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For the sub-200 dollar price tag, this 10-Megapixel camera is packed with lots of features and take very good pictures.
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I bought this camera since it had a $50 rebate, but after I mailed out it, no response from samsung for ever. High resolutions.

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a u t o p i l o t s

Raymarines Autohelmright Autopilot choice. Series the

Radar Navigation Aids Instruments Autopilots Fishfinders Communications Software Systems

Intelligent features

When it comes to autopilots, there is one name that stands above the rest. Raymarine is synonymous with performance, reliability and ease of use. With a comprehensive range of pilots to choose from, whatever type of boating you enjoy cruising, racing or fishing an Autohelm Series autopilot from Raymarine is the right pilot for your boat.
Raymarine the intelligent choice of pilot.
No matter which model you choose, every Raymarine pilot is packed with intelligent features. From a basic tiller pilot to a powerful inboard system, each comes with a simple, intuitive keypad for easy operation and a clear, functional LCD display to keep you informed (option for SportPilot). SeaTalk and NMEA compatibility allow you to integrate the pilot as part of a complete Raymarine navigation system. Set the pilot to steer a course, track to a waypoint from your GPS or chartplotter, or steer to the wind. Additional control units and hand held remote controls ensure you remain in complete command anywhere on board. Behind the scenes, intelligent software and proven hardware have earned Raymarine a reputation for building the worlds finest autopilots to steer your boat in all conditions. Some of the features you will find in Autohelm pilots from Raymarine: Informative and versatile LCD display. Simple push-button control keypad. SeaTalk/NMEA compatible. Track to waypoint from GPS or chartplotter. Instrument/navigation Datapages. Remote control and multi-station option. AutoTack (programmable turn). Steer to wind angle - True/Apparent. Rudder angle display.
AST Advanced Steering Technology: state-of-the-art software, for new G-series course computers with built in rate gyro, gives superb steering performance and boat handling (see page 37). AutoLearn: When fitted with the 150G/400G core packs, the ST6001 and ST7001 inboard pilots learn your boats handling characteristics for optimum pilot performance. SeaTalk Networking: The world renowned on-board plug and play solution for connecting multiple remote autopilot displays and connecting to Raymarine integrated navigation systems. Data pages: Customize your favorite navigation information to be displayed as you would like to see it.
Right choice the world over
In a recent survey of over 130 transatlantic yacht skippers, 70% use an Autohelm from Raymarine to get them safely across the ocean*, and in the worlds toughest single-handed yacht races, youll find Raymarine autopilots steering the boats day and night, all over the globe. No wonder the worlds top boat builders fit Raymarine as standard equipment.

Right technology

With literally millions of miles of experience in steering all kinds of boats, its no surprise that Autohelm (Raymarine today) pioneered all the major advances in autopilot technology integration with instrument and navigation systems, the fluxgate compass, push button steering, AutoSeastate, AutoAdapt, AutoTrim and now AST Advanced Steering Technology.
* Figures quoted in June 2001 Yachting World.
AutoTack: Tacks the boat through a preset, user-defined turn.

Automatic Compass correction: Automatically adjusts the compass to give accurate read outs and heading information on all headings.
Auto Speed Gain: Adjusts the amount of helm applied at different boat speeds for a smooth safe ride.
Wind Trim: When sailing to a set wind angle, the pilot will monitor subtle wind shifts and alert you if there is a long term shift which may affect your ability to hold a course. AutoSeastate and AutoTrim: Automatically adjusts for wind and sea conditions to hold the best course.

