approved mains adapter (12V, 0.5A), motifs and instruction booklet as well as all necessary bits: 1.0 and 1.8mm diamond grinding bits with spherical head for engraving and line work, silicon carbide grinding bits in both conical and bullet shape for frosting glass as well as carborundum grinding bits in ball and cylinder shape for grinding and engraving. Every component is securely packed in an attractive plastic case and bit holder is included for. No 28 635
Engraving tool GG 12, 12 Volt
Available individually, includes one diamond bit (1.8mm spherical head). No 28 592
Supplied in durable plastic case.
Flexishaft MICROMOT 110/P with triple ball bearings, up to 25,000rpm.
Two ball bearings in the turned, light aluminium hand piece and one in the drive end prevent tool bit chatter. The highly flexible shroud and core effortlessly transmit power without heating up when bent tightly. Antikink springs at the grip and drive end prevent kinks. Six MICROMOT collets 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.4 3.0 and 3.2mm are supplied. The UHV shown is described on page 17.

No 28 620

MICROMOT mains adaptors: safe and efficient power sources for hand operated 12 Volt PROXXON machines.
MICROMOT mains adaptor NG 2/E
NOTE: Power consumption of portable machine tools is measured according to the internationally accepted ICE-745-1 specification. The current drawn is measured, not the power consumption with a hot motor just before stalling. In practice, this condition seldom appears, if ever. All PROXXON mains adaptors are suitably dimensioned for the recommended purposes. Adaptors do not include drill.
Very compact design. NORYL casing (heat resistant -a necessity for transformer enclosures). Capacity 2,0A at 16 Volt open circuit - and 12 Volt under load = 24VA (DC). Primary supply 220 240V. Polarised socket for MICROMOT plug. Red LED indicates readiness for use. PTC (Positive temperature coefficient) element prevents overload (and plugged in tool will not automatically restart). After cooling down, the mains plug should be disconnected briefly to reset the adaptor. Modern design with holes for storing bits. Foldable tool rest provides a secure place for keeping the MICROMOT tool at the ready.
Thyristor electronic speed control (with feedback) for adjusting bit speed to suit the job, as well as providing high torque at low speeds. No 28 707
MICROMOT mains adaptor NG 2/S
Exactly as above, without electronic speed control. For 220 - 240V. No 28 706

With integral clamp.
Easily clamps to workbenches and tables of up to 60mm. Alternatively, use 2 standard screws to secure to the work surface. Zinc die-casting with ball and socket: rotates in all directions (even downwards). 75mm jaws with protective covers (for delicate workpieces). Jaws also with vertical and horizontal V-slots for clamping round workpieces. Maximum clamping width 70mm and weight 1.6kg. No 28 608

Precision vise FMS 75

As detailed above, but without clamp. A strong suction cup facilitates instantaneous fixing to any smooth, flat surface. No 28 602
The MB 140/S offers fine feed via the drive disc and ball-bearing drive.
MICROMOT drill stand MB 140/S
The 120 x 220mm table is milled and fitted with a fence and scale. The solid column is chrome plated. The headstock is of die-cast aluminium, offering a throat capacity of 140mm and 30mm travel. A chromed feed lever operates via drive disc and ball bearing system, offering a sensitive feed set-up. T-bars allow simple height adjustment as well as the fixing of the mill drill in the 20mm bore fitting. The mill drill collar, with scale, tilts through 90 in both directions. A depth stop as well as drilled, tapped holes for securing the KT 70 compound table and holes to fix the MBS itself are also provided.

No 28 606

NOTE Our technicians prefer the use of aluminium as it is clean and stable. All fittings and feeds are machined on our ultra-modern CNC machines, i.e. milling, turning, etc. Pure precision!

