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SRE 70x-TC*

> 1

Dear Sir, Madam,

Congratulations with your purchase of a portable domestic heater. You have purchased a quality product, which will serve you for many years to come. This, of course, provided you use the heater correctly. Please read these Directions for Use first, to ensure maximum lifetime for your heater. Your heater comes with a 24-month manufacturers warranty on all defects in materials or workmanship.
We wish you a warm and comfortable time with your heater.

Yours sincerely,

PVG International b.v. Customer Service Department
Below you will find the main steps to be taken for using your heater. For more details, please refer to the MANUAL (pages 35 ff.).


Front plate Grid Base plate Lid for removable tank
Remove all packaging materials (refer to Section A, Fig. A). Fill the removable tank (refer to Section B, Fig. C). Insert the plug into the wall-socket. Ignite the heater using the key (refer to Section D). If required, change the temperature using the adjustment keys (refer to Section E). Air filter Vent filter Thermostat Plug + cord Information display key Childproof lock Adjustment keys (time and temperature) Timer Fuel gauge removable tank Operation panel Handle Removable tank
Switch off the heater by pressing the


The first time you ignite your heater it will smell like new for a short time. Store your fuel in a cool and dark place. Fuel has a limited shelf life. Start every heating season with renewed fuel. The right quality of fuel will be assured, when you use Zibro Extra or Zibro Kristal for your heater. If you change to another brand and/or type of parrafin oil, you must first finish up all the remaining fuel in the heater.
ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS SUFFICIENT VENTILATION For each model the minimum size of space is specified in which you can use the heater safely, without additional ventilation (refer to Section O). If a particular
room is smaller than the specified space, always put a window or door slightly ajar ( 2.5 cm). We also recommend doing this in highly insulated or draught-free rooms and/or at altitudes above 1,500 metres. However, if there is insufficient ventilation (i.e. oxygen), the heater will automatically switch off. Do not use your heater in cellars or other underground areas.
THE RIGHT FUEL Only use Class C1 paraffin fuel in accordance with BS2869; Part 2, or equivalent.
Your heater has been designed for use with high-quality water-free pure paraffin oil, such as Zibro Extra or Zibro Kristal. Only fuels of this kind will ensure clean and proper burning. Lower quality fuel may result in:
Only the use of the correct fuel will ensure safe, efficient, and comfortable use of your heater.
increased possibility of malfunctioning incomplete burning reduced heater lifetime smoke and/or smells deposits on the grid or mantle
Using the right fuel is therefore essential for safe, efficient, and comfortable use of your heater. Always refer to your local dealer for the right fuel for your heater.
This transportation cap is packed separately in the box. Only this cap ensures trouble-free transportation of the heater after use. Store it well!


1 Carefully remove your heater from the box and check the contents. In addition to the heater you also need to have: a transportation cap these directions for use Keep the box and the packaging materials (Fig. A) for storage and/or transportation. 2 Open the lid of the removable tank and remove the piece of cardboard. 3 Fill the removable tank as indicated in Section B. 4 The floor should be firm and completely level. Reposition the heater, when it is not level. Do not try to correct the situation by placing books or other goods under the heater. Please refer to the separate instructions in the carton box for fixing of the heater. 5 Insert the plug into the wall-socket (220/230 Volts - AC / 50 Hz) and set the correct time using the adjustment keys (refer to Section C). 6 Your heater is now ready for use.
FILLING FUEL Do not fill the removable tank in the living room, but in a more suitable place
(there can always be some spillage). Follow the procedure below:
1 Make sure that the heater is switched off. 2 Open the lid and lift the removable tank out of the heater (Fig. B). Note: Some drops may leak from the tank. Put down the removable tank (cap pointing upwards) and screw off the fuel cap. 3 Take the manual fuel pump and insert the smooth, most rigid tube into the jerrycan. Make sure that it is in a higher position than the removable tank (Fig. C). Insert the ribbed hose into the opening of the removable tank. 4 Lock the switch button on top of the pump (turn clockwise).

