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mmc97006 5:07pm on Monday, September 13th, 2010 
This receiver from RCA served it needs while it lasted, but I found its reliability wanting (I also had a 32" TV from RCA.

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Operating your Receiver

Receiver Controls. Your Remote Control. The Built-in Radio.. Seek Tuning.. Storing and Recalling Stations in Memory Using the Receiver to Play DVD/CD/ Video Cassette Player.. Using the Remote to Control Additional Components. 10 10.10

Advanced Sound Control

Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby 3 Stereo. 5.1 ch Input for Dolby Digital. Stereo.. DSP.. Night Mode.. Fine Setting of the Components. Input IQ. Smart Detect.. Fine Setting of the Speakers. The TEST/SET UP button. Speaker Configurations. Speaker Distance. Speaker Icons.. Displaying Program Formats. 13 13

Care and Maintenance

Troubleshooting Tips.. Receiver/Tuner Operation. Remote Control Operation.. General.. Cleaning the Exterior.. Equipment Specifications. 14 14



Unpacking the Receiver

lowing items: one receiver unit; one RCAUniversal Remote Control (CRK76); one external FM Dipole antenna; one external AM loop antenna; one audio cable (two wires) with red and white RCA connectors; one video cable (single wire) with yellow RCAconnectors; one instruction book; one safety leaflet; and one pair of AA batteries. For RT2500,you also received: one set of spearkers including 2 left and right front speakers, 1 centre speaker, 1 subwoofer and 2 left and right rear speakers. 6 speaker cables including: 2 x red/balck cable for front speakers, 1 x blue! black cable for centre speaker, 1 x brown/black cable for subwoofer & 2 x grey/black cable for rear speakers.

Set up and Maintenance

For RT2500& RT2500R,check that you received the fol- the


Provide spacesfor sufficient ventilation as indicated:
Do not connect to the AC power cords until all connections are completed.
Inserting Batteries into Remote Control
Insert two AA(R6) batteries according to the + and signs on the battery compartment. To use the remote control, point it directly at your receiver.
Do not use your set immediately after transferred from a cold place to a warm place: there is risk of condensation. Do not expose your set to water projections and excessively high temperatures. After having disconnected your set, clean the case with a soft cloth, or with a slightly humid chamois leather. Never use strong solvents.

SAT Connect components capable of outputing DTS/Dolby Digital (e.g. DVD or SAT) or standard PCM (CD) format digital signals. Read section on "Input Signal Setting" under "Advanced Sound Control" carefully to adjust the matching input settings.

O O _" _ eg

Multi-Channel Decoder DTS

_S < 2




CD Player

If your video component has a S-Video jack included, you can make use of it to enjoy enhanced video quality by connecting it to the relevant S-Video jack at the rear side of the receiver. One video cable is needed for each component. When S-Video cable is used, no more analog video cable is needed. Note: Before plugging in the optical cable or SVideo cable, make sure to match the shape of the plug and jack, otherwise, you will not be able to plug in completely.
If your CD player is equipped with digital optical jacks, using of optical cable is preferred. What you need isjust one more optical digital connecting cord(not supplied). Plug it in the digital input jack of the receiver and you can enjoy better sound quality brought to you by the optical cable. When optical cable is used, no more analog cable is needed. Note: This receiver has one digital optical jack only. Be sure that such connection does not prevent optical cable connection of other components (e.g. DVD & SAT)



iiiiiiiii iiiiiiiii

i i ::
Ctia_onnec__nthe Antennas o
The AM and FM antennas connect to the AM and FM terminals on the system's back panel. They must be hooked up in order to receive clear reception, Uncoil the antenna wires and locate the bare ends. Pressdown on the tab to open the terminal and __ insert the wire. Snap the tab closed. After connect;_j ing the antennas, extend them to their full length and adjust their positioning for better reception.
Red/Black (Main Speakers), Blue/Black (Center Speaker) and Grey/Black (Rear Speakers).When connecting the speakers, make sure the colors of speaker wires and terminals are matched. If the cords are reversed, the sound will be distorted and will lack bass.




Antenna and Speaker Wire Connection
Push Speaker down to qser[

For more information on speaker setup, please refer to "Fine Setting of the Speakers" on page 12 & "Speaker Distance" on page 13


Manufactured under License from Digital Theater Systems, Inc. USPat. No. 5,451,942 and other world-


wide patents issued and pending. "DTS Digital Surround", are trademarks of Digital Theater Systems,Inc. Copyright 1996 Digital Theater Systems,Inc. All rights reserved.