Machine Vice MS 4

Die-cast zinc with three machined sides. The slot fits the adjustable fence of the drill stand MB 140/S and bench drill TBM 220. Horizontal and vertical V-slots in jaw. Jaw width 50mm and height 10mm. Maximum clamping width 34mm. No 28 132
MICROMOT universal holder UHV.
The suction food ensures rapid fixing to smooth surfaces.
The ball joint may be swivelled in all directions. The 20mm bore accepts all MICROMOT machines, e.g. FBS 240/E, IB/E, MICROMOT 50, 50/E, FBS 12/E. No 28 603

Universal holder UHZ

Easily clamps to workbenches and tables of up to 60mm. Alternatively, use 2 standard screws to secure to the work surface. Zinc die-casting with ball and socket: rotates in all directions (even downwards). Other details as for the UHV. No 28 610
Bits and cutters for MICROMOT drills and mills of industrial quality.

Drills System

0,0,8 1,8 1,10 1,10 2,1 44
NO HSS twist drill set to DIN 338. One each of 0.3 0.5 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.2mm diameter.

NO 28 864

NO 28 852

NO 28 854

NO 28 856

NO 28 858

NO 28 862
HSS drill bits Purpose-made, selected, tungsten vanadium steel with high concentricity. Manufactured from a one-piece blank. High hardness for optimum life expectancy. For drilling metal, non-ferrous metals, plastic, PC cards and wood. Work speeds: hard materials approx. 3,000rpm, soft materials approx. 8 000rpm. All shanks 2.35mm.

Grinding bits

2,5 2,5 7,0 7,0

6,0 5,0 2,5 6,0

7,0 7,0
5,0 5,0 8,0 8,13 9,0 9,13

3,0 3,0

NO 28 774

NO 28 778

NO 28 776

NO 28 772

NO 28 770

NO 28 780

Carborundum grinding bits High quality bits and sets of quality base materials of consistent hardness. Various shapes for widest possible range of applications. For working especially hard materials such as as well as hard metal alloys. Accurately dimensioned shafts of 2.35 or 3.0mm ensure maximum concentricity.

Milling bits

3,0 5,0 10,0 6,0 6,0 4,0 8,0 5,0 5,0
6,0 3,0 3,0 2,35 2,35 2,35 2,35 2,35

NO 28 722

NO 28 727

NO 28 725

NO 28 724

NO 28 723

NO 28 726

NO 28 720

Tungsten vanadium milling bits Selected tungsten vanadium steel. Purpose made of stable construction with head and shaft out of a single blank. The precise flutes and optimal concentricity ensure best life hard and soft woods, NF and precious metals, as well as plastics and plaster of paris. Ideal for milling, routing, shaping, profiling and slotting.

Cutting discs

1,8 1,8 1,8 1,8 1,38 1,8 1,22

NO 28 810

NO 28 812

NO 28 820

NO 28 808

NO 28 809

Corundum discs Discs made of a special compound of diameter 22 or 38 x 0.7mm. Used to part alloys and metals, stainless steels, and NF metals as well as wood and plastics. All arbors 2.35mm.
Aluminium Oxide with reinforcement The cutting discs are available in 22 x 0.8 and 38 x 1.0mm. Nearly stock. Will cut alloyed, standard and stainless steels, NF metals, Arbor shaft 2.35mm.
2,0 1,0 u. 1,2 0,6 u. 0,44 0,8 u. 1,2

NO 28 324

NO 28 326

NO 28 328

NO 28 320

NO 28 321

NO Diamond twist drills With natural diamond dust for drilling precious stones (pearls, coral, turquoise). Shafts 2.35mm.

Technical Data: Powerful motor 220 240V (50/60Hz), approx. 65W. 15,000 cuts/min. Includes 3 bi-metallic knives (U, V and flat shapes). Length (without knives) approx. 240mm, weight approx 675g. No 28 642
PROXXON model builder handbook Replacement carving blades
High quality laminated steel (bi-metallic). Knives in V shape, large and small gouge, flat with straight and rounded cutting edge. All 5 to a set. A5 book of over 270 pages explaining the use of PROXXON tools and bits. Available in German only.