Tech tip

Remember, always take the fully laden displacement weight of your vessel into account, this is often 20% above the designed displacement, so dont be tempted to choose a pilot which will always be working at the limits of its designed capabilities. If you choose your pilot with safety in mind, it wont struggle when the going gets tough.
Course Memory: After a manual course change to avoid an obstruction, simply press down Auto for one second to return to your previous course.
Calibration Lock: Allows you to secure your customized settings from unauthorized access.
Selecting the perfectinboard pilot system.
An introduction to inboard autopilots
Inboard pilots must be powerful enough to handle the demanding loads applied to the steering system of larger boats. The drive unit of an inboard pilot is mounted below decks linking directly with the boats steering system all you see at the helm is the control unit. Raymarine offers a range of control units to suit your needs and style. To determine which drive unit you require, simply answer the questions in this chart. Once you have selected a drive, refer to pages 74 & 75 for detailed drive specification and part number information.
Selecting the right pilot
An inboard pilot consists of a drive unit, corepack and your choice of control units. The first step is to specify the correct drive unit to match your boat's steering system, displacement and size. Use the flowchart (right) and specifications on pages 74 & 75 as a guide*. Next, select the appropriate corepack; T150/T400 or G-series 150G/400G course computer (with AST and built-in gyro). Finally, choose from ST7001, ST6001, ST600R or Raypilot 650 control units.
* We recommend that you consult a Raymarine approved dealer who can specify, install and commission the correct Raymarine system for your boat. An approved installation also carries our full worldwide 2 year warranty.








Contains course computer, rudder reference and fluxgate compass.




Raymarine Autopilot
Course Computers setting new standards in autopilot performance.
More powerful and rugged than ever before, Raymarine course computers serve as the central intelligence hub of our inboard pilot systems. Choose the standard T150 or T400 or the advanced G-series 150G and 400G course computer with built in rate gyro sensor. The G-series adds a new dimension to autopilot technology, delivering AST, AutoLearn* and FastTrim features as well as high performance heading output. 37
Advanced Steering Technology (AST)
Using AST (Advanced Steering Technology) software and a built-in rate gyro transducer, the new G-series course computers maintain a razor sharp course with smooth, crisp and controlled turns right onto your next heading. With a Raymarine GPS to guide it, your inboard pilot will track straight to your next waypoint making cross track error a thing of the past.
Intelligent AutoLearn function
With the new ST7001 and ST6001 control units, AST and AutoLearn* software learns your boats handling characteristics and automatically sets up your pilot for optimum performance. Fastrim AST corrects for any changes in standing helm needed to keep the vessel on course (e.g. weather helm or loss of one engine), keeping you right on course when the going gets tough. Sensitive Response AST allows you to retain complete control of how the pilot steers your boat to provide the most comfortable ride or conserve power on long sail passages. MARPA and Radar/Chart Overlay G-series course computers also provide accurate and stable heading data for MARPA and chart overlay functions on Raymarines Pathfinder radars and chartplotters.
* AutoLearn requires ST6001/ST7001 control unit with 150G/400G course computer.
Technical Specifications see page


superb AST* performance with AutoLearn** technology.
A powerful and versatile maxi-sized control unit, the ST7001 is really simple to use. Its large informative display and intuitive keypad give you quick and easy access to all pilot data, as well as up to 15 pages of selectable instrument or navigation data pages. Setting the pilot up could not be easier when installed with a G-series course computer corepack. Using advanced AST (Advanced Steering Technology) software, the ST7001 will AutoLearn your boats steering characteristics and automatically enter the optimum settings to give crisp, smooth turns and superb course keeping at all times. Ideal for longer passages, the response function controls how the pilot helms the boat, ensuring the most comfortable ride at all times while keeping you right on course.

ST7001 outstanding features
Large crisp LCD display with easy-to-read rudder angle indicator. Intuitive keypad and the proven Autohelm button control. SeaTalk networking enables the easy addition of multiple remote ST7001 and ST6001 control heads or multiple ST600R handheld remotes.
ST7001 Plus and ST6001 Plus 1. Master head ST7001 Plus 2. Master head ST6001 Plus 3. Optional ST6001 Plus flush mount 4. Course computer 5. Optional Raypilot 650 head 6. SeaTalk network 7. 12v DC 8. Fluxgate compass 9. Rudder reference 10. Drive units.