5 Squeeze the pump a few times, until fuel starts flowing into the removable tank. As soon as this happens, there is no need to press any longer. 6 Check the removable tank fuel gauge while filling the tank (Fig. D). Stop

empty full

filling by loosening the switch button on top of the pump (turn anti-clock-
wise), once the gauge indicates that the tank is full. Never overfill the tank, especially not when the fuel is very cold (fuel expands when it heats up). 7 Let the remaining fuel in the pump flow back into the jerrycan and carefully remove the pump. Carefully screw the fuel cap back on the tank. Clean off any spilled fuel. 8 Check whether the fuel cap is straight and tightened properly. Reinstall the removable tank in the heater (cap down). Close the lid.
SETTING THE CLOCK It is only possible to set the correct time, when the heater is connected to the mains and not burning. Use the adjustment keys to set the time. First press either of the two keys to switch on the function (the 4-digit will start blinking). Next, set the hours using the key on the left ( hour) and the minutes using the key on the right ( min.). Press once to increase the value by one step. When you
E: When the 4-digit stops blinking, the setting has been locked to the indicated value.
hold down the key, the value will continue going up, until you release the key again. After approximately 10 seconds the 4-digit will stop blinking and the setting will be locked. 5 minutes after switching off the heater, the information on the display will disappear and the heater will automatically switch into the standby position.
F: The required temperature on the left, the measured temperature on the right.
When the heater has been unplugged (or after a power failure), the time needs to be set again.
IGNITING THE HEATER When used for the first time, a new heater may give out a smell for a short while.
You should therefore provide extra ventilation. Always ignite the heater with the button. Never use matches or a cigarette lighter. Just press the button to ignite the heater. The button will start blinking, button will remain lit (red). The information display indicating that the ignition procedure has started. This will take a short while. Once the heater is burning, the will show two numbers. The light next to them indicates that these numbers refer to the temperatures (Fig. F). The actual room temperature is indicated below ROOM, while the temperature setting is indicated below SET. The latter can be changed with the adjustment keys (refer to Section E). Prior to igniting the heater, always check for sufficient fuel in the removable tank.
SETTING THE REQUIRED TEMPERATURE The temperature setting can only be adjusted, when the heater is burning. Use the adjustment keys to adjust the temperature. First press either of the two keys to switch on the function (the C mark and 4-digit will start blinking). Next, adjust the temperature using the key on the right ( min.) to set the temperature to a higher setting and the key on the left ( hour) to lower the temperature. Press

once to increase the value one step. After approximately 10 seconds the C mark and 4-digit will stop blinking and the setting will be locked (Fig. F). The available temperature settings range from 6C minimum to 28C maximum. When the heater has been unplugged (or after a power failure), the temperature will reset to the factory setting of 20C.
USING THE TIMER The timer allows you to switch on the heater automatically at a preset time. In order to switch on the timer, the correct time must have been set (refer to Section C) and the heater should be off. Follow the procedure below:
1 Press the button and then the TIMER key immediately after that.
The TIMER light and the 4-digit will start blinking. 2 Use the adjustment keys to set the time at which the heater must ignite. Use the key on the left ( ( min.) to set the minutes (interval of 5 minutes). 3 After approximately 10 seconds the 4-digit will show CLOCK again and the TIMER indicator light will light up, indicating that the timer function has been activated (Fig. G).
G: The TIMER indicator light indicates that the timer function has been switched on.
Nhour) to set the hours and the key on the right
4 The timer will ensure that the room will have been heated to approximately the required temperature at the set time.
In case of any malfunctioning the information display will tell you what is the matter.
When you want to switch off the heater and ignite it again with the timer, all you have to do is press the TIMER key (refer to Section G). Press the button once to clear the timer setting.
SWITCHING OFF THE HEATER There are two ways to switch off the heater.
1 Press the button. The information display will show the CLOCK
signal. Within approximately one minute the flame will have extinguished. 2 Press the TIMER key , when you want to switch off the heater and ignite it again with the timer the next time. This not only switches off the heater, but it also activates the timer function. You can change the required time with the adjustment keys (refer to Section F).
THE INFORMATION DISPLAY The information display not only serves as an indicator of the (set) time and temperature (sections C, E, and F), it also indicates any malfunctioning of the
heater. The code on the information display tells you what is the matter: CODE INFORMATION Temperature within the heater too high. Power interrupted. Faulty thermostat. Faulty burner thermistor. Starting problems. Tipping-over protection. Poor burning. WHAT TO DO Cool-down and re-ignite. Re-ignite the heater. Contact your dealer. Contact your dealer. Contact your dealer. Re-ignite the heater. Contact your dealer.