E]FII ,l anu a0 ureO no'

Dolby Digital
Actually there are many more possible options. You may experiment repeatedly to find a right balance for you.
under license from Dolby Laboratories. "Dolby', "Pro Logic" and the doubte-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Copyright 1992-1997 Dolby Laboratories, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



Connecting for Power

Make sure you connect all your other electronic components and the speakers before plugging your receiver into the outlet. Plug the power cord in the walt outlet, matching the wide blade of the plug with the wide slot in the outlet. Besure to insert the plug completely.

Using Headphones

To listen privately through your audio system, use the PHONESjack on the receiver. However, make sure you turn down the volume before you put on the headphones. Increase the volume to the desired levelafter headphones are in place. Once headphones are connected, "HEADPHONE DOWNMIX 2 CHANNEL" will scroll on display.

Demo Mode

Right after you have plugged in the power, a demo message will appear in display. It wilt also be displayed if you pressthe SET/DEMO at STANDBY mode. To restore to normal status, pressSET/DEMO again to return to STANDBY mode.
Restore to Factory Settings
You can always restore all settings back to original state. When the receiver is in STANDBY mode, press accordingly as: STADIUM _ NIGHT _ DSPOFF _ CLUB
then you can restore everything like preset radio station frequencies, speaker settings,etc, back to the first time you use it. Note: As you turn on the receiver, it will first enter TUNER mode and show frequency as 87.5MHz after the settings have been restored.

_WW I_ _rr

12. 6 CH (6 Channels) Press to select the input connected to an external 6-Channel decoder, Press again to return to the most recently selected source mode, (see "5,1 ch Input for Dobly Digital" 13. TEST/SET UP on page 11).

Receiver Controls

! 1. STANDBY To turn the unit on/off, When the
7.DSP (Digital Sound Processor) & NIGHT mode Press corresponding button to select the mode (STADIUM/CONCERTI THEATER/ARENA/CHURCH/CLUB/ OFF) you want, Press NIGHT for your enjoyment at night (see page 12).
system is turned on. the unit will go : to the mode it was in before power off,

2. MUTE To mute all audio outputs,
8. MULTI JOG, SET/DEMO When pressing the SET/DEMO repeatedly, the display wilt toggle
When pressing it briefly, a short noise (test tone) wilt be generated in the speakers one by one so that you can adjust the volume of individual speaker. When keep pressing for two seconds, it wilt enter setup mode for speakers and subwoofers. Rotate the "
3, PHONES Plug your headphones (not supplied) into it for your private enjoyment, Speakers will be off when phones are inserted. 4. Source Buttons To select sound source, For example, CD, SAT etc, In standby mode, they are also One Touch Power On keys to turn on the receiver directly at the source mode you want, 5. Display To display current status of the receiver, 6. Sound Control
among Audio Source (for DVD, SAT & CD), SLEEP mode and DIM selection, Please refer to page 12 for Input Signal Setting, In SLEEP mode. you can set the receiver to turn off after 30. 60. g0 or 120 minutes, In DIM
MULTI JOG to choose the options. (refer to "The TEST/SET UP button on page 12,) 14. PRESET EQ Press repeatedly to select the desirable EO mode (music style) - CLASSIC, POP, ROCK. JAZZ. VOCAL or FLAT. Your choice wilt be saved automaticalty,
selection, you can rotate to set the brightness of the display. Such setting wilt be stored, Also use the MULTI JOG for soeakers and sub-woofers setup and preset radio stations selection,
9. TUNING Press to select the tuner frequencies manually. 15. BYPASS Press to cut sound output ter. surround speakers. from cen-
Let you adjust the sound - volume. treble, bass & balance, To change the VOLUME. turn the large central knob. To adjust TREBLE or BASS, press relevant button and turn the knob. To change the volume of individual speaker, press LEVEL button repeatedly to select the speaker, then turn the knob to adjust the level. ( refer to "The TEST/SET UP button" on page 12,)
10. P.SCAN (Preset Scan) Press for about 2 seconds and tuner station presets will be started automaritally, 11. SURR. MODE Press repeatedly to select the surround mode you want, ( refer to "Advanced 11.) Sound Control" on page 16. VCR2 For convenient use of your digital
camera, family game machines. second VCR, etc. Note: If your video component has S-Video output, you can enjoy enhanced video quality by connecting it to the S-Video jack on receiver using a S-Video cable Inot included).