Instrument integration

The ST7001 integrates with Raymarine SeaTalk instruments with up to 15 configurable data displays and GPS data. In addition the ST7001 can serve as a remote keypad control for ST60 instruments!
* With 150G or 400G course computer corepacks only. ** AutoLearn requires ST6001/ST7001 control unit with 150G/400G course computer.
Setting new standardsand AutoLearn*. the versatile ST6001 with AST
The ST6001 has become the benchmark for autopilot performance and styling, installed aboard more sail and motor yachts than any other inboard pilot. Perfect where space is limited, its clear LCD display with up to seven SeaTalk data pages allows you to monitor important navigational data. When installed with the new G-series Course Computer corepack, ST6001 will AutoLearn your boats handling characteristics, just like the ST7001 and will automatically set up your pilot for optimum performance.
Outstanding ST6001 features:
Compact and stylish control head matches Raymarine ST60 Instruments. Proven Autohelm button control. SeaTalk networking enables easy addition of multiple remote ST6001 and ST7001 control heads or multiple ST600R handheld remotes.
* With 150G or 400G course computer corepacks only.
ST5000 Plusall-in-one autopilot package for powerboats. PowerPilot an
A high performance pilot for powerboats, the ST5000 Plus PowerPilot is the right choice for mid-size sport and powerboats with systems available for hydraulic, outboard and power-assisted steering. Advanced software makes the ST5000 Plus the ideal pilot for both high speed passages and for trolling. The separate control unit is simple to use with an easyto-read display. As you would expect, SeaTalk and NMEA interfaces are standard, allowing you to steer to a compass course or direct to a waypoint from your GPS or chartplotter.

ST5000 Plus PowerPilot features
Complete "all-in-one-box" autopilot system. Patented external fluxgate compass for optimum performance and course keeping accuracy. SeaTalk networking allows for additional ST7001, ST6001 or ST600R remote display heads.
Data displays can be accessed via the display key (maximum of seven displays).
Designed for vessels with power assisted sterndrive or hydraulic steering (see specifications on pages 74 & 75).
Note: Not all sterndrive steering systems are supported. We recommend that you consult a Raymarine approved dealer who can specify, install and commission the correct Raymarine system for your boat. Or visit to learn more about sterndrive pilot installations.
ST5000 Plus PowerPilot system 1. Master head 2. Optional control heads (ST6001/ST7001) 3. Flush mount option 4. SeaTalk network 5. Rotary rudder reference 6. Fluxgate compass 7. Drives: universal I/O (see page 74), Hydraulic kit (see page 75), Sterndrive (see page 74) 8. NMEA GPS 9. 12v DC 10. Autopilot control head (rear).


SportPilot and SportPilot Plus
An easy-to-use and easy-to-fit pilot for powerboats with a single-station helm. Just line up on the desired course, turn the control stick to AUTO and let go of the wheel it really is that simple! When you want to steer again, grab hold of the wheel and steer as normal. With built in SeaTalk and NMEA interface, you can select a waypoint on your GPS or chartplotter and SportPilot will take you straight to it.
compact autopilot for powerboats.

SportPilot features

Rapid user intervention allows the operator to shift the pilot from auto into manual by simply taking hold of the wheel. So simple select Auto and go! One of the easiest pilots to install. GPS waypoint navigation.
SportPilot Plus is ideal for smaller sport fishing boats* with easy speed settings for high speed pursuits or trolling, so you can prepare the bait while the pilot steers the boat. The standard SportPilot is ideal for sports cruisers and rigid inflatable boats.