e- 7 e- 8 e- 9
Room temperature above 32C. Defective booster. Air filter dirty; or Fuel pump dirty. The heater has been in operation continuously for a period of 48 hours and has turned itself off automatically.
If necessary, re-ignite the heater. Contact your dealer. Clean filter. Contact your dealer.
Switch the heater back on. Refill removable tank. Ventilate better.

-- : --- : -- +

Out of fuel. Too little ventilation.
Always contact your dealer for any malfunctioning not listed above.
AUTOMATIC DEACTIVATION This heater is fitted with a safety system that ensures that it switches off
automatically after 48 hours continuous operation. The following will then appear in the display: the. If desired, you can switch the heater on again by pressing button (see section D).
AUTOMATIC CLEANING MODE When the heater has been burning continuously for two hours at its highest
setting, the burner will automatically start an autoclean procedure. The display will show the autocleaningcode cl 05 running back to cl 00. The procedure takes 5 minutes, during which the heater will burn at its lowest setting, while the burner autocleans. When the burner is clean again, the heater will automatically switch back to the highest setting again.
CHILDPROOF LOCK The childproof lock can be used to prevent children accidentally changing the
heater settings. When the heater is burning and the childproof lock is on, the heater can only be switched off. Other functions are blocked then. If the heater has already been switched off, the childproof lock also prevents accidental ignition of the heater. Activate the childproof lock by pressing the appropriate key and holding it
H: When the mark appears, the childproof lock has been activated.
down for more than 3 seconds. The KEY-LOCK indicator (

) will appear on the

information display (Fig. H), indicating that the childproof lock has been activated. Switch off the childproof lock by pressing the key and holding it down for more than 3 seconds once again.
THE 'FUEL' INDICATOR When the FUEL indicator appears, there is enough fuel left for another 10 minutes
of heater use. The count-down of the remaining heating time can be seen in the information display (Fig. I). Every two minutes an alarm signal is sounded, warning you to refill the removable tank. If you do not react, the heater will
I: When the FUEL indicator has appeard, the information display will show the number of minutes of fuel left in the tank.

extinguish by itself. The heater will also sound a warning signal, when it switches off. The FUEL indicator will blink, while four lines are blinking in the information display. You can stop this by pressing the button once. Once the heater has used up all its fuel and is extinguished it will take some time, after the refill, before the heater is completely ready for use again.
THE 'VENT' INDICATOR When the VENT indicator starts blinking, this is a sign that the room is not vented
sufficiently (Fig. J). The heater will switch off automatically. If the indicator continues blinking after extra ventilation, please contact your dealer.
J: A blinking VENT indicator is a sign that you need extra ventilation.
MAINTENANCE Switch off the heater and let it cool down, before you start any maintenance
work. Also disconnect the plug from the mains. Your heater needs hardly any maintenance. It is, however, important that you clean the air filter and the vent
filter with a vacuum cleaner and the grid with a damp cloth, both on a weekly basis. Remove the air filter occasionally (Fig. K) and clean it with soapy water. Prior to reinstallation, make sure that the air filter cap has fully been dried. Regularly inspect the fuel filter as well: 1 Remove the removable tank from the heater and remove the fuel filter