Your Remote Control
Pleasebe sure you have inserted the batteries into the remote control (see relevant section on page 3.) You can test it by pressing any button, tf it works, the red LEDwill light.
1. ON/OFF To turn on or off the receiver and other auxiliary components (see page 10 "Using the Remote to Control Additional Components"). 2. Source Buttons To turn on and select various audio/video sources. You can also enter the BChannels direct input mode by pressing DVD.GCH 3. CH+, CH- (Channel Buttons) To select programmed stations (in TUNER mode), 4. VOL (Volume Buttons) To adjust the volume. 5. MUTE To mute all audio outputs.
ber while the word is sti flashing and the frequency will be stored. (For details, refer to "Storing and Recalling Stations in Memory" on page 10.) 9. Operation Buttons In TUNER mode, you can press REVERSEand FORWARD keysto tune down or up the radio fiequency. PLAY, RECORD, STOP and PAUSE keys are for easycontrol of components (like CD, TV. DVD, TAPE,etc.) other than the receiver itself. What you need is to encode the components in advance. (For details, refer to "Using the Remote to Control AdditionalCcomponents" 10.] lO. DIGITAL on page

,@ 2@3@ 4@,@ 0@ ,@ @ 0@





6. Adjustment Buttons PressAUDIO button to activate the control, then upon pressing OK, the display wilt toggle among Preset EQ (Stereo only), SLEEP Mode & DIM Mode. When the display shows the setup you want to change, pressthe left and right arrow buttons beside OK button to make changes, then press OK to finalize your choice, 7. Number Buttons To accessdirectly a pre-set station (in TUNER mode),
Selectthe way your audio/video components are connected to the receiver - Analog, Optical. or Coaxial. 11. LEVEL Pressto adjust the volume of indiPressre 't viduaI speaker, peatea y and the display will toggle among different channels (Left main speaker, Right main speaker, Center speaker, Left surround speaker, Right surround speaker, and/or Subwoofer, if available), then press the left and right arrow buttons beside OK button for adjustment. 12. SURR (Surround Sound Control) Pressto change the surround
sound settings. The display witt toggle among DOLBY DIGITAL. DOLBY PRO LOGIC, DOLBY 3 STEREO,STEREOand DSP modes. (For details, refer to section "Advanced Sound Control" on page 11.) Note: The remote buttons GO BACK.DISK GUIDE.RDM,PTY, INFOoRDS, CLEAR, INPUT.SEEK & ANT.FMS do not work with the receiver, " i '" i': i

i i i i i

8. MENU Pressto store desired frequency in memory. The flashing word MEMCRY in red will appear in display. Input your desired channel num-

If batteries are removed from the battery ccmpartm_nt of the r_me ccmtrol,all m_Tozywill he lost. Yel need to
re-enterall previouslypror3r_m_dccdes again. The buttons c_ the remste may not work cor_slxpiir_ly with those on the cm_xments brands. Experir_nt with the remgte and your cm_xments to see which buttons work. If <sly a few fumctiGpsoperate,check to see if anmtherccde set will _ork with m_re hdttoqs.
Sound Enhancement Systems
This receiver is equipped with several built-in sound enhancement systemsto give you the sound quality you have once dreamed of - but now comes true:
Dolby Digital is optimal for DVD and SAT. This unit is equipped with Dolby Digital 5.1-channel input terminal so that you can enjoy enhanced full digital surround sound. Being different from Dolby Pro Logic in which only four channels ( Front Left, Front Right, Centre and Rear ) are used, the new system provides stereo separation of the rear speakers (Rear-Right Rear-Left ). These 5 channels, together with the subwoofer channel for basssounds ( counted as0.1 channel ), constitue as5.1-Channel (or 6 Channels ) Input for Dolby Digital that brings you the most sophisicated sound enjoyment. Press6 CH on the unit or DVDo6 CH button on the remote to select the input connected to an external 6channel decoder. Pressagain return to the most recently selected mode.You can only adjust Sound Control, SLEEPmode, DIM selection, Source Buttons and MUTE when this mode is selected.
DolbyProLogic andDolby3 Stereo
This surround system reproduces theater-like surround sound from Dolby-encoded software The Pro Logic mode usesthe built-in circuit to steer the Left, Center, Right and Surround channel audio signals and usesall five speakers and an optional subwoofer to play decoded Dolby Pro Logic program source, such asTV and VOR.The 3 Stereo mode will redirect the Surround signals to the front left and right speakers when only the front and center speakers are used. Usethis mode to suit your speaker system configurations (such assize and number of speakers) and type of program (such as VCR).
5.1chInputfor Dolby Digital
The Dolby Digital mode lets you enjoy full digital surround from software processed in the Dolby Digital format. Dolby Digital provides better sound quality and more powerful presence than conventional Dolby Surround. When the soundtrack of a Dolby Digital movie was made, all the sound effects are mixed down to six separate channels of digital audio, and these sixchannels of independent digital audio are pressed to a single stream of digital data on your DVD. When you play it by your DVD player, the receiver decodes this stream of digital data back to six audio channels for playback.


