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piano electrico roland Fp 8


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freakdaddy 10:52pm on Friday, October 15th, 2010 
Great monitor for graphic designers and photg...  Very even, bright illumination.
silvioopen 8:24pm on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 
My wife is jealous over my monitor! I have two of these monitors and love them. One I bought myself and use at home.
dom_dum 9:22am on Saturday, August 7th, 2010 
awesome The Dell Ultrasharp Widescreen Flat Panel is a great addition to any home.
Jarbas1984 12:23pm on Saturday, June 19th, 2010 
Intro I would like to take some time out of the day to describe the monitor that I have been looking at for the better part of the month.
wm 9:25am on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 
This is my first purchase from Dell. I was looking at 24 inch monitors in the $350 range with taxes & shipping. This Dell 30-inch widescreen display used to be their flagship monitor. By all standards it was huge.
cromax 10:31am on Sunday, April 4th, 2010 
While sitting on almost any home or office desk, the Dell E207WFP 20" LCD monitor is quite impressive to see.
korb 1:32am on Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 
Do you guys get a lot of money from dell lobby there products frankly dell monitors are a big disappointing ! Very crisp display, good input ports On/off switch broke so I have to use a pen to turn it on I have the monitor hooked up to a new Dell sy...  Huge! Great detail.

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RIDER attached to and made part of Contract between BOWZER AND THE S I G A S hriat rf rdt a " R IT a d___________ T N R Y , ee f r e re o s A T S n ___________ n e e hriat rf rdt a " U C A E ee f r e re o s P R H S R n e e 1. SOUND- PURCHASER shall provide a first class 3-way triamplified sound system with operators, adequate to cover room without distortion to at least 120db, including separate mo i r or a dmi rMo i r yt mutnld a l s6 egsec wt 1 nt b ad n x ; nt ss m sic e te t w d e,ah i 5 o e o e u a h speaker and 2 r e h r. ntr yt mut e beo ec a l s10 bwto t di r on Mo i ss m sb a lt rah te t 0d i u v o e a h distortion. A MINIMUM OF 6 SEPARATE MIXES AND 8 WEDGES ARE REQUIRED. 1a. MICROPHONES- Preferably, four (4) Shure Beta 87 wirelesses and four (4) Shure SM-5 In t os l sven (7) SM-5a do e1 B t 8a i l sAloddmie 8s f o p s be e. i , 8s n n () e 7 wr e. lcre ks a es require extra long cords. Five (5) straight microphone stands with round bottoms and basic slip-out clips including large clips for wireless mikes. NO TRIPODS! Two (2) boom stands. 2. LIGHTING- PURCHASER shall provide Two (2) follow spots with operators. Follow spots must be strong enough to throw a bright beam from the back of the room, and shall be in a raised position to cover stage and (when applicable) dance floor. Stage lighting must be adequate to create a bright 3-color stage wash-- depending on stage size, at least 32 1000-watt par cans in assorted colors. Front truss is preferable to trees. In dance-oriented shows, system must be capable of throwing some light on the dance floor (e.g., 4 par cans turned around). Moving lights are not desirable, as they are out of period. No fog or smoke. 