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vhg71 10:25pm on Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 
As a teacher I appreciate the mobility that the clicker allows me. I can move around the class and still manage the notes or slides I want to show. This is a very easy to use, but Cheap in Quality Item. It helped me in a pinch, but I would not recommend this Item to anyone. My husband is very picky with his electronics.
imagopersei 5:02pm on Thursday, July 29th, 2010 
Essential tool for presenters/consultants I borrowed a Kensington Si600 when speaking at a conference a few months back.
!georgiana_41 9:20pm on Monday, July 19th, 2010 
Perfectly simple and simply perfect! With technology, as in writing and speaking, I believe in simplicity.
orderviagra695 7:19am on Monday, June 28th, 2010 
simple and effective I purchased this simply for board room meetings, and I like it because its simple. Indispensable 4-button keyboard: PageDown, PageUp, "b", F5 (= laser) This 2.
phynnboi 9:02pm on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 
This product is highly recommended for ease of use, competitive price, and great features.
kenyip05 11:53pm on Saturday, March 20th, 2010 
Excellent This is a must-have for anyone doing presentations. Stunningly easy to use, plug in to any computer with PowerPoint and it works.

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Standard SCSI-IDE-MIDI Floppy Driver Interface

Release 4.00 - 5.00

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Montage Manual for:

Standard Kit 3.5 Roland G-800, G-600 Internal PCB + Remote

Montage Manual Page 1

Page 24
Megafloppy 4.00 by Lions Tracs


Lions Tracs S.r.l. thanks you for chosing the MEGAFLOPPY 4.00 Hardware.
Keyboard Table for Configuration System CS
INFO CS: MegafloppyConfiguration system 1.rdyfunction floppy drive Disk Ready 2. dCH function floppy drive Disk Change 3. 1.44/720 floppy drive capacity hardware configuration 4.Std configuration standard for all keyboard with floppy drive #0 5. PC configuration PC for all keyboard with floppy drive #1 6. nor Floppy line configuration in normal mode 7. SOL Floppy line configuration in Solton mode for only the PCB version. 8. nSY no send the system exclusive via MIDI OUT 9. SYS send the system exclusive via MIDI OUT INFO: FORMATTING = Formattazione disco/Megafloppy: 1.44 = Formatting whit the keyboard the floppy disk in mode 1.44Mb 720 = Formatting whit the keyboard the floppy disk in mode 720Kb

Table of Contents

Introduction______________________________________ Page 3 Hardware Specification___________________________ Page 4 Montage Kit Standard 3.5___________________ ____ Page 5 Solton Keyboards Configuration___________________ Page 9 Montage Kit for ROLAND G-800/600 _______________Page 11 Montage Kit for PCB Model________________________ Page 15 Connect with Hard Disk SCSI_______________________Page 18 Full chain Hard Disk SCSI__________________________ _Page 19 Connect cable Hard Disk IDE______________________ Page 20 MIDI out connection_______________ ______________ Page 21 SCSI Getting started_______________________________Page 22 Table configuration Keyboards CS _____________Page 23
Roland: DJ-70: dCH+1.44+Std JV-1000: rdy+1.44+Std Formatting:720 Kb E-86: rdy+1.44+Std Formatting:1.44 Kb E-96: rdy+1.44+Std Formatting:1.44 Kb XP-50: rdy+1.44+Std Formatting:1.44 /720 Kb RA-800: rdy+1.44+Std Formatting:1.44 /720 Kb MC50Mk2: rdy+1.44+Std Formatting:720 Kb NOTE rdy-dCh: W-30: rdy+1.44+Std Formatting:720 Kb If the keyboard cant read S-330: rdy+1.44+Std Formatting:720 Kb the disk, try to change the S-550: rdy+1.44+Std Formatting:720 Kb configuration from rdy to dch or viceversa. Solton: MS-40/50/60: dCH+1.44+Std Formatting:1.44 /720 Kb Generalmusic: S2/S3/ and Turbo,SX/VX II: dCH+1.44+Std Formatting:1.44 Kb Korg: 01/WFD: rdy+1.44+Std Formatting:1.44 /720 Kb i2/i3: rdy+1.44+Std Formatting:720 Kb T1/T2/T3: rdy+1.44+Std Formatting:720 Kb Trinity: dCH+1.44+PC Formatting:1.44 Kb and 75cm SCSI out Farfisa: F1/F5/F6/G7: rdy+1.44+Std Formatting:1.44 Kb Viscount: RD-70/800/MF-01: rdy+1.44+PC Formatting:1.44 Kb Yamaha: PSR-2700-5700/PSR-6000/ PSR 630: rdy+1.44+Std Formatting:720 Kb