The Stereo mode usesthe two main channel outputs from the front speakers Usethis mode if you have connected the front speakers only

DSP(DigitalSound Processor)
Thesedigital sound effects resemble sounds in a real environment such asStadium, Concert, Theater, Arena, Church, Club DSP automatically converts analog audio signals to digital ones which enables you to adjust the sound without degrading the sound quality Different modes will give you different feel of size and type of listening environment


By using Dynamic Range Compression technology, you can enjoy enhanced sound quality by Dolby Digital at night without interrupting your roommates or neighbors. While enjoying a Dolby Digital enabled component (DVD, SAT),you can activate Night Mode by pressing NIGHT button at the front of the receiver, and this mode will compress the difference in volume between normal voices and sounds like explosions. There are two modes (SOFT,SOFTER)for you to choose the extents of compression.
You may also change the default settings if your connections are different from our recommendation (CDCoaxial, SAT-Optical 1 and DVD- Optical 2) by turning off the smart detect function. 1. Pressand hold TEST/SET UP until I./R SML shows on display. 2. PressTEST/SET UP repeatedly until SDET ON shows on display. 3. Rotate MULTI JOGto turn off (SDET OFF)smart detect. Now you can arrange your favourite settings by pressing SET/DEMO and then rotate MULTI JOGto select among optical/coaxial/analog inputs.Your selection will be stored automatically.
Fine Setting of the Components

Input Q I

One of the smartest features of the receiver is the ability to pre-select the best surround mode for you once you turn on the unit by pressing the Source Buttons (like DVD, SAT,CD) directly. The default surround modes for different components are astable below. If you decide to change the surround mode, you can press the SURR MODE button to change to the mode you want.
Fine Setting of the Speakers
This receiver supports a wide range of speakers and subwoofers. For optimal surround sound enjoyment, you need to register the speaker selection settings of your audio system. If you buy this receiver with accompanied speaker package, then this step has been done for you. Also, to make the surround sound more effective and
Dolby Digital Dolby Digital N/A N/A N/A STEREO N/A N/A
suit the acoustic conditions in your listening room, you need to delay the signal from some of the speakers. Such channel delay compensates for center or surround speakers that are closer to listening position than the front speakers. You can make use of the TEST/SET UP button to control the speakerssuch as their relative loudness.

Smart etect D

After you have connected all the optical/coaxial wires from your digital components (e.g. SAT,DVD), this function can automatically detect the inputting signals and arrange the optimum settings for you. Tables below show changes in settings as seen on display with digital and analog inputs:
Diqital input (as seen on display) Optical I (SAT/OPT2) Optical 2 (DVDI OPTI) Coaxial (CDI COAX)

TheTEST/SET UPbutton

You can adjust the relative loudness of the individual speakers by TEST/SET UP button, tn Dolby modes, press the button briefly. A short noise will be heard in the speakers one by one. The speaker having the noise at that moment will be shown in the display. You can listen to that speaker and rotate the MULTI JOG to adjust the level.
Analog input (asseenon display) I SATanalog (SATIANL) | DVDanalog (DVDIANL) CDanalog (DVDIANL)


You can also change the setup Speaker onfigurations of the speakers by C pressing the TEST/SET UP button until the display shows _ L_ which enables you to set the volume size of the front speaker.