3. STAGING- P R H S Rsa poie ri ds g g ra nmu 1 2wt a U C A E h l rv a a e t i ae mii m 6 X 4, i l d s an h 6 x 1 i cre ddu r e. ces y t unit directly into house is required, 8, 2 hg apt rm i r A cs b s h e s ep preferably from front of stage. This is mandatory for dance-oriented show 4. BACKLINE GEAR- When negotiated, PURCHASER shall provide: a. O e rm kte hr a h o P al nldn kc du mo ne n du i i e Y ma a r er ic ig 2 i rm, 1 u t ,t , u k d tm, 1 l ro f o tm a dsae rms C mb lmut e o f o tm, 1 l ro n 1 n r du. y a o o s sb Zlj n r e1 e1 i h t cah cah i i : 2 i , st 4 hg as 1 rs, 1 rs, 1 da d h , crash, 1 drum throne. All hardware and foot pedals must be included. b. One guitar amp, preferably Fender Twin Reverb c. One bass amp, preferably GK or SRW with 4/10 Box d. Two pianos- either baby grand or long digital keyboard for Bowzer and long digital keyboard for piano player. Digital pianos must have fully weighted action and 88 keys! Prototype Roland FP-8 or RD 300-- Korg, Yamaha and Kurzweil are
acceptable. NO ALESIS PLEASE! Keyboards must have bench, sustain pedals and s n. i o l eky or t b pae o d u ls n wt: t d Pa pa r eb ad o e l d n o be t d i a n y s c a h e. One synthesizer, preferably Korg 01\WFD. f. eb ad. eb ad mut o i c DIso ky orsK y ors sg dr t. e. g. Six (6) music stands with lights and plexiglass or clothespins for outdoor performances. 5. HOTEL ACCOMODATIONS: Room list will be provided, and number of rooms and room nites may vary according to contract. However, purchaser must inform hotel that ro fr JnB u n it b o hg et u ly nltpe rby si ,u i si , om o o a ma so e f i sq a t o i, rf a l a ut jno ut h i s e e r e or upgraded single. This room must be non-smoking and have a king-sized bed. HOTEL MUST HAVE FULL SERVICE RESTAURANT OR RESTAURANTS WITHIN EASY WALKING DISTANCE! ABSOLUTELY NO UPPER-FLOOR ROOMS AT MOTELS WITHOUT ELEVATORS! 6. DRESSING ROOMS AND CATERING: PURCHASER shall provide ARTIST with adequately furnished dressing rooms with full lavatory facilities, hot & cold running water and 20 full-size towels. FACE-CLOTH SIZE TOWELS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE! PURCHASER shall provide hot meals for 10, large deli trays before and during show, and an adequate supply of bottled water, soft drinks & herbal tea in dressing rooms. 7. PURCHASER shall not have the right to record, transmit by any means or televise the ARTIST's performance or any part thereof for any purpose. 8. BOWZER & THE STINGRAYS WILL NOT PERFORM ON THE SAME SHOW WITH, AND JON "BOWZER" BAUMAN WILL NOT INTRODUCE AS M.C., ANY IMPOSTOR GROUPS! IMPOSTOR GROUPS ARE DEFINED AS GROUPS BILLING THEMSELVES UNDER A FAMOUS GROUP NAME WITH NO AUTHENTIC ARTISTS WHO WERE RECORDING AND PERFORMING MEMBERS OF THAT GROUP DURING ITS ERA OF PROMINENCE (USUALLY THE 50'S AND/OR 60'S). GROUPS CLEARLY IDENTIFYING THEMSELVES AS TRIBUTE BANDS IN THEIR BILLING AND STAGE PRESENTATION ARE IN MOST CASES ACCEPTABLE. FAILURE TO INFORM JON BAUMAN PRODUCTIONS OF ANY AND ALL IMPOSTOR GROUPS ON A BILL AT LEAST 90 DAYS IN ADVANCE WILL BE CONSIDERED A BREACH OF THIS CONTRACT. IN SUCH CASES, BOWZER & THE STINGRAYS WILL NOT PERFORM AND WILL BE REQUIRED TO BE PAID IN FULL!

9. In shows billed as "BOWZER'S ROCK 'N' ROLL PARTY", Jon Bauman Productions will have the right to approve all guest artists and structure and M.C. the entire show, unless other arrangements are specifically agreed to. In shows not billed as "BOWZER'S ROCK 'N' ROLL PARTY", BOWZER & THE STINGRAYS will close the show unless other arrangements are specifically agreed to.


______________________ PURCHASER
______________________ ARTIST

1) 2) 3) 4)

Grand Piano Light guy at rhsl Front steps Drum heads



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