Sportpilot installation note
Fits 0.75" and 1" tapered wheel shafts. Max. wooden wheel diameter for 0.75" and 1" steering shafts: 21" (540mm). Max. metal wheel diameter for 1" steering shafts: 18" (460mm). SportPilot Plus recommended for trolling speed applications.
SportPilot designed for boats up to 8.5m (27ft). SportPilot Plus for boats up to 10.7m (35ft).
* Check with your approved Raymarine dealer for the correct pilot for your boat.
SportPilot system and SportPilot Plus system (no rudder reference) 1. SportPilot or SportPilot Plus 2. Rear wheel connection 3. Optional autopilot control head 4. SeaTalk network 5. Linear rudder reference 6. Fluxgate compass 7. Rotary rudder reference 8. 12v DC.
ST5000 Plus SailPilotfor size sailboats. rugged performance medium
ST5000 Plus is the perfect autopilot package for offshore sailing yachts. The free running mechanical linear drive unit is mounted below decks, providing responsive steering in auto mode and friction-free movement in standby mode. The computer is integrated within the control unit for easier installation. ST5000 Plus is simple to use and a versatile addition to your navigation system. SeaTalk and NMEA interface with GPS and wind instruments and the large display repeats your choice of up to seven pages of navigation/instrument data.
ST5000 Plus SailPilot features
Designed for yachts up to 9000kg (19,800lbs) (see tech tip on page 44).
ST5000 Plus SailPilot system 1. Master head 2. Optional control heads (ST6001/ST7001) 3. SeaTalk network 4. Rotary rudder reference 5. Fluxgate compass 6. 12v DC 7. NMEA GPS 8. Linear drive 9. Autopilot control head (rear).

RayPilot 650

With its rotary steering control and power steer mode, Raypilot is a popular choice for motor and sportfishing yachts. Below decks, AST software in the new G-series course computer corepacks uses a built-in rate gyro to provide superb steering performance and also output highly accurate, stable heading data to Raymarine radars for MARPA and chartplotter overlay.

powerboat autopilot.

Raypilot 650 features
Large rotary course control with Power Steer mode for total helm control. Oversized LCD and rugged housing with trunnion mount bracket for console or overhead mounting. Multiple remote Raypilot 650 control heads can be added thanks to SeaTalk networking.
Raypilot with rotary course change 1. Master head Raypilot 650 2. Optional control heads (ST6001/ST7001) 3. Course computer T150/T150G/T400/T400G 4. SeaTalk network 5. 12v DC 6. Fluxgate compass 7. Rotary rudder reference 8. Drives (see pages 74 & 75).

* RayPilot 650 is compatible with all course computers (AST, FastTrim and fast heading data output require G-series course computer). AutoLearn is not available with RayPilot 650 control unit.


The powerful and compact ST600R is the ideal addition to any Raymarine autopilot system. Its push-button keypad gives full control of the autopilot, while the powerful LCD display allows you to monitor up to 21 pages of SeaTalk instrument and navigation data, keeping you in control anywhere on board.
autopilot remote control.

ST600R features

Full function autopilot control.* SeaTalk deck sockets can be added anywhere onboard for complete Autohelm control. Instrument/navigation data repeater. Up to 21 selectable pages of information. "Chapter and Page" menu to find data fast. Compatible with any Raymarine SeaTalk autopilot and SeaTalk instrument system.
*G-series course computer corepacks require either the ST7001 or ST6001 control heads for complete calibration and AutoLearn.
Optional SeaTalk handheld remote also available.

Selecting the right

tiller and wheel pilots.
Tiller Autopilot selection chart
The right pilot, correctly installed, will give you many years of dependable service in all weather conditions and will quickly become a valued member of the crew. Start by selecting the correct pilot for your needs. Consider the type of boating you plan to do, then match your boats steering system, fully laden displacement weight and length with the tables (right) to find the right pilot model for you.
ST1000 Plus ST2000 Plus ST4000 Plus ST4000 Plus GP P47 P47 P46 P46
Wheel Autopilot selection chart


ST4000 SportPilot SportPilot Plus ST5000 Plus Inboard Modular Inboard

P45 P41 P41 P42 P38/9

Extensive cruising and long offshore passages. Coastal cruising and occasional offshore passages.

