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ROLAND VS-840EX TURBO FACTS The VS-840EX is a complete, all-in-one digital studio. It is an 8 track, non-destructive hard disk recorder and editor with the ability to cut, copy and move tracks. Each song contains 64 Virtual Tracks, 8 Scenes, 1000 Markers, and 999 levels of undo. Other features include: 64 Virtual Tracks for recording multiple takes and trying different ideas 12 channel digital mixer with 8 channels of EQ Onboard stereo digital multi-effects processor includes reverb, delay, chorus, COSM guitar amp modeling Built-in MIDI TIME CODE (MTC), MIDI Machine Control and MIDI Clock capabilities Compatible with VS-880, VS-880EX, and VS-1680 Digital Studio Workstations Dedicated guitar input Playing the Virtual Tracks of the Demo Song (continued) 2) 3) 4) 5) Hold SHIFT and press TRACK STATUS 2. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select V-TRACK 2. Press ZERO followed by PLAY to hear a different guitar part for the intro. Press STOP when you are finished. Changing the EQ Settings Use the following procedure to adjust the EQ settings of the drums: 1) Press ZERO followed by PLAY. Pull down all faders except for 7/8 and move the 7/8 fader to 0dB. 2) Press the EQ button (in the Channel Parameter section). 3) Press RIGHT CURSOR to select channel 7/8. 4) Use the TIME/VALUE dial to turn the EQ switch on. 5) Use the CURSOR buttons and TIME/VALUE dial to adjust the EQ settings as desired. 6) When you are finished, press STOP and move all the faders to 0dB. Using the Internal Effects Processor The VS-840EX has a built-in effects processor that contains over 250 different effects presets. Use the following procedure to listen to some of the guitar effects: 1) Hold SHIFT and press TRACK STATUS 2. 2) Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select V-TRACK 4. 3) Press ZERO followed by PLAY. You should hear a dry guitar part. Press STOP. 4) Press EFFECT and use the DOWN CURSOR and TIME/VALUE dial to select CH 2 Insert. 5) Press RIGHT CURSOR to highlight TYPE and use the TIME/VALUE dial to select Guitar Multi 1. 6) Press RIGHT CURSOR to highlight PATCH and use the TIME/VALUE dial to select A-80 ROCK LEAD. Press ENTER. 7) Press ZERO followed by PLAY to listen to the effect. 8) Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select different effect Patches and press ENTER to hear the selected effect. EZ Routing Quick Record EZ Routing guides beginning users through basic recording procedures such as recording, track bouncing, and mix down. The new Quick Record option is a fast, efficient way of routing your signal for recording. For this example, we will use the Quick Record option to record a guitar on track 3 from input 1. 1) Connect your guitar to the GUITAR (Hi-Z) input on the VS-840EX. Turn the INPUT SENS 1 knob to about 12 oclock (straight up). 2) Press EZ ROUTING. 3) Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight the QUICK REC icon and press ENTER. Select Input will be displayed. 4) Press the CHANNEL PARAMETER SELECT button on channel 1 (right above the channel fader). Select Tr will be displayed. 5) Press the TRACK STATUS button for track 3. Press DISPLAY. The VS-840EX is now setup to record input 1 on track 3.


New VS-840EX Features Records all audio and mix information on low-cost, removable 250MB or 100MB Zip disks providing up to 257 track minutes of recording time on each disk EZ Routing function simplifies the recording and mixdown process with simple yes/no questions. A new enhancement to EZ Routing called Quick Record allows you to setup for recording in seconds. New chromatic guitar/bass tuner built-in New effects algorithms include bass guitar simulation, acoustic guitar simulation, 10-band graphic EQ, and COSM microphone modeling Enhanced SCSI options allowing backup to larger SCSI hard drives and track import/export features (optional VS4S1 SCSI Expansion board required) VS-840-UP1 software/hardware upgrade available for current VS-840 owners, including new larger capacity 250MB Zip drive installation and software upgrade for all new features and effects (available through authorized Roland service centers professional installation required)
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Loading the Demo Song Press UTILITY and use the CURSOR buttons to highlight the SONG icon. Press ENTER. Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight the SELECT icon and press ENTER. Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight One Time Ride. Press ENTER to display Select SONG Sure? Press ENTER to display Store Current? Press NO to load the demo song.

NOTE: If One Time Ride is already selected, Re-Load Current? will be displayed in step #4. Press ENTER and the demo song will begin loading.
1) 2) 3) Mixing the Demo Song Press SCENE. The indicator will light. Press LOCATOR 1 and pull the MASTER fader all the way down. Press ZERO followed by PLAY. Slowly pull the MASTER fader up to 0db, and then move the TRACK faders to adjust the levels of the tracks.
NOTE: This song is protected and will not go into record mode.
1) 2) 3) Using the Guitar Tuner Connect your guitar to the GUITAR (Hi-Z) input on the VS-840EX. Turn the INPUT SENS 1 knob to about 12 oclock (straight up). Hold SHIFT and press UTILITY. The chromatic tuner is now displayed. Make sure the volume on your guitar is turned up, and hit a string. Tune the guitar so that the displays needle is in the center, and the correct pitch is displayed on the screen. Press DISPLAY to return to the main display.
Playing the Virtual Tracks of the Demo Song Refer to the One Time Ride Track Sheet (included with the unit) for a list of the available Virtual Tracks. This example will access the Virtual Tracks on Channel #2. 1) Press STOP.
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