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daniel_m05 11:44am on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 
Good Arrived just as described. I rated the ease of use very low because I cannot figure out how to work the wi-fi. Great accessory This is a great anti-glare screen protector for my i-touch. It is a little pricey.
MSPhobe 12:25pm on Thursday, September 30th, 2010 
The ultimate gadget ever!!!The highlight is the virtual 3d game mode, Best thing ever!!!
Okashira 12:18am on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 
Most incredible device this 43 year old will probably ever own! My title says it all, however. my idea of the ipod touch i am going to tell u this loud and clear the ipod touch is 200 dollars but its totally worth for anyone any age it has anyth...
Fishcat 8:38pm on Monday, August 16th, 2010 
waste of money it is an iPod It is a 2G ipod for $200. I should have just spend 50 more bucks on an ipod touch 4G Newegg is the best when it comes to price, service, and shipping!
davez530 5:42pm on Monday, July 19th, 2010 
Fast, cheap, extendable 1st Gen. = No bluetooth Fast, cheap, extendable 1st Gen. = No bluetooth I have owned this iPod for over a month from an eBay purchase, and it is the best iPod i have ever owned.
russfow 12:25am on Sunday, July 4th, 2010 
I have owned this iPod for over a month from ...  Good touch screen S p e a k er
fernap31 8:47pm on Sunday, June 6th, 2010 
I an new to all of this but I like the different ways it has helped me in a pinch when I would have had to wait to get to work or home to use my compu... Wonderful product. Easy To Set Up, Reliable Performance, Simple Controls, Lots of Storage, Sleek/Compact

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SAGEM F@STTM 1500/1540 SAGEM F@STTM 1500WG/1540WG

High speed ADSL Routers

Residential and SOHO routers Wireless 802.11G integrated Access Point Integrated ADSL interface - ADSL 2+ ready 4-ports switch Ethernet 10/100 Complete integrated firewall Easy setup
pecifically designed for residential and SOHO markets, SAGEM F@st modems and routers allow High-Speed Internet access through a single ADSL line. Thanks to this technology, the user benefits from the best of the Internet: unlimited and high-speed connection with the telephone line remaining available. Thanks to the performances of the SAGEM F@st ADSL modems and routers, surfing on the broadband Internet becomes easy and quick.


INTERFACES - Network: multimode ADSL ANSI TIssue 2 ITU G.992.1 (G.dmt) SAGEM F@st 1500/1500WG: Annex A SAGEM F@st 1540/1540WG: Annex B - User: 4 ports Ethernet 10/100BT 802.11g Wireless Access Point(1)
SAGEM F@st 1500 routers integrate several devices in one: SAGEM F@st 1500 routers integrate an ADSL modem compatible with all usual DSLAM. This ADSL interface is also ADSL 2+ ready. SAGEM F@st 1500 routers integrate a High Speed Wireless Access Point compatible with IEEE 802.11g standard. Advanced WLAN security features such as WEP, WPA, 802.1x are also supported, in addition to MAC address filtering. SAGEM F@st 1500 routing features allow users to share an ADSL access from their PCs as well as other terminals such as gaming devices, set top boxes and IP phones through Ethernet 10/100 and Wireless 802.11g interfaces (for WG versions). Routing features include: - DHCP server - DNS relay - NAT/PAT - Bridging between LAN interfaces SAGEM F@st 1500 also integrate a full firewall to secure the local network: - Stateful Packet Inspection - IP filtering - Dynamic rules linked to NTP - Easily configurable for access to servers on LAN - Compatible with most applications:
IPSec, PPTP, Netmeeting, H323/H245, IRC, MSN Messenger, Peer-to-Peer
WIRELESS SECURITY(1) WEP 64 or 128 bits key WPA 802.1x MAC Address Access List ATM FUNCTIONS General: AAL-5 UBR, CBR, VBRrt, VBR nrt 8 Vcc max OAM F4/F5 Encapsulations: RFC 2684/1483 routed (IP/ATM) RFC 2684/1483 bridge (Eth /ATM) RFC 2364 (PPPoA) RFC 2516 (PPPoE) PPP FUNCTIONS PAP/CHAP Two simultaneous PPPoE sessions: PPPoE client termination PPPoE session passthrough IP FUNCTIONS General: NAT/PAT DHCP client and server DNS relay VLAN supported Routing: Static routing RIP V1 and V2 Firewall: Address, port and protocol filtering Statefull Packet Inspection QoS: DiffServ MANAGEMENT Software upgrade by HTTP Configuration: http, Telnet, SNMP ELECTRICAL SAFETY Compliant with EN 60950 EN 41003 ENVIRONMENT Operating temperature: 5C to 45 C EMC: 89/336EEC EN 55022 Class B EN 55024 PHYSICAL FEATURES Size (LXDXH in mm): 38 X 170 X 140 Weight (g): 450
Configuration is done through HTTP and CLI over Telnet
SAGEM F@stTM 1500 ADSL over POTS ADSL over ISDN Wireless IEEE 802.11g SAGEM F@stTM 1540 SAGEM F@stTM 1500WG SAGEM F@stTM 1540WG
(1) SAGEM F@st 1500WG/1540WG only
SAGEM SA may, at any time and without notice, make changes or improvements to the products and services offered and/or cease producing or commercialising them. The SAGEM logo and trademark are the property of SAGEM SA. 10/2004


Networks Division
Networks and Optics Business Unit Phone. +Fax Head office: 27, rue Leblanc - 75512 PARIS CEDEX 15 - FRANCE
Socit anonyme directoire et conseil de surveillance au capital de 36.405.229 - 909 R.C.S Paris



LN32C450e1 Sdrh280 LE55C650 DF800 ESI664 Explorer NWZ-X1061 S3400 AHD60030P 60R GGW-H20L LTV-3001 Nokia DC-1 C6100M-IN P300D DI-624S ICF-C112 EDC5330 TC4400 Version 5 K8N-VM DS-2090AT-TC Urc 1030 Dmpbd45 V UE32C6710US KS1300 WX-4500X LE-37R81B ESC5061W V-AMP DTB-B360F TD0100 Nglm24-5H NAV 35E RF-6060 MX-50X2 LE32B460 SA-PM01 RM-KP18D ZBM799X E 320 KV-36FS70K Speaking TXL32C2E S1000 FD Tytn II MC 401 KRF-V7010 Control UE19C4000PW KS-FX230 NN-SN789S Type II XE-A20 KDC-X579 Asus Z92K Pp3516 WS3650 Rapsody N35 M-629V Avm350 EA0610 Gta III 2033HD - MAP WL-1600USB Detachees Server SP5500 21T9D-T Touch 585 MS07AH R1994 Anycall Review Xe6V 7350 GRQ3122-S TU-MHD600 D-510 Zoom Underdark IBM R51 HPM-198 EWT10410W SCD-XE670 D-copia 1600 1642wlmi GM-X424 RSA1dhmh AFK BM-2 42PC7RV Gauge VGN-AR61ZU Jukebox VMD10 Venezia GA-770T-d3L Aibooster U U400D MHC-DX2 Mania HL-4070CDW


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