Front Speake_ se!ection Center Speaker Selection Surround Speaker Selection Subwoofer selection Subwoofer Phase Front Speaker distance Centre Speaker distance Rear Speaker distance
Large/Sma!! Large/Sma!l/None Large/Small/None Yes/No + /_ O_40 ft 0-40 ft O-40 ft

Speaker Icons

The receiver shows you the speakers' types and settings on the display with the following icons:
By pressing the button repeatedly while display is still showing :5_ _:;, the display will toggle among: front, center, surround, subwoofer, subwoofer phase and speakers' distance setup. You can now set the volume size or speakers' distance by rotating the MULTI JOG. Note: The sub-woofer selection will always be YESwhen the main speakers are set to small (SML). For the subwoofer phase setting, it will be affected by how you locate the subwoofer. Try both + and settings and select the one that has better bass effect. Speaker Distance To make the surround sound more effective and suit the acoustic conditions in your listening room, you need to input the distance of the speakers measured from your favourite listening position. The receiver will adjust the appropriate delay compensation for
Displaying Program Formats
When a digital source is playing, the receiver will automatically switch to the proper surround mode and indicates on the speaker icons on the right-hand side of the display. (See diagram) It is important to note, however, that not all Dolby Digital sourcesare encoded with the full complement of five channels plus LFE*.Speaker iconsshow how many and which speaker you have enabled (See"Fine Setting of the Speakers") and the letters inside the speaker iconsshow which channel is present in the source information. For example, the diagram shown means you have all the five speakers and subwoofer enabled and the digital sourcesyou played have five channels plus LFEcomplemented.


_1_- L/R
* I_E stands for Low Fz_quency Effect,

TNe Lndication

if the digital scurce o_ntains LFE z_fc_1_mticn, In tPliscase, the bass

SU R/_._.___

_ili be deli-veI_d to th_ mlb_oofer, offez'_7_ _sre _}_'&c effects, If tbe letter is flashy, tbe sz_ml

bass sc_i

_s either tco

weak or just zone,

Note: The receiver has defaulted the following distances: Main speakers (L/R) 15 ft Center speaker (Cch)* 15 ft Rear speaker (SUR) 10 ft (* Center speaker is available only when Dolby Digital is active)


Troubleshooting Tips

Receiver/Tuner Operation

STEREO indicator is off.
Noise creates when the TV is turned on. TheTV is too close to the audio system. Specific instruments sound displaced.
Check the connections between the receiver and Adjustthe antenna. The signal is Mono. Severe hum or noise. The signal is too weak. Connect an external antenna. the speakers if the sound does not match the video. Pressthe Source Button for the video source.

Cleaning theExterior

Disconnect the system from AC power before cleaning the exterior of the system with a soft dust cloth, or with a slightly humid chamois leather. Never use strong solvents.
Remote ControlOperation Theremote control does not operate the unit.
Another function mode is selected on the remote. Pressthe correct Source Button. No batteries installed. (included with your system) Install the batteries before attempting to operate the remote. Be sure to match the + and - ends of each battery to the symbols shown in the remote battery compartment. The batteries are weak. Replace all batteries. The remote is not pointed atthe remote control sensor on the main unit or there is an obstacle between the remote and the main unit. The remote control is too far from the main unit, move closer.
Equipment Specifications:
AMPLIFIER SECTION: All 5 channels: each 100W at 6 ohm. 0.9% THD @1kHz Subwoofer channel: 200w at 3 ohm (RT2500only) Muting Attenuation: 65dB Frequency Response:40Hz to 20kHz +/-3dB Signal to Noise Ratio: 65dB (Bypass mode) VIDEO SECTION: Input (Sensitivity/Impedance ):lVp-p/75ohm Output (Level/Impedance): lVp-p/75 ohm Frequency Response:10Hz to 6MHz at +/- 3dB Signal to noise ratio: 40dB Crosstalk @3.58MHz: 40dB AM TUNER SECTION: Frequency Response:80Hz - 2kHz +/-6dB Usable Sensitivity: 800uV/m @S/N 20dB Signal to Noise: 38dB Image Ratio: 27dB @ 1000kHz IF ReJection: 35dB FM TUNER SECTION: Frequency Response:40Hz- 15kHz +/-3dB Quieting: 24dBu Signal to Noise: 60dB(stereo)/ 65dB(mono) Image Ratio: 40dB IF ReJection: 50dB


No audio. Make sure the speakers are connected. Check the connections. Check the power cord connections. Make sure the MUTE indicator on the front panel is off. Make sure the digital setting (optical, coaxial or analog) is correct. Check if connections is different from recommendation when SDETis ON (see p.12 Smart Detect). No audio from one channel. Check the speaker level setting. Check the speaker wire or cable connections.