Fuel filter L

(Fig. L). Some drops may leak from the filter; keep a cloth at hand. 2 Remove the dirt by tapping the fuel filter upside-down against a hard surface. (Never clean it with water!) 3 Reinstall the fuel filter into the heater. We recommend that you remove dust and stains from time to time with a damp cloth, because otherwise these may cause stains that are hard to remove. Do not remove any heater components yourself. Always contact your dealer for repairs. When the power cord is damaged, it may only be replaced by an authorised fitter. Use a new cord of the type H05 VV-F.
STORAGE (END OF THE HEATING SEASON) At the end of the heating season, you must store the heater in a dust-free place, if
possible in its original packaging. Unused fuel cannot be used in the next heating season. We therefore recommend that you burn up all fuel. If there is still some fuel left, do not throw it away, but dispose of it in accordance with the local regulations for the disposal of domestic chemical waste. Always start the new heating season with fresh fuel. When you start re-using the heater follow the instructions again (starting from section A and as specified).

TRANSPORTATION Take the following measures to avoid fuel leakage during the transportation of
the heater: 1 Let the heater cool down.
2 Remove the removable tank from the heater and remove the fuel filter (refer to Section L, Fig. L). Some drops may leak from the filter; keep a cloth at hand. Store the fuel filter and the removable tank outside the heater. 3 Place the transportation cap into the position of the fuel filter (Fig. M). Press it tight. 4 Always move the heater in an upright position.

transportation cap

Fuel Capacity (kW) max. Capacity (kW) min. Suitable space (m3)** Fuel consumption (l/hr)* Fuel consumption (g/hr)
electrical paraffin 3.00 0.80 40-120 0.313 250

Dimensions (mm)

width height
(including base plate) depth Accessories Mains Electrical consumption Fuse rating
transportation cap 220V/230V -- AC/50 Hz igniter 320 W 250V, 5A continuous 28 W
Burning time per tank (hr) Weight (kg)

12.8 9.5

Capacity removable tank (litres) 4.0
At maximum setting ** Specified values are indicative
WARRANTY PROVISIONS Your heater comes with a 24-month warranty starting on the date of purchase.
Within this period all defects in material or workmanship will be repaired without any charge. The following provisions shall apply regarding this warranty: 1 We expressly dismiss all other claims for damages, including consequential damages. 2 Any repairs or replacements of components within the term of warranty will not result in an extension of the term of warranty. 3 The warranty shall no longer apply, when the heater has been modified, non-original parts have been used, or when it is repaired by third parties. 4 The warranty shall not apply to parts that are subject to normal wear, such as the burner mat and the manual fuel pump. 5 The warranty shall only apply, when you present the original, dated proof of purchase, provided no changes have been made to it. 6 The warranty shall not apply to damages caused by actions not in compliance with the Directions for Use, neglect, and the use of an incorrect type of fuel, or fuel past its use-by date. The use of incorrect fuel can even be dangerous*. 7 Transportation costs and the risks involved during the transportation of the
heater or heater components shall always be at the expense of the purchaser.
In order to avoid unnecessary costs, we recommend that you always read the Directions for Use carefully first. In case they offer no solution, please take the heater to your dealer for repair.
* Highly inflammable substances may induce uncontrollable burning, causing flames to break out. Should this happen, never try to move the heater, but always switch off the heater immediately. In case of emergency you may use a fire extinguisher, but only a type B extinguisher: a carbon dioxide or powder extinguisher.