No 28 572

5 piece set
Profiled sharpening stone
With pre-profiled surface for sharpening the knives described above. Pure oil stone for a razor sharp cutting edge. Approx. dimensions 100 x 65 x 15mm. No No 28 578
Centre distance 250mm and 40mm swing. Infinitely adjustable speeds covering 1,000 5,000rpm.
MICRO Woodturning lathe DB 250
Turning in miniature is a pleasing hobby. One can make glasses, cups, saucers, vases and columns for a doll house. In model trains, one can make lighting
masts, windows, tanks. Limbs for marionettes and hundreds of classical miniature turning may be carried out with ease.
The tool rest is adjustable in all directions, including height. Used here for turning with a face plate (workpiece is fixed with ordinary wooden screws).
Technical data: Centre distance of 250mm, 40mm swing. Motor 220 240V, 150W, 50/60Hz. Electronic speed control between 1,000 and 5,000rpm. Tailstock travel 20mm, total length 400mm. Includes 6 collets (8 10mm), drive centre, live centre and face plate. No 27 020
Electronic speed control assists in the painting process. Workpieces are secured by means of collets (1 each of and 8 are included as standard). Ball bearing spindle is bored through at 10mm. For series production of small parts. Stable tool rest is adjustable in all directions.
Tailstock with quill travel.
Powerful drive motor with speed control between 1,000 and 5,000rpm.
The bed is made from a stable, thick-walled aluminium profile.
A face plate for turning larger items is included.

Three piece chisel set

One each of the flat, gouge and parting chisels. No 27 022
Independent four jaw chuck for the DB 250
Used to clamp asymmetrical pieces such as rectangles. The reversible jaws clamp from 0 35mm (inside) and 14 67mm (outside). The DB 250 headstock spindle of thread M16 x 1 screws directly into the chuck. No 27 024
Three jaw chuck for the lathe DB 250 used for concentric clamping.
Made from zinc diecast and offering 1.5 to 32mm and 12 to 65mm when reversing the jaws. The chuck has a M16 x 1 thread for fitting directly to the DB 250 spindle. No 27 026
Used to cut styrofoam and thermoplastic materials, both freehand and with stencils.
Hot wire cutter THERMOCUT
The working surface now of Alu Cobond compound. This eases the pushing of work pieces. A printed grid and protractor are applied to the base.

NOTE: Styrofoam is a cheap material compared to others and does not harm the environment. It is easily available in art, craft, hobby and similar shops.
Ideal for architectural models, designers, decorators, artists (teaching too), prototypes as well as classical railroad, plane and boat model building.
NOTE: The units double wound transformer and insulation to class 2 ensure the cutter is absolutely safe. The cutting wire operates at 10V, 1A. The large base with 390 x 280mm table with surface of Alu cobond compound ensures compound smooth and easy movement of the workpiece. The printed grid and protractor ease division and cutting. Solid aluminium overarm has a 350mm throat and offers 140mm capacity in height. The holder and wire coil (30m, 0.2mm diameter is included) may be shifted along the overarm to enable mitre cutting. A LED indicates operation and prevents burnt fingers (the cutting wire heats to maximum in less than 1 second). NOTE: The correct temperature, being material type and thickness dependent, is learnt from experience. Optimum profiles are cut at lower temperatures and cutting force.
Technical Data 220 240V, 50/60Hz, insulated to class 2 requirements. Transformer secondary max. 10V, 1A. Cutting wire temperature with 0.2mm diameter is variable between approx. 100 and 200 C. Weight approx. 3kg. No 27 080
Double function fence with lockable feed bar (German Patent 102.5).