Page 2

Montage Manual

Page 23

SCSI Getting started
The SCSI Bus The Megafloppy 4.00 Standard 3.5 and Megafloppy G-800/G600 models, incorporate a Small Computer System Interface software/hardware, ( SCSI, pronunced scuzzy) connector to communicate with disk drivers and other types of SCSI devices such as CD-ROM drivers, Syquest, jomega, and the Pioneer DRMX6 changer. SCSI is a communication protocol that allows up to seven SCSIequipped devices to be connected to your Megafloppy 4.00 in what is called a daisy-chain arrangement, where each devices is connected to your Megafloppt 4.00 through another device. The cable system or data path that connects these SCSI devices together is reffered to as the SCSI Bus. SCSI ID Numbers Each SCSI device requires its own unique ID number because thats how your Megafloppy 4.00 differentiates between SCSI devices. It is also how SCSI devices differentiate themselves from each other. Valid SCSI IDs are numbers 1-6. The Megafloppy 4.00 itself is considered to be a SCSI device on the bus and is permanently assigned a SCSI ID of 7. The internal 2.5 disk driver is IDE drive and its setting with a master IDE HD whit ID # 0. Although you should not change the ID master of an internal drive, you can easily change the ID of an external disk drive by rotating the SCSI ID dial or Jumper on the back of the drive case. See your disk drive manual for more information. SCSI Termination. The SCSI system requires that there be a terminator on each end of the chain of SCSI devices ( excluding the Megafloppy, there can be as many as seven deviceschained together). The terminator electronically ends the SCSI device chain. Internal HD 2.5 drive is already terminated and should always remain so.Its the terminator status of external devices that you need to be concerned with. If you have one SCSI device ( not including the Megafloppy) , it should be terminated. If you have two or more SCSI devices, two should be terminated( one at each endof the SCSI bus). Any additional devices in the middle of the chain should have termonator removed. Since terminator is required fir the SCSI bus to function, most vendors ship their SCSI products whit terminators installed. Unfortunately, damage can result if more than two terminators are present on the SCSI bus. This is because the signal level increase in intensity with each terminated device in the chain. Eventually, this signal level increase can cause damage to your Megafloppy or SCSI devices.

*Never apply excessive force to the mechanical parts, keys or disk drive. *Do not position the unit near heat sources or in excessively humid or dusy atmospheres. *Do not subject the unit to stress during trasport or use. *Where possibe, do not position the instrument near units that produce interference, like radion or TV appliances, etc. *Do not, for any reason, allow objects or kiquids of any knd to penetrate the units casing. *Do not use solvents to clean the outside of the instrument. Use a soft cloth damped with water. *Do not try to remove the units metal casing. Always call in an expert for repairs. *Do not remove the floppy-disk from the drive unit until the LED indicator has gone out. *Do not expose floppy disks to magnetic fields (magnets, loudspeakers, televisions, etc.) or to direct sunlight. *Regularly make back-up copies of your data on floppy disks to avoid accidental deletion or damage and subsequent loss of the recorded material.

What is Megafloppy?

Megafloppy is the first hard disk system in the world to store all types of data. Megafloppy is a standard floppy driver interface to comunicate with IDE/ SCSI hard disk. Megafloppy works the same way as a Juke-Box: just select the desired virtual disk number on the Megafloppy, select the desired song avalaible in your keyboard display and play start. All stored settings can be saved on Megafloppy an be recalled at any time. All data are written on the hard disk without using floppy disks. The Megafloppy is basically a high technology electronic product that virtually emulates a floppy disk driver. This means that the instrument gives the same services and has the same characteristics of a basic disk. Any loss of time during emulation will be recuperated by the Megafloppy formatting 1999 partitions when the first request of the formattation of the system is made. All these partitions (also called number of disk or Virtual Disk) are ready for use both in writing and for reading. There is only a time loss when filling disks of various capacity in hard disk while for reading, no time is needed for selecting the number of the disk (up to 1999). All virtual disk are supported whit release 5.00 Hard disk MIDI Player if the hard disk is MS-DOS formatted.This is the most positive characteristic of the Megafloppy, the world wide new instrument that eliminates the use of floppy disks.