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INPUT'SEEK button Input IQ 12 9
LEVELbutton Low Frequency 9 Effect (LFE) 13


MENU button 9 MULTI JOG 8 MUTE button 8, 9
recalling 10 storing in memory 10 STOPbutton (see Operation buttons) 9 Storing stations in memory 9 Subwoofer, connecting 5 SURROUND button 8, 9 Surround channel delay Surround sound control 13 9
Number buttons Night Mode 9 8, 12
TAPE button (see Source Buttons) 9 TEST/SET UP button 8, 12 THEATER button (see DSP mode) 8, 9 Troubleshooting tips 15 TUNER button (see Source buttons) 8, 9 Tuning Buttons 8 Tuning the receiver 10 TV button (see Function buttons) 8, 9
Demo Mode 7 DIGITAL button 9 Digital camera 8 Digital Sound Processor (DSP)Mode 8, 9 Displaying program formats 13 DIM selection 8 Display 8 Dolby 3 Stereo 11 Dolby Digital 11 Dolby Pro Logic 11 DSP mode 12 SAT button (see Function buttons) 8, 9 DVD button (see Function buttons) 8, 9
ONIOFF button 9 Operation buttons 9 FORWARD button 9 PAUSE button 9 PLAY button 9 RECORD button 9 REVERSEbutton STOP button 9 9
VCR1 button (see Function buttons) 8, 9 VCR2 button (see Function buttons) 8, 9 VCR2jack 8 ventilation 2 VOL buttons (see Volume buttons) 8, 9 Volume buttons 8, 9 Volume knob (see Sound Control) 8
Operate your DVD/CD/VCR using the Receiver 11 Output level of speakers (see Sound Control) B
Equipment specifications 14
R SCAN button PAUSE button Phones 7, 8
8 (see Operation buttons) 9 buttons)9
PLAY button (see Operation Preset EQ B Preset stations Family game machines 8 FM antenna (see Antenna) 5 FORWARD button Function buttons (see Operation buttons) 9 playing 10 setting 10 Programming the remote
AM*FM button 8, 9 CD button 8, 9 SAT button 8, 9 DVD (DVD,6CH) button 8, 9


What your warranty covers: Any defect in materials or workmanship. For how long after your purchase: One year. (The warranty period for rental units begins with the first rental or 45 days from date of shipment to the rental firm, whichever comes first.) What we will do: Provide you with a new, or at our option, a refurbished unit. The exchange unit isunder warranty for the remainder of the original product's warranty period. How to make a warranty claim: Properly pack your unit. Include any cables, etc., which were originally provided with the product. We recommend using the original carton and packing materials. Include in the package evidence of purchase date such asthe bill of sale. Also print your name and address and a description of the defect. Send standard UPSor its equivalent to: Thomson Consumer Electronics, Inc. Product Exchange Center 11721 B Alameda Ave. Socorro, TX 79927 Pay any charges billed to you by the Exchange Center for service not covered by the warranty. Insure your shipment in caseof lossof damage. Thomson accepts no liability in case of damage or loss. A new or refurbished unit wilt be shipped to you prepaid freight. What your warranty does not cover: Customer instruction. (Your Owner's Manual provides information regarding operating instructions and user controls. For additional information, ask your dealer.) Installation and set-up service adjustments. Batteries. Damage from misuse or neglect. Products which have been modified or incorporated into other products. Products purchased or serviced outside the USA. Acts of God, such asbut not limited to lightning damage. Product Registration: Pleasecomplete and mail the Product Registration Card packed with your unit. It will make it easier to contact you should it ever be necessary.The return of the card is not required for warranty coverage. How state law relates to this warranty: Thiswarranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state. If you purchased your product outside the USA: This warranty does not apply. Contact your dealer for warranty information.