Spare cutting wire

Used on the THERMOCUT and other similar units. Made of NiCr 8020. Spool of 30m x 0.2mm. No Crosscuts are achieved by means of a simple yet efficient solution: Secure drawing-pin to table by means of tape, it serves as a fixed centre.
For perfect straight cuts in wood, non-ferrous metals, plastic and PC cards.
Crosscut blade super-cut 58mm diameter (10mm bore). 80 alternately set teeth. Ideal for hard and soft wood as well as plastic and Pertinax. For fast, clean cuts. Teeth are individually set and sharpened. Superior cutting power! No 28 014
Bench circular saw KS 230
The 58mm diameter Super Cut blade cuts soft woods up to 8mm, plastics (Pertinax too) to approx. 3mm, non-ferrous metals to approx. 1.5mm. Fibreglass reinforced PC cards could be cut with the tungsten blade. The 85W, VDE tested motor is quiet, operates off 220 240V and has a prolonged life expectancy. The side door allows easy sawdust removal. Overall size approx. 240 x 180 x 80mm. Weight 1.8kg. No 27 006

Even 0.5mm holes may be drilled. With three step pulleys.
Bench drill machine TBM 220
The optional MICRO compound table to suit is described on page 16.
Practical, adjustable depth gauge.
Machine vice MS 4 made of die-cast zinc is an invaluable accessory and is described in detail on page 17.
Machined worktop of high quality, ribbed die-cast aluminium (220 x 120mm). Adjustable fence with scale. Solid, hard-chromed steel column, 280mm high, 20mm diameter. Super stable die-cast head with VDE approved 220 240V, 85W motor. Very quiet and of long life expectancy type. Power transmission by aluminium pulleys and flat belt. Three spindle speeds of 1,800, 4,700 and 8,500rpm. (Triple torque at low speeds). Chrome feed lever with adjustable depth scale. The spindle is essentially play-free as a result of the 3 high quality ball bearings. Recessed spindle for insertion of MICROMOT steel collets, but also threaded for drill chucks (3/8" thread). Extremely high rotational accuracy, 30mm feed. Quill diameter 32mm, with return spring. Throat depth (column to drill spindle) 140mm. Quick coarse height adjustment of headstock with clamp levers. Max. height 140mm. Six triple slit precision collets for shaft sizes 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.4 3.0 3.2mm are included. No 28 128
Dividing head for MICRO miller MF 70 and MICRO comound table KT 70
This accessory is used to drill offset holes, holes with equal spacing as well as milling key surfaces in 4 sided, 6 sided, etc materials. Graduated on the base. The chuck jaws may be reversed to yield 1.5 32mm (inside) and 12 65mm (outside) and bore of 11mm. This through hole allows long items to be clamped vertically in the chuck. Mounting holes to secure the unit vertically or horizontally are provided. T-nuts, complying with the MICROMOT norm, as well as mounting screws are included. Size 72 x 64 x 38mm. Supplied in wooden box with sliding lid.
For drill shank sizes 0.5 to 6.0mm. Max. speed 10,000rpm. Industrial quality with extra high speed accuracy. With 3/8" thread for MICROMOT bench drill TBM 220, including chuck key. No 28 122

No 24 264

Small and beautiful: the accurate miller for lab technician, optician, jeweller, electronic/model builder.

MICRO miller MF 70

Handwheels with zero adjustable scales, 1 revolution = 1.0mm, 1 division = 0.05mm.

Tungsten milling cutters

These double flute cutters are made from solid tungsten, clockwise cutting. The fishtail profile ensures cutting to the centre, allowing boring. Usable on cast iron, hardened cast iron, steel, cast steel, brass, aluminium, and even glass, plastics and carbon fibre. One each of 1.0-2.0 and 3.0mm. 3.0mm shaft diameter. No 3 pieces Continuously variable speed from 5,00020,000rpm, perfect for even the smallest milling cutter.
Cutter clamping in MICROMOT system collets.
Now supplied complete with stepped clamp blocks of steel. These are shown on page 16.

6.5 R 3.2 6.5 R 2.5

6.5 2.5
Wood Router Cutter Set, 10 pieces
A set with one each of the described cutters, neatly arranged in a wooden box. No 29 020
Note: These router cutters should only be used in machines or accessories such as the router MT 300, router base OFV or the router table FT 300. Free-hand use of these cutters is extremely dangerous!