Montage Manual Page 3

Page 22
ALL KITS Megafloppy Hardware Specification
RISC Processor H8-3003 32Bit Memory on board:1 Mb RAM Flash Memory:128Kb Flash Ram Internal interface hard disk IDE 2,5 Interface Floppy Drive IN - OUT Interface Standard SCSI 25 pin. Interface MIDI IN - OUT Serial Interface TX -RX Power Supply: +5V 800mA with hard disk 2,5 IDE

MIDI out connections


1 4321

Connector MIDI S2 Megafloppy 4.00

5 Yellow 4 Blu





PCB 440.00.0623


Connettorer MIDI S2 from Megafloppy 4.2 1



5Yellow 4 Blu

KIT CAVO MIDI OUT: 4=BLU wire, sold to connector MIDI OUT Pin5. 5=Filo Giallo,sold to connector MIDI OUT Pin4.
Internal installation in the keyboard without hardware or software alteration, just Plug ,setting and Play! Integral connection with hard disk IDE-AT to 2.5" at low profile with automatic management from 40 to 3.2GB. Internal Hard disk 2.5" IDE supported: all capacity with LBA Logic Base Address Mode. External hard disk SCSI supported: all SCSI 2 device set to 512b/s all capacity. External CD-ROM SCSI supported: all SCSI 2 device set to 2048b/s.


Page 4 Megafloppy 4.00 by Lions Tracs Montage Manual Page 21


U6 MF 4.00 SW5.00

U7 MF 4.00 SW5.00a

ALL KITS Cable 44 pin Connection whit the IDE HD
Cables configuration standard Kit
MEGAFLOPPY 4.00 Standard 3.5 Kit is shipped with the follow parts: In the all Kit Megafloppy, is available a special flat cable 44 pins 35 Cm long. Use this cable for connecting the Megafloppy mainboard to the hard disk. Normally the cable is already connected from Lions Tracs in to hard disk. A) Nr. 1 Hard Disk IDE 2,5 with the metal support and biadesive tape 3M B) Nr. 1 Flat cable 44 pin for the Hard Disk 2,5 IDE, 35 Cm long C) Nr. 1 minibag containg 8 srews and 8 add spacing D) Nr. 1 Montage Manual E) Nr. 1 Owners Manual
STD 3,5 Montage Kit Standard 3.5


Connect the cable whit the pin 1 RED in to hard disk 2.5 pin 1. Normaly remain 4 free pins in the right side. See the picture for reference. In the Megafloppy connect the cable whit the pin 1 in to Megafloppy connector IDE hard disk pin 1.
External Box Hard Disk IDE 2,5

cavo 35 cm HD 44pin

Before close all the parts, verifing if the hard disk cable are complectely inserted in the hard disk connector and in the Megafloppy connector. If the hard disk cable is not good inserted, is possible that Megafloppy read wrong data or ask for a new hard disk format!
Page 20 Megafloppy 4.00 by Lions Tracs
21543210987654321 21543210987654321

44 pin conn.


44 Pin IDE Cable

Dont never mount the hard disk above the spekers!

Page 5

STD 3,5 Kit Standard 3.5 Drive
Simply substitute the instrument's original floppy disk with a new Megafloppy. The first step is to open the instrument, and accede directly to the original floppy disk and then disconnect the feeding lead and the floppy controller's flat cable. Take out the four fixing screws (still inside their lining) and then fit the Megafloppy inside. If the Megafloppy is fixed through the side screw holes, you must use the old screws while, if it is fixed from the bottom, you must use the 4 screws supplied in the kit. When the Megafloppy has been correctly fitted, reconnect the feeding lead and the flat cable of the floppy controller. At this point, the link up between the flat cable of the 2,5" hard disk and the Megafloppy has taken place. You must always control that the logic card PIN 1 corresponds to the hard disk PIN 1. When this operation has been terminated, position and fix the hard disk using super bi-adhesive double - side tape found somewhere inside the instrument. Before closing the instrument, make sure: that no cables are blocking its closure and that the installation procedure described above has been carried out perfectly.
ALL KITS Full Chain SCSI Hard Disk Devices
Here we explain hox to connect more SCSI drive. Suppose your Megafloppy has an internal disk drive ( set at IDE Master, SCSI ID 0 is NOT used!) and you want to add an external disk drive. To use this external drive, you would have to set the ID of external drive to an ID between 1 and 6. If you were to set the external drive to SCSI ID 0 ( the same as your internal drive), your system would likely freeze up and not allow you to start from either drive. In addition, damage may occur to one or both disk drives and they may need to be re-initialized. Set all SCSI drive device ID number a different number ID other than the ones used for the other SCSI devices. 1) Disconnect the terminator of the SCSI peripheral device currently connected last. If the terminator is set with DIP swiches, etc., turn the terminator setting off. 2) Connect the SCSI cable to the Megafloppy connector of the SCSI peripheral device last. 3) Connect the other side of the SCSI cable to either of the hard disk or CD-ROM etc. SCSI connectors. 4) Check that the terminator of the last SCSI device is on. 5) Turn on all devices and the Megafloppy. 6) Throug the Megafloppy key SEL. select the function SH select hard disk. 7) See in the Owners Manual the function SH for more specifications. ATTENTION:

