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Alan 6:22am on Friday, April 1st, 2011
Code till sun-wave remote ? old 1351 does not work at all...

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DTR 94160TA HD
(MPEG4 - HD - DVB-T - PVR)
Version 8 26/09/2008 BOXER
*Mechanical design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice
SAGEM Communications Confidential Document / Duplication and disclosure forbidden



Transmission standards

Terrestrial RF Input 2 tuners (with internal splitter) Input frequency range: UHF: 470 - 862 Mhz (8 MHz BW) VHF: 174 - 222 MHz (7/8 MHz BW) COFDM bandwidth: 7 & 8 MHz RF input level: -90 to -20 dBm RF impedance: 75 Ohm Tuning step: 166.66 KHz Loop through output frequency range: MHz
I, P and B picture types Fidelity range extensions (8x8 Transforms, 8x8 Spatial Prediction Mode, Dynamic Quantization Matrix) Windows Media 9 WMV9 MP@ML and AP@HL Input rates (max): 15 Mbps
1 x IEC169-2 female (terrestrial in) 1 x IEC169-2 male (terrestrial out) 1 x RJ45 (ETH 10/100BT) 2 x SCART (TV, AUX) 1 x HDMI 6 x RCA YPrPb, Stereo L/R, S/PDIF


External power supply (220-240V ~60 Hz/ 12V DC 2A max) Power Consumption max: < 35 W Standby < 5 W (in full powerdown mode)


MPEG-1/ MPEG-2 layer I MPEG-1/ MPEG-2 Layer II DOLBY: AC3 HE-AAC DOLBY AC3+* AC3 DOWNMIXING Audio decoder, sampling rates 32, 44.1,48 kHz


STB Color: Black and silver STB Size (wxdxh): 411 x 210 x 41mm STB Weight: 2.3 kg STB Operating temp.: 0C to +40C Packing size: 494 x 320 x 91 mm Packing Weight (Total): 3.8 kg Storage temp.: -25C to +65C
Terrestrial Demodulator COFDM mode: 2k / 8k Support: SFN Modulation: QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM Code rate: 1/2 to 7/8 non hierarchical mode Guard interval: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 De-interleaver: 12 x 17 Forney Error-correcting code: RS (204, 188, 8)
HD: 1280x720 @ 50Hz progressive, or 1920x1080 @ 50Hz interlaced - Aspect ratio 16/9 Unscaled (original format) or scaled (HD>SD) by set up menu SD : 720x576 - Aspect Ratio: 4:3 and 16:9 Conversion : Pan and Scan, Letter box Scaling : SD > HD HD or SD: Resizing : down and up no Limit


URC60 Remote Control with Batteries External AC/DC adapter Ethernet cord (3 m)* SCART cord (1 m) HDMI cord (1.5 m) * User manual
RF OUTPUT Loop through output freq. Range 47-862 MHz
INDOOR ANTENNA POWER SUPPLY Output: +5 V DC, 50mA max, +5 V on the core of the cable


TV SCART RGB out, CVBS, Audio R/L AUX SCART CVBS, S-video, RGB in, Audio R/L Macrovision copy protection 7.0.1

(*) option

Fully integrated IEEE 802.3/802.3u 10/100 base T- Physical layer Auto-negotiation 10/100, Full/Half duplex Adaptive equaliser, baseline wander correction


HDMI (version 1.3) with HDCP - Audio (stereo mode selected): PCM output + downmix from AC3 - Audio (multichannel mode selected): PCM output from MPEG-1 layer I&II and MPEG-2 layer II


Processor: ST7101*, ST7109 266MHz 450 Mips RAM memory: DDR 160 Mbytes Flash memory 16 Mbytes EEPROM emulated into Flash
Capacity: 160GB, 250GB*, 320GB* Up to 80h (at 5Mb/s) Noise under operation (typ) : <30dBA Audio output (Audio R/L, RCA) Mono stereo in case of MPEG-1 layer II, Two channel down mix in case of AC3

USB Connection

Host USB 2.0 high speed (480Mbits/s) Supported device: mass storage Device formatted only in FAT32 with only 1 logical partition Maximum number of connections: 2 devices

Electrical S/PDIF 2 channel PCM in case of MPEG1-layer II Originally received beat stream in case of AC3.


Smart card reader: 1 x ISO/IEC 7816, level 1/2/3


MPEG-2 Standard MPEG-2 MP@HL for 50Hz Input rates (max): 15 Mbit/s


1 x RS232 through Aux SCART 1 x USB 2.0 Host (High Speed) 1 x Ethernet
MPEG-4 PART 10 / H.264 MPEG-4 AVC HP@L4 ( HD ) for 50Hz Input rates (max): 20 Mbit/s for HP@L4 MPEG-4 AVC HP@L3 (SD )


4 digits ambre color display IR sensor: 38 KHz 1 bicolor led 1 x USB 2.0 Host 3 buttons (On/Off, P+, P-) 1 smart card reader
Input rates (max): 10 Mbit/s for HP@L3 CABAC and CAVLC decoding Supports all intra/inter prediction modes and block sizes


