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RCA Lyra RD1080Patriot SD-2GB-3992 2GB SD Memory Card for RCA Lyra RD1080 MP3 Player

RCA - 2 GB

Brand: Patriot
Part Number: SD-2GB-3992

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dgermann 9:02am on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 
Very durable design and waterproof-good for exercise Short battery life and not enough memory
valnar 10:15pm on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 
a really bad quality i bought two of it they were the same small sized mp3 with illumination,reads SD & MMC cards.
vanguard 4:50am on Friday, April 23rd, 2010 
Positive! I think I paid just around $50 for this player and it has lasted several years. It came with RCA earbuds in a case, a lanyard.
AnnS 2:21am on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 
Excellent audio output ; 2 batteries provide 4X output when compared to single cell player ; Included Headphones sound is good.

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Optional Accessories

FCR-U2MMC/SD - SD/MMC Media Reader FCR-PCM2/4-1 - PCMCIA 4 in 1 Adapter FCR-HS26/1 - 6 in 1 USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Reader
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comp.os.linux.hardware: Re: Need mp3 to mpy file converter for RCA Lyra RD1080 mp3 player
Re: Need mp3 to mpy file converter for RCA Lyra RD1080 mp3 player
From: A. Ben Hmeda ( Date: 06/27/05
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 09:22:11 0400
John McFee wrote: > I have an RCA Lyra RD1080 mp3 player which connects through USB to my > computer running Fedora Core 2. I can read and copy files from its > filesystem just fine. However, the Lyra uses mpy files, (its proprietary > format) rather than mp3 files. Thus I need to convert my mp3 files prior > to downloading them to the Lyra. This is done under Windows using > MusicMatch Jukebox, but there is no Linux version of that program (there > was a beta version in 2001, but apparently it was never continued). > > I have serached the web extensively to find an mp3 to mpy file > converter, with no luck. > > Does anyone have a program that converts mp3 files to mpy files? Without > it, my player is useless with Linux. > > Thanks > > John McFee > Unless I'm still living in the 80s, I have never heard of an MP3 player that converts formats in order to play! If it is an MP3 player, it should play MP3 files without conversion, as per the product's description: Personal Digital Player with 128MB BuiltIn Memory Plays Multiple mp3 Compression Rates mp3/WMA2 Compatible 128MB BuiltIn Flash Memory External MMC Slot Digital FM Tuner with 10 Presets Backlit AlphaNumeric 3Line Display USB Connection for Faster Downloads Upgradeable for Future Audio Compression Formats



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