ST4000 Plus

ST4000 Plus Mk II Wheel Pilot
The innovative ST4000 Plus wheelpilot is equipped with the fully enclosed Mk II wheel-drive for simple installation and below deck autopilot performance. The separate ST4000 Plus control unit can be mounted where it is easy to reach and see. The patented fluxgate compass is mounted remotely for optimum performance. The LCD confirms pilot status and repeats up to seven pages of user-defined navigation data from your ST60 system. The rugged Mk II 4000 wheel drive unit is available as an upgrade for existing ST4000 systems.

Designed for vessels up to 8,500kg (18,700lbs) (see tech tip on opposite page).

with Mk II drive unit.

ST3000 Wheelpilot
Belt driven autopilot for wheel-steered yachts up to 13,200lb (see tech tip opposite). Proven Autohelm series belt driven wheel pilot. Integrated control and compass unit makes installation easy and pilot can be quickly removed when not in use. Complete ST3000 details available at
Designed for vessels up to 6000kg (13,200lbs) (see tech tip opposite).
ST4000 MKII wheeldrive system 1. Drive only 2. Autopilot control head (rear) 3. Optional control heads (ST6001/ST7001) 4. Flush mount option 5. SeaTalk network 6. 12v DC 7. NMEA GPS 8. Rotary rudder reference 9. Fluxgate compass 10. Master head.
Autohelm Series and ST4000T Plus GP tiller ST4000T Plus
pilots for the serious sailor.
ST4000T Plus and ST4000T Plus GP
With its rugged drive unit, the ST4000T Plus range is the perfect pilot for larger tiller steered yachts. The fluxgate compass is separated from the drive unit for greater accuracy and the control unit can be mounted where it is always easy to reach. Full SeaTalk and NMEA compatibility means you can steer straight to a waypoint, lock on to a given wind angle, or simply set and follow a course to steer. Whichever you choose, the large clear display keeps you up to date and also acts as a multi-function instrument or navaid repeater. Used by the worlds top singlehanded race skippers, they are the perfect choice for the serious sailor.
ST4000T and ST4000T GP features
Unique Tiller pilot system with full function ST4000 Plus control head and remote mounted fluxgate compass. SeaTalk networking allows for additional ST7001, ST6001 or ST600R remote display heads. Powerful tiller drive unit is compact and unobtrusive.
ST4000T Plus and ST4000T Plus GP 1. Master head 2. 12v DC 3. NMEA GPS 4. Tiller drive 5. Flush mount option 6. Optional control heads ST6001/ST7001 7. SeaTalk network 8. Optional: fluxgate compass 9. Autopilot control head (rear).
ST4000T Plus designed for vessels up to 6000kg (13,200lbs) and ST4000T Plus GP for vessels up to 7,500kg (16,500lbs) (see tech tip on page 44).
Autohelm Series tiller pilots perfect crew members.
ST1000 Plus and ST2000 Plus
Invented by Autohelm in 1973, tiller pilots have consistently been the worlds most popular pilot ever since, setting the standard for performance, reliability and ease of use. Advanced features are standard. AutoTack lets you handle the sheets while the pilot tacks the boat and AutoSeastate intelligently keeps the boat on course while conserving power. Whether used as a stand-alone pilot or with a SeaTalk/NMEA GPS, the clear backlit LCD and six button keypad make these pilots safe and easy to use.

ST1000 Plus and ST2000 Plus features
Built in LCD display for easy setup, compass heading display, and waypoint navigation data display. SeaTalk networking permits multiple ST600R, ST7001 or ST6001 control heads to be connected. Seamless SeaTalk integration with other Raymarine equipment. NMEA 0183 compatible for GPS navigation.
Typical ST1000 Plus and ST2000 Plus tiller pilot displays.
ST1000 Plus and ST2000 Plus tiller pilots 1. Tiller drive 2. Bulkhead connection 3. SeaTalk network 4. 12v DC 5. NMEA GPS.
ST1000 Plus designed for yachts up to 3,000kg (6,600lbs). ST2000 Plus for yachts up to 4,500kg (10,000lbs) (see tech tip on page 44).



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