Boot and loader: Sagem secured Loader Conditional access: Viaccess cardbased Middleware: Sagem included Boxer Navigator functionalities.
NOTE: the hardware configuration of the product is Terrestrial and IP. The software configuration is only Terrestrial. The download of a software will allow the use of the box in IP, following the agreement on a specification and a scope.
QUICK START INSTALLATION Quick guided installation at first time switch-on OSD language (Swedish, English, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, French) TV format Complete scanning Choice of Network ( NIT) HD ready Display recognition BOX SET UP Channel search Complete scanning with ALL Services list and NIT list automatically generated Ordering according LCN, best services, neighbor countries network management Lists Automatically updated in case NIT version evolution OSD warning message for re-scan in case of new MUX recognition DTT Signal information and diagnostic Video settings HD Mode : Resolution : 1080i, 720p SD Mode : Resolution : 720 x 576i TV format : 16/9, 4/3 letter box, 4/3 pan & scan TV SCART : RGB, PAL AUX SCART : PAL, S-video Default values Audio settings Digital Audio : 5.1 or PCM 2.0 PCM 2.0 / AC3 5.1 level adjustment Default values Factory Reset (total re-installation) Product Data CA Data USER PREFERENCE SET UP Language/country OSD language : Swedish, English, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, French Preferred audio track Preferred subtitle Service lists manager NIT list : selection of the user preferred NIT User defined lists builder Service name edition Add / Remove Ordering TV and Radio dedicated lists User settings
Locking Change pin code Channel locking Programme locking based on DVB EIT rating User preferences Zap banner time out adjustment
INFO BANNER Zap banner with Channel number, channel name, present event name, present event duration, content, hour More infos banner with added functions: Scroll of channels with present event name, present event duration, Scroll of channels with next event name, next event duration, Present event synopsis, Choice of audio track (dual mode included) List selection EPG (embedded) 7 days EPG list with video resized based on EIT schedule Include service list, short events, synopsis Selection of service list 5 Mo cache memory SUBTITLES DVB subtitle version 1.3.1 TELETEXT OSD Teletext magazine level 1.5 VBI re-insertion CONDITIONAL ACCESS VIACCESS (ACS 3.0) ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS Format selection via remote-control on YUV and HDMI output Large and 16/9 on HD program 4/3, zoom 14/9, zoom 16/9, full screen on SD program Mini services list with Change list function Audio volume adjustment and Mute control on TV SCART and Hifi output, Favorite list access by dedicated remote control key Automatic AUX mode by survey of the low speed (PIN8) of the AUX SCART

PVR FEATURES (Video Recording)
LIVE TV IS AUTOMATICALLY AND CONTINUOUSLY RECORDED INTO A 2-HOUR CIRCULAR BUFFER Become the master of your TV experience: pause live TV, rewind and watch timeshifted videos from start, fast forward the boring sequences and replay the interesting ones, whenever you want. The size of the buffer is 2 hours. Back record (transform the video buffer in one recording) Catchup allows you to instantly go back to the live.
IMMEDIATE RECORDING One touch immediate recording (Any program on the stream is recorded from a single key on the remote control). By pressing several times the immediate recording key, the recording duration in increase by steps of 30 minutes up to four hours. Playback (Any program from the HDD can be played after/during recording). Fast rewind, Fast Forward with sampled pictures displayed. Accelerated play (Backward and forward). Up to 600 times nominal speed.
WATCH AND RECORD FEATURES Watch a live program and record another one at the same time Record two different programs simultaneously Record one program and view the same program in a deferred mode RECORDINGS SCHEDULING Up to 30 events scheduling. The record settings can be set for a single event or frequent ones (every week, every day from Monday to Friday, from Monday to Saturday or from Monday to Sunday). Recording capability, even if another channel or recorded program is being watched, thanks to the two tuners. Easy recording scheduling through the EPG* (Program Guide) Build your own TV Channel
* depends on operators signal features AN ENHANCED DIGITAL VCR Digital audio-video storage, so you can playback without any quality loss. Recorded films list. Easy to navigate, it allows searching a recorded program by getting a description with Name, Channel, Duration, Detailed Description and a preview in a resized video window. Then you can watch it in full screen from start, or erase it. The being recorded program is shown too, so you can watch it from start before the end of the recording. Used HDD space info Available subtitles are recorded AC3 Audio is recorded Available audio channels are recorded Mount function: allows you to make one continuous record from several ones. Edit function allows you to delete sequences from a record Archive on VCR whenever you want to, thanks to the AUX SCART Recording renaming Recorded programs directory. Create directory, delete, rename

The Media List Manager allows the end user to play and manage photo pictures and digital audio files from USB mass storage device (USB Key, external USB HDD) and from the hard disk drive Fast and easy access to the Media List Manager inserting a USB mass storage device or pressing the Media key of the remote control.
PICTURE FEATURES Fast and easy download of pictures from a USB key to the HDD or from the HDD to USB key Create pictures playlist Selection features: one picture, some pictures, a group of pictures Transfer or duplicate a selection from a directory to another one Manage pictures differently in each directory Delete a selection of pictures Preview in mosaic (9 per page) : navigate, select and display one Display pictures with information, zoom and left/right photo rotation features, save the rotation Slideshow mode. Speed selection (3s, 5s, 7s, 10s, 15s, 20s) and loop mode Access to radio and digital audio files mode during the visualisation Picture format: Jpeg Picture size max 24 Mega pixels
DIGITAL AUDIO FILES FEATURES Play digital audio files from USB key Fast and easy download of digital audio files from a USB key to the HDD and from the HDD to the USB key Digital audio files library management on HDD Create and edit digital audio playlists on HDD or USB Display audio files with information (artist, album, title, track.) Transfer or duplicate a selection from a directory to another one Delete a selection of files



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