Make sure that children are always aware of the presence of a burning heater. Do not move the heater when it is burning or still hot. Do not refill nor service the heater when it is burning or still hot. Position the front of the heater at a distance of minimum 1.5 metres from walls, curtains, and furniture. Do not use the heater in dusty rooms or places with strong draughts. In either situation you will not have optimum burning. Do not use the heater in the immediate surrounding of a bath, a shower or a swimmingpool. Switch off the heater, before you leave or go to sleep. Unplug the heater as well, when you go away for a longer period of time (e.g. holidays). Store and move fuel only in suitable tanks and jerrycans. Make sure that the fuel is not exposed to heat or extreme temperature changes. Always store the fuel in a cool, dry and dark place (sunlight will affect the quality). Never use the heater in places where harmful gasses or fumes may be present (e.g. exhaust gasses or paint fumes). Beware that the grid of the heater becomes hot. If the appliance is covered there is a risk of fire. Always make sure that there is sufficient ventilation.
Defective electrical devices and batteries must be kept separate from household waste. Ensure that there is effective recycling where possible. Ask you local council or dealer for expert advice on recycling.
*SRE 70x-TC: Webber Stover Tectro Heator

4 > 1

SRE 701 TC SRE 702 TC SRE 703 TC SRE 704 TC

Toyostove SRE 706 TC

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Rev. 3/07


Product range Product line Brand name

Product data sheet 2007

Portable heaters Laser Vision Zibro

Model name Colour

Toyotomi model name EAN code
SRE 270 TC (BK) (Type A) WT black



Burner type Capacity

Technical specifications
Suitable space Fuel consumption Tank capacity Mains

kW m2 m

Electronic Injection Burning System (BI)

2.55 - 6.10

38 - - 255

ltr/hr g/hr ltr hr W W

0.266 - 0.- 508 7.1
Burning time tank Power consumption preheat Power consumption burning Noise level (low-high) Weight * Dimensions (w x d x h) * Guarantee ** ** except burner mat and manual fuel pump including base plate

V / Hz

220-230 / 50 44

11.2 - 26.7

dB(A) mm kg

704 x 355 x 560 21.0 2

29 - 38

Manual fuel pump


Transportation cap

Fuel tank cap cover

Instructions for use

4 > 1 :

Description Burner mat

Most important spare parts
Removable fuel tank Fuel tank cap high
20 ft = ft = 261 HQ = 348 WxDxH= 760 x 410 x 630 mm Gross = 23.0 kg
8713508402505 8713508711317


EAN Code

Fuel filter high

Automatic cleaning mode: When the heater has been burning for two hours consecutively at its maximum burning mode it will automatically clean the burner chamber for a period of 5 minutes.

Laser Vision burner

Semi-automatic operation: This heater is equipped with a 24-hour programmable timer and integrated thermostatic control to maintain the desired room temperature. Save mode: Energy saving mode. When the room temperature exceeds the off. The heater will restart when the room temperature is 1oC below the programmed temperature by more than 3oC, the heater will automatically shut

Anti-leakage valve

pogrammed temperature. With a set temperature of 6oC this system can be used as a frost protection. Fuzzy logic: This heater is equipped with a self-regulating temperature control system. The heating mode can be set according to the requirements. Computer controlled temperature regulation. Wickless design: Provides clean and economical heating without wick maintenance or replacement.
Anti-leakage valve*: The fuel tank is equipped with an anti-leakage valve which prevents leakage even when the tank is held upside down without tank cap. Fuel tank cap cover: To unscrew the removable fuel tank cap without touching it directly, please use the plastic cap at the back of the heater. Information display: Helps to keep track of all the important heater functions. Safety devices: This heater is equipped with two flame-rod sensors, an overheat protector, a tip-over switch and a burner thermistor for safe heating. Childproof lock: When this button is pressed, the operation of buttons will be blocked, except the on/off button.


Fuel filter
Back-up system: In case of a power failure the heater will be shut off. To retain the memory settings, the power has to be restored within approximately 10 minutes. Weektimer connection: A Weektimer can be connected to the connector on the back side of this heater. In this way 3 periods a day/ 7 days a week (21 programs in total) can be programmed.

Automatic airflow control: The speed of the built-in fan is self-regulatory, depending on the burning mode of the heater. Weektimer included: This heater is supplied with a Weektimer. Made in Japan: This heater has been produced according to the ISO 9000:2000 Quality Control Standard. Design: The heater is part of an exclusive range of Zibro products.

* Patent Toyotomi



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