Before turn on the Keyboard, check that the SCSI chain is closed whit the SCSI Terminator.

Device SCSI # 6 Zip


Device SCSI # 5 Changer

Device SCSI # 4 CD ROM Attention: The space which holds the streep point of the logic card is under the connector of the hard disk and the floppy driver. The connector of the keel block must in fact be positioned inside this space. In some cases the connector of the keel block of the floppy driver may overturn and, should that happen, check that the Megafloppy at start up lights Error The feeding connector is made up of 4 pins. The mass is situated in the 2 central pins, while PIN+5 is the first turned towards the hard disk connector. The polarity recognition lead of + 5V. is usually red. Before closing the instrument, check again that the connectors have been correctly mounted and that they do not slip out their fittings.

Device SCSI # 3 HD

Device SCSI # 2 HD

Device SCSI # 1 HD

Device IDE Master HD 2.Pin IDE Cable

Page 6

Page 19
ALL KITS Cables Connection whit SCSI Device


Suppose your Megafloppy has an internal disk drive ( set at IDE Master, SCSI ID 0 is NOT used!) and you want to add an external disk drive. To use this external drive, you would have to set the ID of external drive to an ID between 1 and 6. If you were to set the external drive to SCSI ID 0 ( the same as your internal drive), your system would likely freeze up and not allow you to start from either drive. In addition, damage may occur to one or both disk drives and they may need to be re-initialized. Always check the SCSI ID of each device attached to your Megafloppy for ID conflicts before selecting SB and SH select hard disk and attaching new devices. When you turn the Megafloppy 4.00 on, it checks the connected SCSI devices counting from ID 6 down to ID 0 and will start from the first drive in this sequence that has valid ID 0 for hard disk or SCSI ID# 4 if you have ONLY the single CD-ROM. It is possible to selecting other driver by select the function SH select hard disk.
STD 3,5 Kit Standard 3.5 screws setting
TIn the Kit Megafloppy standard 3.5 drive, is available one bag included: The kit supplies 8 screws. The 4 short screws M3, 4mm, are mounted under the Megafloppy. The 4 long screws M2,5, 5mm, are mounted on the side of Megafloppy. If you use the side long screws, REMOVE the 4 conic srews and change whit the Kit. This screws substitute the original one of floppy disk; when screwed in, verify that they don't touch inside the floppy driver or if this happens, add spacing was her in the kit. If they touch the floppy driver, is very difficoult to use it, or difficoult to insert/eject the floppy disk. Sometime when use the 4 short M3, 4mm. screws under the Megafloppy, they push up the micro floppy disk and is impossible to insert the floppy disk. In different case, is possible insert the floppy disk, BUT is not good inserted and the keyboard ask Disk not Ready, or Insert Disk. Before close the cover of the keyboard, try if all parts are good installed.

NOTE: The single CD-ROM Drive, must set at SCSI number #4 and work with 2048 Kb sector only!

M 2,5 X 5-6



Kit supplies 4pcs M2.5 screws each 5-6mm.long Kit supplies 4pcs M3 screws each 4mm. long