Thomson Electronics Inc. Consumer Canada, warrants purchaser tothe orgiftrecipient ifany anufacturthat m ing defect becomes inthis apparent product 1year the within from original ofpurchase,be date itwill replacedofcharge, free including transportation. return This warranty notnclude tothe does i damage product from resulting accidents, orleaking misuse batteries. Should productperform during warranty either: your not properly the period, 1.Return selling with ofpurchase ittothe dealer proof forreplacement, OR 2.Remove the batteries applicable), product (where and pack completeaccessories with inthe original carton equivalent). (or i Mail prepaid proof (with ofpurchase) and insured to:
Thomson Consumer Electronics Canada, Inc. Distribution Centre 6200 Edwards Bird Mississauga, Ontario LST 2V7 The provisions of this written warranty are in addition to and not a modification of or subtraction from the statutory warranties and other rights and remedies contained in any applicable legislation, and to the extent that any such provisions purport to disclaim, exclude or limit any such statutory warranties and other rights and remedies, such provisions shall be deemed to be amended to the extent necessaryto comply therewith. If you are unable to find a qualified technician for out of warranty service, you may write to: Thomson Consumer Electronics Canada, Inc. P.O.Box 0944 Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A., 46206-0944 Attach your salesreceipt to this booklet for future reference. This information during the warranty period. PURCHASE DATE is required if service is needed



Matrox RT2500 vs. Matrox DigiSuite LX MAX
Matrox Video Products Group offers a variety of realtime DV/MPEG-2 editing products on the PC platform. As an example of the differences between the RT and the DigiSuite MAX product lines, this table gives you the information you need to choose the one that's right for you. A complete comparison of all the DigiSuite platforms is also available.
RT2500 Typical user Price Realtime playback
Corporate and event videographers, multimedia producers, video enthusiasts $999 US in North America Two video streams plus a graphics layer

DigiSuite LX MAX

Broadcast and post-production facilities, project studios $5,995 US in North America Two video streams plus an animated graphics layer or one video stream and two graphics layers (one animated) DV MPEG-2 4:2:2 I-Frame (up to 50 Mbps per stream) Realtime MPEG-2 IBP MP@ML export Blackburst genlock Composite, Y/C, analog component with broadcast video filtering 1394 Optional SDI module 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio RCA unbalanced (4 tracks*) XLR balanced (4 tracks*) Optional AES/EBU (4 tracks*) 48 kHz@16-bit Linear keying on graphics Two independent, keyframeable chroma/ luma/matte keyers Keyframeable transitions One channel of fully keyframeable 2D DVE One channel of fully keyframeable 2D/3D DVE powered by Matrox Flex 3D Two channels of keyframeable YUV color correction Independent, keyframeable transparency control on all layers Roll and crawl of multiple page graphics

Compression technology

Video I/O
DV MPEG-2 4:2:2 I-Frame (up to 25 Mbps per stream) MPEG-2 IBP MP@ML export Composite, Y/C 1394 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio

Audio I/O

RCA unbalanced (2 tracks) 48 kHz@16-bit

Realtime keying

Linear keying on graphics

Realtime effects

One channel of 3D DVE with keyframeable cropping, position, size, offset, and rotation powered by Matrox Flex 3D Keyframeable colorization on any one layer Keyframeable transparency control on any one layer
realtime editing. dvd authoring. web streaming
RT2500 Realtime effects simultaneously available Operating system Editing software
Linear keying on graphics always available One transition or one DVE (2D or 3D) or colorization AND transparency on any one layer is supported Windows Me and Windows 2000 Adobe Premiere
Linear keying on graphics always available ALL realtime keying and effects are available simultaneously Windows 2000 Adobe Premiere in-sync Speed Razor

Coming soon:

IMC Incite United Media On-Line Express Adobe Premiere Inscriber CG Sonic Solutions DVDit! SE Ligos LSX-MPEG for Adobe Premiere

Bundled with

Adobe Premiere Inscriber TitleExpress Sonic Foundry ACID Music Sonic Solutions DVDit! LE Ligos LSX-MPEG LE for Adobe Premiere
* Two tracks supported under Adobe Premiere and in-sync Speed Razor
Important: The information provided by this document is believed to be accurate and reliable based on information available at the time of printing. However, no responsibility is assumed by Matrox Electronics Systems Ltd. for its use. Results may change depending on hardware modifications and software releases. Printed in Canada 04-18-01



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