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FWS 10:30pm on Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 
I bought a new one in Jan of 05. The picture tube failed less than 30 days later.
fhertele 8:55am on Monday, April 12th, 2010 
An ok television I buy RCA television sets mainly because I feel that RCA tvs have better true to life colors than other brands.

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27" (Diagonal) Stereo Television


Component Video Input (Y Pr Pb) on rear allows a single device with Y Pr Pb outputs (such as a DVD player, or a satellite receiver) to be connected. Connections for 2 rear L+R+V devices (when Component Video input unused), plus 1 set of front L+R+V inputs. A rear L+R+S-Video can be substituted for L+R +V input. Wide Band Video Amplifier


Improves video quality by separating the signal into 3 video connectors. Provides more vibrant, sharper images compared to single video inputs. Simplifies connecting other devices such as a game system, digital camera, or VCR. Stereo audio outputs offer selectable fixed or variable output. Premium-engineered chassis includes high-resolution performance-grade video amplifier for improved picture quality. Separates black-and-white detail from color information to virtually eliminate edge crawls and rainbow effects while enhancing picture resolution. Provides consistent volume levels throughout programming & channel changes. Eliminates annoying "blast" of sound during some commercial breaks. Provides on-screen channel names for helpful visual information for 6 seconds. Allows user to customize up to 70 channels w/6 characters + 3 numerics. Allows predetermined viewing time (up to 16 hours per day) to be set in 30-minute increments with a password. Allows daily setting over 7 days.
Digital 3-Line Comb Filter

Sound Logic

On-Screen Channel Labeling
KidPass - Parental Control
Technical Specifications :
BRAND Brand PICTURE Screen Size - diagonal (inch) Category Aspect Ratio Screen Type Adjustable Color Temperature Auto Color Balance (AKB) Auto Color Control Comb Filter BlackStretch Circuitry Preferred Picture Presets Wide Band Video Amplifier SOUND Sound Type Second Audio Program (SAP) Sound Logic Audio Leveler Tone Control Balance Control Front Speakers (number) Front-Fired Speaker System Watts Per Channel Stereo Selectable Audio Preset Modes MTS Stereo Yes Yes Bass & Treble Yes 2 Yes 5 Watts/Channel Includes Enhanced 27 Table TV 4x3 Optimum Contrast Cool, Normal, Warm Yes Yes Digital 3-Line Yes - Dynamic Natural, Bright, Soft, Personal Yes Revised 5/17/04 Photos and features subject to change without notice. Illustration of product finish may vary from actual color. RCA 2004 Thomson Inc. Trademark(s) Registered Marca(s) Registrada(s)
RECEPTION Tuning Capability CONVENIENCE Auto Channel Search Channel Labeling Closed Captioning Commercial Skip Interactive Set-up w/ Menus Multilingual On-Screen Display On-Screen Time & Channel Display One Button Launch for Inputs Parental Control (V-Chip) Parental Control (KidPass) Pic Memory Presets for Vid Inputs Picture Reset Programmable Timer System Yes Yes - 70 Channels Yes Yes Yes English/French/Spanish Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Clock/Sleep/Wake NTSC
REAR CONNECTORS Audio/Video Inputs (Composite) S-Video Input Component Video Input (YPrPb) Audio Outputs Audio Outputs (Type) F Terminal 2 Sets if Component Video Not Used 1 - Auto-Detectible 1Set if 1Set of L+R+V Not Used 1 Set - L&R Audio Switchable - Variable/Fixed 1
FRONT CONNECTORS Audio/Video Inputs (Composite) Headphone Jack 1 L&R Audio, 1 Video Yes
SPECIFICATIONS Finish Product Size (WxHxD) inches Approx. Shipping Weight, lbs AC/DC Power Options Silver Shark / Black 30 x 22.7 x 20.AC


Re: Hello all. Been a while.
From: Jamie <jamie_5_not_valid_after_5_Please@xxxxxxxxxxx> Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 19:33:18 0700

Ricky Eck wrote:

Greetings to all, once again. Well, have an interesting problem. Got a RCA 27V530T here at the house, and I having problems with it. Though I would throw the symptoms up here, and see if any of you may know what the problem is. There has been a progression of problems, but I will try to describe them the best I can. First of all the TV is just out of the part warrantee (1 year old).
Ok, here is my setup in a nut shell. I have the PS2 on the front Video Input. The DVD is plugged into the Component Video (Y, Pb, Pr), the Sat. dish is plugged into the SVideo, and the VCR is running into the 300 Ohm Coax (The 300 Ohm from he Dish is also running into the VCR, so we can record if we wish)
Now, about 3 months ago, we noticed that when we switched the inputs (Like from Svideo to Front AV jacks, with the remote. Not actually pulling the cables), we would get a screen that was kinda like a scrambled movie on cable TV. We used to just turn it off, and back on, and it would come on perfect, till we switched it to another input, where once again, we turned the TV off. But as it progressed, it took longer for it to "Clear Up". Otherwise we would have to turn the TV off longer. Then about two or three weeks ago, I was home on vacation, and watching TV, and the screen went black and white. Crisp clean picture but black and white. I thought it was the Sat. But it was working good on other TVs here in the house. Now, since then the TV will turn black and white a lot during the day. And the only way to clear it up is to turn it off for a while and then turn it back on. Here is the think that is stumping me. If we watch the Sat on Ch. 3 (300 ohm), it can go HOURS before it turns black and white. But then when we turn it back on, it is all scrambled. We have to turn the TV off for 1/2 hour or more. Sometimes we try to experiment and unplug it. But the funny thing is, if we are running the PS2 Or DVD or Sat on SVideo, it may last an hour maybe two. Here is an example of the past two days. Today, I had the TV on from about 12:00 pm to about 5 PM and it finally turned black and white (During the race of all things). But last night playing my PS2, the TV went black and white in 20 minutes from turning the TV on.
So with that all said, any Ideas?
I am thinking a Cold Joint, but not sure,
figure I would throw this out there, and see, before opening it up. If it was still under warrantee I would just take it back. But it isn't, so here I am.

Well, thanks in advance,

Rick Remove "2" to email back
i would start by checking Relays and solder joints.
Real Programmers Do things like this.



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