Fou use the external SCSI CD-ROM or hard disk, you need the internal Megafloppy SCSI cable 25 to DB 25 standard SCSI connector.
Page 18 Megafloppy 4.00 by Lions Tracs Montage Manual Page 7
STD 3,5 FD 34 pin Flat Cable configuration - STD 3.5
Operation: remove the original floppy Drive from the Keyboard. Disconnect the 34 pin Flat cable and the Power Supply connector. Reconect the same two cables in to Megafloppy connectors and connect the IDE 2.5 Hard Disk.
OPTIONALS for the Megafloppy
MIDI FPGA KEY release 5.00 Upgrade
Internal MIDI cable Megafloppy included with the MIDI Key 5.0
Original floppy cable from Keyboard
How verifing if Megafloppy work corectly: after the all cables are connected, turn on the Keyboard and when Megafloppy displayed the message Fdr., insert one Songs disk and try to load one Song. If the Keyboard load corectly the Song, the cables are connected corectly, if not, verifing the cables.
Cables SCSI standard 25 pin to 50 pin Centronics.
NOTE: Connect the two flat cable in to Megafloppy and turn on the keyboard. If Megafloppy displayed Er. InP. error Input: reverse the flat cable FLOPPY IN of 180 and rebot again. In the Megafloppy standard model, is impossible that the display write Er. OUP. error output, because it incorporate one TEAC Slim floppy Drive.In this way, Megafloppy dont must displayed any type of errors message, if yes, is impossible to comunicate whit the Keyboard or whit the Floppy Disk Drive.

Page 8

543210987654321 543210987654321

Pin 1 = RED wire

Flat cable 44 pin for the Hard Disk 2,5 IDE, spare, 35 Cm long.
Original Power Supply cable
Special HD 2,5 IDE cabinet for Roland RA-800
Flat cable 34 pins female /female or female/male 30 Cm long or desidered lenght.
Internal SCSI cable for Megafloppy 25 pins to SCSI DB 25 standard OUT.
New aux power supply Kit 5V. 3A. for the keyboards that dont have sufficently power supply. L8xD5XH4.5 Cm

Montage Manual Page 17

PCB Model Flat Cable configuration whit the PCB Version
In this Version, is possible use the original Keyboard floppy drive and use the Megafloppy PCB for controller. Whit the Remote Display is possible controled all Megafloppy function.

STD 3,5

Power +5v.
Original Power Cord To original Floppy Drive

Remote display

Find a place for the Remote Display and drill the cover of the Keyboard for fixing the Remote. When the Remote is fixed, fasten the included Lexan cover Remote. NOTE: Connect the two flat cable in to Megafloppy and turn on the keyboard. If Megafloppy displayed Er. InP. error Input: reverse the flat cable FLOPPY IN of 180 and rebot again. If at rebot displayed Er. OUP. error output, reverse the flat cable FLOPPY OUT and rebot again. Megafloppy dont must displayed any errors message, if yes, is impossible to comunicate whit the Keyboard or whit the original Floppy Disk Drive.

Page 16

Original Floppy Disk Drive
Original Keyboard floppy cable

0987654321 0987654321

654321 654321
Duplicate Power Supply cable
Kit MegafloppySTD 3.5 with Solton Keyboards
In Configuration System CS Solton must set to:
CS dCH + CS 1.44 + CS std + CS 4.00+ CS nor+ CS nYS
Kit Megafloppy PCB with Solton Keyboards
CS rdY + CS 1.44 + CS std + CS 4.00+ CS SOL+ CS nYS

Montage Manual Page 9

PCB Model Troubleshooting:
The HipPerformance disk drive is manufactured to the highest standards and is designed to give you years of trouble-free operation.However , there will probably be at least one occasion where you have a problem that you cannot seem to solve.This section should be able to help you resolve any problems associated with the disk or with the Megafloppy software.If you have tried these suggestion to no avail, contact your dealer. In SB subdirectory, Megafloppy dont read external hard disk, and will not start up from the internal HD 2.5 or the External HD/CD-ROM. This indicates that there minght be a communication problem between the disk and the Megafloppy.Try the following remedies: 1.Examine the SCSI device setup.Make sure that every SCSI cable, terminator, and power cord is connected properly, and there are no sharp bends in any cables.Check for SCSI ID and termination errors. If you have external SCSI devices, do not select in to Megafloppy SB before switching on the external devices, and wait at least 15 seconds to let all the devices become ready before selecting SB and SH on the Megafloppy. Check all power-on indicators, including the green LED on all external SCSI disk drivers,to make sure all have power.If you do not hear fan or hard disk after switching on the power to a disk drive, check the power cord and switch.If the disk does not power up at all, see your dealer. 2.If you have multiple SCSI devices attached, try disconnecting each device until the problem goes away. Of course, switch off the power to everything each time you do this, and make sure that you follow the termination guidelines.When the problem goes away, you have at least identified the culprit. 3. Check the SCSI IDs of all devices. If two devices have their access LEDs lit, then they are both set to the same ID. Shut everything down, then change the ID of one of the devices and try again. Before you say Megafloppy dont work!: 1.Are all cables completly inserted and in the correctly mode? 2. Are all flat cables good or you see inserted in the connectors strange? 3.When Megafloppy startup, displayed any errors? ( err in, err out ecc) 4. When Megafloppy ask FO have then you press in the keyboard ( not in the Megafloppy) the function FORMAT DISK ? 5. Is the Configuration System right configured? 6. Find if your keyboard work in Disk Change or Disk Ready mode. 7. If the keyboard ask Insert Disk you mast set the configuration in Disk Ready. If you have any problems, please dont esitate to ask at Lions Tracs Italy. Write and send one fax or E-Mail direct to Lions Tracs. Our company need now any kings of errors or problem, to correct the software and resend a new release direct to you. All new release are then available online in Internet at