R5 6.5

The smallest and cutest in the world: 40 x 80mm capacity !

Thicknesser DH 40

Load bearing components are all made of die-cast aluminium, with milled seats for bearings and spindles. These characteristics are essential for vibration-free, smooth thicknessing of hard and soft woods. The triple spindled table is made from die-cast aluminium and milled to close tolerances. The hand wheel, zero adjustable, allows adjustments to 0.1 mm. Auto feed is fitted as standard, as well as an anti-kickback device. The infeed roller is riffled and spring loaded to assist in feeding uneven materials. The outfeed roller is rubber coated to prevent marking the
newly planed wood. The cutter block is fitted with two HSS knives. The on/off switch is dust protected and fitted with a no-volt release. Technical data: 220 240V, 200W, 50/60Hz. Thicknessing to 80mm wide and 40mm thick. Maximum depth of cut 0.8mm. Cutter speed 6,000rpm and feed rate 4.8 m/min. Table length 232mm. Overall machine dimensions 280 x 230 x 235mm. Weight approx. 8kg.

No 27 040

NOTE: Minute splinters can influence the usefulness of planed wood. Precision is even more important when working in miniature.

Spare blades

The HSS blades are reversible. 82mm long. No 1 pair
Quiet yet powerful! Speed control from 200 - 1,400 strokes per minute. Smooth cuts without the need to finish.

Scroll Saw DSH/E

Practical quick release lever for quick blade changes (important when cutting internally).
The DSH/E is fitted with a vacuum system adapter, used to keep the working area dust free.
The ideal machine for tool and die making, model building, toy repairs, puzzle sawing, architectural work, antique restoration, etc. Absolutely safe: ideal for schools and training centres. Super cutting capacity (wood 50mm, plastics 30mm, non-ferrous metals 10mm) and yet runs with only a hum. fig.1 Perspex, PC cards, foam, leather and cork are easily cut. Free moving blade chucks accept both pin and plain end blades. The slender over arm facilitates a clear view of the workpiece. The photo (fig. 1) shows the superb quick change lever, used especially with internal cuts. Air blower with adjustable nozzle provides clear visibility of workpiece and cutting line. Machine base of cast iron with rubber feet for vibration-free operation and stability, may also be screwed down. Sturdy aluminium die-cast table 360 x 270mm tilts up to 45 for mitre sawing (fig. 2). Standard commercially availafig.2 ble pin blades can be rapidly fitted and stored in the special compartment on the side of the machine. The clamping jaws also clamp plain end blades. Channel for the connection of a vacuum cleaner. Complete with 5 each coarse and fine blades and T allen key. Technical data: 220 240V, 50/60Hz. The special motor draws 200W and the electronic speed control yields constant speeds under load from 200 to 1,400/min. Stroke 19mm. 400mm throat with 50mm maximum depth of cut or 25mm at 45 table tilt. Length 53cm, height 30cm, width 27cm. Weight approx. 20kg. No 27 090

As above, but special tempered steel, with induction-hardened teeth. Extra narrow for tight curves (1,065 x 3.5 x 0.5mm). Coarse toothed (14TPI). For aluminium and plastic. No 28 180
Diamond blade for MBS 240/E
For cutting ceramics, glass and fibreglass. 1,065 x 3 x 0.3mm. Must be used in conjunction with coolant system! No 28 186
NOTE: The cutting of glass and ceramics should only be attempted in conjunction with the coolant system (see page 39).


With electronically controlled speeds between 250 and 750rpm. Ideal for wet sanding.

