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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Tara Callahan (323) 890-3700 x3718
ROLAND RELEASES TR-505, TR-707 and TR-727 SOUNDSETS More Free MV-8000 Sounds! Los Angeles, CA, April 6, 2006Roland Corporation US is proud to announce they are now offering TR-505, TR-707 and TR-737 vintage synth sound sets for a limited time. Achieving popularity in the 80s, Roland TR series became the workhorse product for anyone wanting a play-along drum machine. Roland has captured and combined these classic sounds into one convenient, 3-bank package called the TR-527. This MV-8000 download package joins the TR-808 sound set, which is also available for free from Roland Product Manager Vince LaDuca relates, "We are thrilled to be able to offer such an extensive set of classic sounds for our dedicated customers, and look forward to developing other unique sounds sets in the near future. Visit to Download Now.
------Roland is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of electronic musical instruments, professional audio equipment, multimedia products, and music accessories.
For more information, contact Roland Corporation U.S., 5100 S. Eastern Ave., P.O. Box 910921, Los Angeles, CA 90091-0921, (323) 890-3700 (x3718 - for media use only), ###



Technical Information

Unregulated DC Model ACA-120 ACB-120 ACD-120 ACE-120 ACF-120 ACG-120 ACH-120 ACI-120 ACJ-120 ACK-120 ACL-120 ACM-120 ACN-120 ACO-120 ACP-120 ACR-120 ASA-120 PSA-120 PSB-1U PSB-2U PSB-3U PSB-4U PSB-4UREPL PSB-6U PSB-7U PSB-12U PSB-13U BRA-120 BRB-120 BRC-120 Voltage 9v 9v 15v 21.5v 9v 12v 10v 9v 12v 9.5v 12v 9v 12v 12v 9v 9v 12v 9v 9v 12v 12v 12v 12v 12v 13v 13v 12v 12v 14v Amps 200mA 1200mA 350/350mA 300/300mA 500mA 200mA 500/150mA 1000mA 1750mA 1500mA 1700mA 300mA 500mA 1000mA 500mA 500mA 2000mA 200mA 2000mA 2800mA 3600mA 3500mA 4800mA 4800mA 4A 4A 1500mA 1500mA 800mA

Regulated DC



Chariot S12AHP Sr0 Suite X5 KV-29CL10E 550 A1 Jx50B AIR 5450 USR5410 32PF5331 12 Lenovo T42 Drum Machine ZW6500R PV-DV400D Windows DRC8040N JOG-2001 HR-1000 Mp400 2700n G Uk Canon EB10 Titanium Samples CFD-S32 X-875 Satellite L20 2 MP3 Headset PLC-XP45 Multipass F50 Subwoofers Zoom 80 CLP-930 Windows KDL-26S3000 SX130 IS EL-9200 9300 PT-LB50SU Diva CD73 ENB3851X EW878F Abit BH6 VDR-D300 Supernova Plus DCM-270 Wagon 2003 LDH1370 NAD T752 DVP-NS707HP EHP60040K 67P Dimage G500 Motorola C333 JBL ES30 HX2100 Grandprix 7990 ELK12047HV 27R Deluxe Architecture SC-HT990 550 450 WPN311 NW-S615F SGH-C140 Review DSC-P52 SLV-X66HF KDL-40NX705 PC E310 MD-12 42PFL7403H 10 Chevy 2001 Yamaha 40HP Hardware HBH-PV710 SL-DD33 32PW9576 12E CMX 24 MCD 200 TDR125-2001 Chronographs G15 SA-EX300 1508 2 LW050 FT-1000MP HL-2040 Atlas 2 SGH-A737 Reissue Ebay Bold 9650 SKS-HT518 KX-TDA50 TD-8610B PT-LC80E Phone TX-28DTX-1 Series VGN-A215M Gigaset C100 Toolbox Rhythm Composer Navman 8120 SX280 Smart 5561 SK


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