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batigolix 5:56am on Saturday, October 30th, 2010 
Triple cordless Phone Purchase This was not a successful purchase. The delivery took 4 weeks and then only one of the triple handsets arrived.
god_is_good478 2:52pm on Thursday, July 1st, 2010 
Sagem Dt16T Does what it says on the tin. simple to set up and operate. good clear hiss/buzz free communications. Good value Smart Phones Very pleased with these smart looking phones and a sensible price.

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November 2008

Sagem Communications selected by the Design Observeur 2009*
SAGEM D16T, the first DECT that is both more economical and more ecological
The APCI (Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation) has been selecting the very best in design for 10 years now. The jury of experts for the selections of the Design Observeur, which rewards innovation, the ergonomic and ecological merits and improvements to the functionalities of new products brought to the market, has selected the SAGEM D16T. Sagem Communications is particularly proud to receive this acknowledgement of its challenging policy for lower costs and promoting sustainable development. Following on from its digital decoders and residential gateways, Sagem Communications has designed a residential telephone that is both economical and ecological. The SAGEM D16T uses 35% less power**, has an 80% lower radio wave emission level***, and results in a reduced amount of waste both for raw materials and packaging. Here ecological does not mean more expensive and the recommended retail price is even slightly lower: 24.90 euros. Acting now There is a great of talk about it but any real convergence of low-cost, sustainability and functionality is rarely achieved. Sagem Communications has developed and is now making its eco-technology products available to the general public both less expensive and more environmentally friendly. The SAGEM D16T takes the users key requirements into account without overdoing the functions, and whilst also taking care of the environment.
* The 200 products selected are on display at the Cit des Sciences et de l'Industrie until 8 March 2009 inclusive. ** 35% reduction in average consumption over 24 hours (1 hour communication and 23 hours charge). *** 80% reduction in radio emission levels when the handset is in the base on standby.
About Sagem Communications A French, international scale, high technology company, Sagem Communications specialises in broadband communications and convergence in particular in the following areas: printing terminals, digital TV set-top boxes, broadband and residential terminals, communicating energy management solutions and telecom systems and partnerships. The company is in a leadership position in these sectors thanks to its proven capacity for innovation. Sagem Communications aims to become a world leader in convergence and broadband terminals. With a turnover of almost 1.3 billion euros, Sagem Communications employs 6,500 people on five continents and is headquartered in Paris. For more information: /
Le Ponant de Paris 27, rue Leblanc 75015 Paris
Press contact Aurore CHIQUOT 98



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