Disc Sander TG 250/E

Coolant system for wet grinding of glass, stone, tiles and steel.
250mm disc, surface machined and with double ball bearing spindle.
Table size: 275 x 105mm, with slot for mitre gauge. Tilts up to 45.
The band saw and disc sander are equipped with vacuum cleaner adaptors: work in a clean, dust free environment!
Self adhesive sanding discs for TG 250/E, 250mm.
Industrial quality. Carborundum with resinoid bond. For sanding soft and hard woods, laminates, non-ferrous metals, steel, plastics, cork, rubber and minerals. No 80 grit 5 discs No 150 grit 5 discs No 240 grit 5 discs Sands long edges, end sections, radii, mitres, and, by turning work piece over - accurate flat surfaces at right angles. Used on soft and hard woods, non-ferrous metals, steel, plastics (plexiglass and fibreglass), cork and rubber. A simple chart indicates the recommended speeds on different materials. Sturdy construction: Main body of ribbed die-cast aluminium (not a steel tube or sheet metal construction). Machined backing disc - driven by a twin ball bearing spindle. Standard commercially available sanding discs fix firmly and can be replaced quickly. A dust collection adapter for attaching a vacuum cleaner or dust extractor is included. Technical data: 220 240V with drive via toothed belt (reduction ratio 7.3:1) Electronic speed control approx. 250 750/min. Disc diameter 250mm. Max. sanding height 135mm, table 275 x 105mm (tilts 15 in, 45 out). Overall size without table 330 x 280 x 230mm. Complete with mitre gauge and 2 each sanding discs of 80 grit and 240 grit. No 28 060

IMPORTANT: Milling is best carried out with the headstock locked in position. The FF 230s lock levers achieve this effortlessly.

MICRO miller FF 230

The MICRO miller FF 230 is a small, accurate milling system used to mill, drill and countersink steel, cast iron aluminium, brass and plastic. The headstock swivels through 360, indicated on a scale. Height is adjusted via a zero adjustable handwheel, also used as fine feed when milling. One revolution equals 1mm travel, 1 division equals 0.05mm. The quill and headstock may be locked in position, essential when milling. The powerful permanent magnet motor effects drive via a poly-v belt, yielding high torques, especially at lower speeds. Collets of 6, 8 and 10mm are included. The solid table is T-slotted to the MICROMOT norm of 12 x 6 x 5mm. Technical Data: The 140W motor accepts 220 240V, 50/60Hz. Spindle speeds of 280, 550, 870, 1,200, 1,500 and 2,200rpm are achieved by pulleys and a belt. Table size 270 x 80mm, column 35mm x 400mm long. X-Y travel is 170mm x 65mm. Maximum height 180mm and depth 130mm. Overall height approx. 500mm. Weight approx. 17kg. No 24 108
Poly-V drive system offers 6 speeds between 280 and 2,500rpm.
The fine step feed, clamps and cutter are not included. (Description on page 16)
Fine Feed for Milling machine PF 230 and MICRO miller FF 230
Easily installed. The feed may be used via either the height feed (vertical) or the fine feed in the tilted position. One revolution is equivalent to 1.5mm spindle travel, with 1 division = 0.05mm. The graduated scale may be zero reset. No 24 140

Compound table KT 230

As described above, but excluding headstock and column. Fits the PF 230 and PF 210. Weight approx. 11kg. No 24 106
Five piece collet set for PF 230 and FF 230.
Handwheels with zero adjustable scale, 1 rev = 1mm, 1 division = 0.05mm.
Includes 1 each of 2.4 3.0 3.2 4.0 and 5.0mm, for round stock. Supplied in a wooden box and lid.

No 24 144

Lathe accessories for PD 230/E and PD 400.
Nearly all the components are supplied in sturdy wooden boxes.
Step clamp set Cutter set with tungsten inserts for PD 230/E and PD 400
Milling cutter set (2 - 5mm)
Consists of 2 step blocks and 2 clamps, 2 nuts, 2 T-slot nuts: B = 7, E = 12, D = 4 and C=7.2mm) secures objects to approx. 35 mm high. May be used with PD 230/E, FF 230/250, PD 400, KT 150 and face plate and KT 150. Supplied in wooden box and lid. No Cutting tools of high quality cobalt HSS steel, ground. Five piece set



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