Page 10 Megafloppy 4.00 by Lions Tracs
Montage Kit Internal PCB Megafloppy
Kit MEGAFLOPPY 4.00 PCB Kit is shipped with the follow parts:
A) Nr. 1 Remote display 5 Digit Megafloppy. B) Nr. 1 special tape LEXAN for close the hole and the remote display. C) Nr. 1 Hard Disk IDE 2,5 with the metal support and biadesive tape 3M. D) Nr. 1 Flat cable 44 pin for the Hard Disk 2,5 IDE, 35 Cm long. E) Nr. 1 Flat cable 20 pins for connecting the display remote to the PCB Megafloppy F) Nr. 1 duplicate power supply +5V. for the Megafloppy. G) Nr. 1Flat cable 34 pins female /female from floppy out to the original floppy drive. H) Nr. 1 mini bag containg srews for fixing the main board Megafloppy. I ) Nr. 1 Montage Manual L ) Nr. 1 Owners Manual


Page 15
G-800/600 Roland G-800/600 Montage
Open the G-800/600 coover and remove the 4 fixing screw and put the Megafloppy G-800/600 Kit inside. See the exemple above:
G-800/600 Montage Kit ROLAND G-800/600 Megafloppy
MEGAFLOPPY 4.00 G-800/600 Kit is shipped with the follow parts: A) Nr. 1 HD already installed under the main board of Megafloppy G-800/600 B) Nr. 1 Flat cable 44 pin for the Hard Disk 2,5 IDE C) Nr. 1 new power supply for the G-800/600 D) Nr. 1 staffetta di supporto Megafloppy (only G-800 ) E) Nr. 1 Flat cable 34 pins female /female from floppy out to the original floppy drive F) Nr. 1 Flat cable 34 pins female/male from floppy INPUT Megafloppy to the keyboard G-800 G) Nr. 5 lock plastic wires. H) Nr. 1 Montage Manual I ) Nr. 1 Owners Manual
The Roland G-600 dont use the rear holding metal and is possible connect the original flat 34 pin cable from G-600 direct to the Megafloppy 34 pin connector INPUT.


In Configuration System CS Roland G-800/600 must set to: CS rdy + CS 1.44 + CS std + CS 4.00+ CS nor+ CS nYS
If the Kit is shipped from Lions Tracs, the Megafloppy is totally configured and the hard disk is preloaded of demo files.

Page 14

Page 11
G-800/600 Power Supply Configuration Roland G-800 Power supply
G-800/600 FD 34 pin Flat Cable configuration - G-800/600 Megafloppy
Original G-800 floppy cable


NOTE G-600: With the Roland G-600 is not necessary to use the extension flat cable 34pin, (floppy IN 1from G-600 floppy cable 3 ). Is better connect direct the original FD flat cable direct to the Megafloppy floppy input.

Megafloppy XPGS


Roland G-800

Roland G-600 Power supply
Original G-800 Power Cord To G-800 Floppy Drive


Roland G-600
In the Kit Megafloppy for G-800/600, in available a new power cable. Remove the original power cable from Power supply to the Audio Board ( see above ) and replace whit this new cable.
Collegare al G-800 main PCB

Power +5V. al Megafloppy


Collegare al Powersupply

NOTE: Connect the two flat cable in to Megafloppy and turn on the keyboard. If Megafloppy displayed Er. InP. error Input: reverse the flat cable FLOPPY IN of 180 and rebot again. If at rebot displayed Er. OUP. error output, reverse the flat cable FLOPPY OUT and rebot again. Megafloppy dont must displayed any errors message, if yes, is impossible to comunicate whit the Keyboard or whit the original Floppy Disk Drive.

Page 12

Kit Power Cable for Roland G-800-600

1 43210987654321

43210987654321 43210987654321
Kit G-800/600 Power Supply cable

Page 13



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